Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 129


Chapter 129 Walking through the green hills, people are not old (please subscribe)

Changsheng Ling was instilled with the Emperor blood essence, he Behind him, a huge longevity Heavenly Emperor illusory shadow appeared, running the Longevity Heaven Scripture, evacuating the energy in the starry sky, and moving towards Li Qingshan to cover it.

In the Longevity Heaven Scripture, a piece of immortal rain flew out, turned into various symbols, branded in the void, became the carrier of the Grand Dao, and entrusted the energy of the Emperor.

The rumbling was deafening. At this moment, Heaven and Earth and Emperor resonated. Only at this moment, all sentient beings in Heaven and Earth felt that, as if drunk and stupefied, they also realized that in the Longevity Heaven Scripture A little mystery.

This is not obtained by one person or two, but by a group of people. Depending on the depth of the cultivation base and the perception, the income is also different.

Longevity Heaven Scripture is an Emperor scripture, wide-ranging and profound, containing the understanding of the Longevity Great Emperor’s life, very profound, and ordinary people would never see it in a lifetime. Now, following the fight with Li Qingshan, The Emperor’s scriptures flowed, and only then did the world comprehend a shred of it.

Some people got a passage of words, such as enlightenment, and sat cross-legged directly, and some people realized some spiritual problems that had troubled them for many years, dancing like crazy.

This is a kind of wide-ranging and profound meaning, like flowing water flowing through the hearts of everyone, many people have gained something and immersed in a wonderful situation.

That’s the beauty of the Emperor scriptures.

But the understanding of these people has nothing to do with the war in starry sky.

The battle continued, and it was very intense. Changsheng Ling attacked the Emperor Scripture of Longevity, directly smashed Li Qingshan’s sword qi to pieces, and continued to crush it.

At this moment, Li Qingshan was full of flowers, he no longer concealed his strength, spare no effort, and broke out his terrifying strength. Three thousand Grand Dao set off him like Grand Dao Spiritual God, very terrifying.

Li Qingshan raised his hand, and a piece of Grand Dao was slaughtered out. With the sound of “weng”, Tianyu shuddered, a piece of Star Explosion shattered, and the weather was amazing.

But Longevity Heaven Scripture should not be underestimated, especially with Emperor blood essence, which is very terrifying and shattered this piece of Grand Dao of Li Qingshan.

Emperor’s strength, and Changsheng Ling’s strength, the difference between Heaven and Earth.

Li Qingshan covered the starry sky with big hands, the strongest, covering Tianyu, covering Changsheng Ling, and covering the Longevity Heaven Scripture below.

“The palm of Grand Dao!”

Li Qingshan coldly shouted, he used the power of the palm of his hand to cover three thousand Grand Dao, in a trance, one star after another was shining , one after another Star River lingering between his palms and fingers, this unparalleled Great Divine Ability is really amazing.

He held the three thousand Grand Dao between his palms and burst out, as if he was splitting heaven and earth apart. Changsheng Ling’s body shook violently. If it wasn’t for Longevity Heaven Scripture, he would The soul who would be beaten flew away and scattered.

This palm, which looks like a grinding disc, actually accommodates the universe, smelts the universe and stars, and is extremely terrifying. This time, the attack on Longevity Heaven Scripture made Longevity Heaven Scripture tremble.

Li Qingshan did it in a real sense, Immortal King beat Emperor.

The world sees this scene, trembling in fear, too terrifying, unimaginable, this scene is so amazing.

In the starry sky, the chaotic haze, the reversed galaxy, Li Qingshan’s body is not big, but it suppresses the stars and makes the Emperor of Immortal World eyelids twitched.

They weren’t so fierce when they were at the Immortal King Realm.

This time, the Emperors in Demon Realm had colder eyes, and they recognized Li Qingshan’s strength, which made him even less able to grow up.

“It’s a pity, such a genius is not my Demon Realm’s.” A Demon Emperor sighed loudly, very sorry.


In the starry sky, Li Qingshan is full of brilliance, illuminating the world. He is like a god and a devil, stepping through the stars, and in the starry sky, he continuously shines brightly, very gorgeous.

“a thought bloomed flower, Monarch Overlooking The Whole World!”

Li Qingshan is invincible, he uses fleshy body to shake the blood essence power of the Emperor, one percent of the Emperor The strength is not something that ordinary Red Dust Immortal can match, but in Li Qingshan, it is not a problem at all.

Blessed by the three thousand Grand Dao, with a clanging sound, Li Qingshan raised his hand and smashed Changsheng Emperor Scripture, then turned around and stepped out, stepping Changsheng Ling under his feet, violently and powerfully, shocking the world.

“This is impossible…” Changsheng Ling roared in shock, making the sound of the sky, resounding throughout the Immortal World.

In Immortal World, the world is watching, and they can’t understand.

Why is Li Qingshan so powerful?

He’s just the Immortal King, even if it’s Red Dust Immortal, that’s not the Emperor.

The gap between Emperor and Immortal King, no one can surpass since ancient times.

But now, Li Qingshan has shown this side, which is extremely terrifying.

β€œWhy is it impossible?” Li Qingshan asked Changsheng Ling indifferently.

“I am the blood essence of Emperor.” Changsheng Ling was trampled under Li Qingshan’s feet. The pain was unbearable, her face flushed red, and the wounds in her body broke out again. If not for a few drops of Emperor blood essence, He was already dead.

“A few drops of blood can crush me, are you thinking too simply?” Li Qingshan said coldly.

“You…” Changsheng Ling looked at Li Qingshan surprised and angry. He struggled with all his might, the blood essence in his body was burning wildly, but it still didn’t help. Li Qingshan’s body was like a Buzhou Mountain, suppressing it. Down, unshakable.

“Stop talking nonsense, just take a look at this world.” Li Qingshan killing intent Ling Ran said, the three thousand Grand Dao in his body poured directly into his body, plundering everything from him.

A Red Dust Immortal, the energy is extremely huge, one of the three thousand Grand Dao devours the Grand Dao.

Can devour a Red Dust Immortal, feed back Li Qingshan, and make his imposing manner more powerful.


The world watched Li Qingshan in the starry sky, killed Changsheng Ling, and exhausted a few drops of Emperor blood essence in his body, that Longevity Great The Emperor’s illusory shadow also slowly dissipated.

Only in the end, Li Qingshan felt that at the moment when the Longevity Great Emperor dissipated, he glanced at him as if he was conscious.

Li Qingshan stood in the starry sky, looking at the Longevity Great Emperor disappearing into smoke, and looking at Changsheng Ling, who was swallowed up under his feet, along with the Longevity Great Emperor, dissipating in the starry sky.

“Longevity Great Emperor, still has consciousness?” Li Qingshan frowned.

“It stands to reason that the Longevity Great Emperor just integrated the blood essence into Changsheng Ling’s body, allowing Changsheng Ling to obtain enormous energy. The Longevity Great Emperor has already fallen, and the Celestial Five Wanings will not appear. Aware of this thing.”

“But just now, Changsheng Ling was swallowed up and died. The Longevity Great Emperor looked towards me with his last glance.”

“These Emperors, Sure enough, it is terrifying, mysterious and secretive, which makes it difficult to explain.”

In the end, Li Qingshan shook his head, he didn’t understand, he simply didn’t want to, for him, the Longevity Great Emperor was already a thing of the past.

After killing people, Li Qingshan wanted to return to Human World. This time the limelight was out of the picture, and he was also worried that it would attract the Emperor.

But just when he wanted to leave the starry sky and return to Immortal World, a big hand suddenly slapped from a distant time and space.


This imposing manner is very scary, much scarier than the Emperor blood essence activated by Changsheng Ling just now.

The terrifying big hand directly tore apart the starry sky and descended on this place.

“It was the Emperor who shot.” Li Qingshan’s heart sank, and as he thought, it really attracted the Emperor’s attack.

There is no need to guess where the black hand comes from. The demonic energy in the imposing manner, which is extremely rich, is obviously the Emperor from Demon Realm.

The hatred between Demon Realm and Immortal Court, but countless, from the very beginning, whether it is Immortal Court or Demon Race, as long as they join, they will bear the original sin.

“Demon Race Emperor is going to kill Li Qingshan!” Daoist Long turned pale in fright, loudly roared, very anxious.

“What should I do, this is the Emperor.” Hua Xiangrong anxiously said, the Emperor shot, can Li Qingshan survive?

“I…I…” Daoist Long was very anxious, he didn’t want Li Qingshan to have an accident, but it was Emperor, he bit his lip, anxious.

Does he want to…

At this moment, all the Great Influences watched calmly.

A lot of people are not surprised that Emperor has a shot.

Li Qingshan is indeed an unprecedented genius, but Beautiful Tree In The Forest, Wind Must Certainly Destroy It, too good people, need Transcending Tribulation.

It’s a mortal catastrophe.

It’s over, and I’m standing in the world Peak.

If you can’t get over it, you can only be a hero for a while.

Apparently, Li Qingshan is going to Transcending Tribulation now.

When he discovered this big black hand, complexion sank, there was no accident, he had already felt it, and someone would definitely cut him out as an Immortal Court genius.


Emperor’s imposing manner is very terrifying, making the starry sky tremble, making the Milky Way rewind, making Grand Dao acknowledge allegiance, and with a big hand, Li Qingshan will be pinched to death.

Even though Li Qingshan just killed Changsheng Ling and defeated the Emperor blood essence, but now, facing the real Emperor, he has more than 3,000 flowers blooming all over his body, like an Othershore, detached from the world, and wants to resist This blow.


However, under the Emperor imposing manner, Li Qingshan’s more than 3,000 Grand Dao flowers were shattered.

Li Qingshan’s body trembled, unbelievable: “The real Emperor, so terrifying?”

This feeling is just like Changsheng Ling felt Li Qingshan’s terrifying just now, All are unmatched.

Li Qingshan immediately wanted to retreat. He ran Space Grand Dao to the extreme, but found that the space was imprisoned and Grand Dao could not go out.

He couldn’t escape.

At this moment, Li Qingshan’s heart continued to decline and fell to the bottom.

This is his first time against the Battle Emperor.

With one arm, Li Qingshan had nowhere to escape.

He’s hard to beat the Emperor.

“You are so proud that an Emperor personally came to kill you!” An indifferent voice sounded in Li Qingshan’s ear, making Li Qingshan hate the teeth.

You kill me and make me proud?

“I’m proud of your family!” Li Qingshan scolded.

“hmph, young and frivolous, act recklessly.” Emperor coldly said, clenching his big hands, directly holding this piece of starry sky in his palm, there is nowhere to escape, Li Qingshan is in it, imprisoned in this a side World.

He tried a lot of things to no avail.

The Great Time Clock is Time Law.

The giant sword has lost its strength and is being repaired all the time.

Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture and Six Paths of Reincarnation in this brief moment, also silent.

Li Qingshan only had to rely on three thousand Grand Dao.

But the Three Thousand Grand Dao is just the Immortal King Realm and cannot match the Emperor.

Li Qingshan is in jeopardy.

The huge palm continues to shrink, World In The Palm keeps collapsing, all around is cracked inch by inch, the world is watching, and many people regret it.

“Such a genius, because he was born in Immortal Court, is about to perish.”

“What about the people in Immortal Court? Help me.”

” Demon Race’s Emperor shot, what about Immortal Court’s Emperor?”

“If you don’t save Li Qingshan now, you will lose face. Who would dare to take refuge in Immortal Court in the future?”

“Don’t think about it, the current Immortal Court is completely abolished, the North Star Great Emperor is dead, and you still count on the remaining two Emperors?”

“Immortal Court even such a shocking and stunning It’s a shame that people can’t keep it,”

All kinds of discussions came in, all of them disappointed with Immortal Court.

Inside Immortal Court, there is also a lot of debate.

“Hurry up and ask the Emperor to take action, Li Qingshan can’t die, he is the hope of Immortal Court.” Red Dust Immortal shouted.

“The Crape Myrtle Emperor Monarch has entered endless void enlightenment, and we can’t contact his old man.” said the old man of Crape Myrtle Imperial Clan.

“What about the Jade Emperor?” Someone asked, very anxious, out of consideration for the future of the Immortal Court, Li Qingshan must also be kept.

“Old Ancestor told us not to contact him as long as the Immortal Court is not destroyed.” The descendant of the Jade Emperor said calmly.

A Red Dust Immortal was shocked when she saw this scene and felt chills all over her body.

Is there any help for Immortal Court like this?

He looked at Li Qingshan in the starry sky with a hint of pity in his eyes.

If this is in other forces, the Great Immortal emperors can’t work together to protect him?

Only in Immortal Court, this Immortal World is named First Great Influence, and no one dares to save it.

Inside the Immortal Court, quarrels continued, and Daoist Long, who was far away in the Longevity Imperial Clan, looked up at the starry sky with a calm expression.

“What should I do? What should I do? How can I save my brother-in-law?” Hua Xiangrong said anxiously, he didn’t know what to do.

That’s the Emperor.

Who can match the Emperor?

Do you just watch your brother-in-law die?

Hua Xiangrong looked towards Daoist Long beside him, but found that Daoist Long browsed tightly frowns at all times, with a very complicated expression on his face.

β€œWhat’s the matter with you?” Hua Xiangrong asked.

“I’ll send you away first, and then go to starry sky to save Li Qingshan.” Daoist Long said softly, stretched out his hand, and a space channel appeared in front of him.

“You’re just the first step of the Immortal King, the Ancient Immortal realm, how can you save your brother-in-law?” Hua Xiangrong looked at Daoist Long in confusion.

“Wait a minute and you’ll find out.” Daoist Long reached out and patted Hua Xiangrong and put her into the space channel. The other end of the channel was far away from Longevity Imperial Clan, so that Hua Xiangrong would not be in danger.

At the other end of the passage, there are several people waiting for Hua Xiangrong.

Then he looked towards the starry sky and sighed: “I thought that struggling on whilst at death’s door would be able to see Immortal Court’s recovery again, but now it seems that time is too late.”


In the starry sky, Li Qingshan was trapped in a field, Emperor’s palms slowly gathered together, it seemed that in the next instant, he would be completely crushed.

At stake.

But at this moment, suddenly, there was a faint sound, which made the starry sky tremble with it.

Under the starry sky with the mighty energy of the Emperor, an old man appeared.

The old man’s face is full of wrinkles and his body is decayed. At first glance, there is only Immortal King Realm first step, Ancient Immortal.

But if you look closely, you will find that this is just an illusion. In the old man’s body, there lives an aging and broken soul, like a complete mirror, which is glued together after being broken.

“Daoist Long!” Li Qingshan watched in surprise at the critical moment.

“An Immortal King, dare to rescue Li Qingshan?” A disdainful voice sounded from the starry sky, rumbling, it was the Emperor’s voice.

Daoist Long is fast, coming from afar, glowing all over, and his face is very calm.

But with every step he took, this world Grand Dao vibrated and Heavenly Stars Revolution trembled.

The rays of light on his body also became more and more splendid. In the process, the Immortal King Realm on his surface faded away, revealing a withered body and a soul full of cracks.

Li Qingshan was very surprised to see this scene, he didn’t expect Daoist Long kernel to be so sad.

The withered body and the cracked soul all show that Daoist Long must have experienced terrifying things in the past years.

“Hey, I’ve been mistaken, are you the genius who almost broke through the Emperor Realm in Immortal Court tens of thousands of years ago?” Squeezing Li Qingshan to death, the voice of the Demon Race Great Emperor resounded under the starry sky, and he recognized Daoist Long.

“Daoist Long almost broke through the Emperor?” Li Qingshan was very surprised. He had been with Daoist Long for so many years and had never heard of it.

“Mo Jiutian, let Li Qingshan go.” Daoist Long said in a tranquil voice.

“You are just a person who failed to break through the Emperor Realm, how dare you say this remark in front of me?” Mo Jiutian dismissed.

“Immortal Court is really lonely. Li Qingshan, a genius, actually let you a loser come to save, those two Emperors, live like a coward.” Mo Jiutian said with a cold laugh.

“Mo Jiutian, let Li Qingshan go.” Daoist Long repeated it again.

“You forcibly broke through the Emperor, suffered a backlash, and still managed to save your life. It is already lucky enough. You will not continue struggling on whilst at death’s door in the second half of your life. Now you are forcibly sublimating, wanting to return to Peak, But what’s the use of that?”

“Your Peak doesn’t have a Breakthrough Emperor, what qualifications do you have to say this in front of me?” Mo Jiutian said coldly.

“Actually, I didn’t fail to break through.” Daoist Long said suddenly.

“What do you mean?” Mo Jiutian said in a strange tone.

“Back then, I also set foot in the Emperor Realm!” Daoist Long exclaimed.

bang! !

The blood in his body was flowing in this brief moment, and his voice was clear and audible, like a rolling river surging, like a sea of fury breaking into the sky.

At this moment, Daoist Long has undergone an amazing change. He continued to walk forward, and each step fell, as if walking against the Time Eternal River.

In the long river of time, Daoist Long stepped on the river and went upstream, his body became young and rejuvenated, and the glued soul gradually became round and smooth.

“Don’t do this.” Li Qingshan’s eyes were blurred and he felt heartache. He knew what Daoist Long was doing at the moment, he was sacrificing himself, and he was returning to Peak.

He is saving Li Qingshan.

This Old Daoist is forcibly tempering the essence of the past, walking against time to restore himself to the most insane state of the past. He wants to fight the Emperor and rescue Li Qingshan.

As a result of this, Daoist Long sacrificed himself.

Maybe a quarter of an hour, maybe 3 minutes, and Daoist Long will turn into dust, destroy both body and soul, and never exist.

At this moment, Li Qingshan realized how powerful Daoist Long’s past was.

Now Li Qingshan is known as Immortal Court number one genius, in the past this name is Daoist Long.

He saw the North Star Great Emperor, he reached the Red Dust Immortal Peak, he began to enlighten, Transcending Tribulation, impact the Emperor Realm.

But for some reason, Daoist Long’s attack on the Emperor ended in failure, and he also suffered backlash, fleshy body withered, and soul broken.

Fortunately, in the end, the fragments of the soul were glued together, and I narrowly escaped.

Since then, Daoist Long has opened up Immortal Court Academy, quietly retreating to the mountains and cultivating various talents for Immortal Court.

Until he met Li Qingshan.

He saw his own shadow in Li Qingshan, but he knew that Li Qingshan was not himself, Li Qingshan was Li Qingshan.

After further contact, I learned that Li Qingshan’s innate talent is terrifying, far superior to him.

Daoist Long began to love talents, making an all-out effort to help Li Qingshan, let him grow up quickly, and save Immortal Court at the last moment.

To accomplish what he did not accomplish that year.

Daoist Long originally thought that he could drag his wreckage to witness that scene.

But now the situation is tense, Li Qingshan is at stake, he must save Li Qingshan.

Therefore, he is extremely sublimated.

Walking against the river of time, back to the moment of the pinnacle in the past.

Daoist Long himself said that he stepped into the Emperor Realm.

Although extremely short-lived, the moment of recovery, and rescued Li Qingshan, and then fought against Mo Jiutian.

At this moment, Daoist Long has been sublimated to the utmost. For this battle, he walked against the time and entered the state of the past.

“You dare to fight me?”

Daoist Long looked at Mo Jiutian in Demon Realm, his tone was calm, without anger or sadness, just a kind of confidence.

He Daoist Long was also an Emperor.

The voice landed, Daoist Long flicks with the finger, and a terrifying energy rushed out, hitting the giant hand covering the starry sky.

bang! ! !

The giant hand shattered in an instant, Li Qingshan was rescued, and he immediately came to Daoist Long’s side.

“Hurry up and take it back, don’t try to sublimate.” Li Qingshan said anxiously.

Daoist Long smiled softly: “Remember to help me take care of Immortal Court in the future.”

“Take care of yourself, don’t try to sublime, let’s go quickly.” Li Qingshan was very anxious .

“It’s too late, I’ll send you away, remember this day, and toast me a glass of wine every year in the future.”

“Actually, I still prefer drinking, but I don’t feel like tea.” Daoist Long said to Li Qingshan secretly, blinked his eyes, then grabbed Li Qingshan and pushed gently, the space exploded, Li Qingshan fell into endless void and disappeared into the starry sky.

In the starry sky, there is only Daoist Long, who is extremely sublimated.

He stepped out, with an astonishing brilliance on his face, extremely confident, shouted: “Dare to fight me?”

Everyone in the Immortal World knows , Daoist Long This is shouting, Mo Jiutian of Demon Race.

“For a short period of extreme sublimation, step into the Emperor Realm, and you want to fight me?” A coldly shouted came from the Demon Realm.

“Dare you?” Daoist Long hands behind ones back, asked directly.

At this moment, everyone watched with bated breath. If others said this remark, they would definitely laugh at it, but Daoist Long walked against the time and came to the pinnacle moment, in this brief moment, he is the Emperor .

The Emperor shouts Emperor.

It’s very exciting.

Daoist Long’s words resounded through the starry sky, his body became younger and younger, rays of light rushed all around, he walked step by step in the starry sky to Demon Realm, his old and cloudy eyes burst out Amazing brilliance.

At the end of the day, the body with qi and blood was disappeared, the old face was transformed, and what was replaced was a body full of vitality, magnificent and detached from the world.

Daoist Long is truly back in his youth.

This scene also made Li Qingshan’s eyes sour, hating himself for being weak.

“Okay, I’ll meet you.” Demon Realm’s Mo Jiutian agreed, and the next second Heaven and Earth rumbled, he really emerged from Demon Realm, descended into the starry sky, imposing unparalleled manner.

“I didn’t expect your Transcending Tribulation to be so difficult back then and you didn’t die, but today you voluntarily die?” Mo Jiutian asked Daoist Long in confusion.

Anyone with discerning eyes can see that Daoist Long has been sublimated for Li Qingshan.

He can continue to live in Immortal World without saving Li Qingshan.

Especially when the Immortal Court people didn’t have a shot, Daoist Long was sublimated to the best of his ability and saved Li Qingshan.

“I don’t want to die either, but you’re pushing hard, that’s the only way.” Daoist Long said.

“For a kid who doesn’t know if he can break through the Emperor, you do this?” Mo Jiutian coldly said.

β€œHe is hope.” Daoist Long said firmly.

Mo Jiutian looked at Daoist Long, just shook the head and didn’t speak.

He knew it was hard to convince an Emperor.

The Emperor powerhouse has come all the way through cultivation, and the philosophy he adheres to will never change.

So no need to say more.

The two Emperors fought instantly.

bang! ! !

The battle broke out, and the results were shocking.

“Traveling all over the green mountains, people are not old!”

Daoist Long swallowed Nine Nether with anger, and displayed his Absolute Art as a young Emperor, although only this in an instant, but also pressed Mo Jiutian’s blood to starry sky.

The battle between the two Emperors, especially the battle of life and death, is different from the battle of Red Dust Immortal that Li Qingshan just fought.

They directly penetrated into the depths of the starry sky, traversing many Star Domains, and the Imposing manner shook the Immortal World until it was disappeared, and the world could no longer see it, but also felt the endless battle remnants. , grandiose, very terrifying.

This battle came and went quickly.

Two Emperors rushed into the depths of the starry sky. There was a rare battle, and it didn’t take a moment or three. After that, only Mo Jiutian from Demon Race came back. He clutched his chest and entered Demon Realm without saying a word.

As for Daoist Long’s life and death, he did not answer.

But the world has speculated that Daoist Long is dead.

Because since this day, Daoist Long has never appeared again. Under the gaze of billions of absolutely innumerable living beings, Daoist Long died instead of Li Qingshan.

(End of this chapter)

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