Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 135


Chapter 135 The Emperor Story (please subscribe)

[You check the Emperor Scripture, stimulate the max-level comprehension, and comprehend the Central The life of Jade Emperor. ]

A line of words appeared in front of Li Qingshan’s eyes. He blinked his eyes with joy in his heart, didn’t expect to see the life of the Central Jade Emperor.

Opening the Emperor Scripture of the Central Jade Emperor, with a bang, what caught my eye was a black and white picture.

And Nine Heavens Sweeping Demon Great Emperor Unlike the Emperor Scripture world of the North Star Great Emperor, the Emperor Scripture of the Central Jade Emperor is not a complete world, but a picture scroll.

This is due to the max-level comprehension.

Li Qingshan entered the picture scroll and saw a clean and white picture scroll without any traces.

He walks in the scroll.

Walking in the white world.

Suddenly, a huge brush with ink fell from the sky and wrote on the white paper.


The word is very huge, and it is very eye-catching on this picture.

Li Qingshan saw that after the word appeared, there was a picture of a young man with a pure smile, helping the weak and upholding kindness.

“This is the Central Jade Emperor’s youth, but at this time, his name is Zhang Bairen!” Li Qingshan thought to himself.


Another huge brush descended and wrote words.


When the word was written, Li Qingshan felt blade light and sword shadows, rocks and clouds, and murderous aura filled the air.

In this word, he saw Zhang Bairen killing and punishing evil and promoting good.

Li Qingshan’s heart gradually became clear comprehension, this picture is nothing but the life of Central Jade Emperor Zhang Bairen.

Everyone is born with a blank slate, confused and ignorant, and has no understanding of any good or evil.

As I grew up, different people appeared and wrote different words on this blank piece of paper.

Someone taught you kindness.

Someone taught you to kill.

These different people came and went, dyeing a piece of clean white paper into colorful colors, creating the Central Jade Emperor.


The next moment, another brush dropped and a word was written.


As soon as the word came out, it instantly occupied most of this blank page, incomparable gigantic, overpowering kindness and killing.

Li Qingshan could clearly feel a chaotic and evil aura assaults the senses. He seemed to have fallen into the Demon Abyss, feeling the most terrifying demon in the world at close range.

In the word evil, Li Qingshan sees something that the Central Jade Emperor has done.

When he was young, he fell in love with a brother’s daughter-in-law, at first he also restrained, but later, his desire burned his reason, on a rainy night, he used the Fascinating Dafa to spend the cloud and rain with sister-in-law , Happy overnight, and finally discovered by the big brother, the brothers broke, he decided to kill the big brother, and wanted to completely occupy the sister-in-law.

But unfortunately, sister-in-law was ultimately humiliated and followed her Husband away.

This is the first time for the Central Jade Emperor, and it is unforgettable, he has been hiding, never said it, and no one knows.

If it weren’t for now, Li Qingshan would not have seen his life with max-level comprehension comprehended.

This is a secret that belongs only to the Central Jade Emperor.

After burying his brother and his beloved sister-in-law, the Central Jade Emperor went into seclusion for a period of time.

At this time, another brush fell and wrote a few words.


These two words are very huge. They directly overwhelm evil, goodness, and killing.

This word has become the goal of the Central Jade Emperor’s struggle for the first half of his life.

Li Qingshan can see that in the word ideal, the Central Jade Emperor high-spirited and vigorous, and a group of brothers, overthrew the Ancient Immortal Court, created a new Immortal Court, and created the Immortal World There have been very few peaceful times in history.

These pictures are all flashing by at a very fast speed. Fortunately, Li Qingshan Primordial Spirit Power is powerful and captured them.

As for how the Central Jade Emperor became an emperor, very little was shown in his life.

Until the next moment, the brush fell and a word was written.


Li Qingshan realized that the Central Jade Emperor’s successor was a physique who devoured all the geniuses along the way.

He is a genius, but his genius is that he can devour everything.

Li Qingshan sees that the two words swallowed are written down, not expanded, but hidden in the ideal.

The ideal concealed the devouring, and the world did not notice the devouring behavior of the Central Jade Emperor.

Li Qingshan sees that the Central Jade Emperor has gone all the way, and the way to improve himself is to devour the energy of all targets.

There is a picture showing that after killing the enemy, he devoured the enemy’s Primordial Spirit energy, cultivation base energy, and improved himself.

In the era of the overthrow of the Ancient Immortal Court, there were many battles, wars were burning, and there were many talented people. The most important thing was people with outstanding innate talent.

The Central Jade Emperor devoured his enemies as well as his companions. He held high the banner of his ideals and fought for his ideals. On the other hand, he did not give up his future.

Until the final battle, when the Ancient Immortal Court was overthrown, the Central Jade Emperor fought the five emperors alone, fought heaven falls and earth rends, and finally devoured five emperors, creating an incomprehensible record for the world.

“Sure enough, people are complicated. Even the young man who overthrew the Ancient Immortal Court back then held high his ideals and did not forget to increase his strength behind his back.” Li Qingshan muttered.

Li Qingshan believed that the Central Jade Emperor had ideals at that time.

But there is no conflict between having ideals and making profits for yourself.

While fighting for your ideals, you can also make profits for yourself.

After sighing, Li Qingshan suddenly discovered that he had heard of the physique of the Central Jade Emperor somewhere.

“It can devour all energy and accommodate myriad forms, isn’t this the Primal Chaos Body?” Li Qingshan suddenly woke up and said in surprise.

A Young Great Emperor List was published in the folk commentary before, which recorded a Primal Chaos Body, who can devour all energy.

Identical to Central Jade Emperor.

“didn’t expect, the Central Jade Emperor turned out to be a Primal Chaos Body, no wonder he can swallow the energy of so many people.” Li Qingshan said with emotion.

bang bang bang!

Just as Li Qingshan sighed, countless brushes fell, and on this white paper, more words were written.




【remember the old】


【Life and Death】


Countless words appear, each word imprints a trace here, dyeing the white paper black.

Li Qingshan watched in shock as thousands of words fell, rendering the life of the Central Jade Emperor into black and white.

until the last word falls.


This piece of white paper is already black and white, and it is impossible to distinguish.

Li Qingshan clearly saw that on the word chaos, the silhouette of the Central Jade Emperor appeared.

He closed his eyes, half dark, half light, and the confusion between his brows made him sink into it.

This picture scroll is also slowly changing, all the words are flowing together, black and white are completely different, and they begin to merge with each other again. With the Central Jade Emperor as the center, a Tai Chi circle was born.

Li Qingshan watched in shock and said softly: “This should be the last scene, the Central Jade Emperor is in chaos?”

Li Qingshan didn’t know this last scene, it represented what.

Did the Central Jade Emperor control the chaos, or did he fall into the chaos and couldn’t extricate himself?

Just when Li Qingshan wanted to continue his investigation, the scroll slowly retracted and Li Qingshan flew out.

Li Qingshan’s consciousness returned to his body, opened his eyes, and once again took a look at ten thousand years.

“Central Jade Emperor, a complicated person.” Li Qingshan got up and said softly.

He read the Emperor Scriptures of the three Great Emperors in a row, and even read the life of the Central Jade Emperor. Thirty thousand years have passed, and a month has passed for the outside world.

Li Qingshan did not rush out, but opened the Emperor Scripture of Crape Myrtle Great Emperor.

He was going to look through all the seven Emperor Scriptures, study their breakthrough experiences, and then go his own way.

In the Emperor Scripture of Crape Myrtle Great Emperor, there is no such situation as the Jade Emperor. He entered the Emperor Scripture and saw the sky full of stars.

Under the stars, there is a young man practicing boxing.

The young man is handsome with a small face.

He caught the stars.

Li Qingshan watched silently, the boy grew up silently, he was alone, walking with the stars.

Adolescents don’t talk to people too much, and they don’t have too many places to fight with people, until they reach adulthood, they are silently cultivating by themselves.

In this way, the young man became enlightened and became the Great Emperor.

Different from the previous Emperors, the story of Crape Myrtle Great Emperor is a little bland, and there is no exciting plot.

What he understood was the Stars Rule until he met several other Great Emperors and asked him how he became an emperor.

The Crape Myrtle Great Emperor replied: “Since I was a boy, I have been taking care of the stars of all dynasties alone!”

The story of the Crape Myrtle Great Emperor came to an abrupt end.

He is the most ordinary and the simplest among the Emperors.

Li Qingshan came to his senses, his eyes were bright and thoughtful, he said: “Crape Myrtle Great Emperor, he has always been one of the two remaining Emperors in Immortal Court. He fell into a deep sleep, and some people said that he was aloof and ignored the affairs of Immortal World.”

“What he comprehended is the Stars Rule, and the stars are the source of his strength, which is very terrifying.”

“I can learn from it too.”

Li Qingshan speculated silently and gained a lot.

He looked towards the three remaining Emperor Scriptures.

Longevity Great Emperor, True Martial Great Emperor, Qin Ling Great Emperor.

Li Qingshan has comprehended the Emperor Scripture written by the North Star Great Emperor, the Nine Heavens Sweeping Demon Great Emperor, the Central Jade Emperor, and the Crape Myrtle Great Emperor.

For the remaining three, Li Qingshan reached out and opened the Emperor Scripture of the Longevity Great Emperor.

This is the Emperor Scripture written by the Emperor himself. It contains the most primordial meaning of the Emperor. Li Qingshan stretched out his hand a little, and the Emperor Scripture spread out with ripples, surrounding Li Qingshan at once.

Li Qingshan smelled the longevity.

A line of text appeared before his eyes.

[You watch carefully, stimulate max-level comprehension, and comprehend the life of the Longevity Great Emperor. ]

Li Qingshan is in good spirits, and he can watch the life of a Great Emperor. For him, the more he sees and the more he understands, the more directions he can choose when breaking through.

Li Qingshan accepted the life of the Longevity Great Emperor.

The next second, he came to a strange world.

At first, the world in front of me was white, and I couldn’t see anything.

In the back, after Li Qingshan got used to it, he saw that behind the vastness of white, there was an incomparable gigantic mound.

Li Qingshan was refreshed, he had seen this mound.

In Divine Realm, in the ruins of Qingqing family, Li Qingshan saw Qingqing mother’s tomb, stimulated max-level comprehension, and saw a World in Monument.

In that world, he saw this mound.

Qingqing mother died in battle, Barbarian Race expert brought her back and buried her in Qingqing’s ancestral tomb.

That time, Li Qingshan saw this mound.

Now, he sees this mound again.

The mound is extremely huge, like intercepting something, lying between Heaven and Earth, with no end in sight and no end in sight.

A white clothed silhouette walks slowly on the mound.

He walked slowly.

Take a few steps forward, stop and be silent for a while.

Li Qingshan recognized at first sight that he was the Longevity Great Emperor.

It wasn’t that he had seen the Longevity Great Emperor, but he sensed the aura of the Longevity Great Emperor during the battle with Changsheng Ling.

The backhand left by the Longevity Great Emperor at that time was exactly the same as the breath of the white clothed silhouette in front of him.

So Li Qingshan is sure that he is the Longevity Great Emperor.

“This mound must have a huge secret. The Longevity Great Emperor is wandering here. Why?” Li Qingshan wondered in his heart.

The Longevity Great Emperor in front of him is not the Empress, but the one he looked like when he was young.

He hesitated, undecided.

Li Qingshan watched silently, this Emperor Scripture records the Longevity Great Emperor, and the age of Li Qingshan, separated by a long distance, the other party could not detect Li Qingshan.

bang bang bang!

At this moment, on the other end of the mound, a violent wind erupted, and the huge waves slapped, condensing directly into a skeleton, overlooking the Longevity Great Emperor, with a thunderous sound.

“How do you think about being our spokesperson in Immortal World?” The skeleton condensed by the giant waves asked the Longevity Great Emperor, and the thunder usually exploded all around the mound.

The Longevity Great Emperor when he was young had not yet become an Emperor. Faced with such a grand greeting in an imposing manner, he looked pale and clenched his teeth to resist.

“I… agree!” The Longevity Great Emperor finally lowered his head and bent down.

“I will grant you the power of immortality, and you will open the Immortal World channel for us,” said the giant wave skeleton.

“I will definitely work hard.” The Longevity Great Emperor said firmly.

bang! ! ! !

The next moment, the power of the terrifying world emerged from the other side of the mound, turning into a rainbow, and the huge waves rushed into the body of the Longevity Great Emperor.

Under the witness of Li Xinshan, only the Longevity Great Emperor of the Immortal King Realm was instantly promoted to the Emperor Realm.

This scene made Li Qingshan’s eyes widen.

The breakthrough of the Longevity Great Emperor was not earned by his own efforts, but provided by mound.

“Who is behind this mound? It’s so terrifying? Directly elevate an Immortal King to the Emperor Realm?” Li Qingshan felt a stormy sea in his heart.

Watching the Longevity Great Emperor leap from the Immortal King Realm into the Emperor, he clenched his fists with excitement and said excitedly: “This is the power of longevity, it is really incredible, from today, I will be called Longevity Great Emperor.”

The skeleton condensed by the giant waves was very satisfied and said: “Go, go back to Immortal World, do everything well, and wait for us to come.”

“As you bid .” The Longevity Great Emperor handed over and left quickly.

The picture comes to an abrupt end.

Li Qingshan’s consciousness returned to the Primordial Spirit and entered the body. He opened his eyes, as if from a lifetime.

“Among the six Great Emperors of the Immortal Court, the Longevity Great Emperor was actually cultivated by the terrifying force behind the mound. He was working for the force behind the mound. No wonder he was the first to die.” Li Qingshan Shocked muttering.

Before, he felt that the death of the Longevity Great Emperor was normal. After all, he was the Celestial Five Wanings and had no enemies.

But now it seems that the death of the Longevity Great Emperor is unusual.

Perhaps someone discovered the secrets of the Longevity Great Emperor?

Li Qingshan’s thinking spread, reasonable speculation.

“Leave this matter aside for now, and I will investigate after I break through the Emperor.” Li Qingshan shook his head.

At this stage, his most important thing is to break through the Immortal King and enter the Emperor.

From the Longevity Great Emperor, I didn’t get anything effective. Compared with several other Emperors, the Longevity Great Emperor is a parallel import.

The Emperor Scripture he wrote is rubbish.

His own Emperor strength was forcibly improved by others, how could he write a complete Emperor Scripture with Rule comprehension?

Li Qingshan did not receive any valid information.

He put his hope on the Emperor Scripture of the remaining two Emperors.

True Martial Great Emperor and Qin Ling Great Emperor.

Li Qingshan clicked on the Emperor Scripture of the True Martial Great Emperor.

The Emperor Scripture of the True Martial Great Emperor did not stimulate a rational max-level comprehension. Li Qingshan came to the Emperor Scripture world and saw a real True Martial.

True Martial is not human.

He was born in Monster Realm, his body is a Primal Chaos Demonic Ape, he has a stubborn innate talent, he rose in troubled times, he enlightened in the red dust, and he ended the disputes between different ethnic groups , the commander-in-chief of the Monster Realm joins the Immortal Court.

Yes, there is no before death in the True Martial Great Emperor.

Monster Race is owned by Immortal Court.

Monster Race entered the Immortal Court, but they only obeyed the orders of the True Martial Great Emperor, the True Martial Great Emperor is here, and Monster Race will never return.

But after the fall of the True Martial Great Emperor that year, many groups of Monster Race asked Immortal Court for an explanation, and the explanation given by Immortal Court, many Monster Race experts were not satisfied.

In the eight hundred years after the death of the True Martial Great Emperor, Monster Race turned out of Immortal Court and created Monster Realm. Since then, several Emperors have been born one after another, becoming Immortal World 1st Rate Great Influence , against the Immortal Court to this day.

The secret of True Martial Great Emperor becoming emperor is the Bloodline Rule.

He studied the bloodlines of the major groups in Monster Race, and finally concluded the most powerful bloodline, Myriad Monsters Body.

With the Myriad Monsters Body, the True Martial Great Emperor became the Emperor, ushering in a glorious era.

Li Qingshan watched silently all the way, took the Bloodline Rule in mind, and then opened his eyes.

Time flows like water, and every military exercise lasts about ten thousand years.

Continuous comprehension has allowed Li Qingshan to accumulate rich experience and some knowledge of Grand Dao Rule.

He looked towards the last, the Emperor’s Emperor Scripture.

The Qin Ling Great Emperor.

Known as since ancient times, the first Emperor.

When he became an emperor, he fought invincible in the whole world, and the North Star Great Emperor was defeated by him.

Li Qingshan looked at the Nature Emperor Scripture with a calm expression. This Emperor Scripture was handed over to Li Qingshan by the Qin Ling Great Emperor. Qingshan can take care of Ajie for one or two years in the future.

Li Qingshan agreed immediately.

But over the past ten years, Li Qingshan has never seen Ajie again.

Ajie has gone somewhere, or has returned to a world that is hard to find.

When Li Qingshan got the Nature Emperor Scripture, he only comprehended one section. In order to prevent himself from involuntarily going the same way as the Qin Ling Great Emperor, he kept the Nature Emperor Scripture until now.

Now Li Qingshan is only one step away from the Emperor, so he can watch Nature Emperor Scripture and find some inspiration.

He stretched out his hand and lightly tapped on the Nature Emperor Scripture, causing ripples to spread out, wrapping Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan smelled the breath of nature.

Nature Emperor Scripture is the essence of Qin Ling Great Emperor’s life-long cultivation, and the world simply cannot obtain it. Qin Ling Great Emperor has no so-called inheritance idea. If it wasn’t for Li Qingshan, who rescued Ajie by chance, he would not be able to either. Obtain the Nature Emperor Scripture of this manuscript.

Li Qingshan entered the Nature Emperor Scripture and saw the life of Qin Ling Great Emperor.

How he broke through the Immortal King Realm and entered the Emperor, all presented in front of Li Qingshan…

(End of this chapter)

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