Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 107


Chapter 107 Small talk cultivation (please subscribe)

Tearing Space, this Li Qingshan naturally knows, but he is a realm. Couldn’t rip Foreign Domain Heaven, so I didn’t think of it for a while.

But Long Kenghuo can.

His Life Source magical treasure, the silver monument suddenly shook, directly splitting this side World, and a black hole appeared, connecting the Immortal Court Academy of Immortal World.

“Come on, I’ll take you back to Immortal Court Academy!” Long Kenghuo said.

Li Qingshan looked towards the [Nature Dao Scripture] floating in the air, reached out and took it, then strode into the torn space and returned to Immortal Court Academy.

In the torn space, the storm is very strong, generally immortals dare not enter, even Yuanxian, it will be difficult.

But Li Qingshan was not afraid, he went straight in, suffered the baptism of the storm, and then descended on Immortal Court Academy.

From a battlefield to a school.

From a killing area, to a place of learning.

For a while, Li Qingshan relaxed.

Back at Immortal Court Academy, the first thing Li Qingshan saw was Daoist Long.

This old guy is not attached to his Life Source magical treasure now, dragging his shriveled and old body moved towards Li Qingshan, clicking one’s tongue in wonder: “I really didn’t expect , you have such a wonderful encounter.”

Li Qingshan glanced at him and ignored this Long Kenghuo.

“How did you get involved with the Qin Ling Great Emperor?” Daoist Long asked.

“It’s not that there is a lot of buzz out there, you should already know it,” Li Qingshan said.

“It doesn’t feel the same as what you hear from the outside.” Daoist Long shook his head.

“Everything said outside is basically true. After all, there are thousands of geniuses who accompanied me and experienced that Time Rewind. If you want to know the truth, just put those introductions about me, Tenfold increase, basically it is my true state.” Li Qingshan said solemnly.

“A tenfold increase?” Daoist Long looked at Li Qingshan and disliked him very much: “You are more shameless than me.”

“This is not right, I dare not compare with you, You have the thickest skin.” Li Qingshan joked, turned around and left, he wanted to go back to his small courtyard, have a good rest, and then organize his harvest of Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield this time.

“You brat is scolding me?” Daoist looked at Li Qingshan long panting with rage, but did not stop Li Qingshan from leaving, whispered: “I’ll let you rest first, and then I’ll settle the account with you.”


Before returning to his small courtyard, Li Qingshan rushed directly into the waterfall to wash away his exhaustion and dust.

The icy water of the waterfall rushed to his head, Li Qingshan said comfortably: “This time is really dangerous, I almost died.”

If there is no Qin Ling Great Emperor in the end Save him over hundreds of thousands of years, and he will surely die.

That guy Long Kenghuo can never save him, and even his Life Source magical treasure will be damaged.

After all, there are too many people on the other side.

After the embarrassment at this time, Li Qingshan deeply realized that his strength was too low.

Compared with those 300-year-old geniuses, Li Qingshan’s strength is very strong, and he can suppress them, Yuanxian crushes Zuxian.

But Li Qingshan is not enough for a real Immortal World expert.

Li Qingshan is like a doll in front of the so-called strongest, anyone can pinch it.

Under the rumbling sound of the waterfall, Li Qingshan was submerged in the water and thought silently.

“Daoist Long said the strongest ones are Passing Era Immortal, that is, after breaking through the Immortal Monarch realm, it is Passing Era Immortal!”

“The last Eagle Race expert , Long Kenghuo said that he is going to condense an epoch, which is very powerful, so, behind Passing Era Immortal, it should be epoch immortal.”

“As for the back of epoch immortal, it should be Immortal King Realm!”


“Behind the Immortal King Realm, it should be the Immortal Emperor, that is, the Great Emperor Realm.”

“There should be some differences within the Great Emperor Realm, otherwise the Qin Ling Great Emperor is so powerful, other The Emperor is very weak.”

“I only have Yuanxian realm, and there is still a huge gap between the Immortal Emperor. I used to be complacent, thinking that I came to Immortal World in such a short time. Just breaking through to Yuanxian, it’s already very powerful, but this time Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield taught me a profound lesson.”

“It’s meaningless to surpass geniuses of the same level, my goal is the whole Immortal World, if it can overwhelm Immortal World, board the Emperor, become an expert like Qin Ling Great Emperor, and be the number one in the world, this is the greatest ability.”

Li, who was allowed to wash away by the cold water of the waterfall Qingshan, the information flowed through his mind.

He has a clear understanding of his own strength.

In the so-called peers, Li Qingshan is like the Qin Ling Great Emperor in the Immortal Emperor Realm.

But this is a real world. There has never been Yuanxian against Yuanxian and Zuxian against Zuxian.

Some of them are all dimensionality reduction blows, rolling them down, leaving you powerless to fight back.

Li Qingshan has a deep understanding of this.

“I want to break through, I want more things that can activate my perception, or, I need a place like Thinking Cliff in Human World to improve myself.” Li Qingshan analyzed carefully. Consider your current strengths.

First, three thousand Grand Dao (temporarily missing one).

Second, Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture.

Third, max-level comprehension!

Especially the max-level comprehension, which is Li Qingshan’s biggest advantage, and the magic treasure he has won along the way, from Human World to Immortal World, all of which are in play.

“I want to continue to break through quickly, max-level comprehension must play a role!” Li Qingshan said firmly in his heart.

Coming to Immortal World, the stimulation of max-level comprehension is not as ordinary as in Human World.

In the final analysis, Li Qingshan did not find a place similar to Human World Thinking Cliff in Immortal World.

Thinking Cliff’s Million Monument Forest, to Li Qingshan, blessed by heaven.

If he wants to improve himself now, he has to move towards this.

More to stimulate max-level comprehension, more to improve yourself.

What he needs is not fighting, he needs to be quiet, learn things, and improve himself.


Li Qingshan rushed out from the waterfall, the water was instantly evaporated, Immortal Qi gathered, condensed a piece of white black cloth, black hair draped behind him, he came courtyard.

He meditated, he made tea, he watched the scenery…

Li Qingshan thought quietly, how can he stimulate more max-level comprehension?

“Long Kenghuo promised me a lot of money in order to get me into Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield before, saying that he would reward me if he made a big name.”

“If that’s the case, then I Go to him and ask if there is any suitable place to inspire max-level comprehension.”

Li Qingshan thought to himself, he thought of this.

Although Long Kenghuo is sometimes unreliable, his strength should not be underestimated.

During the previous battle, the Passing Era Immortal said that the strength of Long Kenghuo is the effective War General under the Immortal Court Emperor Monarch.

He can’t really enter the Foreign Domain Heaven, relying on the Life Source magical treasure and remote control, he can suppress several Passing Era Immortals, if not too many later, even one infinitely close to the epoch immortal. Appeared, Long Kenghuo had no choice.

It really came to Immortal World, the duel between Long Kenghuo and the expert from the Eagle Clan, Li Qingshan still prefers Long Kenghuo.

Li Qingshan just came to Immortal World, and I don’t know many people. Among them, there are only two Peak experts.

General Bai, Long Kenghuo.

General Bai is far away in the Emperor Pass, and there is no way to help him.

There is only Long Kenghuo in front of him.

Thinking like this, Li Qingshan drank the tea in one gulp, and suddenly saw that someone was coming.

He looked intently, Daoist Long.

β€œI was thinking about you just now, so you came here, saving me from looking for you.” Li Qingshan laughed.

Long Kenghuo came over and sat down, stretched out his hand to take the tea from Li Qingshan, and said sorry: “I don’t want to disturb your rest, but this time there is too much noise, so I have to come. .”

Li Qingshan raised his brows and said, “You’re talking too much, do you mean the appearance of the Qin Ling Great Emperor?”

Daoist Long nominated, saying: “Not only It’s Qin Ling Great Emperor, and Emperor Scripture.”

Li Qingshan smiled and looked at Daoist Long with a playful expression: “You were in Foreign Domain Heaven before, and you said you wouldn’t play [Nature Dao Scripture]. Ideas.”

Daoist Long raised his palms and said solemnly: “Stop, don’t count me in, I’m here just to convey some people’s ideas to you.”

Li Qingshan looked at Daoist Long and said, “You mean, you are just a microphone?”

“You can understand it this way.” Daoist Long nominated.

“You’re so powerful, and you can still be the communicator for others, so can I afford it?” Li Qingshan frowned.

Daoist Long thought about it and said, “You can’t afford to offend now.”

Daoist Long speaks very artistically.

He said it now!

He watched Li Qingshan with his own eyes, from Earth Immortal when he entered the Immortal Court Academy, all the way to the current Yuanxian, and he broke into such a big thing. It involves the Qin Ling Great Emperor hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Therefore, the future Li Qingshan should be able to afford it.

Li Qingshan also understood. He poured a cup of tea without any rush. He looked at Daoist Long and said, “It seems that there is something wrong with Immortal Court.”

Daoist Long clicked his lips, not knowing what to say.

“Don’t think about how to say it, it’s understandable that a huge force, especially the Great Influence that has inherited millions of years like the Immortal Court, has a complex internal structure, a bloated operating mechanism, and has many different voices. I can understand.” Li Qingshan was not angry at all, on the contrary, he understood, he would not be carried away by anger, he would think.

Daoist Long sighed: “You are right, Immortal Court is a whole externally, but internally, Immortal Court has countless small circles, and these small circles have been keeping each other in check to ensure that the other party cannot. Powerful enough to overwhelm everyone, power struggle, more fanatical than cultivation, this is the reason why Immortal Court is getting more and more decaying, they spend all their minds on research, cultivating new forces, fighting for power and profit, these things are a little bit for Immortal Court There is no help at all.”

Li Qingshan looked at Daoist Long, grasped with five fingers, grabbed the mouth of the cup, and twirled it gently, saying, “Although you are reluctant, you still came to ask me, And the one who can allow you to do this must be very powerful. However, from the fact that they asked you to ask me instead of coming directly, and used the Immortal Court rules to forcibly take away the [Nature Dao Scripture], it can be seen that the other party has no way to leave. Regular channels.”

“In other words, I can ignore them.” Li Qingshan smiled slightly and analyzed it carefully, which made Daoist Long look at him in surprise.

β€œAren’t you afraid that they will bow first and then soldiers?” Daoist Long asked.

“Then they’re not afraid, I’ll do it again and call Qin Ling Great Emperor?” Li Qingshan asked back, and instantly stopped Daoist Long. He thought about it carefully, and the other party must be more panicked.

Thinking like this, Daoist Long gave Li Qingshan a thumbs up, expressing admiration.

He didn’t expect that Li Qingshan has analyzed so many things since he came.

“You know, there is a group of people who want to get [Nature Dao Scripture], but they can’t get through the Immortal Court and put pressure on you, so someone begged me.”

“I once had a good friend, whom I met when I was young. He has been with me for more than a hundred years. He saved me, but later, the gap between our thoughts became bigger and bigger, so we parted ways.”

“But he saved me, I have to pay him back.”

“So in the past eight thousand years, I have helped him eight times in total, and eight times were life and death disasters.”

“Later, when I got tired of the outside world, I came to Immortal Court Academy to be an old man as a gatekeeper.”

“This time, he came to me, hoping I could I advise you to hand over the [Nature Dao Scripture] and make a contribution to the revival of Immortal Court.”

“I wanted to refuse, but after thinking about it, I’m still here, I know you I definitely won’t agree.”

“I paid him back nine times for that life-saving grace, which is enough.”

Daoist Long said eloquently.

Li Qingshan>nosed his hat

and sneered: “For the future of Immortal Court, I dare to say anything. I can’t afford to wear this big bag down.”

p> Daoist Long sighed Said: “In the current Immortal Court, there is indeed a big problem inside.”

“Since there is such a big problem, why don’t the Great Emperors try to sort it out?” Li Qingshan asked in confusion.

“Because… the Emperors who once created the Immortal Court are different from before.” Daoist Long hesitated and whispered.

β€œThe bloated Immortal Court is caused by the descendants of the Emperor, and no one dares to control it.”

Li Qingshan suddenly realized that this is another story of Dragon Slayer becoming an evil dragon .

This is an ancient topic.

When he was young, he was high-spirited and vigorous, and the teenager stared at the dragon, full of killing intent.

In middle age, gradually calm down, standing on the body of evil dragon corpse as a teenager, enjoying the worship of the people.

In old age, the young man had gone through a thousand sails, turned around and saw that he had a huge dragon tail.

Few people can break through fame and fortune, break through everything in the world, and have been firmly pursuing their goals.

So when Daoist Long said it, Li Qingshan immediately understood.

“This is the end of the matter, you tell them my attitude truthfully, and then, let’s talk about the matter between us.” Li Qingshan sealed this topic, looked towards Daoist Long, Seriously.

Daoist Long blinked and said, “What’s going on between us?”

Li Qingshan smiled and said slowly: “I remember someone was fooling me. When I went to Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield, they said that once I got a good ranking, I would be rewarded handsomely.”

“Now that I am ranked, it should be in line with someone’s good ranking, right?” Li Qingshan stared at Daoist Long.

Daoist Long suddenly realized, clapped his palms, and said, “You are talking about this matter, no problem, what kind of reward do you want?”

Li Qingshan was satisfied. Said: “I hope you can help me go to the Boiling Water Prison and rescue a girl named Hua Yun.”

The agreement between Li Qingshan and Hua Yun is twenty years.

Twenty years are still early, but Li Qingshan already has a way to save her.

If it can be saved, it must be saved now. Li Qingshan will not let Hua Yun stay in the Boiling Water Prison for a 20-year agreement.

It’s a good thing for Hua Yun to come out one day earlier.

Daoist Long agreed immediately upon seeing this: “No problem, this is a trivial matter, Boiling Water Prison seems to be a very small prison, I will arrange for someone to take this Hua Yun you mentioned, Bring it out!”

Li Qingshan had a happy smile on his face, and from the bottom of his heart, Hua Yun was finally able to come out.

“Also, you need to help me check if there are any of these people among the newest members of Immortal Court.” Li Qingshan immediately added the names of Xiao Jiu, Small Fox, Awei, and Five Ghosts and message to Daoist Long.

He wasn’t sure if they were in the Immortal World either, so let Daoist Long check it out.

“It’s just a small matter!” Daoist Long agreed immediately. For him, it was really a small matter, and it was just a matter of talking.

Of course someone runs errands.

“However, the people you mentioned are your relatives?” Daoist Long asked curiously.

“Yes, my best friend.” Li Qingshan nodded.

Daoist Long immediately became more attentive to these two things.

“You don’t need to worry about these two little things, what else do you wish for?” Daoist Long asked after taking a sip of tea.

Li Qingshan asked seriously: “Is there such a quiet place in Immortal Court that is full of knowledge, such as a cemetery, such as Monument Forest?”

“The cemetery? , Monument Forest?” Daoist Long thought with a frown.

He quickly filtered through a lot of information, and suddenly had an epiphany and said, “You want to understand some Grand Dao information left by the predecessors, right?”

Li Qingshan decisively nodded , he thought so.

He has max-level comprehension, so don’t take it too easy.

β€œThere is such a place in my memory,” Daoist Long said.

Li Qingshan looked at Daoist Long expectantly.

“But this place is not for Immortal Court, but for the entire Immortal World. People of all forces can enter. It’s a bit inconsistent with your quietness,” Daoist Long said.

“Where is it?” Li Qingshan asked with a frown.

β€œThe starry sky graveyard!” Daoist Long said.

“Where is the starry sky cemetery?” Li Qingshan asked in confusion.

“In this world, the cultivation base has reached the Passing Era Immortal realm. After death, some Dao Rhyme left will flow into the starry sky battlefield, where some will become a tomb, and some will become a tomb. Become a wandering soul, without consciousness, and some are disappeared and change randomly.”

“The starry sky cemetery does not belong to any faction, it is open to Immortal World, but there are certain thresholds, it is the ancestor of the ancestors. Immortal realm!”

“Breakthrough ancestral immortal realm, enter to see if you can comprehend some Dao Rhyme left by the predecessors, or discover some ancient cultivation techniques.”

“This Should it meet your requirements?” Daoist Long asked.

Li Qingshan’s eyes lit up and asked: “In this starry sky cemetery, there are Dao Rhyme of Passing Era Immortal, epoch immortal, Immortal King, is there an Immortal Emperor?”


“There should be. Someone once comprehended the Emperor Scripture in it. Although it is incomplete, it has been proved to exist.” Daoist Long thought for a while and said.

“Since it is open to the entire Immortal World, isn’t it noisy?” Li Qingshan asked with a frown.

“That won’t happen, you have to understand one thing, the entry threshold for this starry sky cemetery is Zuxian, who can break through the Zuxian realm, which is not a genius? They are very confident in themselves, and there are very few To the starry sky cemetery.” Daoist Long shook his head.

“Why do you rarely go?” Li Qingshan didn’t understand.

“You go to the starry sky cemetery to comprehend those remnants of the soul, the incomplete Tao, it takes a lot of time, and the harvest is very small. There are people who have come in and have a look, but after reading it, again There are very few people who go in, and the starry sky cemetery is very big, you are in a corner, no one will disturb you.” Long Daoren explained.

Li Qingshan’s eyes lit up, and he made a decision immediately: “That’s it.”

“But you don’t have an ancestor realm.” Daoist Long said.

“I will break through soon!” Li Qingshan said confidently.

“You’re the Yuanxian who broke through, did you break through so soon?” Daoist Long looked at Li Qingshan in shock.

“Are you a human? Why are you so different from others?”

“The Barbarian Race kid who came in with you is only Earth Immortal Peak, and he is still on Earth Immortal Peak. Without breakthrough Heavenly Immortal, you would have broken through Zu Xian.”

“You are really a monster!” Daoist Long said from the bottom of his heart, he was also shocked by Li Qingshan’s speed.

“When you have accumulated enough and Grand Dao has learned enough, so can you.” Li Qingshan smiled sincerely and told the secret of his breakthrough.

Daoist Long is too lazy to talk to Li Qingshan, it would be nice if he could understand the Dao as simply as Li Qingshan said.

“I’ll help you deal with the first two things first. As for you, break through the Zuxian realm as soon as possible. During this time, don’t go out if you have nothing to do.” Daoist Long told Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan nominates. He knows that he is a sweetheart now, and many people miss him.

He doesn’t want to go out, isn’t it good to stay quietly at Immortal Court Academy, comprehend Grand Dao, breakthrough Zu Xian?

“This time, you finally stopped cheating on me.” Li Qingshan looked at Daoist Long’s back, smiled softly, and said.

He watched the white clouds roll, the bamboo sea and the waves, and the sunset all around, dyeing the sky red, yawned comfortably, and then stretched out his hand, all the tea utensils, all the The tables were all put away.

Li Qingshan was sitting in the rocking chair, swaying under the night wind, and soon fell asleep.

The evening wind blew the leaves, wobbly, and landed at Li Qingshan’s feet, whirling.

The sunset glow is like a quilt, covering Li Qingshan’s body.

Sunset, moonrise, nebulae, black clouds over white clouds, everything is slowly passing.

Li Qingshan really seemed to be asleep.

But if you look closely, you will find that once the fallen leaves enter around Li Qingshan, the falling speed will become very slow, very slow.

This falling speed is not proportional to the next one.

Li Qingshan realized Dao in a dream, he unconsciously began to realize that he seemed to be asleep, but in fact he was swimming in the Grand Dao.

The Grand Dao circled around Li Qingshan and began to circle.

The body soaked by the Fountain of Grand Dao has been contaminated with the breath of Grand Dao and is regarded as his own by Grand Dao.

So these Grand Dao were easily absorbed and understood by Li Qingshan.

His strength, his realm, is also pushing forward.

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