Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Fishleap At this moment in the sea

This sword qi, which is 90,000 miles long, has amazed the world.

Under the dark night, countless people looked up and saw the most amazing scene in their life.


Heavy rain covered the world behind this sword.

The rain seemed to have washed everything away, and the rumbling thunder also weakened other sounds of the night.

The world seems to be at peace.

But under the calm, undercurrents surging.

But these have nothing to do with Li Qingshan. After Wu Shaobai disappeared completely, he was depressed, returned to the bamboo house, washed and changed clothes, and then took a cup of hot tea and sipped lightly.

He was aftertaste, not the taste of tea, but the taste of Great River Sword Qi.

Although Li Qingshan comprehended Great River Sword Qi, comprehended does not mean that he can achieve Perfection, and he still needs to practice hard.

He never imagined that the Great River Sword Qi could be so powerful.

For him, tonight opens the New World.

Li Qingshan never thought that the Great Venerable expert would be so powerful before, and he never saw the Great Venerable expert take action.

Not to mention the Saint Realm above the Great Venerable realm.

“This is just a comprehended Dao of Saint, how powerful would it be if it was a complete Saint?” Li Qingshan murmured.

both of his hands held the teacup with firm eyes.

He wants to break through early, go see that Saint Realm.

“After tonight, the world will be lively. Heavenly Dao Sect has suffered such a big loss. With their domineering characters, they will definitely not give up, they will make trouble, and the Ascension gate will also be implicated.”

“However, Heavenly Dao Sect’s life is not easy. The Refining Monster Tower is broken, the demon inside, Heavenly Dao Sect’s enemies have all run out, Heavenly Dao Sect is powerless even if he wants to deal with the Ascension Gate, At least until this matter is settled, the Ascension door is still safe.”

β€œIf the Ascension door is safe, I am safe, and the outside world has nothing to do with me, I only need to live in the prosperous cultivation world, Be a hermit.”

Li Qingshan put down the teacup, closed his eyes, absorbed the Spiritual Qi that was boiling between Heaven and Earth, entered the body, nourished the root bone, and enhanced his strength.

His root bone has grown enough to break through the Fishleap realm.

But Li Qingshan didn’t break through immediately.

He lacked an opportunity, in short, lack of understanding of cultivation, the comprehend of Grand Dao.

However, Wu Shaobai has already helped Li Qingshan make up for this lack. He only needs to comprehend Wu Shaobai’s remnants of the sword to break through.

Therefore, Li Qingshan is constantly comprehending.


On the second day, the world outside was really lively, and there were endless discussions, surprises, and speculations.

Great River Sword Qi, Wu Shaobai, Heavenly Dao Sect, ascension door.

These are constantly mentioned by people in the cultivation world.

The world also knows that it is a genius of Ascension Sect 40 years ago, who left behind a trace of soul, comprehend Dao of Saint, this sword cut towards Heavenly Dao Sect.

Heavenly Dao Sect’s Refining Monster Tower broke open, and the escaped demon, peerless genius, also brought shock to this restless world.

It can be said that the cultivation world is a mess.

Even inside the ascension gate, there are constant quarrels and heated discussions about this, for fear that the Heavenly Dao Sect army will overwhelm the realm.

Some people also proposed to apologize to Heavenly Dao Sect, and even give Wu Shaobai’s stone tablet to Heavenly Dao Sect in exchange for Heavenly Dao Sect’s forgiveness.

This proposal is also supported by some Elders.

But it was severely reprimanded by the contemporary Headmaster of the ascension door.

But inside the ascension door, the two voices were split seriously.

This is also a headache for the contemporary Headmaster of the Ascension Gate. He also wants to resist the coercion of the Heavenly Dao Sect, but the Ascension Gate is not a heart now.

He has a headache.

The outside world is noisy, and all kinds of rumors are raging. Wu Shaobai’s sword last night shattered the tranquility of the cultivation world for a long time.

At this moment, there is a lot of noise.

However, Li Qingshan is not affected.

He woke up from the cultivation in the morning, had already weighed the events of last night in his mind, as if nothing had happened, and went to wipe the stone tablet as usual.

Today, Li Qingshan wiped a stone tablet with a lion printed on it.

He thought it was Monster Race’s stone tablet.

But when he took it seriously, it was a big difference.

[You watch carefully, stimulate the max-level comprehension, and comprehend the Fearless Lion Seal! 】

Li Qingshan blinked, a little dazed, this is not the cultivation technique of Monster Race, but the cultivation technique of Buddhism.

In Buddhism, the lion is the mount of many Bodhisattva, and it is also the guardian of Buddhism.

So Fearless Lion Seal is also a powerful attack method of Buddhaism.

Li Qingshan is now comprehended, and it can be handy, after all, he has cultivated Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture.

Use Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture stimulate Fearless Lion Seal, formidable power is stronger.

At the moment of casting, it transforms into a ferocious lion, tearing apart the enemy instantly.

Li Qingshan immediately returned to the bamboo house and wanted to have a good cultivation.

But on the way back, Li Qingshan saw a flower in front of Wu Shaobai’s stone tablet.

“Is anyone here?” Li Qingshan quickly restrained his breath. Outsiders couldn’t see his cultivation realm. This was the hidden method he learned from the stone tablet. Come to check in person, just look at the outside, you can’t see his cultivation.

However, Li Qingshan looked around and found no one else.

“Perhaps, it’s just to give a flower.” Li Qingshan murmured.

Back at the bamboo house, Li Qingshan started the cultivation Fearless Lion Seal, making this his own cultivation technique.

When Li Qingshan finished the cultivation of Fearless Lion Seal, it was night time.

A day goes by like this.

Li Qingshan has accumulated a lot at this moment.

Root bone growth, Spiritual Qi abundant, Dao Law natural.

He can break through the Fishleap realm.

Li Qingshan has completed all the accumulation after absorbing the remnants of Wu Shaobai’s sword last night.

But he wasn’t in a hurry.

Instead, he got up to take a bath and lit the incense until the whole incense burnt out, and the whole person calmed down.

This is in the bamboo house, closing my eyes and meditating.

The set he uses is scholar’s rules.

Before doing a major event, you need to meditate, bathe, burn incense, and do a series of preparations to calm yourself down.

Scholar study is to strengthen one’s own spirit, think big, and get famous.

Li Qingshan’s cultivation is also to strengthen himself, broaden his horizons, and take a look at the Peak.

When the last incense burnt out and the dust fell, Li Qingshan meditated, his head was empty, there was nothing, but he seemed to have everything.

From the beginning of his cultivation, the stars in the sky flickered, casting down infinite rays of light, penetrating the window and falling on him.

The starlight entered the brain, Li Qingshan felt the whole body cool, bathed in the clear moonlight, and the pores of the whole body were absorbing Spiritual Qi frantically.

Behind Li Qingshan, three golden Buddhas appeared, sitting in the void, surrounded by Sun, Moon, and Stars, mysterious.

The three golden Buddha Ancestor with their eyes closed slightly, their knees crossed in a seal, their demeanor is serene, not as solemn as other temples.

Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture, it can be said that among all the cultivation techniques Li Qingshan has comprehended, it is the most mysterious and the most powerful.

With Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture as the basis for all cultivation techniques, Li Qingshan is very relieved.

At this moment, Li Qingshan’s breakthrough plundered Thinking Cliff’s Spiritual Qi.

In the distance, the sea of clouds, rolling white clouds, provides Spiritual Qi.

Li Qingshan’s spirit is empty, he wants to go from Grandmaster Realm, breakthrough to Fishleap realm.

This breakthrough is where water flows, a canal is formed.

It’s like someone fishing, the fish grabs the hook and picks it up.

As for those waiting opportunities before, it is accumulation. When the accumulation is enough, the fish will come naturally.

Now, Li Qingshan is fishing, he accumulated enough, waved his rod, and suddenly mentioned it.

bang bang bang!

Thinking Cliff all around The isolated sea of clouds, surging and boiling, Li Qingshan’s huge psychic energy, caught a “fish”.

Fishleap realm, it is logical, Li Qingshan opened his eyes, the world is completely different.

He could see [Dao] hidden behind Spiritual Qi, like a small fish seeing the sea.

Fishleap is now the sea!

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