Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 100


Chapter 100 Cemetery of The Sages (please subscribe)

After coming out of Time Channel, Li Qingshan returned directly to his chosen residence.

After thirty-seven years of enlightenment, he was very tired.

It wasn’t physical exhaustion, but mental strain and continuous enlightenment that left him mentally exhausted.

So I just fell asleep.

This sleep, Li Qingshan slept for three days and three nights.

He lay quietly on the bed, his thoughts escaped into the boundless void, relieved fatigue, forgot everything, and returned to chaos. This is the most comfortable state.

In the past three days, there has been thunder and lightning outside, even if the sky collapses or the ground cracks, Li Qingshan will not wake up.

Three days later, he woke up, stretched, yawned, stroked his eyebrows with his hand, and said with emotion, “I finally recovered.”

For a long time The retreat is really a test of people, especially Li Qingshan, who does not stop for a moment, and uses it all for enlightenment.

“But it’s not without gain. In just over a month after entering Immortal Court Academy, I went from Human Immortal Realm to Divine Immortal realm directly. This improvement is really fast.” Li Qingshan got up, came to the top of the mountain, looked at the sea of clouds, the morning sun, and the waterfall, and his mood suddenly became brighter.

He was delighted with his promotion.

He always remembered that he was still carrying a promise from twenty years ago.

Twenty years later, he is going to pick Hua Yun out of the Boiling Water Prison.

The stronger he is, the better.

The sea of clouds is majestic, the huge waves are superimposed, and the blazing sun breaks through the sea of clouds and projects on the earth, ushering in a new day.

The waterfall in the distance rumbled down, with a feeling of flying down three thousand feet. Li Qingshan cheered and flew directly into the waterfall, facing the waterfall and washing himself.

The cold, clear water of the waterfall washed over Li Qingshan, washing away the fatigue of thirty-seven years.

Let the waterfall wash over the body, the cold feeling makes Li Qingshan feel comfortable.

After washing up, Li Qingshan came out. Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi gathered on his body, condensing into a black cloth of black and white interwoven, black hair like a waterfall, draped behind him, his face like a jade crown, the breeze Mingyue young official.

Li Qingshan was about to make a cup of tea and admire the beauty of the Sun and Moon Mountains and Rivers when he heard shouts.

His expression changed and looked towards the halfway up the mountain.

The shout was Aman’s, he was angry.

After breaking through Heavenly Immortal Realm, Li Qingshan sensed the unity of heaven and heart, and Primordial Divine Strength became the will of Heaven and Earth. He scanned it and saw everything.

Several people are bullying Aman.

These are the same people who mocked Aman at school before. Li Qingshan ridiculed them at that time. They were scolded by Scholar Zhou.

Immortal Court Academy doesn’t allow fights, they don’t fight, humiliating Aman with words, saying he is Barbarian, from the wild, countryman, sarcastic, making Aman angry, gradually losing his mind, grinning , very angry.

Aman is about to hit someone.

This group of people sneered and looked smug, and were very happy to see this scene. As long as Aman hits someone, they go directly to complain without the slightest hesitation, and Aman will be kicked out.

Li Qingshan brows slightly wrinkle, with a hesitant expression, it seems that no matter where they are, this group of second-generation ancestors will exist.

“Aman, don’t hit people!” Li Qingshan’s soft voice sounded in Aman’s ears, like a breeze blowing across his face, calming the angry Aman and looking at the few people in front of him angrily.

These guys were expecting Aman to do it, so their plan was accomplished, but didn’t expect, Aman in a flash calmed down, they looked at each other in blank dismay, don’t know what happened .

“Barbarian, aren’t you going to beat me?” A man stepped forward, handed his face over, and said very much, “You beat me, you beat me.”


Aman clenched his fists, his face was cold, but he stopped shooting.

Li Qingshan’s face in front of the waterfall turned cold, without the slightest hesitation, with a wave of his sleeves, a gust of wind swept directly above the Heavens and Under the Earth.


The strong wind raged in the mountains, rolled up everything, and swept in front of Aman at a high speed. Aman was shocked to take a few steps back, and then looked closely, those annoying people were gone.

“Big Brother Li!” Aman immediately remembered the voice that had just sounded in his ear, and quickly ran to the top of the mountain, where he saw Li Qingshan standing in front of the sea of clouds, like a god.

“Big brother, did you shoot just now?” Aman asked.

Li Qingshan calmly said: “The wind blows, why did I move it?”

Aman laughed when he heard it, he wasn’t stupid, why couldn’t he hear the words I mean, but after laughing, I was still worried: “If they go to make small reports, will it affect the big brother?”

Li Qingshan indifferent expression, said: “Who saw it?”

“That is, at Immortal Court Academy, outside, their domineering characters have died eight hundred times early. When Laozi’s family can’t teach him, others will teach him.” Li Qingshan indifferently said.

β€œThank you big brother,” Aman said gratefully.

Li Qingshan walked to his wood house, took out the tea set, and brewed tea like flowing water.

He looked at the detained Aman, calmly said: “Don’t take seriously what they said.”

Aman glanced at Li Qingshan and said in frustration, “They said it well. , I am indeed a Barbarian.”

Li Qingshan shook his head and said, “Who stipulated that civilized people are just like them?”

Aman looked at Li Qingshan puzzled.

“I read a book before. A long time ago, the Immortal Court had not been established. The most powerful thing in the Immortal World was the Barbarian Race.”

“The Barbarian Race tribe All over the world, the name of Barbarian Divinity is resounding all over the world, and the Barbarian Race is the existence that countless creatures yearn for.”

“At that time, people who were not Barbarian Race would be looked down upon, so many ethnic groups, All are willing to acknowledge allegiance and become a part of the Barbarian Race.”

“Barbarian Race is a civilized person!” Li Qingshan said.

Aman said longingly: “At that time, it was Peak of Barbarian Race. Unfortunately, since the fall of Barbarian Divinity, Barbarian Race has gone from bad to worse. Until now, we can only hide in a million mountains.”

Speaking of which, Aman sighed.

“I tell you this, not to discuss the rise and fall of the Barbarian Race with you, but to tell you that the civilization and Barbarian defined by the world are defined by strength and status.” Li Qingshan shook his head and said to Aman.

“How do those bastards know anything? The civilized people in their mouths are not that the Immortal Court is powerful. They rely on the brilliance of the Immortal Court to mix up the identity of a civilized person.” Li Qingshan dismissed it.

“A powerhouse should not take the rules said by ants as the truth. Instead, when you are strong, what you say is the rules. Giant elephants do not mix with ants, and the road ahead is full of thorns. , you have to put away your fragile emotions, polish yourself like an iron Vajra King, and crush it all the way, whoever dares to say you, punch down, the other party will become a fan, then what you say is naturally the truth.”

Li Qingshan raised his fist and said, “You have to pick up flowers on a road full of thorns, so always remember that the truth is only under your fist!”

Aman watched Li Qingshan, flushed with excitement, said, “big brother, you’re so right, if the Academy didn’t allow fights, I really wanted to punch them one by one and kill them.”

Li Qingshan looked at Aman and noticed that his cultivation base breakthrough was Earth Immortal Realm.

Aman, who just came to Immortal Court Academy, has just entered Human Immortal Realm for the first time. After more than a month, he has become Earth Immortal. Although his progress is not as fast as Li Qingshan, he is still very good.

“Cultivation progress is going very fast this month.” Li Qingshan changed the subject, made fun of Aman with a lighthearted humor, and offered a cup of tea by the way.

Aman took the tea with both hands respectfully, then smiled naively, and said, “big brother, I went to Dao temple once, and got enlightened in it for three days, and it improved.”

Li Qingshan was stunned and said, “so that’s how it is.”

“Big brother, your cultivation progress is also fast. I could touch the realm of big brother before, but now, I can’t see it at all. Wearing big brother and facing big brother is like watching the sacrifices in the clan, full of mystery.” Aman said.

Li Qingshan blinked, calmly said: “I also went to Dao temple once!”

Aman suddenly said: “so that’s how it is.”

Li Qingshan and Aman looked at each other, laughed heartily, Aman laughed loudly, very happy, the laughter echoed in the mountains.

I don’t know why, but he likes to get along with Li Qingshan, which has the power to calm the mind.

This morning, Aman and Li Qingshan sipped tea, looked at the mountains, and the scenery. Aman also shared some of the things he was confused about, and Li Qingshan helped him solve them all.

In the afternoon, Li Qingshan wanted to go out and parted with Aman. Aman was a little reluctant, but left anyway.

Li Qingshan went directly to the mission hall.


He was in the mission hall and took a mission.

Go to Hell to hunt the evil demon!

Like before, Li Qingshan got 37,000 points before, he felt very relaxed, this time he still chose this.

It’s easy, points come quickly, so why did he choose those tasks that didn’t have many points and still had a lot of things to do?

At this time, after getting off Hell, Li Qingshan went straight out of the city and began to expand the area to hunt evil demons above Heavenly Immortal.

Li Qingshan of Divine Immortal realm controls 2,999 Grand Dao. Although they are all preliminary, they have not reached a profound level, but this is also a terrifying force.

Hunting the evil demon in Hell, is this not just reaching over to snatch away the grain?

Maybe Hell evil demon can’t think of it, and people from Divine Immortal realm come to hunt them. ,

crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood!

In just one day, Li Qingshan directly killed a hundred evil demons, and hunted down all the evil demons above Heavenly Immortal within tens of thousands of miles around Immortal Court city.

Then he went back.

The points are enough. For Li Qingshan, it is meaningless to continue hunting.

He originally did it to earn points for cultivation, not to kill for the sake of killing.

Return to the mission hall of Immortal Court Academy, and Li Qingshan will hand over the mission.

The Talking Book asked Li Qingshan: “You are on a mission to hunt evil demons, how many have you hunted?”

Li Qingshan did not answer, but asked : “Heavenly Immortal evil demon is one thousand points per head, what about Heavenly Immortal or more?”

The Talking Book was stunned for a moment, then replied: “The evil demon in the True Immortal Realm world is two thousand points, Divine Immortal realm’s evil demon is three thousand points, Yuanxian realm…”

Li Qingshan interrupted it and said, “I didn’t find Yuanxian’s evil demon, needless to say, come and count how much. Score points.”

After speaking, Li Qingshan released a hundred evil demon corpses.


The imposing manner of the evil demon spread out immediately, shocking everyone, looking at the evil demon with a huge size and a powerful imposing manner after death.

“True Immortal and the evil demon of the Divine Immortal realm.”

“It was all hunted by one man?”

“I remember him, He only got the task yesterday, and he killed so many in just one day?”

“Who is this fierce man?”

“I really want to have a little impression, Ben Freshmen!”

” Freshmen? Freshmen are so fierce now?”

“You tell me, the one who hunted down the True Immortal and Divine Immortal-level evil demons, is the freshman?”

“True Immortal and Divine Immortal level evil demons are no longer evil demons. They have given birth to their own consciousness and can know how to think, seek luck and avoid calamity. Can you hunt so much?”

Li Qingshan has heard all these comments, especially the last sentence, he said in his heart: “That can also escape.”

Li Qingshan The speed of Grand Dao starts, where can people at the same level run away?

Even the Yuanxian can’t escape.

These evil demon corpses alerted the director of the great hall of the mission, the Mission Dao Book with a black cover and a gold border on the edge.

It flew directly, surprised: “You hunted all these?”

Li Qingshan calmly nodded: “Count the points.”

“How did you do it?” Mission Dao Book looked at Li Qingshan in surprise.

Li Qingshan said: “I just found one, hunted one, it’s very easy.”

Mission Dao Book was speechless.

When is it easy to hunt True Immortal evil demon, Divine Immortal evil demon?

“Count the points.” Li Qingshan reminded Mission Dao Book.

Mission Dao Book then reacted and calculated carefully: “Eighty True Immortal evil demons, worth 160,000 points, 20 Divine Immortal evil demons, worth 60,000 points, a total of 20 20,000 points.”

Once this point came out, other Disciples were envious and drooling.

220,000 points.

This is so terrifying.

They worked hard for 10,000 points, and Li Qingshan got 220,000 a day.

Everyone looked at Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan remains unmoved, and the 220,000 should be enough for the rest of his life at Immortal Court Academy.

Handing over the ID card, Li Qingshan turned around and left as he watched the points enter into it. It is estimated that he will not come to the great hall of this mission in the future.

From then on, there is a legend of 220,000 points a day in the mission great hall.


Li Qingshan came to Cemetery of The Sages this time.

[Cemetery of The Sages, enter it, you can fight with the traces of the sages of the past, the more fights the more brave is, even if you fail, you will know where your mistakes are. ]

[Cemetery of The Sages Price: One thousand points once! ]

Li Qingshan wanted to know how powerful he was now, so he wanted to give it a try.

Cemetery of The Sages is a closed cemetery between the mountains, with a small middle-aged man guarding the entrance to the cemetery.

He is a Dwarf Race. He is not tall, but his muscles are strong, and he is naturally suitable for forging Immortal Artifact. He is a race under the jurisdiction of Immortal Court.

“A rare person.” The dwarf middle age person said joyfully when he saw Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan looked at him and asked, “Are there few people here?”

“Yes, compared to other places, there is really no one here. Ten people a year, that’s not bad.” The dwarf middle age person said.

“So few?” Li Qingshan looked at him in surprise.

“Everyone has points, and they prefer to go to Dao temple for enlightenment, to Time Channel cultivation, to Book Collection Pavilion to study, and to Immemorial Battlefield to experience catastrophe. They are reluctant to come here.” The dwarf middle age person helplessly said.

β€œWhy is this?” Li Qingshan asked in confusion.

“In other places, you can really feel your own improvement. Here, after you enter, you meet some peerless geniuses in the past. After being defeated by him, in addition to feeling each other. If you want to start again, you will have to pay points.” The dwarf middle age person said.

“If you are defeated, you have to pay points again?” Li Qingshan asked.

“Yes, but you won’t have to.” Dwarf nodded.

β€œHow many geniuses are there in this cemetery?” Li Qingshan asked.

“That’s a lot, from a genius in a state, to a genius with peak great influence, to a genius known to the entire Immortal World, and finally the illusory shadow of Emperor Monarch, if you put these If you defeat them all, you can see the terrifying great characters of the North Star Great Emperor and the Longevity Great Emperor.” The dwarf introduced exaggeratedly.

Li Qingshan’s eyes lit up, this is not bad, he defeated all the way, and finally fought against the North Star Great Emperor and the Longevity Great Emperor.

Although it is young, it should not be underestimated.

“I want to go in!” Li Qingshan took out the ID card and handed it to the dwarf.

The dwarf, without the slightest hesitation, swiped the card decisively, for fear that Li Qingshan would go back.

After swiping the card, the dwarf was relieved and said, “Go in, you won’t be able to fight in it, don’t push it hard, you just need to dissipate all your strength and don’t resist, it’s fine.”

Li Qingshan asked: “Then if I shoot with all my strength, will it be damaged?”

The dwarf laughed, covered his stomach and said, “You youngster talk about it. Joke ability very difficult to deal with Ah, this is the best joke I’ve heard this year.”

Li Qingshan stared blankly at the dwarf.

The dwarf smiled for a while, then pointed to the graveyard and said: “This is arranged by Immortal Court Peak level experts. If you can break this, you will be amazing.”

“Okay, I won’t brag with you, the door is already open, you can go in, I’ll wait for you outside.” The dwarf opened the door of the cemetery and let Li Qingshan in.

Li Qingshan strode in and said, “Don’t wait for me, it’s been a long time.”

The door of Cemetery of The Sages slammed shut.

Dwarf sneered: “The fastest is three seconds, and the longest is only a quarter of an hour. I think you can hold on to ten seconds at most.”


Cemetery of The Sages is a huge starry sky world.

Many stars, the Milky Way is bright and very beautiful.

But these revolve around an island.

An island in the starry sky, Li Qingshan saw, there are many cemeteries on the island, large and small, in different shapes.

In the first second after Li Qingshan came in, there was a cemetery on the island, one silhouette flew out, in an instant came to Li Qingshan, raised his hand and hit.


This is a Divine Immortal realm, very terrifying, severe light flickering, one palm down, the starry sky will crack.

Divine Immortal Peak!

But Li Qingshan was completely unafraid, not even moving his eyelids, his whole body vibrated in an imposing manner, the power of Grand Dao in his body burst out, and the man flew out.

Under the starry sky, the power of Grand Dao ripped apart the opponent in an instant, without giving him any chance to resist.

Li Qingshan stepped out and came to this cemetery.

He saw the tomb that was split open just now, slowly closing, already defeated, and no longer appearing.

【The Tomb of Martial Immortal Lingtian! ]

Li Qingshan was surprised: “I saw a book from Big Brother Bai before, and it wrote Martial Immortal Lingtian. He entered Taoism with martial arts, and on the way of martial arts, he showed his innate talent. After entering the Immortal Court, he smashed all the enemies with unrivaled power, and finally became one of the generals of the Immortal Court, and then unfortunately died on the battlefield.”

Li Qingshan didn’ t expect, that silhouette just now is so big.

Martial Immortal!

Under the same realm, he is not Li Qingshan’s opponent at all, even Li Qingshan didn’t make a shot, but just burst out the power of Grand Dao in his body.

One can imagine how powerful Li Qingshan is now.

Three thousand Grand Dao is only one short of Perfection, Li Qingshan is fearless.


Another tomb cracked open, and a silhouette with a sword immediately beheaded with a sword, the sword light turned into a flower, very beautiful, and the deadly A sword is hidden in this beautiful flower.

Li Qingshan raised his hand, and the Grand Dao of the sword within his body burst into a terrifying attack.


The sword qi burst out, wrapped in the sword dao, the sword was swallowed directly, Li Qingshan pierced the sky with a finger, and placed it on the man’s eyebrow, In a second, he turned into a cloud of smoke, disappeared.

Li Qingshan looked towards his tombstone.

[Sword holder, Jiang Yuntian! ]

“The big guy who used to be in charge of the Immortal Court Sword Pavilion, sword dao is psychic.” Li Qingshan muttered, he found out that this place is not an expert who used to be famous, and he is not qualified to come in.

The next cemetery cracked open again, and a monk came out with Buddha Ancestor, who was suppressed, aggressive, and very terrifying.

Li Qingshan without the slightest hesitation, the Buddha Grand Dao burst forth in his body, a ten thousand zhang golden body Buddha Ancestor appeared behind him, shouted: “Great Buddha art!”

Buddha The collision with the Buddha started with the opponent’s complete defeat. Li Qingshan was so powerful that he pushed horizontally all the way.

“Western Heaven Great Sacred Buddha’s Tomb!” Li Qingshan looked at the tombstone and was surprised to find that it was not just the expert of Immortal Court. There are other experts out there.

His eyes were firm and he looked towards the island: “No one has got through Cemetery of The Sages since ancient times, so I will try it today.” An expert appeared, Li Qingshan, without the slightest hesitation, directly attached it, the energy in his body burst out, and with a bang, it shattered the opponent.

He moved on.

Defeated one, another appeared, Li Qingshan continued to go deeper and deeper along this island, defeating one young age of Peak expert after another.

But none of these young experts put pressure on Li Qingshan.

He is basically a spike.

Three thousand Grand Dao is too terrifying.

It wasn’t until Li Qingshan walked to the middle of the island that he felt the pressure.

In front of him, a young silhouette appeared, Li Qingshan looked towards his cracked cemetery.

The tombstone reads [The Tomb of the Splitting Heaven King].

“Splitting Heaven King, this is an expert of Monster Race. The body is a tiger. With the Splitting Heaven Great Method, he has made a huge reputation and was once one of the rulers of Monster Race.” This person’s message flashed through Li Qingshan’s mind.

The Splitting Heaven King is attacking.


Splitting Heaven Great Method Monster Race strongest cultivation technique is passed down from Splitting Heaven King, and now Splitting Heaven King hits the starry sky directly All cracked, enveloped Li Qingshan, and the terrifying force shook down, directly tearing Li Qingshan apart.

“Great Resurrection Technique!”

Li Qingshan’s soul roared, he cast Grand Dao, resurrected from death, stretched out his hand and hit the Splitting Heaven King with a single blow , knocked Splitting Heaven King into the air, and in the next second, Splitting Heaven King disappeared.

Li Qingshan was left gasping for breath.

He was just killed by the Splitting Heaven King!

If it wasn’t for Grand Dao, Li Qingshan would have left Cemetery of The Sages now.

“It’s okay for this type of Peak expert to kill me. When he was young, Splitting Heaven King was really powerful. No wonder he became a Monster Race Peak expert.” Li Qingshan calmed down in his heart. Strength has a deeper understanding.

He went further.

The more you go inside, the more terrifying you get. All the great experts and the geniuses of the past dynasties all gathered together, Li Qingshan concentrated attention completely, and they played against them, tempered themselves, and finally tempered the Grand Dao to be smooth.

In the end, Li Qingshan stood on the highest point of the island.

Here, raise your hand to touch the stars.

Li Qingshan looked at it seriously, concentrated attention completely, this should be the final test in Cemetery of The Sages.

Break through here, and he’s through Cemetery of The Sages.


The next second, a flash of bright radiance hit Li Qingshan’s body, causing him to stumble, most of his body festering, and he was seriously injured.

“Great cultivator rejuvenation!” Li Qingshan ran the Grand Dao, gritted his teeth to repair, and recovered in the next instant, he immediately looked towards the distance.

One silhouette came from the starry sky, with a huge body and a face lingering in the fog. Can crush the sky.

The bright radiance just now was shot by this streamer.

Li Qingshan pupils shrank, staring at the flag, and said: “It is recorded in the book that the True Martial Great Emperor suppressed the Monster Race in the world, when he was there, the Monster Race acknowledged allegiance to him, and was willing to let True Martial The Grand Dao has refined a very terrifying Grand Dao Weapon, Myriad Monster Banner!”

The Grand Dao Weapon is a terrifying magical treasure beyond the existence of Immortal Artifact, such as the Myriad Monster Banner of the True Martial Great Emperor, which is this existence.

Li Qingshan recognized the Myriad Monster Banner, and his fighting intent was high: “The one who comes with the Myriad Monster Banner is the East Extreme True Martial Great Emperor.”

This time against True Martial Grand Dao, Li Qingshan pulled all his energy, and the blood in his body began to boil.


But in the next instant, a handle pierced through the stars, and with the sword qi of the imposing manner of Annihilating Everything, it came directly, making Li Qingshan complexion greatly changed, He stepped back quickly, but still inevitably half of his body was cut off.

“Great cultivator rejuvenation!” In the next instant, Li Qingshan recovered as before, looking at the sword qi he just attacked with uncertainty.

At this moment, it turned into a dragon-shaped sword. At the hilt, there was a True Dragon breath, which was held by a bolt of lightning and descended under the starry sky.

Li Qingshan frowned: “This is… the Grand Dao Weapon of the Nine Heavens Sweeping Demon Great Emperor, the True Dragon Sword!”

The True Dragon Sword is here, the one holding the True Dragon Sword’s must be the Nine Heavens Sweeping Demon Great Emperor.

Thanks to Li Qingshan for reading a lot, the books on Big Brother Bai have recorded it, otherwise he would not know it.

“It turns out that at the end, the Great Emperors appeared together when they were young. I really look up to me, Li Qingshan.” Li Qingshan showed a smile, cold and sharp, and his eyes became crazy: “If that’s the case, then I have defeated you all, and forged my invincible road!”


Li Qingshan fighting intent burst into flames, imposing manner madly burning, the whole person rose up, and also came to the starry sky , side by side with two Great Emperors.

“Giant sword, do you want to join me in defeating these young Great Emperors?” Li Qingshan asked.

“Okay!” The giant sword, which had been silent for a while, vibrated at this moment, with excitement in his voice, and agreed to Li Qingshan.


giant sword appeared in his hand, Li Qingshan, without the slightest hesitation, directly volleyed and killed the Nine Heavens Sweeping Demon Great Emperor.

“Great Slaughtering Technique!”

From Li Qingshan’s attack, the ultimate killing burst out, surging frantically, sweeping the Nine Heavens Sweeping Demon Great Emperor.

Nine Heavens Sweeping Demon Great Emperor is not polite, True Dragon Sword meets the enemy, and also bursts into a turbulent imposing manner, True Dragon roars, slaying attacks meet, the next moment, with a clang, Nine Heavens The Sweeping Demon Great Emperor was knocked into the air by Li Qingshan.

However, Li Qingshan didn’t have a chance to chase and kill him. He turned around quickly, blocked with the long sword, and smashed the giant sword with the origin of the Myriad Monster Banner. Li Qingshan stumbled and roared: “Big thunder!”

In the next instant, the starry sky descended violently, as if it was rushing out from the depths of the universe. In one instant, it was hundreds of lines, and in the next instant, it expanded to thousands of lines. .

At this moment, even a wisp of thunder is devastating. Equivalent to someone else’s Major Heavenly Tribulation, it is not a problem to destroy the mountains and mountains.

Blows the True Martial Great Emperor and the Nine Heavens Sweeping Demon Great Emperor without destroying them.

Li Qingshan wanted to continue the attack, but a terrifying energy came from behind, hit Li Qingshan, smashed Li Qingshan into a roll, spewed blood, and hurriedly performed: “Great resuscitation! ”

Continuously repairing the injured body, Li Qingshan was back to normal in just one breath, looking back in surprise.

A stone tablet.

No, it should be a Dragon Tablet!

In the starry sky, the Dragon Tablet trembled, causing the void to vibrate, the Dragon Tablet flickered, and the atmosphere was simple and simple. It was higher than Tianyue in an instant, and it suppressed Li Qingshan. There were various hexagrams on it. Weird, formidable power.

Li Qingshan shouted loudly: “South Extreme Longevity Great Emperor!”

This is the Grand Dao Weapon of South Extreme Longevity Great Emperor, Dragon Tablet!

Li Qingshan immediately performed Grand Dao: “Great Yin-Yang Technique!”

Yin and Yang Grand Dao surrounded Li Qingshan, wrapped Li Qingshan, and directly collided with Dragon Tablet, Li Qingshan forcibly knocked the Dragon Tablet off.

When the three Great Emperors were young, Li Qingshan’s fighting intent was crazy. He felt the pressure, but he was also very excited. This pressure was good for him.

“Is there a fourth Great Emperor coming?” Li Qingshan shouted loudly, his eyes sharp.


At this moment, a coffin flew in from the dark and quiet depths of the universe, and then fiercely suppressed it, causing Li Qingshan to stumble, then holding the coffin with one hand, fiercely smashed it down.


The coffin trembled suddenly, an illusory shadow appeared on the coffin and stomped it down.

bang! ! !

The huge force made Li Qingshan bend over, but he gritted his teeth and threw the giant sword away, shouted: “Kill him!”

Li Qingshan himself hugged him. Holding the coffin with all his strength, shouting loudly: “Great Strength Technique!”

Li Qingshan’s strength is unrivaled, with a fiercely blow, a thud, heaven shaking, earth shattering, and smashing directly on the coffin , smash this coffin fiercely out.

At this moment, Li Qingshan saw that there was a line on the coffin.

【The Tomb of Primordial Heavenly Concubine】

This change made Li Qingshan pupils shrank a long-forgotten person in his mind.

Demon Sect Heavenly Concubine!

The person who was let go by his predecessor was also the beginning of his predecessor’s suffering.

Li Qingshan had long forgotten about this person, he didn’t expect to see the name Heavenly Concubine in Cemetery of The Sages.

“Maybe it’s just a name.” Li Qingshan comforted himself, now the battle is at stake.

The giant sword flew back and didn’t kill the illusory shado

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