Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 112


Chapter 112 Six Paths of Reincarnation (Subscribe)

Immortal World, Eastern Wilderness.

Immortal Court governs the most fertile driving area of Immortal World, there are four major areas, Eastern Wilderness is one of them.

Eastern Wilderness, Western Ridge, Southern Domain, Northland.

These four areas have a huge range. Ordinary immortals may go back and forth in their lifetime.

In addition to these four core areas, there are other worlds that are attached to Immortal World, such as Human World, which are all dominated by Immortal Court.

During the Peak period, the Immortal Court almost ruled the entire Immortal World, but later, it slowly declined, and now, there are only these four regions.

However, the four major regions are now very unstable, and chaos has occurred in many regions. The rule of the Immortal Court has declined a lot and cannot control such a large area.

Of course, Eastern Wilderness is slightly better, after all Immortal Court is based in Eastern Wilderness.

The Eastern Wilderness is huge, with many races, countless mountains, and some idyllic places.

Immortal World has a large population, but not all of them are immortal.

Some people are born with poor innate talent. Even if they are in Immortal World, they absorb Immortal Qi and nourish their bodies, and their innate conditions are very good, but they cannot break through Immortal Realm in their entire lives.

These people can’t live in big cities. After all, the Immortal World is big and difficult to live in, so they are in the wild, in the mountain range, in some beautiful places, and they have opened up small villages and gradually developed. Some became towns, and some became a small family group.

immortal has immortal ways of living, and those who are not immortal also have their own ways of living.

General Bai came from such a small place. Li Qingshan looked at the map given by Daoist Long and was about to leave Immortal Court Academy and moved towards Eastern Wilderness.

Before leaving, Daoist Long said to Li Qingshan: “For those of us who come from small places, our homeland has long since changed. It’s been too long, 10,000 years ago, the place 20,000 years ago, after years of baptism, has long changed its appearance. You went to the homeland of General Bai, and don’t be surprised if you see that the appearance has completely changed, it’s been too long. “

Li Qingshan is silent, that’s right, General Bai lived for more than 20,000 years, the blue sea turned into mulberry fields, everything changed.

The homeland he was thinking about was the homeland 20,000 years ago.

Li Qingshan looked at Daoist Long and said, “I didn’t expect you to come from a small place.”

“Like you, we all came from a small place. The only difference is that you ascended from Human World, and I grew up in Immortal World.”

“I also wanted to find my homeland and the memories of that time, but I found that the old village, It’s been a long time ago, maybe it was an earthquake, maybe it was a fight, maybe it was a relocation of people, or maybe it was something else…”

“The old village will never come back.”

Daoist Long sighed, he waved his hand away, and told Li Qingshan to be careful along the way, not to have too much hope.

Li Qingshan watched Daoist Long leave the back, silent for a moment, Tearing Space, and left Immortal Court Academy.

In the past, Immortal Court Academy had Formation and bans, so people couldn’t break in or leave.

But Li Qingshan is different, his strength is enough to ignore these.

Outsiders can also enter the Tearing Space as long as they find the coordinates of Immortal Court Academy.


Li Qingshan Tearing Space, caused the storm to surge, and left Immortal Court Academy with him.

He entered the Eastern Wilderness.

Then all the way to Tearing Space, moved towards the place on the map.

Li Qingshan’s current speed, compared to before, is no longer an order of magnitude.

Before Li Qingshan needed to go back and forth in the Transmission Formation, but now he doesn’t need it anymore. He goes directly to the Tearing Space and descends to the next coordinate.

He has a deep understanding of Space Grand Dao, and these are all pediatrics.

Li Qingshan traveled this time, spent two days, hundreds of Tearing Spaces, crossed an unknown distance, and finally came to General Bai’s homeland.

And that’s not all of Eastern Wilderness, so it can be seen how big Eastern Wilderness is, so it can be seen how big Immortal World is.

General Bai’s hometown is a small place called Bright Sun Village, which is not marked on the map. If Li Qingshan hadn’t asked Daoist Long to investigate, Bright Sun Village would not have been found.

Because, Bright Sun Village has long disappeared in the long river of history.

Li Qingshan stepped on the Bright Sun Village on the map, and as far as he could see, he saw lush trees, bushes taller than people, and a majestic mountain range.

Here, it is completely wild, primitive forest.

There is no trace of anyone.

And here is still in a mountain col, more remote, no one will come here.

Wrapped among the mountains, Li Qingshan’s first reaction when he came here was emotion.

It’s exactly what Daoist Long said.

Everything in the past is buried by time.

The once village, impossible reappears.

“Is this the homeland that Big Brother Bai wants to return to?” Li Qingshan muttered.

He was walking in the mountains, he felt the vibration of the mountain range, he saw lush vegetation…

This is the hometown in Big Brother Bai’s memory?

Li Qingshan is thinking, he wants to bury Big Brother Bai in this barren mountain?

Is an epoch immortal buried here after his fall?

“Big Brother Bai wants to go back to his homeland.”

“This is indeed Big Brother Bai’s homeland.”

“But, not now!”

Li Qingshan suddenly stopped, his face froze, his wrist turned and pressed lightly.


This is all around a hundred miles, softly trembled.

Then the time went crazy back.

From now on, back to a hundred years ago, a thousand years ago, or even ten thousand years ago…

Li Qingshan’s face was calm, Time Grand Dao was in his palm, turning slightly, A huge clock appeared behind him.

This is the embodiment of Time Grand Dao.

Time has no shape, but it can be visualized. You comprehended time, what time you imagined is like, what time is like.

Li Qingshan’s Time Grand Dao becomes a clock after being embodied.

This is a huge clock that is making one full turn for a year.

But now the clock is spinning wildly backwards, and time is being pulled back quickly.

Until I pulled it back 20,000 years ago.

The range of hundreds of miles has been completely changed.

The old village is back.

Here, there are children frolic.

Here, adults live.

Here, there is a warm life.

Here, there are old people farming.

Not to survive, but to live.

Immortal World is different from Human World. In Human World, ordinary people farm to survive. If they don’t farm, they will starve to death.

Immortal World, farming is to experience life.

The people here still have some cultivation bases when they are weak, and they can go fast for a long time.

So life in the village is not that hard.

On the contrary, life in the village is very tasteful and everything is beautiful.

The children’s laughter and slapstick spread all around, making some ladies smile warmly.

This scene, the idyllic scenery, beautiful mountains and rivers, very warm.

Li Qingshan understands why General Bai wants to return to his hometown.

The last time he wrote a letter, he told Li Qingshan that he wanted to retire and return to his hometown to enjoy life.

He also said that he wanted to say goodbye to the past and could not live in the memories all the time.

But in fact, General Bai lived in memories from beginning to end.

Since the death of General Bai’s big brother, wife, and child in battle, he has been deeply immersed in memories, unable to extricate himself.

In these years, the only person who has let him out of his memories is Li Qingshan.

General Bai saw the shadow of his big brother in Li Qingshan. He paved the way for Li Qingshan. He sent Li Qingshan to Immortal Court Academy. What he did was to repay his kindness.

Writing later, General Bai said that he wanted to bid farewell to the past.

What he said goodbye to was the past of his big brother, wife, and child. He wanted to leave the Emperor Pass and forget everything that was sad.

But he still lived in the past.

Does General Bai not know that his village does not exist?

Twenty thousand years can erase everything, but he still wants to return to his hometown and indulge in his childhood.

Li Qingshan looked at the village, he stretched out his hand and slapped the void, the void split open, and spit out a coffin, which was General Bai’s coffin.

Li Qingshan carried the coffin and said softly: “Big Brother Bai, the old village, it’s back!”

This time, Li Qingshan personally built a coffin for Big Brother Bai. past.

The huge Great Time Clock behind him, with a ka-cha sound, slowly shattered and merged into the scope of this village, so that the time here, in a constant cycle, will never break open.

This is the time to loop over a small range.

Li Qingshan used his super comprehension on Time Grand Dao to find the village 20,000 years ago, and then separated it from the present world and became an infinite cycle timeline.

Big Brother Bai likes to be immersed in the past all the time, so Li Qingshan buried him in the past.

In the south of the small village, there are green hills and clear water, Li Qingshan buried the coffin, and then personally erected a tombstone and carved the inscription by hand.

Then, standing in front of the tombstone, Li Qingshan bowed respectfully.

Big Brother Bai’s tomb, facing the village, where he can see his childhood village.

Li Qingshan finally wiped Big Brother Bai’s tombstone with his own hands.

He wiped countless tombstones, but never before with a heavy heart.

After carefully wiping it clean, a line of words appeared in front of Li Qingshan’s eyes.

[You wipe carefully, stimulate max-level comprehension, and comprehend Six Paths of Reincarnation! ]

Li Qingshan was taken aback for a moment, this is not the peerless Divine Ability from Hell that both General Bai and his big brother learned.

Six Paths of Reincarnation, very powerful, is the lost Absolute Art in Hell.

General Bai’s big brother learned the Six Paths of Reincarnation and taught him to General Bai.

At that time, Hell’s expert also found General Bai’s big brother, coercing him to hand over the Six Paths of Reincarnation.

It can be seen that Hell cares about this Absolute Art.

Li Qingshan never imagined that wiping Big Brother Bai’s tombstone himself would inspire max-level comprehension. He had no idea at all.

But now since comprehended, Li Qingshan closed his eyes and checked the Six Paths of Reincarnation.

In his mind, six black holes immediately appeared. These six black holes are opposite to the Buddha Ancestor of Space and Time, showing a state of opposition, entirely different.

The Buddha Ancestor of Space and Time ten thousand zhang is so big.

Six black holes also occupy half of the Sea of Consciousness sky.

They don’t interfere with each other, but they don’t deal with each other. One side is flowing with Buddhist rhythm, and the other side is Sweeping Demon and Death.

Below them, two thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine Grand Dao Azure Dragon circled.

Li Qingshan watched in amazement. The Six Paths of Reincarnation, which he didn’t expect to realize, was in opposition to the Buddha Ancestor of Space and Time.

“I thought Six Paths of Reincarnation would not help me much, but now it seems that Six Paths of Reincarnation is not simple, Buddha Ancestor of Space and Time is so powerful, it can be opposed, and I Without cultivation, there is a vague power of rivalry, if we study it carefully, wouldn’t we be able to compete with Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture?” Li Qingshan looked at it in surprise.

He did not cultivate immediately, but looked towards the grave of Big Brother Bai and whispered: “Big Brother Bai, at the last moment, you still helped me.”

In Three After Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture became Buddha Ancestor of Space and Time, Li Qingshan had been worried.

The Buddha Ancestor of Space and Time is not a virtual Buddha, but a real Buddha Ancestor.

Is he still conscious?

Will he become a hidden danger in his own Sea of Consciousness?

Will he occupy his fleshy body?

Although the Buddha Ancestor of Space and Time did nothing, Li Qingshan was just worried.

His confidence in the Buddha Ancestor of Space and Time is two out of one hundred.

It can be said that I don’t believe it at all.

After all, the Sea of Consciousness is where his Primordial Spirit is stored, and there is a person here who doesn’t know the origin, the past, or the good or the bad. No one will be at ease.

Li Qingshan can’t do anything about the Buddha Ancestor of Space and Time, and he can’t move out.

Now, the Buddha Ancestor of Space and Time has an additional Six Paths of Reincarnation, which is a good thing for Li Qingshan.

At least, there is one thing, involving Buddha Ancestor of Space and Time, what really happens, it will not be a monopoly.

β€œWith opportunity comes danger, and danger comes with opportunity.”

β€œI plant Golden Lotus from fire.”

β€œstep by step, Firmly moved towards higher realm.”

Li Qingshan stood in front of Big Brother Bai’s tomb, bowing again.

β€œBig Brother Bai, I will visit you often in the future.” Li Qingshan turned around and left, stepping out of this circular time zone.

When he walked out of the loop time, he still saw lush forests, mountain range, primordial jungle.

That cycle of time is basically undetectable.

Li Qingshan is once again Tearing Space, he is going back to Immortal Court Academy, continue retreat, comprehend Six Paths of Reincarnation.

When Li Qingshan Tearing Space left, in this primitive forest, a Dao Body figure appeared, with a burly figure, he stretched out his hand lightly, and ripples suddenly appeared in the void, like a calm lake, and a piece of Dao Body was left behind. Leaves, rippling ripples.

The circular time zone arranged by Li Qingshan was opened and walked in.

He came to the time loop, admired it with great interest, and finally came to General Bai’s tomb, looked at the words on the tombstone, and stopped.

After a long time, he said, “younger brother, I’ll take you home!”


Immortal Court Academy.

It took Li Qingshan another two days to come back here.

Daoist Long arrived immediately, curiously asked: “Do you bury General Bai in your hometown?”

Li Qingshan nods, saying: “I let General Bai live forever In the past.”

Daoist Long couldn’t understand this, he asked: “Is my hometown as I said, long gone?”

Li Qingshan nominated, said : “You’re right.”

Daoist Long sighed: “That’s why I hid in Immortal Court Academy. If my hometown is still there, I’ll go back. I’ve been away for half my life, and I’m still a teenager when I return.”

Li Qingshan watched the sea of clouds churning and the waterfalls rushing down, and asked softly: “Do you know the Six Paths of Reincarnation?”

Daoist Long nominated, saying: “I know Ah, this is the Supreme method in Hell, it was lost for a while, the world doesn’t know where, even the Peak experts in Hell gave up, until one person appeared and came out with Six Paths of Reincarnation, shocked Immortal World, people in the world know something about Six Paths of Reincarnation.”

Li Qingshan continued to ask: “Then do you know the origin of Six Paths of Reincarnation?”

Daoist Long He scratched his head and said, “I don’t know, because Six Paths of Reincarnation belongs to Hell, I’m not familiar with it, and Hell and Immortal World don’t deal with it, so I can’t answer this question.”

Li Qingshan was silent. He seemed to want to know the origin of Six Paths of Reincarnation and was going to Hell.

“Have you heard of Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture?” Li Qingshan asked curiously.

“Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture?” Daoist Long was at a loss, and said, “You have to go to the Buddha Realm to ask, there should be news there.”

“Buddha Realm ?” Li Qingshan raised his eyebrows: “There is still a separate realm for Buddha?”

“Of course there is, not only Buddha Realm, but also Monster Realm, Divine Realm, Demon Realm, etc. These are formed independently. A world, attached to the Immortal World, but itself larger than the Great Thousand Worlds, can simply exist in one world.” Daoist Long explained.

Li Qingshan is eye-opening, there is such a thing.

“Is the Immortal Court a separate world?” Li Qingshan asked.

“Isn’t that, Immortal Court doesn’t need it, whether it’s Divine Race, Monster Race, Demon Race, etc., they’re all squeezed by Immortal Court, as a last resort, generations of people have spent huge magic power to open up. A new world, Immortal Court is not under such threat, there is no need to open up a new world.” Daoist Long said.

“Understood.” Li Qingshan nodded.

Daoist Long and Li Qingshan sat on the cliff together, letting the evening wind blow on their faces, enjoying the tranquility of this moment.

“You have arranged General Bai’s funeral now, what’s your plan next?” Daoist Long asked curiously.

“I want to stay at Immortal Court Academy, but I don’t know, will you still take me in after the five-year period?” Li Qingshan asked jokingly.

He attended Immortal Court Academy for only five years.

Daoist Long immediately said: “Although you have only been in school for a few years, but the gap between you and the group of students has been forever, so a fool would not accept you?”

Li Qingshan smiled and said, “Just out of courtesy, ask.”

“You can stay at the Immortal Court Academy as long as you want.” Daoist Long said boldly.

β€œYou are not the dean of Immortal Court Academy, do you have this right?” Li Qingshan doubted.

“Although I am not the dean of Immortal Court Academy, nor do I have any authority, I am just a gatekeeper, but the dean of Immortal Court Academy, that is the student that I am pointing at, what I say, he Do what you say.” Daoist Long boasted.

“That’s good, so I don’t have to worry about being kicked out.” Li Qingshan said with satisfaction.

“Now all the Great Influences are frantically looking for you outside. As long as you say something about wanting to enter their forces, it must be greeted by a couchette. The Emperor will receive you, and who will drive you away.” Daoist Long said with a smile.

“That’s not certain, the Emperor of Immortal Court didn’t receive me.” Li Qingshan said.

“Immortal Court’s Emperor is too old.” Daoist Long sighed and said, “Tell me a secret, you just know it.”

Li Qingshan silently nodded.

“There are several Emperors in the Immortal Court, two of them have reached the limit of age, most of the time they are drowsy, and there is not much time to wake up. Now the Immortal Court is counted, only one Emperor is supporting. , but he has also reached old age, and his mind has changed a long time ago. He seeks a way to prolong his lifespan, and he has long since left the matter of the Immortal Court and handed it over to the descendants of the Imperial Clan.”

“These Imperial Clan descendants. The descendants of Clan, the ability is not much, Gong Dou is more powerful than the other, short-sighted, just staring at his own interests, not willing to suffer, and he doesn’t care about the life and death of the Immortal Court. The Court is gradually declining.”

“So even if you are so good, the Emperor of Immortal Court will not care.” Daoist Long whispered.

“It turned out to be like this.” Li Qingshan’s face was calm, he didn’t have much affection for Immortal Court, and naturally he would not sigh about Immortal Court like Daoist Long did.

Daoist Long said in a depressed mood: “When I joined Immortal Court, it was the last sunset of Immortal Court. At that time, I had seen several Emperors in Immortal Court, all of them were very charming and enviable. , but since then, things have gotten worse, and I’ve seen Immortal Court slip from Peak’s tail to what it is now.”

“Every time I talk to people about Immortal Court, everyone sighs, Now everyone can see that Immortal Court is already sunset and dusk, plus the glare of other forces like a tiger watching his prey, constantly attacking, Immortal Court is tired of dealing with it, like an old man who is twilight, facing New World, unable to do so. Adapt.”

“Everyone said this, when the Great Emperors of the Immortal Court really fall, that is when the Great Influences will divide the Immortal Court.”

“That day , it seems very far away, but it seems to be very close, which makes people sigh.” Daoist Long sighed.

Li Qingshan is silent. Judging from the Emperor Pass battle, Immortal Court’s response is really not good. If he doesn’t go, General Bai will be exposed to forty Nine Heavens, and Immortal Court’s face will be lost again. .

Daoist Long looked at Li Qingshan and said, “Now you know, Killing Saint of Human World, why should I kill you?”

Li Qingshan gently nods and says : “It’s because the Immortal Court, which is twilight and old, is stared at by various Great Influences, and everyone doesn’t want a peerless genius to appear in the Immortal Court.”

“Yes, but you are not a peerless genius, you are a peerless evildoer. , Killing Saint of Human World came to assassinate you, but also recognized your strength and innate talent, they will never let you grow up.” Daoist Long said.

“Actually, it’s not just these hostile forces. Inside the Immortal Court, the descendants of Imperial Clan are all eyeing you.” Daoist Long hesitated and said softly.

Li Qingshan frowned, said: “They are looking for you again?”

Daoist Long said with a bitter smile: “After you killed the Demon Race Immortal King at Emperor Pass, Countless people started contacting me, pressuring me to hand you over, or to match them, to communicate with you, to get you to join them, support them, and run the Immortal Court.”

Li Qingshan heard this, brows tightly frowns, and said in a bad tone: “A cultivator, not thinking about how to improve himself, forms cliques all day long, intrigues, fights for power, and loses the face of the Emperor.”

Daoist Long said: “The Immortal Court now has several descendants of the Great Emperor, namely Crape Myrtle Imperial Clan, Central Imperial Clan, Sweeping Demon Imperial Clan, True Martial Imperial Clan, North Star Imperial Clan.”

Li Qingshan frowned: “What about the Imperial Clan of the South Extreme Longevity Great Emperor?”

He remembers clearly that during the Immortal Court Peak period, there were six Emperors, the Heavenly Cycle Crape Myrtle Great Emperor , Central Jade Emperor, Nine Heavens Sweeping Demon Great Emperor, East Extreme True Martial Great Emperor, Western North Star Great Emperor, South Extreme Longevity Great Emperor.

Among them, the South Extreme Longevity Great Emperor Celestial Five Wanings, the Nine Heavens Sweeping Demon Great Emperor fell, the East Extreme True Martial Great Emperor was dismantled, and the North Star Great Emperor had been in seclusion for fifty thousand years.

The Immortal Court on the surface is guarded only by the Heavenly Cycle Crape Myrtle Great Emperor and the Central Jade Emperor.

But now Daoist Long said that one of the two has been muddheaded and has not much time to wake up, while the other is devoted to the pursuit of eternal law, giving up the management of Immortal Court and handing over the power.

Daoist Long said that the management of Immortal Court is now Crape Myrtle Imperial Clan, Central Imperial Clan, Sweeping Demon Imperial Clan, True Martial Imperial Clan, North Star Imperial Clan.

Li Qingshan is very strange, what about Longevity Imperial Clan?

Daoist Long said regretfully: “The Longevity Imperial Clan has been excluded from the center of the Immortal Court, and the power has fallen by the wayside, only managing some overseas islands.”

Li Qingshan was speechless, If the Longevity Great Emperor was still alive, he would be so pissed that his descendants were so disappointing.

“I hear you say that, Immortal Court seems to be doomed,” Li Qingshan said.

“It doesn’t seem like, according to the current situation, the surrounding enemies are getting stronger and stronger, Divine Race is recovering, Monster Race is strong, Demon Race very ruthless, Hell is dangerous, Buddhism begin to stir, and there are forces like Human World. , are all staring at Immortal Court, but the Immortal Court is really looking up, there are enemies everywhere, and want to rely on the descendants of the trash Imperial Clan, it can be said that the burial of Immortal Court is already in sight.” Daoist Long said bluntly.

“Don’t be pessimistic, there is a way to save everything.” Li Qingshan comforted Daoist Long, knowing that he had great feelings for Immortal Court.

“It’s actually very simple to save Immortal Court.” Daoist Long said suddenly, staring at Li Qingshan.

It was uncomfortable to stare at Li Qingshan.

“Why are you looking at me like that, don’t you think I’ll save Immortal Court?” Li Qingshan said with a funny look.

“Yes!” Daoist Long firmly nodded: “If you want to save the Immortal Court, there is only one way, that is, you grow up, break the shackles of eternity, become the Immortal Emperor, and then enter the Immortal Court, sweep the Six Directions and Eight Desolates.”

Li Qingshan waved his hands and said: “Don’t think like that, I don’t like fame and fortune, and I don’t like fighting, as long as it doesn’t offend me, I will ignore it, Immortal Court is still Please someone else to save me, I’m still obediently and honestly comprehending and improving myself, as long as the others, it doesn’t matter to me.”

He will only enter the Immortal Court when his brain is broken, to save this fallen Great Influence.

How tiring.

Having this time, he has more enlightenment, more cultivation, more tea, more self-improvement, and that is the life suitable for Li Qingshan.

Daoist Long saw Li Qingshan’s rejection and didn’t mention it again, but in his heart, he still thought so.

Only Li Qingshan can save Immortal Court.

apart from this and no one else.

“Which Imperial Clan descendant is looking for you?” Li Qingshan asked back to the previous question.

“I’ve found them all. Even the Longevity Imperial Clan, who has been kicked out of the Immortal Court Rights Center, also contacted my Disciple privately and asked him to introduce him. I want to meet and chat with you. Speaking of various resources, even the Emperor Scripture of the Longevity Great Emperor, let you read it carefully.” Daoist Long said.

“So much money?” Li Qingshan asked in surprise.

The Emperor Scripture of the Longevity Great Emperor, this is the inheritance root of the descendants of the Imperial Clan, and even this can be taken out. The Longevity Imperial Clan is very sincere.

“They want to revive the glory of the family, so naturally they have to invest their money. They also told me that as long as you agreed, they would betroth the most outstanding woman of this generation Longevity Imperial Clan to you. The child will inherit the Longevity Imperial Clan and become a patriarch, and I want to bind you with this.” Daoist Long said.

β€œIf this person were an ordinary person, he would definitely be moved.” Li Qingshan said.

“That’s for sure, the entire family business of the Longevity Imperial Clan, will become your son’s, it’s an unimaginable wealth.” Daoist Long affirmed.

“No, I’m not going to be married?” Li Qingshan frowned.

“Is it good to be in the marriage?” Daoist Long said surprisedly.

“I don’t like to be in a family.” Li Qingshan shook his head.

“What’s wrong with this? They give you the most beautiful woman, give you the family business, give you the Emperor Scripture, and let you take the advantage.” Daoist Long retorted Li Qingshan.

“Then I have to fight for them all my life?” Li Qingshan shook his head.

“It’s for your wife and child.” Daoist Long corrected Li Qingshan.

“That won’t work either, I don’t accept arranged marriages.” Li Qingshan said in deadly earnest.

“You don’t want arranged marriages, you want free love?” Daoist Long asked.

“Do you know why I don’t want to arrange marriage?” Li Qingshan asked Daoist Long rhetorically.

Daoist Long shook his head.

β€œI am born with a hard appetite, so I can’t eat soft rice.” Li Qingshan said.

“Isn’t this soft rice everyone likes to eat?” Daoist Long was puzzled.

“That’s someone else. I, Li Qingshan, don’t need to eat soft rice.” Li Qingshan said.

“It’s fine not to agree. If you agree to the Longevity Imperial Clan, several other Imperial Clans will take action against you.” Daoist Long thought for a while and said.

“You mean they’ll do something to me?” Li Qingshan frowned.

“It’s very possible, if you take refuge in Longevity Imperial Clan and reach a cooperation with them, then in the eyes of other Imperial Clans, you are a thorn in the eye and a thorn in the flesh, I can be 100% sure that they will definitely Will take action against you.” Daoist Long said.

“A group of insects, with such a leader, it would be better to destroy the Immortal Court faster.” Li Qingshan said disdainfully.

“Don’t be angry, don’t be angry, there’s nothing to say to them, you haven’t agreed to anyone now, it means that anyone of you may agree, they won’t shoot you, every Imperial Clan wants to win you over , let you be a sword for them to expand their territory and restore Peak.” Daoist Long persuaded Li Qingshan.

“I’ll be staying at Immortal Court Academy next. I don’t want to be involved in the immortal affairs inside Immortal Court. You have to keep me out.” Li Qingshan said to Daoist Long.

“You can rest assured, their power is only in the central part of Immortal Court, and they don’t care about Immortal Court Academy. Here, I have the final say!” Daoist Long said loudly.

Li Qingshan hearing this was nodded. I believe what Daoist Long said. Although he joined the Immortal Court, he did not want to have too much involvement with the Immortal Court.

From the beginning of the Emperor Pass war, all kinds of deeds show that the Immortal Court is now managed by a group of trash.

To be with them is to defile oneself.

β€œNext, I will go to the starry sky cemetery, comprehend carefully, and don’t let anyone disturb me in my spare time.” Li Qingshan said to Daoist Long.

“Don’t worry, I’ve personally watched your place. That Barbarian Race kid has changed his place, and no one will bother you here.” Daoist Long said while patting his chest.

In order not to interfere with Li Qingshan, he personally negotiated with Aman, persuaded Aman to move to another place, and offered some compensation.

Aman finally left. He also knew that Li Qingshan often retreated, so he gave up this mountain to Li Qingshan.

“Aman is a very good seedling, cultivate it well.” Mister Li said with satisfaction, mentioning Daoist Long, and won a lot of rights for Aman.


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