Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 128


Chapter 128 Emperor blood essence! (Please subscribe)

In the Longevity Imperial Clan, under the watchful eyes of all, Li Qingshan came here.

From Immortal Court Academy, he crossed the mountains and seas in one step, came here, heard Changsheng Ling’s words, and immediately opened his mouth.

Everyone looked towards Li Qingshan.

Who is this person?

How dare you stand in front of Red Dust Immortal, so don’t give face?

After seeing Li Qingshan, some people expressed congeals and recognized who he was.

“Isn’t this the tenth place on the Young Great Emperor List, Li Qingshan?”

“It’s him, he’s the number one genius of the Immortal Court, and he has only that one game, but A record is enough to keep other Immortal Court youths on par for the rest of their lives.”

“They are all Immortal Court people, how could he be on the Longevity Imperial Clan stage?”

“Mad, He is a lunatic, this is Red Dust Immortal, how dare he speak out?”

Some people were discussing in private, looking at Li Qingshan, shaking their heads, on such an occasion, offending a Red Dust Immortal, simply asking for trouble.

On the other side, Hua Xiangrong, who was guarding Daoist Long’s fleshy body, saw Li Qingshan’s arrival, his face was overjoyed, he just wanted to stand up, and then he remembered that he wanted to protect Daoist Long’s body, so he could only be silent. Looking at it, I secretly cheered for Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan, who was watched by everyone, who was calm and collected, stepped forward, separated from Changsheng Ling, several hundred meters away, in the middle of the crowd, watching calmly.

All the anger that came before, in this brief moment melted into peace.

Like… do you get mad at a dead person?


You just look at the dead man in peace.

Changsheng Ling said nothing, staring at Li Qingshan with a cold face and no other expressions.


The people around Li Qingshan walked away quickly and felt the pressure of Red Dust Immortal.

However, Li Qingshan looked at Changsheng Ling as if nothing happened.

“Take back what you just said, you are still my son-in-law of Longevity Imperial Clan and a genius of Immortal Court!” Changsheng Ling said coldly. He was very angry. Which sentence, he did not say a word, directly killed the opponent, and directly threw his ashes.

But not Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan is a genius.

Changsheng Ling loves geniuses.

He deeply knows that a family’s prosperity does not depend on those ordinary children who try nothing and accomplish nothing, and who have not achieved much in their lives.

The prosperity of a family depends on endless talents.

What Longevity Imperial Clan lacks most now is genius.

Because of the decline of the Longevity Imperial Clan before, they did not strictly control the bloodline. The marriage of each generation of new children and women is very casual, so that the Emperor Bloodline is diluted, and the probability of genius is very small. less.

This is the downside of the Longevity Imperial Clan.

This is why Changsheng Ling has been inviting Daoist Long and Li Qingshan for more than ten years.

Even now, Li Qingshan’s younger sister, relatives, are used to threaten.

Changsheng Ling knew that it was impossible to get Li Qingshan’s heart.

But he doesn’t mind.

What he wanted was Li Qingshan’s body bloodline, and he didn’t care where Li Qingshan’s heart flew.

Even though Li Qingshan refuted Changsheng Ling’s face in public and made him very angry, he still chose to suppress his anger and give Li Qingshan a chance.

Here at Changsheng Ling, genius is privileged.

Li Qingshan is a genius.

So his tolerance for Li Qingshan is very high.

Li Qingshan looked at Changsheng Ling, didn’t expect him to give himself a chance.

Li Qingshan was still touched by his uninterrupted invitations for more than ten years, so he thought about it and said seriously: “I don’t agree!”


As soon as this sentence came out, Changsheng Ling could no longer hold back his anger, the terrifying imposing manner rose, the wind was howling, the clouds were churning, Heaven and Earth rumbling, imposing manner oppression come down, let all Everyone was terrified.

Red Dust Immortal is furious!

“You think I dare not kill you?” Changsheng Ling said angrily.

“You think you’re a genius, and I’ll put up with you again and again?”

“You think you’re qualified to run wild in front of a Red Dust Immortal?”

The words of Changsheng Ling are like thunder, resounding all around the mountain, like Grand Dao roaring, roaring in the sky, oppression come down, making the air freeze.

Everyone around felt that Li Qingshan was dying.

Red Dust Immortal Changsheng Ling has given you steps, you have to be provocative if you don’t go down.

It is not an exaggeration to be beaten to death if you come to provoke people on a happy day.

Li Qingshan looked at the furious Changsheng Ling and felt a little emotional.

Longevity Imperial Clan is really lacking genius bloodline, they are so furious, they still don’t shoot.

It can be seen that although the Longevity Imperial Clan has recovered from its decline, it is still a great injury, at least destroying the Emperor Bloodline.

Li Qingshan looked at the furious Changsheng Ling, his face turned cold, and said: “Do you think that Red Dust Immortal realm is invincible?”

“Do you think that Red Dust Immortal realm is invincible?”

, I will acknowledge allegiance in front of you?”

“Do you think that if you catch my younger sister, I will be used by your Longevity Imperial Clan?”

“You are Don’t you think that if you drain the resources of Human World, there will be no retribution?”

Li Qingshan learns Changsheng Ling, every word is like a knife, he is not affected by Changsheng Ling’s furious imposing manner, On the contrary, every step of the way, he took one step at a time, and a flower of Grand Dao bloomed under his feet.

Every flower of Grand Dao blooms brightly, exuding the charm of Grand Dao, which continuously promotes Li Qingshan’s imposing manner.

at first Li Qingshan came here, it was the first time to enter Saint Realm.

But with Li Qingshan’s words, a flower of Grand Dao bloomed.

After four sentences, Li Qingshan’s imposing manner was like climbing a mountain, stacking to the top.

bang! !

Under the public eye, Li Qingshan was like a thunderbolt, splitting the darkness of the world, and also splitting Changsheng Ling’s imposing manner, thunder bombing, Li Qingshan was very terrifying, came to the world, and directly announced him Red Dust Immortal realm!

Four steps.

He crossed the four steps of Saint Realm.

Ancient Immortal, Nourishing Life Lord, Imperishable Being, Red Dust Immortal.

These four steps make Li Qingshan’s imposing manner, like the rising sun, shining on the world.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

They watched the two Red Dust Immortal imposing manners collide, both equally excellent, rubbing their eyes in disbelief, tumbling in their hearts, and not having enough knowledge in their brains.

This is shocking.

They were so shocked that they couldn’t say anything.

Because there are no words to describe this picture.

Everyone stared blankly, including Changsheng Ling, who was also in shock.

I don’t know who it is, but suddenly said: “Fuck!”

When everyone was shocked beyond measure, this sentence ended the scene .

Afterwards, there was an endless stream of discussions.

“This…this is Li Qingshan?”

“On the Young Great Emperor List, he is ranked tenth.”

“No. Believe it or not, he stepped out in four steps and walked through the Red Dust Immortal that no one else has reached for a hundred thousand years.”

“Is this still a genius?”

“This is a monster!”

“This world is going to change, this is too afraid right? How old is he, who has soared from Human World, and broke through Red Dust Immortal so quickly?”

“Isn’t this the reincarnation of the Great Emperor powerhouse?”

“No, Demon Sect Heavenly Concubine is a reincarnation, but she has not yet broken through Red Dust Immortal, Li Qingshan is still I did it.”

“This…the difference between people is so big?”

Everyone looked at Li Qingshan, talking frantically, and their hearts were shocked. .

As for Changsheng Ling, who had been staring at Li Qingshan, her complexion kept changing, and she was truly shocked.

He took a deep breath, looked at Li Qingshan complicatedly, and said, “You actually broke through Red Dust Immortal…”

“It’s still so easy…” Changsheng Ling said in his heart Envy, jealousy, and hatred showed on his face. When he thought of how much he had suffered to break through Red Dust Immortal, he thought of how hard he had spent half his life plotting against Red Dust Immortal, and it took tens of thousands of years to break through Red Dust Immortal.

And what about Li Qingshan?

How long has he been in Immortal World?

He never went out, just stayed at Immortal Court Academy for more than ten years, breaking through to Red Dust Immortal.

constantly comparing oneself to others will only make one angry.

“Why did you break through so fast?” Changsheng Ling finally asked in confusion.

He was afraid that he would suffocate to death.

Other people want to know too, this is too terrifying.

Even the existing Emperor is not half as good as Li Qingshan, right?

“I want to know, I’ll tell you after I kill you!” Li Qingshan said with a cold face and bright eyes.

“You want to fight with me?” Changsheng Ling was furious. He was angry and angry, but he felt that he didn’t dare to fight against Li Qingshan.

Changsheng Ling has no confidence in fighting against such a strange juvenile genius.

Unless, play Longevity Imperial Clan’s hole cards.

But that is the last trump card of Longevity Imperial Clan, the formidable power will be huge if you don’t need it. After using it, Longevity Imperial Clan will be in a very difficult situation in the future.

“You have harmed the Human World for 20,000 years!”

“In the past, there were countless geniuses in the Human World who had hoped to ascend to the Immortal World, and they had an infinite future.”

“But you stole the Human World, you locked the Immortal Gate in the sun, and you cut the way for those geniuses.”

“They died because of you! “

Li Qingshan gazes as if a torch, his eyes are cold, he thinks of the Inextinguishable Sacred Buddha in the Human World, pointing him all the way, he thinks of Qingqing who stole his first kiss, he thinks of many, many …

These people are definitely not the only ones.

They are just a microcosm of 20,000 years.

There are many people like them, because they couldn’t ascend to Immortal World, they fell sadly.

All of this is because of this Red Dust Immortal.

Li Qingshan’s eyes were cold and cold, especially Qingqing, the Defying Heaven Family, a girl with a tragic fate, she had a chance to be resurrected.

Her remnant soul came to Immortal World, the giant sword is recovering its origin, and Qingqing can come back to life.

But she died in Human World.

Because of Changsheng Ling.

“Li Qingshan, your younger sister is still in my hands. I cherish talents and do not want to fight with you. I am deeply sorry for the Human World you mentioned, but you are not your own younger sister, right? ?” Changsheng Ling coldly shouted, he looked at Li Qingshan imposing like a rainbow, and he actually had a feeling that he was not an opponent.

This feels like an unfathomable mystery, for no reason.

But Changsheng Ling just believed that the hunch in his life had never been wrong, so he stared deeply at Li Qingshan, moved out of Xiao Jiu, and tried to restrain Li Qingshan with the younger sister.

At this moment, Changsheng Ling was very fortunate. Fortunately, he found Li Qingshan’s younger sister. Otherwise, even if he wins today, it would be a huge loss for Longevity Imperial Clan.

β€œyounger sister…” Li Qingshan muttered.

Changsheng Ling immediately said: “You younger sister, she is very good, I did not treat her badly, as long as you want, we can reconcile. Younger sister will be the Mistress of my Longevity Imperial Clan from now on, in charge of all Daquan, the child she gave birth to is the next patriarch of my Longevity Imperial Clan. We form an in-law, the most outstanding woman of this generation of Longevity Imperial Clan, marry you as a wife, you and I join forces, in Immortal Court, both can control Huge voice, I will help you to form a family and become a noble in the Immortal World, aloof and remote, you are responsible for spreading the branches, so wouldn’t it be the best of both worlds?”

In order to win over Li Qingshan tried to persuade Li Qingshan at all costs and with great profits.

The people around were very excited when they heard these conditions. If they were Li Qingshan, they agreed immediately.

At this time, Daoist Long, who had been Primordial Spirit Leaving the Body, suddenly stood up and shouted excitedly: “Li Qingshan, I was just Primordial Spirit Leaving the Body, in Longevity Imperial Clan. After walking around, I found our girls, and now they have been sent out safely, you can rest assured.”

Hua Xiangrong applauded excitedly, grabbed Daoist Long’s arm, and was very excited. .

Changsheng Ling’s face turned black, as black as the bottom of a pot, he glared at Daoist Long, his eyes spit fire, gnashing teeth said: “Dead Daoist, how dare you destroy my good deeds?”

“little fellow, when your Daoist Long came out to hang out, you were still an embryo, and you dared to go wild in front of me, mocking Lao Tzu. Lao Tzu told you that what it means to be old and not die is a thief.” Daoist Long said proudly. .

“Damn old bastard, you should be eliminated by time.” Changsheng Ling cursed angrily.

Li Qingshan smiled, looked towards Daoist Long, and cast an admiring look.

Then, he turned to look at Changsheng Ling, and said softly, “After my breakthrough, I don’t know how strong I am. Please enlighten me today.”

Changsheng Ling said with a cold face. Without saying a word, he stared at Li Qingshan stubbornly. He was under a lot of pressure, but in the current situation, he was no longer in charge.

The experts around Demon Race, Monster Race, Divine Realm, Immortal Court, Buddha Realm, Hell, etc. all started to retreat. Once these two Red Dust Immortals fight, it is definitely heaven shaking. Earth shattering, although not as good as the Emperor war, is enough to amaze the world.

“Must a fight?” Changsheng Ling calmed down at this moment. He looked at Li Qingshan and asked.

“We must fight!” Li Qingshan nods at this moment, this is for the geniuses of Human World, for Qingqing, for Xiaou…

He worked hard in the past, isn’t it just for this moment?

“You will die!” Changsheng Ling raised his head, coldly said.

β€œNever regret!” Li Qingshan said solemnly.

“Okay, let’s go to starry sky, you and I let go and fight!” Changsheng Ling knew that this fight was inevitable, but he couldn’t fight here. Once the fight starts here, the unlucky Longevity Imperial Clan.


He soared into the sky, carrying the Red Dust Immortal imposing manner, the thunder cloud was mighty, very terrifying, shaking the Star Fragmentation River, causing the sky to collapse along the way, the void was like a broken piece Cloth, screeching, murderous aura covers the ages.

Although Changsheng Ling has inner intuition, he still has self-confidence. Since this battle cannot be avoided, let the world see the terrifying of Longevity Imperial Clan.

Li Qingshan burst out with infinite immortal light, illuminating the sky, he stepped out directly, descended into the void, and with a bang, his Red Dust Immortal imposing manner, grandiose, spread over 30,000 miles.

The entire piece of starry sky, the two Red Dust Immortal burst out with all their strength, immediately attracted the attention of all forces in the Immortal World.

At this moment, people all raised their heads, looked towards the starry sky, there were two terrifying imposing manners, grandiose, which made people feel depressed.

“What powerhouse is this at war?”

“Immortal King, Immortal King Fourth Step, Red Dust Immortal realm!”

“Two Red Dust Immortal has a life and death battle in the Foreign Domain, which is rare.”

“Which faction does this Red Dust Immortal belong to?”

“Wait. Wait, I look at that young Red Dust Immortal, why is it so familiar?”

“I also look familiar.”

“It seems… it’s Li Qingshan!”

“That’s right, it’s Li Qingshan, the tenth-ranked Li Qingshan on the Young Great Emperor List. He hasn’t always been questioned. Ten years later, everyone thinks he doesn’t deserve to be on the list.”

“That’s why he’s low-key. I haven’t seen that Li Qingshan is already a Red Dust Immortal, and the Young Great Emperor List is not worthy of his shoes.”

“didn’t expect, Li Qingshan turned out to be Red Dust Immortal realm, this time, the world is going to change.”

“Who is fighting against Li Qingshan?”

“It’s the new Red Dust from Longevity Imperial Clan. Immortal, how could they fight?”

The world discussed spiritedly, unbelievable, looking at the starry sky, the two terrifying imposing manners had gradually collided.


Changsheng Ling entered the starry sky, without saying a word, he shot directly, his inner intuition told him that he was not Li Qingshan’s opponent, so he shot first , to seize the opportunity.

Changsheng Ling slapped Li Qingshan’s head with a palm, fast, emitting a blazing light, if the end of the world comes, the endless stars will ignite at the same time, and then explode.

Li Qingshan stretched out his hand and pulled Grand Dao in his palm. The space was stretched infinitely. There was only one step between Changsheng Ling and Li Qingshan, but it seemed like a galaxy was separated by a galaxy.

At the same time, Li Qingshan’s speed reached the limit of this world. As he stepped out one step, the river of time stagnated and was about to flow backwards.

An afterimage was left behind, and Li Qingshan’s legs swung and swept towards Changsheng Ling, like a galaxy rolling in, and the wave of vibrations was boundless, causing the Star Domain in front to collapse


This blow directly staggered Changsheng Ling, spouting blood, shaking all over, and looking at Li Qingshan in shock.

He didn’t touch Li Qingshan’s shadow.

He was injured.

Compared with Li Qingshan, he seems to be a toddler and can’t match at all.

This initial fight, his defeat, has been naked eye visible.

Li Qingshan became stronger, and when he turned around, his face was cold, his imposing manner was like a rainbow, the trembling Star Domain, all split up and in pieces, spread to another sea of stars, causing many big stars to explode.

There are several flowers blooming around Li Qingshan, the light and shade are uncertain, there are flowers blooming and falling, there is Yin-Yang Cycle, there is space and time, there is thunder and killing…

“Also Red Dust Immortal, you are so terrifying?” Changsheng Ling wiped away the blood from the corners of his mouth, shocked.

β€œYou are too weak!” Li Qingshan said calmly.

With three thousand Grand Dao in his body, he spent hundreds of thousands of years comprehend, completely crushing the people of the same realm.

“I don’t believe it!” Changsheng Ling couldn’t accept it. After breaking through Red Dust Immortal, he was very satisfied and thought his life had reached a new height. Destroyed easily, he roared and slashed out with a palm, like a hanging Star River exploded, with powerful formidable power.


But Li Qingshan stared directly at the hanging Star River, with hundreds of flowers in full bloom, beautiful and colorful, rushing past without pressure, fiercely’s impact was in Changsheng Ling chest.


Changsheng Ling’s whole body shook violently, his sternum was completely broken, his body trembled, he was tortured, and the source of Red Dust Immortal was beaten out.

Changsheng Ling’s previous high-spirited and vigorous, and his former self-satisfaction, are now all gone. He is very miserable.

The whole Immortal World is watching this battle. Everyone thought it was an evenly matched battle, but who would have thought that this would turn out to be a one-sided massacre.

Even, this one-sided killing is not what they thought.

Many Immortal World experts believe that it should be the Longevity Great Emperor bloodline Changsheng Ling who killed Li Qingshan.

But didn’t expect, the situation reversed, it was Li Qingshan who killed Changsheng Ling.

“Is the bloodline of the Longevity Great Emperor so weak?” Someone asked suspiciously.

“It’s not that Changsheng Ling is too weak, on the contrary, Changsheng Ling is very powerful. He has the Emperor Scripture of the Longevity Great Emperor and the bloodline of the Longevity Great Emperor in his body, so he can perfectly exert the Emperor Scripture formidable power.”


“Then why was he tortured by Li Qingshan? I can’t even touch Li Qingshan’s clothes.”

“It can only be said that Li Qingshan is too powerful.”

In the Great Zhou Empire, the last Immortal Emperor of Immortal World is watching silently.

“This Li Qingshan, who hides so many Grand Dao deeply, is simply terrifying. He is the one who has the most hope of breaking the shackles of this world. Is a new Emperor about to be born?” Great Zhou Emperor calmly Look, a thousand thoughts.

He didn’t have any holiday with Li Qingshan, so he watched from the sidelines.

In another world, several terrifying monsters are talking.

“This Li Qingshan is the hope of the Immortal Court.”

“Destroy it!”

“He has the Great Emperor aptitude, so he cannot be allowed to break through. , to extend Immortal Court’s life.”

“Then I’ll shoot now?”

“No hurry, wait a minute, let him force Longevity Imperial Clan’s hole card out, then Immortal Court is missing a part of its strength.”

The Peak expert of Demon Realm, after a few words of discussion, finally came to such a conclusion.

In Divine Realm…

In Monster Realm…

In Buddha Realm…

In Hell…

Everyone from the Great Influence is watching this battle.

Li Qingshan’s strength is amazing.

In the Immortal Court, there are also many people watching, especially those Red Dust Immortal, watching Changsheng Ling being beaten and beaten by Li Qingshan, one-sided torture, they have a heart.

“This Li Qingshan is too terrifying.”

Many people sighed.

In starry sky, Li Qingshan fought Changsheng Ling very miserably. His breath was weak and his body had already collapsed. That is, the strength of Red Dust Immortal saved his life.

Of course, it is also related to the fact that Li Qingshan did not break out completely.

He knew that this time was being watched by countless people, and Li Qingshan didn’t want to use all his firepower under the watchful eyes of all the people.

Anyway, as long as you kill Changsheng Ling, everything is over.

“It’s time to end!” Li Qingshan said indifferently, he pointed to a sword, a light saber, appeared in the starry sky, pointed finger towards Changsheng Ling in the distance.

Sword Art, the way Li Qingshan started, has now exploded completely, with infinite formidable power.

With a single sword, he opened the sky, opened up the earth, moved mountains, reclaimed the sea, and killed the enemy…

bang!! ! !

This sword qi surged wildly, bursting out, reaching the sky and reaching the underworld.

Changsheng Ling is unavoidable.

He stood up weakly, looked at the attacking sword, his eyes were cold, and he gritted his teeth: “You are very powerful, but today, you are sure to die!”

” Old Ancestor, please help future generations!” Changsheng Ling loudly roared, from his arms, a box flew out, the box opened, and a few drops of blood spurted out.

As soon as the blood came out, it immediately pressed the void to tremble, terrifying eruptions appeared one after another, there were Emperor Grand Dao eruptions, the trajectory was mysterious and unfathomable, and the diving might be unparalleled.

This is the blood essence of the Longevity Great Emperor.

It is his backhand for Longevity Imperial Clan, and it is also a hole card, which can only be used once.

So even if the Longevity Imperial Clan has decayed to the extreme, it has not been used, because after it is used up, the Longevity Imperial Clan has no background.

This Emperor blood essence, if you don’t need it, has a huge formidable power, it’s always there, it can threaten others.

But if you use it, you only have one chance, and you won’t be able to wipe out all the enemies.


At this moment, an illusory shadow appeared on the Emperor blood essence, and the world immediately recognized it.

This is the Longevity Great Emperor!

The Longevity Great Emperor didn’t speak, just glanced at Li Qingshan, then manipulated the blood essence and merged into Changsheng Ling’s body.


The next moment, Changsheng Ling’s injury was repaired immediately, he erupted in imposing manner, not Red Dust Immortal anymore.

The eruption in this imposing manner caused the universe to crack and the sea of stars to dim. Everything around Changsheng Ling was shattered. As long as it stood in the way, everything would be destroyed, as if the real Great Emperor had been resurrected.

“Your strength is beyond my expectations. Longevity Imperial Clan’s trump card is still forced out by you, so that the Longevity Great Emperor can return to the Human World and kill you, it is also considered a death.” Changsheng Ling smiled coldly, the injury was instantly repaired, and those few drops of the blood essence of the Longevity Great Emperor merged into his body, in this brief moment, the longevity Great Emperor who passed away, with the help of his body, returned to the Human World.

bang! !

The sound of heaven falls and earth rends came out, behind Changsheng Ling, a huge silhouette was reflected, able to support both heaven and earth, standing in the Star River, very terrifying.

The fluctuation of Immortal Emperor level rushes out in this huge silhouette, like a living Emperor.

At this moment, the world knows that this is the hole card of the Longevity Great Emperor, left to the Longevity Imperial Clan.

The power of the Emperor.

“Longevity Heaven Scripture!”

At this time, the Longevity Great Emperor reappeared, manipulated Changsheng Ling’s body, and displayed his own Emperor Scripture.


The Emperor Scripture propelled by the Longevity Great Emperor himself is very terrifying. Flock to Li Qingshan and shake the ages.

The longevity goblin transformed into a giant Great Millstone, crushed and moved towards Li Qingshan, to obliterate Li Qingshan.

At this moment, no one in the world thought that Li Qingshan could escape.

Even some Emperors shook their heads.

They clearly know how big the gap between Emperor Realm and Immortal King Realm is.

Although the Longevity Great Emperor has dissipated in the past years, the few drops of blood essence he left behind are the real core.

A few drops of blood essence can burst out one percent of the Longevity Great Emperor’s power and one percent of the Emperor’s power in a short time, enough to defeat the Immortal King Realm.

Daoist Long and Hua Xiangrong were shocked when they saw this scene.

“I’m worried about this. The descendants of Imperial Clan have these trump cards. Li Qingshan is in trouble now.” Daoist Long said while patting his thigh.

β€œWhat now?” Hua Xiangrong asked worriedly.

“No way, Changsheng Ling has sacrificed the blood of the Emperor, and now I can only trust Li Qingshan.” Daoist Long shook his head and said.

“But that’s the Emperor…” Hua Xiangrong looked worriedly.

I also felt that at this moment, in Li Qingshan’s body, one after another Divine Order Chain suddenly flew out. These Divine Order Chains combined with the surrounding Grand Dao flowers around the edges, all like stars. , shining brightly, turning into a bright, dark and bright Grand Dao, surging forward directly, hitting the Longevity Heaven Scripture.

Boom! ! !

This time the collision directly collapsed the starry sky, and the laws of the Great Emperor surged, covering the four fields.

It’s like the sound of chaotic wind and thunder, the sound is loud and the wind is strong, just like opening up a world, directly turning many distant stars into powder, and the large Star Domain is dim.

This collision made Li Qingshan take a few steps back.

He looked at the illusory shadow of the Longevity Great Emperor with a serious face, and suddenly smiled: “A few drops of blood essence just want to scare me, this Li, it’s really whimsical, even if you took out the Longevity Great Emperor The blood essence of your body possesses the power of the so-called Great Emperor. In my eyes, it is nothing but clay chickens and pottery dogs. With your weak body, how can you control the power of the Emperor?”

“Rampant !” Changsheng Ling shouted loudly, the illusory shadow behind him, whose face could not be seen clearly, was the size of a thousand zhang, aloof and remote, overlooking Li Qingshan.

β€œYour name is engraved on Three Realms Monument, life and death are written on Samsara Road, I this Li have never fought against Emperor, even a few drops of blood essence, you dare to take out, I I dare to give you death.” Li Qingshan said coldly, with no intention of retreating, but took a step forward, and a lotus flower, the lotus Grand Dao, was born under his feet.

Stepping on the Grand Dao, in Li Qingshan’s body, the energy fully recovered, activating all the laws of the Grand Dao, in this brief moment, all flew out and turned into a mighty Divine Idol , like the Great Desolate that spanned the ages, so long, from the source of splitting heaven and earth apart.

Three thousand Grand Dao is something that has existed since the birth of the world. Until now, Li Qingshan understands them one after another, and will naturally see the picture of the past.

“What about the power of the Emperor? I, Li Qingshan, will kill you today with the power of the Emperor!” Li Qingshan shouted loudly, no longer stopping, striding forward aggressively.

He was all over his body, his imposing manner was unparalleled, the Grand Dao was entangled, the sky was shaking, the stars fell, the Grand Dao made a sound of excitement, and he floated under his feet, all the Grand Dao set off Li Qingshan, like a god magic.

β€œHow can you have so many Grand Dao?” Changsheng Ling was dumbfounded.

“You can comprehend it carefully.”

“At this moment, I am sublimated to the fullest. You come here to die.” Li Qingshan opened his arms and said coldly.

He’s going to do something unprecedented.

Fight the Emperor at Immortal King Realm.

Although the Longevity Great Emperor has long since fallen, his blood essence can stimulate the energy of the Great Emperor, which is recognized by the world.

In this way, Li Qingshan can be called defeating Emperor.


Changsheng Ling was furious, born in anger, and arrogant, he now has enough confidence.

Old Ancestor blood essence is burning, still can’t get a little Li Qingshan?

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