Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 103


Chapter 103 Qin Ling Great Emperor (please subscribe)

This eagle finally chose perish together, he knew that the monk must be He wanted to kill him, so he tried his best, burned himself, and rushed towards the monk.

The monk suddenly shouted loudly, shaking the sky, Heavenly Dragon’s Octave, burst out, and smashed him directly.

Li Qingshan saw this scene and said: “It seems that without my help, you can kill them all.”

This monk is too fierce.

A loud roar shattered the Divine Immortal realm’s eagle roar, too terrifying.

From Li Qingshan’s point of view, he has the Great Emperor aptitude.

But who knows, after the monk roared and shattered the eagle, his body softened and he fell directly, like a weak girl, tired and said: “This benefactor, the current strength of the little monk can only be I can’t hold it back anymore.”

Li Qingshan looked at him speechlessly, thinking how fierce this monk was.

“Monk, are you injured?” Li Qingshan asked.

“No, the little monk just lost his strength, his mind is a little confused, just let me rest.” The monk gasped.

Li Qingshan understood, it was hypoxia.

He just waited for the monk to recover. After a while, he recovered. He stood up and thanked Li Qingshan: “many thanks to the life-saving grace of the benefactor.”

“I just made it easy. You killed all these eagles.” Li Qingshan waved his hands.

“Six of their brothers joined forces, and their formidable power increased tenfold, which made me miserable, but once they were separated, there would be no such oppressive power. The donor still has a lot of credit. Now, Fountain of Grand Dao each person gets half, it still counts now.” The monk thanked.

Li Qingshan gave the monk a high look and said, “Monk, what’s your name?”

“Little monk has no self!” The monk said, “Donor, what’s your name?”

“Li Qingshan!” Li Qingshan said, then strode toward the Fountain of Grand Dao, looking at the Fountain of Grand Dao like a small lake, and asked, “Monk, what are you going to use?”

Monk Wuwo shook his head: “Xiao Monk doesn’t know how to use it.”

Li Qingshan said: “You don’t know, so how did you get this thing?”

“It’s right there. Under this abyss, the little monk went down, saw a spring, and brought it up, and was then targeted by the six brothers.” Monk Wuwo explained.

“Donor Li Qingshan, do you know how to use the Fountain of Grand Dao?” Monk Wuwo asked.

Li Qingshan shook his head, he didn’t know either.

“No matter how you use it, monk, there are six eagles here. Do you want to eat roasted eagles?” Li Qingshan suddenly asked.

“Oh, I forgot, you’re a monk, you’re a vegetarian.” Li Qingshan only remembered after speaking.

“Donor Li Qingshan, please don’t fall into inherent misunderstandings and rigid thinking.” Monk Wuwo told Li Qingshan seriously.

Li Qingshan blinked.

“Who said monks must be vegetarians?”

“Who said monks can’t eat meat?”

“Actually, monks eat meat and kill people , drink, and do not exclude.”

Monk Wuwo said righteously.

Li Qingshan smacked his lips and said, “You are really a good monk!”

Since the monk did not reject it, Li Qingshan immediately roasted the six eagles, which was at the Divine Immortal level The eagle, absolutely tonic.

During the roasting process, Li Qingshan also poured Fountain of Grand Dao on it. Anyway, he and Monk Wuwo didn’t know how to use it, so let’s use it for roasting.

The fire was raging.

Top ingredients.

A novice chef.

Li Qingshan always remembers that top-quality ingredients are delicious and don’t need too many ingredients to cook, he only needs to bake them.

After a while, Li Qingshan and Monk Wuwo were in Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield, gorge oneself.

“The roasted eagle with the Fountain of Grand Dao is added, and it tastes even better.” Monk Wuwo marveled.

Li Qingshan is also eating with a big mouth. While eating, he feels that his affinity for Grand Dao is quite high.

“This Fountain of Grand Dao, what is the effect of drinking it directly?” Li Qingshan speculated.

Monk Wuwo directly picked up the Fountain of Grand Dao with his hands and took a sip.

Li Qingshan looked at him to see what would change.

But Monk Wuwo shook his head and said, “Drinking it to quench thirst is of no use at all. The affinity of Grand Dao has not improved.”

Li Qingshan gave up the idea of drinking Fountain of Grand Dao.

“After eating, let’s take the Fountain of Grand Dao to take a bath, shall we?” Monk Wuwo suddenly suggested.

Li Qingshan looked at him in shock and couldn’t help but say, “Will it be too extravagant?”

This is the Fountain of Grand Dao!

Zu Xian, the Top Grade Heaven and Earth Treasure that Immortal Monarch yearns for is the crystallization of Grand Dao, much higher than Dao Source high level, so many Fountain of Grand Dao can be worth a piece Huge Dao Source mountain range.

But a Dao Source mountain range can’t get these Fountain of Grand Dao.

Get Immortal World to sell, tens of billions of spar nothing difficult.

Now they take the bath?

Monk Wuwo looked at Li Qingshan and said, “Donor Li Qingshan, do you value the fame brought by the Fountain of Grand Dao?”

Li Qingshan was taken aback.

Monk Wuwo continued: “Buddhism has scriptures, it is my life, and my luck is lost, this Fountain of Grand Dao is the spring water, don’t think about its worldly reputation, anyway, we don’t know how. Use it, just take it for a bath, and after the bath, we part, this matter is over, don’t worry about it.”

Li Qingshan heard it, it made sense.

“Okay, then take a bath after eating.” Li Qingshan agreed and swallowed the eagle, even the bones were cracked and swallowed into the stomach, and the whole person’s imposing manner was deeper.

The six-headed Divine Immortal realm’s eagle, Li Qingshan and Monk Wuwo, each with three eagles, is an absolute complement.


After eating, Li Qingshan and Monk Wuwo jumped directly into the Fountain of Grand Dao.

Take a relaxing bath.

Under the starry sky, Li Qingshan and Monk Wuwo enjoyed the moment in Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield.

The Fountain of Grand Dao, warm and comfortable, Li Qingshan soaked, melted his body into this ball of water as soft as water, as pure as moonlight, and felt that the pores all over his body were opened. Absorb the energy inside the Fountain of Grand Dao.

He feels that his affinity for Grand Dao is constantly improving.

Li Qingshan raised his eyebrows, it seems that the bath is the right one, Fountain of Grand Dao is not for drinking, but for washing the body.

Li Qingshan was lying comfortably in the Fountain of Grand Dao, looking up at the bright Milky Way, and gradually fell asleep.

Fountain of Grand Dao, in improved fleshy body.

Monk Wuwo on the side also fell asleep. The difference is that between his eyebrows, there is a faint appearance of Buddha Ancestor, showing his extraordinaryness.

At this moment, immortal light overflows!

I don’t know how long I slept, but Li Qingshan only heard a sharp sound.

“What are you doing?”

The voice seemed to be pinched by someone’s neck and screamed, causing Li Qingshan and Monk Wuwo to open their eyes and look at it suspiciously. .

In the Fountain of Grand Dao all around, many people looked at Li Qingshan and Monk Wuwo with complicated expressions.

Li Qingshan saw envy, jealousy, distortion, resentment on the faces of these people…

All kinds of expressions, very different.

Li Qingshan wondered: “How come I fell asleep, and I still slept so deadly, so many people came, and I didn’t notice it at all?”

Monk Wuwo stood up, The water droplets evaporated instantly and said, “Fountain of Grand Dao has transformed our fleshy body, allowing us to enter into a deep sleep.”

Li Qingshan also walked out of the Fountain of Grand Dao, with his body The water stains evaporated instantly, he looked towards the people all around, no one he knew, waved his hand and said: “Let’s all go, what’s so good about taking a bath and sleeping.”

Li Qingshan’s words, Make the corners of the mouths of those around you twitch.

Bathing and sleeping?

Is it a matter of bathing and sleeping now?

“You actually use the sacred and indestructible Fountain of Grand Dao as bath water?” A youngster pointed at Li Qingshan angrily, and the jealousy on his face was self-evident.

They wanted to ask for a drop of Fountain of Grand Dao, but they couldn’t.

Here in Li Qingshan, he even used it to take a bath?

reckless waste of natural resources!

Ox chewing the peony!


A group of people glared at Li Qingshan. Although they never knew each other, they had gone crazy with jealousy even after taking a bath with the Fountain of Grand Dao.

Li Qingshan curled his lips and said, “You guys want to worship the Fountain of Grand Dao as an ancestor and kneel down every day, then you worship yourself, kneel by yourself, don’t kneel down by yourself, you are still proud, call us Kneel down together.”

“You…you…you have no reverence for Grand Dao or the Fountain of Grand Dao.” Someone scolded Li Qingshan angrily.

“I am the man who wants to conquer the three thousand Grand Dao, why should I be in awe of it?” Li Qingshan did not understand the brain circuits of these people.

At this moment, Li Qingshan remembered what Monk Wuwo said, the world has given the Fountain of Grand Dao too many things beyond itself, so that the Fountain of Grand Dao has ascended to the throne, but he forgot that the Fountain of Grand Dao. Grand Dao is used for bathing and improving fleshy body.

Li Qingshan’s words made a group of people furious.



“You dare to blaspheme the divine object, you’re damned.”

“Fountain of Although the Grand Dao has been defiled, it still works, we killed these two arrogant people and divided up the Fountain of Grand Dao.”

A group of people criticized Li Qingshan and Monk Wuwo.

Monk Wuwo looked innocent. He didn’t say anything. Li Qingshan was talking just now. How could he be included?

Li Qingshan heard the words of these people, frowned: “It’s too noisy, it’s too noisy, since you all miss the Fountain of Grand Dao, let’s sleep here with the Fountain of Grand Dao.”

“Where is the ignorant madman, you think you can beat the crowd by taking a bath in the Fountain of Grand Dao?” someone coldly shouted.

This is a True Disciple from the Great Sect faction. I have always wanted to get the Fountain of Grand Dao, but now I see the Fountain of Grand Dao that I really love being used by Li Qingshan to take a bath, no less than my favorite. Goddess was slept by Li Qingshan, he chopped up ten-thousand times by a thousand blades, and Li Qingshan’s heart had everything.

Li Qingshan looked at him, face turned cold, and said, “You are so arrogant, it is easy to be reincarnated.”

“Arrogant, see how I come to kill you, you are not worthy. Soaked in the Fountain of Grand Dao, the same Divine Immortal realm, I’m already standing in the Peak, how dare you say such a big thing to me?” The man moved towards Li Qingshan came, imposing a grand manner, shaking like a thunder, He looked at Li Qingshan, and the jealousy in his heart had already overflowed.

β€œJealousy makes people lose their minds.” Li Qingshan said indifferently.

“Arrogance makes people lose their judgment!” The man shot back unceremoniously.

“You and I are going to be a pair?” Li Qingshan frowned, he stepped out, in a flash, came to this person, and then looked directly at the person, three thousand grand in his eyes. Dao, broke through each other’s Divine Consciousness Sea in an instant.

bang! ! !

The True Disciple of the Great Sect sect softened, his Sea of Consciousness was overturned, and three thousand Grand Dao were plundering. Spirit.

body dies and Dao disappears!

This Disciple from the Great Sect sect, who was giving tit for tat with Li Qingshan just now, has collapsed limply.

The onlookers were speechless.

The Disciple of the Great Sect who stood on Divine Immortal Peak died like this?

This is too sloppy, isn’t it?

Li Qingshan coldly said: “The Peak in your mouth is only the Peak you can reach, but above the Peak, there is also the Peak!”

“What I said , People who talk a lot are easy to be reincarnated.” Li Qingshan looked towards all around this time, his face was indifferent, his eyes were full of killing intent, as long as anyone dared to look at him, he would kill anyone.

Seems to have sensed Li Qingshan’s killing intent. At this moment, no one dared to look at Li Qingshan.

Those who shouted don’t dare to speak anymore, and they have the intention of quitting.

Li Qingshan coldly snorted: “Remember, if you don’t have the ability in the future, don’t shout, today I don’t want to start killing people, take care of your broken mouth, a long mouth is not for you to force Lai Lai Yes.”

This is a terrible curse.

But the group of people who were arrogant to the sky just now are now more cowardly than quails.

After scolding, Li Qingshan said to Monk Wuwo: “Monk, where are you going?”

Monk Wuwo said: “Little monk is going on his own way.”

Li Qingshan nodded and said: “Then this is the difference.”

“Okay, Li Qingshan, the journey is smooth.” The monk nodded.

Li Qingshan waved his hands without looking back, completely ignoring the group of people who were barking.

Monk Wuwo didn’t stay, he also left, but in a different direction from Li Qingshan.

After Li Qingshan and Monk Wuwo left, the group of people who were scolded so hard to raise their heads immediately moved towards the Fountain of Grand Dao and ran towards them.

“These two fools don’t take the Fountain of Grand Dao with them when they leave.”

“Damn, scolding Lao Tzu is the same as scolding grandson, if you weren’t stronger, I’ve already turned my face.”

“They are strong, it must be because of the Fountain of Grand Dao, they just soaked in the Fountain of Grand Dao, if we drink the Fountain of Grand Dao, we must be better than them Powerful.”

“However, there is no record in the book that Fountain of Grand Dao was drunk, right?”

“Yes, if they can drink, why did the two of them drink it? Don’t drink? They’re not stupid.”

“And it’s their bath water.”

“You don’t drink, I’ll drink.” A warrior stood up, he Coming from a middle power with few resources, he came to Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield and just made up the numbers, but he didn’t want to, he wanted to become stronger, he wanted to rise, he wanted to become a superior man, so even if it was bath water, he would drink it .

Grumpy Grumpy.

After this man took a big sip, everyone else stared at him without blinking, wanting to see what had changed?

Someone asked impatiently, “Do you feel anything?”

The fierce man frowned and said, “There is no other feeling, just a little salty!”

As soon as these words came out, everyone distanced themselves from him, watching Fountain of Grand Dao, a little disgusted.

At this moment, all fools know that the Fountain of Grand Dao has been absorbed and has no energy.

“It turns out that the Fountain of Grand Dao is for bathing.”

The useless knowledge has increased.


Li Qingshan galloped all the way, opened the range of hundreds of thousands li, then found a cave and began to retreat.

He was looking at his body.

He wanted to know what had happened to the body of the Fountain of Grand Dao that had been soaked.

Looking at himself, Li Qingshan saw that every inch of muscle, every cell is full of vitality and has the breath of Grand Dao.

Li Qingshan tried to realize the Tao.

He closed his eyes, and within three seconds, Grand Dao was realized by him, and then he realized it carefully and found what he was interested in. For Li Qingshan, it was very easy.

His progress has been enormous.

All of this was created after soaking in the Fountain of Grand Dao.

Li Qingshan was very satisfied, he stretched out his hand and grabbed a wisp of Grand Dao texture inside the Void.

“My current affinity for Grand Dao is beyond words. Grand Dao is in my palm!” Li Qingshan said with satisfaction.

As soon as he extended the hand, Grand Dao was pinched, and when he released his hand, Grand Dao flowed around Li Qingshan like water.

“Now, I seem to be able to break through the Yuanxian realm.” Li Qingshan was looking forward to it. He first laid the Time Grand Dao on his side.

Time lengthens, time slows.

Li Qingshan is on the Time Channel of Immortal Court Academy.

He can also extend the time. Although it can’t reach one Tian Yi year, Li Qingshan can still do it by one day and one month.

After the arrangement, Li Qingshan began to try to break through.

Yuanxian, the number of one yuan.

This is very powerful, and holds more Power of Heaven and Earth.

Li Qingshan has long been based in the Peak of Divine Immortal realm, and now he can break through the baptism of Fountain of Grand Dao.

Time passed slowly, and in Li Qingshan’s body, the Dragon of Grand Dao was boiling, madly absorbing external energy, replenishing himself, reaching Peak, to help Li Qingshan break through

One day is equal to January.

Li Qingshan was immersed in it, unable to extricate herself.

His imposing manner is like the vast ocean, like the abyss, like the flames, like the thunder, surrounding the whole body and changing endlessly.

Twelve days have passed.

In the case of extended time, twelve months have passed, which is one year.

In the past year, Li Qingshan broke through the Divine Immortal realm and entered the Yuanxian level.

It can be said that where water flows, a canal is formed, without any predicament.

After all, he was originally the Divine Immortal Peak. During this period of time, he continued to comprehend it. Later, he passed through the Fountain of Grand Dao baptism. When he broke through, he had no shackles and was very smooth.

Li Qingshan walked out of the cave contentedly, looking at the vast Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield, with ten thousand zhang in his heart.

“I have already entered the Yuanxian realm, and with the addition of three thousand Grand Dao, I should be able to plunder resources with confidence. Those good resources are occupied by others, so I can also snatch them and strive to enter the Zuxian realm as soon as possible. That can really dominate the Immortal World, and even in Immortal Court, you can also become a party leader.” Li Qingshan murmured.

Divine Immortal realm is shaky at Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield, but Yuanxian is definitely solid.

Especially Yuanxian realm, plus three thousand Grand Dao, now Li Qingshan, is really scary.

He made his way this time, deep into Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield, where he was sure to find a lot of treasure.

A Fountain of Grand Dao helped Li Qingshan to break through Yuanxian, and also improved his affinity for Grand Dao, which was of great help in his future enlightenment career.

In comparison, breakthrough Yuanxian realm is not so excited.

Because this is where water flows, a canal is formed, it is worth Li Qingshan’s surprise that there is no breakthrough.

Li Qingshan thought that before he came in, the old man said that there are many Secret Realms in Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield. These Secret Realms are all gathered in the core area. Li Qingshan must go deep in order to explore it.

Li Qingshan was on his way, and the ground under his feet was like a shuttle. He really came to the Dimensional Battlefield core area.

As soon as he came here, Li Qingshan found a place, Heaven and Earth trembled, the starry sky cracked, and a corner was exposed.

The exposed corner is the corner of a courtyard building.

Li Qingshan’s eyes lit up: “Secret Realm!”

He was just talking about Secret Realm, and now here is Secret Realm.

It wasn’t just Li Qingshan who discovered Secret Realm, the core area of Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield. This place has gathered a lot of people, all of them imposing manners are extraordinary. At a young age, they have reached Divine Immortal. Yuanxian and even Li Qingshan saw several ancestors.

Those ancestral immortals are realm, imposing manner like rainbows, standing in place, can attract all eyes.

Li Qingshan doesn’t care. In his eyes, Zuxian and Yuanxian are all like that. It’s not that he can’t achieve it. As long as there is no conflict of interest, Li Qingshan will not care what kind of cultivation base the other party is.

He makes friends with Li Qingshan and never looks at the level of cultivation base.


Above the sky, that is the dazzling Milky Way, this Secret Realm is cracked in the Milky Way, gradually revealed, and its momentum has grown. Different from the ordinary Secret Realm, this Secret Realm gradually tears half of the sky. .

The galaxy was torn in half, and the Secret Realm hasn’t been revealed yet, just burst out in a lot of imposing manner.

This imposing manner, even Li Qingshan frowned, already very terrifying, terrifying to the point that the three thousand Grand Dao in Li Qingshan’s body were shaken.

At this moment, not only Li Qingshan, but other people were watching closely, and everyone had a shocked expression on their faces.

“This is too terrifying, this Secret Realm, I have never seen it so powerful.”

“I have been to several Secret Realm before, all of them are Smaller Thousand Worlds, Intermediate Thousand Worlds, look at this power, is this a Great Thousand Worlds?”

“Impossible, Great Thousand Worlds, that is something that can be arranged by other Immortal King Level bosses.”

“It’s not the Great Thousand Worlds, how can there be such a terrifying momentum?”

“Indeed, this momentum is very big, but if it is the Great Thousand Worlds, it is still open to question.”

“Ask Heavenly Monster, he is this generation peerless genius of Monster Race. He is less than three hundred years old. He has set foot in the Ancestral Immortal realm. He has a lot of knowledge and must know.” Someone suggested.

Many people looked towards a young man from the realm of ancestral immortals.

He is the Heavenly Monster!

One of the peerless geniuses of the Monster Race younger generation.

Even, some people say that one of those can be removed.

Li Qingshan is also looking at him, purely curious, since he is a Peak expert of the Monster Race youth generation, then spy on him, you can know the quality of Monster Race this generation youngster.

Heavenly Monster is very soft, he is a boy, but he is dressed in white clothed, his face is beautiful, and there is an auspicious cloud branded between his eyebrows, he looks very beautiful.

Yes, it’s beautiful.

Li Qingshan thought Heavenly Monster was very beautiful at first sight, and knew him as a woman.

But unfortunately, he is a man.

Facing everyone’s inquiries, Heavenly Monster looked thoughtful, stared at this Secret Realm, shook his head and said, “I don’t see anything at the moment, this Secret Realm is different from the past, you can ask Emperor Bloodline !”

The Emperor Bloodline is another ancestral immortal, with a majestic figure, imposing aura, strong features, looking at Secret Realm with flaming eyes, and said, “I can see a little sign of Secret Realm here. ”

As soon as these words came out, everyone was immediately interested, and they all stared at the Emperor Bloodline.

Li Qingshan noticed that Heavenly Monster’s face turned gloomy in an instant. He didn’t see this Secret Realm, but was seen by Emperor Bloodline. Is this a slap in the face?

Heavenly Monster said nothing, staring indifferently.

Li Qingshan shook his head, this Heavenly Monster’s heart and eyes also followed his appearance, not very big!

“Emperor Bloodline, what did you see?” someone curiously asked.

The Emperor Bloodline hands behind ones back, looked up at the sky, and said: “I see signs, I don’t know if Heavenly Monster, Fox Maiden, Heavenly Sovereign’s Son, Daoist Nan can see it?”

The people that Emperor Bloodline asked were all realm ancestors.

They are all geniuses of the Peak force, very powerful, just like him, young and realm.

His attitude is very obvious, he directly excludes people below Zuxian, and tells everyone with a silent attitude.

Without Zuxian realm, he is not qualified to be his opponent.

Heavenly Monster didn’t say a word, he said it all, didn’t see anything, and Emperor Bloodline also asked him, what is this not humiliating him in public?

His face became even more gloomy.

And the other people, Fox Maiden from Monster Race, is Fox Race, Fox Race is a large group in Monster Race, with bright eyes and white teeth, white skin, standing on a pine tree, standing barefoot , The snow-white legs are whiter than the moonlight, the unbearable waist, and the broad mind are all challenging immortal desires.

Many people stared unblinkingly, reluctant to take their eyes away.

Fox Maiden, the genius of Fox Race this generation, like Heavenly Monster, was recommended for Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield.

Li Qingshan gave her a surprised look. His eyes were clear and he looked at Fox Maiden’s figure several times.

Li Qingshan is not like other people.

He looked directly, took a few more glances, and got used to it.

People are so beautifully dressed, and there are so many leaks. If you don’t take a serious look, you are sorry for Fox Maiden’s painstaking dressing.

But always, Li Qingshan’s eyes have no desire.

He simply appreciates.

“Hey, this Fox Maiden has eight tails. Compared with Small Fox, it has one less tail. Bloodline is not as powerful as Small Fox.” Li Qingshan saw the clue, he was more direct than other men, look Out of the body of Fox Maiden.

Behind her, there are eight tails, hidden.

But Li Qingshan has a Grand Dao that sees through fabrications, so it can be seen naturally.

Fox Maiden said in a soft voice, “I also saw a hint of it, but I’m not sure. If it’s that person, we’re worth it.”

Fox Maiden After speaking, Heavenly Monster’s face darkened.

On the other side, Heavenly Sovereign’s Son is dressed in golden armor and has an unparalleled imposing manner. He is from Divine Race and is the hope of this generation of Divine Race. Hearing Fox Maiden’s words, he immediately said: “Fox Maiden younger sister is right. In truth, I also think it is the relic of that person, if it is really him, it will definitely disturb the Immortal World.”

Heavenly Sovereign’s Son finished speaking, and immediately looked towards Fox Maiden with an expression of admiration. , exhibit one’s feelings in one’s speech, he is the body of Fox Maiden.

Heavenly Monster’s face darkened a bit.

You all saw it together, but I didn’t see it?

“Daoist Nan, did you see that too?” Heavenly Monster’s final stubbornness made him stare at a Daoist, who came from Taoism and was an outstanding young man of Taoism.

Daoist Nan seemed to sense Heavenly Monster’s embarrassment and said: “You have fallen into a misunderstanding. You must know this person’s reputation, but you just didn’t remember it for a while.”

Heavenly Monster is stunned, he knows that too?

Heavenly Monster immediately carefully looked at the cracked Star River and revealed the picture, trying to find the answer.

After a while, Heavenly Monster’s pupils widened and he exclaimed in surprise, “It’s Qin Ling Great Emperor!”

Heavenly Monster’s words caused the whole audience to tremble.

Everyone looked at it in astonishment. They couldn’t believe it. This place turned out to be the relic of Qin Ling Great Emperor?

Li Qingshan was the only one who didn’t know who the Qin Ling Great Emperor was, so he listened patiently, being a little transparent and listening to what other people had to say.

“Qin Ling Great Emperor, this is a loose cultivator Great Emperor from Qin Ling mountain range, his whole life, shocking and stunning, became the Great Emperor with a loose cultivator without any power. level powerhouse.”

β€œQin Ling Great Emperor once fought against the True Martial Great Emperor of Immortal Court, the Demon Ox Great Emperor of Monster Race, and the Divine King of Divine Race, and won all three battles.”

“I know that, Immortal Court, Monster Race, Divine Race all want to invite Qin Ling Great Emperor to join and govern Immortal World together, Qin Ling Great Emperor put forward a request, saying that whoever defeats him, he Just join, there is only one chance.”

“Then, the True Martial Great Emperor lost a move, the Demon Ox Great Emperor vomited blood, and the Divine King left sadly.”

“Yes, yes. Yes, it was that battle that established the title of Qin Ling Great Emperor loose cultivator Number One Person, he is the Emperor King in immortal!”

Li Qingshan listened carefully, his thoughts changed and he was surprised Because of the power of Qin Ling Great Emperor, it was even more shocking that he came from a loose cultivator and did not rely on the resources of the Great Influence.

“Unfortunately, since that war, there has been no news of the Qin Ling Great Emperor.”

“Now that hundreds of thousands of years have passed, the world is saying, Qin Ling Great Emperor. Did something happen to the Emperor, didn’t expect to encounter his relics here.”

“Yes, I thought Qin Ling Great Emperor was fine, he is the Emperor and can live a long time. Time.”

“Since it’s a relic, how did the Qin Ling Great Emperor die?”

The world is still talking about Qin Ling Great Emperor.

The crack is still widening, but the speed is slowing down now, as you know, it is far from the time to open.

So everyone had a lively discussion.

“Lord Heavenly Monster, how did you see that this is the relic of the Qin Ling Great Emperor?” Someone asked curiously.

“On the eaves, there is a mountain range carved. If you look closely, you will find that the mountain range is Qin Ling!”

“The Qin Ling Great Emperor was born in Qin Ling, and he lived in seclusion in Qin Ling, so this is the relic of the Qin Ling Great Emperor.”

Heavenly Monster said loudly, although he had a very face Soft, but now high-spirited and vigorous, he has finally discovered it, let’s see who dares to underestimate him.

“Even if there are traces of Qin Ling, it cannot be said that it must be the relic of the Qin Ling Great Emperor, because many Peak experts from Qin Ling have learned from the Qin Ling Great Emperor and left such imprints. , so although we have seen it, we can’t say with certainty that it must be the relic of the Qin Ling Great Emperor.” Emperor Bloodline said suddenly.

Heavenly Monster’s smug look immediately froze, then quickly turned cold, staring at Emperor Bloodline, his eyes wanting to eat people.

The Emperor Bloodline smiled calmly, completely ignoring Heavenly Monster’s eyes.

At this moment, the atmosphere is a little frozen.

The people on the side quietly kept away, not daring to approach these people.

If this really broke out and was affected, it would be a disaster.

Li Qingshan, who was far away, sat on a big bluestone and watched this scene with great interest.

The fighting between geniuses is like a little child playing a house, and Li Qingshan doesn’t want to get involved.

He was very interested in Qin Ling Great Emperor.

“Is this the relic of the Qin Ling Great Emperor?” Li Qingshan asked himself in confusion.

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