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Before the sea of clouds, there was a young man standing with his hands behind his back, staring at the Immortal World, calm and collected.

“Brother-in-law!” a woman shouted. On the other side of the sea of clouds, stepping on the clouds, she was graceful and beautiful.

“Your cultivation progress has reached the epoch immortal.” Li Qingshan looked at Hua Xiangrong, smiled slightly, and said with a hint of surprise.

“Brother-in-law can’t work hard alone, I have to work hard too.” Hua Xiangrong smiled sweetly.

“Brother-in-law, why did you come out so quickly this time?” Hua Xiangrong asked curiously.

“The retreat is over,” Li Qingshan said.

“Very good, I no longer have to worry about my brother-in-law falling into the realm of Supreme Indifference.” Hua Xiangrong applauded, cheering excitedly.

Li Qingshan looked at her and was infected with happiness, smiled slightly, and said, “Today is a good day, ask Daoist Long to come and gather.”

“Don’t call me, I I’m here.” Daoist Long’s voice came, and the next second he came to Tearing Space and came here.

He was on time, noticed Li Qingshan’s exit, and came immediately.

“You’re not in retreat anymore?” Daoist Long looked at Li Qingshan and looked up and down.

“It’s not closed anymore.” Li Qingshan nods.

“Then why is your cultivation base still the Ancient Immortal realm?” Daoist Long asked in surprise.

“The time has not come.” Li Qingshan said softly.

“It seems that you have your own measure, sit down, I have something to tell you.” Daoist Long said to Li Qingshan.

The three of Li Qingshan sat down immediately. Under a big banyan tree by the sea of clouds, Hua Xiangrong imitated Li Qingshan’s tea-brewing posture, brewing tea quietly and listening attentively.

“Anything to tell me?” Li Qingshan looked at Daoist Long and asked expectantly.

Is it about Hua Yun?

Or about Xiao Jiu and them?

Or something else?

“It’s about the Longevity Imperial Clan.” Daoist Long said solemnly.

Li Qingshan’s face froze, he reached out to take Hua Xiangrong’s brewed tea, took a sip, and asked calmly, “What happened to them?”

“Longevity Imperial Clan’s tea Patriarch is going to abdicate and choose a new patriarch, and Old Patriarch also announced that he has broken through Red Dust Immortal, and he has become the most powerhouse under the Emperor.” Daoist Long said.

“The most powerhouse under the Emperor?” Li Qingshan smiled coldly, without saying anything.

“Three days later, Longevity Imperial Clan will hold a patriarch handover ceremony, which will entertain all parties, whether it is Monster Race or Demon Race, Divine Race, even Hell, are invited.” Daoist Long said he also received invitations.

“This is the invitation they sent me.” Daoist Long took out a gilt invitation and placed it on the table.

“Are they trying to show off their strength?” Li Qingshan said calmly.

“Yes, after the Longevity Great Emperor Celestial Five Wanings, the Longevity Imperial Clan weakened step by step, and it hasn’t caused a stir in the Immortal World for too long. This time, they told the Immortal World in this way. Great Influence, Longevity Imperial Clan after sinking and rising again.” Daoist Long resigned and said.

“Can one Red Dust Immortal hold up an Emperor family?” Hua Xiangrong asked curiously.

“Yes, there are quite a few Ancient Immortal and Nourishing Life Lord in Immortal King Realm, but there are very few who can break through Nourishing Life Lord and enter the Imperishable Being, not to mention the Red Dust Immortal behind. In the current Immortal Court, apart from the two Emperors, there will be no more than fifteen Red Dust Immortals, each of whom is a great expert who suppresses one side and cannot move easily, and Red Dust Immortal also has the potential to break through the Emperor, a Great Influence, Red Dust Immortal is the strongest cornerstone, so Longevity Imperial Clan has released a Red Dust Immortal, so it’s natural to hype it up.” Daoist Long explained.

“Then we have to wait for our revenge. The other party has Red Dust Immortal.” Hua Xiangrong said to Li Qingshan worriedly.

“I think so too, if I’m not sure, just wait.” Daoist Long nods, and he told Li Qingshan the news, hoping that Qingshan could calm down.

Li Qingshan smiled slightly when he looked at the gilt invitation: “Let’s watch him raise a tall building, watch him entertain guests, and watch his building collapse.”

“You Still want to continue?” Daoist Long was shocked.

“Don’t worry about this matter, I have my senses.” Li Qingshan suppressed Daoist Long and continued to speak, and asked, “Is there any news about my younger sister?”

Daoist Long was worried, but he didn’t dare to persuade Li Qingshan, so he could only press down and said, “I will investigate the list of new recruits in the Immortal Court every three days, but none of them match what you said, they will Wouldn’t you not have joined the Immortal Court?”

“Impossible.” Li Qingshan immediately concluded that as long as they entered the Immortal World, they had to join the Immortal Court, so that everyone could gather together.

Xiao Jiu , Small Fox , Awei , Five Ghosts are very obedient.

They definitely don’t make their own decisions.

“That’s because they didn’t soar, or I’d know for sure,” Daoist Long said.

Li Qingshan frowned: “It’s been almost 20 years, with the speed of their cultivation, their talent should be able to soar, and should not be dragged on.”

“Daoist Long , have you checked for the past three days?” Hua Xiangrong asked.

“No, the last time I checked it was three days ago,” said Daoist Long.

“Check it out, in case it’s flying up in these three days?” Hua Xiangrong said.

Li Qingshan took a sip of tea and said nothing. He also wanted Daoist Long to check.

“Okay, I’ll ask someone to bring the list of these three days.” Daoist Long nodded. He immediately communicated with people through the void.

After a while, a channel appeared in the void and a list was sent.

Daoist Long said, “This list is from a former student of mine who is now in Immortal Court handling new recruits, assigning jobs, etc. This list is absolutely fine.”

He opened the list and saw that there were only hundreds of names on it, and sighed: “In the Peak period, the number of people joining the Immortal Court every day was in the thousands, but now, after three days, it’s only in the early 100s, and it’s really getting worse. .”

“Is there a younger sister of my brother-in-law?” Hua Xiangrong asked.

“I’ll take a look.” Daoist Long checked it carefully, and was suddenly pleasantly surprised: “It really does.”

Li Qingshan was sitting on the side, watching calmly, but he didn’t actually hold him. What a great expectation, but upon hearing Daoist Long’s words, he immediately sat up straight and reached out to take this list.

Take a closer look.

As expected, Li Qingshan saw several familiar names on this list.

Xiao Jiu, Small Fox, Five Ghosts, Awei.

“You… finally here.” Li Qingshan showed a happy smile. These are the closest people to him in this world.

“Where are they, I’ll pick them up.” Li Qingshan asked immediately.

“I’ll check it out.” Daoist Long said happily, Li Qingshan’s younger sister is here, and he has fulfilled a promise.

He immediately communicated with his former students to ask about the situation.

“Brother-in-law, congratulations, you are finally reunited with younger sister.” Hua Xiangrong said with a smile.

“When you meet, you will definitely get along very well. She is a very cute little girl, just like you.” Li Qingshan said happily.

“Then I’m looking forward to it. When the Li Family younger sister arrives, stay with me and we can live together.” Hua Xiangrong said with a smile.

Li Qingshan was talking and laughing with Hua Xiangrong, Daoist Long’s smile suddenly solidified, and the browsers tightly frowns.

Li Qingshan Yu Guang noticed this scene and asked: “What’s wrong?”

Daoist Long ended the inquiry, looked towards Li Qingshan, and said: “Our sister is indeed here. , came today, but just now, they were assigned to other places.”

“It doesn’t matter where they are assigned, if you say a word, will you be transferred back?” Li Qingshan frowned.

“Yes, you are Immortal King, and the founder of Immortal Court Academy.” Hua Xiangrong nods.

Daoist Long said bitterly: “If it was another place, I would just call it back, but the place where my sister went is Longevity Imperial Clan.”



Li Qingshan’s imposing manner was shocked, and the sea of clouds behind him suddenly surging, rushing, roaring, very terrifying, showing that Li Qingshan’s heart was not calm.

“Xiao Jiu and the others were taken away by the Longevity Imperial Clan?” Li Qingshan asked with a serious face, a burning intent in his heart, and angry eyes.

“How is this related to Longevity Imperial Clan, Li Family younger sister came to Immortal World.” Hua Xiangrong couldn’t figure it out.

“This is also a coincidence. I asked carefully. After my sister came to Immortal World, she immediately registered in the city and wanted to join the Immortal Court. This is normal, but my sister asked the person who registered. , do you know a person named Li Qingshan?” Daoist Long slowly said.

Li Qing was a little upset, Xiao Jiu asked this question, something went wrong.

Li Qingshan is still very famous in Immortal World.

After all, in the Young Great Emperor List, he is ranked tenth, and it is difficult to think of a name.

“The person who registered immediately asked, what’s your relationship with Li Qingshan?”

“Our sister said that Li Qingshan is her big brother.”

“The registered person happens to be the son of Longevity Imperial Clan. He knows that the family has been looking for Li Qingshan and wants Li Qingshan to serve the family.”

“So, he deceived our sister. , said he knew where Li Qingshan was, and assigned them to the Longevity Imperial Clan family.”

“Now, my sister is in the Longevity Imperial Clan.”

Daoist Long sighed and said that it was a mess, and he regretted: “It’s my fault, I didn’t watch it every day, it made a big mistake.”

Li Qingshan took a deep breath and turned the boiling killing intent He stopped and said with an ugly face: “It’s not your fault, it’s my fault, it’s also my fault. I’m too famous. Does the Longevity Imperial Clan always want me to work for them?”

“As long as the Emperor family wants you to work, you are the most talented in the Immortal Court right now. No one can compare. Even the geniuses of the Emperor family don’t deserve to carry shoes in front of you, so they all want you. ” said Daoist Long.

“In the past few years, I have resisted countless invitations for you, and offended many families. All kinds of invitations flew like snowflakes, and there were all kinds of temptations, even if you retreated for nine years. Years, I still don’t give up, I want to get you and strengthen my family.”

“Now Longevity Imperial Clan has got my sister, I guess, I will write to me soon.” Daoist Long said solemnly.

The voice fell, and suddenly a young man, holding a letter, shouted from the bottom of the mountain: “teacher, I have your letter.”

The voice was so loud that it spread to the mountain. At the top, Li Qingshan looked down and saw that this young man was none other than Aman.

“You said that Aman has great potential back then. I checked it carefully, and it’s really good. He is a good seedling. I will take in as a disciple and teach him.” Daoist Long said. Li Qingshan>

No, Aman has improved a lot now, and he has reached the realm of Zuxian.

This is of course not comparable to Li Qingshan, but Aman is the best among the same group of students.

This is also inseparable from the 200,000 points that Li Qingshan gave him.

“Your letter has arrived.” Li Qingshan reached out and picked it up, took the object from the air, and grabbed the letter in Aman’s hand.

“Aman, go on to the cultivation.” Daoist Long said, letting Aman leave, then looked towards the letter in Li Qingshan’s hand.

Gilt shape.

Needless to say, all from Longevity Imperial Clan.

“You’re right, the letter is here.” Li Qingshan smiled coldly and handed the letter to Daoist Long. He was afraid that he would read it, so he couldn’t hold back his anger and tore the letter directly.

Daoist Long took a deep breath, opened the letter, saw what was written in it, and browsed it.

“What is written inside?” Hua Xiangrong asked curiously.

Li Qingshan looked coldly and said nothing.

After reading it, Daoist Long put the letters together and said, “Longevity Imperial Clan will hold a patriarch handover in three days. They invited Li Qingshan to come over and want to marry you and send Longevity Imperial Clan this The generation pearl in the palm is promised to you, and then the new patriarch will marry your younger sister…”


Hua Xiangrong stood up instantly, furious, and almost turned the table : “Dream, want to rob my brother-in-law, the dream is very good, no way!”

“They want to bind you to the Longevity Imperial Clan, and want you to combine with the bloodline of the Longevity Imperial Clan, A stronger child is born,” said Daoist Long.

Li Qingshan took a deep breath, his eyes were cold, he looked at Daoist Long, and said: “Tell them, in three days, Li Qingshan will be on time for the banquet!”

“Brother-in-law, you can’t go. Ah, there’s Red Dust Immortal there!” Hua Xiangrong immediately shouted.

β€œThat’s it for clay chickens and pottery dogs!” Li Qingshan said coldly.

“Are you so confident?” Daoist Long looked at Li Qingshan in surprise.

“You said, if I kill a Red Dust Immortal, will I be ranked first on the Young Great Emperor List?” Li Qingshan smiled coldly, suddenly asked.

“If you can kill a Red Dust Immortal, it will alarm the world.” Daoist Long swallowed, watching Li Qingshan like this, also excited.

“Don’t disturb me these three days.” Li Qingshan got up and returned to the yard. He wanted to adjust himself.

In three days, he will amaze the world!

Hua Xiangrong looked at Li Qingshan’s back and whispered in surprise: “Brother-in-law is really that powerful?”

“You just believe it, and leave the rest to your hands. your brother-in-law!” Daoist Long said.

Hua Xiangrong looked at Li Qingshan’s yard and whispered: “elder sister, this is a treasure.”

Daoist Long was whispered: “Seeing him raise a tall building, seeing him He was feasting on guests, and he saw his building collapse…”

In the yard, Li Qingshan closed his eyes, and the anger in his body was churning, causing the accumulated energy to pour down. , seems to be breaking through the yoke.

Li Qingshan must stabilize himself, this time breakthrough is not a realm.

Li Qingshan is going to span several realms.

And still at Immortal King Realm.

So he needs to quell his anger and is not affected by the foreign object.

“I can’t seem to wait for that rain.” Li Qingshan thought quietly.

Longevity Imperial Clan’s behavior is also an opportunity to stimulate Li Qingshan, his breath is disordered, and he can’t suppress the huge imposing manner accumulated, three thousand Grand Dao begin to stir, for Li Qingshan, From this moment on, he has been breaking through.

His breath spread, rushing into the sky, and three thousand Grand Dao spread, all terrifying beyond words, reaching a Peak.


At this moment, there was thunder in the sky.

Then, one after another, rumbling.

The sound of thunder is endless.

Under the sky, there seems to be an Ancient Divinity in anger, roaring the world.

At this moment, dark clouds are covering the heavens, shielding the sun.

Tick tock!

Tick tock!

Tick tock!

There are raindrops falling down, on the eaves, on the leaves, on the soil, on the sea of clouds…

The water droplets splash down, smashing a splash, Colorful and beautiful.

These few drops of rain kicked off a prelude.

The next second, the torrential rain swept across a piece of Heaven and Earth.

For almost a brief time, Heaven and Earth were covered in rain.

In the sea of flowers, Hua Xiangrong looked at it in surprise and said softly: “Heaven and Earth Immortal Qi, at this moment, it has multiplied thousands of times.”

Daoist Long brought Aman, standing under the eaves of a building, watching the rain.

β€œteacher, why is Heaven and Earth Immortal Qi so terrifying?” Aman asked in surprise as he watched Immortal Qi boil.

Daoist Long smiled and said lightly: “That’s because Heaven and Earth are helping a person.”

“Who is it?” Aman asked curiously.

“A genius…” Daoist Long looked towards the mountain where Li Qingshan was located, his eyes were relieved, and he said seriously: “A real genius!”

“Perhaps, he should be called , Child of Destiny of an era!” Daoist Long had another sentence, but he didn’t say it in his heart.

Immortal Court Academy everyone is curiously watching Heaven and Earth Immortal Qi’s rampage, everyone has gained a lot and can absorb Immortal Qi.

In Li Qingshan’s small courtyard, he was dressed in white clothed, standing under the eaves, watching the world’s howling wind and torrential rain.

“After all, we have to wait for this rain!” Li Qingshan said softly.

In his body, the energy boiled, and Grand Dao roared, but on the surface, it was calm.

He was enjoying the rain.

The rain brought Immortal Qi and sprinkled on this Intermediate Thousand Worlds.

He extended the hand and spread it out.

The rain falls on the palm of the hand, splashes into flowers, then flows out and gathers on the ground.

“This rain is born in the sky, falls to the ground, and the middle part is life!”

At Human World, Li Qingshan also had a similar feeling.

However, the emotion of youth and the emotion of middle-aged, the same sentence represents different meanings.

He thought of a flower, and in his body, three thousand Grand Dao flowers bloomed.

Crazy absorption of Heaven and Earth Immortal Qi, which has increased ten thousand times.

Among the three thousand Grand Dao flowers, only one is hollow, and the other Grand Dao flowers surround it in the central area, which is very beautiful.

Li Qingshan closed his eyes and absorbed Immortal Qi quietly.

Time flowed like water for three days.

Three days later, it will be the banquet day of the Longevity Imperial Clan.

Daoist Long found Hua Xiangrong early in the morning and asked, “Do you want to see a miracle?”

Hua Xiangrong said happily: “Can I go? “

“I’ll take you, you can go.” Daoist Long nodded.

“Then I’ll call my brother-in-law.” Hua Xiangrong immediately wanted to call Li Qingshan.

“No, let’s go first, don’t disturb your brother-in-law.” Daoist Long stopped Hua Xiangrong.

“But my brother-in-law is still in retreat.” Hua Xiangrong worried.

“Don’t worry, your brother-in-law knows what to do, don’t worry, we’ll go first.” Daoist Long said softly.

Hua Xiangrong thought for a while, then nodded and said: “Okay, let’s go first.”

Daoist Long immediately took Hua Xiangrong, left Immortal Court Academy, and went to Longevity Imperial Clan.


The Longevity Imperial Clan had already left the inner core of the Immortal Court, and everyone was worried about the decline of the family.

The elders of the various clans are trying to find a way, but all the ways have not been able to save the Longevity Imperial Clan. The repeated decline makes them very impatient.

At the lowest point, the Longevity Imperial Clan could only rely on the cards left by the Longevity Great Emperor to maintain the glory of the Imperial Clan, but other ethnic groups did not interact with them, and they were isolated invisibly, allowing the Longevity Imperial Clan To make matters worse.

After all, the hole card left by the Longevity Great Emperor can only be used once. After it is used up, the Longevity Imperial Clan will no longer have any confidence.

This underestimation lasted until 20,000 years ago.

For the Longevity Imperial Clan, a fierce man has come, he was born with the hope of the rise of the Longevity Imperial Clan, and his life is destined to bloom for the family.

He is the Longevity Imperial Clan this generation patriarch.

At such a young age, with the hope of the bereaved, to inherit the patriarch throne, everyone said that it is unacceptable to continue to decline. In this case, it is better to fight hard.

This blog has created a brand new tomorrow.

Longevity Imperial Clan this generation patriarch, found that all forces are isolating them invisibly, they can’t get resources, in this case, it is better to find another way.

He set his sights on the Human World, which nobody cared about in the Immortal World.

Although Human World doesn’t have Immortal Qi, it doesn’t have expert either. The decayed Longevity Imperial Clan can be controlled.

Moreover, Human World has countless dimensions and countless treasures, and many treasures can also help Immortal World experts.

So, Longevity Imperial Clan gave up everything, managed up and down, concealed the sky and crossed the sea, and controlled the Human World.

Then they locked the Heavenly Gate, destroyed the ascension channel, and transformed the immortal road, leaving Human World experts without a promotion channel, unless they took refuge in the Longevity Imperial Clan.

These actions ultimately constitute Dimensional Battlefield.

A deformed world built by Longevity Imperial Clan.

In the next 20,000 years, the Longevity Imperial Clan basically used up the resources of the Human World, and they didn’t care about the Human World, they just dispatched squids to plunder resources. empty.

The major Human Worlds have suffered varying degrees of damage.

Corrupted the Human World and fattened the Longevity Imperial Clan.

Longevity Imperial Clan can be said to be lying on the Human World to suck blood and grow itself.

Now, 20,000 years have passed, they have abandoned Human World, and they no longer need to lie on Human World to suck blood. Longevity Imperial Clan has its own new Red Dust Immortal, which can completely rank among the first-class families of Immortal World. .

So they started to send out invitations and invite people from Great Influence to witness.

on the surface is to witness the patriarch handover.

But in private, I’m here to witness the Red Dust Immortal and tell the Great Influences that the Longevity Imperial Clan is truly revived, with the Red Dust Immortal once again.

The Emperor is out, the Red Dust Immortal is invincible!

This is the real purpose of the Longevity Imperial Clan.

Daoist Long brought Hua Xiangrong to Longevity Imperial Clan.

The Longevity Imperial Clan stands among the mountains, the highest peak is the place where the Longevity Imperial Clan entertains the Great Influence at this time.

“These mountains are majestic, handsome, lush and green, stretching for hundreds of miles. Are these all the territory of the Longevity Imperial Clan?” Hua Xiangrong observed all around and asked softly.

“Yes, this was bought by Longevity Imperial Clan recently. When they were in decline, they didn’t live here, but now that they are re-emerging, there will naturally be a scene, so they bought it. There are mountains and mountains, guarding a main peak, standing on the main peak, you can see all around taking in the entire scene, at a glance.” Daoist Long said.

“This is all bought with the blood and sweat of Human World.” Hua Xiangrong gritted his silver teeth.

“Okay, these things will be handled by your brother-in-law. We’ll go in first and wait for your brother-in-law to come.” Daoist Long said.

Hua Xiangrong entered the Longevity Imperial Clan range together with Daoist Long.

Here is the vast crowd, where all parties gather, in the Immortal Court area, in the family area of Longevity Imperial Clan, gather together.

Those who can come today are all invited by the Longevity Imperial Clan, so even people from hostile forces are restrained.

If something really happened, it was the Red Dust Immortal of Longevity Imperial Clan who offended.

As soon as Daoist Long came, someone immediately greeted him.

“Welcome to Daoist Long, you are really a distinguished guest. It is very difficult to invite you. I have invited you for more than ten years, but you ignore it, which gives me a headache.” This is an old man, He has silver hair with crystal roots. He is tall and tall. After seeing Daoist Long, he laughed heartily, came over and hugged Daoist Long fiercely, slapped Daoist Long’s back hard, and made a peng peng sound, for fear that he would not kill Daoist. Long.

“I have a small family and a small business, so I don’t dare to compare with the descendant of Imperial Clan, Lord Red Dust Immortal.” Daoist Long hehe smiled and moved away quietly, coldly snorted in his heart.

“You went back to Immortal King Realm. I thought you would never be able to go back to Immortal King in your life.” Changsheng Ling looked at Daoist Long and was surprised.

This is the current patriarch of Longevity Imperial Clan, Changsheng Ling of breakthrough Red Dust Immortal.

Hua Xiangrong stared at Changsheng Ling, who was the one who harmed the Human World for 20,000 years, and also caused her elder sister to be taken to Boiling Water Prison.

“Who is this?” Changsheng Ling noticed Hua Xiangrong’s eyes, not very friendly, he frowned, glanced at Hua Xiangrong, and asked.

“My student, bring her to meet the world.” Daoist Long said immediately.

“Student, that innate talent must be very difficult to deal with, and learn more from this old man. I think he was the No. 1 figure in Immortal Court back then, a very talented minister, but not like this now. Wretched.” Changsheng Ling laughed heartily.

Daoist Long’s face darkened, and he said angrily: “Who is being lewd?”

“Don’t think that you have broken through Red Dust Immortal, and I will be afraid of you?” Daoist Long angrily said .

“Don’t worry about these details, where is my Li Qingshan?” Changsheng Ling looked around and questioned Daoist Long.

β€œHe’s still at Immortal Court Academy,” Daoist Long said.

Changsheng Ling looked at Daoist Long, and suddenly smiled coldly: “Daoist Long, you have been hiding him for more than ten years, this time his younger sister is a guest here, you don’t let him out, the family is reunited ?”

Daoist Long coldly snorted and said: “You are so despicable, threatening others with your family.”

Changsheng Ling said indifferently: “Since ancient times, weak are prey to the strong, as the so-called A great man has to be ruthless, don’t pay attention to the details when doing things, the ending is good, then everything is good.”

“Bring Li Qingshan here, I will bring Longevity Imperial Marry him Clan pearl in the palm, and he will be the son-in-law of my Longevity Imperial Clan. My son is marrying his younger sister as his wife, isn’t it beautiful for both parties to be happy?” Changsheng Ling said proudly .

Daoist Long snorted: “You are shameless enough, that son of yours is tens of thousands of years old, and he still misses the little girl who is in his tens of years. I’m not ashamed, it’s really Old Huang. , pretend to be tender.”

Changsheng Ling’s face darkened, and he said: “Daoist Long, don’t forget, Li Qingshan’s younger sister is still a guest in my Longevity Imperial Clan.”

“Let Li Qingshan solve this problem with you personally, I will not participate.” Daoist Long said directly.

“Li Qingshan is coming?” Changsheng Ling’s face was delighted. He didn’t care about Daoist Long’s attitude. As long as Li Qingshan could come, everything would be easy to say.

“He will come.” Hua Xiangrong said suddenly and firmly.

Changsheng Ling laughed heartily and said, “Okay, it’s good to come here. I have been invited for more than ten years. I want to see how talented this Immortal Court number one genius is.”


“You will see.” Daoist Long pointed out.

“I’ll wait, if I can’t see Li Qingshan, then today I’ll announce the wedding of his younger sister and my son, and I’ll go to the bridal chamber at night.” Changsheng Ling sneered.

Daoist Long and Hua Xiangrong both looked angry, it was too shameless.

“Aren’t you afraid that Li Qingshan will turn against you?” Long Dao couldn’t help asking.

β€œTurn your face?” Changsheng Ling sneered.

“If he wants to turn his face, he also needs to surpass me. I am one day, Li Qingshan is just a genius, I don’t need him to be able to do anything, I just need him to provide bloodline and give birth to a few more. Child, I will directly train him and the child of my clan’s women, and the child raised from childhood will be obedient.” Changsheng Ling said coldly.

He wanted to treat Li Qingshan as a breeding pig, threatened with younger sister, and came to breed.

“You are really by fair means or foul.” Daoist Long said with emotion.

“If you were like me, by fair means or foul, you wouldn’t be kicked out of Immortal Court, staying in a small Immortal Court Academy, struggling on whilst at death’s door!”Changsheng Ling coldly snorted.

“That’s good, but don’t say it anymore, I don’t like hearing it.” Daoist Long with a black face, directly skipped Changsheng Ling and entered the interior of Longevity Imperial Clan.

Hua Xiangrong immediately followed Daoist Long.

Changsheng Ling looked at Daoist Long’s back, hands behind ones back, and said with disdain: “I’m just a loser, I’m just a clown in my life.”

Inside Longevity Imperial Clan, there are many People were here. After Daoist Long came in, he went straight to a corner and sat down with Hua Xiangrong.

“Daoist Long, you used to be in charge of power in Immortal Court?” Hua Xiangrong asked curiously.

“Everyone has a glorious moment, and my brother was also brilliant before.” Daoist Long said with disappointment.

“What happened after that, you became like this?” Hua Xiangrong’s eyes lit up, staring at Daoist Long, she felt that Daoist Long was hiding a big secret.

“Little girl, don’t inquire so much, it’s all about my wound, whether it’s good or not, it’s already scarred, why are you opening it again?” Daoist Long said ill-humoredly.

Hua Xiangrong pouted, but didn’t ask any more.

“You guard my fleshy body, don’t let anyone disturb me, just say I’m asleep.” Daoist Long whispered to Hua Xiangrong.

β€œWhat do you want to do?” Hua Xiangrong asked immediately.

“I’m Primordial Spirit Leaving the Body, go find Li Qingshan younger sister where they are, if there is a fight later, I’ll fish in troubled waters and take them away, so that Li Qingshan will have no worries. .” Daoist Long explained in a low voice.

“Okay, you go, I’ll watch for you.” Hua Xiangrong agreed immediately, guarding all around, sitting next to Daoist Long, guarding the fleshy body.

The Daoist Long Primordial Spirit left the body, quietly, and started looking for Xiao Jiu and Small Fox.

Time passed minute by minute, and at noon, the main peak of Longevity Imperial Clan was crowded with people, and everyone was witnessing the handover of Longevity Imperial Clan and patriarch.

Patriarch was succeeded by Changsheng Ling’s

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