Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 131


Chapter 131 How to resurrect Daoist Long? (Please subscribe to the monthly pass)

Xiao Jiu was at a loss when he heard Li Qingshan’s words, what is a sister-in-law, but don’t know where?

“Big brother, what does my sister-in-law look like? Is she beautiful?” Xiao Jiu asked curiously.

“I don’t know.” Li Qingshan shook his head.

“How come you don’t know?” Xiao Jiu was incomprehensible and felt that Li Qingshan didn’t want to say anything.

“Okay, it’s about the big brother, so don’t ask.” Li Qingshan didn’t want to answer these questions. The matter between him and Hua Yun couldn’t be explained in a few words, and he didn’t know anything about it now. The mood explains these.

“Since we have come to Immortal World now, it is the right way to live here, cultivate well and improve ourselves.” Li Qingshan said seriously.

“I see.” Seeing Li Qingshan’s seriousness, Xiao Jiu agreed obediently.

“Xiao Jiu younger sister, you can live with me. I live on the mountain next door, among the flowers, and the scenery is pleasant. Don’t disturb my brother-in-law, let him be alone.” Hua Xiangrong pulled Xiao Jiu hand, said kindly.

Xiao Jiu did not agree, but looked towards Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan is calm and nodded, living with Hua Xiangrong, there is really no problem.

“Awei, you and Five Ghosts are living in a bamboo sea in the distance, living in a hut, quiet culture, come and ask me if you don’t understand anything.” Li Qingshan pointed to the bamboo sea in the distance and said .

“Yes, sir!” Awei agreed immediately, and took Five Ghosts over to build a bamboo house.

“Xiao Jiu younger sister, let me take you to see the sea of flowers.” Seeing this, Hua Xiangrong took Xiao Jiu to leave together. She saw that Li Qingshan needed to be quiet.

Xiao Jiu also saw it and left with Hua Xiangrong obediently. She really wanted to ask Hua Xiangrong about the relationship between her big brother and her elder sister.

On the top of the mountain, only Li Qingshan and Small Fox are left.

Small Fox looked at Li Qingshan, massaged Li Qingshan’s chest with his little paws, and said softly, “You’re not happy.”

Li Qingshan lay on the chair, closed his eyes, Said: “I just want to be quiet.”

“Don’t be sad, people can’t be resurrected, everything has to look forward.” Small Fox whispered comforted.

“I know, don’t worry about me, I have experienced more than you, but you, why have you reached the Immortal Realm world and haven’t changed shape yet?” Li Qingshan opened his eyes and looked at him strangely. Small Fox.

Small Fox hearing this collapsed, lying on Li Qingshan listless, said decadently: “I don’t make it~”

“I also want to change shape, but until now, I The nine tails fox bloodline restricts the Monster Race bloodline, I can’t break free, I can only maintain this, so annoying.” Small Fox said sadly.

She had long wanted to disguise herself as a human woman, to accompany Li Qingshan, so that she could capture Li Qingshan just and honourable.

She doesn’t want to be kept as a pet all the time.

Especially now that there is a mysterious woman who has successfully succeeded, she is even more urgent.

However, the more urgent she is, the less she can transform.

This made Small Fox so anxious that it made a decision.

“It shouldn’t be, even if you are a nine tails fox with a rich bloodline, you should transform into the Immortal Realm world.” Li Qingshan felt strange, he reached out and stroked Small Fox, Immortal Qi penetrated Go in, explore Small Fox’s bloodline, and let Small Fox squint comfortably, leaving the depression behind.

“Strange.” Li Qingshan shook his head helplessly after searching the Small Fox bloodline.

Small Fox’s bloodline is fine, as she says.

The bloodline of the nine tails fox surrounds the human bloodline, rendering her unable to change shape.

“It stands to reason that you are now in the Immortal Realm world, you can control the bloodline yourself, and switch between humans and Monster Race.” Li Qingshan asked Small Fox strangely.

Small Fox complained: “I tried it, but it didn’t work, the bloodline of the nine tails fox is too powerful, I couldn’t mobilize it at all, and as my cultivation base became stronger and stronger, the bloodline became more and more powerful. The more intense it is, it makes me very distressed.”

“What the hell do I have to do to change shape?” Small Fox said pitifully.

Li Qingshan pondered for a moment and said, “You just entered the Immortal World. Next, convert the Spiritual Qi in your body into Immortal Qi and see if you can control the bloodline.”

“If Why not?” Small Fox asked.

Li Qingshan looked at Small Fox and said, “If it doesn’t work, I can only take you to a place to find out if there is an answer.”

“Where?” Small Fox’s eyes lit up, looking at Li Qingshan with anticipation.

β€œMonster Realm!” Li Qingshan said.

He couldn’t help but think of Fox Maiden he met at Heaven’s Chosen Battlefield and Divine Realm.

The other party is of the same race as Small Fox. Although it is not as powerful as the Small Fox bloodline, she also has eight tails. She successfully transformed into a beautiful, Heavenly Immortal and charming.

In Monster Realm, Fox Race is also a large group, with a lot of power, expert as clouds, although there is no Emperor, but there is also Red Dust Immortal.

There may be a way to help Small Fox solve its bloodline problems in Fox Race, after all, their inheritance has never been broken.

Speaking of inheritance, Li Qingshan immediately remembered that the fate Grand Dao that he had always lacked was in Small Fox’s inherited memories.

He had an idea and asked Small Fox: “You said earlier that in inherited memories, there was a generation of Nine Tailed Monster Fox, the comprehended fate Grand Dao?”

Small Fox looked at Li Qingshan, Nodding gently, he said, “There is one.”

“Then you comprehended the fate of Grand Dao?” Li Qingshan continued to ask.

“No, that’s too complicated, more complicated than any Grand Dao. I just looked at it, and my eyes blurred, so I didn’t realize it after my initial research.” Small Fox shook his head, In order to break through quickly, she came to Immortal World as soon as possible, the cultivation was other Grand Dao, and she gave up the fate Grand Dao.

The fate of Grand Dao is very complicated. If she comprehends it seriously, I am afraid that she will not be able to soar without three thousand years.

Let Small Fox stay in the Human World for three thousand years and she’ll go crazy.

Li Qingshan hugged Small Fox, lay on the rocking chair, and said softly: “Then tell me, what is the fate of Grand Dao?”

“I All I know is that the fate of a Grand Dao can crush other Grand Dao and turn everything upside down, very domineering.” Small Fox said.

“What is the origin of the Nine Tailed Monster Fox who realized the fate of the Grand Dao?” Li Qingshan asked curiously.

“I can’t tell you either. Do you want to see it for yourself? I’ll share with you the inherited memories that I can see.” Small Fox said to Li Qingshan with a smile on his face.

“Okay.” Li Qingshan immediately agreed with a happy expression on his face.

Come on!

Small Fox kissed Li Qingshan without saying a word, and a pink energy poured into Li Qingshan’s body, which lifted his spirits and brought him to a dreamlike world.

This world is floating, standing in it, as if coming to the sea, on a giant ship, swaying with the wind.

Li Qingshan saw a young girl beside her.

The girl is as beautiful as Heavenly Immortal, with a pink gauze over her body, so beautiful that Li Qingshan’s eyes shine.

Beautiful appearance, slender body and sebum-like skin.

This kind of beauty should not appear in the Human World, making Li Qingshan feel unreal, a woman without flaws, such as the reincarnation of Luoshen.

She is smiling lightly, making the bright moon dull, making the stars disappear, everything in the world has lost its luster, only she is bright and beautiful.

“You are… Small Fox?” Li Qingshan asked in surprise.

“Yeah, am I beautiful?” Small Fox smiled and leaned close to Li Qingshan, staring at Li Qingshan with bright eyes, the brilliance inside.

Li Qingshan took a breath, took a step back, pulled away, and looked at Small Fox, this is really beautiful.

The eight monster foxes are already amazing enough to make Saint Sovereign Child obsessed, so wouldn’t the Nine Tailed Monster Fox be against the sky?

This is what Li Qingshan thought before.

Now, the promise has appeared.

Small Fox turned into a human, and it was amazing.

Li Qingshan has seen quite a few beauties, such as Hua Xiangrong, Fox Maiden, Xiao Jiu, Heavenly Emperor, Daughter of Phoenix…

These women are all stunning in the world, so that Thousands of men are crazy, but there is no one like Small Fox, which makes Li Qingshan amazed at first sight, and still amazed when he sees it.

“What are you afraid of?” Small Fox watched Li Qingshan step back, giggled, patted his chest, and looked at him coquettishly.

Nine Tailed Monster Fox, Innate Charming Bone, don’t need to learn, she can arouse the emotions of men with every smile, sadness and joy.

This is the skill of hitting the womb.

“It’s no wonder that in ancient times, Nine Tailed Monster Fox was described as bringing calamity to the country and the people. It does have such ability.” Li Qingshan looked at Nine Tailed Monster Fox and sighed with emotion.

“That group of emperors couldn’t control it and depended on us.” Small Fox said, then looked at Li Qingshan, suddenly approached, and said ambiguously: “I’m talking, you don’t either. Jiangshan asked me to bring calamity to the country and the people.”

Li Qingshan coughed, distanced himself from Small Fox, and said, “How did you change shape?”

“This is my inheritance space, this is my soul, the soul is not affected by bloodline, so I can switch human form here, but not in the outside world.” Small Fox helplessly said.

“Let’s go, I’ll take you to see the Grand Dao of that senior’s fate.” Small Fox hugged Li Qingshan’s arm and pulled him forward.

Li Qingshan and Small Fox entered into this inheritance space together.

A towering tree, growing in the Central Zone, with luxuriant branches and leaves.

On this big tree, there are countless dreamy fruits hanging, which are very beautiful and attract Li Qingshan’s attention.

“Every fruit here is an inheritance left by a nine tails Senior Hu.” Small Fox introduced.

Li Qingshan suddenly realized that in Monster Realm, Fox Race has never cut off inheritance, so naturally the nine tails fox has not cut off, and the bloodline of nine tails fox is not passed down from generation to generation, but random.

Just like Small Fox, her father is Wu Shaobai, her mother is a Fox Race woman, she has never been to Immortal World, she has been in Human World, but gave birth to Small Fox, but awakened nine tails fox bloodline .

It can be seen that the nine tails fox bloodline is not hereditary.

It’s a random awakening.

“Did you get these inheritances after awakening the Nine Tailed Monster Fox bloodline?” Li Qingshan asked curiously.

“No.” Small Fox shook his head and explained carefully: “In each period, no matter how many bloodlines of Nine Tailed Monster Fox are awakened, only one gets inheritance, and the others only have bloodline and no inheritance.”

“That is to say, before you die, even if others awaken the nine tails fox bloodline, they will not be able to obtain these inheritances?” Li Qingshan was surprised, didn’t expect such a story.

“Yes, even if I die, the inherited memories will not be acquired by those nine tails bloodlines who have awakened, but by the next generation of nine tails bloodlines.” Small Fox denomination.

“Then there are so many dreamy fruits on this tree, which one is the Grand Dao of destiny?” Li Qingshan asked.

“This one!” Small Fox pointed out, in the center of the tree, there is a very dreamy fruit, itself a pink, it seems to contain a universe, brilliant lights and vibrant colors, very Profound.

β€œHow can we comprehend the destiny of Grand Dao inside?” Li Qingshan asked.

“I don’t know, I just touched it, and I was instilled with some fur. But although it is fur, it is like Heavenly Book to me, and I can’t understand it at all.”Small Fox whispered .

Li Qingshan tried to touch it with his hand after listening.

The fruit is unresponsive.

“This move is useless for me.” Li Qingshan said softly.

“Then what should I do? Do you want to pick the fruit and eat it?” Small Fox’s eyes shined, and he said seriously, for Li Qingshan, she is willing to do it, what inheritance, what senior dao fruit , she will bring it to Li Qingshan without the slightest hesitation.

“Wait, I’ll do it myself, don’t disturb me, let me try it out in peace.” Li Qingshan stopped Small Fox, it’s useless if you take it off, it will damage the fate of Grand Grand Dao, is unacceptable to Li Qingshan.

It was difficult for him to meet the shadow of the fate of Grand Dao. If he didn’t catch it, he would really cry to death.

Li Qingshan wants to break through the Immortal King and enter the Emperor, he must comprehend all the three thousand Grand Dao.

He is now only a matter of fate Grand Dao.

Now the fate of Grand Dao is at hand, and he must grasp it.

Small Fox knew that Li Qingshan’s perception was very difficult to deal with, so he immediately stepped back, moved away, and let Li Qingshan comprehend it alone.

In front of this huge inheritance tree, Li Qingshan stood with his hands behind his back, looking at the fruit that contained the Grand Dao of destiny, watching carefully, Primordial Spirit Power wrapped the fruit, trying to comprehend.

But the fruit was tight, and there was no chance for Li Qingshan to penetrate.

Li Qingshan is not discouraged, keep trying.

gradually, he sank into it.

Small Fox kept looking at Li Qingshan’s back with a contented expression, thinking how wonderful it would be for this moment to last forever.

In this space, Li Qingshan is always hers alone.

Unfortunately, she can’t change shape yet.

Small Fox felt puffed up at the thought of this, and his chest went big.


Li Qingshan doesn’t know how long he has been observing and comprehending here.

The fruit still didn’t let him infiltrate, but Li Qingshan didn’t have no harvest. He put the fruit in a transparent plate. Through the outside, he could see the core, and he saw a portal inside.

A portal similar to the Gate of Heavenly Emperor Profound Valley.

In the fruit, ups and downs, exudes a wonderful charm.

[You watch carefully, stimulate the max-level comprehension, and spy on the Gate of Destiny! ]

A line of words appeared in front of Li Qingshan’s eyes.

He was refreshed and checked immediately.

The portal in the fruit should be the Gate of Destiny.

This time, Li Qingshan peeped at the fruit again and found that he could easily enter without any obstacles.

Li Qingshan was overjoyed, the Primordial Spirit erupted immediately, poured into the fruit, and brought out the ups and downs of the Gate of Destiny.


As soon as the Gate of Destiny came out, it intimidated all around, and with a bang, Small Fox woke up, wiped off the non-existent saliva, and she fell asleep waiting.

“What’s wrong?” Small Fox, who woke up, immediately asked Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan replied immediately: “Nothing happened, I just got the Gate of Destiny out of the fruit.”

“Gate of Destiny…” Small Fox took a closer look , it really is a portal, after breaking away from the fruit, it becomes normal, and in front of Li Qingshan, it floats calmly.

“That’s it, it was the one that gave me a bit of Destiny Grand Dao before, like Heavenly Book, I don’t understand.” Small Fox said, pointing to the Gate of Destiny.

Li Qingshan calmly looked at the Gate of Destiny in front of him. It was ups and downs. The door was engraved with various mysterious characters.

“The Grand Dao of Destiny should be right behind the portal.” Li Qingshan reached out and touched the Gate of Destiny, which was very textured. After touching it, in Li Qingshan’s mind, Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture and Six Paths of Reincarnation, they all recovered, causing a shock.

“Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture and Six Paths of Reincarnation are very wary of Gate of Destiny!” Li Qingshan observed that they were wary of Gate of Destiny.

“Interesting, then I must put the Gate of Destiny in the Sea of Consciousness, and calm them down.” Li Qingshan made up his mind.

He said to Small Fox, “I’ll take the Gate of Destiny, don’t you mind?”

“Don’t mind, don’t mind at all, mine is yours, you If I take it away, I can’t understand it again.” Small Fox happily said with a smile, she was very happy to be able to help Li Qingshan.

“Okay.” Li Qingshan reached out and stroked Small Fox’s head, then included the Gate of Destiny in the Sea of Consciousness.

The Gate of Destiny did not resist and let Li Qingshan take it away.


In Li Qingshan’s Sea of Consciousness, there are already two mysterious cultivation techniques, Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture and Six Paths of Reincarnation. There are also three thousand Grand Dao, transformed into Grand Dao Ancestral Dragon, roaming in it.

Originally, these Grand Dao played their own way, and no one cared about the other, but as the Gate of Destiny came in and was pressed into the boundless Sea of Consciousness, the three thousand Grand Dao immediately came over, Like a homeless child who found a home, surrounded by the Gate of Destiny, very excited.


At this moment, Gate of Destiny also accepted the other 2,999 Grand Dao, let them surround itself, and then occupied the very center of Sea of Consciousness Location.

Gate of Destiny by the strength of oneself, squeezes Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture and Six Paths of Reincarnation aside.

Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture and Six Paths of Reincarnation are not opponents of Gate of Destiny at all. After being pushed aside, they abandoned their previous grievances and chose to join forces to resist the impact of Gate of Destiny.

Li Qingshan watched this scene with a cold eye, and had a new understanding of the power of Gate of Destiny.

It is worthy of being the gateway to store 3,000 Grand Dao No. 1, powerfully suppressing Li Qingshan’s Sea of Consciousness.

Li Qingshan now has various treasures in his body, some of which are key to him, some of which he has yet to understand.

Such as Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture and Six Paths of Reincarnation, as well as Great Time Clock in dantian, giant sword, Enlightenment Tea Tree.

So there is one more Gate of Destiny, and nothing at worst.

“As long as you open the Gate of Destiny, you can understand the fate of the Grand Dao!” Li Qingshan looked at the closed Gate of Destiny, and his heart was clear.

He is now infinitely close to the fate of Grand Dao.

As long as he opens the Gate of Destiny and he realizes the Grand Dao of destiny, it will be easy.

And once the comprehended fate Grand Dao, Three Thousand Grand Dao Perfection, he can step into the Emperor Realm.

“So next, what I have to do is to comprehend continuously and open the Gate of Destiny. Once I comprehend all the Grand Dao of Destiny, it will be a new starting point.” Li Qingshan’s eyes were bright, he said Exiting from Sea of Consciousness, saw Small Fox’s concerned face.

“How is it, have you understood the fate of Grand Dao?” Small Fox asked with concern as he was about to stick to Li Qingshan’s body.

“Not yet, but I have found a way. If you follow this path, you will definitely find a way.” Li Qingshan said with a slight smile.

“That’s good, I finally helped you. You are taking care of me until now, and I want to help you too.” Small Fox said happily.

Li Qingshan warmed his heart and said, “You are definitely the best for me. In this world, I am afraid that only you can help me.”

“I’m so important to you.” Small Fox grinned happily.

“Well, very important.” Li Qingshan nods.

Small Fox giggled happily, and Li Qingshan gave her a little warmth, and she could be happy for a long time.

“Let’s go, let’s go out first.” Li Qingshan said to Small Fox.

“Okay.” Small Fox didn’t really want to go out, she was going to be a fox again after going out.

But Li Qingshan has been in the inheritance space for a long time.

It’s time to go out too.


Li Qingshan and Small Fox left the inheritance space and returned to the real world.

Back to the real world, Li Qingshan pointed and calculated that half a month had passed.

“Aiya, I’ve become a fox again.” Small Fox’s mournful voice sounded, she raised her snow-white paws, gestured, and looked unhappy.

“It doesn’t matter, I’ll take you to Monster Realm after a while, and look for the people from Fox Race. They should have a way.” Li Qingshan stroked Small Fox’s hair and said.

“When?” Small Fox asked eagerly.

“Not for the time being. If I leave Immortal Court Academy now, it will be a disaster once I’m discovered.”

“At least until I realize the fate of Grand Dao. Only then can I go to the Monster Realm.” Li Qingshan thought about it seriously, he really shouldn’t be wandering in the Immortal World now, Daoist Long sacrificed his life to save her, if he goes out again and is found by the Emperor, who can save him this time?

“Okay, okay, I’ll wait, anyway, so many years have passed.” Small Fox said listlessly, then jumped off Li Qingshan.

“I don’t want to disturb your cultivation, I also want to transform Spiritual Qi on my body into Immortal Qi, and try to become stronger.” Small Fox cheered himself up, entered Li Qingshan’s yard, and found a room room to start cultivation.

Li Qingshan witnessed all this, smiled lightly, sat up seriously, and thought.

“Daoist Long sacrificed his life to save me, I will work hard for cultivation and strive for an early breakthrough Emperor.” Li Qingshan thought firmly.

Just got the Gate of Destiny again, as long as you open this gate, the Grand Dao of destiny is at your fingertips.

Li Qingshan is ready to start, another long retreat.

But just as he was about to retreat, a familiar shout came.

“Li Qingshan big brother, someone from Immortal Court wants to see you.”

This shout came from the bottom of the mountain.

Li Qingshan turned his head and saw that it was Aman.

He frowned and said calmly: “Let the people of Immortal Court go back, I don’t want to see them.”

Amen heard Li Qingshan’s words, and after a moment of hesitation, they shouted: ” Li Qingshan big brother, they said about the Master, they want to talk to you.”

Aman’s master is Daoist Long.

At the beginning, Li Qingshan reminded Daoist Long to pay attention to Aman’s innate talent. After Daoist Long checked it, he accepted Aman as a student, took him with him, and gave him advice.

So Aman called Daoist Long as Master without any problem.

“Immortal Court people are here, talking about Daoist Long, want to talk to me?” Li Qingshan frowned, Daoist Long has fallen, what else is there to talk about?

But Li Qingshan decided to meet just in case.

He got up from the rocking chair, stepped out of Space Change and came to Aman’s side.

β€œWhere are the people in Immortal Court?” Li Qingshan asked Aman.

“Li Qingshan big brother, the Immortal Court people are in the parlour, I’ll take you there.” Aman immediately led the way ahead, and took Li Qingshan to the Immortal Court Academy’s parlour.

When Li Qingshan came to the living room, he only saw a potbellied old man, the old man with white hair and youthful face, medium build, with a big belly and a laughed face, hurried after seeing Li Qingshan He stood up, paid respect with both hands, and said, “I have seen Mr. Li Qingshan!”

“Who are you? Why did you come to the Academy first to find me?” Li Qingshan asked with a frown.

β€œI am from the Zhang Family descended from Imperial Clan. My name is Zhang Qingsheng. I have come to visit Mr. Li Qingshan by patriarch order.” Zhang Qingsheng said generously.

A descendant of the Imperial Clan Zhang Family?

Li Qingshan immediately thought of an Emperor.

The Central Jade Emperor.

He was originally surnamed Zhang, named Bai Ren.

It’s just that after becoming the Emperor, the name of the Central Jade Emperor overshadowed his own.

However, his descendants are unlikely to inherit the name of Central Jade Emperor and can only follow him surnamed Zhang.

So in Immortal Court, the descendants of Imperial Clan, the Zhang Family, represent the lineage of the Central Jade Emperor.

“I don’t have any relationship with the Zhang Family, why are you looking for me?” Li Qingshan asked with a frown.

“My patriarch would like to invite Mr. Li Qingshan to Immortal Court. He has something to discuss with Mr. Li Qingshan.” Zhang Qingsheng said with a smile.

“No, I have nothing to say with you.” Li Qingshan shook his head and refused, mentally said “really so”, just to recruit him.

Li Qingshan felt bored, turned around and wanted to leave.

“Lord Li Qingshan, my patriarch invited you to come over to discuss with you how to revive Daoist Long.” Zhang Qingsheng hurriedly said when Li Qingshan was about to leave.

Li Qingshan stopped, frowned, looked towards Zhang Qingsheng, and said solemnly: “Do you know what you are talking about?”

“Before we set off, what patriarch told me, I Just say anything, and never make up any content.” Zhang Qingsheng said seriously.

“Resurrection of Daoist Long? He was forcibly sublimated to the max, fought with the Emperor, and collapsed in the depths of the starry sky. How can he be resurrected?” Li Qingshan asked with a frown.

His first reaction was disbelief.

But then, he felt incredible again.

What if the Imperial Clan descendant Zhang Family has a solution?

After all, it’s not like the Emperor has been resurrected from the dead. After the Demon Sect Heavenly Concubine was killed by the two Emperors of the Divine Race, didn’t it recover in the Human World?

What if there is hope?

“patriarch told me that as long as Lord Li Qingshan goes to Immortal Court, he will give away the way to resurrect Daoist Long.” Zhang Qingsheng said seriously.

β€œMust go to Immortal Court?” Li Qingshan frowned.

“Yes, patriarch is waiting for Mr. Li Qingshan inside the Immortal Court, please rest assured, you are now a genius of Immortal Court, a well-known Immortal World in Immortal World, no matter how stupid and confused my Zhang Family is As for the genius of Immortal World after I deceived you, right?” Zhang Qingsheng said sincerely.

This is true.

And Li Qingshan has absolute confidence that he can protect himself, he is not worried about this.

What he was worried about was that he was having a good time.

“How to resurrect Daoist Long?” Li Qingshan asked with a frown. He was still a little uneasy if he didn’t understand this.

“Lord Li Qingshan, how to revive Daoist Long involves the privacy of the family. patriarch let me tell you that you only need to come to Immortal Court, and you will have the opportunity to obtain the method to revive Daoist Long. Why not try it?” Zhang Qingsheng is a qualified persuader. In a few words, Li Qingshan has already begun to stir.

“How sure is it that Daoist Long will be resurrected?” Li Qingshan asked seriously.

“Lord Li Qingshan, a Red Dust Immortal Old Ancestor from my Zhang Family, this year is half a million years old. He was a fierce general who accompanied Jade Emperor to fight in all directions, but he fought in all directions in his early years and left behind. There are countless internal injuries, which broke out together in his later years, took his life, and finally died sadly.”

“It was shortly after his death that patriarch personally performed the method of resurrecting the Old Ancestor from the dead. , when I see this Old Ancestor again a few years later, he is no different from a normal person. I can swear to you that what I say and read is true. If it is false, I will never be able to break through to the next realm. “

Zhang Qingsheng raised his finger, swore to God, and said very seriously.

Mister Li pondered for a moment, then said: “You go back first, and I will visit the Immortal Court Zhang Family tomorrow.”

“Okay, the villain and patriarch are in the Zhang Family, Looking forward to Mr. Li Qingshan’s visit.” Zhang Qingsheng was satisfied, then did not stop, left the hall, left Immortal Court Academy, and went straight back to Immortal Court.

Li Qingshan was the only one left in the living room, hands behind ones back, thinking silently.

“Is there really a way to resurrect Daoist Long?” Li Qingshan muttered to himself.

If there is, then at all costs, he will drag Daoist Long back to the world.

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