Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 132


Chapter 132 Zhang Family patriarch (please subscribe)

The sudden arrival of Immortal Court is also related to Daoist Long, Li Qingshan muses After a while, it was finally decided to go to Immortal Court.

Anyway, he wanted Daoist Long back if there was a glimmer of hope.

The agreed time was tomorrow, Li Qingshan was about to leave, but saw the Immortal Court Institute Head coming.

“Lord Li Qingshan, did the Zhang Family just come?” Dean Mu Ran asked.

“That’s right, I brought a message.” Li Qingshan nodded.

Dean Mu Ran pondered for a moment, then said: “Do you mean to revive the teacher?”

Li Qingshan looked at Dean Mu Ran in surprise and asked, “You know them Do you have the method of resurrection?”

“I heard a little.” Mu Ran dean nodded, said: “In Immortal World, there are several descendants of Imperial Clan, each with their own superiors and inferiors, but the strongest is Central. The Zhang Family descended from the Jade Emperor of common origins.”

β€œThe Zhang Family has a secret, which is known to the top officials of the Immortal Court. I have heard that the patriarch of this generation of the Zhang Family is very mysterious. See you. When you arrive, be careful,” said Dean Mu Ran.

“I’ll find out when I go to Immortal Court tomorrow.” Li Qingshan said calmly.

“Please be careful, they have bad intentions and just want to bring you under their command.” Dean Mu Ran warned repeatedly.

“There used to be teachers who were tough to fight back the demands of the descendants of Imperial Clan. Now the teacher has passed away, and there is no deterrence. These descendants of Imperial Clan can enter the Immortal Court Academy at will.” Dean Mu Ran sighed road.

“I’ll pay attention. No matter what the outcome is tomorrow, I’ll have to take a look. What if they have a solution?” Li Qingshan said, no matter how dangerous the Immortal Court was, he would go there Take a look.

β€œHope you are doing well,” said Dean Mu Ran. Li Qingshan> nodded, turned around and walked out of the hall, saw Aman who was waiting outside the door, and said, “Well done.”

“I will, Li Qingshan big brother.” Aman was firmly nodded, looked at Li Qingshan adoringly, and regarded him as an idol in his heart.

The two entered the Immortal Court Academy together. The difference in the cultivation base is not big, but time has changed. In a short span of 20 years, Li Qingshan is already a Red Dust Immortal, but his cultivation base is mediocre.

Aman knew that he couldn’t compare with Li Qingshan, and he couldn’t compare with Li Qingshan. He regarded Li Qingshan as an idol in his heart and tried to catch up.

Li Qingshan patted Aman’s shoulder as a sign of encouragement, turned and left the hall, back to his yard.

He was in his room, lit incense, and sat cross-legged with a calm face.

“There is still one night, you can extend the time and try to open the Gate of Destiny.” Li Qingshan thought.

With the breakthrough of the cultivation base and entering the Immortal King Realm Fourth Step Red Dust Immortal, Li Qingshan has the words at hand for all kinds of Grand Dao.

Although it is only one night, it can still stretch for hundreds of years.

Enough Li Qingshan to explore the Gate of Destiny once, try it out, can it be opened?

If Li Qingshan can open the Gate of Destiny before entering the Immortal Court, then Li Qingshan will be more confident.

This night was like flowing water, stroking Li Qingshan, he closed his eyes, went deep into the Gate of Destiny in the Sea of Consciousness, and continuously tried to open it.

I have tried all kinds of methods, but the Gate of Destiny is steady, staying in the Sea of Consciousness and never wavering.

“Are you going to use Grand Dao to open this door?” Li Qingshan thought silently.

He then tried to push the Gate of Destiny with three thousand Grand Dao.


Three thousand Grand Dao stirred up ten thousand zhang waves and hit the Gate of Destiny.

The huge vibrations echoed in the Sea of Consciousness, the strikes of the three thousand Grand Dao that the Gate of Destiny endured, completely motionless.

Li Qingshan is not discouraged. If it fails once, it will be twice, and if it fails twice, it will be four times.

He has time.

On this night, Li Qingshan spent hundreds of years, attacking the Gate of Destiny, three thousand Grand Dao, and tirelessly strikes.

It wasn’t until the last few years that the Gate of Destiny shivered, revealing a little gap.

But then it closes.

When the night passed, the rising sun covered the earth and dispelled the darkness. Li Qingshan opened his eyes and dissipated the prolonged time around him.

“It still feels a little worse. The Gate of Destiny can be opened, but I am not strong enough right now.” Li Qingshan muttered to himself, summarizing the gains of last night.

Overall, it’s been great.

Knowing that 3,000 Grand Dao will be used to hit the Gate of Destiny, keep hitting the Gate of Destiny unremittingly, making the Gate of Destiny tremble at the last moment, revealing some gaps.

“I’m already a Red Dust Immortal realm, but I can only punch a gap. It seems that in order to open the Gate of Destiny, I must have a full strength attack of the Emperor’s strength.” Li Qingshan thought silently in his heart.

“Where am I going to find the full strength attack of the Emperor’s strength and blast away the Gate of Destiny?” Li Qingshan shook his head, feeling troubled.

He can’t just find an Emperor and let them strike hard at him for the Sea of Consciousness, right?

This is tantamount to suicide.

When the time comes the Gate of Destiny doesn’t open and just destroys his Sea of Consciousness.

“I don’t think about it for a while. On a new day, it’s time to go to Immortal Court.” Li Qingshan walked out of the yard, looked at the sea of clouds, and told Hua Xiangrong and Xiao Jiu that he was going to Immortal Court, then went directly to Tearing Space , left Immortal Court Academy.

Immortal Court and Immortal Court Academy are far apart.

The location of Immortal Court Academy was originally set by Daoist Long. The original intention was to stay away from the disputes of Immortal Court and teach students with peace of mind, so it is very far from the center of Immortal Court.

But this distance is not worth mentioning to Li Qingshan now.

He went directly to Tearing Space and came to Immortal Court.

bang! !

Li Qingshan came this time, undisguised, magnificent, Red Dust Immortal breath, grandiose, everyone in the center of Immortal Court can feel it.

After arriving at Immortal Court, Li Qingshan looked towards the center of the Immortal World’s Greatest Influence.

Immortal Court has a ninth layer world, one layer on top of another. In each layer world, there are countless people living in Immortal Court. There is an old, bloated system that manages Immortal Court.

Above the ninth layer world, is the place where the descendants of Imperial Clan stay, where there are pavilions, sky gardens, towering fortress palaces in the sky, countless suspended islands, roaming Nine Heavens Immortal Crane, pegasus galloping to the steed, Immortal Qi extremely rich…

As far as the eyes can see, it is extremely luxurious.

After a million years, the Immortal Court central area is really the ultimate luxury.

Li Qingshan has never seen it before. It is more luxurious, more stylish, and more rare in Immortal Qi.

“Looking at this place, it seems that Immortal Court is still in the Peak, deterring Immortal World, and ruling all directions. But now Immortal Court, already dangerous lurks on every side, will accidentally perish.” Li Qingshan thought in his mind Some thoughts flashed through.

Li Qingshan didn’t cover up his imposing manner, and directly shook the Immortal Court. At this moment, I don’t know how many Divine Soul shootings came. I want to know who is so swaggering?

Many people got excited when they saw Li Qingshan.

“Is this Li Qingshan?”

“He seems to be coming to Immortal Court for the first time, right?”

“Immortal Court’s number one genius, He’s really handsome.”

“Why did he come to Immortal Court?”

“Didn’t Li Qingshan refuse many invitations from Immortal Court, and has been secluded in Immortal Court Academy, why? Will he suddenly come to Immortal Court, and be so conspicuous?”

“I don’t know, but looking at this posture, shouldn’t it be for revenge?”

“What kind of revenge? Li Qingshan and Immortal Court, there is no grievance, right?”

“Why there is no grievance, when the Emperor tried to stop Li Qingshan, there was absolute silence inside the Immortal Court, and no action was taken. ?”

Inside Immortal Court, discuss spiritedly, very curious about Li Qingshan’s arrival.

Just as everyone was speculating, a Dao Body shadow flew from a floating island above Immortal Court Nine Heavens, descended in front of Li Qingshan, bowed and said, “I have seen Li Qingshan. Sir.”

This person is Zhang Qingsheng.

“Where’s your Zhang Family patriarch?” Li Qingshan asked, imposing in a straight-forward manner.

Is he Red Dust Immortal, or was he invited, and the Zhang Family didn’t come to greet him?

“Patriarch is waiting for Mr. Li Qingshan on the floating island. Over there, patriarch has something to discuss with Mr. Li Qingshan.” Zhang Qingsheng said with a slight smile.

Li Qingshan didn’t say a word, he stepped out, the space split open, and he landed on the floating island.

“Welcome to Li Qingshan, I’ve been waiting for nearly 20 years.” The voice laughed heartily, followed by an azure clothed old man.

Li Qingshan looked at the azure clothed old man, with a white face and extraordinary bearing. He was also a Red Dust Immortal realm. His hair was neatly combed and meticulous. Although he had a smile, this smile was reserved. , Calmly, it looks like it has been in a high position for a long time.

“This is Zhang Family patriarch.” Zhang Qingsheng said softly.

Li Qingshan said directly: “Do you have a way to resurrect Daoist Long?”

The smile on Zhang Family patriarch’s face stopped, looked at Li Qingshan, hehe smiled, and said: “youngster I’m just impatient, understandable, but please go inside and talk about it in detail.”

Li Qingshan frowned, looked towards the great hall in the distance, and investigated carefully, but found no danger.

He had to follow Zhang Family patriarch and enter the great hall together.

“Please take a seat, Zhang Qingsheng, and watch tea.” Zhang Family patriarch said.

“No, I don’t like drinking tea.” Li Qingshan shook his head.

“Zhang Family patriarch, what’s the point, I don’t like beating around the bush, can Daoist Long be resurrected?” Li Qingshan asked seriously.

Zhang Family patriarch hides his smile, calmly said: “Li Qingshan, although it is difficult to resurrect Daoist Long, but also not there is no way.”

“What way?” Li Qingshan asked directly road.

“I wonder if you’ve heard of Spring of Life?” Zhang Family patriarch asked.

Li Qingshan shook his head, he had never heard of it.

“Spring of Life is the most magical spring in Immortal World. According to legend, it was left by Ancient Era. It has the effect of Seizing Heaven and Earth Good Fortune, resurrecting the dead and healing the wounds of Grand Dao. It can be done.” Zhang Family patriarch said.

Li Qingshan’s heart moved, is there such a mysterious spring?

“Where is this Spring of Life?” Li Qingshan asked.

Zhang Family patriarch shook his head and said, “I don’t know.”

Li Qingshan frowned slightly, but was not in a hurry, but waited for Zhang Family patriarch’s explanation.

“In Ancient Era, Spring of Life was short-lived, healed a Peak powerhouse at that time, resurrected countless experts, became famous in battle, and has always been remembered.”

“But Spring of Life is very secretive, no one knows where, even the Emperor wants to get it, but there is always no news.”

Zhang Family patriarch said.

“Isn’t that the flower in the mirror, moon reflected in the water?” Li Qingshan brows tightly frowns, very disappointed in his heart.

Zhang Family patriarch said before that Daoist Long could be resurrected, and it really was a big cake, just to let Li Qingshan come to Immortal Court.

“This is a direction, as long as you find Spring of Life, then Daoist Long can reappear in this world.” Zhang Family patriarch said seriously.

“Heaven and Earth are boundless, where can I find it?” Li Qingshan shook his head, not eating this pie, Hua Yun is a big living person, he can’t find it, how can he find Spring of Life?

“Li Qingshan, enter the Immortal Court management, you will have all the resources of Immortal Court, my Zhang Family supports you 100%, I know, Daoist Long has always wanted to reform Immortal Court, I also feel that Immortal Court It needs reform, the interior is rotten, the organization is bloated and unsustainable, the Immortal Court urgently needs a genius who can change the heaven and switch the earth, and you are that person.” Zhang Family patriarch’s voice changed, serious said.

Li Qingshan looked at Zhang Family patriarch in surprise. He actually wanted to reform the Immortal Court?

“You don’t think this person is me, do you?” Li Qingshan smiled, he had no interest in participating in the mess of Immortal Court.

“Naturally, I can’t think of anyone else. You are the best candidate.” Zhang Family patriarch reached out and stopped Li Qingshan from speaking: “You listen to me first.”

Li Qingshan motioned to him, but his heart was calm and indifferent.

In those days, Daoist Long was so high-spirited and vigorous, full of affection for Immortal Court, determined to reform, but he ran into obstacles everywhere, and finally became disheartened, away from Immortal Court, and founded Immortal Court Academy.

Li Qingshan had no idea about reforming the Immortal Court when he thought about the ending of Daoist Long.

But he wanted to hear, Zhang Family patriarch used Spring of Life to trick him into Immortal Court, what did they prepare to convince him?

Zhang Family patriarch’s face was calm, he waved Zhang Qingsheng to step back. In the huge great hall, only Li Qingshan and him were left, empty, as if in the wilderness.

“Li Qingshan, Immortal Court is about to perish.” Zhang Family patriarch sighed.

Li Qingshan listened silently with a calm face.

It has always been said that the Immortal Court is going to fall.

But inside the Immortal Court, very few people talk about this, and the core of the Immortal Court, the descendants of the Imperial Clan, will not believe it.

Li Qingshan is very curious, why does the Zhang Family patriarch say that the Immortal Court will be destroyed?

“Isn’t it incredible?”

“I am a descendant of the Imperial Clan, I am the patriarch of the Zhang Family, I have the power of Supreme, and I even said that the Immortal Court is going to be destroyed.” Zhang Family patriarch laughed at himself.

Li Qingshan gently nods

, he is really curious.

“In your cognition, are the descendants of Imperial Clan all incompetent, who managed the Immortal Court to this step, and has decayed to this point, leaving the Immortal Court hopeless.” Zhang Family patriarch asked Li Qingshan.

“Isn’t it?” Li Qingshan asked rhetorically.

<<> Zhang Family patriarchmp said: “That’s right, the Immortal Court is indeed a mess, the descendants of the Imperial Clan did not manage the Immortal Court well, we control the huge resources of the Immortal Court, but only for the sake of Think for yourself, so you don’t want to have more contact with us, this time if I hadn’t said that Daoist Long could be resurrected, you probably wouldn’t have come to Immortal Court.”

Li Qingshan didn’t speak, just watched Zhang Family patriarch, suddenly became interested, this patriarch is obviously sober.

He was curious, what else could Zhang Family patriarch say?

“You know what? I’m thirty thousand years old. When I was young, it was when Daoist Long reformed Immortal Court. At that time, I saw with my own eyes the benefits of Daoist Long’s reform and also Witnessing the various obstacles he suffered, these obstacles made me trembling in fear when I was young, because any of them, at that time, I felt that I could not get through, I could only compromise and join in with them.” Zhang Family patriarch raised his head, Recalling the past, he said in a complicated tone.

Li Qingshan looked at Zhang Family patriarch in surprise, didn’t expect him to meet Peak’s Daoist Long when he was young.

He became more and more interested, and just now felt that his visit to Immortal Court this time would be fruitless.

But now, the Zhang Family patriarch in front of him makes Li Qingshan feel that this trip is worthwhile.

β€œDaoist Long was under pressure from you descendants of Imperial Clan, and you forced him out,” Li Qingshan said.

Zhang Family patriarch looked at Li Qingshan and said in a complicated tone: “Daoist Long reformed the Immortal Court with the will of the North Star Great Emperor, and we descendants of the Imperial Clan, no matter how much pressure is placed on them, will not The only way to get him to leave is to hinder him everywhere, but it cannot make him feel disheartened, leave Immortal Court and set up Immortal Court Academy.”

Li Qingshan complexion changed, saying: “It’s not you, then Yes…”

Zhang Family patriarch pointed to the top of his head, calmly said: “Li Qingshan, don’t think of Immortal Court as a whole. In fact, within any Great Influence, there is a power struggle, Even the Emperor has a different mind.”

Li Qingshan frowned, looking at Zhang Family patriarch, this person is very sober, the thoughts between the Emperors are different, obviously, this is the biggest decline of the Immortal Court reason.

Other contradictions, compared with this one, are all minor problems.

β€œThe Immortal Court really slipped from the Peak, and it started after the Longevity Great Emperor Celestial Five Wanings.”

β€œSince then, inside the Immortal Court, the thoughts of the Emperors have been different. It’s the same.”

“The Emperor who used to be intimate, the Emperor who once shared a common ideal, and the Emperor who used to talk about everything, had their own ideas and never got together again.”

“Some people want to maintain the ancient system, and it will continue to be like this.”

“Some people are detached, ignore these things, and want to spy on the higher realm.”

“Some people slaughter dragons After that, the original ideal was forgotten.”

“Some people still have their minds on expanding the Immortal Court, reforming the old system, and protecting the world.”

“The faction within the Immortal Court, from that moment on. , was born quickly, and continues to this day.”

“This is the beginning of the decline of Immortal Court.”

The voice of Zhang Family patriarch echoed in the great hall, empty and complex.

β€œWhat was the purpose of Immortal Court when it was first created?” Li Qingshan asked.

“At the beginning of the Immortal Court’s creation, there was an Ancient Immortal Court, but the Ancient Immortal Court was cruel, it only respected powerhouses, the weak deserved to be exploited, and the Ancient Immortal Court had other secrets, which made people angry Boiling, countless expert unions, various Great Influence unions, Monster Race, Demon Sect, Hell, Buddhaism, etc., all shot, under the leadership of several young Emperors, together to overthrow the Ancient Immortal Court.”

“Subsequently, at the ruins of the Ancient Immortal Court, several Emperors announced the creation of a new Immortal Court and built countless huge cities. In the city, no shots or flying are allowed. Anyone in it needs to be treated equally. And signed a peace treaty with the Great Influences, allowing everyone to develop peacefully, that period is known as the Peaceful Age.”

“This is the origin of the Immortal Court, the original intention of the Immortal Court is to make Immortal World As a cultivator, you can control your own destiny by yourself, so that the weak can also have a living soil and a channel for upward promotion. The young Emperors have also achieved this.”

Zhang Family patriarch looked at Li Qingshan and said softly.

“In a young age, ideals are the greatest, but few people can persist.” Li Qingshan said.

“That’s right, very few people can persevere. After the peaceful era, the Longevity Great Emperor was the first to fall. After that, the Emperors began to waver, and even the most insisted on their ideals. The North Star Great Emperor also wavered for a while, and handed over the power of the Immortal Court to the Central Jade Emperor, which is our Old Ancestor.” Zhang Family patriarch said.

“Did the Longevity Great Emperor really die from the Celestial Five Wanings?” Li Qingshan asked curiously.

“I don’t know, there is no news record, and there is no record in Longevity Imperial Clan. After so many years, this is the only explanation, so it is the only answer.” Zhang Family patriarch shook his head.

“The Longevity Great Emperor died, the North Star Great Emperor delegated power, and the Jade Emperor took over. From here, the Immortal Court became bloated, old-fashioned, and without any hope.” Li Qingshan stared at Zhang Family patriarch, said directly.

This is criticizing Old Ancestor, Li Qingshan wonders if Zhang Family patriarch will be angry.

Zhang Family patriarch was not angry, he said with a complicated expression: “I said just now, with the passage of time, with the death of the Longevity Great Emperor, the thoughts of the Emperors have also changed, and the Jade Emperor is the most obvious one. , he reads the ancients, he likes the old system, he is in a high position, his thinking has undergone great changes, and he does not like the Immortal World to be expert again.” The more Li Qingshan listened, the more eccentric his face became.

He seems to know this character.

“Don’t you like Immortal World to be expert again?” Li Qingshan looked at the Zhang Family patriarch strangely and asked, “Is it possible that in the past 10,000 years of Immortal World, no one has broken through the Emperor, it’s you Did the Old Ancestor do it?”

Zhang Family patriarch looked at Li Qingshan in surprise and asked, “How do you know?”

“I know someone, and you Old Ancestor has the same idea, just not as powerful as your Old Ancestor.” Li Qingshan said strangely.

The person he was talking about was the White Dragon King of Human World.

He also set up an ancient great formation, which imprisoned Spiritual Qi and Grand Dao of Human World, making it impossible for countless experts to break through the Great Venerable realm.

Li Qingshan originally thought he was a person, this kind of weird idea, other people will not have it again.

Didn’t expect, I came to Immortal World, there is still one, and it is Emperor Realm, which is an eye-opener.

“No, Immortal World is so big, how did your Old Ancestor do it, and it’s still silent, how do you know?” Li Qingshan thought about it carefully, there are many loopholes, Lots of doubts.

“The most important thing is that this is your Old Ancestor. You don’t support it. Instead, you told me this and asked me to come to Immortal Court. What do you want to do?” Li Qingshan stared at Zhang with bright eyes. Family patriarch, can’t figure out what medicine he sells in bottle gourd.

“My family’s Old Ancestor, do I have to support it?” Zhang Family patriarch asked Li Qingshan rhetorically.

Li Qingshan let out a sigh, looked at Zhang Family patriarch, was extremely surprised, and said, “You want to rebel against your Old Ancestor?”

Zhang Family patriarch shook his head and said, “No Resist, but don’t agree with his path.”

“Want to hear my story?” Zhang Family patriarch asked.

“I’m all ears.” Li Qingshan was full of interest this time, and he was very curious about what kind of experience the Zhang Family patriarch in front of him had.

“Actually at first, I didn’t plan to be a patriarch. I was a sidekick and had no one to support me. Although I am a genius, in the descendants of Imperial Clan, it depends on the strength of blood, so I am not optimistic. , there are very few resources, and there is not much sense of existence.”

“I don’t care, anyway, I can make progress. Others have endless sources, and the speed of cultivation is not as fast as mine.”

“Until I met Daoist Long, he was a genius, a genius in the true sense, and I was less than a tenth as good as him.”

“Originally, I had to live by and have no good ideas, so I just thought I wondered how to become stronger, but I was shocked to see Daoist Long reform radically under the pressure of the sky, trying to get rid of the bad habits of Immortal Court, I started to study more esoteric things, I began to have my own persistence, and I knew , Immortal Court’s problem.”

“Immortal Court’s biggest problem is that the powerful Emperors are no longer managing Immortal Court. They have other pursuits, forget their original aspirations, and regard all beings as grass.”

“Ignore the Emperors, the descendants of Imperial Clan expanded wildly, broke the balance, and developed the Immortal Court into its own private power, thinking about the little things of their respective families, completely forgetting that the Immortal Court was created. The original intention is to protect the world’s poor people.”

Zhang Family patriarch said, and Li Qingshan was taken aback for a moment.

Zhang Family patriarch met the most amazing Daoist Long when he was young, and then he was infected and began to awaken to see the essence of the world.

He is… enlightened.

“You are also descended from Imperial Clan…” Li Qingshan reminded Zhang Family patriarch.

“That’s why I see it clearly, and I also clearly understand that I’m not the one who changed all this. I’m stuck in the quagmire, I can’t extricate myself, and I’ve long been branded as a descendant of the Imperial Clan.”

“You know what? I’ve secretly paid a lot to reform all this.”

“I’m a sidekick, I’m not qualified to inherit the Position of Patriarch, and no one supports me. “

“I worked hard on cultivation, with superhuman innate talent, broke through the Immortal King, and then jumped into the quagmire of the descendants of Imperial Clan, investigated everything, and knew what was behind these rights disputes. The crafty plots and machinations.”

“Sometimes, to understand the abyss, you must enter the abyss, and even fuse with the abyss.”

“I have been giving Daoist a hand all these years. Long wrote, but he lost his temper, didn’t believe me, thought the Immortal Court couldn’t be reformed internally, and was disheartened.”

Zhang Family patriarch regretfully said.

“To be honest, I can’t believe it,” Li Qingshan said seriously.

A genius born in the descendants of Imperial Clan wants to overthrow the descendants of Imperial Clan, and even his own Old Ancestor, Jade Emperor.

“Then do you believe it?” Zhang Family patriarch asked with a smile.

“I do.” Li Qingshan nodded and said very simply.

β€œWhy?” Zhang Family patriarch curiously asked.

“Because you don’t have to make up this story to deceive me, and this story is so shocking.” Li Qingshan said directly.

β€œLike Daoist Long, I love Immortal Court deeply. He went deep into the quagmire for Immortal Court, trying to reform from the inside, and finally failed and ended up in a mess.”

“Like him, I also went deep into the big quagmire of Immortal Court. I am not as lucky as him. I have merged too deeply and cannot extricate myself. I cannot reform, I can only find outsiders, and with my help, reform Immortal Court.” Zhang Family patriarch said solemnly.

“Am I the outsider?” Li Qingshan raised his eyebrows.

“Yes.” Zhang Family patriarch nods.

“Why did you choose me, you don’t know me?” Li Qingshan frowned.

“I don’t know you, but I know Daoist Long. Even though he’s been at Immortal Court Academy all these years, I still follow his every move.”

“You He is someone Daoist Long favors, Daoist Long is doing his best for you, and would rather die than protect you.”

“I naturally choose you.”

Zhang Family Patriarch looked at Li Qingshan and said solemnly: “Li Qingshan, you and I join forces, you are in the open, I am in the dark, I will fully support you, resources, intelligence, or the forces within the Immortal Court, I can support you. If necessary, I will sacrifice the Zhang Family and myself to fulfill you. As long as you agree, we will join hands to carry out in-depth reform of the Immortal Court.”

“Let’s save this immortal that is on the verge of being broken. Court.”

Li Qingshan listened and looked at Zhang Family patriarch in amazement, this plan is crazy.

“The Immortal Court is running out of time. If there is no reform, the Immortal Court will collapse. I don’t want to see it. At that time, the various races will conquer, the Immortal World will become a battlefield, and the era of chaos will come. For the bottom cultivators , is a catastrophe.”

“I hope you can agree.” Zhang Family patriarch looked at Li Qingshan sincerely and said.

In the empty great hall, there are only Li Qingshan and Zhang Family patriarch. The shadows of the two people are elongated, and the atmosphere is a little dull. Li Qingshan looks at Zhang Family patriarch, he is looking at Li Qingshan sincerely at this moment, his eyes With determination, he stated his ultimate goal.

He wants to help Li Qingshan, reform Immortal Court, and realize his dream.

“You are the Zhang Family patriarch now, and you should know that in the disputes within the Immortal Court, it is not enough to just cut off the descendants of the Imperial Clan. There are Jade Emperor and Crape Myrtle Great Emperor above your head. That’s the biggest problem.” Li Qingshan did not agree, but said calmly.

“The Crape Myrtle Great Emperor has fallen into a deep sleep, and his control over the Immortal Court is minimal.”

“The Jade Emperor has now become an arm-flinging shopkeeper and is pursuing something else , his request to the Immortal Court is to follow the ancient system, and others are already not in.”

“This is why you were attacked by the Demon Realm Emperor that day, and the Immortal Court was indifferent.”

“The current Immortal Court, these two Emperors, have really forgotten their original aspirations, they are getting old.”

Zhang Family patriarch said solemnly.

“Why don’t you want to improve yourself, breakthrough Emperor, come down with a dimensionality reduction blow and clean up these demons and monsters?” Li Qingshan asked.

“I didn’t say that just now, the Jade Emperor doesn’t want the Emperor to appear again in Immortal World. I investigated deeply and found that he started to arrange it 100,000 years ago. It took 90,000 years to hatch a Divine Spiritual Will exists in the Grand Dao. As long as someone wants to break through the Emperor, the Divine Spiritual Will will come. No one will be able to discover this Divine Spiritual Will. Therefore, in the past ten thousand years, Immortal World will no longer have Emperor. , there will be no more in the future.”

“Breakthrough Emperor, and then the dimensionality reduction attack is basically impossible.”

Zhang Family patriarch said in a loss.

“Divine Spiritual Will?” Li Qingshan frowned and asked, “Is this Divine Spiritual Will very powerful?”

“The full strength attack of the Emperor, or the Jade

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