Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 117


Chapter 117 Young Great Emperor List (Subscribe)

After confirming the location of Hua Yun, Li Qingshan couldn’t sit still.

He is going to Divine Realm, he is going to Hua Yun.

Hua Yun alone is a woman wandering outside, and Li Qingshan is very worried about her safety.

So, he immediately wanted to go to Divine Realm after Tian Shouzi’s calculation.

“Wait a minute.” Daoist Long stopped Li Qingshan and took out something and handed it to Li Qingshan.

“This is the map of the Divine Realm, this is the human skin mask, this is some Divine Source, you all carry, in the Divine Realm, make a face, as long as you don’t actively expose it, there will be no problem “Daoist Long seriously instructed Li Qingshan to hand Li Qingshan two human skin masks made by the Great Emperor that he treasured.

“I am now the Saint Sovereign Child. I am entering the Divine Realm in this capacity. It should be no problem.” Li Qingshan put the mask on his face, and once again appeared the handsome man with evil intentions. face.

Daoist Long was satisfied: “When people walk in Immortal World, it is best to have a vest. When you go to a place and change your identity, no one will know who you are, and your true identity will be the same. It can be hidden.”

“Then I’ll go first.” Li Qingshan reached out to Tearing Space, stepped out, entered Immortal World, and disappeared in front of Daoist Long.

Daoist Long looked at Li Qingshan’s leaving back, lightly sighed, then his eyes became firm, looking towards the direction of Immortal Court base camp, and whispered: “Immortal Court catastrophe is coming, I have to work hard.”


Li Qingshan left Immortal Court Academy and came to Eastern Wilderness. He went directly to Tearing Space and went to Divine Realm.

From the Eastern Wilderness to the Divine Realm, it is a long way to let the Human Immortal fly, after all, it will not be able to cross the Four Great Continents and go to the Divine Realm.

The Immortal World is vast and boundless, and there is no limit to what it is. The ancient sages said that you can travel to the Northern Sea and twilight. That is the ability of the Emperor.

The Northern Sea is outside the Four Great Continents, which is not under the jurisdiction of the Immortal Court. The Northern Sea is vast and has a huge range. A Northern Sea is worthy of the scope of the Four Great Continents. It can be seen that Immortal How big is the world.

The entrance to the Divine Realm is a huge Great Island in the Northern Sea, and that island is the power of the Divine Race in the Immortal Court.

Island of Divinities!

Li Qingshan is going to go here now, and then enter the Divine Realm to see the exotic Divine Realm.

But it is a long section of the road to go from Eastern Wilderness to the Island of Divinities. Even if Li Qingshan is an epoch immortal Peak, it is not a short time to get there.

Li Qingshan keeps Tearing Space all the way. Now with the improvement of his cultivation base and realm, the scope of Tearing Space is getting wider and wider, even in Immortal King Realm, Ancient Immortal and Nourishing Life Lord, Tearing Space The scope is not as good as Li Qingshan.

Unless majoring in Space Grand Dao.

Li Qingshan, who was on his way, was also observing the scenery along the Immortal World. To be honest, it has been a long time since he came to Immortal World, and he has not seen Immortal World well.

Li Qingshan of the otaku attribute finds a place to live in seclusion wherever he goes, and doesn’t like the hustle and bustle of the world.

But for Li Qingshan, it is a different mood for Li Qingshan to come out once in a while to see the scenery of Immortal World. Also good.

Every time Li Qingshan sees a beautiful place in the Tearing Space, he will stop and observe it. Ten minutes later, he will be in the Tearing Space again.

In this way, it took him five days, continuous Tearing Space, to cross the Immortal Court and come to the Northern Sea.

The continuous Tearing Space finally saw the Northern Sea, and Li Qingshan finally had a feeling that “the Northern Sea is available on credit”.

The Northern Sea stretches as far as the eye can see, the sea is blue, the waves are rough, and the rumbling lapping of the shore, the sea in the distance, seems to be intertwined with Heaven and Earth.

Hai Tian Yi line.

This is beautiful.

Li Qingshan took out the map and checked it carefully: “Island of Divinities is in the Northern Sea. Although the Divine Race has only this island in the Immortal World, there is still no peak great influence in the Northern Sea. Only a few small powers.”

The Northern Sea was vaguely controlled by the Divine Race.

Although they don’t have control on the surface now, as long as someone dares to establish a huge sect and power in the Northern Sea, the destruction will only happen in an instant.

Therefore, the Northern Sea is calm and tranquil, where trade is prosperous, and ships come and go in an endless stream, not only on the sea, but also in the sky.

“Divine Race encourages trade, opens up channels for businessmen, and maintains fairness, so over the years, I don’t know how many businessmen are willing to come here to do business. Divine Race can rise rapidly after its decline, and so is Daxing Trade. One big reason.” Li Qingshan looked at the to-and-fro ship, like a sea road, in a ship, I don’t know how much space is installed to store magical treasure, a voyage, the cargo with it is absolutely huge .

It’s like the spaceship that Li Qingshan encountered when he was in Human World. It can hold the goods of a world. A family specializes in shipping, which shows the benefits of merchants’ trade. .

Li Qingshan did not have a Tearing Space at this time, so he boarded a sea boat on the shore. The owner of the boat was a very enthusiastic person. Knowing that Li Qingshan was going to the Island of Divinities, he immediately invited Li Qingshan to join them. Also go to the Island of Divinities.

Li Qingshan got on the boat despite his hospitality.

The boat rides the wind and waves, shuttles in the Northern Sea, and the speed is fast. This is not a Mortal Grade, but an Immortal Artifact, which requires Divine Source stimulate to increase power.

Li Qingshan stood on the deck, looking at the vast sea, can be seen everywhere sea boats, big and small, the boat he rides is considered to be medium.

Hai Feng Youyou, blowing everyone’s faces, Li Qingshan saw the staff on the sea boat, chatting leisurely, playing cards and so on.

The owner of the boat came over, looked at Li Qingshan, and asked enthusiastically, “Brother, you are young, but your cultivation base is deep and unmeasurable, so you are talented.”

The owner of the boat is a dark and sturdy man, and his strength is True Immortal Realm, but he can’t see through Li Qingshan’s cultivation base.

In the spirit of getting to know one more friend and one more way, the owner of the boat warmly invited Li Qingshan to board the boat.

Li Qingshan hands behind ones back, blowing the sea breeze, looked towards the boat owner, smiled slightly, and said modestly: “The boat owner travels south and north, you must have seen a lot of geniuses, compared with those top geniuses, that It’s really Yinghuo and Haoyue.”

“Little Brother can’t undervalue oneself, if you are Yinghuo, what are we ordinary immortals?” The boat owner laughed at himself and said.

Li Qingshan smiled and found this scene very interesting.

If the owner of the ship is placed in the Human World, he is directly the most powerhouse, born noble, and an existence that everyone can’t reach.

But put him in Immortal World, it would appear ordinary and ordinary.

“Master, do you often travel to and from the Island of Divinities?” Li Qingshan asked curiously.

“Yes, I come and go a lot, and go back and forth a few times a month. Now the business is not good. Everyday all new ships are added, and everyone is selling goods. Divine Realm’s business is basically saturated. Yes.” The boat owner sighed.

Li Qingshan didn’t expect , and the boat also rolled up.

But if you think about it carefully, you can also understand that as long as the benefits are large enough and the threshold is not so high, the number of people who join in will only increase over time.

After a period of savage growth, it forms scale, and then forms new rules.

This is the development sequence of the profiteering industry.

“Is the owner familiar with Divine Realm?” Li Qingshan asked, expression changed.

“I’m fairly familiar with it. I know what I should know, and I don’t know what I shouldn’t know.” The owner of the ship is a smart man, and his words are ambiguous.

“I don’t know what major event happened recently?” Li Qingshan asked curiously.

“Recently?” The ship owner thought about it carefully and said, “There is really a major event happening.”

“hope to hear the details!” Li Qingshan listened intently.

“It seems that a Young Great Emperor List has been circulated recently. It has spread widely and has caused widespread discussion. Everyone is talking about the people on that list.” The owner of the ship said.

“Young Great Emperor List?” Li Qingshan raised his eyebrows, who came up with this list?

“This list was discussed by the world. Not long ago, someone said to rank the most recent talents. The conditions for the list are very simple. Is there any imposing manner of the Young Great Emperor?” The owner of the ship said. said.

“Then, this matter spread, countless people joined the discussion, it spread rapidly, one genius after another was added, the list changed several times, and finally, it swept the Immortal World and caused countless people. After discussion, ten geniuses were reluctantly settled!” said the ship’s owner.

“Oh, who are the people who are on the list?” Li Qingshan asked in surprise.

“I want to talk to you about this. I went to inquire about it recently.” The owner of the boat is also a lively person. Seeing Li Qingshan’s interest, he has a desire to tell and immediately moved in. Two stools, and Li Qingshan sat down on the deck. He also took out two pots of good wine and handed Li Qingshan a pot.

Li Qingshan didn’t say no, he met the owner of the boat, took a sip of strong wine, and listened quietly.

The owner of the boat said: “The list discussed by the world at this time is just to provide a reference. It is a group of people who start to rank according to their past performance. Those who have performed perfectly in the past will be on the list. If You are very talented, but you have been mediocre in the past, and you have been hiding your clumsiness, so you will definitely not be on the list!”

Li Qingshan nods and says, “It’s right for you!”

In this way, This list is not authoritative, but it is full of entertainment, so it will attract the attention and participation of countless people.

“The people on the list are all geniuses, which amazes countless people. After reading this list, I immediately knelt down. At the same age, others are already Young Great Emperors. Candidate, I am running the boat in pain, constantly comparing oneself to others will only make one angry.” The owner of the boat said with emotion.

Li Qingshan said: “A person has a destiny.”

“I also know that if you complain a little, you should talk to your brothers about the list, and you will make trouble in this matter. There are countless talents nominated, if they are all ranked, it means that there are 100, which is not enough, so some rules have been set.” Said the owner of the ship.

โ€œWhat kind of rules?โ€ Li Qingshan asked.

“It’s very simple, the upper limit of age is not more than 800 years old, and the cultivation base must not be lower than Passing Era Immortal.” Said the owner of the boat.

Li Qingshan thinks about it seriously, this condition is actually quite harsh.

Don’t look at his cultivation until now, only a hundred years have passed, but that’s because Li Qingshan has Time Grand Dao, which can be extended for a long time. If you count the extended time, he is already thousands of years old .

A person who can reach the Passing Era Immortal realm before a thousand years old is indeed qualified to be called a genius.

Among a group of geniuses, to select a candidate for the Young Great Emperor, it is necessary to compete against each other’s past records and fame.

“As soon as this rule came out, there were a lot fewer nominees, and then everyone found that there were not many people who could meet this rule and perform exceptionally well, and then this list was born. Qingshan said.

โ€œWho is on the list? “Li Qingshan asked curiously.

“The tenth place on the Young Great Emperor List is a peerless genius of Immortal Court, called Li Qingshan. The captain of the boat said to Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan’s face was a little strange.

He asked softly: “Why is this Li Qingshan ranked tenth? “

“Brother, don’t look at the imposing manner of the Immortal Court now, and a Great Emperor powerhouse has just fallen, but the genius of the Immortal Court also amazes the world, especially this Li Qingshan, who ranks in The tenth place is well deserved. “The captain of the boat said to Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, he didn’t think “Li Qingshan” was not qualified to be ranked tenth, he felt that the ranking was a bit low.

Anyway, we have to be in the top five, right?

Li Qingshan muttered in his heart.

“Speaking of this Li Qingshan, I didn’t know who he was before. Which, I also questioned why he was on the list, but then the record spread about him. He once killed an Immortal King in the Emperor Pass, and destroyed an army of millions by the strength of oneself, military achievement illustrious , ranked tenth more than enough. “The captain of the boat said excitedly.

Li Qingshan curiously asked: “Since the tenth place is so strong and his record is so brilliant, what are the top nine people relying on to surpass him? “

The captain of the ship said to Li Qingshan: “The ninth place is actually the same as Li Xingshan, also in Passing Era Immortal, fighting an Immortal King, but because his current cultivation base has broken through epoch immortal, Li Qingshan He has never appeared, and the world’s impression of him is still the Passing Era Immortal realm, so he ranked ninth, overtaking Li Qingshan. “

“Passing Era Immortal realm fought an Immortal King, what is the origin of the ninth place?” “Li Qingshan asked curiously.

I think when he killed the Immortal King, he tried his best and finally killed him with the giant sword.

This ninth place achieved and For the same thing, is it relying on his own ability or a foreign object to help him?

Li Qingshan is very curious.

โ€œThe ninth place is Zhan Cangqiong who has Battle Divine Blood Vein. Relying on the Battle Divine Blood Vein, he fought more and more bravely, and finally killed an Immortal King in the Devil’s Plain at the cost of half his body being destroyed. “The captain of the ship said yearningly, very envious.

“Battle Divine Blood Vein …” Li Qingshan murmured, he didn’t know much about bloodline.

When he was in Human World , Li Qingshan met Xia Wuji and knew that he had the ancient Fighter Bloodline, and he became more and more brave.

When he came to the Immortal World, Li Qingshan knew about the Emperor Bloodline, but it is a pity that the current Emperor Bloodline, with the The dilution from generation to generation has lost its original edge.

He doesn’t know anything about Battle Divine Blood Vein.

โ€œBattle Divine Blood Vein, inheritance from the ancient War God , once this bloodline is awakened, it will have super battle awareness, as well as terrifying recovery ability, the basic High Level is the same as the existence of undead, and each battle will make him stronger, it is a very terrifying bloodline. “The envy on the captain’s face exhibits one’s feelings in one’s speech. If this Battle Divine Blood Vein is on him, he is also confident that he can be on this list.

“The ninth place is already Battle Divine Blood Vein is over, what about the eighth place? ” Li Qingshan asked.

“This eighth place should not be underestimated, he is of noble birth, from Dragon Clan, has infinite Bloodline Power and Dragon Clan real body, his record has not fought Immortal King, but he once swallowed. Hundreds of epoch immortals have been placed, and since he is from Dragon Clan and Blood Dragon, which is extremely rare in Dragon Clan, he is ranked eighth.” Said the ship’s boss.

“Blood Dragon?” Li Qingshan looked at Boss Chang in surprise, didn’t expect. I heard the news of Dragon Clan here, and Blood Dragon, which should be a rare mutant dragon species in Dragon Clan.

“Yes, Blood Dragon, the mutated Super Divine Beast in Dragon Clan, is very terrifying, he can drain your blood in an instant, as long as he doesn’t die, he will never be destroyed, his Divine Because of the mutation, Beast’s level has improved to a higher level, and because of this, he is ranked eighth.” Said the captain of the ship.

“didn’t expect Dragon Clan, this list is very interesting, who is the seventh?” Li Qingshan asked more and more curiously.

The eighth place is Blood Dragon of Dragon Clan. How powerful are the first few?

“The seventh is Gu Tongtian with Ancient Divinity bloodline.” Said the captain of the boat.

โ€œAncient Divinity bloodline?โ€ Li Qingshan found. There are so many bloodline powerhouses on this list.

“Ancient Divinity was once able to support both heaven and earth, they created a civilization, their strength is very terrifying, and they are bloodline inheritance, but for some reason, Ancient Divinity was all disappeared, Ancient There are very few discoverers of Divinity bloodline, but every Ancient Divinity bloodline is the powerhouse of Peak in Immortal World, and the eighth Gu Tongtian is the Ancient Divinity bloodline of this generation.โ€ The captain of the ship explained carefully to Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan toasted him with a sip of wine, and then asked, “Is Gu Tongtian very difficult to deal with?”

“I can’t say it’s very difficult to deal with, that’s quite formidable. .” The captain of the ship was humorous.

“He was also in Passing Era Immortal realm, he fought the Immortal King, and then entered the epoch immortal level, even by the strength of oneself, he killed two Immortal Kings, and he has a brilliant record. Still the genius of Monster Race, ranked seventh.” Said the Daoist boat with a sip of wine and excitedly.

“In Passing Era Immortal realm, one Immortal King was killed, and two Immortal Kings were killed in epoch Immortal Realm, it sounds more powerful, but it can only be deceived ordinary person.” Li Qingshan muttered in his heart, for him, this Gu Tongtian is not even as attractive as Blood Dragon.

He killed an Immortal King in Passing Era Immortal realm.

After entering the epoch Immortal Realm, as long as he wants to, let alone two Immortal Kings, three, four, Five Immortal Kings, Li Qingshan can be killed.

Only in Ancient Immortal and Nourishing Life Lord realm.

Li Qingshan is fearless.

So the seventh-placed Gu Tongtian and Li Qingshan shook their heads, not taking seriously, he didn’t bother to ask, and said directly: “Who is the sixth?”

The boat boss is serious He recalled: “This sixth place is not simple, he is from Hell, has Ghost Divinity Bloodline, mysterious and unpredictable, when he was a hundred years old, he directly broke through the Passing Era Immortal realm because of bloodline power, and then put him The enemy of the enemy family, several Immortal Kings in Hell were killed one after another, shocking that Hell was personally received by the Immortal Emperor powerhouse, taken in as a disciple, as a successor.”

“Now three hundred years In the past, Hell has been in circulation, he has broken through the Immortal King Realm, so he is ranked 6th.” Daoist Long said.

“Immortal King from Hell is only ranked sixth, how powerful are the top five?” Li Qingshan came to be interested, and sure enough Immortal World crouching tiger hidden dragon, although he believed in himself, he didn’t. Can’t hide the rays of light of other geniuses.

“The difference between the top five is actually not big. Their rankings have always been controversial. The current version is not the final version. It will be changed every other month.” The owner explained. .

Li Qingshan is nominee, this is understandable, after all, it is judged by a group of people.

Among these people, Li Qingshan estimates that there are no more than a few whose cultivation base has reached the Immortal King.

They made the list for entertainment purposes only.

The reason why Li Qingshan can keep listening is because he wants to know how many geniuses there are in Immortal World and the career records of these geniuses.

The freighter travels through the sea like a sharp sword, cutting through the sea and moving forward rapidly.

The sea breeze blowing, the waves splashing, mixed with the strong wind, hit Li Qingshan’s face with salty humidity.

Li Qingshan and the ship’s owner were on deck, continuing their conversation.

โ€œThe fifth person on the list, from Buddha Realm, is called Monk Wei Tuo.โ€ The boat boss continued.

Li Qingshan’s spirit was lifted. There was actually someone from Buddha Realm on this list. He involuntarily thought of Monk Wuwo.

I don’t know where Monk Wuwo is now and whether he has inherited the inheritance of his mysterious master.

The ship boss said: “Monk Wei Tuo has only one victory in his career, that is, in Hell, he fought with Ghost Divinity Bloodline owner.”

“The battle in Hell, the victory How?” Li Qingshan asked curiously.

“both equally excellent, Monk Wei Tuo retreated calmly, the owner of Ghost Divinity Bloodline, failed to keep him. It is also because of this matter that Monk Wei Tuo is ranked fifth, pressing Ghost Divinity Bloodline owner,” said the ship’s boss.

“It should have been fifth, Monk Wei Tuo entered Hell and played at the home of Ghost Divinity Bloodline owner, playing both equally excellent and retreating calmly, which in itself has a slight advantage.” Li Qingshan nods and agrees with this ranking.

“Yeah, no one knows the difference between Monk Wei Tuo and Ghost Divinity Bloodline players, but this is the only way to rank the list.” Ship boss agrees with Li Qingshan’s point of view.

โ€œWhat about fourth place?โ€ Li Qingshan asked.

“The fourth is a new Emperor Bloodline called Saint Sovereign Child.” Said the ship’s boss.

Li Qingshan’s expression was taken aback. He didn’t expect a vest that he made casually, and it was also on the list.

“Why is this Saint Sovereign Child on the list, and it is still ranked fourth?” Li Qingshan suppressed the strangeness in his heart and asked softly.

โ€œThe Saint Sovereign Child is a descendant of the Saint Sovereign Great Emperor, possesses the Six Paths of Reincarnation Absolute Art of the Saint Sovereign Great Emperor, and is proficient in Space Grand Dao.โ€

โ€œHe Just like Monk Wei Tuo, there is only one victory, but that one is very strong.โ€

โ€œJust a year ago, the North Star Great Emperor of Immortal Court fell, and the Primordial Spirit carried the Immortal King Grand The way of Dao and the Great Emperor entered the starry sky cemetery, attracting countless experts to enter, the Saint Sovereign Child appeared at that time and fought against the Demon Sect peerless genius Immortal King, who had the Space Grand Dao, and the Saint Sovereign Child was extremely relaxed The defeat of the opponent has laid the foundation for the strength of the Emperor Bloodline.” The captain of the ship said excitedly.

Li Qingshan took a sip of the wine, didn’t expect his original vest to be on the list.

And also ranked fourth.

Six places higher than his actual Li Qingshan.

On a list, two Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan coughed and continued to ask: “What about the third place?”

“The third place is from Demon Sect, Demon Sect Heavenly Concubine.” The captain of the boat asked Li. Qingshan said.

Li Qingshan’s heart moved, Demon Sect Heavenly Concubine, when she heard the name again, she was also on the list, and ranked above Li Qingshan’s vest and Saint Sovereign Child.

โ€œWhy is the Demon Sect Heavenly Concubine on the list?โ€ Li Qingshan asked curiously.

After all, he was able to have today, and the initiator of everything is the Demon Sect Heavenly Concubine.

Although Li Qingshan has never met her, this special relationship still makes Li Qingshan unable to inquire about the Demon Sect Heavenly Concubine.

And the Demon Sect Heavenly Concubine appeared 20,000 years ago.

Although she fought with Ancestral Saint King and Divine King of Divine Race, she eventually fell, and then reincarnated.

Can such reincarnations be included in the list?

Li Qingshan looked at the captain of the boat suspiciously.

“Demon Sect Heavenly Concubine is not simple. Before she fell, she was the top expert in Immortal World. After reincarnation, the world thinks that she will be able to break through the shackles of thousands of years, so she is ranked third. Name.” Said the ship’s boss, with a look of admiration, Demon Sect Heavenly Concubine has infinite prestige in this list.

After all, she dominated Demon Sect in her previous life, and the battle with Divine Race was very fierce.

โ€œDemon Sect Heavenly Concubine is reincarnated, so it can only be ranked third?โ€ Li Qingshan said incredulously

Who are the top two pressing Demon Sect Heavenly Concubine? ?

The boat boss also said: “I also don’t think it’s reasonable. Demon Sect Heavenly Concubine should not be ranked third. In my case, she is the top two, but this ranking is determined by others’ votes.”

“What are the top two geniuses against the sky?” Li Qingshan asked curiously.

“The second place comes from an Immemorial Sacred Land, where he is the True Disciple, Xue Tianqiu.” Said the captain of the ship.

“A True Disciple in Immemorial Sacred Land can be ranked above the Demon Sect Heavenly Concubine?” Li Qingshan asked in confusion.

“This True Disciple called Xue Tianqiu is an extremely rare Primal Chaos Body. He has not made many shots in his life, but his record is very outstanding. The Immortal King powerhouse that died in his hands was no less than twenty. In addition to the unique physique, at the time of voting, it surpassed Demon Sect Heavenly Concubine by one vote and came in second.” The boat boss told Li Qingshan all the gossip stories he heard.

“Primal Chaos Body…” Li Qingshan said in surprise.

This physique he knows, when he was at Immortal Court Academy, he had seen records in this regard.

The Primal Chaos Body can absorb all the energy in the world, can absorb all the Grand Dao in the world, enter his body and directly transform into chaos. bit.

After listening to Xue Tianqiu’s physique, Li Qingshan was also in a dilemma.

If you let him queuing, he will also struggle, Demon Sect Heavenly Concubine and Xue Tianqiu are not so good queuing.

“The third place is the reincarnation of Demon Sect Heavenly Concubine, and the second place has Primal Chaos Body. What about the first place?” Li Qingshan is now more and more looking forward to it.

How powerful is this first place, and how physique is against the sky, to be able to hold down the next two?

The captain of the ship laughed and said to Li Qingshan: “In my heart, this first place is well deserved.”

Li Qingshan looked at the captain of the ship and looked forward to it.

“The first place is Daughter of Phoenix!”

“She was discovered by Divine Race, raised and named Huang Jiu’er.”

” She is a phoenix!”

“Since ancient times, phoenixes have almost disappeared. Divine Race discovered this phoenix egg, and they didn’t have any hope, but didn’t expect it to be born, from the broken shell to the It’s only been eighteen years since she appeared, and Miss Huang Jiu’er has already broken through Saint Realm.”

“Miss Huang Jiu’er has not made any shots, but this does not prevent her from directly occupying the Young Great Emperor. No. 1 on the list, and with an overwhelming advantage, there is no suspense.”

The captain of the ship was proud and excitedly talking to Li Qingshan.

It can be seen that he is a loyal fan of Huang Jiu’er.

Maybe it has something to do with his long-term contacts between Divine Realm and Immortal World, and he has a fan filter for Huang Jiu’er.

But Li Qingshan also admitted that Daughter of Phoenix came in first, no problem.

“The first place is Phoenix, which is interesting.” Li Qingshan said softly.

As the ship boss said, at least the silhouette of True Dragon can be seen in Immortal World.

But in Immortal World you want to see phoenix, basically impossible.

The phoenix is extinct.

This is recognized by the world.

But eighteen years ago, a distant phoenix egg in Divine Realm shattered and a girl fell to the ground, shocking countless people.

As soon as this girl was born, she had a name.

Daughter of Phoenix.

She gave herself a name when she was three years old.

Huang Jiu’er.

The Young Great Emperor List put her at number one and caused a stir.

However, what the controversy is discussing is, how powerful is Huang Jiu’er?

Li Qingshan sighed after listening to all the rankings of the Young Great Emperor List: “I used to think that I was a genius and detached from the world, but now I seem to be too arrogant.”


The captain of the ship raised the jug and said: “It’s all like this. Before we saw the vastness of the world, we were all a frog in well. When I was young, I always felt that I was first under the heavens, and everyone else was stupid. But as I grew up, I realized that others were geniuses, and I became an idiot.”

Li Qingshan smiled, raised the jug and touched the captain of the boat: “You are right, The heroes of the world should not be underestimated, Primal Chaos Body and Daughter of Phoenix are indeed worthy of the top two.โ€

Although this list is very entertaining, it also made Li Qingshan realize some things genius.

“On this list, there are only emerging geniuses. Under the great ocean of Immortal World, no one knows how many terrifying geniuses are hidden, so you have to keep a low profile and do things. High profile.” The captain of the boat said with a smile.

“Come on, for your sake, a toast.” Li Qingshan raised the jug.

The two took a swig of spirits.

“Is this Daughter of Phoenix in Divine Realm?” Li Qingshan asked.

He is going to Divine Realm soon. If the Daughter of Phoenix is there, there is a chance to meet him. Li Qingshan wants to see what the Phoenix looks like.

“Yes, the Daughter of Phoenix is in the Divine Realm.” Ship boss nodded.

โ€œIf there is an opportunity, you can see the phoenix.โ€ Li Qingshan said.

“Brother, I took a look at it from a long distance before, it is really beautiful, I have read countless people, but no woman can compare to the Daughter of Phoenix, no matter in appearance. Temperament, or family background, are not comparable.” The boss of the ship is like a fanboy, describing his feelings for the Daughter of Phoenix.

“If there is an opportunity, take a look. Captain, do you know who has the most information in the Divine Realm?” Li Qingshan suddenly asked.

He remembered that the captain of the ship went back and forth with the Divine Realm in Immortal World all the year round. He knew a lot of information, so he quickly asked,

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