Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 123


Chapter 123 Great Time Clock (Subscribe)

“What did you just say?” Li Qingshan doubted his ears Something went wrong, heard the wrong thing.

“I’ll take you to kill the Emperor!” repeated giant sword.

Li Qingshan took a deep breath, stormy sea inside, he whispered: “Do you know what you are talking about?”

He broke through Immortal King Realm, three thousand Grand Dao is not Perfection yet, he is going to kill Emperor, isn’t this a daydream?

“You know, you’re scared?” Giant Sword asked.

“I’m not afraid, I just think it’s unrealistic.” Li Qingshan said truthfully.

“I haven’t tried it, so how do you know it’s not realistic?” Giant Sword asked.

The giant sword swept away the previous high cold at this moment, and started to talk with Li Qingshan.

“What’s your origin?” Li Qingshan was very curious about the origin of the giant sword at this moment. With such a big tone, he would kill the Emperor with his mouth open.

“I am Qingqing’s sword, she gave me to you, that is your sword.” Giant Sword replied.

It still refused to tell Li Qingshan his origin.

“Why kill the Emperor?”

“Can we kill him?”

“Where is the Emperor?”

Li Qingshan asked three questions in a row.

“Emperor is in this forbidden area. You can kill him as long as you want. As for why you killed him, you should take revenge for Qingqing.” Giant Sword said to Li Qingshan.

“Avenge Qingqing?” Li Qingshan brows tightly frowns, how is Qingqing involved here?

“There are some things that you will naturally know after your cultivation base profound. No matter how much you ask now, you can’t do anything. This time is the right time for you to come to this forbidden place. Thinking about it, there is a sleeping Emperor here, as long as you operate it properly, you can kill him.” Giant Sword said to Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan was silent.

After thinking for a while, he said to giant sword: “What should we do to kill the Emperor?”

“In this forbidden area, there are several Emperors, They are all sleeping, one of them, Qingqing’s fall is directly related to him, this time our target is him.” Giant Sword said.

“No problem, where is he?” Li Qingshan asked.

“Just ahead, there is a black mountain, I sensed his breath, I can’t be wrong, he was the one who gave Qingqing a sword.” Giant Sword said softly.

“What is the origin of Qingqing?” Li Qingshan asked in confusion.

“I’ll tell you Qingqing’s story when I kill this Emperor.” giant sword promised Li Qingshan.

“Okay.” Li Qingshan agreed.

“Although I have already broken through the Immortal King Realm, I am far from the Emperor. What should I do to kill the Emperor?” Li Qingshan asked in confusion.

“You need to borrow strength.” Giant Sword said to Li Qingshan.

“Lending strength?”

“Whose strength should I borrow?”

Li Qingshan asked in confusion.

“Go and borrow Qingqing grandfather’s power.” Giant Sword said softly.

“Qingqing grandfather, is he also buried here?” Li Qingshan asked incredulously.

Isn’t this a forbidden place?

How did it become the burial place of Qingqing ancestors?

The giant sword was silent.

Li Qingshan didn’t urge it either, waiting quietly for an answer.

After a while, Giant Sword said, “This forbidden place is just a name given to him by the world. In the beginning, it was just a cemetery.”

Li Qingshan took a deep breath, but did not speak, she continued to listen to the giant sword speak.

“I didn’t want to tell you this, your cultivation base is too weak, but since it’s here, let’s talk about it.” Giant Sword sighed lightly.

“I am all ears.” Li Qingshan said in a tranquil voice.

“This world is actually different from what you think. This forbidden place in the eyes of the world is just the cemetery of a certain family.” Giant Sword said.

“Is it the Qingqing family’s cemetery?” Li Qingshan asked.

“Yes,” replied giant sword.

“Wait, since this is the cemetery of the Qingqing family, all the people buried here are Qingqing’s grandfather…” Li Qingshan said in surprise, and finally stopped without saying the terrifying fact.

“You guessed it right, Qingqing was beheaded by someone from her own family. It was her uncle. After killing Qingqing, he was also seriously injured, so he buried himself here to recover.” Giant Sword said in a complicated tone.

“Why?” Li Qingshan asked in confusion.

“Does the other clansman in the family care?” Li Qingshan frowned.

“There are only a few people left in Qingqing’s family, and no one dares to control it.” Giant Sword sighed, if a family elder stood up back then, Qingqing would never die.

“What kind of family is this, so cruel?” Li Qingshan said angrily.

“Qingqing’s family is a hidden Aristocratic family, and many powerhouses have been born. Some call them the anti-Tian Yi family, and some call them the family that steals the secret.”

” If their family wants to come out to dominate the Immortal World, then it should be nothing difficult to overthrow the Immortal Court by virtue of its heritage.”

“But Qingqing’s family did not do this, but chose to live in seclusion.”


“But everything came to an abrupt end 20,000 years ago.”

“At that time Qingqing was born, she was elegant and graceful, her bloodline was powerful, she was like a Human World elf, very perfect. “

“But then something happened, Qingqing’s parents left, she was raised by the old servants in the family, showing a very high innate talent, and her parents also spent several generations in the family. , and the giant sword forged together was given to Qingqing for her self-protection.”

“Qingqing has been very wise since she was a child. She knows how to think independently. Later, with her parents gone, she never returned. , Qingqing gradually grew up, she knew more things, her thinking changed, and she collided with her uncle, who is also the genius of the previous generation of this Defying Heaven Family.”

“The result of this collision is , ended in the failure of Qingqing.”

The giant sword tells a story and tells it in a eloquent way.

Li Qingshan listened attentively. He didn’t expect Qingqing’s origins to be so huge.

The girl with the giant sword in Dimensional Battlefield came from the hidden Aristocratic Family, and was killed by her uncle.

“The collision and friction of thoughts will kill your own niece?” Li Qingshan asked in shock.

“The most terrifying thing is the friction of thought. After Qingqing was killed, a remnant of the soul somehow came to the lower realm. In the end, I went to follow her, but in that battle, I The damage was also very serious, and there was no recovery, so Qingqing could not be helped, so in the end, the remnant of the soul disappeared in Human World.” Giant Sword sighed, very annoyed.

“didn’t expect such a thing,” Li Qingshan said with emotion.

“I had already forgotten about this matter, but I didn’t expect you to find this cemetery. With the fall of Qingqing, her uncle fell asleep, the only two remaining members of this Defying Heaven Family, one Killed another injured, and this cemetery has become a forbidden place to be left unattended.” Giant Sword said softly.

“Didn’t you say before that there are several Emperors sleeping here?” Li Qingshan asked.

“What’s the use of sleeping for hundreds of thousands of years, but not waking up?” Giant Sword said in a low voice: “Among the sleeping Emperor, there is Qingqing’s grandfather, if you ask him to borrow power, he should be able to strike Kill the sleeping Emperor.”

“I have no relationship with anyone, so why would anyone lend me their power?” Li Qingshan asked suspiciously.

“It does matter. At the last moment of Human World, Qingqing kissed you and left her breath on you. With this, you can borrow power.” Giant Sword answered seriously.

“It’s been so many years since that kiss, is there still breath?” Li Qingshan asked, reaching out to touch his lips.

“Qingqing’s kiss will penetrate deep into your soul, and in the depth of one’s soul, it will never be forgotten, and Qingqing’s grandfather will definitely notice it, so if you borrow strength, most likely you will succeed. “giant sword solves Li Qingshan’s confusion.

“You can still do this…” Li Qingshan exclaimed.

“I explained enough details, what else do you want to ask?” Giant Sword asked Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan was silent for a moment, then said: “No, you just need to tell me how to borrow the power, as long as I borrow the power of the Emperor, I will definitely take revenge for Qingqing.”

“Qingqing’s grandfather is not far away. He has been sleeping for 200,000 years and has long since become a living dead. It is a waste to use the Emperor’s power. Therefore, you go there and believe that with your innate talent, you should It can be recognized.” Giant Sword said in detail.

At first Qingqing when he gave the giant sword to Li Qingshan, it was very unhappy.

It thinks that Li Qingshan has no future, and the cultivation base is not even immortal. Although he is invincible in Human World, Human World is just a small pond.

So at the beginning, giant sword obeyed Qingqing’s order and entered Li Qingshan dantian, but it didn’t take the initiative to communicate with Li Qingshan, it seemed very cold.

Li Qingshan did not force it either.

He focused on his own business, all the way to cultivation, all the way to ride the wind, from Human World to Immortal World, skyrocketing.

Like a pair of wings, constantly soaring through the Nine Heavens.

The giant sword has been silently observing Li Qingshan, and his perception of Li Qingshan has been constantly refreshed. It was amazed by Li Qingshan.

So the attitude towards Li Qingshan gradually improved until finally, during the Emperor Pass battle, it activated the only power and helped Li Qingshan to kill the Immortal King.

“By the way, you are seriously injured, how can you recover?” Li Qingshan asked with concern.

“Replenished with Emperor Source, slowly fixed.” Giant Sword said.

Li Qingshan secretly clicked his tongue. It is indeed a peerless sword forged by the Defying Heaven Family. The recovery from injury actually requires the Emperor Source.

“After borrowing the power, you will have the power of Emperor for a short time. In this forbidden area, it is very easy to find Hua Xiangrong.” Giant sword added.

It knows that Li Qingshan’s purpose here is to find Hua Xiangrong.

“Let’s go and pay homage to Qingqing’s grandfather.” Li Qingshan got up and moved towards the distance.

Under the guidance of the giant sword, Li Xinsheng avoided the dangerous Great Emperor texture along the way, and came to a lake without any danger.

The moon is shining and the lake is clear and beautiful.

Under the moonlight, the lake surface is densely rising, the mist is thick, like a dream, the reflection of the distant mountains, the hazy moonlight, and the evening breeze, together, blowing on an unnamed tomb.

This tomb is very ordinary, it is still a wordless monument, and from a distance, it looks like a nameless dwarf tomb.

“The people of this Ditian family are all wordless monuments?” Li Qingshan jokingly remembered the Supreme he had met before when he saw the wordless monument.

“The tomb you encountered before is Qingqing’s mother.” Giant Sword said softly.

Li Qingshan raised her eyebrows in surprise: “She is Qingqing’s mother…”

“She is Supreme, combined with Qingqing father, I don’t know much about her, only Knowing that she is very powerful, after giving birth to Qingqing, she was soon disappeared, didn’t expect to be buried here in the end.” Giant Sword sighed.

Qingqing’s mother is Supreme.

She died on the other side of the embankment. It was the top expert in Barbarian Race who brought her back and buried her here, so giant sword doesn’t know.

Now, Li Qingshan came here and met Qingqing’s grandfather.

β€œHow to comprehend?” Li Qingshan asked.

“It’s up to you, communicate with Qingqing’s grandfather, and tell the truth, it shouldn’t be a problem. If he knew that Qingqing was killed and the family had such an unfilial son, he would definitely agree to you.” giant sword replied.

It has little power left and can’t help Li Qingshan.

“Communication with the people in the tomb is my specialty.” Li Qingshan looked at the wordless stele, smiled confidently, took out tools, and began to wipe it down seriously.

Seeing this scene, the giant sword muttered inwardly: “Wipe the stone tablet, is this trying to please the people in the tomb?”

It didn’t know that Li Qingshan had max-level comprehension, It is believed that Li Qingshan is merely ingratiating himself to the tomb.

Li Qingshan wiped it off seriously. He didn’t expect to come to the forbidden area that everyone fears at Divine Realm, and he actually got involved with Qingqing.

Originally came to rescue Hua Xiangrong, didn’t expect, came to the Qingqing family’s ancestral cemetery, and unexpectedly saw the past Qingqing mother, giant sword also began to communicate with him, and now he wants to Lend the Emperor’s power.

Li Qingshan didn’t expect that the Qingqing he met in Human World had such a great origin. Sure enough, in Dimensional Battlefield, after Qingqing’s death, his body would not rot for five thousand years. Li Qingshan felt at that time. She is not like everyone else.

β€œThere are many potential people in Human World, such as Qingqing, Heavenly Emperor, Xia Wuji, and Chu Xiangyu. They are all powerful and will definitely shine in Immortal World.”


“The most hateful thing is that family that has delayed the Human World for 20,000 years. For 20,000 years, no one has ascended. Qingqing’s remnant soul disappeared because of them.” Li Qingshan’s face turned slightly cold.

This family, when this time returns to the Immortal Court Academy, he must find out that with his Immortal King Realm’s strength, he can avenge the geniuses of the Human World for the past 20,000 years.

Li Qingshan took a deep breath, discarded the distracting thoughts in his mind, and began to wipe it off seriously.

Every time he wipes, he is very serious, devoted, and will not be half-hearted.

This is the minimum respect for the dead and the sleeper, so every time Li Qingshan can easily activate the max-level comprehension and realize something.

The wipe at this time is still the same.

[You wipe carefully, stimulate max-level comprehension, and comprehend World in Monument! ]

It’s another World in Monument

For Li Qingshan, it doesn’t matter. Anyway, after activating World in Monument, he can open his eyes, although what he wants is The Emperor’s Immortal King Grand Dao, the way of the Great Emperor, but he is not greedy.

It’s good to have a harvest, what bike do you want.

Li Qingshan meditated cross-legged and closed his eyes, ready to take a serious look at World in Monument.

Giant sword saw Li Qingshan like this, and said in surprise, “Have you communicated with Qingqing’s grandfather?”

Li Qingshan replied: “That’s not true, but it’s coming soon.”

After he finished speaking, he ignored the giant sword.

The giant sword sighed inwardly: “I thought Qingqing just wanted to experience the relationship between a man and a woman at the last moment, didn’t expect, she has such a good eye, and the person she chooses is so terrifying, how long has it been? Ah, enter Immortal World, advance by leaps and bounds all the way, push everything horizontally, basically without stagnation, that is breakthrough, breakthrough, breakthrough.”

“How do I feel, he is better than Defying Heaven Family people, but also against the sky?” Giant Sword was filled with emotion.

Li Qingshan doesn’t know its emotion, and he won’t care if he knows it. Wholeheartedly comprehends World in Monument.


Primordial Spirit Leaving the Body , the soul is transformed, the world is turned upside down, like a dream, he came to a region.

Li Qingshan looked around and was surprised to find that he could overlook Immortal World.

Only then did he realize that he was above the moon.

In the distance, there are magnificent temples, blooming flowers, and green grasses. The world doesn’t know that there is a Defying Heaven Family on the moon. This family has transformed the moon very well.

Li Qingshan saw an old man.

The old man does not live in the magnificent palace, instead, he is far away from the family, living in a cottage by himself, sometimes staring at the sky, sometimes staring at the Human World, his expression is lonely.

“The Defying Heaven Family, although the bloodline is powerful, has also been cursed. Generations of generations have tried to break the shackles, but they have all failed.” The old man sighed.

Li Qingshan watched calmly, knowing that this was Qingqing’s grandfather.

There are thousands of years between Li Qingshan and him. Watching this old man like this, Li Qingshan is unscrupulous and does not need to worry about being discovered.

“Future boy, I sensed a bloodline aura in you, are you my descendant?” Suddenly, the old man glanced at Li Qingshan and asked.

Li Qingshan was surprised. Has he been found?

He also entered World in Monument before, and saw the Barbarian Race expert, but he was not found.

Maybe it’s because the old man is too powerful.

Li Qingshan was only surprised when it was discovered, and cup one fist in the other hand said: “The kid is not your descendant.”

“Not my descendant, why? In your soul, is there the breath of our Defying Heaven Family?” the old man curiously asked.

Li Qingshan is silent, what does this make him say?

Your granddaughter kissed me, branded me in the depth of one’s soul?

Li Qingshan finally said it truthfully.

This is my grandfather and will be a lot more forgiving.

Unlike the old father, when she heard her daughter kissed someone else, she was in a complicated mood.

The old man said with a smile after listening to Li Qingshan’s remarks: “So, you are my grandson-in-law?”

Li Qingshan was silent for a while and said: “You The granddaughter is dead.”

The old man looked serious, stared straight at Li Qingshan, and said solemnly: “My granddaughter’s bloodline has improved, she is the biggest killing move for the Defying Heaven Family to liberate its fate, how could she be? Die?”

Li Qingshan also knows that Qingqing’s bloodline is very powerful.

The man of Defying Heaven Family, combined with the woman Supreme, gave birth to the child, how can he not be strong?

The problem is that, after all calculations, didn’t expect Defying Heaven Family to have an internal problem.

Li Qingshan sat beside the old man and said softly, “The one who killed your granddaughter was her uncle!”

The old man’s body shook, he couldn’t believe it, looked at Li Qingshan, What did I want to ask, but when I saw Li Qingshan’s calm expression, the old man looked sad, sluggish for a long time, and said tremblingly: “In the end, it’s still our family, ruining the hope of Defying Heaven Family…”

” That evil creature must have been influenced by mound. He has been smart since he was a child. Like Qingqing father, he is the two most powerful young people in the family. Unfortunately, one is upright and the other likes to study those strange thoughts. Mistake.” The old man said sadly.

He watched Uncle Qingqing grow up with his own eyes.

The birth of Qingqing was also brought together by him. Combining the two major bloodlines, he wanted to completely end the bloodline problem of Defying Heaven Family.

But the two killed each other and ruined everything.

The old man suddenly stared at Li Qingshan, and said murderous-looking: “Then why did you come here to meet me over time?”

“By your strength, Avenge Qingqing!” Li Qingshan said with a firm expression and full of strength.

“Tell me, what happened in the future?” the old man asked seriously.

“You have been sleeping in the tomb for 200,000 years without waking up. The power of the Emperor is still there.”

“Uncle Qingqing is also sleeping after killing Qingqing.”

“This is a great opportunity, so I need the power of the Emperor.”

Li Qingshan said truthfully.

The old man was silent for a moment, then murmured: “After sleeping for 200,000 years, it is impossible to wake up completely, boy, after you go back, dig up my tomb, there should be mine in it. The soldier of Grand Dao, hold the soldier of Grand Dao, you can get all my power.”

The old man said, slapped Li Qingshan’s back with a slap, and with a bang, a soul brand hit into Li Qingshan’s body.

“I left a Spiritual Imprint in your body, which will activate the power of the afterlife, that’s all I can do, kill that evil creature, avenge Qingqing, Defying Heaven Family’s Humans are basically dead, and the bloodline power that haunts us must end completely.” The old man sighed, with a hint of regret and a hint of relief.

Li Qingshan didn’t know what to say, so he could only bow to the old man to express his gratitude.

“It’s a pity, if Qingqing was still there, I could still see her with this ray of spirit.” The old man’s eyes were lightly red, his mood was complicated, and he finally burst into tears.

This is for Qingqing’s tears.

This is tears for the family.

This is tears for fate.

The Defying Heaven Family has been working hard to change their own destiny. The excellent innate talent that the world envy has become their curse. Every generation of Defying Heaven Family has worked hard and paid their lives for it.

Uncle Qingqing’s father, brother to the old man, died in battle early and did not discipline his son well, so that he was invaded by the thoughts opposite mound and betrayed the Defying Heaven Family.

Li Qingshan looked at the old man, not knowing what to say.

In the end, he comforted: “Qingqing is so powerful, bloodline is so powerful, maybe she can change her life against the sky, I don’t believe she has fallen, maybe one day in the future, Qingqing will appear.”


The old man felt better when he heard Li Qingshan’s comfort, and said, “You’re right, Qingqing’s bloodline should be called the last, she It shouldn’t be so easy to fall.”

Li Qingshan is not so optimistic.

He said this purely to comfort the old man.

Qingqing didn’t die once. Her remnant soul entered the Human World and died in Dimensional Battlefield by accident.

This means that Qingqing has fallen twice.

Is she still alive?

Li Qingshan gave up hope, but seeing the old man believe that his mood improved, Li Qingshan was also happy.

“Grandfather, it’s time for me to go too.” Li Qingshan’s Primordial Spirit faded a bit, and he knew the time was up.

This World in Monument is coming to an end.

“Okay, in the future, take care of Qingqing for me, but you brat kissed Qingqing, you should be responsible.” The old man instructed Li Qingshan.

“Did Qingqing kiss me?” Li Qingshan remembered the kiss in Human World, Dimensional Battlefield a long time ago.

Li Qingshan, who has lived in two lives, has only one kissing experience, and he remembers it deeply.

“Okay.” Li Qingshan agreed to comfort the old man.

“Then you call me grandfather.” The old man said to Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan said: “Let’s go, grandfather!”

When the voice fell, Li Qingshan’s body gradually faded and disappeared, leaving only the old man staring silently.

The world is a big dream, and my life has been cold in autumn several times.

Li Qingshan opened his eyes again, looked towards the wordless tomb in front of him, and stood up.

He directly pulled out the tombstone and started digging the grave.

“What are you doing?” Giant Sword said in shock.

“You will anger Qingqing’s grandfather like this, you don’t want to avenge Qingqing?” cried giant sword, with anger, surprised by Li Qingshan’s behavior.

“I communicated with Qingqing grandfather, and he promised to lend me strength.” Li Qingshan replied.

“Really?” Giant Sword said joyfully in surprise, and then urged Li Qingshan: “Then you dig and get the strength early, I know that Qingqing didn’t misread you, and she chose her in the end. The person who took revenge for her.”

Li Qingshan couldn’t help shaking his head as he watched the giant sword change his face. The previous giant sword was very cold and ignored him, just like Goddess.

But now it seems, it’s just pretend, once familiar, Goddess becomes Goddess Sutra.

Li Qingshan dug quickly, and soon the tomb was dug up.

There is no body in the tomb.

Buried is a huge clock.

This is the soldier of the Grand Dao.

It is similar to the Big Ben that Li Qingshan used to evolve with Time Grand Dao before.

The giant sword saw this Grand Dao soldier and said happily: “This is Qingqing grandfather’s Grand Dao’s Great Time Clock, forged with Time Grand Dao, very powerful and terrifying.”

Li Qingshan understood at this moment why Qingqing grandfather could detect his Primordial Spirit.

It turns out that Qingqing’s grandfather’s cultivation was Time Grand Dao.

Also forged such a terrifying Grand Dao Weapon.

Li Qingshan took out the Great Time Clock, input Immortal Qi, and immediately aroused the resistance of the Great Time Clock, with a bang, the power of the Great Time Clock, the mighty oppression come down.

The Emperor’s aura swept through the mountains, shaking the sky, stirring up the wind and clouds, and was very terrifying.


Great Time Clock suspends itself, time and space rotates, space ripples, time entangles, Great Time Clock slowly recovers.

“The Great Time Clock has recovered, hurry up to control it, or a time force will come, and we can’t resist it.” Giant Sword said anxiously.

Li Qingshan was not in a hurry, he stepped forward, stared at the mighty Emperor aura of the Great Time Clock, and a dazzling rays of light revived in his body, rushing directly into the Great Time Clock.

bang! ! !

The Great Time Clock oscillates, producing ripples and waves, and time is like a galloping river.

“You are the Immortal King Realm, you can’t control the Emperor Weapon, I’ll control it, you take me to find that family traitor!” Qingqing grandfather’s voice sounded in Li Qingshan’s ear.

Li Qingshan> nodded solemnly, and said: “That person is not far away.”

“Hurry up, I won’t last long with this spirit strength.” Grandfather Qing road.

Li Qingshan immediately asked the giant sword: “Where does Uncle Qingqing sleep?”

“It’s in the Montenegro, I’ll take you there.” Giant Sword said in surprise, it thought Li Qingshan took control of the Great Time Clock, borrowed the power of the Emperor, and could finally avenge Qingqing.

β€œLead the way!” Li Qingshan said solemnly.

The giant sword immediately pointed the way, because there was the Great Time Clock, Li Qingshan was not afraid of the emperor pattern here, so he went directly to the Tearing Space and brought the Great Time Clock to Montenegro.

bang! !

The breath of the Emperor, in this brief moment, emanates mightily, not confined to one place, nor distributed by the soldiers of Grand Dao alone.

At this moment, it was the Emperor Primordial Spirit, who controlled the soldiers of the Grand Dao and broke out completely.

The real time Emperor, came to Montenegro.

The Great Time Clock is ups and downs in the void, a ray of Ji Dao emperor’s power is scattered, a hazy piece of light, holy and noble, the pressure is like the universe sinking.

At this moment, everyone in the radius of a million li was terrified.

The Emperor Artifact is invincible and invincible.

Beyond the forbidden area, the soldiers of Divine Court, all the complexion greatly changed, quickly retreated, watching the Great Time Clock rising in the forbidden area in horror.

“Emperor’s breath is revived!”

“This is the Emperor’s shot, what happened in the forbidden area, causing the Emperor?”

“Will it be Is that the female thief who alerted the special existence in the forbidden area?”

“Stay away from here, this is not what we should deal with, the Emperor is angry, and a ray of power is pressed down, enough to crush the void and kill Immortal King.”

“If the female thief is killed, our treasure will not be found.”

The people of Divine Race are afraid, keep retreating, retreat hundreds of thousands li, I can’t see the forbidden area, but I can still sense the mighty breath of this terrifying Emperor.

Immortal King expert, who used the illusion technique, zoomed in the picture, and saw the picture in Abyss Forbidden Land through hundreds of thousands of li.

They saw that the Great Time Clock was fully activated, not only a wisp of imperial power escaping, but a bunch of falling down, if the Immortal King expert was hit, it would be pierced immediately.

This is a majestic coercion, like the billions of stars in the universe coming together into a beam of destruction, there is no stronghold one cannot overcome, going straight through Above the Heavens and Under the Earth.

This kind of fluctuation caused the clouds in the ten directions to collapse in an instant, distorting the void in an all-round way.

A hazy light fell, and Li Qingshan felt very uncomfortable. He was suffocating, and his whole body was about to split. Is this the Emperor’s full shot?

The next second, Power of Time flowed on Li Qingshan, making him return to normal.

At this time, Li Qingshan saw that in the dark forbidden area, there was a woman’s painful cry.

“Hua Xiangrong!” Li Qingshan looked at him instantly, saw through the space, and found that Hua Xiangrong was hiding in the depths of the ground, holding a blue bead in his hand, trying his best to resist the Emperor’s power, but still It was hard, the pain was unbearable, and the whining.

If it wasn’t for the cyan beads, she would have been crushed to death by now.

“Old Ancestor, save that woman.” Li Qingshan immediately shouted, Hua Xiangrong can’t die, he came here, isn’t it for her.

A Space-Time Power swam over, wrapped Hua Xiangrong, and came directly to Li Qingshan.

Hua Xiangrong turned pale in fright, she was born beautiful, but at the moment her face was full of horror, she looked at Li Qingshan in horror.

“Don’t move, I’m here to save you. When this matter is over, I’ll take you out.” Li Qingshan said in a low voice, taking Hua Xiangrong and watching the situation change seriously.

Hua Xiangrong was imprisoned by Power of Time and could not escape, so he could only watch in shock.


The void trembled, pure and holy radiance pressed down, directly shattering Montenegro, revealing a bronze coffin.

Under the mighty power of the Emperor, ripples appeared on the bronze coffin, and the Emperor pattern on it was constantly fluctuating, rippling upwards, against the mighty Heavenly Might.

bang! !

The Great Time Clock collided with the imposing manner of the bronze coffin, which was very terrifying and directly disturbed the Divine Realm.

In this brief moment, absolute silence, everyone held their breath, until the dive light disappeared in the sky, people boiled.

At this moment, two Grand Dao soldiers collided, like two Emperors, very terrifying, even Divine King, Ancestral Saint King, all woke up, staring at Abyss Forbidden Land, gaze as if a torch .

“Emperor war, this is the Emperor war.”

“There are other Emperors in Divine Realm?”

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