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Chapter 114 Saint Sovereign Child (Subscribe)

Chapter 113 Saint Sovereign Child

An Immortal Emperor who is the only one who has been revered throughout the ages, his energy is extremely terrifying. After all, he has obtained it through hundreds of thousands of years, or even millions of years of cultivation.

At this moment, the North Star Great Emperor Dao Transformation is for the whale fall, all living beings absorb his energy, absorb his Grand Dao, and improve themselves.

This is a world carnival.

Even if the cultivation base is not at the Immortal level, they can absorb some Great Emperor energy, which is very helpful to them. s life.

Some cultivators who were stuck in the original realm because they couldn’t understand the world Grand Dao were overjoyed at the moment.

The Grand Dao emanating from the North Star Great Emperor was comprehended and explained by him. It is very simple and clear. It can be comprehended without being too complicated when absorbed into the body.

Many people broke through the original realm because of this. They were so excited that they wept, moved towards the direction of Immortal Court and bowed down, thanking the North Star Great Emperor for his generosity and selflessness.

The Heavenly Immortal world has become unusually quiet as the sky descends, and the ground surges into the Golden Lotus.

Everyone is silently cultivating, absorbing more Great Emperor energy.

Even the Immortal King Realm has found the Grand Dao he wants.

The North Star Great Emperor dedicated his life to the Immortal World without reservation.

Li Qingshan is also absorbing.

But unlike the Golden Lotus, which is absorbed by the world, and the rain falls from the sky, Li Qingshan set his eyes on in the sky, in that huge crack, the flower of Grand Dao gushing out.

This is the essence of the North Star Great Emperor.

Li Qingshan directly ignored the rain that fell from the sky, the Golden Lotus gushing from the ground, and went directly to comprehend the flower of the Grand Dao.

A blazing light flew out of his Primordial Spirit, caught a particularly bright flower of Grand Dao in the sky, pulled it into his body, and then realized it.

One after another, the flowers of the Grand Dao were constantly grabbed by Li Qingshan, dragged into the body and absorbed silently.

Each flower of the Grand Dao here is richer than the Tao that an epoch immortal has comprehended in a lifetime.

At this moment, not only Li Qingshan’s comprehension, but some powerful cultivators are also robbing the North Star Great Emperor of the flower of the Grand Dao.

But none of them are as fast as Li Qingshan.

Because Li Qingshan possesses Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture and Six Paths of Reincarnation in his body, in order to snatch more flowers of Grand Dao, he displays these two cultivation arts.

The Six Paths of Reincarnation entangle Li Qingshan’s Primordial Spirit Power, plundering in the sky.

The true body of Buddha Ancestor of Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture left Li Qingshan’s Sea of Consciousness for the first time, bringing him more flowers of Grand Dao.

In this brief moment, even the epoch immortal can’t rob Li Qingshan.

A flourishing carnival that lasted all day.

On this day, Li Qingshan doesn’t know how many Grand Dao flowers he has robbed.

Until the end of this carnival, the cracks in the sky are repaired, the flower of the Grand Dao no longer appears, the rain falls from the sky, and the Golden Lotus disappears from the ground. , disappeared.

Many people have broken through realm.

Many people still break through several levels, benefit a lot, and can’t help but be overjoyed.

This time the whale falls, it may happen this time in their life, and they are naturally reluctant to give up.

However, the energy of an Immortal Emperor, which supplied the entire Immortal World’s people, absorbed it for a whole day, was already very terrifying, and in the evening, everything was over, and the world returned to its previous state.

I don’t know who it is, I worship the North Star Great Emperor and thank him for his generosity.

What followed was a pilgrimage of thousands of people to thank the North Star Great Emperor.

Li Qingshan also followed and sent the North Star Great Emperor a congratulatory ride.

After the fall of the North Star Great Emperor, the world returned to normal, and it stopped snowing. The snowflakes on the mountains and rivers slowly melted until they were disappeared and no longer remembered.

Just like the North Star Great Emperor, now the world is deeply grateful and respectful to him, but as time goes by, the world will forget him and everything that happened today.

Perhaps one day in the future, when I mention this matter, I will remember that I have seen such a shocking picture of a whale falling in my life.

Li Qingshan didn’t stop too much in Eastern Wilderness, he Tearing Space, returned to Immortal Court Academy, returned to his yard, started to stretch for a long time, and then sorted out today’s harvest.

The flower of the Grand Dao, Li Qingshan carefully counted and confirmed that he had obtained 2,999 flowers today.

I don’t know if it’s God’s will, just like the Grand Dao he realized.

Three thousand Grand Dao, just a little bit of fate.

β€œThe flower of Grand Dao is very easy to understand. These are all organized Grand Dao. It is very pure and does not need to be understood by yourself. Just follow the script, drawing a tiger using a cat as a model, and that’s fine.” Li Qingshan murmured.

“It shouldn’t take too much time, and after absorbing these two thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine Grand Dao flowers, I should be able to break through Passing Era Immortal and enter the epoch immortal level.” Li Qingshan Think silently.

A flower of Grand Dao, more Tao than an epoch immortal can comprehend in a lifetime.

Li Qingshan comprehended the Tao of one hundred epoch immortal before.

Now he has 2,999 Grand Dao flowers, together, isn’t it comparable to 4,000 epoch immortals?

Such a huge Grand Dao is enough for Li Qingshan to go from Passing Era Immortal breakthrough to epoch immortal.

“I thought it would take a long time for breakthrough, at least two or three years, but didn’t expect that the fall of the North Star Great Emperor would save this time.” Li Qingshan knew , this kind of thing can be met but not sought after, and maybe in his entire life, he can only see the whale fall at this time.

After thinking wildly, Li Qingshan closed his eyes, immersed himself in the cultivation, and absorbed the flower of Grand Dao.

With this absorption, Li Qingshan felt that the flower of Grand Dao is much easier to comprehend than the Tao of epoch immortal.

The flower of Grand Dao is silent and absorbed by Li Qingshan. This part of Grand Dao is automatically comprehended by Li Qingshan, so there is no need to worry about it. When the Grand Dao is in control, you can continue to absorb the next Grand Dao flower.

The Tao of epoch immortal, Li Qingshan still needs to study it carefully, and then study it, and transform the Tao that belongs to others into his own Tao.

It takes a lot of time.

The flower of Grand Dao has absolutely no comparability.

But Li Qingshan knows that the Tao of epoch immortal is often present, but the flower of Grand Dao is not.

So he didn’t complain about anything, quiet cultivation, absorbing the flower of Grand Dao, he estimated that this time the absorption is finished, it won’t take long.

One day outside, three years in the yard, Li Qingshan is in quiet cultivation.

In three years, he absorbed the flowers of Grand Dao, and realm entered epoch immortal from Passing Era Immortal quietly as early as possible.

This realm is not Li Qingshan’s efforts, but a gift from the North Star Great Emperor.

It was a windfall, Li Qingshan accepted with a smile.

Three years later, Li Qingshan opened his eyes and said softly, “I am not far from Immortal King Realm.”

Between epoch immortal and Immortal King, just After a realm, if there is another whale fall, Li Qingshan is sure to break through to Immortal King.

Of course, this is only suitable for my own fantasy, and it is difficult to have it again.

Li Qingshan has gone for a long time. Three years have passed inside, and only one day has passed outside.

Li Qingshan stood with his hands behind his back, walked out of the yard, and said softly: “Now, when I use Time Grand Dao, the formidable power will be even greater.”

It was a day outside, During the three years, Li Qingshan’s cultivation base was Passing Era Immortal.

Now his cultivation base is epoch immortal, which can be used for one day outside and ten years inside.

One day is equal to ten years, which is a qualitative leap for Li Qingshan, who is now an expert in Immortal World.

epoch immortal is in Immortal World, but second only to Emperor and Immortal King.

In any faction, epoch immortal can occupy a high position, enter the decision-making level, or rule one side and become a vassal official.

Even if you go out alone, you can easily pull up a team.

“Now that I meet the Demon Race Immortal King, I can easily smash him.” Li Qingshan said confidently.

That Demon Race Immortal King just broke through. He is not that powerful in Immortal King Realm. Now Li Qingshan can beat him without pressure.

After walking out of the yard, I saw the scorching sun, the rolling white clouds, the melting of the ice and the snow, and the world turned into summer again.

Li Qingshan was walking on the trail, admiring the beautiful scenery along the way, thinking as he walked: “The North Star Great Emperor’s whale fall was an accident. Although I broke through the epoch immortal, I still have to follow the steps and continue. Cultivation, don’t be impetuous because of breakthrough, although I am very strong now, there are still many people who can kill me in Immortal World.”

Li Qingshan advised himself to calm down and continue to follow the previous plan road ahead.

Continue to the starry sky graveyard, continue to comprehend all kinds of Grand Dao, and improve yourself.

Li Qingshan is very satisfied with his current progress. He came to Immortal World, and in less than ten years, he has gone from Human Immortal Realm to epoch immortal directly. Let me tell you about this progress. Absolutely shocked Immortal World, everyone’s fear of him, killing intent, wooing, envy, jealousy… will be more widespread.

Fortunately, Li Qingshan is very low-key and belongs to a ten thousand year old otaku.

Li Qingshan walked along the trail to the top of the mountain. The warm summer wind was blowing, and he was in a good mood. The breakthrough at this time could be regarded as saving him several years, and he could go more relaxed. Understand Immortal King Grand Dao.

“You brat broke through again?” At this moment, Daoist Long’s voice came, looking at Li Qingshan, clicking one’s tongue in wonder, it wasn’t so shocking, he knew that Li Qingshan had absorbed a lot The flower of Grand Dao, this time breakthrough is quick, but reasonable and completely understandable.

“Isn’t it a waste if I absorb so many flowers of Grand Dao, if I don’t break through?” Li Qingshan didn’t reply.

“That’s not necessarily true. Some people have absorbed the flower of Grand Dao, but they still can’t break through.” Daoist Long retorted Li Qingshan.

“Are you talking about yourself?”

“You should have absorbed the Dao of the North Star Great Emperor, why is it still in the epoch Immortal Realm world?” Li Qingshan asked curiously.

Before Li Qingshan watched Daoist Long, he was epoch immortal.

Now watch Daoist Long, or epoch immortal.

The North Star Great Emperor fell, everyone benefited, why is Daoist Long still standing still?

Daoist Long’s face was indifferent, not at all lost, said in a tranquil voice: “I leave the Dao of the North Star Great Emperor to you, I am an old fogey, maybe when I die, It’s hard to say.”

Li Qingshan didn’t believe what he said, epoch immortal, if nothing else happened, he could live at least 100,000 years.

“You said before that your understanding of the Tao is different from mine. What is it?” Li Qingshan asked curiously.

“What I understand is the way of cultivation after the North Star Great Emperor Immortal King, what you understand is the way of the North Star Great Emperor Immortal King before, so naturally there is no conflict.” Daoist Long said.

“If that’s the case, why didn’t you break through the Immortal King?” Li Qingshan asked in confusion.

“You think Immortal King is so good at breaking through. Besides, the Dao of the North Star Great Emperor Immortal King after that doesn’t actually spill over much into Immortal World.” Daoist Long said after hesitation.

“What do you mean?” Li Qingshan asked in confusion.

is it possible that, the North Star Great Emperor whale fall, is there any reservation?

Daoist Long stood beside Li Qingshan and said softly, “I told you before that the starry sky cemetery will take away some of the remnants.”

Li Qingshan Nodding, he said, “You did say that, but what the starry sky cemetery took away was only a wisp of remnant soul, and it couldn’t even be resurrected. It is impossible to take away the Grand Dao after the Immortal King of the North Star Great Emperor.”

“But what if the North Star Great Emperor took the initiative to enter the starry sky cemetery?” Daoist Long calmly said.

Li Qingshan was stunned: “What did you say?”

“I said, the North Star Great Emperor chose Jingluo after his fall. He actually divided it into two parts. The epoch immortal plus a part of the Immortal King Grand Dao, sprinkled on the Immortal World, is what the world calls the whale fall, and you have also learned a lot.”

“The other part of the Immortal King Grand Dao, plus he became an emperor. The Dao, as well as the Dao behind the Great Emperor, entered the starry sky graveyard.” Daoist Long said.

“Why?” Li Qingshan asked in confusion.

“This is the choice of the North Star Great Emperor, who knows why, during the day you were in retreat, I entered the starry sky cemetery once, and saw that in the starry sky cemetery, there was another Great Emperor. The tomb of the Emperor.” Daoist Long said.

“Is it the tomb of the North Star Great Emperor?” Li Qingshan asked. After asking it, he felt that this question was silly. At this time, there was an extra tomb of the Great Emperor, except for the North Star Great Emperor. Emperor, who else could it be?

“Yes, it is the tomb of the North Star Great Emperor, which hides the Immortal King Grand Dao he realized, as well as the method of becoming an emperor, the way of the Great Emperor, and the way behind the Great Emperor.” Daoist Long nods and said.

Li Qingshan frowned suddenly, looked at Daoist Long, and asked, “What are you talking about with me?”

Daoist Long found Li Qingshan alert, laughed, Said: “You are also in the epoch Immortal Realm world now. I estimate that with your brutality, it should be easy to kill the Immortal King. If so, are you interested, come with me to explore the greatness of the North Star Great Emperor in the starry sky cemetery. Tomb?”

Li Qingshan brows tightly frowns, without immediately agreeing, but thinking carefully and asking: “I only epoch immortal, there is no need to explore the tomb of the North Star Great Emperor.”


“You are already an epoch immortal, and the next realm is the Immortal King. If you get the Immortal King Grand Dao of the North Star Great Emperor, wouldn’t it be easy for you to break through?” Daoist Long seduced Li Qingshan and made cakes for him.

“No, since you found the Great Emperor’s tomb in the starry sky cemetery, just go and explore it. There’s no need to come back and take me with you.” Li Qingshan shook his head, not being fooled at all. I sensed the mysterious voice in Daoist Long’s words.

Daoist Long said calmly: “Isn’t our relationship good, I want to pull you together if there is any good thing, when the time comes we will explore the tomb of the North Star Great Emperor together, and then break through the epoch together. immortal, enter the Immortal King Realm, when the time comes you are the Immortal King Li, and I am the Immortal King the dragon, isn’t it beautiful?”

Li Qingshan became more vigilant when he saw Daoist Long like this. There were big cakes everywhere, and it was obvious that Daoist Long just wanted Li Qingshan to be with him.

“The relationship between us is actually like that. It’s not as good as you think. Be a human being. Sometimes you have to be generous. Since it is the tomb of the Emperor that you discovered, then it is up to you to explore, and I will. I won’t rob you.” Li Qingshan refused again.

Daoist Long looked at Li Qingshan, frowned, knowing that Li Qingshan was cautiously, vigilant by nature.

“Actually, there is not much danger. With me and you, even Immortal King, we are not afraid.” Daoist Long said.

“You said just now that there are only two of us, and now there is another Immortal King enemy, you old fellow didn’t say a word of the truth.” Li Qingshan pointed at Daoist Long and said.

He remembered very clearly that at the earliest time he called Daoist Long, Long Kenghuo.

In Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield, Li Qingshan from Daoist Long Pit almost fell. He was a very unreliable person.

“It’s not very dangerous, that is, everyone can enter the starry sky cemetery. Since I can find the tomb of the North Star Great Emperor, then others can also find it, so the competition at this time is fierce. ” Daoist Long said indifferently.

“However, no matter how intense it is, as long as Mr. Li Qingshan comes out, that group of rotten fish and rotten shrimp can be settled directly.” Daoist Long lifted Li Qingshan high.

“If something goes wrong, there must be a demon, so tell me directly, is it possible that the entire Immortal World, Peak forces know, there is the tomb of the North Star Great Emperor in the starry sky cemetery?” Li Qingshan asked Daoist Long.

Daoist Long smacked his lips, knowing that Li Qingshan was not easy to cheat, and said in a low voice, “Almost.”

“You idiot, since all the Peak forces in Immortal World know about it, There must be a lot of people there, why are you calling me?” Li Qingshan looked at Daoist Long speechlessly.

“Do you mean to watch the North Star Great Emperor’s tomb and be explored by other forces?” Daoist Long asked Li Qingshan.

“We only have two people, and we are still in the epoch Immortal Realm world. How can we compete with other Immortal Kings?” Li Qingshan asked Daoist Long in confusion.

“What is there to be afraid of, you killed an Immortal King in Passing Era Immortal realm, now you are in the epoch Immortal Realm world, ordinary Immortal King is no threat to you at all, With my side to assist you, the two of us will join forces, we will not dare to say that we are invincible, and we can come and go freely in the starry sky cemetery.” Daoist Long’s words were full of temptation.

“And you have learned so much about Grand Dao, and you have already absorbed most of the time and space. If you really find a crisis that is difficult to handle, let’s just run away.” Daoist Long said to Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan stood with his hands behind his back, frowning, and did not speak.

“As the so-called danger lurks within the riches and honour, as long as we get the Immortal King Grand Dao and Emperor Grand Dao of the North Star Great Emperor, the breakthrough will be as easy as drinking water. Let’s just run straight away, dissipate our Soul Power, and return to our body. There are so many ways to retreat, won’t you be tempted?” Daoist Long persuaded Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan lightly, unconsciously, rubbed his fingers.

speak frankly, he was moved.

“But I only made a name for myself in the Emperor Pass before. People in the whole Immortal World probably have a fresh memory of me, so I went to the starry sky cemetery to be recognized. Us.” Li Qingshan said hesitantly.

“This is easy to handle. Let’s change our face and change our identity. From now on, you are the direct descendant of a certain Great Emperor in ancient times, but I am your servant.” Daoist Long immediately came up with an idea: “My body For the descendants of Imperial Clan, your strength is stronger, as it should be by rights, we fish in troubled waters, we are not strong, just in that big tomb and see what kind of treasure we can touch.”

Li Qingshan listened calmly, but his heart moved.

“Is it not recognizable by the face change?” Li Qingshan asked suspiciously.

“I have two human-skin masks here. They are both refined by the Great Emperor powerhouse. They are very valuable. Even the Immortal King can’t see through your true colors, so no one will know you. It’s Li Qingshan, knowing that I’m Daoist Long, we only need to think about the background before entering the starry sky graveyard.” Daoist Long quickly took out two human skin masks.

This human skin mask is extremely gorgeous in workmanship. It seems to be made of ice silk. It is extremely slender. It feels cold when applied to the face. Then it slowly melts into Li Qingshan’s skin, disappeared, In a second, a mirror appeared in front of him.

The mirror was manifested by Daoist Long and placed in front of Li Qingshan, he proudly said: “How is it? It’s very good, no one can recognize it at all. When I was young, I walked around the rivers and lakes. , there are countless vests, who can tell which is me?”

Li Qingshan looked at himself in the mirror, it was completely another person, although still handsome, but inexplicably more evil.

Even if you ask Xiao Jiu to come over to identify it, if you don’t tell her the result, you won’t be able to recognize it. This is Li Qingshan.

“Yes, I can see that when you were young, you used these two human skin masks to do bad things.” Li Qingshan nodded with satisfaction.

“Some things when you were young, why do you mention it? With this human skin mask, you can now go to the starry sky cemetery with me at ease?” Daoist Long said to Li Qingshan.

“The Primordial Spirit enters the starry sky graveyard, is there a high probability of death?” Li Qingshan asked seriously.

“Unless your Primordial Spirit is killed by someone and wiped out directly, otherwise, you can give up part of your Primordial Spirit and escape back to Immortal World, you will be injured, but you can save a life.” Daoist Long said.

“That’s good, but what kind of identity do we enter the starry sky cemetery?” Li Qingshan asked Daoist Long.

“Just say you are the Saint Sovereign Child, the descendant of a certain Great Emperor, who had been frozen in the Divine Source before, woke up in this life, and wanted to compete for the Grand Dao of the North Star Great Emperor. , the way of the Great Emperor, I am your Dao Protector, my name is Long Sanqian.” Daoist Long said after thinking for a while.

β€œDoes anyone believe that?” Mister Li doubted.

“If you tell a lie once, no one will believe it. If you tell it ten times, everyone will believe it. When you tell it a hundred times, everyone will believe it.” Daoist Long said philosophically.

“Okay, it seems that you have everything ready, then let us enter the starry sky cemetery and meet the experts of the Immortal World’s Great Influence.” Li Qingshan agreed.

“Okay, from now on, you can follow me. If there is any problem, I will solve it. If it can’t be solved, you will take another shot.” Daoist Long nodded.

He walked back to the small courtyard with Li Qingshan, and arranged a Defensive Array around the small courtyard to prevent others from rushing in.

Then Li Qingshan and Daoist Long joined the Primordial Spirit Leaving the Body, put his left foot on his right foot, jumped abruptly, left Immortal World directly, and entered the starry sky cemetery.


The starry sky graveyard.

Coming here again, Li Qingshan found that the place became lively.

The previous starry sky cemetery was inaccessible, and few people came to comprehend it.

Except for the fated person, most of the starry sky cemeteries will return empty-handed. Over time, not many people are willing to come.

Before Li Qingshan’s starry sky cemetery, I learned so much, only a few people I met, and there was no communication between everyone.

In the current starry sky cemetery, a powerful Primordial Spirit can be seen from time to time, swept across the sky and moved towards the depths of the starry sky cemetery.

“Sure enough, many people are eyeing the tomb of the North Star Great Emperor.” Li Qingshan said.

These mighty Primordial Spirits are epoch immortal at worst, sometimes mixed with Immortal King’s Primordial Spirits.

“I told you, these people are all eyeing the tomb of the North Star Great Emperor, let’s hurry up, they will take away the Grand Dao later.” Daoist Long urged Li Qingshan .

Li Qingshan did not hesitate, and moved forward at a high speed, passing the outer area, and went deep into the Passing Era Immortal, epoch immortal mausoleum, without stopping, directly entered the Immortal King mausoleum, and finally, they came to the Emperor Mausoleum range.

Here, the mountains are steep and steep, but among the mountains, there is a terrifying aura floating up and down, everyone is waiting here, the tomb of the North Star Great Emperor is about to appear.

There were not many people in the area before, but when I came here, Li Qingshan saw a lot of people.

Obviously, the goal of these people was the same as Daoist Long, who went straight to the tomb of the North Star Great Emperor.

Here, Li Qingshan saw a lot of Immortal King’s breath, ups and downs, very obvious.

In the area where the Immortal King is located, the epoch immortal automatically retreats and does not dare to fight with it.

“Lord Saint Sovereign Child, this place between Heaven and Earth is all mountains. Let’s wait here for the tomb of the North Star Great Emperor to appear.” Daoist Long disguised as an old man, his face pale and full of He has silver hair, one of his front teeth fell out, his speech leaks, his back is hunched, looking at the appearance of time is limited, he respectfully said to Li Qingshan.

A lot of people paid attention to their arrival, Daoist Long has already entered the play.

Li Qingshan proudly nodded and said: “The North Star Great Emperor is the Great Emperor Realm like my father, I want to find his Grand Dao, compare it, what is the difference with my father’s way? “

He is also in the play, playing a proud descendant of the Emperor.

all around the people who observed them were shocked, this person turned out to be a direct descendant of an Emperor, which made people palpitate.

The direct descendants of the Emperor are completely different from the descendants of the current local Imperial Clan.

The bloodline will become common as it gets diluted from one generation to the next.

Now the Imperial Clan descendants of the Immortal Court, the bloodline are all diluted about the same, and can no longer reproduce the terrifying of the Emperor’s direct descendants.

And this person is a direct descendant of the Emperor, which makes the Immortal King look at him.

“This little brother, which Emperor descendant are you?” At this time, someone asked.

Li Qingshan didn’t answer, Daoist Long said proudly: “My Saint Sovereign Child is a descendant of the Saint Sovereign Great Emperor.”

As soon as he said this, the experts around him frowned. , thinking seriously.

Who is the Saint Sovereign Great Emperor?

Not only them, but even Li Qingshan was wondering, who is the Saint Sovereign Great Emperor? It must be Daoist Long who made it up.

“The Saint Sovereign Great Emperor really existed, a stunning Great Emperor 500,000 years ago, but it existed for a short time, so it was not well known by the world, just by virtue of his reputation, and he The Absolute Art is Six Paths of Reincarnation, he is the Emperor who came out of Hell.” Daoist Long sound transmission told Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan stood quietly with his hands behind his back. Although he didn’t say anything, he showed the attitude of the second generation of the emperor vividly and thoroughly.

“Saint Sovereign Great Emperor, from Hell, the Immortal World of Six Paths of Reincarnation trembled with one hand, suddenly rose in half a million years, and suddenly passed away, leaving no descendants, really leaving descendants, That was also 500,000 years ago, are you really his descendant?” An Immortal King questioned Li Qingshan.

“Bold, you, a little Immortal King, dare to question Lord Saint Sovereign Child?” Suddenly, Daoist Long was furious and shouted furiously at this statue.

Li Qingshan was extremely speechless, and said to Daoist Long, “There is no need to come here, so just ask for trouble?”

Daoist Long ignored Li Qingshan, he glared at the man. Immortal King, showing the loyal patron vividly and thoroughly.

This man’s face turned black immediately, coldly shouted: “What a dog that protects the master, two epoch immortals, pretending to be the descendants of Emperor in front of me, barking wildly, don’t say you are not, even if you are descendants of Emperor , I am the Immortal King, killing the descendants of the Emperor is very easy.”

Daoist Long continued to shout: “What about the Immortal King, my Saint Sovereign Child, the Great Emperor aptitude, kills the Immortal King like slaughtering dogs , what are you calling a dog?”

Li Qingshan was extremely speechless, Daoist Long What is this doing?

The Immortal King was completely irritated, looked at Li Qingshan, his eyes were cold and severe, loudly shouted: “Today I will kill you, the descendant of the Emperor.”

Daoist Long roared without showing weakness: “My Lord Saint Sovereign Child will kill you. If you eat and drink water, wash your head and wait.”

After saying this, Daoist Long stepped back, Standing behind Li Qingshan, sound transmission said: “Boy, I have set the stage for you, as long as you easily defeat this Immortal King, we can gain a certain position, and everyone will believe in your Emperor. Descendants.”

Li Qingshan is extremely speechless, this old scammer doesn’t need such a high profile, they can still fish in troubled waters, and now they have attracted the attention of all people, they can’t fish in troubled waters.

“You caused trouble, why don’t you solve it?” Li Qingshan gritted his teeth.

“This is a new Immortal King Realm, not worth mentioning, I totally trust you, you can kill Immortal King in Passing Era Immortal realm, now it’s easier, have the words at hand, if you can kill , kill him.”

“Why, he has a grudge against you?” Li Qingshan was speechless, looking at the Immortal King, and asked by sound transmission.

“It doesn’t count. He is the enemy of Immortal Court. If he can kill one, he is one.” Daoist Long told Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan is really convinced by this old scammer.

He had no choice but to stand up and proudly looked at the Immortal King, shouted: “Come here, I’ll behead you!”

All around looked at, For a while, this master and servant were just as arrogant, a Passing Era Immortal threatened to behead an Immortal King, how strange it was.

The Immortal King stared at Li Qingshan coldly, shouting loudly: “One Flower One World, one leaf, one bodhi!”

The Space Grand Dao he realized, he shot , so that Li Qingshan’s heart condensed.

“Damn old s

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