Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 115


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Li Qingshan stands proudly in the sky, imposing in an unparalleled manner, the six black holes behind him, Deep and unmeasurable, with a slight rotation, as if it can suck people’s souls in, making people terrified.

The people all around looked stupid.

Even Immortal King Realm looked at it in astonishment.

Completely didn’t expect, this Saint Sovereign Child, who is only in the epoch Immortal Realm world, actually defeated the Demon Race genius Immortal King.

That’s no ordinary Immortal King.

He’s the hope of the Demon Race.

“Is this the power of the Emperor Bloodline?”

“He is the bloodline of the Saint Sovereign Great Emperor, the battle strength is definitely stronger than those diluted bloodline, but I Also didn’t expect, an Immortal King, or Immortal King of the cultivation Space Grand Dao, didn’t win, it’s incredible.”

“Yeah, Immortal King Realm aloof and remote, kill epoch Immortal King, a finger is enough, it stands to reason that epoch immortal is impossible to beat Immortal King.”

“Emperor Bloodline, plus Six Paths of Reincarnation, let him complete this impossible It happened.”

“I suddenly remembered that the genius of Immortal Court before, he was even more terrifying, and actually killed an Immortal King in Passing Era Immortal realm.”

” That Immortal King is also from the Demon Race, the Demon Race is so miserable, both young Immortal Kings are damaged.”

“No, that Immortal King can’t be compared to this one, even though they are the same Immortal Kings. , are also new to this realm, but the Immortal King’s potential and strength are much greater than the previous one, and the two have no comparability.”

“Although there is no comparability, but that This one was killed by Passing Era Immortal, this one was defeated by epoch immortal, and if he doesn’t escape, he will also be killed.”

“An Immortal Court Li Qingshan, an Emperor Bloodline Saint Sovereign Child, who can be called Peerless genius.”

A group of people continued to talk about the Saint Sovereign Child and Immortal Cour in front of them. t’s peerless genius Li Qingshan mentions on equal terms.

Daoist Long saw this scene and shouted proudly: “A little Immortal King dares to run wild in front of my Saint Sovereign Child, if you hadn’t run fast, it would be a corpse now. “

“Now you don’t doubt the identity of my Young Master?” Daoist Long arrogant and despotic looked all around, showing a henchman vividly and thoroughly.

He even wants to continue to pull hatred.

Li Qingshan hurriedly stopped him, and the sound transmission entered his ears: “Don’t continue to be arrogant, it’s not good to pretend too much, if there is an expert from Immortal King Realm, I can’t beat it. ”

The current Li Qingshan can beat the expert who has just entered the Immortal King Realm, but cannot compete with the top expert who has been immersed in the Immortal King Realm for many years.

Daoist Long thinks so too, it is already a very good result to be able to defeat the Demon Race genius Immortal King and let him flee in a hurry.

Li Qingshan descended from the air, landed next to Daoist Long, and scolded: “Shut up old angry.”

Then Li Qingshan looked all around, sure enough, because When Daoist Long said just now, many people looked at him badly.

There are many Immortal King Realm among them, although Li Qingshan defeated Demon Race genius Immortal King, but in the eyes of some Peak powerhouse, merely this.

Li Qingshan said to all around cup one fist in the other hand: “Everyone, this old slave and I have just been unblocked from Divine Source, and we don’t know much about the current era, so feel free to offend me. Please forgive me.”

As soon as these words came out, those unkind eyes disappeared.

Li Qingshan was relieved in his heart, if Daoist Long arrogant and despotic said a few more words, he would have to fight again.

Daoist Long was reprimanded by Li Qingshan, bowed his head to admit his mistake, and stood beside him obediently.

“How many years has Heavenly Sovereign’s Son been sealed in Divine Source?” An old man asked Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan took a look at the old man’s cultivation base, Immortal King Realm.

The imposing manner is powerful.

He immediately replied: “Hundreds of thousands of years, when the father passed away, he sealed me and this old slave in the Divine Source, saying that in the future a certain Era of the Great Conflict, let us come out .”

“So that’s how it is, the Saint Sovereign Great Emperor, also a lot of painstaking efforts.” The veteran Immortal King said.

At this moment, no one doubted Li Qingshan’s identity.

“The Saint Sovereign Child also wants the Grand Dao of the North Star Great Emperor?” asked another Immortal King.

Li Qingshan replied calmly: “I naturally want the Grand Dao of the North Star Great Emperor. Although I have the Grand Dao of the father, it is also a way to enhance the strength of each other. .”

“Then it depends on the ability. After the death of the North Star Great Emperor, he took the initiative to enter the starry sky cemetery, and brought the Immortal King Grand Dao and the Great Emperor’s way in together, forming a mausoleum. Right between these mountains, it will manifest soon, when the time comes also ask for Saint Sovereign Child show mercy.” A Monster Race Immortal King, huge in size, with an erect eye between his eyebrows, stared at Li Qingshan said.

Li Qingshan calmly nodded, neither humble nor arrogant, said: “Naturally it depends on ability.”

After this conversation, these Immortal Kings put their attention on the far side. In the mountain range, waiting for the official completion of the tomb of the North Star Great Emperor.

Those epoch immortals did not dare to come to Li Qingshan’s side. Although Li Qingshan is also in the epoch Immortal Realm world, the battle strengths of both sides are not at the same level.

I didn’t see the Immortal King present taking Li Qingshan as a same level expert. Naturally, these epoch immortals did not dare to approach Li Qingshan.

In this way, Li Qingshan is also at ease.

He and Daoist Long stood by, silently, as if waiting for the tomb of the North Star Great Emperor to fall.

However, Li Qingshan and Daoist Long had a very close conversation in private.

“This time you defeated the Demon Race genius Immortal King, damaged his Primordial Spirit, and fled. Although he didn’t kill him, it was enough. Primordial Spirit was damaged, at least a section length was needed. With the restoration of time, the future starlight of this genius is bleak.” Daoist Long said happily.

“Is he in Immortal King Realm, strong or not?” Li Qingshan asked curiously.

He doesn’t know the division of the Immortal King Realm at all. He doesn’t know what the Immortal King Realm is.

Or is it just like other Immortal Realm worlds, just a great realm and no other small realm?

Daoist Long said to Li Qingshan: “Immortal King Realm is different from other Immortal Realm worlds. In Immortal King Realm, there are distinct layers.”

“As you killed in the Emperor Pass before, The Immortal King, he just entered the Immortal King Realm for the first time, he is an Ancient Immortal.” Daoist Long said.

“Ancient Immortal?” Li Qingshan looked towards Daoist Long, and the sound transmission asked in confusion.

β€œIn the Immortal King Realm, there are several specific realms, namely Ancient Immortal, Nourishing Life Lord, Imperishable Being, Red Dust Immortal.”

β€œAmong the Immortal King Realm, called Ancient Immortal, means reaching the level of Ancient Immortal. In Ancient Era, Immortal King Realm is the real starting point of immortal, so now, the first threshold of Immortal King is Ancient Immortal.” Daoist Long explained.

Li Qingshan said in his heart: “Ancient Immortal, Nourishing Life Lord, Imperishable Being, Red Dust Immortal, is the division so detailed?”

“Of course, I asked North Star Great Emperor, ask about the road of immortal cultivation, the North Star Great Emperor told me, Immortal King is the starting point of immortal, the first step of starting point is Ancient Immortal, the one you killed in the Emperor Pass is the first entry to the Ancient Immortal realm. “

“And the Demon Race genius Immortal King you just defeated has already stood on the Ancient Immortal Peak, and his cultivation is Space Grand Dao. His strength is no trivial matter. If you can beat him, it shows your potential.” Infinity.” Daoist Long said to Li Qingshan.

“According to what you said, I am now facing the Ancient Immortal realm in the Immortal King Realm, which is basically fine. When I meet the Nourishing Life Lord, I will encounter a lot of trouble.” Li Qingshan calculated Said his own strength.

In defeating the Demon Race genius Immortal King, he only used Six Paths of Reincarnation and Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture.

The three thousand Grand Dao he understood, Li Qingshan did not perform at all. The three thousand Grand Dao was the foundation of Li Qingshan. If Li Qingshan displayed it, he would be invincible in the Ancient Immortal realm.

But Li Qingshan wasn’t sure about Nourishing Life Lord.

“Very good. Generally, when Ancient Immortal is against epoch immortal, you only need one move to defeat the opponent. You can use epoch Immortal Realm to be invincible in the level of Ancient Immortal, how much shocking and stunning? Even the current Great Emperor, if they are in the epoch Immortal Realm world, can’t do it.” Daoist Long said to Li Qingshan.

“The road to immortality is long, I will go up and down to seek it out. Don’t be greedy and arrogant, I am still weak now, don’t be arrogant anymore, you really got into a Nourishing Life Lord, I can fight But,” Li Qingshan told Daoist Long.

“I know, I was also watching people’s dishes, and I got into trouble with the Nourishing Life Lord, and we had to run for our lives. When the time comes North Star Great Emperor’s tomb was not found, and I fled in shame. Go back, I’m not that stupid.” Daoist Long nodded.

“The tomb of the North Star Great Emperor hasn’t appeared yet, why?” Li Qingshan looked towards the mountain range in the distance. Something is coming out.

A bunch of Immortal King Realm, plus countless Passing Era Immortals are all here to look forward to.

Others came in one after another, and thousands of Peak experts gathered in front of this mountain range.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in Immortal World.

“A Great Emperor enters the starry sky cemetery after his death, and it takes a little time to form his mausoleum, especially when someone like the North Star Great Emperor took the initiative to enter the starry sky pasture with his Immortal King Grand Dao and Emperor Grand Dao need more time. Yesterday, I found that the North Star Great Emperor’s aura is fluctuating in this mountain range, but it has not been fully formed yet, so continue to wait.” Daoist Long is right. Li Qingshan said.

Li Qingshan had to wait silently.

It’s not just him, everyone else is waiting. The Peak experts of the Great Influence, the Immortal King Realm, come one after another, and watch the mountain range all around here quietly.

Time is passing little by little.

Li Qingshan found that there were more and more Immortal Kings. Some Immortal Kings had a terrifying aura, which made his heart tremble and distorted the space. Obviously, they were definitely not new Immortal Kings. Simple.

Among them is the Immortal King of the Demon Race terrifying.

The Demon Race Immortal King came here, and the first thing he saw was not the mountain range, but Li Qingshan.

“It’s you who beat my Demon Race Immortal King?” the terrifying Demon Race Immortal King asked Li Qingshan.

“Immortal King, the genius Immortal King, in front of my Saint Sovereign Child, who dares to be called a genius, and who dares to be unbeaten?” Before Li Qingshan could answer, Daoist Long jumped out and continued to play the role of a loyal and loyal child. Old slave, there is a hint of arrogance in his words.

These words made Li Qingshan’s heart skip a beat, but don’t provoke another Immortal King, he can’t beat this Demon Race Immortal King.

But beyond Li Qingshan’s expectation, the terrifying Demon Race Immortal King did not take action, but nodded agreed with Daoist Long’s words: “It is true that he has no face to call himself a genius when he is defeated by Saint Sovereign Child alone. , the Immortal King of Demon Race’s recent New Generation, all of them are very arrogant, and now they are a little frustrated, which is also a kind of tempering for them.”

After saying this, the terrifying Demon Race Immortal King, no longer I ignored Li Qingshan, but stared at the mountain range, waiting for the North Star Great Emperor’s tomb to appear.

Li Qingshan’s puzzled sound transmission Daoist Long: “I beat that Demon Race genius Immortal King a little bit badly, won’t he take revenge?”

Daoist Long laughed and said : “Why do you think he will avenge others?”

“They are all Immortal Kings of Demon Race?” Li Qingshan said.

β€œThis Demon Race Immortal King, which became famous 40,000 years ago, is called Tuoba Immortal King, and its strength is estimated to have entered the Imperishable Being realm. He has nothing to do with the Immortal King, the genius of Demon Race of New Generation. “

“Don’t think of Demon Race as a monolithic one. The interior of any force is giving tit for tat. There are different factions, different beliefs, and different ethnic groups. Although within the framework of Demon Race, Not from the same faction, few people will stand up for others.”

β€œAnd there is no doubt about your status as a Saint Sovereign Child. As a Saint Sovereign Child, you will definitely have some trump cards in your hand, it is Saint What the Sovereign Great Emperor left behind, if he wants to make a move, he has to consider this point, offending a son of the Great Emperor for an irrelevant junior is very unworthy.” Daoist Long sound transmission to Li Qingshan, carefully explained Its Central Plain cause.

Li Qingshan understood now.

On the one hand, others are too lazy to care about the Demon Race genius Immortal King, and on the other hand, Li Qingshan and Daoist Long like the fox which exploits the tiger’s might, with the help of Saint Sovereign 500,000 years ago The reputation of the Great Emperor stunned a group of Immortal Kings.

After all, Emperor father will definitely leave some hole cards for child.

And Li Qingshan, the Saint Sovereign Child, has been in the sealed Divine Source for hundreds of thousands of years. If they were the Saint Sovereign Great Emperor, they would also leave a hole card for their child to deal with New The crisis of the world.

Thinking like this, Li Qingshan couldn’t help giving Daoist Long a thumbs up.

This old pit guy has a lot of experience. Before entering the starry sky cemetery, he had already thought about being like the fox which exploits the tiger’s might, and now he has really succeeded.

As long as there is no conflict of interest and no disgust, everyone chooses to be at peace with each other.

In this way, Li Qingshan and Daoist Long, a pair of fake masters and servants, swaggeringly stood in the Immortal King positions, very conspicuous.

The latecomers saw two epoch immortals standing in the range of the Immortal King. They were amazed and asked all around, what happened?

Then they learned the identity of Li Qingshan Saint Sovereign Child without any doubt.

After all, none of the Immortal Kings doubted, how dare these epoch immortals dare to doubt?

So everyone is at peace, waiting quietly for the tomb of the North Star Great Emperor to appear.


The huge mountain range in front of it suddenly disappeared as a whole.

Yes, gone.

Everyone was refreshed and watched intently.

The huge mountain range disappeared, and a majestic palace appeared on the original basis.

The tomb of the North Star Great Emperor.


The tomb of the North Star Great Emperor finally appeared.

This majestic palace does not look like a mausoleum, but like a palace where a king rests. It is very atmospheric and reveals a vigorous imposing manner everywhere.

This is peculiar.

“The North Star Great Emperor doesn’t like old rules. He once said that if he died, he would definitely live in the most luxurious palace. Admiration.” Daoist Long said excitedly to Li Qingshan sound transmission when he saw the palace.

Li Qingshan watched silently, everyone around couldn’t help it, and wanted to go up and have a look.


The next second, this person was bounced back, his face turned pale, he reached out to touch his chest, and said with lingering fear: “I felt like I was going to die just now, But a voice rang in my ear, telling me not to be so reckless in the future, to pull me back from death.”

“It was the North Star Great Emperor, he saved me.” This person excitedly said, facing the The palace knelt down. Between life and death, he was very afraid. His reckless character almost cost him his life.

Other people no longer dared to act rashly, and some people who started to stir also took back their pace.

Everyone stared closely at the palace.

Until, the gate of the palace slowly opened.

Yes, the gate of the palace opened by itself.

The majestic palace, located there, opened by itself and seemed to invite everyone in.

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, and after the reckless Immortal King just now, everyone was vigilant about the palace.

Don’t dare to go in.

Or not be the first to enter.

The Immortal Kings are all waiting for the first person to enter.

Li Qingshan was also watching, and suddenly Daoist Long pulled Li Qingshan, and the sound transmission said: “Let’s go in.”

“Just go in like this?” Li Qingshan said in surprise, so Many people dare not go in, how dare you go in?

“The North Star Great Emperor has been open-minded and upright all his life. Since he has opened the door, he is inviting everyone in. No one dares to enter. You just seize the opportunity.” Daoist Long said decisively.

Li Qingshan looked at Daoist Long’s firm expression, clenched the teeth, took one step, the space was shortened, and he came to the front of the palace.

This time, everyone was refreshed and looked at Li Qingshan.

“Someone went in.”

“It’s Saint Sovereign Child, and he went in?”

“Isn’t he afraid?”

“He is the heir of the Saint Sovereign Great Emperor, and he must have a hole card left by the Saint Sovereign Great Emperor on his body. Naturally, he is not afraid.”

“That’s right, then let him explore the way, Look at what’s ahead?”

The Immortal Kings stared at Li Qingshan closely, as long as Li Qingshan went in, there was no accident, they would immediately follow.

Standing in front of the palace gate, Li Qingshan stopped and asked Daoist Long again: “Are you sure?”

“Yes, 100% sure.” Daoist Long was firm. road.

Li Qingshan can only choose to believe in Daoist Long, take a deep breath, and step into the palace.


In an instant, the mountains and rivers change, the sun and the moon change, and time and space rotate. Li Qingshan came to a vast flowerbed.

In the flowerbed, Li Qingshan looked at it with amazement.

β€œHow did we come to a boundless sea of flowers?” Li Qingshan asked, he was observing, the sea of flowers stretched to the horizon, he tried to scan it with Divine Consciousness, but here, Divine Consciousness Only around the body, no eyes to see far.

Daoist Long came in with Li Qingshan, and was very surprised. He was also observing and said, “I once heard that the North Star Great Emperor’s dream was to join hands with his beloved woman in Baihuasheng. Put it where you want to live the rest of your life.”

“Is it here?” Li Qingshan asked, walking among the flowers, trying to find someone.

He is also watching behind him to see if anyone else is coming in.

But it’s just the two of them.

Li Qingshan could only move on, trying to find clues here.

“Ahead, there is a wood house!” Daoist Long saw the wood house hidden in the flowers with sharp eyes.

Li Qingshan rushed over with him, this wood house is pink and white, it looks very clean, there is no pollution at all, and it is very innovative.

“There is such a wood house among the flowers, what does it mean?” Li Qingshan asked, observing and staring.

“Go in and have a look.” Daoist Long reached out and pushed open the door of the wood house and saw what was inside.

It’s all ordinary furniture, Li Qingshan saw the bed, saw the table, saw the chair, saw the dressing table…

“There is a dressing table, this is where women live. What?” Daoist Long asked in surprise.

“No, this is a place where two people live. There are two pillows on the bed, a quilt, and two tableware and chopsticks, which means that two people lived here before.” Li Qingshan calmly analyze.

“It’s the North Star Great Emperor and his lover.” Daoist Long said immediately.

“Who is the lover of the North Star Great Emperor?” Li Qingshan asked curiously.

“I don’t know.” Daoist Long shook his head.

“Isn’t there any record?” Li Qingshan frowned. The North Star Great Emperor is the Immortal Court Emperor, and the Immortal Court’s record of him should be very clear.

“The world knows that the North Star Great Emperor has a lover, but who is his lover, where is his lover, whether he is alive or dead, we don’t know at all, only know that the North Star Great Emperor and her were born. A child, the child who started the North Star Imperial Clan, and then nothing is known about it,” said Daoist Long.

“This should be the best memory of the North Star Great Emperor in his lifetime. Among the flowers, there is the white moonlight that he cherished all his life, so there is no danger here, it is very warm.” Li Qingshan speculated.

“I also think, keep exploring and see.” Daoist Long searched around carefully to see if he could find something useful.

Li Qingshan left the wood house, went to the backyard, and saw a grave.

Li Qingshan approached and saw a line of words written on the tombstone.

【The tomb of the beloved wife Lin! 】

“This is the tomb of the wife of the North Star Great Emperor.” Li Qingshan stood in front of the tomb, muttered.

Daoist Long ran over immediately, saw the tomb, and said in surprise, “It turns out that the wife of the North Star Great Emperor has long since passed away.”

Li Qingshan suddenly stepped forward, Reach out to wipe the gravestone of the North Star Great Emperor’s wife.

He wanted to see if the tombstone could activate max-level comprehension.

Li Qingshan wiped it very carefully, and the tombstone was not too dirty, which means that the North Star Great Emperor in the normally wiped it was very serious.

Only now that the North Star Great Emperor has fallen, this tombstone is dirty.

[You wipe carefully, stimulate max-level comprehension, and comprehend World in Monument! ]

Suddenly, a line of words appeared in front of Li Qingshan’s eyes.

He looked overjoyed, it turned out to be World in Monument.

“What’s the matter with you?” Daoist Long looked at Li Qingshan and asked curiously.

“Be quiet and don’t talk, I will show you a past!” Li Qingshan pulled Daoist Long and sat down, then activated the World in Monument.

world Big Dipper Turns and Stars Move, if Zhuang Zhou Dreams of a Butterfly, the Star River is reversed, they see a new world.

Under the moonlight, the white clothed woman looked like a fairy, looking at a majestic man with reluctant eyes.

Daoist Long and Li Qingshan watched, surprised: “This is the North Star Great Emperor!”

Li Qingshan motioned him not to speak.

Daoist Long shut up immediately.

The North Star Great Emperor looked at the white clothed woman and said, “It’s very dangerous, don’t go!”

“Where I came from, my wish is to tell They, my choice is right.” The white clothed woman’s eyes were reluctant, she no longer looked at the North Star Great Emperor, and looked up at the sky, her eyes gradually firmed.

“This time Qin Ling Great Emperor’s invitation is a great opportunity, I don’t want to miss it.” The white clothed woman said firmly.

Li Qingshan and Daoist Long were surprised at the same time, how could this North Star Great Emperor’s wife be related to Qin Ling Great Emperor?

“Then I will accompany you, let’s be husband and wife together!” The North Star Great Emperor said firmly.

“No, the child is still young, you are just the Emperor, forget about me in the future.” The white clothed woman shook her head with a cold expression, she stretched out her hand, cut off a strand of blue silk, and handed it to North Star The Great Emperor lost the affection in his eyes and became indifferent.

“I cut off the thread of love, it belongs to you, it is my luck to meet you in this life, but it is your misfortune, I absorbed your innate talent and returned to Peak, but Let you live in the Emperor Realm for the rest of your life, I hope you don’t blame me.” said the white clothed woman.

The North Star Great Emperor took the blue silk, with a painful expression and unwillingness, he took the white clothed woman into his arms and said, “You are the woman of Lao Tzu, you remember, this life is, What is a strand of blue silk, wait for me over there, and I will definitely pick you up.”

In the cold eyes of the white clothed woman, there was another strand of love, which she had just cut off. All love silk, now born again.

She loves the North Star Great Emperor.

Deep love.

However, the fate on her shoulders made her have to go.

“Qin Ling Great Emperor is very powerful, you can go with him, it can be considered a guarantee, he promised me, he will protect you.” North Star Great Emperor said.

“Take care of yourself, I sucked your innate talent, which is equivalent to sucking your life indirectly. Your Great Emperor’s fate is very unstable. If you don’t have me, take care of yourself.” white The clothed woman hugged the waist of the North Star Great Emperor, pressed it against her chest, and said softly.

“I will pick you up!” The North Star Great Emperor said firmly.

The white clothed woman smiled softly, then left without looking back, stepping on the moon.

Only the North Star Great Emperor remained on the spot, holding a strand of blue silk in his hand, holding it tightly, very tightly…

The picture came to an abrupt end.

Then, quickly shattered, Li Qingshan and Daoist Long returned to the present world, behind the wood house and in front of the tomb.

Daoist Long licked his lips and said, “In their conversation just now, there was a lot of information revealed.”

Li Qingshan nods. The Emperor, at the last minute, went to Heaven.

The wife of the North Star Great Emperor went to Heaven with the Qin Ling Great Emperor.

The North Star Great Emperor was very reluctant to let her go, but there seemed to be some reason why she had to go.

Therefore, the North Star Great Emperor could only watch her leave no matter how reluctant he was.

“The white clothed woman is from Heaven!” Li Qingshan affirmed in his heart.

The white clothed woman wanted to tell Heaven that her choice was right.

So, she must be from Heaven.

The Qin Ling Great Emperor invited her to lead the way.

The strength of the North Star Great Emperor is only Emperor. He was sucked away by the white clothed woman’s innate talent, even his life, so he did not become very powerful.

But even so, the North Star Great Emperor was promoted to Emperor.

How powerful would he be if he hadn’t been sucked out of innate talent?

Is it not as good as Qin Ling Great Emperor?

Li Qingshan thought silently.

Daoist Long said on the side: “It turns out that the North Star Great Emperor’s wife at the time left, I said that there is no record of Immortal Court.”

“Also, that white clothed The woman sucked the North Star Great Emperor’s innate talent and affected the North Star Great Emperor’s lifespan, which is why the North Star Great Emperor has been in retreat for the last fifty thousand years, and then left so suddenly.” Daoist Long clapped his palms and sighed with emotion. endlessly.

β€œWhere did they go?” Daoist Long asked in confusion.

β€œHeaven!” Li Qingshan said solemnly.

“Heaven?” Daoist Long frowned, he thought about it seriously, then shook his head and said, “I am a well-read, most of Immortal Court’s books, especially those that are treasured. There is no record about Heaven in the secret book.”

“It’s normal for you not to know, this should be the secret of the Emperor Realm, if you don’t get the cultivation base, you won’t know about it.” Li Qingshan got up and patted the The soil suddenly found that this world of flowers was gradually fading.

“Looks like we’re going out.” Li Qingshan said.

Daoist Long nods

, it seems so.

The flower sea world is fading.

The wood house is also fading.

The tomb of the white clothed woman is also fading.

Li Qingshan looked at the tomb of the white clothed woman, no surprise, it should be the tomb of the clothes.

The white clothed woman went to Heaven with the Qin Ling Great Emperor, and probably did not return in Heaven. There is an impossible body of a white clothed woman in this tomb.

The flower sea world faded. At the last glance, Li Qingshan looked towards the tomb of the white clothed woman. In his mind, he deeply remembered the place Heaven.

The flower sea world was completely disappeared, and Li Qingshan and Daoist Long came to a huge palace.

There are many people in this palace, all of whom were waiting outside before, probably more than half of the Immortal Kings in Immortal World have come, so many Immortal Kings, and more epoch immortals, in The great hall is not crowded, which shows how big the palace is.

Seeing so many Immortal Kings, Daoist Long also shrank, did not dare to be arrogant, and stood behind Li Qingshan obediently.

“Damn it, I was fighting on a battlefield just now.”

“I saw with my own eyes the grandeur of Immortal Court when it was first built.”

“I saw the development of Immortal Court.”

“I saw the North Star Great Emperor and Qin Ling Great Emperor fighting.”

“I saw it The North Star Great Emperor is holding a strand of blue silk and staring under the moon.”


Everyone chatted and exchanged the pictures they had just seen, let Li Qingshan listen and frown. Picking it up, he said, “These pictures are all part of the North Star Great Emperor’s experience during his lifetime.”

Daoist Long nodded, and said with joy, “We were the first to come in, so we saw the North Star Great Emperor. Emperor is the most beautiful picture.”

Li Qingshan couldn’t help nodding when he thought about the endless flower sea and the warm little wood house.

That was indeed the warmest part of the North Star Great Emperor’s memory.

After everyone talked, they looked towards the center of the great hall.

There, a coffin was parked.

Daoist Long was so excited when he saw this scene that his eyes filled with tears, and his sound transmission choked up: “The North Star Great Emperor is exactly as he said. After his death, he parked his coffin in the center of the great hall, and was respected by all the people. .”

Li Qingshan watched calmly, he always felt that something was wrong.

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