Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 111


Chapter 111 Return to Hometown (Subscribe)

Li Qingshan and Immortal King fight.

He the more fights the more brave is, with the strength of Passing Era Immortal, he shook the Immortal King.

At first he was still at a disadvantage, but as he was playing, Li Qingshan discovered that the Immortal King was not that powerful.

He gradually became fiercer.

At this moment, in front of Emperor Pass 81, Li Qingshan was imposing in a terrifying manner, surrounded by 2,999 Grand Dao Azure Dragons, setting him off like the Lord of Ten Thousand Dragons.

Immortal King is very powerful, but in front of Li Qingshan, he is just as shocked. Looking at the lifelike Grand Dao Azure Dragon roaring and roaring around Li Qingshan, there is a hint of shock in his eyes, loudly shouted: “You are In Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield, the person who got the Qin Ling Great Emperor Emperor Scripture.”

The Immortal King recognized Li Qingshan, the killing intent in his eyes was even more terrifying, this person not only controlled so much Grand Dao, and Qin Ling Great Emperor’s Emperor Scripture, he will kill it.

At this moment, the void is roaring, this is a kind of terrifying dao fruit built by Immortal King, suddenly, his body is infinitely taller, reaching ten thousand zhang, standing in this sky, Even pierced through the sky and went deep into the Universe Galaxy, dive might be unparalleled.

He evolved the vast sky with himself, making himself the only Sovereign, but destroying myriad things, the bronze halberd fell.


At this moment, the Star River collapsed, the sky was shattered, everything was chaotic, shaking the sky, very terrifying.

In his Xingyu world, everything is ants and dust, Immortal King really broke out the strongest battle strength.

“The will of the Immortal King, no one can reverse it!” At this moment, his words were like thunder, shaking the world, and letting many Peak experts spy on everything.

They were shocked to find that an Immortal King burst into full strength, fighting a Passing Era Immortal.


Passing Era Immortal?

The people who snooped over were all question marks on their faces.

You are an Immortal King.

Hit a Passing Era Immortal, and it exploded with full strength.

Is this true?

The gap between Passing Era Immortal and Immortal King is bigger than the gap between Human Immortal and Zu Xian.

How did you do it?

The countless prying eyes couldn’t understand, they stared closely, observing all around, the next second, they were shocked to see the body covering the mountains and plains.

The 200,000 troops of the three races coalition were slaughtered, and the person who shot was the Immortal King’s opponent, a Passing Era Immortal.

At this moment, I don’t know how many people were shocked. Looking at this scene, they knew why the Immortal King was so angry.

“This is the Emperor Pass. The three races coalition forces raided the Emperor Pass and directly captured the Emperor Pass. This Emperor Pass 81 city, stationed with 200,000 troops, was slaughtered like this?”

“This is the Emperor Pass. p>

“I know this Immortal King. He is a young Immortal King from Demon Race. Although he is new to Immortal King Realm, he cannot be underestimated. His strength is very terrifying. He should be this time three The leader of the allied army of races.”

“Who is the one who fought fiercely with him, too afraid right? After slaughtering two hundred thousand allied forces of three races, he can still fight with Immortal King inextricably, and he It’s the Passing Era Immortal realm.”

“The Azure Dragon surrounds him, with the breath of Grand Dao, all of which are condensed by Grand Dao. Too terrifying.”

“Three thousand Grand Dao in his hand, he is the evildoer who got the Qin Ling Great Emperor Dao scripture in Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield.”

“It turned out to be It’s him, why is he here?”

“This Emperor Pass is from the Immortal Court, is this person from the Immortal Court?”

“The Immortal Court is going from bad to worse, gradually declining , there has been no shocking and stunning genius for many years, how can this person be the Immortal Court person?”

“Continue to observe and see who will win the fight between him and the Demon Race Immortal King. Who loses?”

Countless Peak experts exchanged thoughts in the void, expressed their guesses, and instantly guessed Li Qingshan’s identity.

They watched the war raging, the Grand Dao roared, and the world turned into chaos.

Li Qingshan was carrying the giant sword, surrounded by three thousand Grand Dao, constantly hacking and attacking with the Demon Race Immortal King.

Demon Race Immortal King’s ultimate attack, in front of Li Qingshan, did not even split the Grand Dao Azure Dragon, Li Qingshan carried the Grand Dao Azure Dragon, more and more powerful.


He also rushed into the universe, stood on the Star River, then raised the giant sword, his face was cold, and he gritted his teeth: “Heaven Severing Drawing Sword Technique!”

This is following him from Human World, killing enemies all the way, and after rushing into Immortal World, Heaven Severing Drawing Sword Technique has long been unable to keep up and was gradually eliminated.

But Li Qingshan still remembers.

The Heaven Severing Drawing Sword Technique he is currently performing is the same as the previous Heaven Severing Drawing Sword Technique except for the name, but the core has been changed.

This is the nirvana that Li Qingshan comprehends himself, and it is named Heaven Severing Drawing Sword Technique.

He held the giant sword high, his face was cold, his whole body was imposing in a turbulent manner, surging out, rippling in the galaxy, very beautiful.




At this moment, the 2,999 Grand Prix that surrounded Li Qingshan before Dao Azure Dragon, flew like a fly, made a deafening roar, and rushed into the giant sword.

Li Qingshan held the giant sword, and was separated from Demon Race Immortal King by a galaxy, a million li distance, Demon Race Immortal King suddenly roared, sound waves like waves, grandiose, rushed over.

Li Qingshan gathered all his strength. I heard the world talk and knew that the Demon Race Immortal King was the head coach of the three races coalition forces at this time and the Big Brother Bai he ordered to kill.

Li Qingshan’s face was grim, and he didn’t leave it at all. All his strength was poured into the giant sword.

“I only have one sword!”

“It’s just this sword, it’s worth a million li!”

Li Qingshan’s expression was calm, and he learned from the Human World , said the same thing.

Then, he slashed out with a sword.

This sword took all of Li Qingshan’s power and attached 2,999 Grand Dao Azure Dragons.

Li Qingshan’s body was dry, he had no power at all, he didn’t even see the ending, he fell directly from the Milky Way towards Immortal World.

This is a blow that brings together all his strength, plus the sharpness of the giant sword, it must be able to cut the opponent.

Li Qingshan believes in three thousand Grand Dao.

Li Qingshan believes in Qingqing’s giant sword.

As expected, as Li Qingshan fell, a dazzling sword glow, condensed extremely powerful power, cut through the silent Star River, and directly let the Demon Race Immortal King standing in the Milky Way, in an instant. Head separated.

The head of Demon Race Immortal King flew away, looking at him unwillingly. His Primordial Spirit wanted to break through the shackles and reshape his body. He was the Immortal King, how could he be killed so easily?

But at this moment, a ray of gray rays of light emerged from the sword qi that attacked his body, in a flash, rushed into the Primordial Spirit of the Demon Race Immortal King, and devoured it directly.

“No! No!…how do you have Power of Ashes?” The Demon Race Immortal King uttered an angry roar in desperation, but it was drowned out among the stars.

Li Qingshan, kill an Immortal King!

This result is extremely shocking, and no one dares to believe that those who snooped were all like ducks strangled by their necks, unable to make a sound.

It’s scary.

A Passing Era Immortal, killed an Immortal King.

Is the Immortal King too rubbish, or is the Passing Era Immortal too powerful?

Watching Li Qingshan fall into the Immortal World, some people in the group of prying eyes immediately felt agitated.

Take advantage of his illness and kill him!

Some forces that have a grudge against Immortal Court are even more excited. They are determined not to allow it. Immortal Court once again appears, such a terrifying genius.

The world likes to call geniuses Great Emperor aptitude. For example, if a genius’s innate talent is amazing, then everyone will say that this person has Great Emperor aptitude.

But now, Li Qingshan is not called by this word.

A veteran Immortal King expert saw this battle and was amazed at Li Qingshan’s power and terrifying, overwhelmed by emotions, and directly said: “Where is the Great Emperor aptitude, this is the Young Great Emperor , within three hundred years, he will be the new Great Emperor.”

As soon as these words came out, countless experts were in an uproar.

Because of this Immortal World, no one has broken through the Immortal Emperor for 10,000 years.

The last breakthrough Emperor was the Great Zhou Emperor 10,000 years ago. He created the Great Zhou Empire and governed a large area of Immortal World. He was a region’s Overlord.

Since the Great Zhou Emperor, no one has broken through the Emperor in Immortal World.

Even the most talented people can’t break through. The Immortal Kings have been looking for answers for 10,000 years.

If this is said from someone else’s mouth, it is very unconvincing.

But it was an Immortal King who said this.

A veteran Immortal King, after years of baptism, everyone naturally believes what he says.

So, those fumbling forces act instantly.


When Li Qingshan fell to Immortal World, a sword light cut through the space and landed directly here, moved towards Li Qingshan.

Very terrifying.

This sword is Murder Dao, the way of raiding, the way of assassin, and the instant killing of Grand Dao…

The person who shot it is very terrifying, definitely not immortal. , the world watched, only saw the sword glow, and saw nothing else.

“This is a Killing Saint!”

Just now he praised Li Qingshan as the old Immortal King of the young Emperor, he exclaimed and felt incredible.

The world didn’t have time to ask anything. In a flash, they only saw a sword qi and attacked Li Qingshan.

No nonsense.

No imposing manner.

There is no killing intent.


One hit kills.

That’s the strength of Killing Saint.

Li Qingshan sensed the danger and heard the exclamation of the old Immortal King, and knew that the one who attacked and killed him was a Killing Saint.

He tried desperately to escape.

But, to no avail.

He had exhausted everything he could to kill the leader of the three races coalition.

Now that the Killing Saint is attacking, Li Qingshan has no escape.

At this crucial moment, Li Qingshan’s giant sword had been ignored all the time, and suddenly a gray power spewed out, and there appeared an Immortal King’s Primordial Spirit.

The giant sword directly detonated the Immortal King Primordial Spirit.

bang! ! !

This time, directly between Heaven and Earth, everything was destroyed.

81 Emperor Passes.

1.5 million army.

The Primordial Spirit of those peepers.

And, Killing Saint’s sword qi.

With the explosion of an Immortal King’s Primordial Spirit, all were gone.

Li Qingshan was also almost destroyed. Fortunately, the giant sword blocked the impact with its huge sword body, and with Li Qingshan, with this huge strength, he was pushed to the horizon, Killing Saint lost it directly. target.


After Immortal King’s Primordial Spirit exploded, the void was like a rag, full of pits, wounds, black holes…

between Heaven and Earth, filled with gunpowder smoke.

An old man with a hunched back appeared, brows slightly wrinkle, and said, “The power just now seems to be… the power in the ashes?”

He wasn’t sure.

He needs to investigate carefully.

“You can run the first year of junior high school, but you can’t run the fifteenth year, and you must always be on guard when you are targeted by a killer.”

“Especially when the killer is an Immortal King. It’s time!”

The hunched old man said calmly, his body disappeared into the void.

This is a peerless explosion that everyone didn’t expect.

The group of people who spied on the battle were invariably damaged Divine Soul, the difference was just how much.

After all, an Immortal King’s Primordial Spirit exploded, triggering the power of the entire Heaven and Earth.

They were out of touch and were directly injured.

Even the old Immortal King was scared of a shivered, Immortal King Primordial Spirit self-destruct, it came too suddenly, without warning, like the appearance of the Killing Saint, it was also very quiet , silently.

When the explosion ended, everyone came back cautiously, intending to continue to spy, but found that this world was in a mess, and the explosion destroyed everything.

It was devastated, with corpses everywhere.

This is the scene after the war, which makes people sigh.

“With such a big impact, is that “Young Great Emperor” still alive?” someone asked.

“We were all injured and affected by such a big impact in the border area. How much energy do they in the Central Zone have to bear?”

“Immortal King The self-destruct Primordial Spirit is indeed very scary, but why would the Demon Race Immortal King self-destruct Primordial Spirit?”

“I also want to know this question.”

This For a moment, everyone invariably looked towards the veteran Immortal King, hoping for an explanation.

The veteran Immortal King immediately said: “Two people will not die, but they will be injured. It is estimated that the Killing Saint is very angry, he can’t kill the “Young Great Emperor”, and the explosion is too terrifying , directly pulled the distance between the two people.”

“Sure enough terrifying, it didn’t kill them, too terrifying.”

“Indeed, we have to investigate carefully, Look at the status of this person in Immortal Court?”


Li Qingshan was weak and was attacked by the Killing Saint, thinking he would die.

But didn’t expect, the giant sword suddenly acted autonomously and saved Li Qingshan’s life.

The giant sword detonated the Immortal King Primordial Spirit, and then detonated, using its huge body to support Li Qingshan’s weak body, and then the explosion sent the two people directly outside the million li.

The giant sword protected Li Qingshan the whole time to make sure he wasn’t hurt.

Li Qingshan fell into a big mountain, smashing a large mountain peak, and then stopped, lying in the big pit, covered in dirt, looked pale.

The giant sword stood aside, very quiet, without a single movement.

There are no traces on the giant sword, but Li Qingshan knows that the spirituality in the giant sword has dissipated a lot. It is obvious that he saved him just now and paid a certain price.

Li Qingshan was lying in the big pit with no strength in his body. He didn’t want to move, he just absorbed Immortal Qi crazily to make up for the loss in his body.


It started to rain suddenly.

The rain fell on Li Qingshan’s face, pouring him into a soup. Li Qingshan absorbed one hour of Immortal Qi before regaining some strength, endured the pain in his body, barely got up, and in the torrential rain, picked up Played the giant sword.

“This time, I was really hurt, my body was empty, and it was very difficult to recover. It took a long time to repair. Sure enough, I killed the Immortal King, but it was still difficult. If it wasn’t for the help of the giant sword, this time would definitely be Can’t be killed.”

Li Qingshan is self-aware and knows his own strength, so he can’t completely kill an Immortal King.

It’s the giant sword that provides the last bit of power.

Now his body is empty, he can’t even put the giant sword into his body, Li Qingshan can’t help shaking his head, he can only drag the giant sword and walk on the muddy mountain.

“I’m going to take out Big Brother Bai’s coffin and bring it back to his hometown.” Li Qingshan thought as he walked, that he was in a great embarrassment right now. With his own strength, he couldn’t handle this matter.

How imposing he was in Emperor Pass before, how embarrassed he is now.

Li Qingshan walked into a cave and was soaked wet. He wiped the rain off his face, and then endured the severe pain and sat cross-legged. He began to absorb Immortal Qi seriously.

At this moment, Heaven and Earth Immortal Qi was madly absorbed into the body, forming a hurricane vortex in the mountain forest and swallowed by Li Qingshan into the body.

In Li Qingshan’s Sea of Consciousness, the Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture also glowed slightly, exuding warm power, wandering around Li Qingshan’s body.

This made Li Qingshan feel a little more comfortable.

In this way, after three days of repairing, Li Qingshan was relieved and regained a little strength.

He stopped absorbing Immortal Qi, and with a little strength recovered, he put the giant sword into the dantian within his body.

“I will make up for what you lost in order to save me.” Li Qingshan said firmly.

The giant sword didn’t respond.

Li Qingshan didn’t mind either. He used all his strength to set up a space-time channel.

End of the aisle, Immortal Court Academy!

Li Qingshan painstakingly portrayed in the cave, and then instilled all his recovered strength, the whole person fell into the space channel.

The next second, he fell directly into his small courtyard.

Li Qingshan gasped in embarrassment, looked at everything he was familiar with, and then relaxed, he finally came back, this time it was safe.

“How did you become like this?” At this time, Daoist Long came quickly and asked Li Qingshan, who was lying on the ground, looking pale, dying, turned pale in fright.

“Help me up, the ground is very cold.” Li Qingshan said weakly.

Daoist Long immediately helped Li Qingshan up, lay on the rocking chair, and carefully checked Li Qingshan’s body.

“The strength of your body is overdrawn, you have no strength at all, not only Immortal Qi, but also the strength of your muscles is completely overdrawn.” Daoist Long looked at Li Qingshan in shock: “You just rely on He overdrawn his body and killed an Immortal King?”

Li Qingshan closed his eyes and said softly, “It’s spread all over the world now?”

“Of course.” Daoist Long said loudly, the next second, he seemed to realize that his voice was too excited. Seeing Li Qingshan frown, he immediately lowered his voice and said, “Now the whole Immortal World is boiling, so everyone is talking about this matter, No one knows, no one knows?”

“You are famous, everyone is talking about it, and everyone will soon discover your identity and name.”

“I really didn’t expect, you really solved the Emperor Pass crisis alone, all the 1.5 million three races coalition forces were killed, you will be hunted down by the three races coalition in the future, they will definitely treat you as A thorn in the eye, a thorn in the flesh, will not make you grow up.”

Daoist Long said quickly, he was very excited, and was really shocked by Li Qingshan.

He knew that Li Qingshan was very difficult to deal with, and he also knew that Li Qingshan had been accumulating strength, but he really didn’t expect that Li Qingshan was so crazy that he killed the Immortal King.

Li Qingshan guessed softly: “I’ll talk about things in the future. The wind and rain outside won’t interfere with me. The most urgent task now is to restore my strength.”

Daoist Long’s excitement weakened, and seriously nodded said: “You’re right, the top priority now is to help you regain your strength. I’ll go get the dive medicine for Daoist.”

Daoist Long said It disappeared after finishing, and appeared in the next second, holding a lot of medicine ingredients, all of which are extremely rare medicine ingredients on the market, dive medicine, very rare.

He put his mind on Li Qingshan’s side and said, “You take it first, if it’s not enough, I’ll have it there.”

Li Qingshan said with satisfaction: “Enough is enough, Will you stretch it for a long time?”

Daoist Long thought for a while and said, “It’s not good to stretch it too much, I didn’t understand Time Grand Dao, but it’s okay to stretch it for two months. “

Li Qingshan said with satisfaction: “It’s enough, one day stretches to two months, and it won’t take long for me to fully recover.”

“That’s okay, I Now help you to stretch for a long time.” Daoist Long said immediately.

“Wait a minute, help me investigate something.” Li Qingshan stopped Daoist Long.

“You said.” Daoist Long looked at Li Qingshan.

“Help me investigate where General Bai’s hometown is. After I recover, I will send his soul back to his hometown.” Li Qingshan said softly.

β€œWhere is General Bai’s body?” Daoist Long said curiously.

β€œI was stored in the exile space,” Li Qingshan said.

“Okay, no problem, I’ll help you investigate, is there anything else?” Daoist Long asked.

“Finally, after I killed the Demon Race Immortal King, a Killing Saint appeared in the void and almost killed me. Who is he?” Li Qingshan asked.

Daoist Long’s face froze, and he said seriously: “He should be the killer of Human World, specializing in assassinating the peerless genius of Immortal Court!”

Li Qingshan said curiously: “Human World? “

He doesn’t seem to have offended any organization, right?

Daoist Long explained in detail: “It’s not your problem, it’s the Immortal Court’s problem.”

“Worldly Immortal is an Assassin Organization, in the underground world of Immortal World, very Famous because they have other Immortal King Level killers, they will take some tasks, earn some things, and develop their organization.”

“In Human World, there are other Immortal King Level killers, of course. , and some people say that there is an Emperor in it.”

“The biggest purpose of the Lord of Human World is to subvert the Immortal Court!”

“So it’s not that you are offended by the killing of the Killing Saint. He, because you are from Immortal Court, you show such terrifying strength and innate talent, they will kill you naturally.”

Daoist Long explained in detail.

Li Qingshan frowned, didn’t expect such a story.

“Why does Human World have such a deep hatred with Immortal Court?” Li Qingshan asked in confusion.

“I don’t know about that. Anyway, the killers of Human World have hunted down a lot of Immortal Court’s geniuses over the years. They also have a credit for the current decline of Immortal Court, which makes people hate gnash. the teeth.” Daoist Long shook his head.

“This is really a disaster, I almost died.” Li Qingshan helplessly sighed then said.

“Human World is an assassin in the dark night, you can’t guard against it, but you are back at Immortal Court Academy now, and we will protect you in the future.” Daoist Long said firmly.

“Long time, I’m going to take a good retreat to repair my body.” Li Qingshan said softly.

Long nod

Daoist Long, stretched out his hand for a long time, one day outside, two months inside, Li Qingshan can recover with peace of mind

The diving medicine, Heaven and Earth Treasure, and some medicine pills that Daoist Long brought to him, he inhaled them all into his stomach, and then the Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture in Sea of Consciousness started to work with a thud .

Li Qingshan’s injuries are slowly being repaired.

During the prolonged period of time, Immortal Qi surged frantically, rolled towards Li Qingshan, and the pores all over his body were absorbing, endlessly, making up for the depleted body.

Li Qingshan’s recovery, naked eye is visible.

Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture chanted, the Sanskrit was hot, branded in Li Qingshan’s body, and the broken tendons were repaired.

Li Qingshan once again discovered the other side of Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture.

A line of words appeared before his eyes.

[You earnestly repair, stimulate max-level comprehension, and comprehend the Core Profound Truth of Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture! 】

Li Qingshan is overjoyed, Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture and Core Profound Truth?

From the very beginning cultivation, he obtained Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture in Human World. Along the way, other cultivation techniques could not keep up with his progress, only one Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture, from start to finish accompany him.

The original Great River Sword Qi is useless now.

The original Heaven Severing Drawing Sword Technique has now been remade by Li Qingshan. Except for the same name, everything else is different.

The original Kunpeng Treasure Art is now fully integrated into the speed Grand Dao.

There is only one Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture that works from beginning to end.

Every once in a while, Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture surprises Li Qingshan.

In the Human World, in the Great Thunder Sound Temple, the Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture also evolved once.

Now in Immortal World, Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture has evolved again.

Li Qingshan was very satisfied with the evolution of Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture. He quickly checked, what exactly is the Core Profound Truth of Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture?

Buddha Ancestor of Space and Time!

The Core Profound Truth of Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture has only these four words.

Li Qingshan was taken aback, what kind of Core Profound Truth is this?

But the next second, in his Sea of Consciousness, with a thud, a Buddha appeared, very strong, and sat down, directly splashing boundless waves.

The Buddha is ten thousand zhang high, standing in the Sea of Consciousness in Li Qingshan, and his body is covered with Sanskrit characters. Li Qingshan knows these Sanskrit characters and translates them, which are related to time and space.

Li Qingshan took a closer look. This Buddha had his eyes closed, his hands hung down on his thighs, and his posture was calm. He didn’t have the three faces before, this was a normal Buddha.

“The Sanskrit script engraved on this Buddha is the Grand Dao that records all the time and space!” Li Qingshan looked at him in surprise.

Some of these Sanskrit words he can understand, but some he can’t understand, that is the time of the proven Space Grand Dao.

“This is at least beyond the Immortal King Realm, the time to reach the Emperor level Space Grand Dao.” Li Qingshan muttered.

There was only one question in his mind.

What is the origin of this Buddha?

“The Core Profound Truth of the Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture is the Buddha of Time and Space. Before, I didn’t know what the Buddha of Time and Space meant, but now, I understand that this great Buddha is probably the Buddha of Time and Space.” Li Qingshan thought silently.

However, what is the origin of the time-space Buddha?

Is he alive now, or has he fallen?

These Li Qingshan don’t know anything about it.

“Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture should be the Buddha of time and space, so there is a very terrifying Buddha in my mind.”

“But since Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture comes from So powerful, how did he fall into the Human World?”

Li Qingshan was very curious about the origin of the Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture.

He wanted to figure it out.

But no matter how committed he is, there is no way to activate the max-level comprehension again.

Li Qingshan had no choice but to give up.

Fortunately, that ten thousand zhang Buddha was in the Sea of Consciousness in Li Qingshan, safe and sound.

But Li Qingshan was worried that there was an extra Buddha in his Sea of Consciousness.

The previous Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture Buddha, that is all illusory shadow, is the condensation of Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture.

Now this one Buddha, flesh and blood, is real, like an ancient Buddha Ancestor, Li Qingshan is naturally worried.

But in the next second, this Buddha’s real body, exuding Buddha’s radiance, washed away Li Qingshan’s whole body, and repaired his injury completely, making Li Qingshan’s whole body feel comfortable, as if soaked in water. In the spiritual spring under Mount Meru, it can be sealed as Buddha Ancestor Bodhisattva in the next second.

“This…my injury has completely recovered.” Li Qingshan was surprised to find that the injury, which would take at least ten years to recover, was directly recovered under the Buddha’s radiance of Buddha Ancestor of Space and Time.

This is more powerful than any dive medicine.

Li Qingshan got up, moved his hands and feet, and was very flexible. The injuries in his body were repaired directly without leaving any scars, and he was as clean as ever.

Li Qingshan decisively absorbed Immortal Qi crazily, rumbling, rolling Immortal Qi poured into his body, filling the dry sea all at once.

Li Qingshan is full of blood and resurrected.

He directly untied the time extension, walked out of the whole person, jumped up, rushed into the waterfall, and washed himself.

The mountain spring water splashed down from the waterfall was very cold, Li Qingshan washed his body, Immortal Qi changed, a white black cloth was put on his body, he stepped out and stood on the top of the mountain, feeling in a good mood. excellent.

Li Qingshan’s favorable impression of Buddha Ancestor of Space and Time, plus one point.

Currently, the favorability is two points out of one hundred.

“It’s only been a few days, you’ve recovered completely?” Daoist Long’s voice came, surprised.

Li Qingshan also looked at him in surprise: “You didn’t leave?”

Daoist Long was right next to Li Qingshan’s yard, building a hut and guarding it.

“I don’t dare to leave. You said that Killing Saint attacked you. Naturally, I will protect the way myself.” Daoist Long said.

Li Qing jokingly said: “Didn’t you say that Immortal Court Academy is very safe?”

Daoist Long looked embarrassed and said: “The concept of safety is never absolutely safe, There is only relative safety. In the past, Immortal Court Academy did not assassinate students. That group of students is not qualified to be assassinated, so it is very safe.”

“But now, your existence makes others jealous Your eyes are red, especially now that the outside world calls you Young Great Emperor, you are about to break the shackles of ten thousand years, new Immortal Emperor, you are also Immortal Court person, these factors add up, your risk factor is straight line Rise.”

“If I were the enemy of Immortal Court, knowing that there was a genius like you in Immortal Court, I would not be able to sleep, sleep and sleep, and must kill you, so I can rest assured.”


“So, I’m not surprised that Killing Saint came this time.”

Daoist Long explained carefully.

Li Qingshan looked at Daoist Long gently, smiled, and said gratefully: “many thanks for your protection.”

“You are my Immortal Co

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