Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 119


Chapter 119 Seeing Spiritual God, why not worship? (Subscribe)

Chapter 118 Seeing Spiritual God, why not worship? (Please subscribe)

Li Qingshan’s violent Tearing Space descended under the Supreme Yang Family and saw the Saint Sovereign Child.

He is very recognizable.

The cultivation base of epoch immortal Peak is young and has the breath of Six Paths of Reincarnation.

These are the Saint Sovereign Child.


Li Qingshan descended directly into the Tearing Space, carrying a violent murderous aura, and the vigorous energy around him, like a surging Star River, drowned Heaven and Earth is terrifying, its brilliance covering the heavens, shielding the sun, making it hard to face.

“Dare to pretend to be me, you are courting death!” Li Qingshan shouted, with a cold killing intent, matched with his imposing manner, grandiose, very terrifying, sweeping all around.

This Saint Sovereign Child turned pale in fright, didn’t expect Li Qingshan to attack suddenly, he was confused and hurried back, but after hearing Li Qingshan’s words, browses tightly frowns, sensed Li Qingshan The Six Paths of Reincarnation in Qingshan’s body erupted in an instant, staring at Li Qingshan coldly, with a bang, six black holes appeared behind him, that is Six Paths of Reincarnation, he faced Li Qingshan in a flash.

The epoch immortal Peak is not afraid of Li Qingshan.

“Six Demons Devouring Sun!” Saint Sovereign Child roared, the six black holes rapidly expanded, covering the heavens, shielding the sun, and a huge suction force erupted, engulfing Li Qingshan.

But Li Qingshan’s punch, splitting heaven and earth apart, indifferent and crazy, mixed together, looks very strange, he turned into a streak of divine light, directly smashing these six black holes.




The huge roar makes all around the earth tremble, the sky is cracked, and the mountain peaks collapse Broken, attracted the attention of everyone.

At this time, neither Li Qingshan nor Saint Sovereign Child was injured, but now Li Qingshan is standing in the void, majestic, One with Heaven and Earth, with every breath, his body is billowing and diving light rushing Come out, grandiose, like a sea, submerged Heaven and Earth, shrouded in infinite brilliance, he walked towards Saint Sovereign Child, like a Great Emperor from ancient times.

“Who are you, dare to pretend to be me? When my fist is not hard?” Li Qingshan asked coldly.

Saint Sovereign Child looked at Li Qingshan, gnashing teeth, filled with resentment, and said, “Who are you, dare to pretend to be you and me?”

Following Li Qingshan, he rushed out The Daughter of Phoenix, Zhan Cangqiong, and other geniuses, saw two people questioning each other, and they had doubts in their hearts, who is the real?

“The two Saint Sovereign Children, who are you really?” Zhan Cangqiong’s face was still pale, but he had no hatred for Li Qingshan. , you beat me directly and injured me, that’s my own strength.

Zhan Cangqiong only respects those who are stronger than himself.

β€œI am real!” Li Qingshan said coldly.

“I’m the real one?” cried the Saint Sovereign Child angrily.

“This… this is all true, how to tell?” Zhan Cangqiong looked towards Daughter of Phoenix, although in his heart, he leaned towards Li Qingshan, thinking that this was true, but he didn’t. Evidence.

Other people looked at it curiously. This is an ancient anecdote. There are actually two Saint Sovereign Children.

One must be fake, but who is it?

At this moment, everyone looked at Li Qingshan like Divinity and Demon, and they still believed him more in their hearts.

Li Qingshan’s foreshadowing is now working.

“Since you all say that you are true, then give some examples and show some evidence.” Daughter of Phoenix took a deep breath, and now under the attention of everyone, this matter must be resolved , Today, her plan to help the Supreme Yang Family expand its prestige has been shattered.

Li Qingshan immediately opened his mouth when he heard it. His voice was thunderous and roaring constantly, directly suppressing the voice of Saint Sovereign Child.

Starting, Li Qingshan has the upper hand in rhythm everywhere.

“I woke up a long time ago. More than a year ago, the North Star Great Emperor of Immortal Court fell and the Primordial Spirit entered the starry sky graveyard. That was the first time I appeared in front of the world. The genius Immortal King of Demon Race, if you don’t believe it, just call the Immortal Kings who entered the starry sky graveyard at that time, or epoch immortal, take a closer look, it’s me, or this fake!” Li Qingshan coldly said, Speak this thing out and grab the top.

As soon as this remark came out, the thunder rolled over, and tens of thousands of people heard it, including a few experts who had entered the starry sky cemetery before. They looked at it carefully, and then said excitedly.

“That’s right, it’s him, that’s the Saint Sovereign Child.”

“He’s the genius Immortal King in the starry sky cemetery battle of the Demon Race. He fought very fiercely. So beautiful and unforgettable.”

“This is the real Saint Sovereign Child!”

“This is indeed the Saint Sovereign Child, and that is a fake.”

One after another, experts who have the strength to speak up in the epoch Immortal Realm world prove to Li Qingshan that what they saw at the time was Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan stood proudly, hands behind ones back, looked at Saint Sovereign Child, coldly said: “More than a year ago, where were you?”

“More than a year ago I was still sealed in the Divine Source until I broke free three months ago.” Saint Sovereign Child replied coldly.

“Yes, my brother is the real Saint Sovereign Child. I saw with my own eyes that he was unblocked from a Divine Source in a ruin. What are you clamoring for here, you fake?” Supreme Yang Family The Eldest Young Master said loudly, he felt that he spoke at this moment to show solidarity with Saint Sovereign Child, which would surely make Saint Sovereign Child cherish their friendship even more.

It was just this move that made the Daughter of Phoenix’s face darken, and she glared angrily at her big brother.

This is a matter between people, why do you intervene in it?

As expected, Li Qingshan seized the reason and sneered: “You mean I started pretending to be Saint Sovereign Child more than a year ago?”

“In this real When the Saint Sovereign Child was born, I pretended to be him.”




Li Qingshan yelled loudly, yelled loudly, and scolded Supreme Yang Family’s Eldest Young Master for a while, and then looked towards Daughter of Phoenix.

“This is your Supreme Yang Family’s decision to handle this matter?”

“Is it wrong to question me from his point of view?”

“Daughter of Phoenix, don’t you think this logic is a bit wrong?”

Li Qingshan asked loudly and loudly, resounding between Heaven and Earth, tens of thousands of geniuses watched this scene, and they still agreed. Li Qingshan’s.

This is a Saint Sovereign Child, but it has only recently been unblocked.

And Li Qingshan has made his mark on the starry sky battlefield more than a year ago, and there are many people who have testified about this.

The evidence is sufficient.

Everyone saw the scene just now and felt that the Eldest Young Master of Supreme Yang Family favored another Saint Sovereign Child.

Everyone stared at Daughter of Phoenix with Li Qingshan’s questioning.

They wanted to know how the Daughter of Phoenix handled it.

Daughter of Phoenix is extremely angry and resentful. Today should be the time to enhance the reputation of the Supreme Yang Family, but a real and fake Saint Sovereign Child stole all the limelight.

What made her even more tired was that her big brother was stupid enough to stand in the line in person.

The Daughter of Phoenix took a deep breath, waved his hand directly, and a wave of energy swept the Supreme Yang Family’s Eldest Young Master, imprisoned him directly, and brought him back to him.

“The two of you, I, Supreme Yang Family, are not involved in the affairs between you, please come up with something to prove your identity. Today, one of the two must be fake, I am Huang Jiu’er I swear here, I will kill the fake Saint Sovereign Child.” The Daughter of Phoenix said loudly.

These unbiased remarks calmed the situation and everyone’s attention was still on Li Qingshan and Saint Sovereign Child.

These two Saint Sovereign Child, who is real and who is fake?

Although many people believe in Li Qingshan, they still need concrete evidence.

Saint Sovereign Child looked at Li Qingshan angrily. He had only woken up for three months. He knew nothing about the Immortal World. His long closed career had made his brain a little dull.

“My father is the Saint Sovereign Great Emperor, and his Absolute Art is the Six Paths of Reincarnation. Apart from me, I have never passed it on to a second person.” Saint Sovereign Child slowly said, he supported With a straight waist, with a bang, six black holes like the sun appeared behind him.

“This is the Six Paths of Reincarnation!”

“This is the Absolute Art of the Saint Sovereign Great Emperor!”

“This is also the most my father left me. Good stuff!”

Saint Sovereign Child looked at Li Qingshan, his face was rebellious and very angry.

If you dare to impersonate him, you will die!

Saint Sovereign Child pulls the imposing manner to the apex. The six mysterious black holes behind it are constantly rotating, providing cosmic stars with different perspectives, the vast sea of stars.

Li Qingshan saw this scene and sneered disdainfully: “You said just now that Six Paths of Reincarnation was not passed on to the second person?”

“Of course, this is me Father’s Absolute Art, naturally I will inherit it.” Saint Sovereign Child said proudly.

He is very confident.

Seeing this scene, Daughter of Phoenix reluctantly covered his eyes with his hands, not wanting to comment.

Zhan Cangqiong also had a weird face. If he remembered correctly, he had a little fight with Li Qingshan just now. The six black holes floating in Li Qingshan’s palm… are the Six Paths of Reincarnation.

How does he feel about this Saint Sovereign Child, a little not very smart.

“Then take a good look, what is this?” Li Qingshan’s voice fell to the ground, and behind him, with a bang, a vigorous aura was born, with terrifying fluctuations, like a piece of Star Domain falling down .

Six huge black hole-like Samsara Channels appear.

Spins slightly behind Li Qingshan, echoing the Six Paths of Reincarnation of Saint Sovereign Child.

“No…it’s impossible!!!” Saint Sovereign Child backed back in shock, with a look of disbelief.

This is the Absolute Art of his father, after the death of the father, no one in Human World has ever learned it again.

Logically speaking, in this world, only he would know Six Paths of Reincarnation.

Why is this person in front of me too?

Is she really the Saint Sovereign Child?

What am I?

At a certain moment, a different idea was born in the mind of Saint Sovereign Child.

On a certain dark and windy night, his father as the Emperor met a Demoness, and after Wushan Yunyu, he had a big brother…

Saint Sovereign Child shook his head frantically, throwing this terrifying thought threw away from his mind.

β€œWhere did you learn the Six Paths of Reincarnation?” Saint Sovereign Child roared.

Li Qingshan is not weak: “Where did you learn Six Paths of Reincarnation?”

“I can continue to prove it.” Saint Sovereign Child’s eyes were full of anger, complexion Ashen looked at Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan looked at him with a strong aura, and didn’t stop Saint Sovereign Child from speaking at all, as if he was waiting with confidence.

In fact, he has no other evidence.

So he wanted to see what kind of evidence the Saint Sovereign Child could come up with.

“The world knows that the Absolute Art of my father Saint Sovereign Great Emperor’s life is the Six Paths of Reincarnation, but the world does not know that in his later years, he entered the Buddha Realm from Hell and walked out of a new path. Road, and a lost Supreme secret of Buddha Realm in his cultivation.” Saint Sovereign Child looked all around, and finally looked at Li Qingshan, sneering.

“You said you were the Saint Sovereign Child, so do you know which Buddhist Supreme secret was cultivated by the Saint Sovereign Great Emperor in his later years?” Saint Sovereign Child corner of the mouth raised, questioning Li Qingshan .

He was very smart and quickly found a way to counter Li Qingshan after his anger.

Li Qingshan looked at Saint Sovereign Child calmly.

This question is not easy for him to answer.

If it is true, does the ghost know what kind of Buddhist Supreme secret the Saint Sovereign Great Emperor cultivated in his later years?

If it is false, then Saint Sovereign Child is cheating on him. When he tells the Supreme secret of Buddhism, Saint Sovereign Child will say that he made up this matter.

Then Li Qingshan falls directly into passive.

Well at this time Fox Maiden spoke up. She is now Li Qingshan’s maid, so she naturally wants to fight for Li Qingshan.

“It’s not fair, the Saint Sovereign Great Emperor has fallen for 500,000 years. No one knows about his later years, and there are no books left. Everything is told by you alone. Without any evidence, you said that the Buddhism Supreme secret of cultivation is the Buddhism Supreme secret? You have to show evidence.”

Li Qingshan gave Fox Maiden a thumbs up in his heart.

He couldn’t say that, but Fox Maiden could.

Saint Sovereign Child glanced coldly at Fox Maiden, completely unaware that it was the eight-tailed demon fox that had made him feel unbearable before.

“It seems that you don’t know, you can’t answer it, I can tell you with 100% certainty that my father Saint Sovereign Great Emperor cultivated the Buddhism Supreme secret in his later years, and that Supreme secret is called Three Lifetimes. Buddhist Scripture.” Saint Sovereign Child looked at Li Qingshan and said triumphantly.

“Haven’t you heard of it? Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture and Six Paths of Reincarnation are two completely different cultivation techniques, but my father thinks they can be matched together, so in his later years he has been In comprehend Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture, and he also passed on the Buddhist scriptures to me, but unfortunately, I am stupid and have no entry to Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture.” Saint Sovereign Child was complacent and thought he had beaten Li Qingshan.

“But even so, I can condense the Three Lifetimes Buddha.”

The next moment, behind the Saint Sovereign Child, the original location of Six Paths of Reincarnation turned to the left Offset, appeared on the right, three illusory, indefinite Buddha Ancestor illusory shadow.

Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture.

He looked at Li Qingshan triumphantly, wanting to see Li Qingshan lose one’s head out of fear.

But what he saw was a calm, indifferent expression, and a look that looked like a dead man.

Saint Sovereign Child frowned, a look that made him very uncomfortable.

“Fake, what else do you have to say?” Saint Sovereign Child loudly shouted, like a bell, spreading all around.

Others also stared at Li Qingshan, watching curiously.

“This Saint Sovereign Child, if you don’t have evidence to refute it, the situation is very dangerous.” The Daughter of Phoenix said with a cold expression and a bad tone.

Today, all her arrangements have been destroyed, and the fire in her heart has nowhere to vent. If it is confirmed that Li Qingshan is a fake Saint Sovereign Child, the Daughter of Phoenix will directly take action.

“Younger sister, I have already said that this is Saint Sovereign Child, this impostor who ran out of nowhere and killed it.” The Eldest Young Master of Supreme Yang Family was excited said.

“It’s been a long time, you’re fake?” Zhan Cangqiong looked at Li Qingshan and touched his chest, it still hurts here.

At this moment, everyone was looking at Li Qingshan, and their preconceived notions made them more willing to believe that Li Qingshan was the Saint Sovereign Child, but now that the evidence has turned to the other side, these people felt a little awkward.

Li Qingshan, who was watched by everyone, had a calm face. He fell in love with Saint Sovereign Child and said, “You said so much just now, it’s like I’m watching a clown show.”

Saint Sovereign Child’s smug expression instantly turned black, glaring at Li Qingshan, his nose was bubbling.

He was holding back.

He wants to see what kind of sophistry Li Qingshan can say to turn the situation around.

bang! !

But in the next second, behind Li Qingshan, countless imposing manners surging, grandiose, and galloping.

In the end, it converges into a ten thousand zhang-sized Buddha Ancestor.

Ten thousand zhang-sized Buddha Ancestor’s real body, overlooking the world’s innumerable living beings, then closed his eyes, as if he could not bear to see the misery of the Human World.

Although there is only one Buddha Ancestor, it contains all the Profound Truth of the Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture.

Li Qingshan slowly raised his head, looked towards Saint Sovereign Child, and made a thunderous sound.

“Since I have seen Spiritual God, why not pray!”

I can’t write 8,000 words, so I will send 4,500 words. I will try harder tomorrow.

(End of this chapter)

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