Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 136


Chapter 136 The World’s Immortals (Subscribe)

The life of Qin Ling Great Emperor, Li Qingshan has seen it once before, although not Seeing how he broke through the Emperor, Li Qingshan still knows about his general life.

This time Li Qingshan saw clearly how he broke through.

Nature Emperor Scripture wraps Li Qingshan’s Primordial Spirit, allowing Li Qingshan to be in nature.

Li Qingshan saw the Qin Ling Great Emperor after a long absence.

He is still young, still strong, still extraordinary.

Li Qingshan saw that the process of Qin Ling Great Emperor breaking through Immortal King and entering the Emperor was very simple.

Naturally, it is equal to Heaven and Earth, whether it is Grand Dao or Rule, in Qin Ling Great Emperor, they are all treated equally.

He merges Heaven and Earth, incarnates into nature, is one with Heaven and Earth, and is one with the sun and moon, Qi Refinement in the morning, dancing in the sunset, everything in the world is his part of nature.

That’s why Qin Ling Great Emperor can be so powerful.

Li Qingshan watched and studied diligently, until at the end, when he was squeezed out by the Nature Emperor Scripture, Li Qingshan suddenly realized.

“This time, 20,000 years have passed.” Li Qingshan said softly, he got up and moved his body. After a long period of retreat, his skeleton was stiff. Immortal Qi flowed through his whole body before letting him Get comfortable.

To add up to this time, he has spent a total of 70,000 years in retreat.

A day in the outside world, a thousand years in the courtyard, that’s seventy days.

For Li Qingshan, he has never retreated for such a long time, but he is now much stronger in his own strength control, he has not changed his mentality, and still sticks to his original intention.

In the past 70,000 years, Li Qingshan has not added any cultivation base. In fact, he has already stood under the Emperor and can no longer improve.

He spent 70,000 years watching the breakthrough process of the seven Great Emperors, solved his own shortcomings, and perfectly made up for the lack of his own heritage.

After 70,000 years, Li Qingshan opened the door of the small courtyard.


The courtyard door was pulled open, and the warm sunlight shone down on Li Qingshan’s face, making him narrow his eyes and walk out slowly.

“The first ray of sunshine in 70,000 years.” Li Qingshan said with emotion.


Small Fox found Li Qingshan, eyes shined, jumped straight, learned to meow, and jumped onto Li Qingshan.

She rubbed against Li Qingshan hard.

“Congratulations on exiting.” Small Fox smiled happily, his white hair was excited, his tail wagged, in Li Qingshan’s arms, sniffing Li Qingshan’s smell, and squinting comfortably Open your eyes like a crooked moon.

Li Qingshan stretched out his arms and hugged Small Fox, and said gently: “You’ve been watching for me for seventy days?”

“Of course, I can’t let others disturb you.”Small Fox nods, sticks out his tongue and licks Li Qingshan’s palm, and says in a well-behaved voice.

“Have you cultivated well?” Li Qingshan smiled slightly and asked.

“I’m already Earth Immortal, don’t underestimate me.” Small Fox said proudly.

“Okay, my family’s Small Fox has worked hard.” Li Qingshan rubbed Small Fox’s head and said with satisfaction.

“I notified Xiao Jiu and the others to come over, and they also wanted to come, and they would come to see every other day, eager to see what they wanted to see.” Small Fox said.

“Okay, by the way, I also told Awei to bring Five Ghosts over. I’ll check their cultivation base and give them some pointers,” Li Qingshan said.

“Okay.” Small Fox nodded, and immediately used his Divine Ability to tell them to come.

Li Qingshan was holding Small Fox and came to the front of the sea of clouds, looking at the sea of clouds, it felt like a lifetime.

β€œHow long have you been in retreat this time?” Small Fox asked curiously.

“It has been closed for 70,000 years.” Li Qingshan replied.

“70,000 years…” Small Fox covered his mouth in surprise and looked at Li Qingshan distressedly: “How can you endure 70,000 years of loneliness?”

“With Being lonely and making friends can be endured.” Li Qingshan said calmly.

“Are you still going to retreat?” Small Fox asked with concern.

“No, I’m not going to retreat, I want to live a life of seclusion.” Li Qingshan shook his head.

He has already comprehend the breakthrough experiences of the seven Emperors, and continuing to retreat is nothing but a waste of time.

Completing his own shortcomings, Li Qingshan now needs to quietly wait for that flash of inspiration if he wants to break through.

Wait, he can try to break through.

If you can’t wait, keep waiting.

Li Qingshan is not in a hurry, he has time and enough patience.

Small Fox was overjoyed when she heard that Li Qingshan was not in retreat. If Li Qingshan did not go to retreat, then she could rely on Li Qingshan every day. 、

Just when Small Fox was snickering, Xiao Jiu, Hua Xiangrong, Awei, and Five Ghosts all came.

They gathered here and were overjoyed when they met Li Qingshan.

Unconsciously, Li Qingshan has become the backbone of everyone. Only when you see Li Qingshan can everyone make up their minds. No matter how big the storm is, you can face it with confidence.

Because behind them, stood Li Qingshan.

Even if you don’t do anything, just stand there and give everyone unlimited courage.

“During this period of time, you have improved well.” Li Qingshan observed everyone’s cultivation base, which is above Earth Immortal Realm, which shows that everyone is working hard.

70 days into the Immortal World, it’s pretty good to be able to break through to the Earth Immortal Realm, not to mention that they have come to the Peak of the Earth Immortal Realm.

“Big brother, when you come out this time, do you want to take a break or continue to retreat?” Xiao Jiu asked while holding Li Qingshan’s arm.

“I’m not in retreat anymore, let’s live a little leisure life, and give some pointers to your cultivation.” Li Qingshan said.

“Okay.” Xiao Jiu clapped happily, and everyone else’s face was filled with joy.

“Brother-in-law, you are not going to retreat, are you going to break through?” Hua Xiangrong suddenly asked.

Other people looked at Li Qingshan closely, very curious, is it about to break through?

Now that Li Qingshan is a Red Dust Immortal realm, wouldn’t he want to become an Emperor when he breaks through?

Do they have to have an Emperor Realm’s brother-in-law, big brother, Master, master?

Li Qingshan handed Small Fox to Xiao Jiu, walked aside and sat down, saying, “There is no breakthrough for now.”

“For now…” Hua Xiangrong immediately guessed Li Qingshan The meaning of the words, flushed with excitement, in this brief moment, very envious of his elder sister.

You’re lucky to capture a young Emperor without seeing you.

The others looked at Li Qingshan with fiery eyes.

“Sit down, let’s chat, talk about the questions on cultivation, and I will answer them for you.” Li Qingshan said with a gentle smile without explaining.

“Brother-in-law, during my recent cultivation, I always felt that Grand Dao was very difficult, which made me toss and turn and was very confused.” Hua Xiangrong was the first to say.

β€œWhat Grand Dao did you realize?” Li Qingshan asked.

“Thunder, space.” Hua Xiangrong replied.

Li Qingshan thought about it for a while, and suddenly a finger pointed at Hua Xiangrong’s eyebrow.


Hua Xiangrong’s body shook, Primordial Spirit seemed to fall into ten thousand zhang starry sky, with boundless thunder surging above, showing Thunder Grand Dao vividly and thoroughly .

Hua Xiangrong’s confusion was resolved in this brief moment, and the whole person suddenly became enlightened.

“It turns out, that’s the case.” Hua Xiangrong fell into a deep sudden enlightenment, and his insight was very profound.

Li Qingshan looked at Hua Xiangrong who was trapped in the spiritual world, did not disturb her, but looked towards Small Fox and Awei.

β€œWhat are your doubts?” Li Qingshan asked.

With Li Qingshan’s current strength, and Grand Dao’s comprehension, it’s not too easy to instruct them.

“big brother, I…”

“Sir, I…”

“Master, I…”

Xiao Jiu , Awei , Five Ghosts , Small Fox asked questions one by one, and Li Qingshan also answered them seriously. Everyone gave a little inspiration, put them on the eyebrows, and let them fall into deep enlightenment.

When Li Qingshan stood up and walked to the sea of clouds, hands behind ones back, watching the sea of clouds tossing with pleasure, behind him, a few people sat silently, fell into their own world, madly comprehended .

Li Qingshan’s finger, opened a new world for them, explained more Grand Dao, made them suddenly enlightened, absorbed wildly, and couldn’t extricate themselves.

And Li Qingshan protects the Dharma for them, making sure everything is fine.

Standing by the sea of clouds, Li Qingshan thought about breaking through Immortal King and entering the Emperor.

Breaking through Immortal King and entering Emperor requires comprehension of Power of Rule.

It stands to reason that three thousand Grand Dao can be converted into Rule.

But since ancient times, no one has done it.

This condition is too terrifying.

Three thousand Grand Dao can comprehend the Red Dust Immortal realm, which is incredible.

Turning them all into Power of Rule, and then continuing to comprehend, is simply a fantasy story.

Even the Qin Ling Great Emperor, the top-level Emperor known as the number one in attack power for millions of years, could not do this.

The Qin Ling Great Emperor, also known as the divine fusion of Heaven and Earth, controls the unity of the heaven and the heart.

Compared with Three Thousand Rules, there is still a very big gap.

Li Qingshan hands behind ones back, muttered: “Can I…do this?”

He’s thinking hard.

It’s not just a hot head, so I must engage in 3,000 Power of Rule, so that there is no one in the past, and no one in the future.

Li Qingshan thinks carefully about every thing he does. This thing is good, this thing is bad, whether you can accept the good calmly and accept the bad with peace of mind.

If you want to understand this, Li Qingshan will do it.

“Since ancient times, no one comprehends Three Thousand Rules. In the final analysis, it is Power of Rule too terrifying, and it is too difficult to comprehended.”

“But I am different, I have max-level comprehension.”

“max-level comprehension will help me keep comprehension, so I don’t lack this problem.”

“Three Thousand Rules is too time consuming, just The comprehension of three thousand Grand Dao consumes most of my life, when the time comes breakthrough Emperor, even if there is an extremely long lifespan, I am afraid it will not be enough.” Li Qingshan said with a frown.

This is what worries him the most.

He’s afraid that lifespan isn’t enough.

Only three thousand Grand Dao, Li Qingshan breakthrough Red Dust Immortal, has a lifespan of 300,000 years.

The common Immortal King is only about 150,000 years old.

Every time he retreats for a long time, he consumes his own lifespan. Although the outside world is only one day in the past, in this day, Li Qingshan has burned his lifespan for a thousand years.

Now, in order to comprehend the Emperor Scripture of the Seven Emperors, Li Qingshan has burned another 70,000 years, plus the previous hundreds of thousands of years.

Li Qingshan 300,000 years of lifespan, only tens of thousands of years left.

This is also one of the reasons why he is reluctant to continue retreating.

Don’t look now Li Qingshan is very young, but his Immortal King lifespan has come to the end.

So he’s going to break through the Immortal King, into the Emperor Realm.

“If I don’t enter the Emperor Realm, then I will only have tens of thousands of years left, and I will gradually age and enter a state of old age. If there is no breakthrough, I can only find a way to live out. second life.”

“But second life is too difficult.”

“For Immortal King, the hope of second life, as moon reflected in the water, can be seen, But you can never touch it.”

“Second life always belongs to the Emperor.”

“And it is very difficult for the Emperor to live out the second life, such as the North Star Great Emperor. , he didn’t live out a second life.”

“So, my current goal is to break through the Emperor, get a long lifespan, and then see if I can comprehend the Three Thousand Rules.”

Li Qingshan hands behind ones back, tall and straight, like pine and cypress, thin, slender, white clothed robes, standing on top of the clouds, thinking about problems.

These problems, for him, must be faced.

“According to the current lifespan, I am destined to not be able to comprehend more Power of Rule in Red Dust Immortal realm.”

“So, I can first comprehend a Power of Rule. Rule, enter the Emperor, get a long lifespan, and then comprehend other Power of Rule.”

Li Qingshan was thinking.

“I have reached the peak of the three thousand Grand Dao now. If I really choose a Grand Dao to comprehend the Power of Rule, it must be time!”

“I still have Time Grand Dao’s figurative magical treasure, the Great Time Clock.”

“The Great Time Clock is condensed by Qingqing’s grandfather. It is a Grand Dao Weapon. It is very terrifying and I can just use it.”

Li Qingshan’s thinking spread, and he thought a lot.

“No, a Power of Rule, a little weak.”

“A Power of Rule breakthrough Emperor, in a group of Emperor Realms, should not be able to suppress all, I have to Use several Power of Rule to break through.” Li Qingshan muttered to himself.

“Time Rule, plus one, Space Rule, it should be quite powerful.” Li Qingshan had an idea.

It has always been said that space is respected and time is king. In the ranks of Grand Dao, they belong to mysterious Grand Dao. The formidable power is naturally powerful, much stronger than ordinary Grand Dao.

In Power of Rule, it will naturally stand out.

Li Qingshan worries that there is only one Power of Rule, after breaking through the Emperor, he will not be able to deal with the troubles inside the Immortal Court.

And after the breakthrough Emperor, he has to do a lot of things.

Find Hua Yun, find Spring of Life, resurrect Daoist Long, solve the internal problems of Immortal Court, complete Daoist Long’s dream, investigate the Qingqing family, and even find out what’s behind that mound Organizing…

These things add up and cannot succeed without great strength.

That’s why Li Qingshan thought, let time and space work together to give birth to the Power of Rule, after the breakthrough Emperor, left hand time, right hand space, kill everything.

“Wait until I comprehend the Rule of time and space and enter the Emperor Realm, when the time comes enough time to comprehend other Grand Dao, so that I don’t have to worry.” Li Qingshan thought silently.

Just as Li Qingshan was thinking, a man came to the top of the mountain.

Li Qingshan immediately realized that the person who came was none other than the dean of Immortal Court Academy, the old man Mu Ran.

Daoist Long’s discipline, who has been in charge of the Immortal Court Academy for tens of thousands of years, also has the Immortal King cultivation base.

“President Mu Ran, why are you here?” Li Qingshan asked curiously. He had been in contact with Mu Ran a few times, but they were not familiar with each other. If it was all right, Mu Ran would definitely not come to Li Qingshan. of.

“Lord Li Qingshan, something happened to Immortal Court.” Dean Mu Ran walked over to Li Qingshan with a calm expression, saying solemnly.

“What happened?” Li Qingshan hands behind ones back, Calm asked.

“Monster Realm, Demon Realm, Buddha Realm, Divine Realm, and the major Peak forces unite to conquer the world!” Dean Mu Ran said solemnly.

“The world is killing immortals…” Li Qingshan’s eyelids twitched, and he was very surprised that didn’t expect came so quickly.

“Yes, these peak great influences, combined, have begun to attack the territory of Immortal Court, advancing little by little, from all directions, to surround Immortal Court layer by layer.” Dean Mu Ran said.

β€œHow did the Immortal Court react?” Li Qingshan asked with a frown.

It’s not surprising that he would attack the immortals all over the world, because Daoist Long guessed it at the beginning. After the fall of the North Star Great Emperor, there are countless experts who have guessed when these forces will unite and put the Immortal Court. overthrow?

The fall of the North Star Great Emperor is like shattering the solid position of the Immortal Court.

There are only two Emperors left in the Immortal Court now, one is suspected to be sleeping, and the other is ignorant of world affairs. Although they are both veteran Immortal Emperors with great strength, if they do not appear for a long time, the world will doubt them.

Now that the world is killing immortals, these forces are united, and naturally they are not afraid of the two Emperors of Immortal Court.

If Immortal Court was a tripartite before, it would deter Immortal World.

Now the fall of the North Star Great Emperor is like breaking a pillar, leaving two pillars that can no longer support the Immortal Court on the verge of collapse.

The fall of Immortal Court is just around the corner.

“The Immortal Court is naturally dispatching troops and trying to stop it, but now it is all over the world, not only on the battlefield, but also in public opinion, we are also at a disadvantage. Curse.” Mu Ran sighed, as a member of Immortal Court, he was also very sad to see Immortal Court become what it is today.

“No matter how many troops are dispatched, the situation cannot be saved. Unless the Crape Myrtle Great Emperor and the Jade Emperor appear together, with a tyrannical attitude, they will wipe out everything, and then this world-wide attack on immortals can be stopped.” Li Qingshan said calmly.

“I know it too, Immortal Court knows it too, but the problem is, the Crape Myrtle Great Emperor and the Jade Emperor can’t be contacted.” Mu Ran sighed.

“I can’t get in touch…” Li Qingshan frowned: “Then Immortal Court has only a dead end.”

“Immortal Court is now people were alarmed, and everyone thinks Immortal Court is going to end. Therefore, people all over the place surrendered to the enemy, and the army was disintegrating on the battlefield. Even if there were experts who wanted to fight hard, they couldn’t save them. It was a complete collapse.” Director Mu Ran regretted.

“Inside Immortal Court, did something happen?” Li Qingshan asked.

If there is no conflict within the Immortal Court now, but instead a concerted effort, then this Immortal Court will be saved.

That means that this group of Imperial Clan descendants has not broken into the bones, and there is a slight chance of saving.

“In the Immortal Court, there is already a lot of noise. The descendants of the Imperial Clan are dividing up the resources of the Immortal Court, thinking of a way out for themselves, and have no intention to save the Immortal Court.” Dean Mu Ran said regretfully.

Li Qingshan closed his eyes, this Immortal Court is no longer saved, even if he now breaks through the Emperor and saves the Immortal Court under this system, it will not help.

“Is the turmoil in Immortal Court affecting Immortal Court Academy?” Li Qingshan asked.

“No, because we are Academy nature, even the Great Influence will not destroy us, and we are still hiding in our own world.” Dean Mu Ran shook his head and said.

“That’s good, if it doesn’t affect you, just cultivate Disciples with peace of mind. Don’t get involved too much in these things.” Li Qingshan said calmly.

“Do you just watch Immortal Court completely fall?” Dean Mu Ran couldn’t help saying.

“Then do you have any idea?” Li Qingshan asked softly.

Dean Mu Ran opened his mouth and lowered his head in decadence, speechless.

“During this time, you can collect more information and show it to me. As for other things, don’t worry about it. Perhaps, this time’s world-beating immortals are also the same for Immortal Court. A good chance.” Li Qingshan looked thoughtful and said.

“Is it a good opportunity?” Dean Mu Ran looked at Li Qingshan suspiciously.

Immortal Court is going away soon, is this a good opportunity?

Li Qingshan didn’t explain, but just asked Director Mu Ran to collect information.

President Mu Ran could only turn around and leave.

Watching Dean Mu Ran leave, Li Qingshan lowered his eyebrows and said, “This master and disciple are really very similar, they are both loyal supporters of Immortal Court, I hope Immortal Court is well. Get up.”

“But the Immortal Court is getting better now, so what?” Li Qingshan asked calmly.

No one answered.

Li Qingshan already has the answer in his heart. He hands behind the ones back, staring at the sea of clouds, looking through Heaven and Earth, as if he saw the scene of the outside world killing turmoil and immortals all over the world.

“This is an opportunity.”

“The Immortal Court has reached the point where it has to be cleaned once, from top to bottom, Immortal Court has problems and wants to reform , Just starting from the inside will not save people’s hearts from becoming old, thinking broken, forgetting the Immortal Court of their hearts.”

“There must be a big cleansing from the inside out.”

“Wash away all the filth, break all the old shackles, and clean up those demons and monsters.”

“Only these people clean up the Emperor family, and the Immortal Court can be reborn, otherwise, just On the old soil, a new flower blooms, and then that flower will still be damaged.”

“The best chance is that the Emperor of Immortal Court is left unnoticed. “

“I will also work hard to break through. After everything is cleaned up, rebuilding the Immortal Court among the ruins is the correct way to support the Immortal Court.”

Li Qingshan thought silently, in his mind, plans changed, his mind kept calculating, and he got the correct answer.

For Li Qingshan, he is unhurried to solve these problems.

His top priority is to enter the Emperor Realm.

Only by breaking through the Immortal King and entering the Emperor, can he be qualified to re-establish a new Immortal Court on top of the ruins.

“I don’t know, how is the Zhang Family patriarch now.” Li Qingshan suddenly thought of this idealist again.

His plan must be shattered along with the world. As Zhang Family patriarch, as one of the Immortal Court Leaders, he must be devastated now.

His beloved Immortal Court, his ideal, he has worked so hard to change the Immortal Court’s ideal is still shining brightly today.

But the situation has given him no chance.

“I hope you can survive until that day!” Li Qingshan sighed.

He continued to improve himself silently, until the opportunity for breakthrough came.

(End of this chapter)

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