Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 126


Chapter 126 Waiting for a rain (please subscribe)

Knowing who is the family that limited the Human World for 20,000 years, Li Qingshan is in his heart There is also a bottom.

The other party is a descendant of Imperial Clan. This matter is not urgent. It will take a few years to know the depth.

A few years in life mean nothing to Immortal World.

For Li Qingshan, the past few years have been a time for his transformation.

“Just use these few years to consume the Enlightenment Tea Tree and make big strides forward.” Li Qingshan lay on the chair with a golden leaf in his mouth, his soul jumped, and he entered again Grand Dao Source Place.

He roams in the Grand Dao Source Place, the world on Sundays, three thousand Grand Dao, he realizes one after another, and lives a simple life every day.

In order to continue to become stronger, Li Qingshan has come out once every ten days before, and now comes out once a month.

Immortal World In one month, Li Qingshan spent 15,000 years.

This time was very terrifying for him. When Li Qingshan tried it for the first time, when he came out, he saw Hua Xiangrong for the first time. Just this one glance shocked Hua Xiangrong.

“Brother-in-law, the look in your eyes just now was too indifferent, aloof and remote, like a Sovereign overlooking the Human World and not caring about anything.” Hua Xiangrong exclaimed.

Li Qingshan forced a smile to stop the indifference in his heart.

With the experience of this time, after 15,000 years of retreat for the second time, Li Qingshan finally made some adjustments, but it also shocked Daoist Long.

“You don’t use any ancient forbidden technique, Supreme Indifference, to improve your strength, cultivation, right?” Daoist Long asked worriedly.

Li Qingshan shook his head and said, “I’ve just been in retreat for too long, and I’ve been comprehending Grand Dao. My mentality has undergone a subtle change, and I need to adjust it.”

“Brother, there’s no need. It is unrealistic to be so obsessed with defeating the descendants of Imperial Clan within ten years. You are already very terrifying. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself, relax a little, and you can do it in a hundred years.” Daoist Long persuaded.

Li Qingshan smiled lightly and did not answer, he felt that he was about to control the 15,000-year retreat.

Come again!

He can definitely overcome Grand Dao’s backlash without being affected.

Li Qingshan has done this all year.

In the first few months, he was indeed deeply affected. Although he has been overcoming himself, he unconsciously entered a realm of Supreme Indifference.

No wonder Supreme Indifference is a prohibited cultivation technique in Immortal World, and each Great Family does not allow Disciple cultivation.

Indifferent, disregarding everything, losing one’s self, this cultivation art is more terrifying than Demon Sect.

However, as Li Qingshan gradually tried and adjusted himself, after a few months, he began to suppress this Grand Dao backlash.

He comes out every month, although the aura and aura on his body will be indifferent, vast, and distant, like a vast starry sky, like a rushing river, like a chaotic distance, these superimposed, creating a kind of far away from the world, The temperament that does not belong to the world.

But his heart is still rooted in the Human World, and his homeland will not drift away.

But Hua Xiangrong and Daoist Long were very worried. They were afraid of Li Qingshan cultivator, and suddenly indifferent to everything, thinking that the Human World was boring.

Hua Xiangrong is thinking about his elder sister, and doesn’t want to find the elder sister when the time comes. My brother-in-law’s mentality has changed greatly and he has forgotten about the world.

Daoist Long is worried about Immortal Court, but he regards Li Qingshan as Immortal Court’s savior and Immortal Court’s hope. If Li Qingshan is really Supreme Indifference, then he can’t even cry, Immortal Court Totally lost hope.

So the two of them agreed, every time Li Qingshan came out, they would pull Li Qingshan, drink tea, chat, ask for warmth, and care about Li Qingshan’s mental state.

Li Qingshan sometimes watched two people desperately pulling him to talk, thinking of some jokes and telling them to him. He felt funny in his heart, but when he tasted it carefully, there was a touch of warmth.

Hua Xiangrong told Li Qingshan what had happened recently, observed Li Qingshan from all sides, and made sure that Li Qingshan would not forget the world, and he was relieved.

Li Qingshan saw the efforts of the two, and he explained it, but they didn’t believe it. Li Qingshan came out of the extended period with that Supreme Indifference posture, how to go about it? make them believe?

Li Qingshan didn’t explain it after seeing this. Anyway, it was good to chat with them for a month.

Li Qingshan is not bothered to chat once in 15,000 years. He listens to Hua Xiangrong chirp chirp twitter twitter. He communicates with Daoist Long about what happened recently in Immortal World.

So, the first year has passed like this.

Li Qingshan has spent more than 100,000 years in an extended period of time.

This is the first time since his cultivation that the concept of time is so insignificant.

It is also fortunate that it has been extended for a long time. If it is changed to Immortal World, hundreds of thousands of years have passed, and all this is estimated to no longer exist.

“No wonder those top powerhouses have the feeling of Supreme Indifference.” A year later, Li Qingshan looked back on the past and said with emotion.

Without such a profound Time Grand Dao as Li Qingshan, and without the Great Time Clock, they cannot extend the time, even if they can, it is only one year.

For Immortal King Realm and above, it took a year longer, which is better than nothing.

So when they closed their eyes for a long time, they opened their eyes and saw the Human World and the homeland they were looking for, so unfamiliar.

Once relatives and friends, once hometown voice, all buried in the years.

At this time, there will be a kind of feeling in their hearts, Heaven and Earth are big and there are many living beings, but none of them are people I care about.

When I have nothing to worry about, climbing to the cultivation Peak has become my only wish in my life.

Then closed again.

One or two times three times, this way, no matter how powerful people are, their mentality will change, until the last Supreme Indifference.

When the cultivation progress reaches Peak, they sit in the Grand Dao Ocean, watching the Human World and Immortal World, watching the world, the white cloud, watching the blue sea turned into mulberry fields, watching the Human World dispute, It’s just a flick of a finger. Thousands of years later, the family, civilization, and fire will no longer exist, or they may exist in a different form.

Li Qingshan also had this experience during the 15,000 years of his retreat.

But his temperament is strong enough, and his perception is also a must. He will come out every 15,000 years to relieve his mood. After repeating this cycle, Li Qingshan has really controlled his mentality.

His Grand Dao comprehension, his strength, his realm, have all undergone subtle changes.

These changes are superimposed together, hidden under Li Qingshan’s ordinary skin, Hua Xiangrong can’t see through him, Daoist Long can’t see through him.

After the first year of the decade thus passed.

The second year begins.

Li Qingshan directly adjusted the original time of once a month to two months.

He has mastered the mentality of 15,000 years of retreat, and it is time to continue to challenge himself.

This time is thirty thousand years.

“After 30,000 years of seclusion, this time about the 3,000 Grand Dao, I will understand deeply.” Li Qingshan said firmly.

Two months later.

Li Qingshan opened his eyes, looked at all around indifferently, his mind was a little stiff, he walked slowly and shook a few times before he got rid of a mysterious and mysterious feeling.

“30,000 years, too terrifying.” Li Qingshan sighed, very scared.

After pushing open the courtyard door, I walked outside and met Daoist Long and Hua Xiangrong.

“Brother-in-law, why did you retreat for so long this time?” Hua Xiangrong asked worriedly.

“Two months, 10,000 years, right?” Daoist Long asked with a frown.

Li Qingshan said softly: “It’s thirty thousand years!”

Hua Xiangrong and Daoist Long were shocked.

“Brother-in-law, what do you want to do after 30,000 years of seclusion at a time?” Hua Xiangrong immediately came over to support Li Qingshan and complained.

“I know that you are eager to improve your strength, but 30,000 years is really outrageous. Even if it is the Great Emperor powerhouse, they will only retreat for ten-twenty thousand years at a time, and they will only fall into a deep sleep. , you’ve only slept for 50,000 years, how are you feeling?” Daoist Long complained about Li Qingshan and cared about Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan gently nodded. “

“After 30,000 years of retreat, how far has your cultivation base been raised?” Daoist Long curiously asked.

Hua Xiangrong also looked up at Li Qingshan, very curious.

“It’s still the first step of Immortal King, Ancient Immortal realm.” Li Qingshan replied.

“Has the 30,000-year retreat not improved a little?” Hua Xiangrong curiously asked.

“Immortal King Realm doesn’t have such a good breakthrough.” Li Qingshan smiled without explaining.

“Are you going to continue trying to retreat for 30,000 years?” Daoist Long asked with concern.

“Yes, if I do it a few more times, I feel like I’m in control of the time. This is also a kind of tempering for my mentality. It’s not easy to be honored or disgraced.” Li Qingshan .

“You are so cruel to yourself, you are not afraid to be like those people who cultivate base profound, Supreme Indifference, ignore the Human World, don’t care about everything, and pursue other things instead?” Daoist Long asked worriedly.

โ€œWhere are these people you mentioned now?โ€ Li Qingshan asked.

โ€œHow do I know this, I have never had Supreme Indifference.โ€ Daoist Long said: โ€œBut a long time ago, I had a friend of the same age, who was very talented in innate and was once considered Immortal Courtโ€™s Hope. But then his family was slaughtered by the whole family. He was still in retreat. After he came out, the corpses of his relatives had been turned into bones, which made him very sad at the time. After destroying the enemy, his mentality became more and more strange Get up, until the end, he became the Supreme Indifference kind of person.”

“Where has this friend of yours gone?” Hua Xiangrong curiously asked.

“I don’t know. After Supreme Indifference, he didn’t care about the dispute in Immortal World. I heard that he joined an organization, and that organization was very mysterious. I didn’t find any information about him. Haven’t seen him now.” Daoist Long shook his head.

“Who created the Supreme Indifference this cultivation technique?” Li Qingshan asked.

“I vaguely remember that it seems to be Daoist Supreme. He, like you, chose to comprehend 3,000 Grand Dao. Finally, based on the 3,000 Grand Dao, he created Supreme Indifference. He is also known as Supreme. Dao Ancestor.” Daoist Long said, recalling what he had seen in the past.

“He also chose to comprehend the 3,000 Grand Dao?” Li Qingshan said in surprise, this was the first time in 30,000 years that he was surprised by this emotion.

After this surprise, Li Qingshan also got out of the state of indifference.

“I heard what the old man in Immortal Court said. Whether it’s true or not, I don’t know, but people say that he comprehend three thousand Grand Dao, without wind there cannot be waves, it must be There’s a bit of realism,” explains Daoist Long.

Li Qingshan nod, this is true.

“That brother-in-law’s future achievements are similar to Supreme Dao Ancestor?” Hua Xiangrong’s eyes lit up.

“Don’t think too much, break through Immortal King Realm first, and then enter the Emperor.” Li Qingshan stretched out his hand, rubbed Hua Xiangrong’s forehead, and said.

Hua Xiangrong watched Li Qingshan recover gradually, with a happy face and a happy smile.

“Li Qingshan, I still hope you don’t take the old path of being a Taoist master.” Daoist Long looked at Li Qingshan seriously.

“I know this, you look into the distance, this wonderful world, the beautiful scenery of thousands of mountains, humanistic stories, and this Human World gathered together, how can I give up and take the road of Supreme Indifference instead?” Li Qingshan said with a smile.

“That’s good. When I was in Immortal Court, I heard the old man say that the road of Supreme Indifference will not end well.”

“So don’t go. This road, your future is destined to break through the Emperor, and even above the Emperor is not without a chance, there is no need to go the road of others, and Supreme Indifference is not a good Grand Dao, this is just a trail, in the innumerable living beings Among them, not worth mentioning.” Daoist Long said solemnly.

In order to prevent Li Qingshan from entering Supreme Indifference, he earned and well-meant advised.

Li Qingshan smiled mildly. He has not yet experienced the love between men and women, he has not experienced the family atmosphere, he has not experienced the fullness of children and grandchildren, how can he give up the beauty of the Human World?

Daoist Long’s concern was accepted by Li Qingshan, but he didn’t know that Li Qingshan took more pictures of this Human World.

The cultivation and climbing Peak is just for the future, to achieve real freedom and to lay the foundation.

“You just said that there is a realm above the Immortal Emperor?” Li Qingshan asked, capturing an information point in Daoist Long’s words.

“Isn’t Emperor the Peak of Immortal World cultivation?” Hua Xiangrong looked at Daoist Long in confusion.

“I don’t know what it is, but after I entered the Immortal Court that year, I heard some old people talking about it.”

“Above the Immortal Emperor, there must be more A realm, otherwise, why are some Immortal Emperors so powerful that they terrifying, such as Qin Ling Great Emperor, he could span time hundreds of thousands of years ago, come to the present, hand over the Emperor Scripture to you, and fight against the Emperor of this era, Easily defeated them.”

“But some Emperors are very weak, such as the Longevity Great Emperor in Immortal Court, he has no outstanding record in his life, the only advantage is to live long, so he is called The Longevity Great Emperor, but in the end, he still died in the Celestial Five Wanings, and his death was extremely tragic. Between the Longevity Great Emperor and the Qin Ling Great Emperor, Heaven and Earth were separated, but the world collectively called them Emperor, which is wrong, I It is certain that the Qin Ling Great Emperor must surpass the realm of the Longevity Great Emperor, that is, the Emperor Realm.” Daoist Long said firmly.

Li Qingshan> Ling

Nominated, he also felt that the Qin Great Emperor should surpass the Emperor.

“Okay, after talking with you so much, I’ve recovered. Next, I should continue to get enlightenment.” Li Qingshan stood up, full of expression, looking at the distant mountains and seas, with a calm mood.

“So soon? How many days do you rest?” Daoist Long asked in surprise.

“Yeah, brother-in-law, let’s take two days off, not bad for the past few days.” Hua Xiangrong also persuaded.

Li Qingshan hands behind ones back, walking on the mountains, looking at the sea of clouds, looking at the waterfall, looking at the bamboo forest, looking at the distant flower beds, taking the beautiful scenery of the mountains and rivers into the entire scene.

Then he said: “I need to seize all the time, fast cultivation, not only to avenge the Human World secret mastermind, but also to find your elder sister.”

“Your elder sister doesn’t know where you are now, you are alone, you have no support in the Immortal World, and you are a woman. It is too dangerous to be outside. I will improve as soon as possible, break through as soon as possible, and fully understand the three thousand Grand Dao, then I can go. Try to find your elder sister, if I work harder now, your elder sister will be less in danger.” Li Qingshan walked into the courtyard and closed the door.

Daoist Long sighed: “Let’s go too, don’t disturb him, he has his own ideas, let him handle it himself.”

“Daoist Long, why are you right? Is my brother-in-law so good?” Hua Xiangrong asked curiously.

“Don’t you think it’s a fulfilling thing to witness a future Supreme from weak to strong?” Daoist Long smiled slightly and said.

Hua Xiangrong looked at Daoist Long in surprise: “Are you so optimistic about my brother-in-law?”

“Yes, in my life, I have read countless people, some talented and some useless. The so-called demons, but these people are not worthy of your brother-in-law to lift shoes when they are next to your brother-in-law, as long as you give your brother-in-law time, he can give you a miracle.” Daoist Long said with a complicated expression, his praise and love for Li Qingshan exhibited one’s feelings in one’s speech.

Hua Xiangrong didn’t know what to say for a while looking at Daoist Long’s confident expression.


Back in the extended time again, Li Qingshan continued to comprehend Grand Dao.

With previous experience, this time he didn’t fall into the realm of Supreme Indifference.

In the prolonged time, he struggled with himself, realized silently, endured loneliness, and continued to become stronger.

Every five hundred years, he comprehends a complete Immortal King Grand Dao. These Grand Dao are superimposed and stored in Li Qingshan’s body, waiting for the moment of eruption.

Time is like water, and eight years have passed.

In the past eight years, Li Qingshan appeared once every two months on average. He has fully adapted to the time of 30,000 years, but he has not continued to prolong this time.

Li Qingshan felt that it was enough to retreat for 30,000 years at a time. It was time to come out and take a look at the Human World and Ukiyo-e scrolls.

The eight years of this time, plus the previous year, make a total of nine years.

Li Qingshan comprehended the three thousand Grand Dao, all Immortal King Grand Dao except fate.

But his cultivation base is still Immortal King first step, Ancient Immortal realm.

Li Qingshan is not in a hurry to break through. The power accumulated in his body is like a great mound that is about to burst. It only needs a chance to pour down.

For Li Qingshan, breakthrough couldn’t be easier.

Let him open his eyes, finish the last retreat, and fully understand the 2999th Grand Dao, Li Qingshan felt a little relaxed.

“Finally, all the Immortal King Grand Dao in the 3,000 Grand Dao have been comprehended. Nine years have passed by like flowing water, and it has been almost twenty years since I came to Immortal World.” Li Qingshan whispered softly.

Twenty years, from Human Immortal Realm, all the way to breakthrough, overcoming obstacles, invincible, entering Immortal King Realm.

If this spreads out, it will definitely make Immortal World boil.

Not counting the extended period of time, Li Qingshan is still not a hundred years old.

The Immortal King, who is less than one hundred years old, must say that this is the successor of the Great Emperor.

Unfortunately, the world’s impression of Li Qingshan still remains in the battle of the Emperor Pass battlefield.

After the war, the people of Immortal Court kept trying to find Li Qingshan, but Daoist Long stopped him. Li Qingshan was very low-key and had been living in seclusion in Immortal Court Academy, out of reach of outsiders.

This also makes the world’s impression of Li Xinshan stay on the Emperor Pass battlefield and the Young Great Emperor List.

Li Qingshan, who had finished his enlightenment career, stood up, exercised his muscles and bones, and said with emotion: “Those who understand Grand Dao will eventually be Grand Dao backlash, only those with great perseverance, great perseverance, and great determination. Only then can you truly master the Grand Dao, instead of becoming the slave of the Grand Dao.โ€

Cultivation technique, comprehending the Grand Dao, if oneโ€™s own nature is erased and a new soul is born in the body, then Does it mean that the old you is dead and the new you replaces the old you?

Supreme Indifference is just that.

Erase all your old thoughts and obsessions, and let you acknowledge allegiance under Grand Dao.

It is also fortunate that Li Qingshan has Daoist Long and Hua Xiangrong by his side. They are there every month, trying their best to make him happy and make him feel the warmth of the Human World.

Don’t get lost in the middle of Grand Dao.

Li Qingshan shook off the dust, pushed open the courtyard door, and walked out.

He walked through the bamboo forest, he walked through the mountains and rivers, he walked through the sea of clouds, he took the world in the entire scene.

โ€œImmortal World is no different from Human World. Back then, after I reached Peak in Human World and the cultivation base, I was overlooking the world on Thinking Cliff, isnโ€™t it the same as now?โ€ Li Qingshan asked himself.

Human World Immortal World, the biggest difference is that matter and energy are different.

The Spiritual Qi in Human World is lower than Immortal Qi in Immortal World.

So the cultivator of Human World has to come to Immortal World.

There is no way in this world, and there is a way for the predecessors to walk a lot.

There is no ascension in this world, but as the seniors are more expert, the ascension path will appear.

Li Qingshan followed in the footsteps of his predecessors to Immortal World. He thought it was a long journey of cultivation. He didn’t expect that he set foot on the top of Immortal World in less than 20 years.

“The 20-year period between me and Hua Yun is coming.” Li Qingshan looked at the sea of clouds, the rising sun, and the white cranes spreading their wings.

Before leaving Human World that year, he made a twenty-year contract.

He thinks he can do it.

Now that twenty years are coming, Li Qingshan is capable of doing it, but Hua Yun is nowhere to be seen.

“I have to break through as soon as possible, from Immortal King first step to Fourth Step, across Ancient Immortal, Nourishing Life Lord, Imperishable Being, to Red Dust Immortal.”

“This way Only then can I use the great search technique to find the traces of Hua Yun’s existence.” Li Qingshan said silently in his heart.

“But if you want to break through, you need an opportunity. When I was in Human World, I took the rain as an opportunity. Now I come to Immortal World. Li Qingshan hands behind ones back and said softly.

I haven’t been in a good state for the past two days, so I’m reviewing myself.

Work hard tomorrow to adjust.

(End of this chapter)

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