Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 105


Chapter 105 Meeting Across 300,000 Years (Subscribe)

The years are the firewood, and the Grand Dao is the flame.

Burning a past.

That’s a story that belongs to Qin Ling Great Emperor and Ajie.

Qin Ling Great Emperor was picked up by Ajie, Ajie was several years older than him, but the latter two became husband and wife under the witness of the clan elders and accompanied him for several decades.

It was these several decades that Qin Ling Great Emperor reminisced about his life and was reluctant to give up.

He spent his whole life looking for his life for several decades, and in the end he would give his life.

The Qin Ling Great Emperor became a number one expert, only hundreds of thousands of years before and after. Compared with those Immortal Emperors who lived very long, the Qin Ling Great Emperor’s life was very short.

He doesn’t like fame and fortune, he is not keen on fighting, he yearned for the outside when he was young, but after all his life, after returning, he just wanted to hold Ajie’s hand and spend the rest of his life.

After Ajie’s death, Qin Ling Great Emperor has always been alive in the past.

Li Qingshan burned the memory between them in this ancient city, and used Fire of Grand Dao to burn in front of Ajie’s tomb.

The ancient city shook.

At first it was just a slight tremor, which became more intense as the past burned.

The life of Ajie and Qin Ling Great Emperor is just a period of good memories. Several decades seem to be very long, but in a long time, they seem to be so short.

Li Qingshan’s face was illuminated by the roaring fire, he watched silently, sensing all around, the three thousand Grand Dao was fully activated, allowing him to sense the world that others could not sense.

Monk Wuwo was also watching, not saying a word, not wanting to disturb Li Qingshan.

He also hopes that Li Qingshan can bring Ajie back.

Even though Qin Ling Great Emperor has been down for hundreds of thousands of years now, if Qin Ling Great Emperor knows that Ajie still exists in a corner of the world, he must be very happy.

Monk Wuwo also alerted Li Qingshan all around and didn’t want people to disturb Li Qingshan, who had concentrated attention completely.

The ancient city vibrated more and more intensely, which attracted the attention of the geniuses who entered the ancient city.

Thousands of people rushed into the ancient city, hoping to find the treasure.

But I walked around the ancient city and found nothing, it was empty.

In this ancient city, there is not a single living person, nor a single magical treasure.

Experts who had privately wooed other people from all walks of life, now look ugly, try their best, all in vain.

“A dignified Immortal Emperor level expert, leaving behind nothing but ruins, is it worthy of his Emperor’s status?”

“loose cultivator is just loose cultivator, so poor. .”

“No matter how bad the Qin Ling Great Emperor is, he will leave behind his enlightened scriptures to spread to future generations, so that everyone can learn.”

“It’s really a waste of joy, such a mess Big movement, but nothing, bad luck.”

“No, this ancient city seems to be shaking a bit.”

Someone noticed and said in surprise.

Afterwards, the tremors became violent, and everyone looked at them with serious expressions.

“What happened?”

“Did I say Qin Ling Great Emperor was poor, he was angry?”

“It still feels very dangerous, It’s better to slip first, there’s nothing good here.”

At this moment, everyone quickly retreated and moved towards the city gate.

But when they walked to the city gate, they saw Li Qingshan burning things, and a young monk folded his hands and recited scriptures.

“Monk, what did you find?” Heavenly Monster saw this scene, aloof and remote, and began to question.

He is an ancestor realm. If he asks a primordial immortal, he has to answer obediently?

Who knew that Monk Wuwo ignored him and continued to recite the scriptures with his head down.

Heavenly Monster is furious, staring at Monk Wuwo, imposing manner is turbulent, the coercion of Zu Xian’s realm, spreading mightily, will cover Monk Wuwo and Li Qingshan.

Monk Wuwo frowned at this moment, turned around, looked towards Heavenly Monster, his face was indifferent, and said: “This poor monk has never interfered with you in the slightest, but you are looking for trouble with us, and you cannot live! “

Heavenly Monster looks like a woman, but acts like a man. He has a disdainful smile, staring at Monk Wuwo, and said, “Monk, an ancestral expert is asking you something, how dare you not answer?”

“Zuxian realm, is it very difficult to deal with?” Monk Wuwo coldly said.

“Zu Xian realm can crush you!” Heavenly Monster said coldly. He was in a bad mood because he got nothing, plus Fox Maiden’s cold attitude towards him, and the anger he had accumulated before, all poured out at this moment. .

He stepped out.


Zuxian imposing manner grandiose, covering all around, with a thread of light flowing on his body, very terrifying.

In this brief moment, everyone in the ancient city was shocked, and they all felt a majestic blood energy, as if a magic mountain flew from the stars of the Foreign Domain, landed down, and boomed. With a bang, it hit here.

The person who was about to escape stopped and looked towards here, very surprised.

“Who is this monk who actually angered Heavenly Monster?”

“Zu Xian’s imposing manner is too terrifying.”

“This monk seems to be protecting the person behind him?”

“What is that person burning?”

A group of geniuses discussed spiritedly, standing in the distance watching the Heavenly Monster angry, Shock Monk Wuwo in imposing manner.

The geniuses of other ancestral realms stand on the sidelines, clashing with Heavenly Monster over a monk they have never met, and it is not worth it.

Monk Wuwo, who was suppressed by Zu Xian’s imposing manner, did not change his expression, he was still so cold, but his eyes were full of anger.

Faced with the imposing manner of Zuxian realm, he did not retreat, but took a step forward.


Behind him, a golden statue of Buddha Ancestor appeared, no longer looking peaceful and serene, but glaring at Vajra King.

The golden body of Buddha Ancestor and Monk Wuwo have the same expression, took a deep breath and roared out.

Heavenly Dragon’s Octave!

This angry roar, circles of sound waves directly smashed Heavenly Monster’s imposing manner, and then strikes on Heavenly Monster, forcing him to retreat again and again, his face full of surprise.

This scene shocked all the onlookers.

A Primordial Immortal, angry roar, defeated the imposing manner of the Ancestral Immortal Realm, forcing the opponent to keep retreating.

Is this still Yuanxian?

Heavenly Monster’s own blood surged, he hurriedly suppressed it, looked at Monk Wuwo, clenching one’s teeth and said: “It seems that I underestimated you.”

Monk Wuwo cold He squinted, looked at Heavenly Monster, and said nothing.

Heavenly Monster wanted to continue to shoot, and Heavenly Sovereign’s Son, who was watching, suddenly said: “This monk, what did the companion behind you find?”

As soon as he said this, Heavenly Monster immediately looked towards Li Qingshan, pupils shrank, and sneered: “I said why did you dare to shoot at me, it turned out to be a friend who was covering you, maybe he got the inheritance of Qin Ling Great Emperor, he can’t be accepted at this moment. Excuse me?”

Heavenly Monster’s heartfelt remarks made Monk Wuwo frowned.

He knew it was broken.

As expected, the voice came to the ground, and everyone took a fancy to Li Qingshan.

They watched Li Qingshan burn past memories, and they were all excited.

“I just said Qin Ling Great Emperor’s ruins, why are they empty, it was taken away by this kid.”

“It won’t really be as Heavenly Monster said, he Did you get the inheritance of the Qin Ling Great Emperor?”

“Boy, stop for me, this ruin was discovered together by everyone, don’t think of swallowing anything.”

Some people yelled at him directly, watching Li Qingshan burning the traces of the years, very dissatisfied.

“If you don’t listen to what you say, you can only do it.” Someone said ruthlessly when they saw Li Qingshan’s indifference.

He opened his mouth and spit, and a small silver spear with chopsticks turned into a silver light, in a flash, and stabbed Li Qingshan between the eyebrows.

This silver spear has drawn a Grand Dao trace in the void, and there are actually Order Chains, shaped like a silver phoenix reborn from the ashes.

Many people exclaimed, this is high grade Immortal Artifact, silver Phoenix.

The shooter, very ruthless, was resolute and took out the high grade Immortal Artifact directly to kill Li Qingshan.


The speed of the silver phoenix is getting faster and faster, and the silver rays of light actually turned into a phoenix, singing in unison with the Grand Dao. You can clearly see that the void is annihilating wherever it goes.

The ferocious blow caused Monk Wuwo complexion changed, and he wanted to set off to stop it.


In the next second, a few breaths of daofather Immortal Qi can be suppressed without the slightest hesitation.

Directly suppressed Monk Wuwo to a stumble, the complexion greatly changed.

Li Qingshan can’t have an accident.

He had an accident and no one could call Ajie back.

But Monk Wuwo is powerless.

Under everyone’s attention, the silver phoenix arrived between Li Qingshan’s eyebrows.

In the next instant, you can penetrate the Li Qingshan Primordial Spirit Consciousness Sea.

At this time, Li Qingshan, who had been worried about burning the past and realized Spirit World, opened his eyes.

His eyes were calm and he said indifferently: “You guys… are too noisy.”

bang!! !

In the next instant, two thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine Grand Dao True Dragon gushed out from Li Qingshan’s eyebrows.




True Dragon roars, loud and invincible.

The silver phoenix bears the brunt, and with a ka-cha, it breaks on the spot.

Like a silver bottle exploded, the light scattered and scattered, forming a ripple of one after another Grand Dao, spreading to all directions.

Immediately, this space was full of holes and was shot into a honeycomb, a black hole.

And the very ruthless man who shot out screamed, his eyebrows split, and the high grade Immortal Artifact shattered, leaving his Divine Idol porcelain doll full of cracks.

The impact of this terrifying, the ancestors looked sideways, unable to shake its edge, only a strategic withdrawal.

“This is the Dragon of Grand Dao?”

“How could he have more than 2,900 Dragon of Grand Dao?”

” It’s two thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine…Dragon of Grand Dao!”

“Doesn’t that mean that he actually comprehended two thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine Grand Dao?”

All the ancestral geniuses watched in shock.

They couldn’t believe their eyes.

This scene is too shocking.

Two thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine Grand Dao True Dragons surround Li Qingshan, forming an absolutely safe area.

In this area, Li Qingshan continues to be the firewood of the years and the flame of Grand Dao.

He already felt Ajie’s breath.

He didn’t want to be disturbed.

In his induction, Ajie’s breath was chaotic, Myriad Transformations, without a stable point.

“Ajie is dead. A little Origin Spirit entered the Spirit World. Hundreds of thousands of years have passed. I am afraid that except for obsession, everything else is very confusing.” Li Qingshan guessed silently in his heart.

Li Qingshan knows what Ajie’s obsession is.

Just like Qin Ling Great Emperor’s obsession.

They both see each other as what they care about most.

So in the past era, Ajie watched Qin Ling Great Emperor in Spirit World, but couldn’t inform Qin Ling Great Emperor because of his chaotic emotions.

This is why Li Qingshan entered Ajie’s World in Monument just now, and all he saw was the story of Qin Ling Great Emperor.

After Li Qingshan sensed Ajie’s breath, he burned the last part of the story between Qin Ling Great Emperor and her.

Then he called softly.

“Come back, come back, come back…”

As if calling for the dead, Li Qingshan called Ajie with rich emotions.

The geniuses who were blocked by the Dragon of Grand Dao, saw this scene and looked at each other in blank dismay.

What is this man calling?

They were surprised to find that Li Qingshan did not seem to inherit any inheritance, which reassured them and chose to wait and see.

Li Qingshan is calling softly.

The ancient city was shaking violently.

The onlookers were astonished.

dong dong dong dong.

Footsteps came from the void.

The footsteps were soft and messy.

Everyone saw that there was a gap in the sky above the ancient city.

A quiet path winds its way down.

A silhouette of a woman appears deep in the path.

Monk Wuwo was overjoyed when he saw this woman. Although he was suppressed by several daofather imposing manners, he was very happy.

He knew that Li Qingshan had succeeded.

Ajie was successfully recalled.

All the geniuses stared blankly, wondering what happened?

Who is this woman?

Where does this path lead?

Only Li Qingshan knew, he smiled and looked at Ajie deep in the path, very very happy.

He never met Qin Ling Great Emperor.

He didn’t know Ajie either.

But he’s just willing to do everything he can to get Ajie back.

In the depths of the path, Ajie came out confused.

Her memory is muddled.

Dragon of Grand Dao hovers all around, preventing others from making trouble.

Li Qingshan looked at Ajie and walked from Spirit World to Human World.

Ajie cautiously, she searched around the ancient city.

She saw the pork shop, the breakfast shop, the tea house, the tailor shop…

Ajie looked at him with a confused expression.

It took a while for Ajie to say, “Everything is gone.”

In a weak voice, with a hint of panic.

She came to Human World from Spirit World and saw everything that used to be, but things have remained the same, but people have changed. In her familiar memory, everyone has disappeared.

In the vast Heaven and Earth, she is the only one left.

Ajie panicked and wanted to escape back to Spirit World, but she couldn’t accept this Human World.

Seeing this, Li Qingshan hurriedly shouted: “Ajie, you should wake up.”

Ajie looked at Li Qingshan and shook her head gently, she didn’t know Li Qingshan.

She still wants to go back to Spirit World.

Seeing this, Li Qingshan stretched out his hand and grabbed it, holding the 2,999 Grand Dao True Dragons surrounding Ajie in his hand.

Then, he looked at Ajie and said, “I will take you to see the Qin Ling Great Emperor.”

As soon as these words came out, all the onlookers were dumbfounded.

The Qin Ling Great Emperor lived at least 300,000 years ago.

How do I see you?

Ajie looked at Li Qingshan in confusion, with a puzzled expression.

Li Qingshan pinched the 2,999 Dragon of Grand Dao, and then rotated it slightly.

Time Dragon of Grand Dao, start directly.

At this moment in the entire ancient city, time is rapidly reversing.

In the central battlefield, when Li Qingshan’s cultivation base was low and comprehended to go back in time, he could turn Time Reverse five thousand years.

Now Li Qingshan is Yuanxian.

His strength has surpassed the original a thousand times.

He casts Time Back again, and the formidable power will be a thousand times greater.

Pinching the 2999 Dragon of Grand Dao is to stabilize the Time Grand Dao.

Li Qingshan this time is going to see Qin Ling Great Emperor, who was once number one. With just one look in the past, Li Qingshan’s time can be shattered, which is still very dangerous.

He must hold all the Grand Dao, just in case.

In retrospect, the geniuses in the ancient city were so shocked that they were speechless.

Even the Heavenly Monster, who was clamoring just now, was drooling frantically, looking at Li Qingshan timidly.

This is a man playing with time!

Under Time Rewind, Li Qingshan looked at Ajie, smiled slightly, and said, “I’ll take you to see Qin Ling Great Emperor.”

Ajie’s eyes bright, her confused memory, He started to recover and looked at Li Qingshan gratefully.

Time Rewind, suddenly pulled to 300,000 years ago!

When Time Rewind stopped, everyone came to their senses, and they were gasping for breath, and Time Rewind put a lot of pressure on them.

But in the next second, a genius caught a Dao Body shadow, sucked in a breath of cold air, and screamed: “One more person!”

Everyone looked at it immediately, and then their faces were horrified.

There is one more person in this ancient city.

A middle age person with gray hair and azure clothes.

He looked at so many people in the ancient city without the slightest surprise and ignored it.

His eyes were fixed on the shadow.

Li Qingshan also saw this man, let out a sigh of relief, and whispered: “Qin Ling Great Emperor!”

This unpretentious man was once Immortal World number one expert.

At this moment, all the geniuses also recognized the Qin Ling Great Emperor, and they were so shocked that their breathing weakened, and they dared not speak, for fear of angering the Qin Ling Great Emperor.

If this was wiped out by the Qin Ling Great Emperor, it would be a real loss.

Qin Ling Great Emperor didn’t have time to pay attention to them. He looked at Ajie, walked over, his body trembled slightly, his eyes were red, and he hugged Ajie.

“Ajie, I finally see you again.” Qin Ling Great Emperor wept, the thoughts of hundreds of thousands of years surged out, and he was reluctant to let go.

Ajie regained her senses and her eyes were red, but she still gently stroked Qin Ling Great Emperor and said, “I thought you would be sad for a while, and then start your life again, didn’t expect…”

Qin Ling Great Emperor held Ajie’s face and said sadly: “I’ve been looking for you, Shangqiongbi falls to Yellow Springs, I can’t find you.”

“I am now Come back, don’t be sad anymore.” Ajie wiped away Qin Ling Great Emperor’s tears.

“This time, I’m with you.” Ajie said seriously.

“This younger brother, sent me back, he is very nice.” Ajie pointed at Li Qingshan and said to Qin Ling Great Emperor.

Qin Ling Great Emperor looked at Li Qingshan gratefully and said, “Thank you very much, you let me meet Ajie at the last moment, I can give you anything you want.”


Qin Ling Great Emperor is qualified to say this, even if Li Qingshan wants Immortal Court, Qin Ling Great Emperor can capture Immortal Court and give it to Li Qingshan.

But Li Qingshan just shook his head and said, “I don’t lack anything, I just want to help you, so I can at least meet once.”

“I will send my scriptures to me. Here, thank you for your help, I will keep Ajie for a while, and then send her back to real time, I hope you can take care of her in the future.” Qin Ling Great Emperor a finger pointed, a flash of light fell into Li Qingshan’s Eyebrows, that is his way of attaining the Tao.

Other people watched, trembling with envy, but they didn’t dare to speak. Qin Ling Great Emperor’s pressure was flat, but it made them tremble, and no one dared to impudent here.

“Okay, then we’ll leave first.” Li Qingshan nodded and said goodbye with a smile.

Qin Ling Great Emperor and Ajie looked at Li Qingshan and waved goodbye.

Li Qingshan then dispersed Time Rewind.

They are going back to the real world.

Ajie’s body was illusory for a while, and he wanted to go back with Li Qingshan, but Qin Ling Great Emperor coldly snorted, grabbed it with a big hand, Emperor’s breath hiding the sky and covering the earth, directly distorting time.

He used the strength of Emperor to force Ajie to stay.

Accompany him through the last section of the road.

Li Qingshan and the others returned to the ancient city.


In the ancient city, when everyone came back, they felt as if they had passed away.

Just now, they went to 300,000 years ago and spent a short time.

It was really like a dream, everyone looked towards Li Qingshan.

This man of Yuanxian realm is so terrifying that he can play with time.

They were watching Li Qingshan, but no one dared to take action.

Including the confident Emperor Bloodline, Heavenly Sovereign’s Son and the others, seeing Li Qingshan, also lost the arrogance of the previous Zuxian expert.

Zuxian realm is not worth mentioning in front of Li Qingshan’s manipulation of time.

Not to mention that Li Qingshan just got the Dao scripture of Qin Ling Great Emperor.

They are envious, jealous, they want Dao scripture too.

However, no one dared to trouble Li Qingshan.

I’m really scared, for fear that Li Qingshan will have another Time Rewind.

But they didn’t ask Li Qingshan for trouble, Li Qingshan asked for their trouble in turn.

After Li Qingshan dealt with the matter between Ajie and Qin Ling Great Emperor, face turned cold and looked towards Heavenly Monster.

“Just now, did you bully my Flowery Monk?”

Li Qingshan asked in a flat tone.

“How can it be considered bullying?” Heavenly Monster frowned. He admitted that Li Qingshan was terrifying, so he softened it a bit, but that’s all. After all, he is a realm.

“Then let’s learn from each other too.” Li Qingshan coldly snorted, still holding the 2,999 Dragon of Grand Dao in his hand, he rudely slammed it down.


“I’m Zu Xian, how dare you attack me directly?” Heavenly Monster was surprised and angry, he quickly backed away, not wanting to fight Li Qingshan.

Because Li Qingshan is too weird, he can’t figure out Li Qingshan.

However, this time Li Qingshan, the Space Grand Dao activated, imprisoned the void, Heavenly Monster was unavoidable, and was directly hit by Li Qingshan’s punch.


Heavenly Monster spewed blood, completely unable to withstand Li Qingshan’s blow, its body softened, and cracks appeared in its soul.

“Zu Xian realm, merely this!” Li Qingshan said indifferently, the second punch aimed directly at Heavenly Monster’s head.

Fiercely smash!

At this moment, Dragon of Grand Dao roared and spun frantically, hitting Heavenly Monster’s head.

He also wanted to run away.

He also wanted to fight back.

He also wanted to beg for mercy.

However, Li Qingshan’s murderous intention was violent, and he didn’t give him any chance.

All the geniuses on the side, seeing this scene, took a step back involuntarily, swallowed their saliva, and their faces were horrified.

Too fierce.

Yuanxian kills Zuxian like killing a pig, and he will die with two fists.

Why is this guy so terrifying?

They looked at Li Qingshan in fear.

Li Qingshan continued to look towards the five ancestors.

Among them are Heavenly Sovereign’s Son, Emperor Bloodline, and three other ancestors.

This look made them feel furious, not knowing what was going on.

“Just now, did you join forces to suppress the Flowery Monk in my house in an imposing manner?” Li Qingshan opened the mouth and said.

The faces of the Five Great Ancestors turned pale as they looked at Li Qingshan and wanted to explain.

But Li Qingshan swept his eyes and said, “I cut off my own arm, and this is the end of the matter. If you don’t agree, then you will see the truth under your fist.”

Li Qingshan’s voice fell to the ground, Heavenly Sovereign’s Son said nothing, ka-cha, and directly pulled his left hand off, drenched with blood, his face turned pale, he quickly stopped the bleeding, and dropped his arm.

It was so fast that no one responded.

Heavenly Sovereign’s Son’s face turned pale and said, “I cut it.”

The broken arm can be repaired, it just needs to rest, and now I have lost face.

But for face and life, Heavenly Sovereign’s Son will still choose.

He smashed to death without seeing Heavenly Monster’s two punches. Even if five of them shot together, they couldn’t escape the end of the punches.

The Emperor Bloodline clenched the teeth, pulled out his long sword, cut off an arm directly and sharply, then quickly stopped the bleeding, gritted his teeth, and said nothing.

This humiliation and bitterness, they can only swallow their teeth.

It is very humiliating to cut off an arm by myself under the coercion of others.

The bitterness was because they saw the horror of Li Qingshan.

I thought I was a genius to shine in Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield and make a name for Immortal World.

But who would have thought that Zuxian realm could not beat Yuanxian, making Li Qingshan famous.

The key point is that they also feel that Li Qingshan is really stronger than them, and also more talented than them.

A touch of bitterness rises in the mind.

The other ancestors chose to admit their counsel and cut off an arm in front of thousands of people.

Seeing this scene, Li Qingshan strode out of the ancient city and shouted, “Monk, go!”

Monk Wuwo smiled at the side with a warm heart, and followed Li Qingshan Together, we left this empty ancient city.

The geniuses looked at their backs with complicated expressions, full of emotion, but they didn’t know what to say.

But everyone knows that Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield number one genius, number one expert, will fall on Li Qingshan.

Although he only had Yuanxian realm, no one objected.

“Which family is this from?” Someone suddenly asked.

Everyone still doesn’t know what power Li Qingshan is.

Li Qingshan didn’t say it himself.


Leaving the ancient city, Li Qingshan and Monk Wuwo went to a mountain range, hunted a few wild beasts, made a fire on the spot, and grilled them.

The stars and moon are bright and the Milky Way is bright. The torn starry sky has been repaired.

The bonfire was burning brightly, reflecting the faces of Li Qingshan and Monk Wuwo.

“It’s like a dream.” Monk Wuwo said with emotion.

Li Qingshan nods, it really looks like a dream.

From the appearance of the Qin Ling Great Emperor’s ruins, to Li Qingshan’s discovery of World in Monument, to the awakening of Ajie, and back to 300,000 years ago, all of this is really like a dream in retrospect.

“I didn’t expect you to control so many Grand Dao.” Monk Wuwo said to Li Qingshan.

“I’m a genius.” Li Qingshan said while lying by the bonfire, looking at the moonlight.

“You are indeed a genius.” Monk Wuwo nodded, agreeing with this.

“This time we finally did a good thing, helping Ajie and Qin Ling Great Emperor meet, even if the final outcome cannot be changed, but Qin Ling Great Emperor and Ajie can spend some time, It’s also good.” Monk Wuwo said with a flushed face.

This is not toasted by fire.

I’m ashamed.

He knew that the biggest contributor to this matter was Li Qingshan, he discovered World in Monument, he awakened Ajie, he went back in time, he suppressed Zuxian…

Monk Wuwo didn’t play any role in the whole process, just shouting cheers on the side.

He blushes when he says we’re together now.

“I helped them just because I saw the beauty of love in Qin Ling Great Emperor and Ajie. They both regarded each other as life, and I was envious, so I was willing to help them.” Li Qingshan said.

“I’m envious too!” Monk Wuwo said, licking his lips.

“Monk, are you thinking of spring?” Li Qingshan jokingly said.

> Monk Wuwo said with a nod of

“Monk, what are your plans next?” Li Qingshan asked.

“Stay in Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield for a while, and then go to take over the temple that the Master left behind.” Monk Wuwo whispered.

“Who is your Master? I heard from you, he seems to know a lot, even about Qin Ling Great Emperor.” Li Qingshan asked curiously.

“I don’t know who the Master is.” Monk Wuwo shook his head.

“Your own Master, you don’t know?” Li Qingshan didn’t believe it.

“The little monk communicates with the Master in his dreams. I want to see the Master, so I call him in my heart. After I fall asleep, I will see the Master, but in this world, I have never seen him before. Master,” explained Monk Wuwo.

Li Qingshan looked at Monk Wuwo in surprise and said: “You Master, preaching in your dreams, you are very mysterious.”

Monk Wuwo nominates: “Master is indeed very mysterious, I am Sometimes when I ask him when I can see him in the world, he says let me break through the Immortal King Realm and then talk about it.”

“Immortal King Realm, it’s far from what we are now. , it’s too far.” Li Qingshan sighed.

“Then you’re not a wild monk, you don’t have a sect, you don’t know who the Master is, and no one shaves you?” Li Qingshan suddenly thought of this.

No wonder Monk Wuwo doesn’t look like it came out of the Great Sect.

Whose monk at the gate of the Great Sect can drink, eat meat, and miss women?

The monk nodded, he did shave his head.

“By the way, monk, Heaven, do you know this place?” Li Qingshan suddenly remembered and asked seriously.

The Qin Ling Great Emperor went to Heaven and then fell.

He also said that by defeating Heaven, Ajie can be called back.

Li Qingshan can be regarded as rummaging through the ancient book, and he has not read Heaven’s information.

“Heaven, I don’t know either.” Monk Wuwo shook his head, it was the first time he had heard of it.

Li Qingshan looked at the roasted meat, tore off a piece and handed it to the monk, then gorge oneself, chewing and saying, “I always feel that this Heaven will be very powerful.”

“Then I fall asleep at night and ask the Master in my dream?” Monk Wuwo suggested.

“Okay!” Li Qingshan’s eyes lit up, and he immediately urged Monk Wuwo to eat quickly and then go to sleep.

Monk Wuwo didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

After eating and drinking, Li Qingshan sat cross-legged, stared at the campfire, and slowly moved the Immortal Qi in his body.

He had Qin Ling Great Emperor’s Dao scripture in his mind, but he was in no hurry to comprehend it.

He looked towards Monk Wuwo lying quietly on the leaves.

The monk fell asleep, met his Master in a dream, and asked about Heaven.

Li Qingshan is waiting for him to wake up.

After sleeping for about an hour, the monk woke up, sat up, and said to Li Qingshan: “My Master said, if the cultivation base is too low, don’t ask about Heaven, and increase the cultivation base first.”


Li Qingshan frowned, and had no choice but to keep this doubt in his heart and stop thinking about it.

“Li Qingshan, benefactor, we are going to separate. The Master asked me to leave Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield.” Monk Wuwo helplessly said.

“Then let’s part, there is always parting when we meet. See you next time.” Li Qingshan waved goodbye.

Monk Wuwo nod

with a slight smile on his face: “Next time we meet, I’ll invite you to drink.”

“Next time, I hope you can bring someone you love. .” Li Qingshan also said with a smile.

Monk Wuwo

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