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“It’s really interesting, the huge Immortal Court, who finally came to save this lunatic, actually It’s an Ancestor Immortal, and I don’t know if it’s because of his bad relationship or the Immortal Court is too trash.” A Passing Era Immortal saw Li Qingshan’s realm and disdainfully said.

“Immortal Court is getting old, this time we have been secretly planning for more than five years, building the plank road in the open, darkening the warehouse, and negotiating with the Immortal Court on the surface, stabilizing the Immortal Court, letting them relax their vigilance, and secretly arranging countless Transmission Formation. Now the army is overwhelmed, they don’t even know that Immortal Court’s sense of smell, like the old man, is very dull.” An epoch immortal sneered, very proud, this time Immortal Court was completely unprepared, he was very satisfied.

“Immortal Court is indeed old and bloated, and several Emperors are also old. A new Emperor has never been born. Such an Immortal Court should not occupy the largest area of Immortal World. “

“The fall of Immortal Court begins with the battle of Emperor Pass.”

“I thought this time would catch a big fish, didn’t expect, a small The ancestral immortal, I really have no interest.”

“Indeed, it is really tasteless, and it is a pity to abandon it.”

“Who will kill this ancestral immortal?”

A group of Passing Era Immortal and epoch immortal were talking, but they didn’t take Li Qingshan seriously at all, and none of them wanted to take action, believing that taking action would humiliate their identities.

At this time, a young Monster Race stood up and shouted: “I’ll kill him!”

This man was very young, with immature appearance, blond hair and a frown between his eyebrows. One eye, open and closed, bright light glittering.

He holds a long spear, aggressive, with Immortal Monarch realm.

This person is from Golden Lion Race, he is less than 500 years old, Immortal Monarch realm, in Golden Lion Race, he is a top genius, came to Emperor Pass, participated in battle, and also came to gild and sharpen himself, Broaden your horizons.

This time, seeing that Li Qingshan is the realm of the ancestors, Passing Era Immortal and epoch immortal were unwilling to take action, so he volunteered to kill Li Qingshan.

As soon as the Golden Lion appeared, Passing Era Immortal said: “Go kill him, and count your military achievement.”

Golden Lion was in high spirits, carrying a long spear , walked out, aggressive, the sound waves piled up, behind him, there was a lion the size of a hundred zhang, raised his head and roared, roared, the sound waves rolled, circle after circle, spread out, moved towards Li Qingshan strikes .

Golden Lion didn’t take Li Qingshan seriously. He was arrogant and dismissive. He was just a realm of ancestors, so there was nothing to make a fuss about.

Li Qingshan didn’t speak all the time. After listening to their discussions, he realized that the attack at this time had been planned for a long time. During the last defensive battle of the Emperor Pass, even if the attack was done at this time, it would be worth it.


Immortal Court is really old, such a big operation, or three races coalition, should be able to detect.

If I had known earlier, the current Emperor Pass, the situation would not have eroded to this step.

Li Qingshan looked at the enemies all around, he stretched out his hand and slapped the void, the void split open, and a Grand Dao Coffin appeared automatically.

Li Qingshan put Big Brother Bai’s body in the Grand Dao Coffin, and said softly: “big brother, younger brother has some things to do, I’m done, I’ll take you home!”

After speaking, Li Qingshan pushed the coffin into the void.

The void closed gently, and General Bai’s corpse disappeared under the gaze of all the enemies.

This made both Passing Era Immortal and epoch immortal frown.

“We have already blocked the space, we can’t smash void and leave here.”

“Yes, we blocked together, it is already very strong, what is he doing? Do it?”

“Perhaps, what he realized was Space Grand Dao, and instead of sending Madman Bai’s body away, he hid it inside the Void.”

“Looks like a genius too, Space Grand Dao is not simple, Golden Lion Race kid, be careful.”

Passing Era Immortal shouted.

The Golden Lion hearing this

repented. He raised his head and looked at Qingshan, shouted: “Now roll over and kneel down and confess your crimes, I can still give you a happy one.”

Li Qingshan now has both hands free, he looked towards Golden Lion with killing intent, licked his lips, and said, “You didn’t see it just now, how did those dozen Immortal Monarchs die?”

Golden Lion frowned, a dozen Immortal Monarchs died just now?

Why doesn’t he know?

“Boasted shamelessly, you are an ancestor, can you kill more than a dozen Immortal Monarchs?” The Golden Lion shouted, the long spear pointed at Li Qingshan, not believing it at all.

“Since you don’t believe me, let me show it to you!” Li Qingshan raised his hand, his face was cold, killing intent surged on his face, looking towards all around, so many enemies, Li The Grand Dao Azure Dragon inside Qingshan is excited.

“An ancestral immortal dares to talk nonsense in front of me. It’s really courting death. I want to shoot your soul and let you know what pain is!” Golden Lion shuddered suddenly. spear, suddenly the long spear broke through the space and came to Li Qingshan in an instant.

Pointing at Li Qingshan’s eyebrows.

In the next second, it seems to pierce Li Qingshan’s eyebrows, pierce the Sea of Consciousness, and pick out Li Qingshan’s soul core.

The Hundred zhang-sized Golden Lion behind him also followed this shot and jumped in, opening his bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl, and was about to swallow Li Qingshan.

It’s all, aggressive, very terrifying.

Everyone thinks that Li Qingshan will die.

However, Li Qingshan’s expression did not change, and his raised hand fell.


All these attacks are instantly annihilated under this slap.

What a long spear of space piercing.

What a hundred zhang sized lion.

What the genius of Immortal Monarch realm.

Under this slap of Li Qingshan, when the wind blows, everything disappears with the wind, like a mirage, no longer exists.

all around Immortals, frowned, and completely didn’t expect, which I thought was very stable, and things turned out to be like this.

An Ancestral Immortal, for a lifetime, obliterated an Immortal Monarch.

It was completely wiped out, leaving no trace.

One Passing Era Immortal thought something was wrong, and everyone actually thought it was wrong.

Because Li Qingshan is too easy, killing an Immortal Monarch, effortless, casually, is like killing a fly while eating and drinking.

“Is this the Zuxian realm?” There are epoch immortal questions.

“I’m going to kill him!” Because Passing Era Immortal took a step forward, a finger pointed, Heaven and Earth’s discoloration changed, a strong energy of light speed, directly moved towards Li Qingshan and shot.

Li Qingshan was rude, he stepped out, the Space Grand Dao surged, directly dividing the two worlds, the speed of light seemed to penetrate his body, but no damage was left. , all rushed to the distant sky, where a fireworks exploded, very gorgeous and beautiful.

“Passing Era Immortal, I’ll kill you!” Li Qingshan took one step at a time, causing the ancient city to tremble. His footsteps had a strange rhythm.

In the end, it was like the sound of the Dao, which made Heaven and Earth resonate with it, and a majestic pressure surged, shocking people.


In the distance, Passing Era Immortal, who came out to kill Li Qingshan, coughed up blood amid the sound of footsteps and staggered back.

They turned pale and couldn’t believe that Li Qingshan could hurt him just by the sound of his footsteps?

He’s Passing Era Immortal.

Li Qingshan was completely crazy, he activated all Grand Dao, became Grand Dao ruler, and pulled out his giant sword.


Li Qingshan loudly shouted, he rushed directly into the group of Passing Era Immortal, epoch immortal, holding a giant sword, and started killing people.

“pu ”

Li Qingshan in a flash , the giant sword fell, and slashed at the Passing Era Immortal’s head, simple and direct, purple blood flew up, white bones stubble Terrifying, the mighty Passing Era Immortal detached his head and fell on the bluestone ground. A human head rolled to other places. The Primordial Spirit had long been engulfed by a terrifying suction force from the giant sword, which instantly engulfed his hope of the last mansion. Extinguished,

For a split second, the blood of Passing Era Immortal became a small river.

“How is this possible?”

“Kill him and shoot together, this is a peerless powerhouse in disguise.”

“This person’s strength and His realm, very mismatched, let’s go together.”

At this moment, the experts of the three races coalition were shocked, they roared and shot together, this is the way on the battlefield, there are very few singles.

It was a melee.

At this moment, all kinds of Immortal Artifacts fell together, very terrifying, like a meteor falling from the Foreign Domain, powerful and deterrent, rays of light blazing.

No one would have thought that such a thing would happen. The youngster of a real realm’s ancestor cut off the head of a Passing Era Immortal with one sword and directly strangled the opponent’s soul. It can be said to be unscrupulous. Something that never happened.

“Kill him, don’t let him escape!” yelled an epoch immortal.

But in the next second, with a buzzing sound, Li Qingshan shook his sword, causing the whole piece of Heaven and Earth to tremble, and countless Grand Dao Azure Dragons burst out from his body, roaring in unison.

At the same time, the huge long sword in his hand drew a strange arc. If the antelope hangs its horns without a trace, it will pull all the fallen Immortal Artifact in this brief moment to the sky. .


Immortal Artifact shattered the sky, not a single piece fell, separated by dozens or hundreds of miles, destroying this piece of sky, you can see the starry outside the world sky, the stars in the sky are shaking.


Li Qingshan was in the magnificent army with thousands of men and horses, the killing intent skyrocketed, he shouted out loudly, three thousand Grand Dao was giving him continuously provide energy.

He mobilized the giant sword and pressed it down directly. The cultivation base was a little lower and was crushed to death on the spot.

It’s the Immortal Monarch.

“Kill him, this man is horrible.”

“epoch immortal shot.”

Others screamed, doing their best, and shot with all their might , Miaoshu and Immortal Artifact are constantly like a meteorite group, powerful and terrifying, all rushing towards Li Qingshan alone.


In this brief moment, a total of eight people took action against Li Qingshan, and they stood in all directions, putting Li Qingshan in danger of life and death!

These eight people are all epoch immortal.

They can’t just watch Li Qingshan kill, they must stop it.

In everyone’s eyes, Li Qingshan couldn’t resist the eight epoch immortal shots, but in the next instant, he hit an epoch immortal Immortal Artifact, the giant sword fiercely smashed, A ka-cha sound

A trembling sound resounded throughout the audience, and many people heard it, only to feel their souls throb and blood bleeds from their mouths.

The collision of the top Immortal Artifacts produces sound waves that are enough to crush them.

The lethality of this blow is evident.

But even though he smashed an epoch immortal’s weapon, Li Qingshan still struggled to deal with them.

This is the epoch immortal, not the Passing Era Immortal.

Li Qingshan is neither Passing Era Immortal nor Immortal Monarch realm, he is an ancestral immortal.

But he has three thousand Grand Dao.

Facing the siege of eight people, the imposing manner in his body surged wildly, like thunder, rumbling, and the next second, Li Qingshan stepped out, and a terrifying air wave erupted in his body, When spread out, a circle of shields is formed.

The attack of the eight epoch immortal smashed down and hit the air wave, and the air wave collapsed immediately.

But Li Qingshan also used this blow to directly break through the Zuxian realm and enter the Immortal Monarch.

Then, in this room, the giant sword penetrated through the heavy air waves, pierced the block, and landed on an epoch immortal.


The sword was shot directly, and with a click, epoch immortal’s head was like a watermelon, it exploded directly, blood dripped, and the blade was stained with white’s brain, which looked extra bloody.

The inside of the giant sword revealed extremely terrifying energy fluctuations, the Primordial Spirit of the epoch immortal wanted to escape, and then condensed the fleshy body and returned in a swirl of dust.

But his Primordial Spirit was targeted by the giant sword, and the terrifying suction force turned an epoch immortal Devouring Soul in an instant.


The power of the giant sword is even more terrifying.

This epoch immortal never imagined that Li Qingshan’s attack would be so sharp!

It’s not a magic trick, it’s a commonly used sword style, simple and direct, better than fast, it is the embodiment of Grand Dao, the combination of speed and sword dao.

Slash and kill an epoch immortal with ease.

In this brief moment, Li Qingshan is like an Asura, with black hair scattered all over his head, a long and strong body cultivator, and his eyes are better than cold electricity.

These guys were all involved in killing Big Brother Bai.

None can escape!

He has accumulated enough long ago, and he can break through Zuxian at any time and enter Immortal Monarch. He has never broken through, but he just can’t use it, but now, Li Qingshan is about to break through, the more fights the more brave is, killing intent boiling, shot very ruthless.

“You think you can escape by breaking through and entering the Immortal Monarch?” Someone in the eight epoch immortal roared, holding a purple war spear, and instantly pierced through.

bang! !

The formidable power of this spear is simply too great, the purple spear pierces out, if a round of purple sun explodes, blazing fire, purple everywhere, covering the sky, covering the earth, covering Li Qingshan.

It’s like heaven falls and earth rends.

This is a gorgeous spear!

This spear is of the Immortal Artifact rank, extremely high, it possesses an immortal life force, a burst of brilliance ten thousand zhang, making the sky tremble, like a rag, about to fall, shaking violently .

The extremely stunning spear comes from a naked upper body, densely covered with various magic patterns, intertwined, like a Demon Lord, very terrifying.

His thick black hair fell down, and under the bright brilliance of the purple spear, the bronze’s skin was more wild, like the resurrection of a God!


At this moment, the others also shouted and shot together, all following him to attack.

Li Qingshan’s eyes turned cold, which was really terrifying, surpassing his current realm.

But he wasn’t afraid either.

Since Immortal Monarch doesn’t work, break through again!

Li Qingshan wields the giant sword in his hand, simple and unpretentious, that is, huge in size, with special magic power, grand and magnificent, in this brief moment hitting the purple war spear hard.

The giant sword slammed into the purple lance, and in an instant, it smashed out the heavenly river like a black hanging, and collided with the purple spear.

bang! !

This collision, the epoch immortal burst out with an epoch of terrifying strength, which directly rolled towards Li Qingshan.

This epoch immortal is clearly stronger than the previous ones.

Li Qingshan remembers clearly that he also participated in the siege of Big Brother Bai, and in the end, he survived and was not engulfed by the Six Paths of Reincarnation.

A loud collision, between the purple lance and the giant sword, will definitely damage one person.

Li Qingshan In this second, the realm loosened, from the Immortal Monarch realm, directly across to Passing Era Immortal.

He poured all his energy into the giant sword.

The giant sword absorbed Li Qingshan’s energy, and the next second, the strikes directly forcibly on the purple lance.


This time, the purple lance collapsed into pieces on the spot!

It is as gorgeous as fireworks, like a meteorite rain flying all directions, every piece is deadly.

“Impossible!” The epoch immortal roared, his eyes widened in disbelief, Li Qingshan actually crossed the Immortal Monarch realm and came to the Passing Era Immortal realm in a short period of time.

After entering Passing Era Immortal, Li Qingshan’s strength has increased hundreds of times.

Now he is not Zu Xian.

He’s Passing Era Immortal!

Although realm can’t compare to epoch immortal, Li Qingshan crushed them in terms of strength.

Because, he has three thousand Grand Dao.

Because, he has mysterious giant sword.

Because, he has max-level comprehension.

Li Qingshan slashed out with a sword, his face was grim, with the giant sword in his hand, he slashed out a blow of the tyrannical Jedi and moved towards all directions.

“Grand Dao Azure Dragon!”

Li Qingshan’s sword swept through Six Directions and Eight Desolates, shaking the sky and the earth, and shot out with one sword, flying directly out of two thousand nine One hundred and ninety-nine Grand Dao Azure Dragon.





Grand Dao Azure Dragon roars, so There were heavy casualties.

A Grand Dao Azure Dragon is very terrifying.

Now, there are 2,999 articles in this battlefield.

Insane looting!

There are two hundred thousand troops guarding the city of Emperor Pass 81, there are dozens of epoch immortals, and hundreds of Passing Era Immortals, not to mention those Immortal Monarchs. Zu Xian refused.

The list goes on and on!

This is a terrifying force, a force that can destroy the Emperor Pass.

But now, under Li Qingshan’s Grand Dao Azure Dragon, all the experts transformed into a bloody mist and exploded directly,

Li Qingshan was holding the giant sword , specifically looking for those Passing Era Immortal and epoch immortal.

Meet one, the giant sword slams down directly, the sword kills the opponent, and the giant sword sucks the soul.

Li Qingshan also encountered resistance, and this group of people would not admit defeat so easily.

Because admitting defeat means dying.

They fought back and kept shooting, playing Passing Era Immortal and epoch immortal.

But Li Qingshan is too terrifying.

His own strength surpasses Passing Era Immortal of the same realm by at least 3,000 times. The superposition of this multiple makes it easier for him to kill epoch immortal.

In the face of these three races fighting back, Li Qingshan will naturally not show mercy.

He wields the giant sword and is invincible.

In the battlefield of slaughter, his long sword dances with the wind, and his sword qi is like snow and frost.

The cool brilliance of the giant sword swept out and went straight to the sky, eight thousandand zhang, shocking people, killing some timid three races coalition army deserters.

“You, none of you can escape!” Li Qingshan said coldly.

Li Qingshan didn’t want to let go of the three races coalition forces in the city of Emperor Pass 81.

At this time, he released all the accumulation of over 1,800 years of his own perceptions. Under the sword of Li Qingshan, epoch immortal was like a child.

Walking with strides, killing with strides.

In just a quarter of an hour, Li Qingshan and the 2,999 Grand Dao True Dragons slaughtered the 200,000-strong army.

At this moment, the setting sun is like blood.

The ground was full of corpses, blood flowing into a river, immortal fell, Li Qingshan fought a hundred battles in the yellow sand, and extreme terror erupted.

He himself was covered in blood, filled with baleful aura, but it was someone else’s, Li Qingshan stood alone in this 200,000 immortal cemetery, his face was calm, he stretched out his hand to patted the void, the void cracked open A mouth, spit out a coffin.

General Bai was buried in the coffin.

Li Qingshan looked at Big Brother Bai and said softly, “big brother, I avenged you. Next, I will take you home and bury you in your hometown.”


But his voice landed, and in the distant sky, a Dao Body shadow flew over, carrying an extremely terrifying imposing manner, rumbling down.


“How dare you to slaughter my 200,000 troops of the three races coalition?” said.

He was full of blood energy, a black iron coat covered his strong body, the bronze halberd held in his hand, the murderous aura cracked the sky, full of oppression.

His imposing manner made Heaven and Earth rumble and Li Qingshan felt the pressure.

This is not the Passing Era Immortal, nor the epoch immortal.

He’s the Immortal King!

Li Qingshan was shocked and finally came out of the true powerhouse.

He whispered: “big brother, wait a moment, let me try, can I slaughter the Immortal King!”

Li Qingshan pushed General Bai into the void again, Hiding, he confronted the Immortal King himself.

“You’re late, they’re all dead.” Li Qingshan was covered in blood and had a few drops on his face, he reached out and wiped it away, said.

“Who are you, a Passing Era Immortal, who can slaughter two hundred thousand three races coalition forces?” The Saint said grimly, the killing intent made no secret.

“I’m your commander.” Li Qingshan said resolutely, he stared at Immortal King with high killing intent, he didn’t want to back down, he wanted to give it a try.

How much is the gap between yourself and Immortal King?

Or, there is no gap between them?

“Impudent, if you killed an army of 200,000 people, then take your own life to make up for it.” Immortal King’s eyes were cold, his murderous intention was revealed, and he reprimanded and wanted to do it himself.

The bronze halberd in his hand trembled slightly, bursting out rays of light, this is not an ordinary weapon, he has surpassed the general Immortal Artifact.

Immortal King Weapon!

Like Emperor Grand Dao Weapon, Immortal King Weapon is unique to Immortal King Realm, very terrifying, beyond Immortal Artifact.

“I didn’t pay attention to this city. You slaughtered 200,000 troops. Now I will avenge them.” The Immortal King said coldly, the bronze halberd pointed directly at Li Qingshan.


The energy bursting from the bronze halberd can crush the sky in one go, Immortal King is still terrifying.

But Li Qingshan was fearless, he took a deep breath and shouted directly.

“What about the Immortal King, I’ll kill you!”

Li Qingshan’s fighting intent burst forth, he took one step forward, the Grand Dao Azure Dragon in his body roared, making Heaven and Earth change , the situation has faded.

Grand Dao Azure Dragon is like a monarch on a cruise, watching all the order in the world.

And Li Qingshan killed 200,000 people, accumulating an imposing manner that is invincible.

At this moment, Li Qingshan seemed to be an Immortal King. He carried the giant sword and directly killed him.

The real Immortal King is covered in armor, only his eyes are cold and threatening.


The bronze halberd in his hand swept over, directly crushing the void, Immortal King’s invincible imposing manner shocked the soul.

He doesn’t believe that Li Qingshan, the Passing Era Immortal, can defeat his Immortal King!

Li Qingshan was very calm and fearless, the giant sword in his hand slashed forward with a bang.

Suddenly sword qi was boundless, hiding the sky and covering the earth, like a hanging heavenly river falling, grand and magnificent, shocking people.

This is the ultimate powerhouse confrontation. It is a rare match of the dragon wars, the tiger battles, and a world-shattering duel.

Li Qingshan defeated Immortal King Realm with Passing Era Immortal realm.


Li Qingshan raised the giant sword and placed it on the smashed bronze halberd. The Grand Dao diffused from their bodies, each of them shining brightly, branded under the sky, very beautiful.

Li Qingshan’s three thousand Grand Dao burst out together, which is extremely terrifying. His understanding of Grand Dao can be said to be the ultimate.

Now his simple blows, random swords, all contain Heaven and Earth wisdom.

He slashed down with a single sword, bursting out a World Strength, evolving everything in this world, which is Li Qingshan’s understanding of Grand Dao, which has been the ultimate embodiment, raising his hand is the collision of “Dao”.


The giant sword collided with the bronze halberd, creating a huge impact. This time, Li Qingshan did not have the upper hand, and was beaten by the bronze halberd and took a few steps back. .

It was these few steps that made the Immortal King’s eyes cold, clenched the bronze halberd in his hand, and said, “You want to compete with the Immortal King, overestimate one’s capabilities!”

“Overestimate one’s capabilities?” Li Qingshan sneered, the giant sword in his hand was hanging on the ground, he lifted it up with one foot, and the giant sword went straight out.

“I want you to see what extreme self-confidence is.” Li Qingshan shot at this moment.

The giant sword was raised, the sword glow threw out, and the murderous aura was vast, like a snowfall rushing out.

This battle is unavoidable, Immortal King’s Clouds rising in the ten directions, wisps of killing light burst out, vigorous, and the traces of Dao are intertwined.


The two turned into two rays of light, fought for 400 rounds in a blink of an eye, fought a heaven falls and earth rends, Big Dipper Turns and Stars Move, all kinds of natural Phenomenon abounds.


Li Qingshan seized the opportunity, thrust his sword into the sky, penetrated the sky, and fought the Immortal King.

Li Qingshan’s eyes flashed with ruthless coldness.

The giant sword is clank, and the sword qi is tens of thousands of layers.


His sword was as heavy as a mountain. Instead of slashing it, he slapped it down and smashed Heaven and Earth to pieces.

Immortal King was not polite, he looked at Li Qingshan coldly: “You are courting death yourself, I will fulfill you!”


This is a kind of mighty power, the bronze halberd fiercely strikes, like a piece of Star Domain smashed down, and the ancient star behind it turns. The Star River flows and is awe-inspiring.

Li Qingshan is also welcome, the long sword in his hand is clanging, colliding with the bronze halberd continuously, dazzling and dazzling, the murderous aura is like a stormy sea.

β€œImmortal King, also merely this.”

Li Qingshan laughed heartily.

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