Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 106


Chapter 106 Qin Ling Great Emperor Takes Action (Subscribe)

Li Qingshan has been in retreat for the past ten days, although he is not wandering outside , but outside are his legends.

He is well known for Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield.

Because this incident was very shocking, it involved the once invincible Qin Ling Great Emperor, which spanned 300,000 years, made it spread rapidly to many people, and also expanded the influence of this incident. Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield.

Immortal World spread rapidly.

The reputation of Qin Ling Great Emperor spread quickly in Immortal World and became popular again. People in the world were looking for relevant information about him. After reading it step by step, they realized that Qin Ling Great Emperor was so powerful and so infatuated. love only one person.

The fame of Qin Ling Great Emperor and Ajie expanded rapidly.

Li Qingshan also successfully sent Ajie to meet Qin Ling Great Emperor because of going back in time, and then got Qin Ling Great Emperor’s Emperor Scripture, famous throughout the world.

The world regards him as the descendant of Qin Ling Great Emperor.

In their opinion, Li Qingshan has obtained the Qin Ling Great Emperor Emperor Scripture, and it will definitely quickly cultivate and move forward along the Emperor Scripture.

They would never have imagined that Li Qingshan had only raised a paragraph with the help of the Emperor Scripture, and then put it down, not comprehending it.

However, people in the world don’t know Li Qingshan’s name or what kind of power he is. All they have is the portraits of him and Monk Wuwo.

As soon as Li Qingshan came out of the mountain, he heard other people talking about it.

“This time, thanks to Qin Ling Great Emperor’s fame, he became famous in Immortal World.” Li Qingshan smiled slightly, he planned to walk out of Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield, enter Foreign Domain Heaven, find World Transmission Formation, and return to Immortal World.

The geniuses in Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield are not Li Qingshan’s opponents at all, and they can’t get much exercise.

On the way along Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield, Li Qingshan flew all the way, passing over the vast land, across the bright galaxy, and came to the peripheral zone of Foreign Domain Heaven.

Here, he can see a lot of World-level Transmission Formation.

Li Qingshan needs to choose which one is from the Immortal Court Academy, then enter it and return to the Immortal Court Academy.

But just as Li Qingshan was about to check it out, Heaven and Earth suddenly trembled with a buzzing sound.


Suddenly, the stars swayed, and the distant mountain range was swinging, as if it was about to be overturned, the earth rolled, Earth Dragon vacated, and the nearby The mountain peaks exploded, and the rocks collapsed into clouds.

“What happened?” Li Qingshan turned pale in fright, he felt the terrifying coercion attack, and immediately spread Grand Dao all over his body, flowing with brilliance, and tried his best to hold on.

“This imposing manner is not simple, it is far beyond my understanding, realm must be very terrifying, it is coming at me.” Li Qingshan looked all around with sharp eyes, his face was serious, he knew broken.

As his fame spreads, trouble ensues.

This horrible imposing manner is aimed at him.


Suddenly, the void collapsed, and a large earthen-colored hand fell from the sky and shot towards Li Qingshan next to the Transmission Formation. The speed reached the extreme, dive. might mighty.

“Hand over Qin Ling Great Emperor’s Emperor Scripture!” A voice that seemed to be in a different dimension came, rumbling, resounding through the sky, and in the next instant, the entire sky turned into a sky. Big face, overlooking Li Qingshan, thunder rushing, imposing manner rolled up the sea of clouds, rolling endlessly, very terrifying.

Li Qingshan’s heart skipped a beat, the visitor was not good, this person’s imposing manner has surpassed his cognition, definitely surpassed Zu Xian, Immortal Monarch, on top of that, he personally came to snatch Qin Ling Great Emperor’s Emperor Scripture, Li Qingshan immediately wanted to escape, the earthen-colored big hand pressed down, he has no resistance.

However, the space around him, like a paste, is very viscous, and it is very difficult to move a single step, Li Qingshan can’t escape.

The earthen-colored big hand pressed down, Li Qingshan’s body trembled, and 2,999 Dragon of Grand Dao appeared all over his body. He tried his best to resist, but the realm gap was too big. Grand Dao couldn’t block for him either, crumbled one after another under the pressure of earthen-colored big hands.

Li Qingshan has reached the most dangerous moment.

His face was serious and his heart was anxious.

The earthen-colored big hand fell, approaching Li Qingshan, and with a sudden squeeze, Li Qingshan was about to be captured.

At the crucial moment, an angry shout came.

โ€œMonster Race Sovereign Ming, you dare!โ€

The void was suddenly torn apart, and a ray of silver rays of light emerged, which flew out and turned into a large monument of silver , fiercely a smash.



sacred prestige mighty, turning into a storm in the sky, every wind can tear apart a black hole, terrifying boundless , this is the strongest matchup beyond Immortal Monarch.

The silver monument smashed down, directly smashing earthen-colored’s big hand, and also smashing the void, surging frantically, breaking the effect of space solidification, and Li Qingshan could move.

He moved directly, not daring to stay here any longer, opened the distance, then looked towards the silver monument, his expression changed.

The angry shout just now sounded familiar to him, and he immediately thought of the stubborn old man from Immortal Court Academy.

“Silver Monument, you are Daoist Long of Immortal Court, why do you want to save him?” Monster Race Sovereign Ming asked coldly, his earthen-colored big hand was smashed just because he didn’t pay attention , was sneak attacked only.

He is not afraid of Daoist Long.

Li Qingshan listened to this sentence and knew that the old man was called Daoist Long.

“People of Immortal Court, do you want to be a messenger of justice?” Another cold snort came, and another strongest appeared. His azure claws were covered with scales and covered half of the sky. Yu, fiercely grabbed Li Qingshan.

“Demon Sect Asura King, do you want to fish in troubled waters?” At this moment, Daoist Long and Sovereign Ming were furious at the same time and shot together, fiercely smashed the claw.

In the sky, energy surged, three terrifying breaths, vigilant against each other.

“Daoist Long of Immortal Court, you are trying so hard to save him because you want to get the Emperor Scripture of Qin Ling Great Emperor. Well, the three of us joined forces and divided up the Emperor Scripture.” Demon Sect Asura King coldly snorted, conspiring loudly, and not shy about Li Qingshan.

“Carve up your head, this is my Immortal Court person, his things belong to him only, since Qin Ling Great Emperor gave him Emperor Scripture, no one can take it away!” Daoist Long coldly snorted, his power gathered on the silver monument, suppressed above Li Qingshan, surging energy, vigilant all around, to prevent someone from secretly taking action and robbing Li Qingshan.

“What? He’s from Immortal Court?” Monster Race Sovereign Ming surprisedly said.

“You Immortal Court are getting old, and you still have such a powerful genius?” Demon Sect Asura King was also surprised.

โ€œYou fart less, I have a long history in Immortal Court, so naturally there will be geniuses.โ€ Daoist Long said proudly.

“You Immortal Court folks, haven’t played at Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield for years, you have a shitty genius.” Monster Race Sovereign Ming dismissed.

“Don’t think I don’t know, you bloody bastards are secretly banding together against my Immortal Court genius, so this time I let him hide himself so you don’t know, sure enough, The old man’s invincible eyes can see at a glance that he has the Great Emperor aptitude, and now the genius of the entire Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield is under him alone, hahahaha.” Daoist Long proudly laughed heartily, he rudely gave himself gold on his face.

Li Qingshan looked strange.

He didn’t even tell him his name before, saying that if he died in Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield, saying his name would be a waste of words.

Now it has become a discerning eye, an invincible eye.

If it wasn’t for the sake of him coming to save him, Li Qingshan would have pierced him.

Monster Race Sovereign Ming and Demon Sect Asura King fell silent after hearing Daoist Long shameless.

“Okay, now his identity has been revealed, and if you take action now, it means attacking my Immortal Court, it will be irreconcilable!” Daoist Long shouted coldly.

His silver monument, with Li Qingshan, is about to leave.

Demon Sect Asura King and Monster Race Sovereign Ming didn’t make a shot.

However, the third aura appeared, very abruptly, and incomparably powerful. With a bang, it directly smashed more than a dozen World-level Transmission Formation, breaking Li Qingshan’s way.

Then, a big black claw came out from the starry sky, very terrifying, and I don’t know how long it was, the dive might be mighty.

This terrifying sight can be seen across several tens of thousands of li. It’s too scary. Such big claws really look like Heaven’s hands, which can obliterate everything in the world.

Immortal Court led Daoist Long surprised and angry to roar: “Divine Race also intervenes?”

“Divine Race has been declining for a long time, and has been accumulating strength, in this era , Divine Race should also explode.” Divine Race’s mysterious expert smiled coldly, said.

โ€œWhen you Divine Race came out, you wanted to be my Immortal Court enemy?โ€ Daoist Long said angrily.

“Immortal Court is in decline, it’s old, it’s time to abdicate and make way.” Divine Race’s mysterious powerhouse said unceremoniously, he grabbed Li Qingshan with a big hand, wanted to capture Li Qingshan, take him away, ask Read Qin Ling Great Emperor’s Emperor Scripture.

Daoist Long opened his mouth a long whistle, the four directions clouds moved, and a silver white True Dragon spewed out from the silver monument. To the big black hand.

“Although I’m an old Immortal Court, I’m the old man you call me, and I’m not something that a destroyed Divine Race can bully.” Daoist Long shouted angrily and shot out a violent explosion. battle.

“You’re powerful, you’re one of the pillars under the Immortal Court Emperor Monarch, but can you hold back a crowd?” mysterious powerhouse coldly snorted from Divine Race.

“Yes, let’s join forces to catch this kid, and then use Soul Searching Technique to scrape Qin Ling Great Emperor’s Emperor Scripture. Let’s study together, unlike Immortal Court, who wants to eat alone.” Demon Sect Asura King followed, loudly said, staring at Li Qingshan, staring at the silver stone tablet, with a cold tone.

โ€œI also have a share of Monster Race.โ€ Monster Race Sovereign Ming coldly said.

“Split your mother’s head, your Monster Race and Human Race physique are different, just revise the scriptures of Monster Race’s Great Emperor, Qin Ling Great Emperor’s is not suitable for you.” Daoist Long was upset, fiercely cursed.

“You alone can’t stop us!” At this moment, a voice said indifferently in the void, the grand Dao roared, Heaven and Earth trembled, his body turned into a hazy light, He took a step forward and photographed Li Qingshan and the silver monument.

“Grandma, all of you are here with your real body, can you bully my real body and can’t get in?” Daoist Long flustered and exasperated said, suddenly shocked, a light burst out, and the attacked person was thrown away .

But as I said before, he can’t resist so many people alone.

Li Qingshan watched the situation become more and more corrupt, frowned: “There are many of them, you can shake them too. Although the Immortal Court is old, there should be a lot of experts, right?”

Daoist Long coughed immediately, embarrassed.

“Immortal Court expert running out?” Li Qingshan frowned.

“That’s not true, Immortal Court has more experts, but at the crucial moment, I can’t call anyone.” Daoist Long said.

“Aren’t any of you staring at Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield?” Li Qingshan said angrily.

“That…you know, this time Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield, Immortal Court, you’re the only one in there, so no one knows about it except me, and then…it’s just me. now.” Daoist Long was embarrassed.

“You bastard!”

“You fooled me in.” Li Qingshan cursed in anger.

Daoist Long whispered: “How did I know that you are so fierce, the people I sent in have never been treated like this, and it’s your fault, if you didn’t get the inheritance of Qin Ling Great Emperor, then There is no such thing.”

Li Qingshan laughed angrily when he heard this: “Co-authoring has become my problem?”

Daoist Long immediately said: “No , I said casually, the situation is so tense now, and it will be hard to say when there is a real fight.”

“You are really a jerk.” Li Qingshan scolded, watching all around Peak expert, a headache, he really felt that his realm was still too low.

Just as they were talking, another expert appeared. He stood upright with anger, shouted, opened his eyebrows, appeared one vertical eye, shot a streak of divine light, and moved towards Long directly Kenghuo and Li Qingshan came.


The most terrifying thing happened, the fifth strongest appeared, came strong, and shot very ruthless.

“You bully intolerably, the people staring at my Immortal Court, want to provoke the anger of my Immortal Court and break out a full-scale war?” Daoist Long’s voice was full of anger.

“hmph, this person won’t survive today, Old Guy, don’t protect him, it’s not worth working hard for a dead person. Moreover, the current Immortal Court doesn’t have that kind of power to be feared. !” The new strongest said indifferently, full of ruthless killing intent.

“I’m in a hurry, I’ll fight with you!” Long Kenghuo said angrily, he only felt that things were difficult, and it was the first time he felt trouble. Endless depression, want to fight with these people.


The void breaks open, and another terrifying powerhouse descends, shrouded in a myriad of divine rings, with dive wings on its back, extremely bright, this is from Ancient One of Race’s strongest

“You are fundamentally powerless by yourself. It’s just a waste of life to struggle like this. It’s not worth it for a genius. You must know that geniuses are everywhere, and you only have one life.” This A new strongest said flatly.

Daoist Long shouted angrily: “A group of despicable clowns, shameless, for Qin Ling Great Emperor’s Emperor Scripture, are you not ashamed to be so inspiring?!”

“It’s just an ant. We don’t care about his life or death. You ask him to hand over Qin Ling Great Emperor’s Emperor Scripture, and we can let you go.” At this moment, the new strongest The author coldly said.

Daoist Long was immediately moved when he said this.

“Li Family boy, the situation is so difficult right now, I’m afraid you won’t be able to keep your Qin Ling Great Emperor Scripture.” Daoist Long said.

“Try again, this was passed on to me by the Qin Ling Great Emperor. I didn’t have his consent to spread it freely. It’s not very good.” Li Qingshan continued to fight for it.

“What is a try? Try again, my Life Source magical treasure is about to be dismantled, and your life can’t be saved. They are very ferocious.” Daoist Long shouted.

“Okay, I hand over the Emperor Scripture, but you have to let them let us go.” Li Qingshan could only nodded.

Daoist Long immediately shouted: “We agree to hand over the Qin Ling Great Emperor’s Emperor Scripture, but you must keep the promise.”

“I will keep the promise and take the Grand Dao as the I swear,” said the new strongest, raising his hand.

“It doesn’t matter if you swear by yourself, let others swear together.” Li Qingshan said bluntly.

Daoist Long said immediately: “Everyone came out of the bloody sea of Blade Mountain, and they are very good at crafty plots and machinations. Don’t play with me.”

Other Several strongest people swear unanimously, swearing to the heart of Grand Dao.

Daoist Long then looked towards Li Qingshan and said, “Take it out, I’ll take you back, you’ve read it anyway.”

Li Qingshan could only see this. Take out Qin Ling Great Emperor’s [Nature Dao Scripture].

As soon as [Nature Dao Scripture] appeared, the void produced ripples, Grand Dao ripples, very terrifying, just a thread of aura was enough to suppress other strongest people.

Unfortunately, Li Qingshan can’t mobilize the ใ€Nature Dao Scriptureใ€‘, otherwise you don’t have to hand it over.

“This is the Qin Ling Great Emperor’s Emperor Scripture, and it is truly extraordinary.”

“Emperor Scripture, this is the strongest Grand Dao, and the Qin Ling Great Emperor was at that time. No. 1 in the world, his Emperor Scripture can definitely help me improve my realm, maybe in the future I can expect Grand Dao too, and Emperor will be added!โ€

โ€œBefore reading the [Grand Dao Emperor Scripture], Kill this kid who has read Emperor Scripture, and tear up this stinking silver monument.” At this moment, Demon Sect Asura King said grimly.

Li Qingshan and Daoist Long were dumbfounded as soon as these words came out.

“According to what you said, we handed over the [Nature Dao Scripture], do you still think you can kill me?” Daoist Long said angrily.

“You swear to Dao Heart, not afraid that Dao Heart will collapse at breakthrough when the time comes?” Li Qingshan said sternly.

“We swear, so we don’t do it.” Monster Race Sovereign Ming sneered.

“Anyone who is the strongest?” Daoist Long credibly creds out in surprise.

โ€œKilling you like slaughtering a chicken, as easy as blowing off dust.โ€ This is, a big purple hand came down from the lead cloud and slapped Li Qingshan and Daoist Long, Very terrifying, he has been hiding all the time, no shot, no one among the people who swore just now.

โ€œFuck you!โ€ Daoist Long cursed ill-fated.

This hand is too big, with a rumbling sound, the oppression come down, making the sky of the ten directions tremble, like a piece of rag, about to collapse at any time, every purple scale on it has several zhang long , very scary.

Daoist Long activates the Life Source magical treasure, the silver monument, which is directly transformed into several hundred zhang, to meet this big hand.

Keng clang!

The big hand slapped on the silver monument, making a crisp sound, which directly caused the Quartet universe to collapse, Daoist Long screamed, and the silver monument was photographed directly , smashed into the ground, and in an instant, a radius of 500 miles, instantly turned into nothingness.

“You have reached the Peak, you are about to gather a new epoch, and you are also thinking about Qin Ling Great Emperor’s Emperor Scripture?” Daoist Long exclaimed in shock.

Li Qingshan’s face was ugly when he saw this scene. A book of Emperor Scripture has attracted so many experts. He knew that he would not want it.

Under the starry sky, I walked out of a Dao Body shadow with a grim expression and a long aquiline nose, which did not look like a human being.

“I have walked my own path, I don’t need the Emperor Scripture of the cultivation Qin Ling Great Emperor, but I can use it to prove my own way and learn from each other’s strengths.” The man said, his eyes were deep, The idea is the same as that of Li Qingshan, just to confirm.

“We have already handed over Qin Ling Great Emperor’s Emperor Scripture, why do you want to kill to the last one?” Daoist Long asked unwillingly.

“kill to the last one?” This person was sneered, staring at Li Qingshan, the killing intent in his eyes was so naked, crazy, and deep into the bone marrow, this was the ultimate hatred.

“I am the six geniuses of Eagle Race this generation. I was killed by you and roasted to eat meat. You said I killed to the last one?” aquiline nose fiercely said, his face twisted, gnashing teeth , stared at Li Qingshan and said the reason.

He turned out to be the Peak expert of Eagle Race. The reason why he didn’t let Li Qingshan go is because he wanted to avenge those juniors.

Daoist Long asked Li Qingshan in shock: “You really killed the six geniuses of their Eagle Race this generation?”

Li Qingshan was appointed.

“After killing it, you still grilled it?” Daoist Long asked in shock.

Li Qingshan continued nodded.

Daoist Long suddenly asked: “Is it delicious?”


The killing intent on the aquiline nose man condensed into a sword, straight Climbing into the sky, very terrifying, he stared at Daoist Long, the anger in his eyes was burning.

“Are you courting death?” he said gnashing teeth.

Daoist Long said unceremoniously: “You’re going to kill us the fuck, you still don’t allow me to ask your juniors if they taste good?”

“I tell you , that is, the real body of your grandfather Long can’t come, otherwise I will roast you now, roast eagle, I haven’t eaten it yet, I must try it if I have a chance.” Daoist Long said rudely.

As he said, you are going to kill us, and you want us to say something nice?

“Those juniors have good taste. If you want to come to his eagle to cultivate such a proven eagle, it must be delicious.” Li Qingshan said.

“You…courting death!” The aquiline nose man laughed angrily, he raised his palm, rumbling, Immortal Qi Grand Dao gathered in the palm, he fiercely slapped it, covering it directly.

He was mad.

He wants to kill.




But at this moment, for a brief moment, everyone felt A supreme majesty spread out, and the attack from the aquiline nose man was just like this, disappearing into nothingness.

He looked at it incredulously, and there was a hint of panic in his heart, his eyes fixed on the [Nature Dao Scripture] that was quietly floating in the void.

At this moment, on the [Nature Dao Scripture], there seems to be a Heavenly Emperor sitting majestically, looking down at all beings.

The real and the real, chaos, difficult to distinguish.

Not just aquiline nose saw it, everyone else saw it.

Everyone looked in amazement.

Only Li Qingshan, he was surprised: “Qin Ling Great Emperor!”

This sound made the hearts of these strongest people beat, each complexion greatly changed, and their expressions Shocked, watching in disbelief.

Is Qin Ling Great Emperor still alive?

The [Nature Dao Scripture] that everyone is watching, the illusory shadow above, open your eyes and look at this New World.

At this glance, time has passed, and hundreds of thousands of years have passed by in an instant.

In this brief moment, a kind of tumult rushed into everyone’s ears!

This voice is not from the present, but from the past.

A long time ago, the tone of voice and words were different, which made everyone very uncomfortable and produced a huge contrast.

This voice seems to be telling another world, endless. There are creatures everywhere, roars, chanting, prayers, blending together, deafening, and it is shocking that they suddenly come head-on.

All this was too sudden, everyone was shocked when they saw the illusory shadow on the [Nature Dao Scripture].

“This is the voice of an era hundreds of thousands of years ago.” Li Qingshan’s voice trembled.

Li Qingshan, who is proficient in Time Grand Dao, can see at a glance that Qin Ling Great Emperor has crossed time, from the past to the present, he brought the voice of that era, he opened his eyes, looked towards this new era.

The next second, Qin Ling Great Emperor looked towards these strongest players, his imposing manner spread, Heaven and Earth trembled. The five-colored cloud in his eyes is very real, like flesh and blood!

He watched silently at first, and then stepped out.


This was a huge catastrophe, he just came on foot, the heavens and the world seemed to shake, Heaven and Earth Grand Dao rumbled.

He swept the Sun, Moon, and Stars rivers, with an incomparable majesty.

After this step, the very strongest who besieged Li Qingshan will explode directly, annihilating their flesh and blood, and there is no possibility of survival.

Li Qingshan and Daoist Long looked dumbfounded.

One step, these experts all exploded.

Is this the power of the Emperor?

This is really not like a human being, but like an existence beyond gods!

Qin Ling Great Emperor, unrivalled throughout the world!

This step out, Li Qingshan and Daoist Long are safe and sound, so they see that Qin Ling Great Emperor seems to be retreating.

“Boy, you are very promising, you are so big, Qin Ling Great Emperor spanned the future time, separated by hundreds of thousands of years, and killed these Passing Era Immortals in order to save you. โ€ Daoist Long shouted excitedly like a child.

Li Qingshan swallowed saliva and said, this is really amazing, he didn’t expect, he thought that the certain death situation actually involved the Qin Ling Great Emperor.

“Great Emperor, thank you.” Li Qingshan sincerely thanked him.

“Today’s fruit, another day’s, remember what you promised me.” Qin Ling Great Emperor’s voice was long, as if hundreds of thousands of years later, he was talking to Li Qingshan.

Daoist Long couldn’t understand what he said today.

Li Qingshan understood.

He had spanned hundreds of thousands of years before and sent Ajie over. In Qin Ling Great Emperor’s last life, he saw the greatest regret in this life, and then changed his life against the sky and forced Ajie to stay. for a while.

Although Qin Ling Great Emperor died in the end, Ajie is still alive, but the regret is much smaller.

In this matter, Qin Ling Great Emperor accepted Li Qingshan’s kindness.

Now, Li Qingshan is in danger, Qin Ling Great Emperor also learned from Li Qingshan, reversed the time, came to the present, and saved Li Qingshan.

He returned the favor.

Therefore, there is a saying that there is today’s fruit and another’s cause.

As for what Qin Ling Great Emperor said, promise him.

Li Qingshan remembers that in today’s world, take care of Ajie.

He firmly nodded, looked towards Qin Ling Great Emperor, and asked, “Where is Ajie?”

“I have sent her back, you will meet in the future.” Qin Ling Great Emperor replied that at the end of his life, he was going to Heaven, and after being warm with Ajie, he still walked on the established path.

“I’m leaving!” Qin Ling Great Emperor bid farewell to Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan watched Qin Ling Great Emperor leave.

But the next second, there was a loud noise between Heaven and Earth.

Not Foreign Domain Heaven, but the whole Immortal World.

“Since the Qin Ling Great Emperor has arrived, the junior Emperor wants to ask for advice!”‘

This voice was full of vigor and arrogance, he took the initiative to attack and entered the Immortal Emperor After Realm, I finally met Qin Ling Great Emperor, so naturally I had to ask for some advice.

At this moment, Immortal World shook.

This is the Emperor!

This is the Immortal Emperor!

Emperor’s power, grandiose, made the world aware of it, and all of them were shocked.

“This is the Emperor of the Great Zhou Dynasty in Central Plains. He has been emperor for 10,000 years and is the youngest Emperor.”

“I know him, but who is he talking about just now? Did I hear it right?”

“He called Qin Ling Great Emperor!”

“Qin Ling Great Emperor, at least hundreds of thousands of years ago, how could it be? Appearing here?”

“Is this the Emperor? After hundreds of thousands of years, can they fight?”

“Emperor fights, formidable power is huge, it is possible We have to be careful about tearing apart the sky and shattering the earth.”

The intense discussion in the world made it very terrifying. After a few hundred thousand years, the two Emperors could actually fight?

Immortal World, Central Plains, Great Zhou Dynasty, forbidden land.

Here, a man with loose hair, raised his hands and feet, calm, has a natural atmosphere, searched the vast universe, and he is the only one, this is the ability to occupy the Supreme God position. possessed temperament.

He is the Great Zhou Emperor.

He is the youngest Emperor in Immortal World.

Since him, for ten thousand years, no one has broken through the Immortal Emperor in the Immortal World.

So, he is also the youngest Emperor in Immortal World.

His becoming emperor established the Supreme status of the Great Zhou Dynasty and became one of the Immortal World Peak forces.

He noticed that the Qin Ling Great Emperor was coming, seeing others do what one loves to do, one is inspired to try it again, and wanted to see the difference between himself and the peers hundreds of thousands of years ago. How big is it?

Or, how much does he surpass each other?

Great Zhou Emperor watched with fiery eyes.

Foreign Domain Heaven, Qin Ling Great Emperor, who was about to leave just now, stopped hearing this, stood on the [Nature Dao Scripture], saw through the world, and faced the Great Zhou Emperor.

“Come to starry sky!” Qin Ling Great Emperor answered Great Zhou Emperor with a mighty voice.

The world is instantly boiling, Qin Ling Great Emperor really wants to start an imperial battle with the Great Zhou Emperor!

“Hahaha, well, even so, it doesn’t matter if you lose!” Great Zhou Emperor laughed out loud, in a happy mood, he stepped out one step, descended directly into the starry sky, and saw the Qin Ling Great Emperor illusory shadow.

“An illusory shadow made my heart palpitate. It is indeed the number one in the world back then!” The Great Zhou Emperor was shocked from the bottom of his heart.


Qin Ling Great Emperor didn’t say a word. Facing the Great Zhou Emperor, he raised his palm. Between his palms, an ancient city appeared, instantly expanding, towering into Among the stars, around the ancient city, there are many meteorites around, starlight is little, this is the Qin Ling Great Emperor with great magic power to connect the starry sky into one.

The next second, the ancient city smashed out.


The Great Zhou Emperor was also very terrifying. An iron rod appeared between his palms. This was his weapon in his early years. An iron rod beat the world. Dao Weapon has great power.


The Great Zhou Emperor held an iron rod and smashed it down fiercely, tearing hundreds of large cracks in the universe, dazzling rays of light to destroy points Blast in ten directions for the center, resisting the ancient city.

The battle between the Two Great Emperors made everyone in Immortal World stunned.

By the strength of oneself, play with the stars, Grand Dao is stirring, Heaven and Earth will roar, Grand Dao Weapon is arrogant.

The ancient city collided with the iron bars and made a sharp sound.


In an instant, large swaths of stars were directly annihilated, and the Milky Way was dazzled.

The ancient city and the iron rod, both of which emitted Immeasurable rays of light, made a loud noise that almost shattered the universe.

But this persistence did not last for a few seconds.


The ancient city of the Qin

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