Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Saint Steps into the Human World

The boy walked out of Monument Forest and came to the edge of Thinking Cliff in heavy rain.

There is a sea of clouds in front of you, and the dark clouds are rolling like big waves.

The Heavenly Dao Sect is 90,000 miles away from the ascension gate.

So the sword Wu Shaobai is about to cut out is 90,000 miles long.

Standing by the sea of clouds, two Dao Body shadows, one virtual and one real.

Li Qingshan asked in the rain: “Have you really understood Dao of Saint?”

“If you give me another ten years, I will bring Saint to Human World. “Wu Shaobai regretted.

“Are you trying to destroy Heavenly Dao Sect?” Li Qingshan asked.

“I want to rescue my wife. She was implicated by me and was suppressed in Refining Monster Tower for 40 years. This sword is to split the Refining Monster Tower!” Wu Shaobai said.

“I don’t have a sword!” Li Qingshan told the truth, he was defenseless.

“Between Heaven and Earth, flowers, plants and trees can all be swords. Don’t be constrained by the form, close your eyes!” Wu Shaobai said to Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan closed his eyes immediately.


The next second, an extra consciousness appeared in his body, controlling his Great River Sword Qi.

“Look at it, how powerful is the real Great River Sword Qi.” It sounded like a voice spanning thousands of years, ringing in Li Qingshan’s ears.

Afterwards, Li Qingshan’s body was not under his control, and the sword qi in his body surged out like a big river, and condensed into a big river above the sea of clouds.

The big river is grandiose, every drop of river water is sword qi.

Li Qingshan was like a bystander, Spiritual Consciousness disengaged from his body and looked at his own body.

Draw your sword and raise your eyebrows.

The next second, grandiose’s Great River Sword Qi, surging, attracted the attention of thousands of people on this rainy night.

A ferocious sword qi swept 90,000 miles.

Countless experts were shocked, looking up at the sky, and their hearts were shocked.

The first person to sense was the expert of the Ascension Gate. They raised their heads and looked at the Great River Sword Qi who pierced the sky, each with a surprised expression.

The contemporary Headmaster of the ascension gate raised his head, facing the rain, with a shocked expression, muttered: “This…this is the sword qi of Senior Brother Shaobai!”

Forty years ago, he It is the second disciple of the ascension door, and the tag-a-long behind Wu Shaobai.

He was very familiar with Great River Sword Qi and recognized it at first sight as Wu Shaobai’s Great River Sword Qi.

“Is Senior Brother Shaobai still alive?” The ascension door contemporary Headmaster was so excited, he immediately wanted to go to Thinking Cliff and see Wu Shaobai’s stone tablet.

But behind him, an old man with white hair and youthful face appeared, looked up at the Great River Sword Qi who was far away, and said sadly: “Don’t disturb Shaobai, this is his last time. From now on, there will be no Wu Shaobai in the world.”

The contemporary Headmaster of the ascension door turned his head and shouted respectfully: “Master!”

The old man with white hair and youthful face is The ascension door’s previous generation Headmaster is also the master of Wu Shaobai and the ascension door’s contemporary Headmaster.

“We all seem to have done it wrong, I didn’t keep Shaobai, you didn’t keep Li Qingshan, two generations of peerless geniuses, under the pressure of Heavenly Dao Sect, were destroyed by us.” white hair and The youthful face old man said sadly.

The contemporary Headmaster raised his head, looked at the sword qi who amazed the world, and fell silent.


This sword is unparalleled in the world, with Wu Shaobai’s extremely dazzling strike, combined with the Great River Sword Qi, and turned into a turbulent impact.

Across 90,000 miles, in this night, countless experts jumped out and watched in shock.

Like the Inverted Galaxy, it smashed down, making people feel terrified.

Where the Great River Sword Qi passed, dark clouds exploded one after another, and even the torrential rain was frightened to a halt.

At this moment, an expert from Great Venerable Peak saw this scene, burst into tears and was very excited.

“Saint, come to this world!”

They screamed in excitement, unable to restrain themselves. From this sword, they saw the cultivation realm after the Great Venerable.

Three thousand years, Human World has no Saint for three thousand years.

Those Great Venerables who stand at the top of Human World are also hard-working people, their way forward is cut off, they can’t see any hope, and they can only wait to die silently.

At this moment, from this sword, they saw the arrival of Saint, how could they not be excited.

Although it was just a blow, for them, the road ahead is no longer hopeless.

At least they saw a glimmer of hope.

At this moment, I don’t know how many Great Venerable Peak experts are chasing this sword qi, they want to see, what does this sword qi want to do?

Chasing 90,000 miles, they saw the mountain gate of Heavenly Dao Sect.

The strongest sect in Human World.

“This sword qi is for Heavenly Dao Sect?”

“Did Heavenly Dao Sect offend anyone?”

“Heavenly Dao Sect? Sect, can you resist the blow that contains Saint?”

The Great Venerables exchanged swiftly, watching silently, no one wanted to intervene.

In Heavenly Dao Sect, there are already hundreds of Great Venerable Peaks waiting in battle, all of them are ready to go, to intercept this sword qi.

However, the Great River Sword Qi spanned 90,000 miles, and reached Peak in imposing manner, as if it had developed an infinite starry sky. The sound is deafening and boundless.

The Great Venerable expert of Heavenly Dao Sect was instantly washed away, shocked one by one, and watched Great River Sword Qi slash at the core area of Heavenly Dao Sect.

Refining Monster Tower!


Heavenly Dao Sect contemporary Headmaster surprised and angry shouted, this Refining Monster Tower has suppressed a lot of demons who did not deal with Heavenly Dao Sect, and also There are humans.

Once released, Heavenly Dao Sect is in big trouble.

However, the next second, the sword slashed on the Refining Monster Tower.

The Refining Monster Tower has been placed on a large number of seals, all of which are broken at this moment, the Great River Sword Qi pours down, rolling, and the flames are surging, invincible in the Human World!


A voice of the sky resounded throughout the world, allowing everyone who paid attention to hear it.

Refining Monster Tower, split in half.

Then the wind swept through and the rain fell again.

But this time, heavy rain and strong wind blow down countless people who have been suppressed by Heavenly Dao Sect to Human World.

They followed the Great River Sword Qi and quickly escaped.

The people in Heavenly Dao Sect saw this scene, eye socket cracked, and they were mad from the bottom of their hearts.

β€œGreat River Sword Qi, Wu Shaobai!!!”

Heavenly Dao Sect contemporary Headmaster roared, resounding all around, and now everyone recognizes it, this sword qi is four Great River Sword Qi by peerless genius Wu Shaobai ten years ago.


ascension gate, Thinking Cliff.

After Li Qingshan cut out this sword, his consciousness returned to his body and he re-manipulated his body.

Looking at the shocking picture in front of him, Li Qingshan cried softly.




There is no response, Li Qingshan is lost look.

The peerless genius of the ascension gate, accompanied by this sword, after shining brightly, in this rain, in this wind, disappeared on the world.

Only Li Qingshan was left, silently recalling the state when Wu Shaobai cut out that sword.

“I seem to be able to break through Fishleap.” Li Qingshan muttered to himself.

He believed that he had digested the experience of the night.

He can break through.

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(end of this chapter)

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