Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 134


Chapter 134 Rule (Subscription)

Since its birth, One Origin World has never behaved so rudely.

Li Qingshan is unscrupulous because he holds the jade token of the Zhang Family patriarch, plus his Primordial Spirit is far more than ordinary Red Dust Immortal, scans unscrupulously.

In One Origin World, not only Li Qingshan, but also others from Immortal Court, they came here with awards, and they were very happy to see the opportunities that kept flying by.

Originally, they didn’t disturb each other, and they understood their own opportunities, but now, like Li Qingshan’s bandits, Divine Soul plundered everything and swept the One Origin World, scaring them.

This group of people are furious, all looking for who is this?

But with Li Qingshan’s crushing Primordial Spirit Power, it burst out, hiding the sky and covering the earth, which made them panic, panic in their hearts, and retreated.

“Who is this man?”

“This man’s Primordial Spirit Power is so unfamiliar and so terrifying that I have never seen it in Immortal Court.”

“This is the Primordial Spirit Power of the Red Dust Immortal level. Several Red Dust Immortals from Immortal Court, I know who this person is?”

“I know, before I entered One Origin World A few days ago, Immortal Court visited a person with the power of Red Divine Immortal.” An Immortal Court staff member who just came in said.

“Who is this person?” Immediately many people asked.

“Li Qingshan!” the man replied.

In an instant, the One Origin World was silent, only Li Qingshan’s terrifying Primordial Spirit continued to wreak havoc.

A group of Immortal Court experts gritted their teeth secretly watching Li Qingshan’s unscrupulous performance.

No ordinary Red Dust Immortal dared to be so impudent in One Origin World, and Li Qingshan’s unscrupulous behavior, no one dared to stop it.

After all, Li Qingshan had just killed the Longevity Imperial Clan patriarch, and then he had smashed the backhand left by the Great Emperor, and finally escaped with the Emperor’s shot.

Military achievement Brilliant.

Not even the Red Dust Immortal of Immortal Court dared to stop Li Qingshan easily.

Especially under the scouring of this terrifying Primordial Spirit Power, they are like boats in the sea, drifting with the current and irresistible.

“This is too arrogant.” Some people gritted their teeth secretly and were very upset. Li Qingshan’s unscrupulous behavior was met with jealousy.

“They were invited by Zhang Family patriarch and are qualified to act wilfully.” Immortal also said with a peaceful mind.

“Zhang Family patriarch…” The other immortals were speechless when they heard the name.

Among the descendants of the Immortal Court Imperial Clan, the Zhang Family is undoubtedly the first, especially this generation Zhang Family patriarch, who worked hard to reform the contradictions within the Zhang Family, and managed the Zhang Family very hotly.

He was also evaluated as the most talented person in the Zhang Family’s past, and even the Jade Emperor lowered his admiration.

The Zhang Family patriarch is in Immortal Court, with a very high status, one word worth nine sacred tripods.

These immortals would not dare to say a word even if they did not resent Li Qingshan’s behavior.

“I’d like to see, with such a big commotion, Divine Soul has played One Origin World baptism again, what kind of chance can he find?” Immortal mystifying, said dissatisfied in his heart.

As soon as his voice landed, in One Origin World, the breath of Emperor suddenly burst out, grandiose, spread out, and finally turned into a book of Emperor Scripture, hanging above Nine Heavens.

“This is… the Emperor Scripture of the Longevity Great Emperor?” The mystifying immortal was stunned, his three views were reshaped, and he couldn’t believe his own eyes.

Li Qingshan used the Divine Soul to sack the One Origin World arrogantly, and actually washed out the Emperor Scripture of the Longevity Great Emperor?

This is too unimaginable.

The Emperor Scripture, an Emperor records all the things he has comprehended in his life, it is extremely precious.

Especially the original text of the Emperor Scripture, which was written by the Emperor himself and recorded the most primordial scriptures. There is only one copy in the entire world.

After the promise of the Longevity Great Emperor, everyone in the world thought that this unique Emperor Scripture was hidden in the Longevity Imperial Clan.

No one didn’t expect that the Emperor Scripture written by the Longevity Great Emperor was actually in One Origin World.

After so many years, it has never been discovered.

Nowadays, they were swept away by Li Qingshan with such an arrogant act, which made them stunned and regretted.

Having known longevity Emperor Scripture needs to be treated so rudely, they would not obediently wait for the opportunity to come to the door.

After the Emperor Scripture of the Longevity Great Emperor was brutally swept out, Li Qingshan did not stop the Primordial Spirit storm, it even strengthened.

“We have already found out the Emperor Scripture of the Longevity Great Emperor, why not stop it?” Some immortal was overwhelmed by Li Qingshan’s Primordial Spirit, clenching one’s teeth and said.

“Maybe he wants to find another Emperor Scripture.” Immortal also said jokingly in the middle of the crack.

“Put his fart and find a copy of Emperor Scripture, it’s already a blessing in my life, and I want to find another one, it’s just a dream.” Immortal yelled.

But just after he finished cursing, with a bang, in One Origin World, the Emperor’s coercion struck again, grandiose, very terrifying, and crushed it, causing these immortals to suffer from physical pain.

But physical pain is only temporary, mental pain is eternal.

This group of immortals belong to the elites of Immortal Court, all of them have high self-confidence, come to One Origin World, they want to find their own opportunities.

But now, they witnessed Li Qingshan, after finding a book of Emperor Scripture with such rude behavior, they forced out a book of Emperor Scripture again.

“It’s the Emperor Scripture of the North Star Great Emperor!!!”

“He even found the Emperor Scripture of the North Star Great Emperor?”

“What happened to these Emperor Scriptures? I called them with all my heart and there was no response. Others treated them so rudely and arrogantly, and they jumped out one after another?” Immortal mentality imbalance, like Goddess in mind, being robbed by other men , said jealously.

“There are two Emperor Scriptures, and he still hasn’t stopped?”

“What is this Li Qingshan trying to do? Does he want to include all the Emperor Scriptures of several Emperors in the Immortal Court? In the bag?” One immortal thought about terrifying.

“Impossible, absolutely impossible.” As soon as this statement came out, other immortals objected.

The six Great Emperors of the Immortal Court, their six Emperor Scriptures, are what countless experts in the Immortal Court want to obtain.

They absolutely did not believe that Li Qingshan could find other Emperor Scriptures.

The sacred and powerful Emperor Scripture in their hearts will never yield to Li Qingshan.

However, the facts are often unexpected.

After the second Emperor Scripture appeared, in about a minute, the explosion of one after another sounded, and the rich and extremely rich Emperor’s breath poured out, filling the One Origin World.

These Emperor breaths, these immortals are very familiar, they are dumbfounded, they are dumbfounded, they can’t believe it at all…

“This…how is this possible?”

“Longevity Great Emperor, North Star Great Emperor, Crape Myrtle Great Emperor, Jade Emperor, Nine Heavens Sweeping Demon Great Emperor, East Extreme True Martial Great Emperor…”

“Six Emperor Scriptures, all appearing Come on…”

“The Emperor Scripture, which is difficult for ordinary people to comprehend and encounter, was found so easily by Li Qingshan, is this a genius?”

“Awesome! ”

The last group of immortals only had this sentence, looking at the scene in front of them, above the One Origin World, the six Emperor Scriptures with mighty breath suspended, their eyes were filled with infinite envy and saliva. All flowed all over the place.

Originally they thought they were Immortal World peak geniuses, they were complacent, they were extremely proud.

But at this moment, in the same world, facing Li Qingshan who crushed them, these geniuses were speechless and could only sigh.

According to the legend of the world, Li Qingshan is the Immortal World number one genius.

These people were not convinced before, but at this moment, the six Emperor Scriptures have been proved for Li Qingshan.

Being trapped in One Origin World by Li Qingshan, the immortal shiver coldly dare not say anything else.


Li Qingshan didn’t care about this group of Immortal Court geniuses who were suppressed by him.

The giant statue doesn’t care what the ants say.

His attention was already on the six Emperor Scriptures.

After taking all the six Emperor Scriptures into his pocket, Li Qingshan did not stop in the One Origin World, he went directly to the Tearing Space, and used the jade token given by the Zhang Family patriarch to find a way out, without the slightest hesitation ‘s departure.

Although there are many opportunities in One Origin World, for Li Qingshan, all these opportunities combined are not comparable to a book of Emperor Scripture.

Now that he has seven copies of Emperor Scripture in his hands, this time the trip to Immortal Court has been fruitful and it is time to go back.

After Tearing Space, Li Qingshan came to Immortal Court, he took out the jade token of Zhang Family patriarch, ink emerald green, it felt cold in his hand, Li Qingshan rubbed it, then without the slightest hesitation to throw it out.

“Go to your master.” Li Qingshan said softly.

After throwing the jade token, Li Qingshan stepped out, the space narrowed again, and the next time he appeared, he was far away from Immortal Court.

Li Qingshan turned around and glanced at the vast Immortal Court. He didn’t expect that in this rotten Immortal Court, there were people with ideals like Zhang Family patriarch.

“It’s just your way, not for me.” Li Qingshan said softly, he has his own goals, this time he knows so many secrets, Li Qingshan believes that he will reach the successful Othershore.


Li Qingshan stepped directly through the space, away from Immortal Court.

On the 9th layer world of Immortal Court, there is a floating island, and there is a middle age person standing on the island.

The Zhang Family patriarch.

He stared in Li Qingshan’s direction, his face was silent, and the scene of Li Qingshan’s conversation with him appeared in his mind.

Young Li Qingshan is a stark contrast to him.

Also a Red Dust Immortal realm, he doesn’t have the courage of Li Qingshan.

“I hope you can succeed.” Zhang Family patriarch sighed, stared at the disappearing silhouette of Li Qingshan, and sent sincere wishes.


Immortal Court Academy.

Li Qingshan, who disappeared for a few days, is back.

He came back quietly, and when he sat on the rocking chair in front of the yard, he alerted Small Fox.

“Yeah, you’re back.” Small Fox jumped in surprise, entered Li Qingshan’s arms, and rubbed his cheek against Li Qingshan’s cheek excitedly.

“Have you gotten used to it in the past few days?” Li Qingshan asked peacefully while stroking Small Fox’s hair.

“I’ve been converting Spiritual Qi to Immortal Qi all the time. I don’t know if I’m comfortable or not. It’s a little boring when you’re not around. After all the conversions are successful, there’s no transformation.” Small Fox sighed, Lying on Li Qingshan’s chest, he said softly.

“Take your time, don’t rush.” Li Qingshan gently persuaded.

“It seems that if you want to change shape, you must go to the Monster Realm once, go back to the Fox Race base camp, and see if there is any hope. When will you take me there?” Small Fox widened his bright and intelligent eyes. , looking at Li Qingshan.

“Wait a second.” Li Qingshan said after a moment of thought.

“Wait for what?” Small Fox asked curiously.

“Wait for my breakthrough!” Li Qingshan said firmly.

“You are already Red Dust Immortal. Are you going to enter the Emperor during the breakthrough?” Small Fox looked at Li Qingshan in surprise.

Although she came to Immortal World for a short time, she also knew that Emperor was very difficult to break through.

Li Qingshan has just entered the Red Dust Immortal realm and is about to break through the Emperor again?

Li Qingshan smiled warmly, reached out and rubbed Small Fox’s head, and said, “Cultivation is like this, when you have one mind, one hundred minds, this time I will continue to retreat, you don’t let other people come. Excuse me.”

“Aren’t you going to talk to Xiao Jiu and the others?” Small Fox asked.

“No need, let them cultivate and improve themselves. You also tell Awei and Five Ghosts about this.” Li Qingshan shook his head. Now they have entered the Immortal Court Academy. They are absolutely safe and have nothing to worry about. .

Li Qingshan, who holds the seven Emperor Scriptures in his hand, has been impatiently retreating, laying the foundation for his Emperor’s path.

Only the breakthrough Emperor can solve the Immortal Court’s troubles and hope to find Hua Yun and truly have freedom in the Immortal World.

“Then go ahead, break through early, and take me to Monster Realm.” Small Fox jumped off Li Qingshan and said.

“Protect me.” Li Qingshan smiled slightly, turned to enter the courtyard, and closed the door.

bang! & lt;/p>

In the next second, the time in the yard suddenly changed, and there was a reversal of the time outside, bringing a gust of wind all around, blowing Small Fox’s hair.

Small Fox stood firmly in front of the yard, her head held high, she wanted to guard the door for Li Qingshan.


In the small courtyard alone, Time Flow Speed was a horrific one to a thousand.

One day outside, a thousand years have passed here.

Li Qingshan’s palm fluctuated slowly, and the Great Time Clock in his body adjusted the time along with it, stabilizing the violently fluctuating time at this threshold.

Then Li Qingshan lit the incense, calmed his mind, sat cross-legged, spread his hands, and surrounded him with seven Emperor Scriptures, slowly spinning around.

These seven Emperor Scriptures are all unique.

It’s all written by the Emperor himself, completely different from the copied version, which can best express the heart of an Emperor.

Li Qingshan also didn’t expect that the six Emperors of Immortal Court would put the isolated version of Emperor Scripture into One Origin World.

Maybe they wanted to be discovered by a genius in the future, didn’t expect to be discovered by Li Qingshan after a million years.

Now seven Emperor Scriptures surround Li Qingshan, he stretched out his hand lightly, and the North Star Great Emperor’s Emperor Scripture slowly opened.

bang! !

Thousands of rays of light burst forth, and all the knowledge in the book slowly rotated, forming a channel that sucked Li Qingshan’s Primordial Spirit into it.

Li Qingshan’s Yuan Divine Idol is falling into a Bottomless Abyss, with no end in sight, surrounded by all kinds of Grand Dao, these Grand Dao build a clear person, it is North Star Great Emperor.

Not the old and sleeping Great Emperor, but the high-spirited and vigorous teenager.

Li Qingshan fell continuously, and he saw the psychological changes of the North Star Great Emperor throughout the breakthrough period.

From Red Dust Immortal realm, breakthrough Emperor, North Star Great Emperor all the way, he realized in the thunder, he sang wildly in the heavy rain, he pointed at Ancient Immortal Court high-spirited and vigorously cursed, he Dancing with Grand Dao in high spirits…

The North Star Great Emperor was very romantic when he was young. His method of breaking through the Emperor Realm was to treat Grand Dao as the most intimate object and take out 100% of his Hug her warmly.

Eventually he stepped through the Red Dust Immortal and entered the Emperor.

Li Qingshan has seen many North Star Great Emperors that ordinary people don’t know in this Emperor Scripture.

In his youth he was reckless, romantic, passionate and youthful.

He actively embraced Grand Dao and comprehended Grand Dao, and finally he integrated Grand Dao into a Rule.

The Emperor Rule.

Li Qingshan saw this scene, his eyes lit up and his heart was excited. He knew that this was the most intuitive feeling of the Breakthrough Emperor.

Turn Grand Dao into Rule.

Three thousand Grand Dao reached the top, which is what Li Qingshan is now comprehending.

Even if he holds the fate Grand Dao in his hand, he still cannot change the three thousand Grand Dao, that is, the Grand Dao.

After Grand Dao, there is Rule in the world.

The reason why the Emperor is stronger than the Red Dust Immortal and suppresses the world is because of their comprehended Rule.

Power of Rule is the next stage of Grand Dao.

Li Qingshan saw it with his own eyes, and his heart gradually became clear comprehension.

He didn’t learn the way of the North Star Great Emperor, and in fact there was no way to learn it. He embraced Grand Dao and regarded Grand Dao as his closest partner of the opposite sex. Only the North Star Great Emperor could do this. Even if Li Qingshan tried to replicate, there was no chance of success.

When Li Qingshan received the Emperor Scripture from Qin Ling Great Emperor, he made it clear that he did not want to follow the old path of Emperor.

He can learn from the methods of these Emperor breakthroughs, but in the end it returns to the essence, which belongs to Li Qingshan himself.

Three thousand Grand Dao.

This is Li Qingshan’s own thing.

Even the Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture and Six Paths of Reincarnation in Sea of Consciousness are very powerful, but they are not Li Qingshan’s stuff.

Along the way, Li Qingshan has gradually put down Three Lifetimes Buddhist Scripture and Six Paths of Reincarnation, and now he is working hard on the three thousand Grand Dao.

After betting on the North Star Great Emperor’s breakthrough Red Dust Immortal and entering the Emperor’s method, the Li Qingshan Primordial Spirit broke away from the North Star Great Emperor’s Emperor Scripture and returned to the body.

The next second, he blinked.

A thousand years at a glance.

Li Qingshan pointed and counted, this time penetrated into the Emperor scriptures, as if it was a blink of an eye, but in this small courtyard, 10,000 years have been spent.

“For Peak cultivator, time is the least valuable thing.” Li Qingshan, lightly sighed, said with emotion.

Before he spent 30,000 years in seclusion, he thought it was incredible. Now, at a glance, with such a vast amount of time, it’s no wonder that Peak expert doesn’t care about the rise and fall of the Immortal World forces.

Because for them, a hundred thousand years have passed in the blink of an eye, no matter how many forces, no matter how many immortals, they can be worn away by time.

But Li Qingshan is different. He cherishes every inch of his time. Millions of years are too long, and he only fights for the day and night.

“It turned out that from the Red Dust Immortal breakthrough Emperor, it was necessary to combine the Grand Dao of understanding into a Rule. The Grand Dao in the world floated on the surface. After the Grand Dao, there was the Rule that bound the Immortal World.”

“Rule, it can be a person who is hungry to eat, a tree grows after birth, a firefly glows in the dark night, a grass grows in the breeze…”

“Things that are easy and ordinary in the eyes of mortals are maintained by specific Rules behind them. The Rule itself is the world itself.” A weed that was originally deadly, with the blessing of Rule, can also cut through the starry sky.”

A clear comprehension suddenly appeared in Li Qingshan’s heart.

He heard Rule for the first time, and after hearing it, he was already thinking about it.

Li Qingshan raised his head, his eyes were deep, he saw the real world through a long period of time.

Vaguely, the clear comprehension in his heart slowly flowed.

His thinking, his Divine Sense, is unprecedentedly agile, unprecedentedly transparent, just a little swipe of Divine Sense, it feels like this world is densely packed, entwined with layers of Rules.

In the endless void, behind the countless Immortal Qi, there are rules intertwined with each other, through the phenomenon to see the essence, you will find that everything is composed of rules, and the rule itself is the fate of Grand Dao.

“Rule carries everything in the world. The Immortal World that is specifically projected is Grand Dao. Comprehending Grand Dao and adding cultivation is itself a kind of Rule.”

“I If you want to break through the Red Dust Immortal and enter the Emperor, you need to turn three thousand Grand Dao into a Rule, and if you hold the Rule, you will be invincible.”

“The Rule itself is the Grand Dao of Destiny?” Li Qingshan whispered Whisper.

He has a sudden enlightenment, but also a bit of confusion.

He was not in a hurry. After reading the Emperor Scripture of the North Star Great Emperor, there was no cultivation, but he clicked on the Emperor Scripture of the Nine Heavens Sweeping Demon Great Emperor.

With a bang, Li Qingshan was once again sucked into the Emperor Scripture.

He saw the Nine Heavens Sweeping Demon Great Emperor on his way.

Different from the romantic attribute of the North Star Great Emperor, Nine Heavens Sweeping Demon Great Emperor takes the ultimate masculine path.


Under the oppression of the Ancient Immortal Court, the Nine Heavens Sweeping Demon Great Emperor went all the way, killed all the way, fought countless battles in his life, and never lost.

His road to the Emperor is paved with bones.

Stepping on the bones, he comprehended Rule, breaking through the sky, and ascending to the Emperor.

Li Qingshan watched the record of the Nine Heavens Sweeping Demon Great Emperor, and couldn’t help but stunned. This Nine Heavens Sweeping Demon Great Emperor was definitely the most slaughtered Emperor in the Immortal Court.

Perhaps the other five don’t add up to as many people as he killed in his lifetime.

Although I do not agree with the extreme killing of the Nine Heavens Sweeping Demon Great Emperor, Li Qingshan is not without gains.

He was still deeply enlightened.

There are thousands of people in this world, and there will be thousands of personalities. There are romantic people like the North Star Great Emperor, and there are people who are extremely murderous like the Nine Heavens Sweeping Demon Great Emperor. All kinds of people can become Emperor, there is a way.

Li Qingshan absorbs its essence and removes its dross.

He opened his eyes once again with full of insight.

Once again.

Li Qingshan has no feeling at all. With the gradual strengthening of the cultivation base, the control of time becomes stronger and stronger.

Li Qingshan now has terrifying strength control over himself and doesn’t care much about Supreme Indifference.

He opened the Emperor Scripture of the third Emperor.

The Central Jade Emperor.

The ancestors of the Zhang Family patriarch, now the most powerful Emperor in the Immortal Court, gave up their early ideals.

When he and like-minded friends started the new Celestial Court, he is now the root cause of Immortal Court’s decline.

Li Qingshan would love to see it. What was the Central Jade Emperor like when he was young?

What will be his experience from the Red Dust Immortal breakthrough Emperor?

With such curiosity, Li Qingshan opened the Emperor Scripture.

bang! ! !

The Emperor Scripture of the Central Jade Emperor directly brought Li Qingshan to a world of bizarre and motley.

Li Qingshan saw…

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(end of this chapter)


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