Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 116


Chapter 116 Hua Yun’s whereabouts (please subscribe)

A dazzling light and shadow shot straight into the sky, penetrated deep into the unknown, and exploded directly. Immortal World has a fireworks display. .

This firework is extremely dazzling.

It is also announced that the Immortal Court North Star Great Emperor is really disappeared.

The starry sky cemetery, in the tomb of the North Star Great Emperor, everyone is also admiring the fireworks of this prosperous age, each with a complicated expression, the North Star Great Emperor borrowed their strength, and then rushed into the sky, What happened next, no one can imagine.

The dozen or so Emperors also had complicated expressions. They knew a lot of things. Naturally, they knew what the North Star Great Emperor had done when he attacked the depths of the sky.

They didn’t expect the North Star Great Emperor to succeed.

“North Star Great Emperor, I might as well!” An old Great Emperor sighed.

“First, he dissipated the power of his Immortal King Realm, the whale fell to the ground, and fed all living beings. Then he took the initiative to enter the starry sky cemetery to lead us to come, and then use the way of the Great Emperor to tempt us.

Borrowing the power to complete this blow, the North Star Great Emperor made a precise layout at the last moment of his life, why did he go to attack that place?” One Great Emperor was puzzled.

“Could it be that the North Star Great Emperor has not fallen asleep in the past 50,000 years, but is in retreat?” Great Zhou Emperor asked, he is the youngest among these Emperors, belongs to the younger generation, and does not know many things , humbly asked.

“No, the North Star Great Emperor is really sleeping, he has never woken up, he just sacrificed the Emperor Heart at the end, set up this game, and led the king into the urn.” Monster Race’s Monster Sovereign said.

“Why did the North Star Great Emperor finally attack that place?” Hell Emperor asked.

“I don’t know, but if he dares to do it, it’s very difficult to deal with.” Ancestral Saint King of Divine Race said solemnly.

“In the future, there will be no North Star Great Emperor in the world!” King of Killer of Human World said with a complicated expression.

“The North Star Great Emperor has really fallen. Then, there are only two Great Emperors in Immortal Court, one sleeping and one old.” Suddenly, a Great Emperor looked thoughtful and said.

As soon as these words came out, the Great Emperor was very quiet.

“Wait for the other one to fall.” Monster Sovereign shook his head.

“Yes, old, the dying Great Emperor is going crazy, I can’t stand it.”

“The ancient organization of the Immortal Court has really come to an end. .”

“Time is fast, it won’t be many years, I have a feeling that the Purple Tenuity Emperor Star has been bleak, on the verge of collapse, and will soon be extinguished.”

“Everyone, you also need to be wary of the Central Jade Emperor. A mad tiger will bite people.”

“It’s just a tiger. When the time comes, it’s just a team to subdue it.”

The Emperors’ conversations, the Immortal King can’t hear them, and the epoch immortal can’t hear them even more.

Everyone stayed in great hall, quietly waiting for the fireworks to end.

Li Qingshan and Daoist Long stood together, Daoist Long suddenly wondered: “Why didn’t the North Star Great Emperor pick up the white clothed woman earlier?”

Li Qingshan calmly said : “Because the strength is not enough.”

“He could have used this method earlier to pick up the other party.” Daoist Long was still very puzzled.

“If the North Star Great Emperor is still healthy, this group of Great Emperors will not lend him their power.” Li Qingshan said the crux of the matter.

Daoist Long understood instantly.

An intact North Star Great Emperor, no Emperor would lend him power.

The power can only be borrowed if the North Star Great Emperor has become what it is today.

If the North Star Great Emperor does not dissipate the power of the Immortal King before, if he does not enter the starry sky cemetery with the Primordial Spirit, if he does not carry the Immortal King Grand Dao and the way of the Great Emperor, he will not be able to seduce him. Many Emperors came.

After all, the Emperors here are most likely enemies of the Immortal Court.

Daoist Long was silent, with a hint of disappointment on his face, not knowing what he was thinking, silently watching the fireworks in full bloom in the sky.

The fireworks are beautiful, but they go by in an instant.

The fireworks distributed by the Great Emperor level powerhouse lasted for 3 minutes.

In these 3 minutes, in the sky Fire Tree Silver Flower, dazzling.

In all its glory.

It seems to be the North Star Great Emperor, welcoming his wife back.

Li Qingshan was also watching, and he suddenly thought of Hua Yun.

In the past and present, Li Qingshan is still blank in terms of love.

He doesn’t know how to fall in love, all he knows is that if he makes a promise to Hua Yun, it must be done.

I thought I could go to the Boiling Water Prison and pick up Hua Yun.

But who would have thought that after a turmoil, Hua Yun disappeared in the Boiling Water Prison.

Over the past few years, Li Qingshan has been asking Daoist Long to help him find it, without stopping, but there is still no news.

Li Qingshan was actually quite worried.

Hua Yun was imprisoned in the Boiling Water Prison for hundreds of years and disconnected from the outside world. Her strength is in the Human World, which is considered a top powerhouse, but when she comes to the Immortal World, it is not enough.

What should I do in case of trouble?

β€œI want to make the cultivation progress to Immortal King as soon as possible, and then to the peak of Great Search Technique cultivation, to find the traces of Hua Yun.” Li Qingshan silently set a goal in his heart.

No matter what, he has to find Hua Yun.

When the prosperous fireworks stopped, everyone saw the energy of brilliant lights and vibrant colors in the sky, pouring down continuously, entering the great hall and scattered everywhere.

“This is the way of the North Star Great Emperor’s Saint Grand Dao and Great Emperor.” Someone watched excitedly.

“The North Star Great Emperor really kept his promise, and after lending his power to him, he returned to us the way of the Immortal King Grand Dao and the Great Emperor.”

“Immortal Court finally A man, the North Star Great Emperor!”

The Immortal Kings are very happy, aren’t they here for this thing?

These grand Dao energies of brilliant lights and vibrant colors are dispersed, forming two waves of energies, in which the way of the Great Emperor flows to a dozen Emperors, and the way of the Immortal King flows to a group of Immortal Kings.

Along with the way of the Immortal King Grand Dao and the Great Emperor came down, as well as the power of everyone who had just been borrowed.

After smashing across the sky, the North Star Great Emperor fell, and all these powers flowed down and returned to their original owners.

The Emperor caught the way of the North Star Great Emperor, clearly understood the Profound Truth in it, held it in his hand, and sighed with emotion: “The way of the Great Emperor of the North Star Great Emperor is extremely profound. , as expected of the ancient Emperor of the Immortal Court.”

“Everyone, we’ll meet again some day, I’ll go back and study it carefully.” The Great Emperor, who took back his Emperor’s power, left instantly, no longer stay.

The other Great Emperors also left one after another, and the North Star Great Emperor was gone in the starry sky cemetery, so they had no interest at all.

The Immortal King powerhouse also left with the Great Emperor.

Got the Immortal King Grand Dao of the North Star Great Emperor. Their purpose of coming to the starry sky cemetery has been achieved, so they don’t stay anymore, disperse the Primordial Divine Strength and return to the body of Immortal World.

And those epoch immortals got nothing and regretted that they only hated themselves why they were not Immortal King Realm.

They also left quickly.

The starry sky cemetery was cold and cold, except for the North Star Great Emperor who came in, which attracted everyone to come in. At other times, there was not a single person in the cemetery.

The great hall became empty for a while, only Li Qingshan and Daoist Long were left.

Daoist Long sighed and said to Li Qingshan: “The matter of the North Star Great Emperor is over, let’s go back to Immortal Court Academy.”

Daoist Long got nothing on this trip .

Li Qingshan looked calm, opened his palm, and said, “This is for you, you can take it and understand.”

Daoist Long took a closer look, his pupils instantly dilated, and he said in surprise: “This is the Immortal King Grand Dao, how could you have it?”

Li Qingshan handed the Immortal King Grand Dao to Daoist Long and clapped himself: “The North Star Great Emperor lent me some of my power, So you gave me a copy too.”

“Don’t you keep the comprehension for yourself?” Daoist Long said hesitantly, looking at the Immortal King Grand Dao between his palms, he was very reluctant, but after all It’s what Li Qingshan got.

“You take it, I still have some Taoism.” Li Qingshan smiled slightly, not caring.

Just now, the North Star Great Emperor repaid Li Qingshan’s Six Paths of Reincarnation and Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture.

With them came the complete Immortal King Grand Dao of the North Star Great Emperor.

Li Qingshan was immediately shocked.

What the North Star Great Emperor gave to other Immortal Kings is an excerpt, not a complete one.

How did he give himself the complete Immortal King Grand Dao?

Li Qingshan thought about it and could only blame it on the fact that he was from Immortal Court.

The North Star Great Emperor still has feelings for Immortal Court.

It’s just that when others are in their old age, their last wish is to bring their wife back, unable to create anything for Immortal Court.

So when I meet Li Qingshan, he is very willing to help.

If it wasn’t for the fear of giving the Great Emperor’s Way to Li Qingshan, it would arouse the prying eyes of other Emperors, the North Star Great Emperor would definitely give Li Qingshan a copy of the complete Great Emperor’s Way.

Li Qingshan, who knew the whole story, looked at the complete Immortal King’s way with a heavy heart.

Why did the North Star Great Emperor give the complete Immortal King Grand Dao to Li Qingshan?

I don’t expect Li Qingshan to support Immortal Court in the future.

But to be honest, Li Qingshan doesn’t have much affection for Immortal Court.

“Forget it, put away this Immortal King Grand Dao, because I don’t have feelings for Immortal Court, I don’t want this Immortal King Grand Dao, it will collapse in Immortal Court after the worst. When the time comes, save some people and leave some fire.” Li Qingshan comforted himself, and then took a copy from the complete Immortal King Grand Dao and gave it to Daoist Long.

A complete copy of Immortal King Grand Dao, which is missing a bit, has little impact on Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan is very happy to help Daoist Long break through Immortal King Realm.

Daoist Long accepted the Immortal King Grand Dao given by Li Qingshan, and said impatiently: “Are you going back?”

Li Qingshan nominated and obtained the complete Immortal King Grand Dao Dao, he no longer needs to comprehend in the starry sky cemetery, he just needs to go back to comprehend silently.

Li Qingshan believes that a complete Immortal King Grand Dao will help him improve a lot.

As for whether he could break through the Immortal King Realm, he had no idea.

It’s really the Grand Dao he needs, it’s too much compared to the others.

After all, what Li Qingshan wants to comprehend is three thousand Grand Dao.

An Immortal King Grand Dao of the Great Emperor powerhouse, I don’t know if it’s enough.

“Then let’s go back together. I want to come to the Immortal King Realm as soon as possible. Now that the North Star Great Emperor has fallen, the condition of the Immortal Court will definitely decline, and chaos will occur in the future. Only by working hard to improve ourselves can we succeed in the future. Decide something.” Daoist Long said to Li Qingshan seriously.

Li Qingshan’s face was calm. He didn’t care much about Immortal Court’s life or death, so he dissipated Primordial Divine Strength and returned to his body.


Immortal Court Academy.

In the small courtyard on the top of the mountain, Li Qingshan opened his eyes and looked at the blue sky and white clouds, and his mood suddenly became brighter.

“I’m back.” He whispered softly, then opened his palms, and between them, there was a Grand Dao around them, forming a circle around Li Qingshan. If you show it to an ordinary immortal, this should be It is an extremely obscure Grand Dao to the river, grandiose, galloping endlessly.

But here in Li Qingshan, it is a Grand Dao that surrounds the palms.

“The next time is to continuously comprehend the Immortal King Grand Dao. I hope it can help me improve.” Li Qingshan looked at the Immortal King Grand Dao and said softly.

He didn’t have much expectations, he just hoped that this Immortal King Grand Dao could help him reach the epoch immortal Peak.

The current Li Qingshan is just entering the epoch immortal level.

The fall of a North Star Great Emperor brought great benefits to Li Qingshan. In the dark, Li Qingshan owed the North Star Great Emperor a great deal of love.

Therefore, when Immortal Court is destroyed in the future, Li Qingshan will try to keep fire for Immortal Court.

“For the future, why do you think so much, do the present well, and the future will not be a problem.” Li Qingshan said calmly, looking at his irritable state of mind, he got up directly.

Li Qingshan went to take a shower first, so that he was thoroughly clean and clean, then lit the incense, and watched the dense aroma to calm his heart.

Stop thinking, focus on Immortal King Grand Dao, and only have enlightenment in one heart.

Then, Li Qingshan began to stretch the time.

One day outside, ten years inside.

This is also the result of Li Qingshan’s persistent research on Time Grand Dao.

Li Qingshan believes that after thousands of years, he will surely comprehend the complete Immortal King Grand Dao of a Great Emperor.

In this way, he should be able to improve a lot.

During the prolonged period of time, Li Qingshan meditated cross-legged, the complete Immortal King Grand Dao surrounded Li Qingshan, grandiose, and the Grand Dao koi kept jumping out of it, holding Grand Dao in his mouth, and spit it out to Li Qingshan .

A big river surrounds Li Qingshan, and in the big river, koi roam freely. When Li Qingshan needs a Grand Dao, he threw away a tail, provoked a Grand Dao, and let Li Qingshan comprehend.

Li Qingshan and Grand Dao Koi are getting closer and closer. He is a Grand Dao physique himself, so the Grand Dao Koi who jumped out of the Immortal King Grand Dao met Li Qingshan at first sight and took the initiative to put Li Qingshan. Pick out the Grand Dao you need and let Li Qingshan comprehend it.

In this way, time flies by quickly, one day outside, ten years inside, Li Qingshan keeps on comprehending, concentrated attention completely.

His Grand Dao has become larger and deeper, and has accumulated to a certain extent, improving every Grand Dao Azure Dragon.

Before Grand Dao Azure Dragon was crushed by Six Paths of Reincarnation and Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture, but with Li Qingshan continuously comprehending, Grand Dao Azure Dragon ascends faster.

Basically every once in a while, a Grand Dao Azure Dragon is promoted to a Grand Dao Ancestral Dragon!

Ancestral Dragon, very powerful in Dragon Clan, can be the ancestor of the roost.

Now Li Qingshan’s Grand Dao has been upgraded to the Ancestral Dragon level, which shows how terrifying his cultivation speed is.

Time flies by quickly, and without the world’s attention, a year has slipped away.

It’s like the night turns over the day and greets the dawn, the world marvels at the beauty of the dawn, but not many people pay attention, and time is stolen for a day.

By the time someone noticed, half a lifetime had already been stolen.

Time flows like water, when Li Qingshan opened his eyes, he felt a trace of vicissitudes.

Three thousand six hundred and fifty years have passed since he retreated at this time.

A mortal is a hundred years old, a cultivator is a thousand years old, and an immortal is a thousand years old.

Li Qingshan has spent more than thirty mortal lives, spent the third life of cultivator, and spent half of his immortal life.

If you count his extended time, Li Qingshan’s actual age is already six or seven thousand years old.

The longest retreat before, Li Qingshan persisted for more than 1,800 years, and this time has doubled directly. For him, the time is really too long.

“More than three thousand years…” Li Qingshan sighed with mixed emotions, his voice trembled. For him, he had not spoken for more than three thousand years, which was very affected.

After getting used to it gradually, Li Qingshan stood up, and after the prolonged period of time, he returned to normal.

He looked at the familiar and unfamiliar scenery outside with a feeling of being in another world.

Li Qingshan walked along the path outside the yard to the top of the mountain. As far as the eye could see, there were thousands of mountains, taking in the entire scene, white clouds churning, birds rushing in, Immortal Crane dancing with eagles.

Looking far and wide, at the end of Heaven and Earth, there is an ancient city. Li Qingshan saw through the Intermediate Thousand Worlds of the Immortal Court Academy, and looked towards the Immortal World outside. He saw the Great Desolate City.

In the Great Desolate City, people in the world live quietly, chatting, doing business, cultivating, traveling in and out…which constitutes a picture of the world.

“If the eternal time is silent and in a state of being alone, what’s the point of having eternal lifespan?” Li Qingshan asked himself softly, hands behind ones back.

The wind on the top of the mountain was very strong, blowing the corners of Li Qingshan’s clothes and making noises.

He looked at it for a long time, then withdrew his gaze, adjusted his mentality, and switched from a silent retreat of one person for more than three thousand years to the current real world.

Li Qingshan relieved: “Three thousand years in seclusion, he almost broke his mentality.”

The state he just woke up to is wrong , a long-term retreat will change one’s temperament.

“No wonder the ancient book records that some powerhouses that have gone through countless years are all indifferent. In their eyes, they have experienced and seen everything, and there is nothing new in Human World. .” Li Qingshan sighed.

If he continued to retreat for 10,000 years, he would also ignore life and everything at the moment.

No matter how to adjust, this kind of long-term retreat, the mentality changes, it is difficult to adjust.

“If you don’t want to lose people’s feelings, you can’t stay in seclusion for a long time in the future.” Li Qingshan was wary of himself. He had been in seclusion for more than a thousand years before, but he didn’t think there was anything. This time doubled directly, and he could I can feel it, and my mentality has changed significantly.

The next time you retreat, the time should be maintained at about two thousand years, and then you will come out to rest for a while.

“The immortal road is bitter and cold, we are looking for it up and down, but we can’t lose our original heart, indifferent to people’s feelings, and live like Heavenly Dao, and even finally enter the Grand Dao, Isn’t this a direction of self-destruction?” Li Qingshan was secretly vigilant in his heart.

He didn’t understand many emotions in Human World, so he didn’t want Supreme Indifference.

Looking at the birds flying all over the mountains, and watching the flying stream go down three thousand feet, Li Qingshan rushed directly into the waterfall and washed his face with cold water to wake himself up.

Those three thousand years of exhaustion were swept away. Li Qingshan used Immortal Qi to transform into a piece of black cloth, milk-white mixed with gold borders, and a Tai Chi Chart on the cuffs and collars. Noble atmosphere.

Li Qingshan took out all his tea sets and made tea seriously.

I haven’t had tea for more than 3,000 years, and Li Qingshan really misses her.

He is Not slow, Not fast. He brewed the tea in a smooth manner, picked up a cup, and sipped the tea.

“Supreme Indifference cannot be achieved just with this sip of tea.” Li Qingshan said with a smile.

After drinking the cup of tea, Li Qingshan looked at his cultivation base and shook his head slightly: “Three thousand years of retreat, the complete Immortal King Grand Dao comprehend given by the North Star Great Emperor, It really didn’t let me break through the Immortal King Realm.”

Li Qingshan was not disappointed, he had already realized something before.

The word he needs is too great.

The three thousand Grand Dao will progress together. Although there is a fate missing now, Li Qingshan will definitely make up for it in the future.

Therefore, in order to break through the Immortal King Realm, all three thousand Grand Dao must be raised to the Immortal King level.

If Li Qingshan only has cultivation, a single Grand Dao, or several Grand Dao, then with the help of the Immortal King Grand Dao of the North Star Great Emperor, he must have stepped into the Immortal King Realm at this moment.

Because even if it is the North Star Great Emperor, he has no way to fully comprehend all three thousand Grand Dao.

“Although I didn’t break through the Immortal King Realm, my strength has greatly improved.” Li Qingshan showed a smile on the corner of his mouth, in a good mood.

He elevated the 2,999 Grand Dao Azure Dragons in his mind to Grand Dao Ancestral Dragon.

and Six Paths of Reincarnation, coexisting with Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture.

Ancestral Dragon can travel through Heaven and Earth and destroy everything. An Ancestral Dragon can traverse the sky, leaving Immortal King helpless.

Li Qingshan’s Grand Dao turned into Ancestral Dragon, although not as strong as the real Ancestral Dragon, but he has 2999 pieces.

“In the Immortal King Realm, there are Ancient Immortal, Nourishing Life Lord, Imperishable Being, Red Dust Immortal.”

“I was able to defeat Ancient Immortal before, now I should be able to fight with Nourishing Life Lord compete.” Li Qingshan calculated calmly.

This is just a preliminary calculation, and no one really knows the situation.

It’s really impatient for Li Qingshan, Six Paths of Reincarnation and Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture plus 3000 Grand Dao burst out together, he doesn’t know how strong formidable power is.

“It’s still a bit low-key, I didn’t break into the Immortal King Realm, and I always felt that I wasn’t strong enough in Immortal World. Even if I broke into the Immortal King Realm, there was an Emperor on it, and if I angered the Emperor, I would slap me down. Scattered ashes and dispersed smoke, to sum up, one should keep a low profile.” Li Qingshan said in a tranquil voice.

“Why haven’t you broken through the Immortal King?” At this moment, Daoist Long’s surprised voice came.

Aware of Li Qingshan’s awakening, Daoist Long directly tore the space and descended here.

He was surprised to see Li Qingshan, who didn’t expect Li Qingshan, who mastered the complete Immortal King Grand Dao of the North Star Great Emperor, didn’t even have a breakthrough.

Li Qingshan looked at Daoist Long and found that the breath on his body was deep, which was completely different from what he had seen before. Now Daoist Long is like an abyss that cannot be seen through.

“I don’t have a breakthrough, you can just break through the Immortal King.” Li Qingshan smiled calmly and poured a cup of tea for Daoist Long.

Daoist Long sat directly over, picked up the teacup, and drank it down like Ox chewing the peony, gu lu gu lu.

“Comfortable.” Daoist Long sighed with emotion.

“You haven’t had tea in eight hundred years?” Li Qingshan frowned. His tea customers are all the top grade teas from Human World. There are not many in stock. .

Li Qingshan, who is used to drinking tea from Human World, has no interest in the tea leaves from Immortal World that can improve his strength and provide enlightenment.

He still likes the taste of tea primordial, which should not be called tea, but cultivation treasure.

Daoist Long said: “You guessed it right, I really haven’t had tea for hundreds of years.”

Li Qingshan was stunned for a moment, then understood: “You The Immortal King Realm that broke through after being in retreat for hundreds of years?”

Daoist Long said, “I have been in retreat for eight hundred years before I came to the Immortal King Realm, and I haven’t seen you for eight hundred years. Immortal King, Immortal King sees you today.”

Daoist Long was triumphant, raised his eyebrows at Li Qingshan, and showed off his Immortal King Realm.

Li Qingshan said in a tranquil voice: “Junior would like to ask Immortal King a half move, may I ask?”

Daoist Long simply refused: “Don’t even think about it, and Anyone who fights is impossible to fight with you, the evildoer.”

Li Qingshan, who did not get the North Star Great Emperor Immortal King Grand Dao, could kill the Ancient Immortal realm. Now Li Qingshan, who has gone through a long period of retreat, Although there is no breakthrough Immortal King Realm, but the strength is more and more terrifying, Daoist Long is not stupid.

Li Qingshan shook his head. He wanted to give Daoist Long a blow, but he was not fooled at all.

β€œHave you been in retreat for the past year?” Li Qingshan asked.

Daoist Long replied: “I have been in retreat for eight months, not a year.”

“The woman I asked you to find is called Hua Yun, any news?” Li Qingshan asked.

After seeing the relationship between Qin Ling Great Emperor and Ajie, and seeing the love between North Star Great Emperor and his wife, Li Qingshan felt that he had to find Hua Yun.

The immortal road is bitter and cold, he needs someone to accompany him, embrace each other for warmth, and walk hand in hand.

And Li Qingshan had promised Hua Yun, and he had to fulfill his promise.

Daoist Long brows slightly wrinkle: “As I said before, looking for a woman named Hua Yun in the huge Immortal World, you don’t have her face pattern, it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack.”


“In the past time, I have been keeping people’s eyes on this aspect, and I have never gotten any news, I’m sorry.” Daoist Long shook his head.

Li Qingshan frowned and couldn’t find Hua Yun for a long time. He was very worried about what happened to Hua Yun.

“I’m very worried about her,” Li Qingshan said directly.

Daoist Long looked tangled and said, “Of course I know you are worried about her, but the problem now is that we don’t have any clues. The vast sea of people, the huge Immortal World, the countless Smaller Thousand Worlds, Intermediate Thousand Worlds, Great Thousand Worlds, as well as Monster Realm, Demon Realm, Divine Realm, Buddha Realm, these worlds attached to Immortal World, how can I find them?”

Li Qingshan reached out and turned the teacup, tightly He frowned, thinking of other ways.

“Is the Divination Technique working?” Li Qingshan suddenly remembered that there is a divination of mysterious power and asked Daoist Long.

Daoist Long thought about it seriously and said, “divination is a Taoist method since ancient times. I think I can give it a try.”

Anyway, giving medicine to a dead horse.

Daoist Long said in his heart.

Li Qingshanist> thought

Immortal: “Do you know who is the best in divination in the Immortal World?”

Da Long thought about it carefully, and said: “In Immortal Court There is one person, his cultivation base is not high, only Yuanxian’s realm, but his cultivation is a divine diving technique, which can calculate some things that the world does not know.”

“Where is this person?” Li Qingshan asked immediately.

He needs to find this person, ask the horoscope, calculate the location of Hua Yun, and then bring Hua Yun back and put him beside him, so he can rest assured.

“Just in Immortal Court, he is the steward of Immortal Court Astrology Room, some people say he’s very accurate, some people say he’s shit, you wait here, I’m going to Immortal Court now, Invite him over.” Daoist Long stood up and said.

“Isn’t it faster for me to go with you?” said Li Xinshan.

“You dare to go to Immortal Court now, not afraid of being entangled by that group of Imperial Clan descendants?” Daoist Long reminded Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan suddenly realized that he was still a sweet potato, and the descendants of Imperial Clan would not let him go.

He is now in peace and quiet, and it is all thanks to Daoist Long that he has withstood the pressure of a group of Imperial Clan descendants.

“Then go and come back quickly. If the other party has any request, he will agree to him, as long as he comes over and finds Hua Yun’s location for me.” Li Qingshan said decisively.

“Okay, you just wait here, I’ll be back when I go, it doesn’t take half a day, I’ll bring someone to you.” Daoist Long nodded, ripped apart the space, walked away from Immortal Court Academy, and went to the Immortal Court base camp.

Li Qingshan waited silently here, his face as calm as water, secretly expecting the other party to solve this problem.

For Li Qingshan, this is very important.

The time to wait is always difficult. The days that normally passed quickly have become slow now, as if the time has been stretched by others.

Half a day, Li Qingshan feels longer than half a year in retreat.

He had been looking forward to it, and finally in the afternoon, Daoist Long and a hunchback man came.

Li Qingshan immediately greeted him.

Daoist Long happily introduced: “This is the Astrology Room manager, Tian Shouzi.”

“Sir.” Li Qingshan shouted enthusiastically.

“Young Great Emperor is good.” Tian Shouzi paid respect to Li Qingshan.

“Will you tell Mr. my identity?” Li Qingshan asked Daoist Long.

β€œNo, Mr. figured it out,” Daoist Long said.

Li Qingshan was more enthusiastic about Tian Shouzi and invited him to the tea room to bring the tea to Tian Shouzi.

β€œSir, have some tea!” Li Qingshan said.

Tian Shouzi took the tea, took a sip, and said, “Young Great Emperor, don’t waste your words, a small Taoist has no other ability, he is born physically disabled, only one Divination Technique, God’s Divination Technique. I don’t know what you want to know, just tell me if I can do it.”

Li Qingshan said with a slight smile: “Cheer up, I would like to ask Mr. to help me find someone.”

“There are so many people, any clues?” Tian Shouzi asked.

“Her name is Hua Yun!” Li Qingshan said, then stared at Tian Shouzi.

Tian Shouzi blinked, looked at Li Qingshan in confusion, and asked, “No?”

“No.” Li Qingshan sa

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