Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 130


Chapter 130 Daoist Long’s Past (Subscribe)

After the battle between Daoist Long and Mo Jiutian, the boiling starry sky also calmed down , this turmoil has also been disappeared.

It’s been a great day for many.

First, I witnessed the confrontation between the two Red Dust Immortals. Li Qingshan defeated Changsheng Ling of Longevity Imperial Clan by crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood. Demon Race Emperor, across space, came to starry sky, to kill him.

Then the world saw the most amazing genius of Immortal Court tens of thousands of years ago. He was born, walked against time and space, and returned to Peak. Mo Jiutian fought a battle.

Like splendid fireworks, it amazes the world, but it is fleeting.

In the vast starry sky, the endless stars became fragments, and the Star River hung one after another evaporated on the spot and turned into dust, many stars were ruined, and many galaxies were destroyed.

In the depths of the starry sky, there is Emperor blood flowing, no one knows the details of this battle, but everyone saw Mo Jiutian’s tired expression when he came back, and his body covered with scars.

Some people say that at the last moment, Daoist Long was sublimated to the extreme, and at the extreme end, he was depressed, and finally went into darkness and disappeared.

Some people also said that they saw a group of Fire of Grand Dao burning, destroying all traces at the end of the starry sky.

But anyway, Daoist Long is gone.

He was never seen again after this battle.

At the end of his life, he saved Li Qingshan and sent Li Qingshan away without being discovered by other Emperors.

After a few days of this turmoil, it quickly faded away, but many subsequent debates continue.

Such as the replacement of the Young Great Emperor List.

Immediately after the war, this list was changed to a new order and spread all over the world.

Before Li Qingshan was ranked tenth, at first the world thought it was okay, but Li Qingshan has not been seen for many years, and he has not heard from him for more than ten years. People in the world questioned and thought that Li Qingshan should not be ranked tenth .

This list is updated in a timely manner, and Li Qingshan has been directly promoted from the tenth place to the first place.

Overwhelmed by Primal Chaos Body, Daughter of Phoenix, and Demon Race Heavenly Concubine…

Now the world has no doubts about this list.

They saw Li Qingshan’s record with their own eyes.

It is a Red Dust Immortal realm and can easily crush the same level expert. Even the opponent took out the hole card left by the Longevity Great Emperor, which was easily resolved by Li Qingshan.

If it wasn’t for the Demon Race Emperor’s last shot and control of Li Qingshan, he would have been consecrated directly in this battle today.

Even the Primal Chaos Body, Daughter of Phoenix and Demon Race Heavenly Concubine who were crushed under him had no complaints.

Witnessing the picture of Li Qingshan killing Changsheng Ling in the starry sky, even the extremely conceited Primal Chaos Body was silent.

He is no match for Li Qingshan.

Under a beautiful mountain, there is a majestic building, where the Primal Chaos Body is located. He witnessed Li Qingshan’s battle with his own eyes and sighed: “I am not as good as Li Qingshan for the time being. It seems that it is time to improve myself, and I can’t continue to enlighten.”

Primal Chaos Body elegant and poised, with extraordinary bearing, he can absorb all energy, all Grand Dao dissolves in the body, and he has been like this all these years What I did, I didn’t deliberately improve my strength.

He has been enlightening and absorbing all kinds of energy.

He thought his opponents would only be Daughter of Phoenix and Demon Race Heavenly Concubine.

didn’t expect Li Qingshan to come out and tell him there is Person beyond the Person and there are mountains beyond the mountains.

Li Qingshan’s power made Primal Chaos Body look sideways, and also woke him up. He couldn’t continue to comprehend the Tao, but wanted to improve his own strength.

In Divine Realm.

In Supreme Yang Family, the Daughter of Phoenix hands behind the ones back, looking at the Star River in the distance, and said with a weird face: “Why do I feel that Li Qingshan is very familiar?”

She clearly even Li Qingshan has never met.

It was just that when she was arranging the Young Great Emperor List, she glanced at it and remembered the name.

“It’s strange that Li Qingshan gave me a feeling of dΓ©jΓ  vu. If I didn’t confirm that I had never seen him, I would have suspected that Li Qingshan had been around.” Daughter of Phoenix muttered to himself language.

In a valley of birdsong and fragrant flowers in Immortal World, a woman wearing a black clothed dress has a weird expression.

“Li Qingshan…” The woman said softly.

It wasn’t the first time she heard this name. In the depths of her memory, several decades ago, at that time, it was not the Immortal World, but the Human World in the lower world. One man is Li Qingshan.

She is the Demon Sect Heavenly Concubine.

The name Li Qingshan is both familiar and unfamiliar to Demon Sect Heavenly Concubine.

In the Human World, she just woke up because of the explosion of demonic energy. She was regarded as a great murderer. All the Great Sects came one after another to arrange a great formation to kill her in the cradle.

Demon Sect Heavenly Concubine had no power at that time, because it had just recovered, and the memory had not been fully recovered, so it was trapped in the big formation and had no choice.

In the end, she still used her instinctive charm to seduce a young Disciple, smashed a corner of the big array, and let her out.

After coming out, the Demon Sect Heavenly Concubine, looking for a quiet place to recover from the wounds, and by the way, restore memory and strength.

For the Li Qingshan who was seduced by her, Demon Sect Heavenly Concubine left behind and never thought of it once.

With the gradual recovery, she directly crossed the passage between the two worlds of immortals and mortals and came to Immortal World, followed by cultivation all the way. From then on, there was no Li Qingshan in her world.

Until the Young Great Emperor List appears.

Demon Sect Heavenly Concubine saw the name of Li Qingshan, the tenth place, and suddenly remembered the former teenager.

But she didn’t connect the two at all, just thought it was a coincidence, after all, one was in Immortal World, the other was in Human World, the difference between Heaven and Earth.

Until just now, she looked up at the starry sky, witnessed this battle, and saw Li Qingshan’s appearance.

The Demon Sect Heavenly Concubine was amazed on the spot.

The current Li Qingshan is not much different from the Li Qingshan in her memory. It is nothing more than a calmness and calmness, plus a strong terrifying strength.

Even faster and stronger than she recovered.

“How is this possible?” Demon Sect Heavenly Concubine couldn’t figure out what was going on, which would make an ordinary Human World genius, cultivation base speed soar, and even surpass the reincarnation of Emperor himself.

She is the reincarnation of the Emperor. She has been cultivating without stagnation, but she has just recovered to the Immortal King Third Step, the Imperial Being realm.

It’s a far cry from Fourth Step Red Dust Immortal.

But Li Qingshan has already stood in the Red Dust Immortal realm, fighting against the blood essence of the Battle Emperor, easily defeating the opponent.

The identities between them seem to be reversed.

As if Li Qingshan is the reincarnation of the Emperor, she is the one who suffers from cultivation.

“Unbelievable, Li Qingshan is still alive, so I owe him a life?” Demon Sect Heavenly Concubine suddenly thought of a more terrifying thing.

She owes Li Qingshan her life.

This cannot be changed.

The Demon Sect Heavenly Concubine has the current strength when Li Qingshan sacrificed his life to save her. If Li Qingshan hadn’t been tempted and opened the Formation, the Demon Sect Heavenly Concubine would have died and could not live a second life. .

Whether Li Qingshan was deceived or subjectively willing, Demon Sect Heavenly Concubine owes this favor.

“It’s over, Li Qingshan will be a fatal hole for me when I break through the Emperor.” Demon Sect Heavenly Concubine felt extremely regretful when she thought about it. With Li Qingshan’s current strength and status, she should have How to repay the kindness of this life?

“Headache, headache.” Demon Sect Heavenly Concubine clutched her head, feeling a deep headache.

What should she pay for the kindness of her life?

At this moment, Demon Sect Heavenly Concubine kinda hopes that Li Qingshan will die under Emperor’s hands, so that she doesn’t have to worry about how to repay her kindness.


Immortal World, Immortal Court Academy.

Li Qingshan came back here full of grief, he didn’t expect this time Longevity Imperial Clan and his party, in order to save Xiao Jiu and the others, even took Daoist Long into it.

At the moment when Daoist Long was sublimated to the utmost, Li Qingshan’s eyes were flushed, and he couldn’t hold back, tears poured down like rain.

For Li Qingshan, after coming to Immortal World, the two people who were the best to him passed away one after another.

The first one is General Bai, who regards Li Qingshan as the shadow of his big brother, loves Wu and Wu, and provides help to Li Qingshan unconditionally.

The second is Daoist Long.

He regards Li Qingshan as the savior of the Immortal Court. Every once in a while, he will tell Li Qingshan some anecdotes about the Immortal Court, just to impress Li Qingshan and let Li Qingshan rescue him in the future. Immortal Court.

Or, to help the building fall, bringing the storm to an end.

It is our duty to restore the glory of Immortal Court.

But now, Big Brother Bai died in Emperor Pass and Daoist Long died in starry sky.

Li Qingshan was extremely sad. He returned to Immortal Court Academy and came to the residence of Daoist Long normally. His eyes were lightly red and his heart was sad.

Daoist Long knew his residence well, but Li Qingshan was the first time he came here.

This place is very clean. Daoist Long lives alone. He is very clean and his things are neatly arranged. Most of the books here are books.

A variety of interesting books.

Li Qingshan opened a book in silence, and found that Daoist Long wrote the book himself. His insights into Grand Dao, his insights into the cultivation realm, and his insights into the breakthrough Emperor are all written in above.

Li Qingshan found that, tens of thousands of years ago, Daoist Long high-spirited and vigorous, most of the books here were written in that period.

“Daoist Long is… writing Emperor Scripture!” Li Qingshan read it carefully and came to a conclusion.

Breaking through Red Dust Immortal early, looking forward to Emperor’s Daoist Long, high-spirited and vigorous, in the Red Dust Immortal realm, he began to write his own Emperor Scripture, and he believed that he must enter the Emperor.

In several books, Li Qingshan has seen Daoist Long write about his love for Immortal Court.

His love for Immortal Court is truly etched in the bones.

“Mr. Li Qingshan.” Suddenly, a shout interrupted Li Qingshan and made him turn his head to see that it was an old man with white hair.

Saint Realm, Nourishing Life Lord level.

Li Qingshan looked at him strangely and asked, “Who are you?”

“old man Mu Ran, the dean of Immortal Court Academy.” Mu Ran introduced himself.

“Daoist Long is my Master,” he added.

Li Qingshan was taken aback, and it was ridiculous to say that he had been in the Immortal Court Academy for almost 20 years, and he had never even seen the dean.

β€œWhere are you here?” Li Qingshan asked.

“Organize the Master’s relics.” Dean Mu Ran said.

Li Qingshan’s expression darkened, he took a step back and made way for him.

“Mr. Li Qingshan, you don’t need to be too sad. The Master is dying with a smile. He definitely doesn’t want you to be too sad.” Dean Mu Ran looked at Li Qingshan, persuaded.

Li Qingshan did not speak. He sat in front of Daoist Long’s house and watched Mu Ran clean up inside.

After a long time, Mu Ran took care of all Daoist Long’s life efforts before walking out.

“Tell me about Daoist Long.” Li Qingshan solemnly asked, he suddenly realized that he knew nothing about Daoist Long.

He didn’t know Daoist Long’s past, Daoist Long’s experience, and Daoist Long’s preferences.

Mu Ran Master Li Ran

nominated, sat opposite Li Qingshan and said, “Actually, it has not been happy for tens of thousands of years.”

Master Li looked towards Mu Ran and asked inexplicably. : “Didn’t he laugh a lot?”

“That’s because of you.” Mu Ran said directly.

Li Qingshan looked at Mu Ran in confusion.

“Master was very miserable when he was a child. He came from the bottom of the family, and his parents were not immortal. Although he was well-off in Immortal World, his future was hopeless, and there were often immortal fights, which would affect innocent people. No one dares to seek revenge for these experts.”

β€œMaster, who grew up in such an environment, is very talented, and his parents have no resources. They sent him into some Great Sect, and he traveled through mountains and rivers to come to Immortal Court. .”

“The Master said that when he first came to Immortal Court, what he saw was a thriving, even a weak cultivator who was not immortal like his parents, can be peaceful under the protection of Immortal Court. Life, Immortal Court has guards, patrols the frontier, and does not give those Peak experts a chance to scourge.”

“The Master said that for him, that was the best moment. After he settled his parents, he worked hard cultivation, keep moving forward, he has learned a lot of the advanced knowledge of the Immortal Court, improved his three views, and let him understand that the world is in harmony, and only by maintaining the Immortal Court can we protect those weak cultivators.”

“Master said, Immortal World is not the most aloof and remote experts, but more of the general public. Immortal Court is here, and these general public will be sheltered.”

“This is called, Ann There are tens of thousands of mansions, and the world’s poor people are all happy.”

“Master has always worked so hard.”

Mu Ran said with a hint of sadness.

Li Qingshan closed his eyes and felt grief in his heart. Daoist Long normally looked at carefree, and occasionally it was not reliable, but who knows, he was also an ideal boy once.

“What happened to your Master later?” Li Qingshan asked with his eyes closed.

“Behind, the Master climbed the mountain of cultivation all the way. When he was a hundred years old, he broke through the Immortal King, shocked the Immortal Court, attracted the attention of the North Star Great Emperor, and met the Master.”

“At that time, I had just started apprenticeship, and that was the only time in my life that I saw the Master smile so happily.”

“The Master communicated with the North Star Great Emperor for seven days, and he came back seven days later. , he worked harder, and he began to carefully organize his life, write various documents, and record his growth.”

“This process took three hundred years.”

“Three hundred years later, Master breakthrough to Red Dust Immortal!”

“Red Dust Immortal realm, Master became the genius of Immortal Court hot enough to scald one’s hands, countless people wanted to recruit him, but he didn’t join any of them, just working under the North Star Great Emperor, At that time, the Master tried his best to revise the Immortal Court’s Skyline, he believed that the Skyline had decayed and could not adapt to the new era and needed reform, bringing forth the new through the old.”

“That is because of this. In this case, the Master offended a group of Imperial Clan descendants, and they all impeached the Master, believing that he was corrupting the foundation of the Immortal Court.”

“But the Master ignored them and still did his own thing.”

“He spent hundreds of years in the heart of Immortal Court, and I watched the Master’s emotional decline during those years.”

“In the end, he seems to have lost his interest in Immortal Court. With confidence, he took the initiative to step down from Immortal Court, began to work hard on cultivation, and prepared to break through the Emperor.”

“It was just that night when he broke through, I wasn’t by my side, he seemed to be in a lot of trouble. I don’t know, but then I saw an autobiography written by the Master, he said that the North Star Great Emperor came that night, repaired his broken soul and saved his life.”

“Since then Later, the Master created Immortal Court Academy and made me the dean. He was completely silent, neither happy nor sad, and I never saw him get excited again.”

“Until I met you! ”

Mu Ran looked towards Li Qingshan with deep envy in his eyes.

He also wanted to make the Master excited for him, and he also wanted to make the Master happy for him, proud of him, proud of him.

But his innate talent, which is Immortal King Realm in this life, cannot meet the requirements of the Master.

“What did Daoist Long like about me?” Li Qingshan asked in confusion. When he came to Immortal Court Academy, his cultivation base was very low.

“The Master’s privilege over you made me very confused. Once I asked the Master, what do you value about you?”

“The Master told me that he was on you and saw Hope!”

“I still remember that time when the Master picked you up from Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield, he smiled so happily, for tens of thousands of years, he has never been so happy.”

“The last time I was so happy was when the North Star Great Emperor met the Master.”

“That’s why I said, the Master will protect you no matter what, I just hope you don’t live up to the Master’s expectations .”

Mu Ran said to Li Qingshan, stood up, took out a book written by Daoist Long and handed it to Li Qingshan.

“This is the diary written by the Master. He doesn’t often write in the old man’s house. Only when a major event occurs, he will record it. Let’s take a look.” Mu Ran put the book on the table and left here. .

Li Qingshan sat alone, looking at the yellowed diary, and reached out to open the first page.

The first page records the visit to the North Star Great Emperor.

This diary is full of the excitement of young people, seeing idols, and seeing the most powerful group of people in Immortal World, which can be seen from the writing.

Daoist Long in his youth was really high-spirited and vigorous.

Li Qingshan flipped through the Second Chapter diary.

This is written on the internal contradiction of Immortal Court, which has faded from the immaturity of his youth, and he is very worried about the situation of Immortal Court in his words. He said that according to the development of the ancient Rule, Immortal Court can only go to death.

The third diary is still written about the internal contradictions of the Immortal Court, the words are true, the heart of the fist, Li Qingshan can see that the teenager who was deeply trapped in the vortex of the Immortal Court back then, writing at his desk, Burnt out.

The Fourth Chapter Diary…

The Fifth Diary…

All the way to the tenth diary, it’s all about the internal affairs of Immortal Court.

It can be seen that the Daoist Long of that year, for the Immortal Court, was devastated and tried every means to revitalize the Immortal Court.

But in the 11th diary, Li Qingshan saw Daoist Long’s frustration.

“With a group of insects, it is impossible to build a new Immortal Court. If you want to rebuild a new order, you need to break the old order and rebuild the universe, which requires the strength of the Emperor.”

From In this diary, it can be seen that Daoist Long has been deeply disappointed by the group of vegetarians in Immortal Court. He has no desire to improve Immortal Court with the system. What he wants is to reduce the dimension and attack!

I am the Immortal King, reforming the Immortal Court, you are blocking everywhere, then I am the Immortal Emperor?

How dare you stop it?

I am afraid that when the time comes Jade Emperor wants to stop, you have to think about it?

Having figured out this place, Daoist Long, started wholeheartedly cultivation, he wanted to break through the Emperor.

Li Qingshan continued to open Twelfth’s diary and wrote a sentence on it.

“Breakthrough failed, it turns out… Immortal Court still has such a secret.”

Li Qingshan frowned, what secrets are there inside Immortal Court? Is this secret related to the failure of Daoist Long breakthrough?

He suppressed his doubts and flipped through the next diary.

In this diary, only a few words were written.

“I found new hope!!!”

“This should be written recently, the span between twelve diaries and thirteen diaries, tens of thousands of years …”

Li Qingshan suddenly realized in his heart that the former Daoist Long had lost hope.

Until he met Li Qingshan, he saw hope.

A young man who is even more talented than him, with a clean background and a simple personality, he is still from Immortal Court.

It was a gift from God to solve the Immortal Court problem.

Therefore, Daoist Long is very important to Li Qingshan.

He would protect Li Qingshan even at the cost of his life.

After reading it, Li Qingshan spat out one mouthful of impure air, and felt sad in his heart. He wanted to continue reading the diary, but he no longer had it, and he will never again.

Li Qingshan put away the diary, looked all around, wiped a tear from the corner of his eyes, and said, “Daoist Long, your wish will come true eventually.”


Li Qingshan returned to the cliff.

He was in a heavy heart and wanted to be alone for a while, but on the top of the mountain, a woman saw Li Qingshan early, screamed and moved towards Li Qingshan excitedly.

“big brother…”

The kind, sweet cry, which I haven’t heard for more than ten years, made Li Qingshan refreshed.

Yeah, Xiao Jiu they soared.

He was so sad because of Daoist Long’s sacrifice that he forgot about it.

Looking at Xiao Jiu who was flying over, Li Qingshan opened his hands, the next second, Xiao Jiu rushed directly into Li Qingshan’s arms, hugged Li Qingshan excitedly, and said excitedly: “big Brother, big brother, big brother…”

It’s been almost 20 years since Xiao Jiu’s longing was overflowing. She hugged Li Qingshan and pressed against Li Qingshan’s chest, falling uncontrollably. tears.

She has never been separated from her big brother for so long.

She really misses big brother.

Li Qingshan suppressed the sadness in her heart, smiled softly, patted Xiao Jiu’s back, and said gently, “You’re all a big girl, and you still cry like this, how can you marry in the future?”

Xiao Jiu wiped his tears and snot with Li Qingshan’s clothes in embarrassment, and hummed: “If you can’t get married, you will support me for a lifetime, and I will be an old girl for a lifetime.”

Li Qingshan felt in his heart Very warm, he said to Xiao Jiu, “Okay, I will support you for the rest of your life. If you don’t marry, I won’t force you.”

“Big brother, I really miss you in Human World. , I was worried that big brother would be in danger in Immortal World, but I also thought that big brother is so talented, he will definitely make a name for himself in Immortal World. Sure enough, as soon as I came to Immortal World, I saw big brother slaughter all sides. It’s the Immortal King.” Xiao Jiu raised his head and looked at Li Qingshan proudly, with a bright smile on his face, clearing the haze in Li Qingshan’s heart.

“You also said that you were almost taken into the bridal chamber.” Li Qingshan reached out and pinched Xiao Jiu’s nose, said ill-humoredly.

“Then I’m not new to Immortal World. I don’t know much about it. I believe what people say.” Xiao Jiu said aggrieved.

“Okay, don’t stay in my arms anymore, others are watching.” Li Qingshan said.

Xiao Jiu was reluctant to part Li Qingshan’s embrace, and then saw a white radiance, rushing into Li Qingshan’s arms, with a big tail wrapped around Li Qingshan.

“Small Fox, you haven’t changed shape yet.” Li Qingshan said in surprise, he didn’t expect to be in the Immortal Realm world, and Small Fox hasn’t changed shape yet.

“I miss you so much!” Small Fox didn’t answer Li Qingshan, but licked Li Qingshan’s palm and said reliance.

Li Qingshan reached out and rubbed Small Fox’s hair, and said, “I miss you too, why have you been using it for so long? I thought you should have soared a few years earlier.”


Xiao Jiu helplessly said: “We have to be perfect, the Five Ghosts breakthrough speed is a bit slow, we have to wait for them.” Qingshan, bowed and said, “Master!”

Li Qingshan looked at the Five Ghosts, the creatures he created with his own hands, and now they are all Immortal Realm world, incredible.

At the beginning of the Human World Thinking Cliff, Five Ghosts was just a group of ideas, no one didn’t expect, and now, Five Ghosts have become immortals.

“It’s just right, my cliff has not been cleaned for many years, and it will belong to you in the future.” Li Qingshan smiled calmly, hugging Small Fox and said.

Five Ghosts had a happy face, and hurriedly agreed, very happy that they could follow Li Qingshan again.

The feeling of the past is back again.

Li Qingshan finally looked towards Awei.

Awei said with a look of guilt: “Sir, this time is my mistake. I let Mr. risk alone, and made Mr.’s friend fall.”

Li Qingshan smiled warmly, and reached out his hand to patted Awei, said: “It’s none of your business, many coincidences in Human World are all unintentional mistakes, you can do it when you are safe, then do a good cultivation, come to Immortal World, and give full play to your innate talent, you are my favorite. Disciple.”

“Sir, I will.” Awei was firm, knowing that Li Qingshan was comforting him, so he was not hypocritical.

Li Qingshan holds Small Fox in his arms, followed by Xiao Jiu, looking towards Five Ghosts and Awei, and Hua Xiangrong.

“Let me introduce you, this is Hua Xiangrong.” Li Qingshan stretched out his hand and introduced Hua Xiangrong.

Xiao Jiu They both looked towards Hua Xiangrong.

“Hello Xiao Jiu, your big brother is my brother-in-law.” Hua Xiangrong said with a smile.

Xiao Jiu looked at Li Qingshan in surprise: “Brother, I have a sister-in-law?”

Small Fox in Li Qingshan’s arms immediately looked at Hua Xiangrong vigilantly , looked at Li Qingshan again, with a look of remorse.

She knew it.

A world apart.

Sure enough, another woman hooked her favorite master away.

Small Fox was so angry that he wanted to scratch people, but he was reluctant to hurt Li Qingshan, so he could only look at Li Qingshan angrily.

Five Ghosts and Awei also watched in amazement.

Li Qingshan was calm and composed, saying: “You have a sister-in-law, but I don’t know where it is now.”

(End of this chapter)

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