Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 109


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Divine Soul vacated, broke through the sky, reached the Star River, was sucked into the starry sky cemetery, and entered a mysterious place.

Few people in the world know that in the boundless starry sky, there will be such a place where the remnants of the experts of all ages are buried.

Only people from Zuxian realm can come in and see if they can comprehend a little secret buried in this vast Star River.


Li Qingshan’s Divine Soul vacated and descended into this graveyard, and saw a different scene.

As far as the eye can see, Heaven and Earth are vast. It is actually a bit inappropriate to say that it is a cemetery. This should be a world that exists in the starry sky and belongs to those powerhouses in the past.

In this a side world, there are graves all over the place, but they are of different sizes. Li Qingshan Primordial Spirit walked without rushing to comprehend. He carefully observed that the inscriptions on these tombs were very interesting.

For example, the tomb in front of Li Qingshan now has a passage written on his tombstone.

ใ€A loser’s graveใ€‘

No name or name, only this sentence seems to describe his life.

Li Qingshan was suddenly very interested in his life and carefully wiped the tombstone.

His max-level comprehension fires.

[You try hard, stimulate max-level comprehension, comprehended World In Tomb. ]

Li Qingshan’s eyes turned dark, he saw a person’s past.

During his youthful cultivation, his progress was slow, and he never broke through immortal for three hundred years, but fortunately, his family background was strong and various resources were stacked, which forced him to the Immortal Realm world.

But this experience made him despair of cultivation, so he stopped cultivation and switched to studying and doing research.

But reading can’t save his life after all, his strong family background can make his life worry-free, but he also needs to pay a certain price, such as… freedom!

Failed to study, he later chose to refine medicine in order to be a helpful person to the family and vowed to become a Peak’s Medicine Pill Master.

He studied hard, was not ashamed to ask questions, put all his energy into doing his best.

During this period, he also used various medicine pills to improve his cultivation base, and finally surpassed the Ancestral Immortal realm and surpassed 90% of the Immortal World.

Finally one day, he felt that he had learned something, so he started to study medicine recipe.

Through his unremitting efforts, he wrote a recipe for himself, which he thinks is the world’s divine medicine.

Then he tested the medicine.

Serve it, pawn!

The picture stopped abruptly at this point, staring at Li Qingshan, making him rub his eyes in disbelief.

“Is it so sloppy?” Li Qingshan muttered.

He looked towards the tombstone, and the words above really became the finishing touch of this person’s life.

The grave of the loser.

If he hadn’t taken a lot of mature medicine pills in the process of studying medicine and forcibly promoted to the Ancestral Immortal Realm, he would not be eligible to enter the starry sky cemetery.

“A talent.” Li Qingshan sighed, wiped the tombstone clean again, and turned to leave.

He also learned from this man’s experience.

In the future, when testing drugs, especially those that can cause death, you must go to animals.

Li Qingshan went to the next grave.

The existence of the starry sky cemetery is to leave a hope of inheritance for the experts above the realm of this group of ancestral immortals.

After they died, a wisp of remnant souls entered the starry sky graveyard. In the years to come, maybe someone will come to comprehend, and let the inheritance of those who have fallen sadly shine again in this world.

The next tomb is still the realm of Zuxian. Li Qingshan didn’t understand it at this time, because the tombstone wrote “an ordinary life”.

“It seems that the tombs of this kind belong to the realm of the ancestors. There is no one to comprehend in their life. I should speed up and go deeper.” Li Qingshan gave up this scope, quickly went deep, and entered the next level.

Immortal Monarch level tomb.

Li Qingshan didn’t stay, he didn’t like Immortal Monarch, he went directly to the Passing Era Immortal cemetery area.

Only this realm is somewhat attractive to Li Qingshan.

In the Passing Era Immortal area, their tombs seem to be larger in size, at least they are separate tombs, and there is a tree to shield the wind and rain. “I still have to work hard for cultivation. The treatment at the starry sky cemetery after death is different. The tombs of the ancestors are in the wild, solitary. If there are no tombstones, they are like a small mound. Up, the gap is too big.”

Li Qingshan looked towards these Passing Era Immortal tombstones, which were all written on them, just like the tomb of the ancestor Immortal Grave. One sentence summed up his life and made people intuitive. Get to know the person.

ใ€An immortal who is proficient in Thunder Grand Daoใ€‘

ใ€A immortal who has done his best to calculate his heartใ€‘

ใ€Immortal who has improved all the way by taking drugsใ€‘

[An immortal who is proficient in Time Grand Dao. ]


Li Qingshan was very interested in what was recorded on the tombstone here.

He immediately chose the immortal who was proficient in Thunder Grand Dao, and the immortal who was proficient in Time Grand Dao.

The other two immortal tombs were of little interest to Li Qingshan.

What about the scheming, in the face of absolute strength, scheming and scheming are all in vain.

I punch down, and the world will be annihilated, so what’s the use of you doing your best?

Li Qingshan immediately wiped the tombstone of the immortal tomb proficient in Thunder Grand Dao carefully to ensure that the tombstone was clean and new, and then a line of words appeared in front of his eyes.

ใ€You wipe carefully, stimulate max-level comprehension, and realize the Thunder Grand Dao of Passing Era Immortal! ]

In Li Qingshan’s mind, lightning dashed, and with a bang, he seemed to be in a sea of thunder, and countless Thunder Grand Dao flickered, dazzling, Li Qingshan never thought that thunder would develop like this.

Nine Heavens Divine Thunder, Doomsday Thunder, Chaos Thunder Tribulation, Five Elements Thunder, Thunder Kingdom, Thunder Ocean, Thunder Ancestral Dragon, Million Thunder…

Thunder at Passing Era Immortal In Grand Dao, Myriad Transformations, formidable power are huge, thunder is the ultimate attack, and there is no defense.

If I can’t kill you, then I will die.

Li Qingshan is immersed in it, as if drunk and stupefied, unable to extricate herself.

Just in the starry sky cemetery, he sat in front of the Passing Era Immortal’s tomb, comprehending Thunder Grand Dao with his eyes closed, letting the outside world pass by, he didn’t care.

It wasn’t until he absorbed all of these Thunder Grand Dao’s that his original Thunder Grand Dao expanded countless times before he opened his eyes contentedly.

“Passing Era Immortal’s Thunder Grand Dao is really powerful. At my current level, if I want to fully comprehend it, I need to calm down, settle down, and arrange it with Time Grand Dao. Time to comprehend.” Li Qingshan thought.

A Grand Dao that Passing Era Immortal has comprehended in his whole life, Li Qingshan can absorb it all in a short period of time.

So Li Qingshan immediately dispersed the Primordial Spirit Power and returned to Immortal Court Academy directly from the starry sky graveyard.

In the starry sky cemetery, he couldn’t calm down. All around were tombstones. For Li Qingshan, the temptation was too great.

And his fleshy body wasn’t around for long, so he went back to Immortal Court Academy.

In Immortal Court Academy, Li Qingshan opened his eyes, the Primordial Spirit returned, and immediately cast Time Grand Dao, extending the space around him.

A day outside, this time, four months.

With Li Qingshan’s breakthrough Zu Xian, Time Grand Dao has made progress again and has improved by two months.

“At this rate, if I improve again, I can extend the time by one year.” Li Qingshan said softly.

Closing his eyes, Li Qingshan didn’t think about anything else, and concentrated on comprehending the Thunder Grand Dao of Passing Era Immortal.

This time, he understands extremely meticulously, because he is not afraid of time, he can study the details with confidence.

He was completely immersed in the thunder, unable to extricate himself.

Let the outside world pass by, Li Qingshan controls the thunder and makes his Thunder Grand Dao True Dragon in Sea of Consciousness grow rapidly and grow infinitely.

Li Qingshan never misses a moment in a corner unknown to the world.

He is quietly getting stronger and wants to amaze this world.

So, a month has passed.

A month in the outside world, with the extension of time, is more than 100 natural months, which is more than ten years of time.

Li Qingshan’s retreat this time has not stopped for ten years.

When he opened his eyes again, they were full of thunder.

That thunder can destroy everything, subvert everything, annihilate everything.

“No wonder there are immortals who say, Human World is a year, immortal is a day.” Li Qingshan said softly: “I retreated for a month and spent more than ten years. With the progress of cultivation, this time will open up. , at Immortal King Realm, even if you are not a person who specializes in cultivation Time Grand Dao, you can extend the time, the difference is only the length.”

“I have gained a lot in the past ten years!”


“The Thunder Grand Dao of Passing Era Immortal, I have absorbed it, and it can be considered as control. The next thing to do…”

“Continue to absorb and comprehend other Grand Dao !”

Li Qingshan said firmly.

His goal is clear, his eyes are firm, even if the process of retreating and comprehension is boring in the eyes of others, but for Li Qingshan, he enjoys this boring.

“Loneliness is a carnival of one person!”

“Carnival is a loneliness of a group of people!”

“I love loneliness, so I want to Go and comprehend other Grand Dao.”

Li Qingshan’s Primordial Spirit flew straight into the air, and then went straight to the starry sky graveyard.

This time he wants to comprehend the tomb of Passing Era Immortal who has been in the cultivation Time Grand Dao all his life.

Li Qingshan would like to know, after comprehended Passing Era Immortal’s Time Grand Dao, will he extend the scope of the long time, will it continue to expand?

“It should be, but I don’t know how much it will expand.” Li Qingshan said softly, striding to the tombstone of Passing Era Immortal, who has been comprehending Time Grand Dao all his life.

He began to wipe it carefully, meticulously, and comprehend the way of others, then he needs to clean up other people’s tombstones.

[You wipe carefully, stimulate max-level comprehension, and realize Passing Era Immortal’s Time Grand Dao. ]

As expected, max-level comprehension is activated again.

Li Qingshan’s face showed a hint of joy, and the Primordial Spirit suddenly faded, disappeared, and returned to the flesh.

He continued to stretch the time, and then immersed in the realization.

Passing Era Immortal’s Time Grand Dao is really rich and rich, which is an eye-opener for Li Qingshan. He is intoxicated and forgets time.

No one from outside bothered Li Qingshan.

Daoist Long knew that Li Qingshan had been practicing closed-door cultivation since he entered the starry sky cemetery, so he was also observing and not letting others disturb Li Qingshan.

There were several times when Aman knew that Li Qingshan was coming back and wanted to find him, but he was persuaded away by Daoist Long, saying that Li Qingshan was in retreat and could not be disturbed.

This time, Li Qingshan has been in retreat for two months.

Two months is more than 20 years. It took him more than 20 years to comprehend Passing Era Immortal’s Time Grand Dao.

This also makes Li Qingshan’s Time Grand Dao progress rapidly.

But he opened his eyes again, let the time stretch away, stretched his lazy waist, and said comfortably: “Finally, the Time Grand Dao of Passing Era Immortal, all comprehend and transparent.”


In Li Qingshan’s Sea of Consciousness, there were originally 2,999 Grand Dao True Dragons of the same size, which echo each other in Sea of Consciousness, second only to Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture. Giant Buddha.

But now, the other 2,997 Grand Dao True Dragons are still the same as before, only the two Grand Dao True Dragons, thunder and time, grow rapidly and become incomparably huge, as if they were Azure Dragon, travels Nine Heavens, and is the size of the giant Buddha in Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture.

“Now I’m not in a hurry to break through. Instead, I need to upgrade the other 2,997 Grand Dao True Dragons, and then think about breakthrough.” Li Qingshan muttered.

He made a random stroke, the texture of the space fluctuated, and a black hole appeared, and time was agitated in it and stretched.

One day is equal to one year outside!

Li Qingshan said with emotion: “Sure enough, I have carefully comprehended all the Time Grand Dao of Passing Era Immortal, and the growth rate of my Time Grand Dao cannot be underestimated.”

His current Time Grand Dao comprehend, equivalent to Passing Era Immortal.

So he can stretch the time to a year.

“In the starry sky cemetery, from ancient times to the present, I don’t know how many remnants of Passing Era Immortal have entered. There must be those who have comprehended the three thousand Grand Dao. “In that case, others have reached the Passing Era Immortal realm on a certain Grand Dao, and I have reached the Passing Era Immortal realm on all Grand Dao, and the difference is three thousand times. , at that time, the enemies of the same level, I can annihilate their souls with just one look.” Li Qingshan said softly, very confident, he firmly believed that he could do it.

“You’re out of retreat, I thought you were continuing to retreat.” Daoist Long’s voice interrupted Li Qingshan’s thoughts on the future.

He would come to see every few days, and once he found that Li Qingshan was still in retreat, he would leave quietly without disturbing him.

Today Daoist Long came over as usual, only to find that Li Qingshan finished his retreat and greeted him happily.

Li Qingshan looked towards Daoist Long, nodded and said: “The retreat is over, but the retreat will continue.”

“How about it, the harvest in the starry sky cemetery How?” Daoist Long curiously asked.

“It’s okay.” Li Qingshan said with satisfaction.

“That’s fine, I’ve been to the starry sky cemetery before, but after staying in it for a year, I didn’t understand the bullshit, and I lost interest after that. I always felt that the starry sky cemetery was a A deceptive place,” said Daoist Long.

“That’s probably because you can’t.” Li Qingshan thought about it and said, “Why can I understand it when I go in?”

“That’s good, but don’t say it next time. .” Daoist Long said, his face darkened.

“You come here now, do you have any news to tell me?” Li Qingshan asked curiously.

“I don’t think so, I just come to see every few days,” said Daoist Long.

Li Qingshan said with a slight smile: “Thank you.”

“Sometimes you brat your mouth to a certain realm, but sometimes, you are very polite. “Daoist Long said looking at Li Qingshan’s calm face.

“I’m going to retreat, you can leave now.” Li Qingshan immediately chased away people.

Daoist Long waved his hand and turned to leave: “It’s fine to see that you’re all right, I’m also worried that you are in danger in the starry sky cemetery, and then you should understand carefully, in Immortal Court Academy, no one will interfere You.”

Li Qingshan watched Daoist Long leave, smiled slightly, and continued to understand.

The Primordial Spirit leaves the body, enters the sea of stars, and then escapes into the starry sky graveyard.

Li Qingshan went straight to the cemetery where Passing Era Immortal is located, where he started looking for other Grand Dao’s cemeteries.

The 3,000 Grand Dao must be developed evenly, and one cannot ignore the other. Li Qingshan believes that in the past few million years, or even tens of millions of years, in the Immortal World, there must be different people who have made the 3,000 Grand Dao all the same. Comprehended.

Even Li Qingshan has not comprehended the mysterious fate of Grand Dao. In the vast history, there is a fox comprehended.

This is what Li Qingshan knows. He doesn’t know how many people have comprehended it.

Li Qingshan never underestimates others. Although he has max-level comprehension, he does not guarantee that others have other innate talents.

So he is cautiously, not in a hurry to break through the realm, he must comprehend every Grand Dao to a certain extent, and then improve himself.

Soon, Li Qingshan found a large tomb, and the tombstone was written [Immortal of a lifetime of concentrating on comprehending Space Grand Dao]

Li Qingshan’s face was overjoyed, and he started immediately Wipe the stone tablet, then activate the max-level comprehension.

[You wipe carefully, stimulate max-level comprehension, and comprehend Passing Era Immortal’s Space Grand Dao! ใ€‘

Li Qingshan corner of the mouth raised, and then decisively left the starry sky graveyard, returned to Immortal Court Academy, fleshy body united, arranged Time Grand Dao, day by year, began to study hard.

In this way, a Space Grand Dao, Li Qingshan comprehended for 20 days, completely controlled it.

Then, he entered the starry sky graveyard again, looking for other Grand Dao.

Day, that’s the infinite cycle.

Five years have gone by in a flash.

Li Qingshan has not left Immortal Court Academy in the past five years.

For five years, his life has been two points and one line.

Immortal Court Academy and starry sky graveyard.

Every time he comprehends something Grand Dao in the starry sky cemetery, he immediately returns to Immortal Court Academy, and then enters the extended time to comprehend it carefully.

Three thousand Grand Dao in Li Qingshan, become more and more powerful.

In five years, three hundred and sixty-five days a year, adding up to more than 1,800 days, that is, more than 1,800 years.

For nearly two thousand years, he has been comprehending the Dao, constantly, Li Qingshan’s control over the three thousand Grand Dao has reached a level that he himself is terrified of.

Although he is still a realm, Daoist Long once came to see Li Qingshan. The moment he saw Li Qingshan, he shuddered and pointed at Li Qingshan and said, “How do I feel that you are better than Immortal King? More fierce?”

This is of course his illusion.

Li Qingshan said with a smile at the time: “I am a realm of ancestors, how can I compare to the Immortal King Realm, this must be your delusion.”

Daoist Long is skeptical and suspicious. Said: “I still feel that you are terrifying.”

Li Qingshan said something before dispelling his doubts.

It has been more than 1,800 years since Li Qingshan entered the starry sky cemetery, and he has never made a single shot.

He has been accumulating, accumulating, accumulating.

During this period, Li Qingshan’s occasional free time is to pause for a while to watch the sunset and evening, and enjoy the beauty of the world.

Apart from this, Li Qingshan just talked to Daoist Long and wrote to Big Brother Bai.

In five years, he has only had three correspondence with Big Brother Bai, none a year.

Big Brother Bai is not good at expressing his feelings, and the content of his letters are simple words of concern, but Li Qingshan knows that he really regards himself as a relative.

This is how Li Qingshan has spent the past five years.

It seems like five years, but in fact, it is more than 1,800 years. For Li Qingshan, it is also a tempering of body and mind.

Li Qingshan had a deep understanding of this hardship.

In this way, one day after five years, bright sun and a gentle breeze, blue sky and white clouds, waterfall breeze, Li Qingshan came out of the retreat and opened his eyes to see this world.

It feels like a lifetime.

It takes 100 years for a mortal to live in one hundred years. In conversion, Li Qingshan has lived through the 18th life of a mortal.

He looked towards these beauties, with a familiar strangeness.

Li Qingshan, dressed in black black cloth with black hair like a waterfall, with a slender body, stood on the top of the mountain and looked at the sea of clouds. He was in a good mood.

“This time retreat, for me, is very rewarding. Seeing these again, I have a different feeling.” Li Qingshan murmured.

His Primordial Spirit was swept away and the entire Immortal Court Academy was enveloped in it.

No one found.

Even Daoist Long, he didn’t find it.

Li Qingshan smiled slightly and said, “Old scumbag, come here for a drink.”

Daoist Long, who was dealing with the matter, shivered, sat up directly, and looked at the Li Qingshan mountain in shock. the direction in which it is located.

The next second, Daoist Long came directly to the Tearing Space and came to Li Qingshan’s side.

“You brat’s Primordial Spirit, I didn’t find it?” Daoist Long said in surprise.

Li Qingshan smiled slightly, didn’t answer, but said, “Have some bar.”

From his storage space, Li Qingshan took out a good wine.

This fine wine was prepared by Xiao Jiu when Li Qingshan left Human World. Until now, Li Qingshan rarely drinks.

I’m in a good mood today, Li Qingshan just wanted to drink.

Daoist Long looked at Li Qingshan’s smile, hesitated for a moment, and said, “Is your retreat this time over?”

“It’s over for now.” Li Qingshan said, “I think Take a break for a while, and then continue to realize that this time is really too long.”

Daoist Long nodded and said, “Five years is indeed a long time, especially if you still use your time. How long does it take?”

Li Qingshan replied: “More than 1,800 years!”

Daoist Long gave a thumbs up in admiration: “You are a ruthless , I retreated at most once, and it was only more than 80 years old. After that, I never did a large-scale retreat for a long time. It was too torturous.”

Li Qingshan said softly: “If you If you keep getting something, you won’t feel tortured.”

Daoist Long agreed with the nodded, then looked at the wine in Li Qingshan’s hand, hesitated for a moment, and said, “Li Qingshan, today’s wine I’m afraid I won’t be able to drink it.”

Li Qingshan’s smile subsided, seeing Daoist Long like this, he frowned lightly and said, “What happened?”

Nothing special happened. Thing, Daoist Long will definitely be happy to drink with Li Qingshan.

Daoist Long looked at Li Qingshan and said, “Let’s sit down and talk.”

Li Qingshan’s face was calm, he waved his sleeves, and the void unexpectedly condensed a table, Two chairs, sitting on the top of the mountain, in front of the white clouds.

This table is made of Grand Dao, not an ordinary material. Now Li Qingshan can control the world Grand Dao at will.

“Your strength is getting stronger and stronger. Now I can’t see through you.” Daoist Long envied.

Li Qingshan had no such thoughts. He sat down, put the wine on the table, and asked, “What happened, is it something that I asked you to investigate, something went wrong?”


Li Qingshan’s first thought was Hua Yun, or Xiao Jiu and they had a problem.

Daoist Long is so hesitant because he knows how important these people are to Li Qingshan.

Daoist Long shook his head and said, “That’s not true. For the past five years, I’ve been looking for Hua Yun’s whereabouts and launched all available relationships. Unfortunately, I found nothing. It’s really like looking for a needle in a haystack.”

Li Qingshan’s expression remained the same, and said, “It’s really difficult, looking for a needle in a haystack, so it doesn’t matter if you can’t find it, because there’s no news, sometimes it’s good news.”

He looked towards Daoist Long, since it’s not Hua Yun’s problem, it’s Xiao Jiu and the others?

Daoist Long continued: “For the past five years, I have checked every month who joined the Immortal Court in the same month, and once fell, but you said Xiao Jiu, Awei, Five Ghosts, a little bit. There are no clues.”

Li Qingshan raised his eyebrows, frowning slightly, he could accept this answer.

No news, just like five years ago.

Xiao Jiu and the others probably haven’t ascended yet. When Li Qingshan left, they were far from the Ascension Realm world. After five or six years, it was very difficult to ascend to the Immortal World.

So Li Qingshan is not surprised.

“Since there is no news, why are you doing this?” Li Qingshan looked at Daoist Long suspiciously.

Daoist Long looked hesitant, mood grave said: “Li Qingshan, General Bai… something happened.”

Li Qingshan sat up instantly, his eyes became fiery, that terrifying imposing The manner suppressed Daoist Long, and he said with a serious face: “What happened to Big Brother Bai?”

Daoist Long sighed then said, and said: “During the five years of your retreat, Emperor Pass that The border war subsided, Immortal Court and the three races coalition forces negotiated, everyone thought it was safe, but no one didn’t expect, just three days ago, the three races coalition forces suddenly attacked, and without any news, they directly attacked the Emperor Pass. Overnight, I went down 80 Emperor Passes in a row, and then stopped in front of the 81st Emperor Pass.”

Li Qingshan’s face was serious, even though he was very worried, he did not interrupt Daoist Long.

The more angry, worried, and frightened he was, the calmer he was.

Daoist Long looked at Li Qingshan and said softly: “Second day, General Bai fought an army of one million, defending the Emperor Pass alone, the sky and the earth cracked by one person, Six Paths of Reincarnation fully displayed their power and fought one fiercely. hour, after all, I lost the match, I was killed after exhaustion…”

Li Qingshan closed his eyes suddenly, his face became cold at this moment, and his heart was very painful.

This is a really good big brother to him.

Entering Immortal World, Hell started with Big Brother Bai pulling him, and then used his military achievement to build a Grand Dao for Li Qingshan and send him to Immortal Court Academy.

Although the days Li Qingshan and Big Brother Bai get along are not many, and the two have only three letters in the past few years, in Li Qingshan’s heart, Big Brother Bai is a person who deserves respect. , and a grateful person.

Now suddenly hearing the news of his death, Li Qingshan was overwhelmed with sadness, anger, killing intent, all kinds of emotions, he closed his eyes instantly, clenched his fists, his knuckles turned blue, and said, “Why don’t you? Tell me earlier?”

“You’re in retreat, I’m afraid to disturb you, and this happened so suddenly, no one knew that the three races coalition would launch a surprise attack, there was no news before .” Daoist Long hurriedly explained.

Daoist Long looked at Li Qingshan and said with a heavy tone: “After the death of General Bai, the entire Emperor Pass was lost, and the three races coalition forces hung General Bai’s body in the city of Emperor Pass 81 layers. On the gate…”


All the emotions in Li Qingshan’s body, completely uncontrollable, erupted directly, in a flash, the whole sky, the wind and clouds changed color, the sea and the raging waves , Grand Dao screamed, and the entire Immortal Court Academy covered their ears in shock and looked at the sky in disbelief.

God is angry!

Daoist Long also looked at Li Qingshan in horror, this imposing manner for a moment he thought it was Immortal King shot.

He didn’t expect that Li Qingshan had accumulated such a terrifying imposing manner in his body.

Li Qingshan’s eyes were cold and his face was crazy. He stood up and looked at Daoist Long, as if wanting to swallow him: “What did you say?”

“The three races coalition forces took General Bai’s body, It fell on the city gate of Emperor Pass 81, and said that it was going to be exposed to the sun for seven, seven or forty Nine Heavens!” Daoist Long was frightened by Li Qingshan, swallowed, and said.

“Why didn’t Immortal Court save him?” Li Qingshan said angrily.

“Immortal Court is already thinking of a solution, but the three races coalition forces dispatched a 1.5 million army this time. Aggressive, the army that wants to be mobilized will take time.” Daoist Long said hurriedly.

“Where’s the Emperor Monarch in Immortal Court?” Li Qingshan slapped the table with a bang. With a bang, the table where the Grand Dao was condensed exploded directly. Thousands of energy surged into Li Qingshan’s room. In the body, let the three thousand Grand Dao roar, roar, very terrifying.

In Daoist Long’s eyes, Li Qingshan seems not to be a human being, but a peerless beast of the Ancient Times.

“There are Emperor Monarchs in the three races coalition. The Immortal Court Emperor Monarch can’t take action, otherwise it will cause an Emperor war. You have also seen the Qin Ling Great Emperor and the Great Zhou Emperor fight, but in the Foreign Domain, If it is still a common practice, the stars will collapse, and if there is an imperial war, it will bring huge damage to the Immortal World.” Daoist Long explained immediately, not wanting Li Qingshan to hate Immortal Court for this.

Li Qingshan stood up straight, hair stood up in anger, his face was ice-cold saying: “That can also save the body of Big Brother Bai, one guarding the Emperor Pass for Immortal Court, dedicated his life General, they are indifferent to being humiliated like this?”

Daoist Long sighed and said, “I have already said that the interior of the Immortal Court is now bloated, the administrative orders are issued very slowly, and the General Bai normally does not interact with other people. In Immortal Court, he has no friends or relatives. After his death, no one wants to save him. After all, there is an army of 1.5 million, a large number of experts in three races, basically went but never returned. “

Li Qingshan sneered: “I don’t have a relative or friend? Am I, Li Qingshan, a dead person?”

When the voice fell, Li Qingshan directly punched, and with a bang, it hit the ground. Void.

In an instant, the space exploded, and a bottomless black hole appeared, rumbling, leading to the unknown depths.

“What are you going to do?” Daoist Long hurriedly stood up and looked at Li Qingshan in shock.

“My big brother was hanged at the city gate, I’m the younger brother, go and bring him back!” Li Qingshan said coldly.

“Don’t go to die. That’s an army of 1.5 million. There are countless Peak experts in three races. They just want to use General Bai’s corpse to fish. If you go, you will die.” Daoist Long immediately Stop Li Qingshan, don’t want Li Qingshan to die.

Li Qingshan looked at Daoist Long and laughed suddenly. The cold smile made Daoist Long’s heart tremble.

“You asked me earlier how far my cultivation base has progressed, and I will ans

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