Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 118


Chapter 118 True and False Saint Sovereign Child (Subscribe)

On the Island of Divinities, Li Qingshan counts Learn what it means to prosper in trade.

People from all over the Immortal World, freighters, spaceships, gather here, and the voices are full of people.

Li Qingshan wears a human skin mask and walks in the crowd.

As we passed along the way, all kinds of discussions came one after another.

The most talked about is about the Young Great Emperor List.

As the ship boss said, this list has become the focus of discussion in the world.

Even many Peak people expressed dissatisfaction with the ranking of this list, especially the Demon Race people, who were extremely dissatisfied with the Demon Race Heavenly Concubine ranking third.

The Demon Race Heavenly Concubine was a Great Emperor level powerhouse in his previous life, and he was reincarnated and ranked third?

Although Primal Chaos Body is powerful, it has not proven itself after all.

Daughter of Phoenix, born noble and extremely rare, this is the only known Phoenix in the entire Immortal World so far, and it makes sense for her to be ranked first, but Demon Race Heavenly Concubine ranked second is very unsatisfactory .

Not only the Demon Race, but Hell is also extremely dissatisfied.

Hell and Buddhaism are natural rivals, but Monk Wei Tuo of Buddhaism beat Hell.


Immortal Court also expressed dissatisfaction, although they are going downhill and gradually declining, but they are still Immortal World First Great Influence.

Immortal Court has only one person on the list, and only tenth.

This is a naked look down on Immortal Court.

Because of this entertaining list, it directly aroused discussions in Immortal World, and the popularity continued to increase. Many people like Li Qingshan who didn’t know the list were also attracted by the people around them. to reveal some.

“No matter how controversial this list is, the topic is enough. The world’s yearning for geniuses, and the pursuit of geniuses’ deeds, are still very popular. Put me in the tenth place. It’s okay, play the pig to eat the tiger, it’s always right to be low-key, and my vest, Saint Sovereign Child, is in fourth place. In this case, if I use the identity of Saint Sovereign Child to run in Divine Realm, I won’t be able to. Expose your original identity.” Li Qingshan was happy about it.

Now everyone is paying attention to this list, but their focus is definitely on the top few.

The tenth place Li Qingshan was selectively forgotten by them.

The existence at the bottom of the list does not need much discussion.

This is very good for Li Qingshan.

Entering the Island of Divinities, Li Qingshan saw a huge city, which is said to be an island, but it is no different from a small continent.

On this continent, there are seventy-two cities.

In the most conspicuous position of each city, there will be a huge sculpture, these sculptures are male and female, without exception, they are all fighting.

Li Qingshan also saw Angle.

The seventy-two statues include men, women, Human Race, Angle, and the huge Behemoth…

In the Divine Realm, there are thousands of races.

Angle, Behemoth, Human Race, Divine Race, and more.

“I have read about Divine Race in the book before. These 72 sculptures should be the 72 War Generals who used to be Divine Race. Some of them were with Demon Race back then. The Heavenly Concubine fell in the battle, and some still exist today, they are the mainstay of the Divine Race.” Li Qingshan looked at the sculptures, and the contents of the book appeared in his mind.

Divine Race is terrifying, and they’ve been thinking about the Immortal Court status.

If it wasn’t for the Demon Race Heavenly Concubine and them having a fight over something, and finally getting angry and shattering all the layouts of the Divine Race, I’m afraid they would have already challenged Immortal Court. .

Now after 20,000 years, Divine Race is recuperating, recovering, showing its fangs again, begin to stir.

Li Qingshan strode toward a city. To enter Divine Realm, you must first enter the city.

The city is still full of people, and business travelers are discussing the value of goods here, or reminiscing with old friends. The streets are surging, like the waves of the sea, grandiose.

Thanks to Divine Race soldiers here to maintain order, although it seems noisy, but not chaotic.

After Li Qingshan entered the city, he didn’t know anything about this place. He could only enter a teahouse and plan to ask about it.

In the teahouse, some people drink tea, some people chat, some people flirt, some people brag.

Li Qingshan chose the window seat, ordered a pot of tea, sat down and watched silently.

Divine Race is indeed different from other places in Immortal World. Li Qingshan saw lizardmen, frogmen, catwoman, elves, Fox Maiden…

The first few are ethnic groups. , the orphan girl behind is someone Li Qingshan knows.

Li Qingshan met Fox Maiden in Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield of Foreign Domain starry sky before. She is a genius of this generation of Fox Race.

Although not as scary as Small Fox nine tails, eight tails are also Peak in Fox Race.

Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield, Li Qingshan thought he would never interact with these people again.

Actually in Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield, Li Qingshan and Fox Maiden didn’t meet either.

Li Qingshan wanted to ask Fox Maiden about how to change shape.

After all, Small Fox can’t change shape up to now, although she is nine tails, the bloodline is rich, Fox Race’s bloodline suppresses Human Race’s bloodline, but it will soon cultivate to the Immortal Realm world, still unable to change. shape, which is not normal.

It’s just that in the last Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield, I didn’t find the opportunity to ask about these things, didn’t expect to meet Fox Maiden again here.

Fox Maiden was in a hurry, walking through the crowd. Although it seemed calm, Li Qingshan caught a trace of panic in her eyes.

From time to time she looked back as if someone was chasing her.

Li Qingshan looked at the street outside from the teahouse, and soon saw a group of Divine Race warriors chasing after Fox Maiden.

He was led by a Divine General of Immortal Monarch realm. His face was cold and he stared at the back of Fox Maiden. Allowed to fly in the city, he could only lock Fox Maiden and follow closely.

“How did Fox Maiden provoke the soldiers of Divine Race?” Li Qingshan looked curiously.

“This is an opportunity.” The next second, he got up and left some Divine Sources and left the teahouse directly.

Fox Maiden runs constantly in the city of Divine Race, she can feel the people chasing behind her getting closer and closer, and because of the rules of Divine Race, she dare not fly in the air, so the goal is bigger.

“Damn, I shouldn’t be here.” Fox Maiden regretted it.

When there is really no escape, she can only violate the rules set by Divine Race and make things worse.

The pursuit of the Divine General behind him is getting closer.

The fox was restless in her heart. She quickly shuttled through the streets and alleys, and suddenly a hand stretched out from the side alley, grabbed Fox Maiden, and dragged her inside.

Fox Maiden turned pale in fright, the hair on his body stood up, his energy exploded, and he broke free.

But with this big hand, gently tapped behind her back, Fox Maiden’s manic energy instantly subsided, while also restraining her behavior.

Fox Maiden looked terrified, he didn’t expect to be subdued in a flash.

“Who are you…” Fox Maiden asked in horror.

“Don’t talk, put on this mask.” Li Qingshan put another human skin mask on Fox Maiden’s face, then smoothed it. Fox Maiden directly changed his appearance. Although he was still pretty and full of charm, he was completely different from just now.

“Follow me.” Li Qingshan took Fox Maiden and swaggered out of the alley.

They brushed past the Divine General who was chasing after them.

The Divine General glanced at Li Qingshan and Fox Maiden, turned his head, and continued to hunt down.

Fox Maiden has a very fast heartbeat, her strength is imprisoned by Li Qingshan, and she can only be pulled forward by Li Qingshan.

When she saw the Divine General chasing after her, her heart raised in her throat, but the Divine General just glanced at them and left.

Fox Maiden is puzzled.

After walking some distance, Fox Maiden asked, “Who are you?”

“The one who saved you.” Li Qingshan replied.

“We don’t seem to know each other, right?” Fox Maiden asked suspiciously, looking at Li Qingshan’s unfamiliar face.

โ€œFirst meeting.โ€ Li Qingshan replied.

He is now the Saint Sovereign Child, and it was indeed the first time that Saint Sovereign Child and Fox Maiden met.

“Then why did you save me?” Fox Maiden was very vigilant. As a beautiful woman, she knew how destructive she was to men.

Don’t just leave the wolf’s den and enter the tiger’s den again.

“Don’t worry, I’m not interested in you.” Li Qingshan saw Fox Maiden’s concern and said directly.

Fox Maiden pouted in disbelief, she had never met a man who wasn’t interested in her.

Whether it is a child or an elderly person, seeing Fox Maiden will have a strange look.

She was used to these strange eyes.

Fox Maiden did not believe what Li Qingshan said.

Li Qingshan didn’t explain either. He took Fox Maiden to find a new tea house, chose a quiet and remote corner to sit down, and then stretched out his hand to condense a mirror and put it in front of Fox Maiden.

โ€œLook at what you look like now,โ€ Li Qingshan said.

Fox Maiden touched his face with both hands, not daring to believe: “It’s amazing, it not only changed my face, but also changed my temperament, and I didn’t find it at all, the human skin mask. When did it have such a powerful effect?”

It is no wonder that Fox Maiden was surprised that she was the client who changed her face.

“Who the hell are you? What’s your purpose of saving me?” Fox Maiden asked Li Qingshan warily after calming down.

Li Qingshan Not slow, Not fast, poured himself a cup of tea and said, “I save you, I want to ask something about Fox Race and nine tails fox, by the way, I’m curious, Why are you being chased by the Divine General of Divine Race?”

Fox Maiden was silent for a while, and said, “I came to Divine Race to travel, and then I heard that Daughter of Phoenix’s big brother got married recently, Daughter of Phoenix. Phoenix will also appear, so I want to enter the Divine Realm to see what the Daughter of Phoenix looks like.”

“See?” Li Qingshan asked.

“No, but I met the big brother of Daughter of Phoenix.” Fox said with disgust.

“Isn’t the big brother interested in you?” Li Qingshan immediately recalled the old-fashioned plot and said jokingly.

Fox Maiden was silent, with a look of disgust and disgust on his face.

“Is it right?” Li Qingshan asked in surprise.

“No, it’s not that the big brother of the Daughter of Phoenix has a crush on me, it’s his big brother’s friend.” Fox Maiden replied.

โ€œWho is the friend of the big brother of the Daughter of Phoenix?โ€ Li Qingshan asked curiously.

โ€œSaint Sovereign Child!โ€ Fox Maiden whispered.

Li Qingshan was stunned.

He looked at the Fox Maiden and confirmed again: “Who are you talking about?”

“Saint Sovereign Child, Saint Sovereign Child of Young Great Emperor List Ranked 4th.” Fox Maiden disgusted said.

Li Qingshan blinked.


The identity of Saint Sovereign Child was fabricated by Daoist Long, and the background he was looking for was the Saint Sovereign Great Emperor 500,000 years ago.

The Saint Sovereign Great Emperor died early, and there is no dao lineage, no heirs, no one can prove it.

That’s why Daoist Long chose him.

Why is there a Saint Sovereign Child now?

Could it be that, back then, the Saint Sovereign Great Emperor really had a descendant who was sealed in the Divine Source and awakened in this life?

If there is a real Saint Sovereign Child, what about the fake one?

Can he still use the identity of Saint Sovereign Child?

What should I do if I get exposed?

Li Qingshan thought a lot at this moment, he really didn’t expect, and the fictional Saint Sovereign Child is still real.

Fox Maiden looked at Li Qingshan’s contemplative expression and asked, “Are you afraid now? You rescued me, which is like a conflict with Saint Sovereign Child.”

Li Qingshan Looking at Fox Maiden, he asked: “What does that Saint Sovereign Child look like, what kind of cultivation base, and how did he like you? Tell me more.”

Li Qingshan wanted to find out about the other party. information, what if the other party is pretending like you?

Fox Maiden saw that Li Qingshan really had no other thoughts about himself, so he relaxed a lot, took a sip of tea, moistened his throat, and replied Li Qingshan: “That Saint Sovereign Child is quite handsome, But his eyes have evil thoughts, he is not very decent, and the eyes he looks at me are very naked and undisguised.”

“I can’t see his cultivation base, but the Divine General who pursued me said , Saint Sovereign Child has touched the threshold of Immortal King, which is very terrifying.”

“The Saint Sovereign Child said that he was sealed in the Divine Source for hundreds of thousands of years and had never tasted the taste of a woman. I am hungry and thirsty, ordinary women are not worthy of him, I am an eight-tailed demon fox, and I can barely be his personal maid.” Fox Maiden said with disgust.

Li Qingshan silently listened to what Fox Maiden said, turning the teacup unconsciously with his hands, thinking in his mind.

“This Saint Sovereign Child was sealed in the Divine Source, and he has not seen a woman for hundreds of thousands of years. After coming out, he was hungry and thirsty. The cultivation base reached the epoch immortal Peak, and he touched the threshold of the Immortal King, which is not very Strong.” Li Qingshan muttered inwardly.

โ€œWhat are you thinking?โ€ Fox Maiden asked Li Qingshan.

“Are you familiar with Divine Realm?” Li Qingshan asked rhetorically.

“So-so, I’ve been in Divine Realm for half a year,” Fox Maiden replied.

“Then do you know where the Daughter of Phoenix is?” Li Qingshan asked again.

“I know, she’s planning her big brother’s wedding.” Fox Maiden nodded.

“Okay, I’ve saved you from trouble. Do me a favor.” Li Qingshan said.

“What are you busy with?” Fox Maiden looked at Li Qingshan warily, fearing that Li Qingshan would make excessive demands.

Li Qingshan said directly: “Enter the Divine Realm with me, then take me to the Daughter of Phoenix.”

Fox Maiden breathed a sigh of relief, then curiously asked: “You What do you want to do with Daughter of Phoenix?”

“I naturally have my own business to find her, just take me to find her, and then you can leave, during this period, you have the person I gave A leather mask can hide your face, no one can find you.” Li Qingshan said.

Fox Maiden thinks about it carefully, this is indeed possible, and she can also repay Li Qingshan’s grace.


Li Qingshan smiled with satisfaction and said, “Then let’s go to Divine Realm now, don’t waste time.”

Fox Maiden nominee, Said: “We will go to the Transmission Formation, but there are soldiers from the Divine Realm over there, and the Divine Realm needs to be checked for outsiders to enter.”

“Do you think they can still recognize you now?” Li Qingshan asked.

Fox Maiden thinks so too, she doesn’t even recognize herself.

“Let’s go!” Li Qingshan got up, left the Divine Source, and walked out of the restaurant.

Fox Maiden followed immediately.

Walking on the street, Li Qingshan found some Divine Race soldiers patrolling, checking the passing people, looking for Fox Maiden.

However, Fox Maiden has changed its appearance and followed Li Qingshan to the entrance of Divine Realm.

The entrance of Divine Realm is in a Grand Plaza, there is a huge portal, 100 meters long, located in the center, those who want to enter will be checked by Divine Race soldiers and confirmed that they are not Divine Race wanted criminals. go in.

Li Qingshan was examined with Fox Maiden.

“What are you doing in here?” asked the inspecting soldier.

“Go to the Daughter of Phoenix.” Li Qingshan said truthfully.

The soldier was not surprised, and said, “You are also a fan of Daughter of Phoenix. It’s understandable that you want to see Daughter of Phoenix from a distance.”

He regarded Li Qingshan as a fan like the boat boss.

Li Qingshan didn’t explain either, just calmly nodded, and then the Divine Race soldiers let go.

Li Qingshan and Fox Maiden entered the square, looked at the huge portal, and lined up to enter.

The time and space swayed, and the whole figure seemed to be upside down, swaying in the space, Li Qingshan was used to it, the next second, he opened his eyes and found that he was still in a square, an ancient city, and a group of people.

The others opened their eyes and walked away. Li Qingshan followed them and left the square with Fox Maiden.

On the way, Fox Maiden told Li Qingshan: โ€œThe seventy-two cities on the Island of Divinities correspond to the seventy-two main cities in the Divine Realm. will come to the corresponding city.”

“Where is the Daughter of Phoenix?” Li Qingshan asked.

When I came to Divine Realm, I could see different styles of buildings. It was even different from the Island of Divinities. Li Qingshan and Fox Maiden walked to the street and watched the crowds. He couldn’t wait to know about the Daughter of Divinities. Where is Phoenix.

Find the Daughter of Phoenix and ask where Hua Yun is, this is the goal of his trip.

“The Daughter of Phoenix is not in the city, she is with the Supreme Yang Family,” Fox Maiden said.

โ€œSupreme Yang Family?โ€ Li Qingshan frowned.

“Yes, in the Divine Realm, there are different forces and different families. The Daughter of Phoenix was found by the Supreme Yang Family back then, and it took a lot of effort to hatch her, and then to this generation, the Daughter of Phoenix hatched.

, she recognized the Supreme Yang Family when the Substitute Patriarch was the father, and became the symbol of the Supreme Yang Family.” Fox Maiden explained carefully.

โ€œSo, this time is the big brother of Daughter of Phoenix, the son of Supreme Yang Family this generation patriarch getting married?โ€ Li Qingshan said.

“Yes, that’s why the Daughter of Phoenix came forward, personally managed it, invited guests from all over the world, and used his influence to make this wedding a lively and beautiful wedding.” Fox Maiden nods.

“Is this Supreme Yang Family very powerful?” Li Qingshan asked.

“No, the Supreme Yang Family is not strong, on the contrary, they have been going downhill. There are not many Immortal King powerhouses in the family, and their status has been declining. If not for a Daughter of Phoenix, Supreme Yang Family’s reputation may fall to the bottom, which is why Daughter of Phoenix is so high-profile this time, she just wants to use this wedding to boost the Supreme Yang Family’s prestige, restore the glory, and reshape the family.” Fox Maiden said.

Li Qingshan curiously asked: “How powerful is this Daughter of Phoenix?”

“It seems to be entering the Immortal King Realm, I don’t know the specific situation, because I haven’t seen it either. Yes.” Fox Maiden shook his head.

“Then let’s go to Supreme Yang Family now.” Li Qingshan said.

โ€œIf you go, you wonโ€™t necessarily see the Daughter of Phoenix,โ€ Fox Maiden said.

“Whether you can see it or not, let’s go and have a look first.” Li Qingshan said firmly.

“Then come with me, now there should be a lot of people in Divine Realm who want to see Daughter of Phoenix.” Fox Maiden said with emotion.

“Yes, with the spread of the Young Great Emperor List, the Daughter of Phoenix became a household name overnight. Naturally, many people wanted to see her, so let’s go and see how lucky we are.” Li Qingshan nominated and said own plans.


The Supreme Yang Family.

A group of people standing above the peaks, close to the sun.

The Supreme Yang Family once produced an Immortal Emperor, which was brilliant for a while, but with the fall of the Sun Immortal Emperor, the Supreme Yang Family began to slump, and it has not recovered to this day.

Fortunately, this generation has a Daughter of Phoenix, willing to be the daughter of the Supreme Yang Family, so that the Supreme Yang Family, which has long since faded out of the Divine Race center, will re-emerge.

This time the Daughter of Phoenix big brother got married. She sent out invitations to invite talents from all over the world to come and endorse the big brother and the Supreme Yang Family with her fame and status.

So many people came.

The Supreme Yang Family hasn’t been this lively in a long time.

The children of the gatekeeper’s family are also beaming, looking forward to the future glory of the Supreme Yang Family.

On this day, a party is being held inside the Supreme Yang Family. Experts from all walks of life are invited, and many young talents are gathered together.

This was a pre-wedding banquet. The Daughter of Phoenix also knew what had happened recently, and waved his hand, saying that as long as he was a young expert, he would come to congratulate him, and no invitation was required.

So, the whole Supreme Yang Family, happy laughter and cheerful voices, the banquet is set, table after table.

When Li Qingshan and Fox Maiden came here, they saw many people and several geniuses, and they were surprised.

“That’s the Emperor Bloodline.”

“That’s the Heavenly Monster!”

“That’s the Heavenly Sovereign’s Son!”

“That’s Daoist Nan!”

Fox Maiden recognized several people and was surprised: “didn’t expect them to come too, Daughter of Phoenix invited so many geniuses this time?”


Li Qingshan also knows the people Fox Maiden mentioned. They are all people he knew from Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield before. Although they are not peak geniuses, they are not as good as those on the Young Great Emperor List, but they are in their own power. It should not be underestimated. It will definitely be a region’s Overlord level when it grows up in the future.

Daughter of Phoenix even invited them?

“No, not all of them were invited. There were also people who turned up without being invited. The Young Great Emperor List spread by the outside world made the world know about the Daughter of Phoenix. Most of these people came here. It’s all for the Daughter of Phoenix.” Li Qingshan said.

โ€œI saw several people who went in without invitations,โ€ Fox Maiden said happily.

“Let’s also go over to see if we can get in. If we can get in, it will save a lot of trouble.” Li Qingshan immediately approached, and together with Fox Maiden, they came to the bottom of the Supreme Yang Family mountain.

“please hold your steps, register.” The Supreme Yang Family guard respectfully stopped Li Qingshan.

“Please say your name and show your cultivation base before you can enter the banquet hall.” The guard added.

“Saint Sovereign Child, epoch immortal Peak!” Li Qingshan said solemnly, then pointed at Fox Maiden and said, “My maid, she doesn’t need to say her name.”

“So It’s Lord Saint Sovereign Child, the lady has been saying before that, when Saint Sovereign Child comes here, you must invite him to the main table!” The guard became more and more respectful, and regardless of Fox Maiden’s identity, he directly invited Li Qingshan to enter.

Li Qingshan’s imposing manner left him no doubts.

He couldn’t imagine, in this world, there are two Saint Sovereign Child.

Fox Maiden stared at Li Qingshan, didn’t expect Li Qingshan to pretend to be Saint Sovereign Child and go directly to the Daughter of Phoenix.

“Aren’t you afraid of being exposed and making a fuss?” Fox Maiden pulled Li Qingshan’s shirt, and the sound transmission entered his ears.

“Don’t worry, you follow me, everything is up to me.” Li Qingshan smiled mysteriously, took Fox Maiden and followed the guards into the banquet hall.

Fox Maiden trembling with fear, she regretted it, she had already escaped, why did she come back with Li Qingshan?

The guard led the way, Li Qingshan entered the center of the banquet and saw a huge venue that could hold thousands of tables, most of which were full of people, and the rest were coming one after another.

In the center of the banquet, there are ten large tables, all of them are a group of geniuses, and the top one is a woman.

This woman’s eyes are flowing, her muscles are beautiful, white, tender and moist, her lips and teeth are crystal clear, and her hair is black.

Wearing a long red dress, with a plump figure, trembling with every step, the hem of the clothes is wrapped in gold, and the tassel is long and rippling.

She laughed so drunk that she was in the bones, her wrists were lightly raised, her white jade arms glowed, and her slender legs were faintly discernible in her dress, dancing lightly.

Fox Maiden saw this woman, let himself compare, and found that he was not as good as this woman.

“It is indeed the Daughter of Phoenix, so beautiful, it is indeed worth seeing it from afar.” Fox Maiden said with emotion.

Daughter of Phoenix has a lot of people watching her. She is uncompromising, generous, and calm.

And where she was, there were several people sitting, with different auras, which made people feel unfamiliar.

But being able to sit at a table with Daughter of Phoenix is enough to see their rank and status.

all around

The guard came in, approached immediately, bowed and said, “Miss, the Saint Sovereign Child has arrived.”

The Daughter of Phoenix immediately smiled, and the sound was crisp and jingle, like a wind chime, Very sweet: “Everyone, I was just saying that my brother became friends with Saint Sovereign Child, and now Saint Sovereign Child is here, and he has gathered another genius on the list.”

This As soon as the words came out, everyone around looked at him in surprise.

The fourth Saint Sovereign Child on the Young Great Emperor List is here, and he is friends with the big brother of the Daughter of Phoenix.

And, on this table, are there any geniuses on the list?

Daughter of Phoenix’s voice came to the ground, a burly man with blond hair and a face of fighting intent stood up and looked towards Li Qingshan: “I want to see, the fourth place on this list. Saint Sovereign Child, what does he look like.”

He looked at Li Qingshan up and down and said, “I don’t see how powerful he is, but he is half as handsome as me.”

Daughter of Phoenix said with a smile: “Zhan Cangqiong, it was the first time I met Saint Sovereign Child. In my opinion, you are almost half as handsome as Saint Sovereign Child.”

While speaking, Daughter of Phoenix invited Li Qingshan to sit down: “I met for the first time, but I heard the name of Saint Sovereign Child from my big brother long ago. When I saw it today, it turned out that name is not in vain.”

Everyone else looked towards Li Qingshan and looked at it carefully.

Suddenly, a Supreme Yang Family heir stood up and said in surprise: “Miss, this person is not the Saint Sovereign Child!”

As soon as this remark came out, everyone was shocked , looked at Li Qingshan, very surprised.

Fox Maiden raised her heart to her throat and her breathing almost stopped. She knew she would be found out, and she knew that she would not come with Li Qingshan.

Daughter of Phoenix also face turned cold, looked towards the talking family child, coldly said: “What are you talking about, who would pretend to be Saint Sovereign Child?”

This Disciple said immediately: “Miss, I saw Young Master drinking with Saint Sovereign Child, and naturally I know what Saint Sovereign Child looks like. This is not at all. He looks completely different from Saint Sovereign Child. He is impersonating.”

This time, everyone tended to believe in Supreme Yang Family’s Disciple, and immediately looked towards Li Qingshan.

The Daughter of Phoenix also took a deep breath, then looked at Li Qingshan with a smile, and said, “Saint Sovereign Child, is my Supreme Yang Family right?”

She handed the question to Li Qingshan.

She is observing Li Qingshan.

She wanted to see how the identified Li Qingshan would behave.

But what she saw was a cold face, full of aura, Li Qingshan, who was not guilty at all, but seemed offended.

โ€œThe Saint Sovereign Child he saw, of course it wasnโ€™t me!โ€ Li Qingshan said.

“Then you are impersonating, how dare you to pretend to be Saint Sovereign Child?” Zhan Cangqiong slapped the table and shouted.

The Daughter of Phoenix’s face also turned cold, and he looked at Li Qingshan.

Other people watched the show with great interest.

Li Qingshan coldly snorted: “The Saint Sovereign Child he saw is not me, so you think I am fake?”

Now Li Qingshan is the Saint Sovereign Child, he He won’t admit it, he wants to make the fake real!

Li Qingshan’s remarks made everyone stunned, and the Daughter of Phoenix frowned: “You mean, the Saint Sovereign Child that my big brother met is fake?”

Li Qingshan coldly said: “Naturally!”

“Why did I come here?”

“Because my maid inquired about it, one of the Supreme Yang Family appeared. Saint Sovereign Child, was warmly entertained, became a good brother with the big brother of Daughter of Phoenix, he also ruined my reputation, took a fancy to the eight demon foxes of Fox Race in Monster Race, used your big brother’s power to search for people everywhere , turned me into a hungry ghost, it’s impossible!”

“If I don’t come, Saint Sovereign Child’s reputation will be ruined to what extent!”

“Daughter of Phoenix, you have to give me an explanation, otherwise today’s matter will not pass!”

Li Qingshan took the lead, occupied the moral high ground, and shaped himself into a The real Saint Sovereign Child, the devotion to righteousness that inspires reverence, reprimands the fake Saint Sovereign Child, speaks directly about the absurd things he has done.

Fox Maiden looked at Li Qingshan with admiration after listening. This excuse is fine.

At the banquet, everyone got excited with Li Qingshan’s remarks.

Super gossip!

The Saint Sovereign Child that Supreme Yang Family Young Master met turned out to be a fake, who did something to ruin his reputation, and now the Master has come to question him.

Daughter of Phoenix is a little confused, is this true? The one the big brother met was fake?

“Bold, you Saint Sovereign Child who doesn’t know the truth, you dare to threaten Miss Huang Jiu’er, overestimate one’s capabilities!” Zhan Cangqiong heard Li Qingshan threatening Daughter of Phoenix, and immediately became furious, One step out, big hands covering him, he’s going to stand for the Daughter of Phoenix.

Zhan Cangqiong, single so far, fell in love with Daughter of Phoenix at first sight.

He saw Li Qingshan imposing manner overbearing and immediately saw hope, he wanted to hero saving the beauty.

He covered it with his big hand and shot one black light after another directly.

Zhan Cangqiong is the Battle Divine Blood Vein, very powerful, his strength is the epoch immortal Peak, just like Li Qingshan, after the shot, he directly broke the space of this side a

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