Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 11

Chapter 11 sword qi 90,000 miles

Wu Shaobai, senior brother of Eldest 40 years ago, peerless genius.

When he entered the sect, he overcame all obstacles and was invincible, breaking a series of records. In just 30 years, he became the Great Venerable.

Fishleap Sea, Flowers Othershore, Above Venerable, is Great Venerable.

The meaning of this sentence is to represent the Four Great Realms behind the Grandmaster Realm.

Fishleap, Othershore, Venerable, Great Venerable.

Cultivation to the Great Venerable realm means to spy on the lost Saint Grand Dao.

Wu Shaobai became the Great Venerable at the age of thirty, and then walked the world for ten years to become the Great Venerable Peak, but also fell in love with a woman from Monster Race.

He is the Great Venerable and wants to take Monster Race women to the ascension door to survive, naturally no one dares to say anything.

But the ascension door doesn’t say anything, but Heavenly Dao Sect has something to say.

As a righteous path number one Great Sect for three thousand years, Heavenly Dao Sect has always talked about maintaining the righteous path, and united some sectors to form the righteous path alliance, which is the Alliance Leader, suppressing it everywhere forces that do not deal with them.

Wu Shaobai’s rise is too fast and too strong. Along the way, he is invincible and has no failures. Heavenly Dao Sect is naturally worried that he will break the worldly threshold and achieve Saint Realm.

So the excuse to marry a Monster Race woman is just right. Heavenly Dao Sect, together with other Great Sects, sentenced Wu Shaobai to violate the taboo of righteousness and evil on the day of marriage. More than a dozen Great Venerables took action to oppress the ascension.

door, let the ascension door choose self-protection.

Wu Shaobai’s wife can only be taken away by Heavenly Dao Sect.

Then Wu Shaobai started to kill, obsessed into madness, cut a dozen Great Venerables in a row, and the Heavenly Dao Sect shook, some Ancient Ones shot, combined with more than a dozen Great Sects, to take Wu. Shaobai, destroyed along with the gate of ascension.

The final result is that the Ascension Gate unites several Sects, fights according to reason, and sets up a posture. In addition, Wu Shaobai sees the situation clearly and knows that he will die, so he “voluntarily” seals it on the stone tablet.

ascension A generation of geniuses has fallen.

Heavenly Dao Sect blocked the news of the death of more than a dozen Great Venerables in order to prevent the spread of its own sect, so ordinary people really don’t know that such a thing happened 40 years ago.

For example, the previous Li Qingshan, who has been working hard on cultivation, doesn’t know about this.

I only know it by reading the book now.

“This Heavenly Dao Sect is really a shit stick. Its predecessor was abandoned as a cultivation base and root bone. They also put a lot of pressure on it, otherwise the Ascension Gate will definitely save its predecessor.” Li Qingshan frowned. , he remembered very clearly, when he destroyed the Great Sect and released the Demon Sect Heavenly Concubine, the other Great Sects immediately attacked, saying that Li Qingshan would be executed, and he would be severely punished.

That is, the Ascension Gate guarded Li Qingshan, so he was not executed on the spot, but the huge pressure behind it also made the Ascension Gate have no choice but to abolish the root bone and cultivation base of the predecessor.

Heavenly Dao Sect will not allow another Wu Shaobai from the ascension door.

Forty years ago, Wu Shaobai started a killing spree, killing Heavenly Dao Sect for 40 years without filling up more than a dozen Great Venerables.

They certainly don’t want to see another Li Qingshan rise.

Li Qingshan didn’t know what to say after reading this book.

Wu Shaobai and his Monster Race wife didn’t do anything wrong, they just wanted to be together quietly, which was also stopped.

Now one is dead and one is imprisoned in the Refining Monster Tower in Heavenly Dao Sect.

Perhaps, they were born with the original sin that the world gave them.

Li Qingshan picked up a jug of wine brought by Xiao Jiu and walked to the stone tablet.

Simple and simple stone tablet, no one could have imagined that the person sealed inside had done such heaven shaking and earth shattering things.

“Senior, Junior is also a tribute to your Great River Sword Qi, and now I toast you a glass of wine.” Li Qingshan raised the glass and poured it down.

This is really Li Qingshan’s predecessor. Forty years ago, Wu Shaobai was trained by the ascension door, and Li Qingshan was trained by the ascension door 40 years later.

But the two people not only have similar innate talents, but also have similar endings.

Wu Shaobai sadly died because of the Monster Race woman, sealed in the stone tablet.

Li Qingshan was decapitated because of Demon Sect Heavenly Concubine and faced the wall at Thinking Cliff.

It has to be said that the luck of the Ascension door is not good, two geniuses in a row, and it is just abolished.

Li Qingshan wanted to leave after toasting and offering his respect.

Just suddenly, a line of words appeared in front of his eyes.

[You worship with your heart, which inspired some footage from the past, do you watch it? ]

Li Qingshan frowned, this was the first time I saw him.

“Watch!” Li Qingshan immediately chose, he wanted to see what he could see.


Suddenly, before Li Qingshan’s eyes, a large number of pictures that were swept away appeared.

The young man has a bright red face and a bright red color.

He held a young girl. The girl was very beautiful. She looked at the young man affectionately and tenderly. Her ears were different from ordinary people. It could be seen that they were fox ears.

Wu Shaobai and the Monster Race women.

They are going to church to get married.

But all around, Above the Heavens and Under the Earth, there are enemies chasing and blocking.

“Wu Shaobai, since ancient times, right and wrong have been incompatible, and there is no result between man and demon. As a Disciple of ascension, you are married to demoness, knowing your mistakes and making mistakes, unforgivable!”

“demoness, you are messing up the Human World, why don’t you go to the Refining Monster Tower and repent?”

“Wu Shaobai, you can’t get married today!”


With a sound of scolding, just and honourable, Wu Shaobai raised his head and felt that the sun was dazzling. These people stood on the steps called righteous path and pointed fingers at him crazily.

Wu Shaobai is a little annoying.

He suddenly drew his sword, slashed out with one sword, and with a bang, the water of the big river came up from the sky, and the sword qi was surging and slammed down, blocking these people.

“Madam, no one can stop us from visiting today.” Wu Shaobai smiled slightly, looking at his wife tenderly.

Under the roar of the Great Venerable, under the complicated gaze of the ascension door expert, and under the indifferent expression of the Heavenly Dao Sect Headmaster, Wu Shaobai and his wife got married.

The screen stops abruptly.

Li Qingshan stared blankly. The aura of the dozen Great Venerable terrifying people, as well as the firm expressions of Wu Shaobai and his wife, made Li Qingshan silent.


Suddenly it started to rain.

Li Qingshan looked at the stone tablet engraved with the Great River Sword Qi.

“This stone tablet…is different.” Li Qingshan was stunned. He could see that Primordial Spirit was very powerful now.

This stone tablet seems to have life.

The Great River Sword Qi engraved on the stone tablet is rushing rumblingly, the sword qi is like rain, triggering the Celestial Phenomenon, in this brief moment, crash-bang, it was a clear sky, now it’s down Rain is coming.

“This… Great River Sword Qi… is alive!” Li Qingshan said in surprise, he was only suspicious just now, but now, he knows that this is not an illusion, it is really alive.

In the stone tablet, the Great River Sword Qi galloped, and then there was a loud bang, and the surging Great River Sword Qi caused the sky to rain.


Every drop of rain, like a sword, drips down and sputters all around.

The rain slides over the flowers.

The rain slides over the bamboo bridge.

Raindrops in the soil.

The rain hit Li Qingshan’s body.

Gradually, Li Qingshan felt that the Great River Sword Qi in his body was beginning to stir.

Li Qingshan was looking at the Great River Sword Qi on the stone tablet, but heard a bang, behind him, a sharp sword qi slashed beside him, slashing countless rainwater.

This fierce sword qi echoes the Great River Sword Qi in Li Qingshan’s body.

Later, Li Qingshan saw with his own eyes that the sword qi slowly changed and condensed into an illusory shadow.

This is a youngster, about 30, with sword eyebrows and star eyes, standing in the rain like this, emitting rays of light, letting the rain pass through him and fall on the ground.


It was raining heavily.

Li Qingshan looked at him, and he looked at Li Qingshan too.

“Wu Shaobai!” How could Li Qingshan not know the groom just now.

“didn’t expect, you actually learned my Great River Sword Qi.” Wu Shaobai looked at Li Qingshan with relief.

β€œIt was a coincidence,” Li Qingshan said.

“It’s a good thing, didn’t expect At the last moment of Human World, Great River Sword Qi has been passed down, and it can be considered a fulfillment of my wish.” Wu Shaobai said as a nominee.

“Senior isn’t dead?” Li Qingshan asked suspiciously.

“I have long since died, but at the critical moment, I penetrated a trace of Dao of Saint, leaving behind a trace of unwilling soul, with the last stubbornness, kept in the stone tablet until today. “Wu Shaobai explained.

“Would you like to see the true formidable power of Great River Sword Qi?” Wu Shaobai asked in a seductive tone.

“What do you want to do?” Li Qingshan asked in a dry voice.

“Lend your body to cut a sword towards the biggest force in this world!” Wu Shaobai raised his head, his eyes bright, like a bright light in the dark night.

“Just one sword?” Li Qingshan looked at Wu Shaobai suspiciously.

“Yes, just a sword!”

“It’s just this sword, the sword qi is 90,000 miles long.”

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