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Chapter 138 Space Rule (Subscribe)

Chapter 137 Space Rule (Subscribe)

Near Immortal Court, Li Qingshan came down and found that the place was bloated, idle, and very busy before, everyone was working hard to do their own thing.

The ethos of Immortal Court has improved since this time around the world.

But Li Qingshan still shook his head and said: “Not enough, these are not enough, we need to continue to strengthen the efforts.”

It is a good opportunity to wake up the old Immortal Court. , began to work hard, but it was all too late.

The best period has been missed, Immortal Court, inside and out, needs to be cleaned.

Li Qingshan just glanced at it, then disinclined to pay attention to, he looked towards the ninth layer world.

This is the biggest symbol of Immortal Court.

Nine Heavenly Layers!

“Great Time Clock, wouldn’t you tell me that this Nine Heavenly Layers world is the Embodiment Form Magical Treasure?” Li Qingshan asked.

“Sure, it was born before me, until now, but no one found it,” Great Time Clock said.

“Early before, I read the book on the origin of Immortal Court, which recorded that this Nine Heavenly Layers world is the inheritance of Immortal Court since ancient times.” Li Qingshan said softly.

He stood in front of the Nine Heavenly Layers world, surrounded by Flying Sword streamers from time to time, spaceship attics, passing by, countless Immortal Court people, rushing, bringing information from all over the place.

Many people passed by Li Qingshan, but no one found him.

This is the power of time.

The current Li Qingshan, even if Red Dust Immortal passed by, couldn’t find him.

Li Qingshan recalled what he had seen before. According to the book, the Nine Heavenly Layers world existed when the Ancient Immortal Court was still around. The Ancient Immortal Court at that time was the same as it is now. After being attacked by the world, and finally failing, the Nine Heavenly Layers world was inherited by the current Immortal Court.

This inheritance is also known as the inheritance of Immortal Court.

But no one is going to seriously investigate, what is the origin of Nine Heavenly Layers?

Even Immortals, who have been living in Nine Heavenly Layers, just regard Nine Heavenly Layers as a stable world.

Similar to Intermediate Thousand Worlds like Immortal Court Academy.

Perhaps more powerful.

This is also what the Great Time Clock said, no one has ever found this space tool Embodiment Form Magical Treasure, it is very lonely and exists in this world.

“Then the Nine Heavenly Layers world now senses your presence?” Li Qingshan asked.

“It can’t sense me now, I’ve been with my father fuse, I’m no longer an independent Embodiment Form Magical Treasure, and it has its own spiritual wisdom, which is four years old and has a very dull personality. , It has been alone for a long time, and it has become withdrawn, because it has not been discovered, and it does not want to be discovered later, and hides itself and does not communicate with the outside world.” Great Time Clock said.

“This is still a problem child.” Li Qingshan stretched out his hand to rest his chin and said softly.

“father, you can go in, I’ll help you find it, I think it must be very willing to merge with the father.” Great Time Clock said.

“How do you know what it’s thinking?” Li Qingshan asked.

“There is no one with Embodiment Form Magical Treasure, who does not want to grow, and is born with its own wisdom, not all day long, such as Nine Heavenly Layers, which have been born for millions of years, only Four years old, what a pity.” Great Time Clock said firmly.

“Okay, let’s go in then.” Li Qingshan nodded, stepped out, waves appeared in the space, and he entered Nine Heavenly Layers.

In the Nine Heavenly Layers, there are countless buildings and the world is as big as a real Human World.

The first-level world is connected to the first-level world, spreading upwards, and each higher level world, the more experts.

“Great Time Clock, the soul of this Nine Heavenly Layers, in that world?” Li Qingshan asked.

“First Layer world.” Great Time Clock replied.

“The First Layer world, one of the lowest, is it hiding there?” Li Qingshan asked in surprise.

“That First Layer world is inhabited by the most common immortals, experts will not go down, so no one disturbs it, the probability of it being discovered is very small, and it is almost impossible to discover, so it is Feel free to play with yourself,” explains Great Time Clock.

p> “That’s true, I am afraid that the expert will not go to the First Layer world for the rest of his life.” Li Qingshan nods, and then directly came to the First Layer world.

In the First Layer world, Li Qingshan will not be discovered. Divine Sense is swept away, unscrupulous in this world, and no one will be discovered.

“It’s all Human Immortal, Earth Immortal, Heavenly Immortal, etc., nothing expert, and the people here were alarmed, everyone was worried about the future of Immortal Court.” Li Qingshan noticed that this world emanated The various emotions of the gang were all negative, and basically no one believed that Immortal Court could survive.

These emotions add up to a myriad of negative effects.

Li Qingshan’s Primordial Spirit also discovered that in the depths of the sea, there is a girl with condensed water, three or four years old, cute and loving, holding her chin with her hands, bored, looking at the top of the world, floating Looking at all kinds of negative emotions, she said comfortably: “I haven’t absorbed such strong negative emotions for many years.”

“Father, this is the soul of the Nine Heavenly Layers world.” Great Time Clock immediately said .

Li Qingshan has an odd complexion, an Embodiment Form Magical Treasure who likes negative emotions?

β€œWhy does her spiritual wisdom look so much taller than you before?” Li Qingshan asked.

The Great Time Clock before, can only send out some simple emotional expressions, one word will not say.

The happy girl in front of me felt that it was not much different from the current Great Time Clock.

“How many years has she been born? In Immortal World, she should be the eldest sister in all Embodiment Form Magical Treasure. After millions of years, she is already in Embodiment Form Magical Treasure. The peak, compared with her, is Yinghuo and Haoyue.” Great Time Clock said.

Li Qingshan was stunned. It is understandable to say this.

“Then is she still willing to listen to you?” Li Qingshan expressed doubts.

“Father, let me out,” said the Great Time Clock immediately.

Li Qingshan let go of the restrictions.

The Great Time Clock jumped out of Li Qingshan’s body, an eight-year-old doll wearing a red apron, jumping directly into the sea.

“I’ve come to see you, Space Elder Sister,” cried the Great Time Clock.

Space Girl, who was absorbing all kinds of negative emotions in Meimei, looked at the Great Time Clock in surprise, and said incredulously: “You are the Great Time Clock?”

“Yes, yes. “Great Time Clock nod.

“When I sensed you, you were still a cell with no thought at all. How many years have passed and you have grown so big?” Stand on top of the waves and watch the Great Time Clock.

β€œHow did you do that?” Space Girl asked.

“It’s because of my father.” The Great Time Clock said immediately, reaching out and gesturing to tell the process of Li Qingshan’s fusion with him.

“Space Elder Sister, I brought my father here. As long as you integrate into the body of the father, you will definitely get more opportunities for growth.” Great Time Clock said excitedly.

“No need.” Who knew that Space Girl turned her head and refused directly, looking at the sky with a boring expression.

The Great Time Clock was dumbfounded.

“Great Time Clock elder sister, why not? If you merge with father, you must be much better than me.” Great Time Clock anxiously persuaded him, but he made a promise to Li Qingshan, Now that the Space Elder Sister disagrees, isn’t it a shame for him?

“What is fusion, I don’t know how comfortable I am here. Everyday all has all kinds of negative emotions to absorb, so don’t worry.” Space Girl curled her lips.

“Elder sister, don’t you want to go down a path that has never been done before?” Great Time Clock is still persuading.

“No, I just want to watch the sky quietly and think about nothing, that is the most comfortable.” Space Girl shook her head and said.

“This…this…” Great Time Clock was speechless, he didn’t expect what he was sure of, it would become like this, in his cognition, no one with Embodiment Form Magical Treasure Can refuse to merge with Li Qingshan.

After all, once it is integrated, it will increase in age, not ignorant.

Who knew Space Girl was so…so…

Out of the box.

The Great Time Clock is out of words to describe.

It was Li Qingshan, who had been observing, and saw the clue.

This Space Girl is just rotten.

Because she has not been discovered for hundreds of years, her mentality has changed greatly and she has learned to be rotten.

Everything is right and right, she avoids when she encounters trouble, shrinks when she sees people, likes negative emotions, and her happiness has nothing to do with her.

With this mentality, Great Time Clock can’t handle it.

Li Qingshan took a step forward, came to the Great Time Clock, and said: “Space Girl, Immortal Court is besieged now, no accident, there is a high probability that it will be gone, and you will also be unlucky. “

Space Girl whispered: “It turns out to be the case, I will say why there are so many negative emotions during this time.”

“Isn’t the Immortal Court very powerful?” Space Girl asked.

“The current Immortal Court, the Western Mountain is already waning, there are not many days left, the Emperors are dead, the connection is lost, the connection is lost, the Immortal Court can’t resist, maybe tomorrow will be. Call Immortal Court and you’ll be found out.”

“Imagine when those guys rush to Nine Heavenly Layers and find out that you’re an Embodiment Form Magical Treasure, they’re going to scramble for you. Yes, Immortal Court can’t protect you, and you can’t continue to rot.” Li Qingshan hands behind ones back, said in a tranquil voice.

Space Girl was silent, and when she thought of that scene, she panicked and trembled.

“What are you going to do after you merge with me?” Space Girl looked at Li Qingshan and asked what she cared about.

“Breakthrough Emperor.” Li Qingshan said.

“Then what?” Space Girl stared at Li Qingshan.


“The Immortal Court will be thoroughly cleaned, the dirt will be removed, and the world will be restored.” Li Qingshan answered earnestly.

This is an account of Daoist Long.

If Daoist Long is resurrected later, he will be very happy to see the new Immortal Court.

“Where is the apart from this?” Space Girl stared at Li Qingshan with a strange expression.

“apart from this?” Li Qingshan frowned, apart from this what else would he do?

“Cultivation, find someone.” Li Qingshan thought for a while and replied.

Space Girl pointed at herself and asked, “I mean, how would you treat me?”

“You?” Li Qingshan smiled, and then she understood that she was What’s the meaning.

“Do whatever you want. I won’t interfere with you. You are free.” Li Qingshan said seriously.

“Really?” Space Girl looked at Li Qingshan suspiciously, not sure whether to believe it or not.

She is a Embodiment Form Magical Treasure who has lived for millions of years. Although she is only four years old, her maturity is comparable to the current Great Time Clock.

So Li Qingshan said Immortal Court was a problem, she immediately checked and knew it was true.

Nine Heavenly Layers are hers, and she knows what she wants to know right away.

Li Qingshan couldn’t deceive her.

So, she was worried that she would really be found out.

In the early years, Space Girl also liked to be discovered, she was very curious about the outside world, but as time passed, she disliked being discovered more and more, she liked to hide behind the world and observe others every move.

“I want to break through the Emperor. I have a lot of things to do. I have no interest in driving you. Although we merge, you are free.” Li Qingshan said sincerely.

“Well, let’s say it in advance, I don’t want to be known, I want to hide, I’m not interested in participating in the bad things outside you.” Space Girl said.

“Okay!” Li Qingshan nods Space Grand Dao and agrees, what he needs is a complete Dao, not Space Girl.

Great Time Clock saw that the two sides had reached an agreement, and immediately sighed in relief. Finally, it was done. He smiled and said, “Sister Space Elder, this time we will become sisters and brothers of True Blood relationship.”

Space Girl glanced at the Great Time Clock and complained: “If I had an eight-year-old younger brother like you wearing a red bellyband, I would definitely beat him to death.”

Great Time Clock blushed and hid in Li Qingshan’s body sorry.

“Okay, let’s start merging.” Li Qingshan coughed and forcibly changed the topic. After all, the Great Time Clock is now fused with him, flowing his bloodline. Strictly speaking, it is him biological son.

My son is ridiculed by others, he is a father and must be protected.

Although he also felt that he was eight years old and still wore a bellyband, it was a little bit bad.

“How do you want to integrate?” Space Girl asked Li Qingshan.

β€œYou let go of everything, and I will integrate it myself,” Li Qingshan said.

“I’m not the same as this idiot who wears a bellyband. The accumulation of millions of years, Nine Heavenly Layers is very large, the origin is deep, and the rules are strong. It is not that simple if you want to integrate.” Space Girl said .

“Don’t worry, I will slowly integrate as I have time.” Li Qingshan smiled confidently.

He is very knowledgeable about fusion.

“Okay okay, I’ll just see how you fit together.” Space Girl continued to rest her chin with her hand and said casually.

In this second, the energy in Li Qingshan’s body runs wildly Source Assimilation Great Method.

The strands of energy escaped from his body and slowly invaded this a side World.

Then, the Power of Rule of a side World was slowly pulled away by Li Qingshan and merged into itself.

Li Qingshan is standing on the sea, the waves are rough and the waves are rolling.

The inextricable Space Rule, coming towards him from all directions, drilled into the pores of Li Qingshan’s body and became a part of his body.

Space Girl looked at this scene in surprise, didn’t expect Li Qingshan to be so powerful.

“Father he is very difficult to deal with. After the father integrates Nine Heavenly Layers, elder sister, your spiritual wisdom will definitely break through again, and it will definitely be stronger than mine.” Great Time Clock hides in Li Qingshan’s body , and communicate with Space Girl.

“I’m definitely better than you, and you shut up and don’t interfere with others.” Space Girl reprimanded.

The Great Time Clock was afraid to speak.

Li Qingshan stood on the sea, closed his eyes, imposing manner all over his body, floating ups and downs, surpassing the Red Dust Immortal, although he did not reach the Emperor Realm, it was also very terrifying.

Fortunately, Space Girl is isolated from this sea, and there is no powerful cultivator in this world. They are all like Human Immortal Earth Immortal Heavenly Immortal, which cannot be found at all.

Li Qingshan absorbs the entire Nine Heavenly Layers Rule in the First Layer world.


No one knows.

He quietly merged with Space Rule, left hand time, right hand space, in this brief moment, he sensed the threshold of the Emperor Realm.

With continuous comprehension, with two Power of Rule in hand, Li Qingshan is already qualified to break through Emperor.

Time passes minute by minute.

Li Qingshan continues to comprehend Power of Rule continuously.

Above the sea, the wind and waves calm down.

Space Girl is guarding Li Qingshan and is also observing Li Qingshan.

When Li Qingshan has merged into a realm, she will go over to merge with Li Qingshan.

At that time, she will be revived with the help of Li Qingshan’s body, and will be advanced by leaps and bounds on the intellectual level.

At that time, she and Li Qingshan fuse together, and she also has Li Qingshan’s bloodline in her body. According to the Great Time Clock, she is Li Qingshan’s daughter.

So Space Girl looked at Li Qingshan in a complicated way at this moment.

It won’t be long before she has another cheap dad.

Others are Xi Daddy, she is Xi Da Daddy.

Space Girl is a little melancholy.

She doesn’t like socializing.

If it wasn’t for not being discovered, she was willing to merge with Li Qingshan.

Thinking like this, Space Girl sighed and continued to protect Li Qingshan.

Time passed slowly, Tian Yi day after day, two months passed directly.

In the past two months, Li Qingshan has not woken up, concentrated attention completely comprehending the Space Rule of Nine Heavenly Layers.

Based on the First Heavenly Layer, he attracted the Power of Rule of the eight worlds above, and became his own power in the palm of his hand, fuse together.

Two months later, Li Qingshan’s eyes slowly opened and looked towards Space Girl.

“Time is up.” Li Qingshan moved towards Space Girl and extended his hand.

Space Girl has already accepted her fate. The speed at which Li Qingshan realized the Space Rule in the past two months also made her secretly startled. Since she can’t escape, she should accept it calmly.

She put her palm on Li Qingshan’s palm, holding the small hand with the big hand, gradually blending.

Space Girl slowly faded, and finally she condensed with sea water, her body collapsed suddenly, and her whole body entered Li Qingshan’s body, beginning the final step of fusion.

bang! !

In Li Qingshan’s Sea of Consciousness, the vastness is boundless. At this moment, all kinds of Space Grand Dao dash forward, collide with each other, burst out countless sparks, burn everything around, and produce civilization the fire.

This flame is like a Time Rule, and it is also a spark that can start a prairie fire.

In the next instant, the flames burned into a roaring angry beast, and a Space Rule was sprayed out of the angry beast’s mouth.

This is the Power of Rule exclusive to Emperor.

It is also the unique Space Rule of Nine Heavenly Layers.

This Space Rule is called, Eternity of Space.

Li Qingshan stretched out his hand to hold the Eternity of Space, the extremely terrifying energy boiled in his Sea of Consciousness, another Time Rule slowly emerged, and the Space Rule merged into two walls.

Now below Li Qingshan’s body, the terrifying Power of Rule wanders, the mighty Grand Dao is boiling, the beast roars, extremely terrifying, and is about to knock on the door of the Emperor Realm.

After Li Qingshan absorbed the Space Rule of Nine Heavenly Layers, he did not integrate the Great Time Clock into his body as before.

Nine Heavenly Layers are still around.

It’s just that the soul inside is not there.

Both Space Power of Rule and Space Girl entered Li Qingshan’s body and became a part of him.

In Li Qingshan’s body, the Great Time Clock and Space Girl stand together.

The current Master has changed into normal clothes. After being merged with Li Qingshan, the Space Girl on the side has grown up rapidly, from four years old to fourteen or five years old, devastatingly beautiful Appearance.

The only constant is that rotten character.

Although she has a devastatingly beautiful face, Space Girl still doesn’t want to do anything or be discovered, she just wants to observe this world quietly.

“Our father is amazing.” Great Time Clock said proudly after watching Li Qingshan absorb the Space Rule of Nine Heavenly Layers in only two months.

Space Girl said: “It’s your father, not us.”

“You could deny this statement before, but now we fuse together, and what flows in your current consciousness is Father’s energy, you are my elder sister.” Great Time Clock explained.

“If you say I’m your elder sister, I’ll beat you up.” Space Girl threatened Great Time Clock.

“If you beat me eight hundred times, you are also my elder sister.” Great Time Clock not to be outdone.

Space Girl pouted and turned her head away, not wanting to talk about it anymore.

“Do you think the father should strike while the iron is hot and immediately break through the Emperor?” The Great Time Clock asked Space Girl curiously.

“How do I know this, I’m not a roundworm in his stomach. He thinks that he can break through now. If he wants to accumulate again, he can also have more confidence.” Space Girl helplessly said.

“I heard from the father that if you want to break through the Emperor, you still need to go through a difficult time.” Great Time Clock said.

“What’s the difficulty?” Space Girl asked curiously.

“Father didn’t tell me.” The Great Time Clock shook its head.

Space Girl immediately turned her head away, not wanting to look at the Great Time Clock, for fear that she couldn’t help but beat him up.

Above the sea, the blue waves are rippling, the sky is clear, blue sky and white clouds, the breeze is gentle, Li Qingshan descended from the sky, standing on an island, looking around, the First Layer world is very huge, the sea is blue, As far as the eye can see, at the junction of Heaven and Earth, there is a sunset against the background, and half of the sky is red, and the scenery is picturesque.

“This time is really left-hand time, right-hand space, two kinds of Power of Rule are gathered on me, and now I am at least a hundred times stronger than before.” Li Qingshan’s face showed a trace Smile, very happy.

“Now there are two Power of Rule, and it’s Time and Space, etc. Mysterious Grand Dao is condensed. I should also look forward to the Emperor Realm, which has always been highly praised by the world. ‘ Li Qingshan muttered to himself.

Other Red Dust Immortal breakthroughs to Emperor require long years of polishing and extremely high perception, and before breakthrough, they cannot control Rule, only after breakthrough can they hold Power of Rule, so For other Emperors, as long as there is a Rule Grand Dao, they will definitely hit the Emperor Realm.

On Li Qingshan’s side, he was dissatisfied with having a Time Rule, and even comprehended the Space Rule. The combination of time and space is enough to shock most people’s eyes.

“With my current strength, it is not impossible to forcibly deduct the Emperor’s mark, but this method is not advisable. I also need a fierce blow from the Jade Emperor’s slanderous thoughts to open the Gate of Destiny’s acceleration makes fate come to this world again.” Li Qingshan occupied the Rule of space and time, hands behind ones back, walking slowly, thinking as he walked.

He left a string of footprints on the beach along the edge of the island, but after a while, the waves surged up and took away the traces of Li Qingshan, leaving him in the most primordial state.

“So, according to the original plan, I will use the power of Divine Spiritual Will to open the Gate of Destiny, so that I have three thousand Grand Dao complete, and after entering the Emperor Realm, these are my capital.” Li Qingshan sees With all around, the mood is very surging.

In front of him, the waves of the sea are rolling and never stop.

Behind him, the green hills and cypresses are still the same, and the youth are like yesterday.

Li Qingshan slowly raised the imposing manner in his body and came to the Peak of Red Dust Immortal. As long as he crossed this Peak, he would enter the ranks of the Emperor.

In the 20th year of entering the Immortal Court, Li Qingshan finally broke through the Emperor.

Please ask for a ticket, I’m about to explode, I want to be a real man, and I will change more than 15,000 a day.

(End of this chapter)

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