Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 133


Chapter 133 Six Great Emperor Scriptures

Chapter 132 Six Great Emperor Scriptures

Zhang Family Patriarch didn’t know what Li Qingshan was laughing at, and said strangely: “That was the full strength attack of the Jade Emperor. I also tried to break through the Emperor Realm, and I felt that aura locked myself, so I didn’t dare to break through anymore, and dispersed. With all the strength, I fell dormant, and after secretly investigating, I learned about the Divine Spiritual Will.”

“When the breakthrough occurs, it will cause the Divine Spiritual Will to come, right?” Li Qingshan asked with a smile.

He was still very troubled before, where to find the full strength attack of the Emperor level expert, open the Gate of Destiny, didn’t expect Zhang Family patriarch’s words, and solved his doubts.

Jade Emperor, like the White Dragon King of Human World, does not want a genius to continue to break through the Emperor. He follows the old system, likes to miss the old, and does not like the appearance of more Emperor experts in Immortal World to destroy the balance of Immortal World , So it took 90,000 years to give birth to a Divine Spiritual Will, which was integrated into Heavenly Dao. Normally, it does not appear. As long as there is an expert who wants to break through the Emperor, the Divine Spiritual Will will appear and intercept the breakthrough.

The full strength attack of an old Immortal Emperor, Red Dust Immortal couldn’t bear it at all, so in the past ten thousand years, no one has succeeded in breaking through.

But isn’t that just right for Li Qingshan?

“It just so happens that I need the power of the Emperor to open the Gate of Destiny, and the Divine Spiritual Will fits this perfectly, so that I can break through the Emperor, and there is hope.” Li Qingshan was ecstatic, and came to the Immortal Court today, Full harvest.

I know the true thoughts of the Zhang Family patriarch, know a lot of inside stories, and see my own hope of breaking through the Emperor.

There is even a little hope of resurrecting Daoist Long, although it is very slim, but once Li Qingshan breaks through Red Dust Immortal and enters Emperor, the hope will be even greater.

“Aren’t you afraid of Jade Emperor’s Divine Spiritual Will?” Zhang Family patriarch asked in confusion.

“I’m not afraid.” Li Qingshan said seriously.

“I know what you’re thinking. You want me, an outsider, to destroy all the descendants of Imperial Clan in the Immortal Court?” Li Qingshan asked.

“Almost, the descendants of Imperial Clan are now the biggest tumor of the Immortal Court, and must be eliminated. The rights of the descendants of Imperial Clan must be restricted to prevent them from controlling the Immortal Court, and at the same time, they must also have a firm goal and give Immortal The countless immortal and ordinary cultivators under the Court have brought peace and harmony, and truly, they will protect the world’s poor people with joy.” Zhang Family patriarch voted, although he lived for 30,000 years, although he merged into the descendants of Imperial Clan and became a patriarch, But in his heart, he was still the young man who was influenced by Daoist Long and determined to reform.

It’s just that he can’t do it alone.

So he needed Li Qingshan. He confessed to Li Qingshan, hoping to impress Li Qingshan with sincerity.

He didn’t believe in Li Qingshan, he believed in Daoist Long, the person chosen by Daoist Long who would not live up to his sacrifice.

Of course, there are also situational issues.

The Immortal Court is now more and more urgent. It cannot be changed. It will continue to drag on. The consequences of the Immortal Court will only be destroyed. Just like the Ancient Immortal Court, if it cannot be reformed from within, it can only disappear in the dust of history.

“According to what you said, how long will it take for me to clear the Immortal Court? Also, now the Emperor doesn’t care about the Immortal Court, but when the time comes to raise the butcher’s knife and slash, the Emperor will sit back and watch. Why?” Li Qingshan shook his head calmly, pointing out the shortcomings of the Zhang Family patriarch plan.

“No plan is perfect. If you don’t implement it, you can only watch the Immortal Court decline and collapse. I don’t think Daoist Long wants the Immortal Court to go to that stage, right?” Zhang Family patriarch said.

“He really wants Immortal Court to be well, and also wants me to save Immortal Court.” Li Qingshan nods.

“That’s right now, I’ve worked hard for 30,000 years, and I can make a wedding dress for you. I backstab the descendants of Imperial Clan, even if I’m ruined, I’m willing, as long as our original wishes come true. , Immortal Court has been revived, bringing stability to this turbulent culture world, and I am satisfied.” Zhang Family patriarch said hurriedly.

“I don’t want the Immortal Court to be destroyed, but I also won’t agree with your plan. It’s too inefficient.” Li Qingshan shook his head, still calm.

“You want to break through Red Dust Immortal and enter the Emperor Realm!” Zhang Family patriarch saw Li Qingshan’s idea.

“Yes, break through Red Dust Immortal, enter the Emperor, and then come back to save the Immortal Court, make drastic reforms, and fulfill Daoist Long’s wish.” Li Qingshan nominates.

“There is Divine Spiritual Will.” Zhang Family patriarch frowned.

“Don’t worry about me, I will deal with Divine Spiritual Will.” Li Qingshan firmly said that he chose to break through Red Dust Immortal and enter the Emperor Realm because of Divine Spiritual Will.

Divine Spiritual Will break through the Gate of Destiny and open up the Grand Dao that has been sealed for a long time, so that Li Qingshan gathers all three thousand Grand Dao, with three thousand Grand Dao in his body, he must be able to break through the Emperor, and then carry Three thousand Grand Dao, descended on Immortal Court, and immediately started the dimensionality reduction attack.

This is the perfect answer in Li Qingshan’s heart.

Zhang Family patriarch looked at Li Qingshan, was silent for a moment, sighed, and said, “Since you insist on this, then I am not persuading you, you have a way to deal with Divine Spiritual Will, then try it, if If it doesn’t work, just try what I said.”

Li Qingshan hearing this nods, this is indeed possible.

“You just broke through to the Red Dust Immortal realm, and you want to break through the Emperor immediately, but you lack accumulation. Although the Immortal Court is in a mess, it has a deep foundation. You have accumulated countless secrets over the years, various cultivation techniques, and more.

There are such things from Emperor breakthrough, all in One origin Heaven and Earth, you can go and see, with my wast token, you can go anywhere in Immortal Court.” Zhang Family patriarch took out a jade token , very beautiful, and handed it to Li Qingshan.

β€œWhere is One origin Heaven and Earth?” Li Qingshan asked curiously.

“It’s the Immortal Court treasure trove. It’s an independent world. It’s very strange in it. After entering, you’ll encounter something that suits you, and you can also comprehend it yourself. With your innate talent, go in.

After that, you will definitely meet a lot of babies.” Zhang Family patriarch said.

“Where is this One origin Heaven and Earth?” Li Qingshan was excited, this was indeed a good place for him.

“Exit this great hall, you activate jade pendant, a passage will appear, at the end is One origin Heaven and Earth, you can stay in it as long as you want, I hope it can help you quickly accumulated.” Zhang Family patriarch told Li Qingshan.

“many thanks.” Li Qingshan handed over and expressed his gratitude to Zhang Family patriarch.

“I also hope that you can break through the Emperor and break this spell. For me, you are the best breaker. As long as you can complete the Immortal Court reform, I can give you anything.” Zhang Family patriarch said solemnly.

Li Qingshan looked at Zhang Family patriarch with a hint of admiration.

Born from the descendants of Imperial Clan, he was supposed to be aloof and remote, overlooking the Immortal World, but for the dreams of his youth, he stood firmly against the descendants of Imperial Clan.

More importantly, he even got into the position of Zhang Family patriarch.

As he said.

To understand the abyss, one must enter the abyss.

“I don’t know what the name of Zhang Family patriarch is?” Li Qingshan asked humbly.

He likes people with ideals.

He prefers people who can carry out their ideals from childhood to later years, and who never change their original aspirations.

“The name is just a code name. I’ve long forgotten it and haven’t mentioned it for many years. Now that I am Zhang Family patriarch is enough.” Zhang Family patriarch said.

“Then I’ll take my leave and go to One origin Heaven and Earth to have a look. If I understand something, I will stay for a while, but if I don’t understand anything, I will go back.” Li Qingshan said .

“Please feel free, today’s words, come out of my mouth, listen to your ears, no third person will know, I believe you will not say it, remember to find me if you have anything in the future. “The Zhang Family patriarch got up, sent Li Qingshan off, and said this remark at the door.

“Okay, but the next time you enter Immortal Court, you should wait for me to break through.” Li Qingshan nodded, strode out, and the sound of footsteps echoed in the empty hall, making Zhang Family patriarch take a long-sighted look. towards the future.

“Meticulous, low-key personality, outstanding innate talent, he is indeed the best candidate to break the game. Immortal Court, which Daoist Long still cared about at the last moment, found such a good seedling.” Zhang Family patriarch sighed one sound.

He was amazed at Li Qingshan’s innate talent. He agreed with Li Qingshan’s wisdom, but he didn’t think Li Qingshan could break through Red Dust Immortal again and enter Emperor in a short time.

“Patriarch, didn’t Li Qingshan agree?” Zhang Qingsheng approached slowly and asked softly.

He is the biggest confidant of Zhang Family patriarch, and only he knows clearly what Zhang Family patriarch wants to do and how to subvert the descendants of Imperial Clan.

“No, Li Qingshan has his own ideas and doesn’t agree with my plan.” Zhang Family patriarch shook his head.

“Although he is really good and has a promising future, is such a big plan suitable for him?” Zhang Qingsheng asked.

“You don’t understand, there are countless geniuses in this world, but there are very few people who transformed the Immortal Court. If Daoist Long can see him, there must be something special about him.” Zhang Family Patriarch shook his head, hands behind ones back, walked outside the great hall, looked at the sea of clouds outside, the ninth layer world in the lower realm, with a heavy heart.

β€œNow that Li Qingshan has not agreed, what should we do next?” Zhang Qingsheng asked.

“Continue to do my own thing well, Li Qingshan, I will try my best.” Zhang Family patriarch said solemnly, looked towards endless void, his eyes faint.


One Origin World!

Li Qingshan used Zhang Family patriarch’s jade token to open the world channel, came here, and saw a different world.

This world was created by Immortal Court, and they threw all the treasures they got in. Over the years, I don’t know how many treasures have evolved their own Spiritual Consciousness and become a smart lifeform.

There are magical treasures, Grand Dao cultivation techniques, Emperor Scripture, and dive medicine…

Those who have given birth to their own wisdom know how to choose a destined person, or hide. Undetected.

Li Qingshan entered One Origin World with a deep imposing manner, ordinary chance, magical treasure, and cultivation technique all under the pressure of Li Qingshan, hiding aside, shiver coldly.

Only some Immortal King Level, or even Emperor level, can sense the traces of Li Qingshan.

After sensing Li Jinshan’s imposing manner, some were indifferent, some began to stir, and some flew towards Li Qingshan excitedly.

Li Qingshan is standing in One Origin World, Motionless As Mountains, all around constantly flying all kinds of opportunities.

These opportunities flew toward Li Qingshan, like raindrops, slapping and slapping.

But Li Qingshan watched from the sidelines.

After entering the Red Dust Immortal realm, his Primordial Spirit has already transformed, and the Divine Sense has been swept away. These flying opportunities are different, and Li Qingshan does not like one.

Now Li Qingshan doesn’t need those low-level opportunities. What he needs is a chance to help him break through Red Dust Immortal and enter the Emperor Realm.

Even if it is the other chance of Immortal King Level, for Li Qingshan, it is a low level.

So, although chance came like raindrops, he flashed one after another.

Under the cover of Li Qingshan Divine Soul, it covers the four fields and all directions, and scans every opportunity to find the one that suits you.

Opportunities that don’t suit you, let them slip away.

After hiding for a while, Li Qingshan Primordial Spirit suddenly discovered that in a corner of One Origin World, he found a copy of Emperor Scripture.

Li Qingshan’s eyes lit up, without the slightest hesitation the torn space descended, looking at the Emperor Scripture in front of him, he grabbed it, ignoring the Emperor Scripture’s defense, and held it firmly in his hand.

“This is the Emperor Scripture of the True Martial Great Emperor.” Li Qingshan was surprised to find out.

Immortal Court has six Emperor Monarchs.

North Star Great Emperor, Longevity Great Emperor, Jade Emperor, Crape Myrtle Great Emperor, Nine Heavens Sweeping Demon Great Emperor, East Extreme True Martial Great Emperor.

These six Emperors led the new Immortal Court to Peak, and they each created their own Emperor Scripture, which was passed down.

Just as the Longevity Great Emperor fell first, the Nine Heavens Sweeping Demon Great Emperor and the East Extreme True Martial Great Emperor followed closely from behind and fell one after another.

Little is known about their Emperor Scripture.

The world knows that the Emperor Scripture of the Longevity Great Emperor is in the hands of his descendants and is kept by them.

But few people know where is the Emperor Scripture of Nine Heavens Sweeping Demon Great Emperor and East Extreme True Martial Great Emperor?

After the fall of these two Great Emperors, the Emperor Scripture was disappeared, and even the Emperor Scripture mastered by their Imperial Clan descendants was incomplete.

Li Qingshan didn’t know it before, but now he does.

In the One Origin World, he discovered the Emperor Scripture of the True Martial Great Emperor. The Emperor Scripture was in chaos, and it was difficult for ordinary people to discover and approach.

Only Li Qingshan, ignoring the layer of chaotic power wrapped around the Emperor Scripture, quickly grabbed the Emperor Scripture of the True Martial Great Emperor, and pulled it out.

“The Emperor Scripture of the True Martial Great Emperor didn’t want to fly towards me. Fortunately, my Primordial Spirit was extremely large, far exceeding the average Red Dust Immortal, so I discovered the clue.” Li Qingshan secretly rejoiced.

He flipped through the Emperor Scripture of the True Martial Great Emperor decisively.

Those who want to break through the Emperor, these former Emperor Scriptures, are of great help to Li Qingshan.

After carefully reading the Emperor Scripture of the True Martial Great Emperor, the content is profound and undetectable, especially in the Red Dust Immortal realm. Qingshan frowned.

I didn’t quite understand it.

This is more than his current realm can handle.

But Li Qingshan still took it seriously, recorded in the heart, and read the entire Emperor Scripture meticulously.

[You watch carefully, stimulate max-level comprehension, and comprehend the entire Emperor Scripture. ]

Suddenly, a line of text appeared in front of Li Qingshan.

He glanced in surprise.

“didn’t expect to be able to help me comprehend the Emperor scriptures, it’s an unexpected joy.” Li Qingshan said happily.

At this moment, what he felt obscure before became clear.

Grand Dao is like the water of time, flowing slowly in front of Li Qingshan’s eyes, in his heart, in the Sea of Consciousness.

An Emperor, who has learned all his life, was suddenly enlightened by Li Qingshan in a flash.

“Not enough, an Emperor’s Emperor Scripture is not enough for me to accumulate.” Li Qingshan shook his head, opened his eyes, and looked towards One Origin World.

As the saying goes, chance doesn’t come to me, I look towards it.

Li Qingshan’s Primordial Spirit, scanning the world hiding the sky and covering the earth.

Because of the support of the Zhang Family patriarch, he is unscrupulous.

Soon, Li Qingshan discovered other hidden Emperor Scriptures.

The Emperor Scripture of the Longevity Great Emperor.

The Emperor Scripture of the North Star Great Emperor.

The Emperor Scripture of Crape Myrtle Great Emperor.

The Emperor Scripture of the Jade Emperor.

The Emperor Scripture of Nine Heavens Sweeping Demon Great Emperor.

The six Emperors of the Immortal Court, their Emperor Scriptures were entered here after the One Origin World was constructed, leaving the original.

The Emperor Scripture is high and cold, and has never been discovered.

Until now, Li Qingshan’s Primordial Spirit far surpassed the Red Dust Immortal realm, such as bandits passing by, barren, and frantically scanning One Origin World.

He found the original Emperor Scripture, which had been hidden for many years.

“I will one after another comprehend, the six Great Emperors of Immortal Court, plus Qin Ling Great Emperor’s Emperor Scripture, seven in one, enough to make up for my weak background, I will be hopeful of the Emperor Realm. “Li Qingshan thought excitedly.

(End of this chapter)

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