Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 113


Chapter 113 Whale Fall (please subscribe)

Once again at the starry sky cemetery, Li Qingshan was familiar with the road and directly crossed the periphery zone , to the tomb of the reincarnated immortal.

In the process of walking, Li Qingshan had an idea.

“The starry sky cemetery will take in the remnants of the fallen powerhouses from Immortal World Zuxian and above, and form a tomb for future generations to comprehend. Then after Big Brother Bai dies in battle, his remnants will be Do you want to enter the starry sky graveyard?”

Li Qingshan really wanted to know this question.

So he came to the tomb complex of Passing Era Immortal, without stopping, he continued to go deeper.

For Li Qingshan at this stage, the Tao of Passing Era Immortal has little effect.

Li Qingshan has already passed through Passing Era Immortal realm from Zuxian realm, and the only thing that can help him is the Tao of epoch Immortal Realm.

It happened that Big Brother Bai’s realm was also epoch immortal. Li Qingshan, with a promise, crossed the scope of Passing Era Immortal and entered the epoch immortal domain.

Perhaps, he can see the tomb of Big Brother Bai here.

Going deep into the epoch immortal cemetery, Li Qingshan found that compared to Passing Era Immortal, the epoch immortal cemetery is slightly deserted.

The tombs here are more luxurious and may be described as mausoleums.

In Human World, after the death of princes and generals, their tombs are very majestic and vast, which is difficult for ordinary people to enjoy.

In starry sky cemetery, epoch immortal’s tomb, too.

Each of the tombs here has a different shape. According to the tomb owner’s personal experience in life, the starry sky cemetery has cast large tombs of different shapes for them.

Some are majestic and vast, connecting a mountain range, very atmospheric.

Some are handsome and beautiful, standing on the cliffs, rising to the sky and down to the earth.

Some have built their own graves in the land of beautiful mountains and rivers, birdsong and fragrant flowers.

Some are buried in the ten-mile peach forest, where their remnants are buried.


epoch immortal, from ancient times to the present, compared to the huge population of Immortal World, their number is very small.

But there are many accumulated over the years, and now, all those who have fallen are in the starry sky cemetery.

Li Qingshan approached the first tomb, which is very beautiful, gold and jade in glorious splendor.

But Li Qingshan didn’t pay much attention to these, he looked towards the tombstone.

This tombstone bears an epitaph.

Along the way, Li Qingshan knew that the epitaph on each tombstone was the personal evaluation of him by the Starry Sky battlefield.

Comparing the epitaph of Passing Era Immortal, Li Qingshan found that the epitaph of epoch Immortals is very interesting.

For example, the text on the tombstone in front of him.

【If you have nothing to do, don’t wake me up. ]

In a simple sentence, this does not seem to be the personal evaluation of starry sky cemetery?

Li Qingshan suddenly realized: “The epitaphs I saw along the way were all evaluated by the Starry Sky battlefield, but at the level of epoch immortal, their epitaphs should be the will of the remnant soul. .”

Therefore, this tombstone has very special words written on it.

Li Qingshan bowed seriously and said, “Senior, Junior doesn’t want to disturb you, just wipe the inscription for you.”

Then Li Qingshan took this inscription seriously. , wipe clean.

Especially those few words were written in a cool and comfortable way. Li Qingshan took them seriously and wiped them clean.

Then, a line of words appeared in front of his eyes.

[You wipe carefully, stimulate max-level comprehension, and comprehend the Tao of an epoch immortal! ]

“Whether epoch immortal’s Dao suits me or not, he can always fill one of my 2,990 Grand Dao’s and help me, that’s enough.” Li Qingshan thought about this, bowed to the tomb again, and then walked to the next large tomb.

The epitaph on this tomb is in a different language.

Li Qingshan read it out softly: “I have had a lover-like quarrel with this world.”

While reading softly, Li Qingshan seemed to see a woman standing In front of the tombstone, overlooking the Immortal World, it was like looking at her lover.

“The owner of this tombstone must be a very thoughtful person, and she is very romantic.” Li Qingshan said lightly.

He stretched out his hand and stroked the dust on the tombstone, looked at the text, seriously, and even couldn’t help imagining that if one day he unfortunately died in battle and the remnant came to the starry sky cemetery, Enter here, then what will he write on his tombstone?

Thinking about it for a while, he shook his head slightly, but he couldn’t think of it, so he just continued to wipe it carefully.

[You wipe carefully, stimulate max-level comprehension, and comprehend an epoch immortal Grand Dao. ]

Not surprisingly, another line of words appeared in front of his eyes.

Mister Li put away the epoch immortal’s way, bowed respectfully, then walked into the distance, broke off a peach blossom, and placed it in front of the epoch immortal’s tomb.

It was the first time in Li Qingshan’s life that he sent flowers to a woman.

It’s still a strange woman.

But Li Qingshan appreciated the words on the other party’s epitaph, and he gave the flowers willingly.

As the saying goes, love rises in the east and falls in the west, and romance lasts forever.

Then Li Qingshan went to the third epoch immortal’s tomb.

He is increasingly looking forward to different epitaphs.

The tomb of the third epoch immortal is the immortal buried in the ten-mile peach blossom.

Li Qingshan walked in, sniffed the fragrance of the flowers, and saw the epitaph.

【If you come to visit, please sit with my flowers for a while, they are very gentle, I have been watching them for many days. 】

Li Qingshan watched the peach blossoms bloom, he did not immediately wipe the tombstone, but sat on a stone and looked towards the peach blossoms all around.

As the breeze blows, the petals fall, Li Qingshan extends the hand, and a few petals float into the palm of his hand.

He rubbed lightly, feeling the touch of peach blossoms, and looked towards the tomb.

Somewhere, Li Qingshan felt that there must be a gentleman in this tomb.

Buried in ten miles of peach blossoms, most people would think it was a woman, but Li Qingshan didn’t think so.

The peach blossoms are beautiful and the tomb is snow-white. This ten-mile boundary seems to be separated from the starry sky cemetery area. This is the world after the death of the tomb owner. He is accompanied by peach blossoms.

“How can I feel that epoch immortal is very poetic.” Li Qingshan chuckled, sat for a while, then got up and walked over to wipe the tombstone clean.

In front of his eyes, a line of words appeared.

[You wipe carefully, stimulate max-level comprehension, and comprehend the Tao of an epoch immortal. ]

After wiping it clean, Li Qingshan bowed, turned and left the peach forest.

He came to the grave of the next epoch immortal.

The tomb of this epoch immortal is very traditional compared to other large tombs.

On his tombstone is written: “After all, I still failed to become the Immortal King!”

This is a pity, Li Qingshan can see it.

“I want to use your Tao to embark on the road of the Immortal King.” Li Qingshan said softly, and then began to wipe the tombstone.

Then, a line of text appeared in front of his eyes again.

[You wipe carefully, stimulate max-level comprehension, and comprehend the Tao of an epoch immortal. ]

After wiping it clean, Li Qingshan stood up and bowed to the tomb. Finally, he walked to the next large tomb.

Li Qingshan didn’t meet a single person in the tombs of epoch immortal.

It’s understandable if you think about it.

After all, those who can enter the epoch immortal cemetery group are basically the same Passing Era Immortal as Li Qingshan.

They came here and looked at the large tombs, but they didn’t understand anything.

After all, they don’t have Li Qingshan’s max-level comprehension.

Coming here, apart from appreciating these unique epitaphs, there is little else to gain.

Over time, not many people are willing to come to the starry sky cemetery.

The starry sky cemetery remains the same as before, but the number of visitors is gradually decreasing.

Many people will enter the starry sky graveyard once after breaking through the Ancestral Immortal realm, but after they have nothing to gain, they will rarely enter in the future.

Therefore, in this epoch immortal large tomb group, only Li Qingshan walks in it alone.

He came to the next big tomb and began to look forward to what the epitaph on this tomb would describe?

[A lifetime of restraint, freedom from now on, this time no one wants to wake me up. ]

Li Qingshan looked at the text on the tombstone and said softly: “The people buried in this tomb must be very handsome.”

Li Qingshan began to wipe the tombstone, earnestly , then get a reminder.

He didn’t read the reminder text anymore. Anyway, after he got the reminder, he wouldn’t immediately understand it, so he saved it together and slowly realized it when he returned to Immortal Court Academy.

In comparison, Li Qingshan cares more about what will be written on the epitaphs of these epoch immortals?

He watched one by one.

[An unsuccessful, but beautiful, kind and interesting person. ]

[Human World is very beautiful, come back next time. ]

[I can’t become an emperor in this life, I will come again in the next life. ]

[If you come to worship me, bring offerings, but please do not put coriander. ]

[I want to restart a game called life. ]

[Look at me, do you want to come and sit? ]


Li Qingshan this time, wiped a total of one hundred epoch immortal tombstones.

He won one hundred Grand Dao, which epoch immortal realized during his lifetime.

But this is not the most surprising, compared to Li Qingshan who saw the epitaphs of the hundred epoch immortals.

These epitaphs, all kinds of strange things, are the best summary they wrote for themselves.

The previous summary on the tombstone was written by starry sky cemetery.

Only they wrote their own.

There are many epitaphs that impressed Li Qingshan.

Some are dashing, some are affectionate, some are romantic, some are regretful…

In the end, he stopped in front of the 100th tomb and did not continue.

“These 100 Grand Dao epoch immortals are enough for me to comprehend for a long time, no need to continue, greed is not enough to swallow elephants, I have comprehended all these and come back to the starry sky graveyard, anyway I can’t run away from here.” Thinking of this, Li Qingshan turned and left without nostalgia.

With a hundred epoch immortal Grand Dao and their epitaphs written for themselves, Li Qingshan Primordial Divine Strength retreated, fell directly from the starry sky cemetery, returned to Immortal World, and entered fleshy body .


Primordial Spirit Power poured down, Li Qingshan’s body shook, and then opened his eyes.

He’s back in Immortal World, back in his small courtyard.

Li Qingshan pushed open the door of the yard and walked out along the path. He saw thousands of mountains and ravines covered by heavy snow. On the top of the mountain, the howling wind brought the biting cold.

“It’s actually snowing.” Li Qingshan said in surprise.

Now this season is not winter, but June.

Li Qingshan doesn’t feel wronged when it snows in June, but it’s obviously not normal.

His Divine Soul Power spreads between Heaven and Earth, searching for unusual spots and finding nothing in a circle.

“There is no trace of man-made, is it really snowing in June?” Li Qingshan murmured.

There are powerful cultivators that can change the weather of Heaven and Earth, but this change will leave very obvious traces, even epoch immortal, even Immortal King, can’t do it without trace.

Li Qingshan’s Primordial Spirit is very intelligent, and after prying around, he didn’t find the slightest trace.

So, this can only be regarded as a myth.

“Perhaps between this Heaven and Earth, who has great grievances.” Li Qingshan suddenly thought of an ancient proverb.

But this has nothing to do with him, looking at the big snowflakes floating between Heaven and Earth, looking at the vast whiteness of the distant mountains, looking at the white clouds churning between the sea of clouds, revealing a cold breath , Li Qingshan suddenly became interested.

Li Qingshan has been in retreat for a long time, and he has not seen natural snowfall for a long time.

This time I happened to meet, so I didn’t rush to comprehend Grand Dao.

He chose a quiet life.

On this day, he got up in the morning to serve flowers and planted a few wildflowers next to the small courtyard.

I have nothing to do when I have time. I made a pot of tea and the fire was burning.

Looking at the fire, Li Qingshan thought that he had not been so quiet for a long time.

“I’ve been busy with cultivation and exhausted, but I don’t need to be in such a hurry on the road of life.”

“It’s time to take time off and let yourself relax.”

Li Qingshan decided to give himself a few days off.

Thinking back carefully, since he entered the Immortal World, he has been working hard on cultivation, and he has not had a good, leisurely, and comprehensible life.

Li Qingshan slowed down just in time to take advantage of the long-lost heavy snow.

On the top of this mountain, he reads a book every day, he teas, naps in the sun, walks in the drizzle, reads under the night light, in this light time, first-hand fireworks , Poetic in one hand, let the clouds rolling and spreading outside the window, watching the flowers bloom and fall in front of the door, the aftertaste of life is endless.

These days of dull life have washed Li Qingshan’s heart.

He was not in a hurry for cultivation, but felt that his mind was more rounded.

It’s like a stone with sharp corners that was washed under the waterfall.

accumulated over a long period of time.

The stone will be rounded and smoothed.

Li Qingshan used calm days to smooth out his impatience due to rapid cultivation.

However, the snow has not stopped in the past few days.

Sometimes the morning sun is just right, but after noon, it snows again immediately.

Sometimes it’s rainy in the afternoon, and at night, it’s covered with big snowflakes.

Li Qingshan couldn’t help but wonder.

These are so unusual that they haven’t stopped for days.

On this day, Daoist Long came over.

“You’ve had a good time these days. I sometimes spy on your mountain and see that you’re either drinking tea or basking in the warm sun. I’m so envious.” Daoist Long walked to Li Qingshan took a cup of tea and drank it in front of the coffee table.

“If you want to rest, you can too.” Li Qingshan told Daoist Long.

Daoist Long shook his head: “I used to be able to rest, but with your fame, my desire to rest has become a luxury.”

“Why? Because I Have you become very busy recently?” Li Qingshan asked curiously.

“Of course I’m very busy. You can drink tea and sunbathe here leisurely now. That’s because I’ve blocked all the troubles for you. Otherwise, it’s estimated that people who come to you now will come to you. , you can level this yard.” Daoist Long complained.

“Why, they still don’t give up?” Li Qingshan asked with a frown.

“They won’t give up, this group of overestimate one’s capabilities rubbish, they even delusionally try to subdue you through coercion and lure, revealing arrogance everywhere, and saying that I hide you to eat alone, Don’t let you have contact with people from other forces, if you care about them seriously, you will be mad at yourself.” Daoist Long shook his head and said completely tired.

He is not angry, he is tired.

Because of this group of descendants of Imperial Clan, he refreshed his three views once again, ignorance and arrogance to such a degree, it is really unheard-of.

“You brat don’t patronize and laugh, this time I’m for you, offending this group of Imperial Clan descendants, they threatened me together and wanted to give me small shoes.” Daoist Long helplessly said.

“Does it affect you?” Li Qingshan asked with concern.

“No.” Daoist Long, swept away depressed and helpless, laughed.

“I’m an old man with no desires and no desires. In this Immortal Court Academy, I’m self-sufficient. Even if they threaten me, they can’t put their hands in here,” said Daoist Long.

“If that’s the case, then don’t bother, as descendants of Imperial Clan, for a long time holding power, and living a life surrounded by thousands of people, let them think that the world should be like that, and they don’t need to be with them. Too much contact.” Li Qingshan shook his head.

“I think the same way, too lazy to mention this group of insects.” Daoist Long sat down in Li Qingshan’s small courtyard and leisurely picked up the brewed tea.

“Does the Immortal Court Academy also snow in June in previous years?” Li Qingshan asked, standing with his hands behind his back, watching the falling snowflakes.

Daoist Long shook his head: “Although the Immortal Court Academy is just an Intermediate Thousand Worlds, all the rules are the same as the Immortal World. How can it snow in June?”

“Then explain it. What’s happening now?” Li Qingshan asked as he stretched out his hand, and the mountains and valleys in the distance were white.

Daoist Long frowned and said, “The heavy snow in the past few days is quite abnormal. I also checked it carefully. It’s not artificial, it should be God’s will.”

“You Have you read the ancient book and checked the snow in June, what does it mean?” Li Qingshan asked.

“I have seen that the sage Paragon’s explanation of the snow in June is a ominous omen.” Daoist Long said with a serious face.

“So, is this snow just falling from Immortal Court Academy, or is it the world outside?” Li Qingshan asked.

If it’s just snowing in Immortal Court Academy, isn’t that bad omen confirmed in Immortal Court Academy.

Said that Daoist Long’s face was more serious: “It’s not just Immortal Court Academy, it’s snowing outside.”

Li Qingshan frowned: “Then it seems that What major event happened.”

“I will continue to watch this matter, if the snow keeps falling, the experts in Immortal World will not be able to sit still.” Daoist Long was also in the mood. Continuing to drink tea, got up and said to Li Qingshan, then left the mountain.

Li Qingshan watched Daoist Long leave, and said lightly on the top of the mountain: “I’ll continue to silently cultivate, this world is falling down, and there are tall people on it, only by continuing to become stronger can we Cope with some unknown catastrophe.”

After a few days of leisure, Li Qingshan re-engaged in cultivation.

In his small courtyard, he stretched the time, one day outside and three years inside.

One hundred epoch immortal Grand Dao comprehended from the starry sky battlefield is enough for Li Qingshan to comprehend for a long time.

It was snowing heavily outside, and in the small courtyard, Li Qingshan continued to cultivate.

The Grand Dao comprehended by epoch immortal is much richer than Passing Era Immortal. Li Xinsheng silently absorbed it and realized that one by one, he has plenty of time.

Year after year, the years in this small courtyard are the least valuable, very cheap, and keep passing away.

Various Grand Dao emerged one after another on Li Qingshan’s body.

He silently realized that he was firmly climbing towards the mountain peak of the road of cultivation. Although he walked slowly, he was firm.

And without any pauses, it has maintained a constant speed.

Li Qingshan is in retreat this time, and a year has passed in the outside world.

A year in the outside world is three hundred and sixty-five days.

Instead of extended time, it is more than a thousand years.

For Li Qingshan, the past thousand years have helped him a lot, at least he has penetrated the fundamentals of the epoch Immortal Realm world, and he has seen all the 100 Grand Dao of epoch immortal. comprehend.

Li Qingshan’s realm has not improved, and he is not in a hurry to improve, and as the cultivation base is higher, he needs more and more Grand Dao.

One hundred epoch immortal, can’t let him cross epoch immortal from Passing Era Immortal.

It just makes the foundation of Li Qingshan’s Grand Dao more solid.

He needs to continue to comprehend.

One year later, at dawn and dusk, Li Qingshan opened his eyes. Thousands of years passed quietly on him, but a year passed by the outside world.

“Sometimes, a moment of turning around, a moment of concentration, is a past life and present life.” Li Qingshan whispered, for more than a thousand years, he has not stopped talking to Six Paths of Reincarnation and Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture The cultivation, while constantly comprehending the Grand Dao, also continues the cultivation of these two mysterious cultivation techniques.

The more cultivation, the more Li Qingshan feels that Six Paths of Reincarnation and Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture are the same to some extent.

What they are looking for is reincarnation, past life, present life, or past present and future.

The difference is that there are two kinds of cultivation techniques, and two kinds of paths are taken.

Li Qingshan sometimes thinks that maybe before the endless time, there are sages who have reached the end of their lives, trying to break the fate of reincarnation.

Yes, it’s destiny.

Six Paths of Reincarnation and Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture, their core Profound Truth is destiny.

Li Qingshan’s 3000 Grand Dao, what he has not understood is destiny.

Fate is mysterious and unpredictable, and it is related to everyone, but everyone cannot see and capture it.

This is also the core issue of Six Paths of Reincarnation and Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture that Li Qingshan Grand Dao understands enough to understand.

“Forget it, I’m only scratching the surface now, I don’t understand at all, the most mysterious destiny of the three thousand Grand Dao is reflected in the Six Paths of Reincarnation and Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture. Later, if I want to comprehend destiny , there are three directions.” Li Qingshan got up, so that he no longer guessed randomly, without enough insight, without enough knowledge, random guessing, just a frog in well fantasy.

Li Qingshan planned to wait for Xiao Jiu and Small Fox to fly up and check Small Fox’s inherited memories to find clues about fate.

This was the only way he thought he could comprehend his destiny, but now, as he has broken through the Grand Dao at the heart of Six Paths of Reincarnation and Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture, he can also work on it.

Three roads are in front of Li Qingshan. Although these three roads are full of thorns, Li Qingshan is still very happy.

“Cultivation itself is to move forward on a road full of thorns, with scars all over, drenched with blood to pick up flowers, only those who persevere to the end can see this world clearly.” Li Qingshan advise yourself.

The next second, he looked towards this world a year later.

Li Qingshan was stunned.

This world is still snowing.

“Is it for one year, or every June?” Li Qingshan was full of doubts.

He pushed open the door of the yard and saw the world outside, a vast expanse of white.

The air temperature is very low, big snowflakes are constantly floating on the sky, and the mountains and valleys in the distance have been crushed in half by the heavy snow.

“This is… a whole year of snow?” Li Qingshan said incredulously.

It snowed heavily for several days before he retreated.

Now he has been in retreat for more than a thousand years, and a year has passed from the outside world, and the snow is still falling.

Even if Li Qingshan doesn’t understand the meaning of snow in June, he also understands that a major event is coming.

“Daoist Long, has it been snowing for a year?” To be conservative, Li Qingshan asked Daoist Long in sound transmission.

“Yeah, it’s been a whole year.” A sigh sounded in Li Qingshan’s ear, then the space was torn apart, and Daoist Long came out and stood beside him.

“Didn’t you say Immortal World’s expert last time, will you investigate the reason?” Li Qingshan asked.

“Peak experts of every faction are investigating, the news is messy, and it is impossible to tell them apart. The only consensus is that terrifying things will happen.” Daoist Long said seriously.

Li Qingshan also knows that terrifying things will happen.

It’s been snowing for a year, and it hasn’t stopped. It must be because of something that caused the weather disorder between Heaven and Earth.

bang! !

Just as they were speaking, a loud noise suddenly resounded above the sky.

Li Qingshan and Daoist Long immediately raised their heads and looked towards the world outside.

“Something happened.” Daoist Long complexion changed.

Li Qingshan stretched out his hand, the space channel appeared in front of him, he stepped out and came to Immortal World.

Daoist Long followed closely from behind and followed him to Immortal World.

Then, they looked towards the sky of the Immortal World.

The sky cracked.

A huge crack spreads from one side of the sky to the other.

The fissure exudes a terrifying breath, accompanied by blooming Grand Dao flowers one after another, sparkling little by little, flying around the fissure.

“That’s the Flower of Great Emperor!” Daoist Long cried out in surprise, staring at the sky in horror.

“So what does this mean?” Li Qingshan asked Daoist Long when he saw this scene for the first time and was very puzzled.

Daoist Long said in a trembling voice: “The bloom of the Grand Dao is from the Immortal Emperor’s body. The emergence of the Flower of Great Emperor means that there is an Immortal Emperor that is no longer available.”

Li Qingshan said in shock: “You mean a Great Emperor has fallen?”

“Yes, I understand, the Heaven and Earth natural phenomenon in the past year is the world Grand Dao sent off for this Great Emperor, and now he can’t do it anymore.” Daoist Long said with a panicked face, he seemed to remember something and looked very scared.

Li Qingshan asked softly from the side: “So, which Great Emperor fell?”

Daoist Long looked at Li Qingshan with a panicked expression and extended the trembling. hand , pointing in one direction.

Li Qingshan looked in this direction, the complexion changed.

There is the direction of Eastern Wilderness.

That’s the home of Immortal Court.

There are several Immortal Emperor powerhouses there.

Li Qingshan’s mind flashed, and he immediately asked Daoist Long: “Is it the North Star Great Emperor?”

Li Qingshan remembers clearly that the North Star Great Emperor has been in seclusion for 50,000 years , never appeared.

Daoist Long’s difficult nodded: “It should be him!”

The voice fell, and the bell between Heaven and Earth suddenly rang.





The bells are ringing continuously, There are a full forty-nine sounds, echoing in Immortal World.

Everyone heard it.

Everyone looked up at the sky, the cracked gap, the beautiful white flower of the Grand Dao, the bell ringing in their ears.

“Is this Heaven and Earth dying for the Immortal Emperor powerhouse?”

“Yes, this is the dirge of the Great Emperor!”

“My I have listened to the Great Emperor’s dirge twice in my life, one of which was Qin Ling Great Emperor 300,000 years ago, and the other is now.”

“The Great Emperor’s dirge sounded, representing the fall of a Great Emperor. , who is it?”

“I just said that the Heaven and Earth natural phenomenon has continued in the past year, and it snowed every day. It turned out that the Great Emperor was going to die.”

” There are quite a few Great Emperors in the Immortal World, who are they?”

“Is there any need to ask?”

“Yes, no need to ask, the Great Emperors of other forces are all at the peak of the peak. , only the Immortal Court is dying.”

“Have you forgotten that there is a Great Emperor in the Immortal Court who has been sleeping for fifty thousand years. I haven’t woken up once in ten thousand years, and now I can’t hide it anymore.”

“It’s the North Star Great Emperor of the West, and this Great Emperor’s elegy is played for him.”


The world discusses spiritedly, those Peak experts, who are constantly communicating with Primordial Spirit, you can quickly deduce the reason for what happened.

The Immortal Court North Star Great Emperor has fallen.

The news quickly spread throughout the Immortal World, and the Immortal Court also knew the news. All the descendants of Imperial Clan gathered together to discuss what to do?

Their people were alarmed.

Other forces were very happy to see this scene.

Immortal Court, the sun set behind the western hills, couldn’t hold on.

Someone in Monster Race was laughed heartily: “The fall of the North Star Great Emperor is the beginning of the fall of the Immortal Court.”

The Demon Race cheered: “There are two old Great Emperors, the Immortal Court is useless Now, the Crape Myrtle Great Emperor has also fallen asleep, will he be the next one to fall!”

In the Buddha Realm, a Buddha Ancestor the size of ten thousand zhang, closed his eyes, and recited: “Amitabha.”

In Hell, in the boundless lava, a terrifying statue The Lord of Hell woke up and sneered: “The horn of the counterattack on Immortal Court has already sounded.”

In Divine Race, the Ancestral Saint King sighed: “North Star Great Emperor, my old friend, It just fell like this, which makes me so happy.”

Human World, which hides a King of Killer, looking at the sky at this moment, sneered: “Unfortunately, I didn’t kill you.”

Everyone was happy, worried, and frightened, only Daoist Long cried.

Li Qingshan knew that Daoist Long had deep feelings for Immortal Court, didn’t expect him to cry.

An old man, tearful and sad.

Li Qingshan didn’t know how to comfort him, so he could only hand over a handkerchief.

“The North Star Great Emperor was the one who received me back then. He was a very nice man. He personally gave me a few days of instruction. It’s over.” Daoist Long wiped his tears sadly.

“My condolences and change. I think the North Star Great Emperor should also be happy for his liberation. 50,000 years of being muddheaded is a kind of torture for an Immortal Emperor.” Li Qingshan said.

Daoist Long had no choice but to be nodded, which made me feel better.


Just as they were speaking, the world started to rain.

Between Heaven and Earth suddenly appeared the infinite Grand Dao, and the ground poured the Golden Lotus, and the sky rained.

Crash-bang, when the rain hit him, Li Qingshan felt that he had gained a huge amount of energy all at once.

“This… the rainwater here is condensed by Immortal

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