Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 122


Chapter 122 I will take you to kill the Emperor (please subscribe)

In the crowd.

Li Qingshan left first, followed by Fox Maiden.

After leaving Supreme Yang Family, Fox Maiden stopped Li Qingshan and asked softly, “Are you going to Abyss Forbidden Land?”

“Yeah, you know where it is. Is it?” Li Qingshan nominated.

“It’s dangerous,” Fox Maiden said solemnly.

“Go and have a look.” Li Qingshan said softly, he looked at Fox Maiden and said with a smile: “This time, I will avenge you, the Saint Sovereign Child who coveted you has been killed by the Daughter of Phoenix. Well, you’re free now, give me the human skin mask.”

It was time for a break between him and Fox Maiden.

Fox Maiden knew that Li Qingshan could not be persuaded, so he silently took off his mask, revealing his true colors.

“Abyss Forbidden Land in Divine Realm, right at the million li Great Lake, you can see it if you fly north from here.” Fox Maiden handed the human skin mask to Li Qingshan, and then stretched out his hand. refer to.

Li Qingshan keeps it in mind, looking towards the north, million li Great Lake.

“Thank you, I wish you all the best in the future.” Li Qingshan thanked.

“It’s me who thanked you, saved me, and avenged me.” Fox Maiden looked at Li Qingshan reluctantly and asked, “Can we…can we meet again? “

Li Qingshan smiled and said gently: “Next time, on the occasion of spring and blossom, let’s meet again.”

Li Qingshan, wearing a human skin mask, and Fox Maiden waved goodbye. This is just an episode in his life. He came to Divine Realm for Hua Yun. Now Hua Yun has not been found. By accident, he found Hua Xiangrong.

“On the occasion of spring and blossom…” Fox Maiden looked at Li Qingshan’s back, murmured softly, her expression was lonely, and her rare heartbeat just dissipated.


Separated from Fox Maiden, Li Qingshan went all the way, constantly Tearing Space, heading north.

million li Great Lake, this is very conspicuous, Li Qingshan doesn’t even need to ask others, he finally came here after he straddled more than half of the Divine Realm.

This million li Great Lake, located between Heaven and Earth, has treacherous mountains, lush forests, ancient traces, blooming flowers and beautiful scenery.

No one is alone.

In addition to being called million li Great Lake, there is another name.

Abyss Forbidden Land.

Not even the Divine King wants to step into it, other people go in, bode ill rather than well.

Once there was Immortal King Realm Fourth Step, Red Dust Immortal realm expert entered it, looking for an opportunity to break through Immortal King and enter Immortal Emperor Realm.

But after he went in, he never came out. Later, it was discovered that there was an extra guard in Abyss Forbidden Land.

muddleheaded, described as withered, but the strength is very terrifying, anyone who enters Abyss Forbidden Land will be attacked

The world is shocked.

An Immortal King Fourth Step expert, so corrupted by Abyss Forbidden Land, too afraid right? ?

In the end, Ancestral Saint King couldn’t stand it any longer. He slashed down with an axe and killed the Immortal King directly from the air, helping him free.

The Immortal King woke up before his death, regretted it, moved towards Ancestral Saint King, bowed down, and dragged his wreckage to find a place to bury himself.

Li Qingshan has only heard this story along the way, which shows that Abyss Forbidden Land is dangerous.

He doesn’t know if this story is true or not, but everyone is spreading it, so there must be some hints.

There is no denying the terrifying of Abyss Forbidden Land.

When Li Qingshan came here, across the distant sky, he saw the Abyss Forbidden Land, which was covered in darkness, a million li range, mountains and mountains, most of the range was black, even in the Great Lake The water is black.

And now the tens of thousands of miles at the entrance of Abyss Forbidden Land are strictly guarded by Divine Race experts to ensure that no one escapes secretly.

Li Qingshan saw the army under pressure, epoch immortal, Immortal King experts are not few, obviously, Hua Xiangrong’s behavior angered the Divine Realm experts.

Around the periphery of Abyss Forbidden Land, there are many Formation textures, some of which are very terrifying, Peerless Killing Formation, one corner can cut off epoch immortal, and even one corner can cut off Immortal King…

The Divine Realm experts were afraid to set foot on these Formation textures, so they stopped at the periphery and watched Abyss Forbidden Land.

Li Qingshan approached quietly, he used the hidden Grand Dao in the three thousand Grand Dao to cover himself, not a bit of breath was leaked, such as stone, wood, weed, Divine Soul could not sense it.

Even Immortal King doesn’t go out of his way to inspect a stone, a log, or a grass.

Li Qingshan is near a group of Divine Race experts.

Each area has an Immortal King, with a dozen epoch immortal guards, so that you can be foolproof.

Li Qingshan approached and hid behind a boulder, only a few hundred meters away from them. He remained silent and listened to their conversation attentively.

“Lord Immortal King, we’ve been waiting for half a year, and this woman hasn’t come out yet, should we continue to wait?” an epoch immortal asked boredly.

“I don’t want to waste time here either, but Lord Divine King must recover this lost treasure house, we can only wait.” The Immortal King helplessly said.

“Few people who have entered Abyss Forbidden Land since ancient times have survived. In my opinion, this female thief is already dead,” said another epoch immortal.

“People are not dead. Divine King has calculated that people are still alive, in Abyss Forbidden Land, but they have not come out, which makes people very helpless.” Immortal King said.

“Then if she doesn’t come out for ten years, we’ll spend ten years here?” An epoch immortal said dissatisfied.

“If you complain and express dissatisfaction here, then someone will complain and express dissatisfaction in other places. This is just the beginning. I guess the Divine King is going in.” Immortal King analyzed.

“Divine King dare not enter Abyss Forbidden Land?” Someone surprisedly said.

“Entering Abyss Forbidden Land is not too stressful for the Emperor, it’s just worth it, so generally the Emperor doesn’t go in, but this time the Divine King woke up not long before the treasure house was taken away. Stealing, Divine King must recover these treasures for the sake of face and dominance, and if it drags on for a long time, he will end up in person, enter Abyss Forbidden Land, and capture this woman.” Immortal King’s analysis is well-founded .

“How long will we wait?” Someone asked in surprise, he didn’t want to wait here.

“One month at most, half a month at least, be patient.” Immortal King said softly.

“So soon?” someone said surprisedly.

“Wait, the news of the theft of the Divine Race treasury can’t be concealed. It’s a blow to the Divine King’s reputation, so don’t continue for a long time. Grumpy, quiet cultivation, or take a closer look at Abyss Forbidden Land,” said Immortal King.

Other epoch immortals are relieved now, they can still afford to wait a month.

Li Qingshan hid quietly behind the boulder, browsed slightly wrinkle, this conversation revealed a lot of information.

First, Hua Xiangrong is still safe.

No, I can’t say for safety, I can only say that Hua Xiangrong is still alive.

Second, these experts from Divine Realm are getting impatient.

Thinking about it carefully, it is understandable that I have been waiting here for half a year, and I can’t even see the silhouette.

And Abyss Forbidden Land is dangerous, if you wait, who knows what will go wrong?

So, generally many people have complaints.

Third, Divine King is going to end.

Huang Jiu’er said before that the Divine King dare not enter Abyss Forbidden Land, which is wrong.

Divine King just didn’t want to enter Abyss Forbidden Land, but Hua Xiangrong never came out. He wanted to recover the treasure from the treasure house, so he had to end the game in person.

“No, at the wedding scene, I heard someone say that Divine Son is going to bring someone into Abyss Forbidden Land.” Li Qingshan suddenly remembered this.

Are those two blind?

“By the way, Divine Son brought someone, is he going to enter Abyss Forbidden Land?” At this time, an epoch immortal asked curiously.

“You are Divine Son, are you going in?” Immortal King asked rhetorically.

“Then I won’t go in, how dangerous.” The epoch immortal said immediately.

“You don’t even go in, Divine Son is rushing in stupidly?” Immortal King sneered: “He came to inspect and mix up the merits, but Divine Son came, also on behalf of Divine King Ended up, after all, the most precious son of Divine King, he is impossible to let Divine Son take risks.”

“However you think, it seems to be the case.” The epoch immortal said.

Li Qingshan understood, it was rumored that the Divine Son was coming, to enter the Abyss Forbidden Land and catch the female thief.

This is just publicity.

Divine Son was born in a noble family, how could he court death himself and enter such a dangerous place as Abyss Forbidden Land?

He’s just here to hang out, and he probably won’t even set foot on those Formation textures.

The real danger comes from Divine King himself.

“Half a month at the earliest, and a month at the latest, the Divine King is about to take action. I must seize the time to find Hua Xiangrong and take her away.” Li Qingshan thought silently.

To save Hua Xiangrong, Li Qingshan must enter the Abyss Forbidden Land.

The threat of Abyss Forbidden Land, even Immortal King Fourth Step could not resist, Li Qingshan was a little hesitant.

After entering, what should I do if I encounter real danger?

“I’m in full force now. Ancient Immortal and Nourishing Life Lord in Immortal King Realm are not my opponents, but it’s still not safe to enter Abyss Forbidden Land.”

” This is really a difficult problem.”

Li Qingshan frowned, he needed to think about it.

“Unfortunately, the giant sword has been in a deep sleep and has not woken up. Otherwise, with the giant sword in my hand, I would be more confident.” Li Qingshan sighed.

Since the last time on the battlefield of Emperor Pass, the giant sword helped Li Qingshan and killed the Demon Race Immortal King, and he has been sleeping in Li Qingshan’s dantian.

Li Qingshan nourishes her with energy, and does not stop at all times. Sometimes she calls for it, but there is no response at all.

Li Qingshan knew that the giant sword had a lot of damage.

If the giant sword is restored, he will have more confidence.

“Go in!”

Suddenly, a cold, sweet, jingle sound resounded in Li Qingshan’s heart.

This is the sound of the giant sword.

Li Qingshan a shivered.

“Are you awake?” Li Qingshan asked in surprise.

The giant sword was cold, never responded to Li Qingshan, trembled occasionally, apart from this, without too many words.

This is the first time giant sword has spoken to Li Qingshan.

“Go in!”

The giant sword repeated the phrase again, only this time in a much weaker voice.

Li Qingshan immediately said: “Okay, I’ll go in right away, is there something in there that attracts you?”

The giant sword made Li Qingshan make up his mind and immediately Quietly retreat, wait until the distance is drawn, immediately cast Space Grand Dao, tear open a passage, and enter Abyss Forbidden Land.

Li Qingshan Tearing Space, there will be space fluctuation, if the cultivation base reaches Immortal King Third Step Imperishable Being, Fourth Step Red Dust Immortal, people may feel it.

Unfortunately, the Immortal King guarding this area is only the Immortal King Realm Second Step, Nourishing Life Lord level.

When Li Qingshan Tearing Space, he deliberately opened a distance, he didn’t notice it.

Enter the Tearing Space, the next second, Li Qingshan appears in Abyss Forbidden Land.

The black land, the dark forest, the violent Immortal Qi flowing in the air, and the ancient atmosphere everywhere.

Li Qingshan was vigilant all around, he looked at this side of the world, now this is a forest, and the air is humid and smells.

This is normal.

This million li Great Lake itself is a place where water vapor is humid, and the humidity in the air is a little higher, so there is no problem.

Li Qingshan looked up towards the sky.

It was daytime, but the dense forest and huge branches intertwined, blocking the sunlight and making it dark.

Li Qingshan walked in one direction.

He was on guard along the way and found that there were not many traces of creatures here, wild beasts, wild beasts, even monster beasts, Li Qingshan didn’t see a single one.

While walking, Li Qingshan saw a big lake.

The great lake has dried up, the bottom of the lake is cracked, and the channel is connected to a large crack in the bottom of the lake.

The Spiritual Qi emerging from the river is very strong, assaults the senses, and refreshed Li Qingshan like a spring breeze.

The bottom of this big lake is dry. If you don’t count the big crack, the shape is similar to a frying pan.

Li Qingshan walked at the bottom of the big lake, and along the way saw many huge fish bones, some of which were bigger than Li Qingshan, and they died as the lake dried up.

Standing in the center of the lake, looking all around, towering ancient trees rooted on the shore of the lake, very vigorous.

It’s a pity that as the years go by, the rivers dry up, and these ancient trees have all withered and died. There are only one or two trees, and there are more than a dozen yellow leaves.

Although withered and old, the tree body is extremely terrifying and does not rot all year round.

all around very quiet, a little lifeless.

“This is obviously a million li Great Lake. Logically speaking, there should be enough water, but this big river has dried up. All the old trees around are withered, old and dead, which is abnormal.” Li Qingshan said in his heart. .

The only difference is that this Earth Immortal is extremely strong.

The rich Immortal Qi came out from the big crack at the bottom of the lake. Li Qingshan stood on the edge of the crack and looked inside.

It’s bottomless.

He was staring into the abyss.

“Would you like to go down and have a look?” An idea flashed in Li Qingshan’s mind.

He immediately asked about the giant sword in his body.

But the giant sword didn’t respond.

Li Qingshan stepped back immediately upon seeing this.

The bottom of this abyss must be a huge world, and the Spiritual Qi inside is rich, at least ten times that of the outside world.

But Li Qingshan didn’t dare to go down.

This is Abyss Forbidden Land, not an ordinary place.

There is danger here and there.

If Li Qingshan rushes in and rushes in like a stupefied young man, it won’t be long before the grass in front of his grave will be three feet high.

Li Qingshan walked out of the dry lake, landed on the shore, and looked all around.

In this area, many trees are withered, bare, and their life is extinct, giving people a very desolate feeling.

“The changes in this area should all be related to the big crack underneath.” Li Qingshan stood on the shore of the lake and looked towards the huge crack in the center of the lake.

He didn’t stop, he moved on.

A bit further forward, about a hundred miles away, Li Qingshan heard the sound of water flowing.

He walked through a large deadwood forest, and what he saw was lush and green forests, green plants, and a lake.

This lake is immersed in sapphire sapphire and extremely beautiful, with large swathes of life on the shore.

There is a huge ancient wood, the branches stretch to the sky, the whole is similar to a hill, and the thick vines are like a strip of Azure Dragon, crawling everywhere.

On the side of the lake, there are all kinds of flowers and plants, fragrant bursts, refreshing, deep purples and brilliant reds, very pleasing to the eye.

There are two extremes here and where I just went.

Li Qingshan thought it was strange.

The distance is only a hundred miles away, and the two places are completely different. The place just now was dead silent, without any vitality, but now it is so vigorous and full of life.

Li Qingshan kept moving forward, keeping alert all the way.

He came to the shore of the lake, held up the water in the sapphire lake, and asked softly, “giant sword, is this here?”

The giant sword in his body did not respond.

Li Qingshan stood up immediately and chose to leave this place.

He was very cautious.

Even if there are treasures and fortuitous encounters in this area, as long as the giant sword doesn’t speak, Li Qingshan doesn’t want it.

Moving on, Li Qingshan climbed over the mountains.

Everywhere he goes, he asks about giant sword.

The giant sword didn’t respond, which made people wonder if the previous two sentences had exhausted all their strength.

But Li Qingshan knows that this is impossible.

Along the way, Li Qingshan also saw pavilions and pavilions, but they had all collapsed in half. Even though it can be seen that the pavilions and pavilions are covered with Formation Dao Mark, they cannot resist the erosion of time.

Stop and go like this. It took Li Qingshan a day to come to a land of fairy mist.

Here, he saw majestic palaces, which were very well preserved, unlike the collapsed pavilions and pavilions he had seen before.

Large temples, such as Heavenly Palaces, stand in the mountains, or in front of dry waterfalls…

Here in the past, it should be extremely prosperous.

But now it’s empty.

Although the temple is still intact, all around is overgrown with weeds, and in some places the grass grows taller than Li Qingshan.

The desolate smoke spreads, declaring that it has been in ruins for many years.

“Even if the once-splendid building is preserved, it is hard to hide the traces of the erosion of the years.” Li Qingshan sighed.

He walked around the palace and found no one.

No, there is not a single living being.

Knowing that Li Qingshan walked into the palace, he saw a tomb.

The entire palace is empty and overgrown with weeds, but in the Central Zone there is a large tomb with no weeds around.

This tomb is very peaceful, standing here.

There is a tombstone.

But there are no words on the inscription.

This is a wordless monument.

Li Qingshan looked overjoyed. For others, it might be necessary to dig up the tomb to find out what is inside.

For Li Qingshan, there is no need for such trouble.

He carefully observed all around to see if there were Formation textures, or the Killing Formation arranged by the Great Emperor powerhouse, to make sure that nothing went wrong before he walked to the tomb.

“Senior, Junior, wipe the tombstone for you.” Li Qingshan bowed first, then took out his own tools from the storage space.

Little Li, the man who wipes monuments, is online.

After wiping the tombstone off the dust, a line of words appeared in front of Li Qingshan’s eyes.

[You wipe carefully, stimulate max-level comprehension, and comprehend World in Monument. ]

Li Qingshan looked overjoyed: “Since it’s World in Monument, I haven’t understood it for a long time.”

He sat cross-legged in front of the monument, watching this World in Monument.

Li Qingshan is looking forward to it.

Abyss Forbidden Land has been hailed as very terrifying by the people of Immortal World. Even the Divine King doesn’t want to come in if he has nothing to do. Who is the expert who can be buried here?

world Heaven and Earth turning upside down.

This time into World in Monument, it’s not the same as usual.

Li Qingshan feels like he has crossed countless eras before coming to World in Monument.

Suddenly bright.

He saw a huge river bank.

Li Qingshan couldn’t tell how long it was.

It stretches to the end of Heaven and Earth as far as the eye can see.

On this river bank, an old man appeared.

The old man was dressed in animal skins, his hair was braided into dozens of small braids, and he wore a large silver earring on his ear, which was not like an ordinary person.

“Barbarian Race!” Li Qingshan immediately thought of Aman at Immortal Court Academy.

When he first entered Immortal Court Academy, he was also dressed in animal skins, his hair was braided, but he didn’t have earrings on his ears.

The old man is obviously a member of the Barbarian Race.

The old man has a mighty breath and is very terrifying.

It is also fortunate that it is now World in Monument. If Li Qingshan wants to catch up with the old man in the real world, it is absolutely impossible.

I don’t know how much distance I ran, but the river bank was still there, and the old man finally stopped.

Li Qingshan saw the old man come to this area, and the embankment was covered with scars.

This is a trace of the battle.

The embankment is huge and terrifying. It can leave traces on it. Li Qingshan is estimated to be a peerless expert.

The old man suddenly jumped off the river bank, disappeared.

Li Qingshan stayed where he was, but didn’t turn around with him.

After waiting for about ten minutes, the old man flew up.

He looked sad and held a woman in his arms. Li Qingshan couldn’t see the woman’s face and was blocked by the old man.

The old man hugged the woman and staggered away.

Then the space rotates, and Li Qingshan sees the stretch of palaces and splendid buildings.

Just like the abandoned palace buildings he saw in Abyss Forbidden Land.

The old man buried the woman in the center of the palace.

Then he erected a monument.

Standing in front of the monument, the old man looked sad and his wrists trembled.

“You are Supreme, I am Aman, Venerable is respected, Man is Man after all.” The old man said softly.

Then Li Qingshan watched the old man turn and leave, and the scene ended abruptly.

Space Change, Zhuang Zhou Dreams of a Butterfly, Li Qingshan’s consciousness returns to his body.

He came to the world again.

In front of this large tomb, there is a Supreme buried in it.

Li Qingshan doesn’t know whether Supreme is a realm or a title.

But there is no denying that this woman is extremely powerful.

“The Barbarian Race expert should admire this Supreme, but the final result was not satisfactory.” Li Qingshan sighed slightly.

It can be seen from the last sentence.

Supreme is Supreme after all.

And only after Supreme’s death did Aman get a chance to get close to her.

“But how many years ago did this happen?” Li Qingshan frowned.

The old man brought Supreme’s body back from the mound and buried it here.

This is Divine Realm.

Divine Realm is founded by Divine Race Peak expert, a world based on Immortal World.

Divine Realm was born ten-twenty years ago.

So, the story of Aman and Supreme happened during this period?

“That shouldn’t be the case. Since Divine Realm has only such a short period of time, how did Abyss Forbidden Land be born?” Li Qingshan thought of this question again.

“The most important thing is where is that mound?” Li Qingshan whispered to himself.

The mound is the key.

Such a long mound, sitting between Heaven and Earth, Li Qingshan has never seen before.

Supreme died under mound, why did she fight?

Thinking like this is all doubtful.

Li Qingshan shook his head: “Forget it, I don’t want to, I don’t have a clue, I’ve made myself dizzy, just keep this matter in my mind, my top priority is still Find what the giant sword needs and Hua Xiangrong.”

Li Qingshan got up, he didn’t move Supreme’s grave, but bowed and turned to leave.

The max-level comprehension at this time didn’t gain anything, just watched a story from the past.

But Li Qingshan is satisfied.

He walked out of the palace and wanted to go further.

But he didn’t want to see a strange nick under his feet at this second. Li Qingshan looked down and was shocked. The nick was Dao Mark. He wanted to leave immediately, but it was too late. .

Above the notch, the rays of light flickered, and Li Qingshan disappeared directly, and did not know where it went.


When Li Qingshan reappeared, he found himself on a black low mountain. Although it was not high, it was incomparably majestic and majestic, imposing a magnificent manner.

This black mountain is surrounded by mountains in the mountains, the emperor in the mountains, and it is extremely huge.

But they all acknowledge allegiance in front of this black low mountain.

This is incredible.

Li Qingshan immediately observed his feet, is there any Dao Law formation mark?

Li Qingshan only sighed in relief when he found out that he didn’t.

“It was a piece of Transmission Formation just now. It suddenly appeared and sent me here. I don’t know where it is.” Li Qingshan frowned and carefully observed all around.

In the central area of this low mountain, Li Qingshan discovered another lake.

This lake is scarlet.

The color of the lake is like human blood, but there is no smell of blood in the air. There are many huge monsters, ancient statues, towering trees, huge vines on the shore of the lake…

Li Qingshan does not approach.

He was a little scared.

Here, if there is another notch, it is the Great Emperor Killing Formation, then it’s over.

“giant sword, isn’t it here?” Li Qingshan immediately asked about giant sword.

Of course, this is just a routine inquiry.

Along the way, Li Qingshan would immediately ask about giant sword wherever he went, but giant sword never responded.

So Li Qingshan doesn’t give up hope this time.

“It’s here.”

But the next moment, the voice of giant sword sounded again.

Still crisp, like a lark.

Li Qingshan looked overjoyed: “Are you awake now?”

“Restore a little strength.” Giant Sword replied.

“Is there anything here that attracts you?” Li Qingshan asked curiously.

“There is an Enlightenment Tea Tree by the lake. It should be mature. You can go and take the Enlightenment Tea Tree away.” Giant Sword did not answer Li Qingshan, each minding their own business.

β€œEnlightenment Tea Tree!” Li Qingshan looked at the lake in surprise.

Although he came to Immortal World not long ago, he also had some understanding of other divine medicines at the Heaven Defying Level.

Enlightenment Tea Tree is another divine medicine at Heaven Defying Level.

Different from the tea Li Xingshan is drinking now, Enlightenment Tea Tree is a tea tree bred by Heaven and Earth with Grand Dao.

Enlightenment Tea Tree is extremely difficult to mature and needs to absorb Heaven and Earth Grand Dao to grow slowly.

However, once it grows, every leaf it bears can help people understand the Way.

Even the Emperor needs it.

Not to mention epoch immortals like Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan cautiously approached the lake and found the Enlightenment Tea Tree.

This is a half-human-high ancient tree, the trunk of which twists and turns like an Azure Dragon, with branches and loose leaves, full of densely packed tea leaves.

Each piece of tea is different colors, different shapes, golden, black, scarlet, red…

“How do you know there is Enlightenment here Tea Tree?” Li Qingshan asked the giant sword instead of picking it rashly.

“I saw it being planted with my own eyes.” Giant Sword said.


“What is your origin?” Li Qingshan asked curiously.

“Your cultivation base is too low, I don’t want to tell you.” Giant Sword said proudly.

“I’m about to break through Saint Realm, my cultivation base is too low?” Li Qingshan laughed angrily.

“My previous masters were at least Emperor.” Giant sword countered.

Li Qingshan stopped talking.

Compared with Emperor, his cultivation base is indeed too low.

“No, I got you in the Human World. Your last master, the cultivation base wasn’t very good. When she gave you to me, there was no Immortal Realm.” Li Qingshan suddenly remembered that Qingqing cultivation base is not high.

The giant sword did not answer, and continued: “Quickly take off the Enlightenment Tea Tree, and then break through the Immortal King Realm, I will take you to a place, it should be in time.”

“Where to go?” Li Qingshan asked.

“Don’t ask so much, just be obedient, I won’t hurt you.” Giant Sword said impatiently.

“Okay, okay, it’s here anyway, and it’s all up to you.” Li Qingshan said in a tranquil voice.

He walked over and dug out the Enlightenment Tea Tree cautiously.

Unexpectedly, the Enlightenment Tea Tree is not rooted in the earth, but between Heaven and Earth.

Enlightenment Tea Tree’s nutrients are none other than Grand Dao.

“In this case, I can take the Enlightenment Tea Tree with me. Anyway, I have a lot of Grand Dao, enough for the Enlightenment Tea Tree to absorb.” Li Qingshan thought.

He brought the Enlightenment Tea Tree into his body.

The Enlightenment Tea Tree immediately occupied his dantian, spreading its roots and connecting with Li Qingshan’s limbs.

The giant sword also gave up its place in dantian, giving up the central area to the Enlightenment Tea Tree.

“Find a place to retreat and seize the time to break through.” Giant Sword urged Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan found a nearby cave, made sure there was nothing else, and that there were no weird nicks on the ground, and stretched the time.

He started cultivation.

Picked off a leaf of the Enlightenment Tea Tree, the leaf shone slightly in the dantian, then slowly melted and flowed into Li Qingshan’s body.

bang! ! !

Li Qingshan’s Primordial Spirit was instantly shocked. He seemed to fall into the 18th Layer Hell, and he seemed to soar in the daytime, crossing the two worlds of immortals and mortals.

In the end, Li Qingshan came to a Grand Dao Ocean.

“This is Grand Dao Source Place!” Li Qingshan looked in shock.

Grand Dao Source Place is the place where Grand Dao is stored in the world.

For example, the world’s understanding of the Grand Dao breakthrough is like taking a bath. If an ordinary immortal wants to take a complete bath, he needs to continuously realize it.

There may be a drop of water every time you realize the Dao, or there may be no grains.

So it needs to accumulate slowly, store it drop by drop, and eventually it will be full of water for bathing. At this time, he can break through.

And Li Qingshan now comes to Grand Dao Source Place, where he realizes Grand Dao, and is equivalent to jumping directly into the river to take a bath.

He doesn’t need to accumulate.

He can wash as much as he wants.

“Enlightenment Tea Tree is indeed Heaven Defying Level divine medicine. Emperor wants to get it, not without reason.” Li Qingshan said with emotion.

He started cultivation.

This time, no one can stop him from breaking through the Immortal King Realm.

In the Grand Dao Source Place, Li Qingshan let go of everything and madly absorbed all the Grand Dao around him.

He is li

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