Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 102


Chapter 102 Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield (please subscribe)

Saying goodbye to the old man and returning to Li Qingshan in his courtyard, he first silently cultivated and recovered. injury.

Li Qingshan at first didn’t want to go to Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield that the old man said.

But the other party said that there are many Secret Realms, many Dao Sources, and Li Qingshan needs these things. He thought about it carefully and agreed.

Li Qingshan is not afraid of the so-called Heaven’s Chosen, he is just afraid of trouble.

But now that he can get Dao Source and the treasure in Secret Realm can also improve himself, he agrees.

But that also needs to be ten days later. In these ten days, he has to take good care of his body.

Li Qingshan stayed in his own yard, and occasionally went out for a stroll, strolling along the sea of clouds, fishing under the waterfall, and taking a nap in the bamboo forest.

No one will disturb you during this period.

Only Aman, who occasionally comes to talk to Li Qingshan.

Every time Aman comes over, the cultivation base will grow a little bit, and the improvement is obvious. He works very hard, for himself and for the tribe.

On the tenth day, Aman came. Li Qingshan and Aman brought two chairs and sat in front of the sea of clouds, under the pine trees, with the wind blowing from the top of the mountain.

During this period, Li Qingshan took out his ID card and handed it to him.

“big brother, what is this for?” Aman looked at him in surprise.

“Here, I’m going to leave the Academy soon and go somewhere else. I don’t have any use for this card. There are more than 200,000 points in it, which is enough for your cultivation, so you don’t have to go anywhere. Take the mission.” Li Qingshan said casually, pushing the jam over.

Aman held the card, very moved, and asked, “big brother, where are you going?”

Li Qingshan looked at Aman, smiled slightly, and said, “You know Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield?”

Aman Battlefield nodded and said in surprise: “I know, Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield, the most famous place where geniuses gather in Immortal, this is not a place that ordinary people can enter, it must be a place where everyone can enter. The top genius of Great Influence, it is said that when Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield completes the journey, he will get a lot of treasure, and he will improve very quickly, even if I am deep in the mountains, I have heard of it.”

“big brother, you are too Amazing, I was recommended to Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield before I entered Immortal Court Academy.” Aman looked at Li Qingshan in admiration.

Li Qingshan sat on the side and said leisurely: “You can do it later, I see that you have made rapid progress, and it is almost the middle stage of Earth Immortal. After I leave, you can cultivate well, don’t. Be lazy, and don’t pay attention to those second-generation ancestors.”

Aman’s obedient nodded: “I listen to the big brother, those people I’m already not in, I’ve become stronger, they’re just ants.”


Li Qingshan is satisfied and nodded, looking at the sea of clouds, full of emotions, Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield, Immortal World as everyone knows the genius battlefield, he will go to see, how many geniuses will there be?

Aman left with Li Qingshan’s ID card. There are more than 200,000 points in it. Li Qingshan can’t use it, so he can use it.

As for Li Qingshan, after taking a shower after the second day, his black hair was tied up with a girdle, his face was as white as jade, a pure Young Master, dressed in white black cloth, with a slender figure, came to Dao temple , saw the old man.

The old man was satisfied when he saw Li Qingshan, and said: “If you put your appearance in Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield, you will definitely beat the pack.”

Li Qingshan said: “If Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield As you said, that’s pretty good too, I’ll directly beat the pack, no need to fight.”

The old man got up and said, “Come with me, Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield. There are a lot of dangers here, you should be careful when you go in, if you encounter anything, if you can’t beat it, run away.”

Li Qingshan jokingly said: “If you can’t beat it and run away, wouldn’t that mean you’ve lost everything from Immortal Court Academy? face?”

The old man hummed: “When you can’t beat you, don’t call yourself a member of Immortal Court Academy, just call yourself a loose cultivator, then everyone will be happy.”


Li Qingshan said: “Really realistic.”

“Of course, the cultivation world is so realistic, you can beat it, or you can become the best in Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield. Those few people can say that they are Immortal Court Academy people and give us a long face.” The old man said as it should be by rights.

Li Qingshan looked at the old man and said, “Does everyone who enters Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield say the same thing?”

The old man said to Li Qingshan: “You guessed it right? Now.”

“In the early years, there were still many peerless geniuses in our Immortal Court Academy. At that time, Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield was our back garden, so there was no need for such a warning. Unfortunately, As the quality of Disciple gradually declines, Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield is no longer our main battlefield in the last 100 years. The last time we sent people in was three years ago. At that time, I was full of confidence and believed that he could successfully start the battle. Immortal Court Academy’s reputation, but a pity…” the old man sighed.

“What a pity?” Li Qingshan asked curiously.

“Unfortunately, as soon as they entered, they were hunted and killed within a day.” The old man said with an ugly face.

Li Qingshan raised his brows and said, “So cruel?”

“Yes, don’t say I didn’t tell you, be careful when you go in, I tell you not to mention Immortal Court Academy, I’m not afraid of losing your face, we have lost all face over the years.” The old man shook his head and said, “The reason why you don’t say it is because I suspect that in Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield, there is an immortal against us. Court’s conspiracy, the young and talented people who have entered the Immortal Court Academy over the years, very few of them can get out of the way, most of them happened in Early-Stage, as long as you reveal that you are a member of Immortal Court Academy It’s very dangerous, so don’t talk about this after you go in, and talk about it when you are strong enough to not be afraid of this.”

Li Qingshan suddenly realized, so that’s how it is.

“Now that you know you’ve been targeted, haven’t you made any changes?” Li Qingshan asked.

“How to make a change?”

“Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield all influences are watching, if you dare to intervene, other forces will make a move together. Yourselves, if you strive to be good enough and turn over all the geniuses in this session, then I will die of laughter.” The old man said to Li Qingshan.

“Why, there are so many geniuses this year?” Li Qingshan asked rhetorically.

“Didn’t I tell you before, this life is the reincarnation of Era of the Great Conflict, various Divine Physique, variant body, immortal physique, various bloodlines, various Absolute Art, all top experts , all come together, Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield has never been so lively,” said the old man.

“So amazing, you think I can beat them all? You look down on me so much?” Li Qingshan jokingly said.

“I still have to talk about the situation. Although I think you can win, I still have to support you. After all, you are the only one student of Immortal Court Academy to enter Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield.” The old man said White said.

“What kind of identity are you? Are you the dean of Immortal Court Academy?” Li Qingshan asked curiously.

“I’m so tired because the dean is so tired.” The old man pouted and dismissed it.

Li Qingshan didn’t understand: “Then who are you?”

“I’ll tell you when you come back alive, and tell you now, if you die in Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield, didn’t I say it for nothing?” said the old man.

“The elderly should be kind, otherwise they will easily die alone.” Li Qingshan said ill-humoredly with a black line on his forehead.

“Boy, the place is here, go in quickly.” The old man took Li Qingshan to a cave and said.

Li Qingshan surveyed the cave.

Wandering into the mountains, the cave walls along the way are covered with various doors.

These doors are all open, and there is a thick fog on the door, which blocks the door and can’t see clearly.

“What are these doors for?” Li Qingshan asked curiously.

“Every door here leads to a place, which is the Transmission Formation inside Immortal Court Academy. This door is the gateway to Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield, you go in.” The old man pointed to a door, yes Li Qingshan said.

Li Qingshan did not hesitate to step into this portal.

The old man looked at Li Qingshan’s agile actions, smacked his lips, and said, “Youngster, swift and decisive, I hope you will make a name for yourself in Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield.”

… …

Here, Li Qingshan stepped out and entered the portal, he felt as if he had stepped into a dark abyss, and the world was spinning for a while. Li Qingshan was used to it, and he even had the opportunity to study Transmission Formation.

In his three thousand Grand Dao, there is the Great Teleportation Technique!

Buzz!Buzz!Buzz! !

The next second, as if there were thousands of bees roaring in his ears, Li Qingshan lightened his body and fell to the ground, his feet on the ground, and he saw a huge, desolate plain.

This plain is full of volcanic crater, emitting a thick gray fog, the air smells of sulphur, very pungent, and the ground is full of craters, as if it had been hit by a meteorite.

On the sky, a gray color, through which, Li Qingshan saw the starlight flickering.

The Milky Way is in the sky, reflected and very bright.

“This is really different from the general world. The sky in this world is the stars.” Li Qingshan said with emotion.

But looking at the environment all around, Li Qingshan pouted: “Shit, Transmission Formation, whatever location I chose, it almost didn’t send me to the volcano.”

Li Qingshan quickly moved away from the area before noticing all around.

“Is this what the book says, Foreign Domain Heaven!” Li Qingshan murmured.

“In Foreign Domain Heaven, there are many Foreign Heavenly Demons who like to possess other people’s bodies, disguise themselves as adults, and enter Immortal World.” Li Qingshan remembered what was recorded in the book.

“Foreign Domain Heaven, it is vast and boundless inside, even if Heavenly Immortal expert has flown for a thousand years, it can’t sense the border, it can be called endless, Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield is in the core area of Foreign Domain Heaven, I am now It should be on the periphery.” Li Qingshan carefully recalled the contents of the book.

He was just about to walk forward when he suddenly found a silhouette of one passing by in the distance, very flustered.

“Xiao Jiu?” Li Qingshan’s Primordial Spirit noticed the other and was instantly shocked. It was Xiao Jiu?

At this moment, Xiao Jiu looked pale, panicked, with messy hair on his temples, and fled in a hurry, as if he had encountered something terrifying.

“big brother, big brother, save me, I ran into the heavenly demon, the heavenly demon is chasing me, save me, big brother.” Xiao Jiu cried, screamed, and collapsed , moved towards Li Qingshan ran.

Getting closer.

Soon came to Li Qingshan.

The next second, Xiao Jiu threw himself into Li Qingshan’s arms, her fear, her collapse, and her tears disappeared.

There was even a weird smile on the corner of his mouth.

“big brother, younger sister is here~” Xiao Jiu threw himself into Li Qingshan’s arms, and then suddenly changed into an afterimage, the demonic energy was dense, Yin Qi bursts, and the cold air permeates , rushed directly into Li Qingshan’s Primordial Spirit.

As for Xiao Jiu, it’s just an illusion.

The heavenly demon is a consciousness, an air current, a thought, Myriad Transformations, which continuously condense the body according to people’s desires.

This heavenly demon sensed Li Qingshan’s desire and knew that he loved his younger sister the most.

It turned into Xiao Jiu, weeping beauty and crashed into Li Qingshan’s arms, as expected, Li Qingshan didn’t refuse, he seized the opportunity and instantly rushed into Li Qingshan’s consciousness Sea of Consciousness .

heavenly demon jiΓ© jiΓ© smiled, very proud, laughed heartily: “Li Qingshan, you are really strong, your fleshy body is so full of qi and blood that I am moved, I will take good care of your body , take care of your body, you can rest assured.”

The heavenly demon entered Li Qingshan’s Sea of Consciousness triumphantly, and the journey was smooth and unobstructed.

As if Li Qingshan put it in.

In fact, Li Qingshan put it in.

Li Qingshan was shocked when he found Xiao Jiu immediately, but he reacted instantly, Xiao Jiu is impossible to come to Immortal World so soon, and she will not appear in Foreign Domain Heaven, Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield.

It must be a heavenly demon.

Heavenly demons will read the information they are interested in based on the leakage of human essence.

Changed into Xiao Jiu and rushed into Li Qingshan’s Sea of Consciousness.

Li Qingshan didn’t resist at all and let it rush into the Sea of Consciousness.

In Sea of Consciousness, surprises await the heavenly demon.

The heavenly demon rushed into the Sea of Consciousness and was about to devour Li Qingshan’s Primordial Spirit, but the next second, it was sluggish, looking at the wide sea like the ocean, looking at two thousand nine hundred and ninety Nine Dragons of Grand Dao, and finally looked at the Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture standing in the sea, as if seeing the Tathagata in the world.


“This is impossible!”

“Buddha’s radiance is too dazzling, the breath of Dragon of Grand Dao is too strong, how can there be such a terrifying thing in this Sea of Consciousness.”

The heavenly demon screamed, He was in pain from being stabbed by Buddha’s radiance from Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture, and then Dragon of Grand Dao swung his tail with a clatter, and the heavenly demon was smashed to pieces.

This heavenly demon of Divine Immortal level just died like this.

Not to mention body possession Li Qingshan Primordial Spirit, occupying his fleshy body, even Li Qingshan undefended all the way, let it break into the Sea of Consciousness, and it could not touch Li Qingshan’s Primordial Spirit .

Dragon of Grand Dao and Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture radiate a little power to sweep it across.

Li Qingshan didn’t take any action during the whole process. Instead, he was comprehending the power of heavenly demons. This method might have been useful to him in the past, but to Li Qingshan now, it is useless at all.

In the three thousand Grand Dao, there is the Great Heavenly Demon Technique, and Li Qingshan’s understanding of heavenly demon is even more profound.

He walked with great strides, stepped out one step, the ground shrank, a thousand miles away, and disappeared.

Li Qingshan is walking in Foreign Domain Heaven, he is going to Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield.

Foreign Domain Heaven is very big, other areas are gathering places of various heavenly demons, only the core area is the place of treasure.

Li Qingshan walked all the way, aggressive and undisguised, heavenly demons were watching him one after another, all rushing over, changing in various forms, to tempt Li Qingshan.

But Li Qingshan this time is extremely ruthless, he punches one, how many heavenly demons come and how many he kills.

During this period, he used the Great Heavenly Demon Technique, constantly comprehended, and exploded a heavenly demon, he absorbed the energy of the other party, instilled it into his body, and made himself stronger. In this way, his Great Heavenly Demon. Demon Technique, more and more powerful.

Li Qingshan’s strength has increased a bit.

Finally, after walking for a day, crossing a million li and killing tens of thousands of heavenly demons, Li Qingshan came to the core area of Foreign Domain Heaven, which is Heaven’s Chosen, with a murderous aura. Battlefield.

Compared with remote areas, Immortal Qi is more intense, actually more terrifying, and more treasure.

Li Qingshan stepped into Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield and saw the fist-sized Dao Source at first sight. After being absorbed, he threw it on the ground. He picked it up and looked at it. It was bigger than a fist, at least more than him. The one I bought at Great Desolate City before.

“That old scammer didn’t lie to me, Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield really has a lot of resources, so that’s fine, I’ll focus on finding resources next, and find a little more Dao Source for enlightenment.” Li Qingshan’s eyes are fixed on the rich Dao Source here.

If he finds a mountain-like Dao Source, how far will his 3,000 Grand Dao be improved?

Will his cultivation base directly break through Yuanxian realm?

Li Qingshan is looking forward to it.

He started to go deeper along Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield, and saw some battle marks along the way. The ground cracked and the mountain range was broken, which was very tragic.

Li Qingshan was walking all the way without any hindrance. He didn’t know how long he was going, when he suddenly smelled the breath of Dao Source.

“Such a strong Dao Source breath, this is a rich treasure.” Li Qingshan immediately rushed over.

Just ahead, there is a cliff, bottomless, as if it was cut off from the middle, very terrifying.

On the side of the cliff, a group of people are fighting.

Or a group of people suppressing a monk.

The monk was wearing a crescent-white monk robe. He was young and clean. He was sitting on the ground under pressure. A Buddha Ancestor illusory shadow appeared behind him, trying his best to resist.

It was six eagles who suppressed the monks. They were members of the Monster Race. They were from the same ethnic group. They entered Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield together. They shot together and were very strong.

This time, the six eagles set their sights on the monk’s belongings.

A vast clear spring!

Yes, a vast clear spring that was put aside.

Li Qingshan took a closer look, this vast clear spring is not simple, it is the water formed by Dao Source.

“No. It’s not the water that Dao Source turned into, but the Fountain of Grand Dao!” Li Qingshan instantly overturned his guess and looked at it in surprise.

Funtain of Grand Dao!

This is even more powerful than the water formed by Dao Source, because this spring is as big as a small lake. If it were replaced by Dao Source, wouldn’t it be a huge mountain range?

Li Qingshan then knew why the six eagles had to attack the monk.

The six eagles have a very high cultivation base, and they are all Divine Immortal realm.

The monk is a god immortal cultivator, forcibly holding on, although his face is calm, but the illusory shadow of the great Buddha that he condenses has been covered with cracks.

It can be seen from here that the monk is not very good anymore.

Seeing this, Li Qingshan shouted, “Monk, do you need help?”

Li Qingshan’s sudden appearance made the monk happy and the six eagles furious.

“Humans, get out of the way, don’t court death!” An eagle glared at Li Qingshan, furiously furious, Monster Qi soared into the sky, turned into a huge eagle illusory shadow, and screamed , rushed over directly, very terrifying.

But Li Qingshan just slapped it with a big hand, and with a bang, the Great Heavenly Demon Technique that kept condensing along the way burst out, thousands of heavenly demons ravaged and devoured the illusory shadow of this eagle.

It’s easy.

Li Qingshan looked at the monk and said, “Monk, let me help you out. You can share with me the Fountain of Grand Dao.”

The monk nodded and said, “Donor, You just need to help, this Fountain of Grand Dao, we will share equally.”

Li Qingshan’s eyes lit up, this Little Monk is very willing.

“Okay!” Li Qingshan agreed immediately.

“I told you to be good, you are bold, you actually sabotage the affairs between our brothers, courting death!” An eagle was furious. Seeing that Li Qingshan dared to agree, he directly gave up suppressing the monk and rushed forward. In front of Li Qingshan, a sharp claw attacked fiercely, moved towards Li Qingshan’s head, it would smash Li Qingshan’s head and Primordial Spirit together.

Li Qingshan face turned cold and grabbed it with a big hand: “Great Capture Technique!”

Three thousand Grand Dao, Li Qingshan can now perform at will.

The Great Capture Technique directly captured the eagle, but in the next instant, a huge explosion occurred on the other side.

There was one less eagle that suppressed the monk, and the formation was incomplete in an instant. Although the other five eagles tried their best to control the Formation and waited for their brother to return, it was at this moment that the monk was caught Living.

He raised his head, his eyes were bright, and the next second, a sound came out of his throat.

A series of rapid, violent, oscillating, syllables that contain sharp, holy, great destruction, great punishment, and killing intent, burst out from the monk’s throat.

Dong dong dong! ! !

At this moment, between Heaven and Earth, a very terrifying voice sounded.

Like millions of people, roaring together, thousands of rare beasts, roaring together, thousands of volcanoes, erupting together, thousands of great mounds, flooding together!

The monk imposing manner was like a rainbow, his eyes were bright, and he shouted out Buddhism strongest cultivation technique.

Heavenly Dragon’s Octave!

At this moment, the hurricane suddenly erupted and the sound waves erupted. It can be clearly seen that the circles of sound waves oscillated with the monk as the center, emitting concentric circles and spreading out.

And the will contained in the voice is also unimaginable, as if it is a Supreme Buddha Ancestor, completely angry, shaking the world.

puff puff puff!

The five eagles exploded in an instant, unable to withstand the thunderous roar, shaking the sky.

Li Qingshan captured an eagle and blinked when he saw this scene.

He didn’t expect that monk is so scary.

The captured eagle watched dully, his brothers and sisters, under this roar, exploded directly, with no chance of survival.

The eagle shed blood and tears, and roared sternly: “Monk, you have murdered, you have committed the precept of killing, and your Buddha Ancestor will punish you.”

The monk Coming from a distance, with a calm face, he said softly, “King Vajra with angry eyes, Buddha Ancestor has also killed people, so the little monk will naturally not mind.”

“Donor, how do you want to die?” He came in the moonlight and asked with a gentle expression.

Li Qingshan looked at the monk and let go of the eagle.

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