Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 139


Chapter 139 Break the Shackles of the World (Subscribe)

Chapter 138 Break the Shackles of the World (Subscribe)

Li Qingshan wants to break through the Immortal King and enter the Emperor.

He now has enough accumulation, and with two Rules in his hand, this is already beyond the reach of ordinary Emperors.

But for Li Qingshan, this is just the basics.

He has laid the foundations, and now he will continue to charge forward.

“I need to adjust my state and start charging.” Li Qingshan slowly said, he found a clean area on the island, tidy up his instrument, meditated cross-legged, closed his eyes, and mobilized Self-imposing manner, began to impact the Emperor.

“Elder sister, I said the father is going to attack the Emperor.” Great Time Clock said happily.

“Shut up and don’t interfere.” Space Girl snapped again.

The Great Time Clock grins in delight.


Just when Li Qingshan promoted himself, prepared to break through Immortal King, and entered the Emperor, the external situation had been eroded to the point that it could not be saved.

In the past two months, Li Qingshan has been absorbing the Space Rule. Unlike the Great Time Clock, the Space Girl has been born for too long and has accumulated countless Space Rules. It takes a long time for Li Qingshan to comprehend, right. I don’t know anything about the situation outside.

Now the outside world, the world’s immortals, has reached the final stage.

Divine Realm , Buddha Realm , Monster Realm , Demon Realm , Hell , Assassin Organization , Great Influence besieged Immortal Court from all directions, although the Emperor did not make a move, although the predecessors of the descendants of Imperial Clan woke up and thought Save the situation, but it’s too late.

Immortal Court inevitably slides into the abyss.

To this day, after two months of advancement, all the forces around Immortal Court have been leveled.

Immortal Court is left with the Nine Heavenly Layers and the Floating Island that hangs above the Nine Heavenly Layers.

The world has come to a critical juncture.

This can be seen from the changes in Nine Heavenly Layers.

When Li Qingshan came to Nine Heavenly Layers, although people were alarmed, not many people left.

But two months later, the people in Nine Heavenly Layers are completely gone.

Immortal Court is over, it’s accepted.

The whole world is killing immortals, but not killing innocents indiscriminately. As long as you leave the relationship with the Immortal Court, as long as you are not an immediate family member of the Emperor ethnic group, you can leave.

So now Immortal Court, only the descendants of Imperial Clan who were beaten to pieces are left.

After resisting for two months, it is the last stubbornness of the descendants of Imperial Clan. Experts are basically killed in battle. The weak and weak can’t escape bad luck. This time catastrophe makes the descendants of Imperial Clan cry and cry for mercy. .

They want to give their entire estate, they want to give up all the secrets of Immortal Court in exchange for a life.

They’ve all spoken to Monster Race.

Although the descendants of the Great Emperor are very reluctant, they have all accepted the destruction of the Immortal Court, and it is the righteous path to survive now.

They hate the Great Influence.

They curse those who flee.

They don’t think it’s my fault.

Immortal Court became what it is now because of the union of those forces.

It’s definitely not my problem.

Now they just want to give up everything, leave a life, keep the green hills and not worry about running out of firewood.

The descendants of the Great Emperor clan all calculated in this way.

Now that Nine Heavenly Layers is empty and the outside world is blocked, the descendants of Imperial Clan know that the tide is over.

They abandoned Immortal Court without the slightest hesitation.

This scene was seen by Zhang Family patriarch.

He is also the current Immortal Court, the only remaining Red Dust Immortal, and the Immortal Court is the most conspicuous one in the world at this time.

In several months of war, he has killed several Red Dust Immortals, taking the lead time after time, military achievement illustrious, and he is also the backbone of the descendants of Imperial Clan.

The reason why the Great Influences are now besieging the Immortal Court and not daring to attack rashly is also because of him.

In Immortal Court, the descendants of Imperial Clan wanted to flee, they looked at Zhang Family patriarch and persuaded loudly.

“Zhang Family patriarch, we all listen to you now. We have made a lot of money over the years, and now we have given up. As long as people are there, things will be there.”

“ Yes, Zhang Family patriarch, you are very powerful, the outside world praises you as Number One Person under the Emperor, now we are abandoned children, Old Ancestor doesn’t care about us, we can’t get in touch, we have to save ourselves.”

“Patriarch, the Central Jade Emperor Old Ancestor also said before that he could be contacted in case of danger. For the past two months, we have been in contact with each other wildly, but there is no response. He must have given up the Immortal Court.”

“Yeah, the Emperor has given up on Immortal Court, what are we still holding on to?”

A group of well-dressed, long-standing seniors with anxious faces persuaded Zhang Family patriarch.

“As long as we give up Immortal Court, although we are penniless, we can still live well, patriarch, old man doesn’t want to die.” An elder pleaded with Zhang Family patriarch.

But Zhang Family patriarch, the backbone, had an indifferent face, looking at this group of Imperial Clan descendants who were not strong but full of fat, calmly said: “Before they lay on Immortal Court to suck blood and grow stronger. How happy are you when you were on your own, but now you want to run away and change to another place, tyrannically abusing power?”

As soon as these words came out, the other people’s faces changed, staring at Zhang Family patriarch, feeling incredible .

“How can you say that, patriarch, we suck the blood of the Immortal Court? It’s ridiculous! Wasn’t this Immortal Court made by our ancestors? Without them, where would the Immortal Court be? We These descendants run the Immortal Court and seek benefits, that is as it should be by rights, how can you say blood?” An old man jumped, relying on the identity of the elders, to the Zhang Family patriarch scolded.

“It makes sense, Zhang Family patriarch, you are very powerful, that is also cultivated by the Zhang Family, you enjoy all the resources of the Zhang Family, if you say this now, don’t you hold a bowl? After eating, put down the bowl and scold the mother?” Another Old Senior stood up and scolded.

A sarcastic smile appeared on Zhang Family patriarch’s face. Was his cultivation base cultivated by Zhang Family?

From the beginning to the end, he was not one of those children raised by the Zhang Family.

Seeing the descendants of Imperial Clan jumping in front of them, Zhang Family patriarch was very calm, he didn’t take them seriously at all.

“You made the Immortal Court like this, and it’s so corrupted. If you want to leave it now, don’t even think about it.” Zhang Family patriarch stood up, hands behind ones back, and said indifferently.

“Zhang Family patriarch, what do you mean?”

“Zhang Family patriarch, everyone is descended from Imperial Clan, why do you do this?”

“Zhang Family patriarch, you are now the most powerful descendant of Imperial Clan. You should set an example and lead us to rise again, instead of talking slander here.”

One by one descendant of Imperial Clan The elders scolded the Zhang Family patriarch with very fierce words, thinking that at this critical moment, the Zhang Family patriarch should not criticize the actions of the descendants of the Imperial Clan.

Zhang Family patriarch looked at them anxious and angry, with a hint of happiness in their tired faces.

“When you destroyed Immortal Court, why didn’t you think of this day?”

“Now that Immortal Court has an accident, as the ones who have enjoyed the greatest advantage, we have an indelible original sin. , Immortal Court no one can leave, everyone, let’s bury the Immortal Court here.”

“Don’t think about it, the treasure and resources of the descendants of Imperial Clan, I will seal them up and enter I want to use these resources in exchange for the survival of the descendants of Imperial Clan, don’t even think about it.”

“It’s you who corrupted the Immortal Court so far, so it’s up to you Together, we will be buried with Immortal Court.”

Zhang Family patriarch said grimly with a completely torn face, hands behind ones back.

He’s been trying to change the Immortal Court all the time, but the Imperial Clan descendant is so powerful that he has to become the Zhang Family patriarch to sway things.

But when he gathers up his strength and prepares to take care of Immortal Court, it’s too late.

The situation is so rotten, even if he has ten thousand zhang ambitions, he will not be able to reverse the situation.

In the past two months, he fought all over the place, with full strength, killed several Red Dust Immortals, military achievement illustrious, known as Number One Person under the Emperor.

This is a great reputation, blessed by Zhang Family patriarch, but it didn’t make him happy.

Because he found that the goal he had worked hard for half his life for had collapsed suddenly.

The goal of Zhang Family patriarch’s half-life struggle is to reform the Immortal Court. For this reason, he did not hesitate to enter the abyss, join the group of people, and decided to sacrifice himself.

But now, Immortal Court is about to end.

His goal, on the verge of collapse , he himself became increasingly silent.

Although he tried his best to maintain the situation, he was an utterly inadequate measure, so that he was disheartened. Seeing that the descendants of Imperial Clan with original sin were about to flee, Zhang Family patriarch immediately fought back , used Power of Space to send away the treasure they were about to hand over.

He was sent to Immortal Court Academy.

There is a Li Qingshan over there.

At this time, Zhang Family patriarch remembered what Li Qingshan said, instead of trying to change the Immortal Court, it is better to improve himself, break through the Immortal King, enter the Emperor Realm, when the time comes a dimensionality reduction attack.

“Unfortunately, breaking through Immortal King and entering the Emperor is still too difficult for me. I packaged all Immortal Court resources and sent them to Immortal Court Academy. I hope you can do it. It would be good to rebuild a new Immortal Court.” Zhang Family patriarch muttered silently in his heart.

But after he said these words, everyone else frowned.

“What did you say?”

“Why did you pack up all the treasures and everything in Immortal Court?”

“Zhang Family patriarch, you are just a patriarch of the Zhang Family, you are not a patriarch of us Imperial Clan descendants, why did you make such a decision?”

“You still want us to be buried with Immortal Court, are you worthy? Is he worthy of this Immortal Court?”

“It’s ridiculous, I tell you, get those treasures back, or we’ll dismiss your Position of Patriarch now.”

A group of The old and the young, filled with righteous indignation and anger, accused Zhang Family patriarch one after another.

Zhang Family patriarch sneered: “Although please dismiss my Position of Patriarch, Immortal Court will be destroyed, and the descendants of Imperial Clan, the ethnic group that arose because of Immortal Court, should also be swept into history along with it. Dust.”

“As for whether I’m worthy or not, it’s not up to you to decide where the Treasure will go in Immortal Court, but to see if you have the ability to stop me.” Zhang Family patriarch looked all around, his eyes were cold, hands behind ones back , powerful aura.

He ripped his face directly, and no one present could stand his Red Dust Immortal’s strength.

For Zhang Family patriarch, the goal he had been fighting for for half his life was broken, and he disappeared with this goal.

“Zhang Family patriarch, time is limited. If you don’t hand over the treasure today, they will definitely attack. You can’t stop it by yourself. You don’t need to be born because of our group of weaklings. Suffocating, it is the most important thing for everyone to survive now.” Someone slowed down and patiently persuaded Zhang Family patriarch.

But Zhang Family patriarch had a cold face, closed his eyes, and said nothing.

Others were anxious, angry, and helpless when they saw this scene.

The strength of Zhang Family patriarch is too strong and terrifying, even if they go together, it won’t change anything.

“Why are you so stubborn? We must be buried with Immortal Court, what are you planning?” An old man with a cane and pestle on the ground, made a sound of peng~ peng~ peng~, and asked angrily.

Zhang Family patriarch opened his eyes, looked at the descendants of the Imperial Clan, and in their angry, doubtful, and sad eyes, slowly said: “I’m here for a reason, yours. Grandfathers, your fathers, and you, no more than a few generations in total, after taking charge of the Immortal Court, messing around, turning the huge Immortal Court, the prosperous Immortal Court, and the magnificent Immortal Court into your personal property , It is understandable to use the power in your hand to make profits for your own family, but you have done too much and directly destroyed the foundation of the Immortal Court. The Immortal Court can have today’s disaster. If you want to pat your butt and leave, there is no way.”

“Now I’m putting my words here, everyone here today, and in this Immortal Court, all those who are related to the descendants of Imperial Clan, can’t escape. Let’s go, all have to apologize to the Immortal Court who used to be selfless.” Zhang Family patriarch said grimly.

“What you say is high-sounding, what you say is devotion to righteousness that inspires reverence, you are not Imperial Clan, what is the difference between you and us?” Family patriarch.

“Did I say I left?” Zhang Family patriarch glanced at each other indifferently.

“Don’t worry, Immortal Court was ruined by the descendants of Imperial Clan, you and I both carry the original sin, we can’t live without it, Immortal Court is destroyed, then we will all be buried under the rubble , how much power, glory and benefits you have suffered before, now you have to bear the price after the collapse of Immortal Court.” Zhang Family patriarch said bluntly.

A group of people were shocked by Zhang Family patriarch’s words and couldn’t believe it.

Zhang Family patriarch, regarded as their last dependency.

The entire descendants of Imperial Clan suffered heavy losses in the process of extermination at this time, and the Red Dust Immortal fell, leaving only one Zhang Family patriarch.

Originally, they regarded the Zhang Family patriarch as an important pillar for the rise of the descendants of Imperial Clan, a spiritual leader and a guarantee for their survival.

Who knows, at the most critical moment, Zhang Family patriarch actually backstabbed them.

The crowd was furious.

If it hadn’t been for the Zhang Family patriarch, they would have turned their backs on their Zhang Family patriarch at this moment.

“You lunatic, why did you drag us on because you wanted to die yourself?” Someone couldn’t accept this fact and cursed Zhang Family patriarch.

Zhang Family patriarch turned a deaf ear to this and stared outside.

Above the Immortal Court Nine Heavenly Layers, there are the suspended islands, the largest island, which now houses all the descendants of the Imperial Clan.

This group of Imperial Clan descendants thought they had hope, but now they are like falling into an ice cellar and want to escape from here to make a living, but found that all around this island has been imprisoned by the Zhang Family.

No one can escape.

As the Zhang Family patriarch said, if the Immortal Court is destroyed, the descendants of the Imperial Clan will also be destroyed.

Outside, all directions, countless powerhouses stare at the suspended island.

In Nine Heavenly Layers, all Immortal Court personnel have fled.

Nine Heavenly Layers is now an empty shell, no one cares.

Everyone turned their attention to the floating island.

Zhang Family patriarch dressed in a long black coat, hands behind ones back, looked at the enemy in all directions, his face was calm, he had accepted the fact that Immortal Court was destroyed.

But it was this calmness that deterred the attacking enemy.

No one wants to fight to the death with the beastly Zhang Family patriarch.

So at this moment Above the Heavens and Under the Earth, surrounded by enemies, blocked everything around, no one can leave.

Divine Realm , Monster Realm , Demon Realm , Demon Realm , Hell these peak and great influence experts are all staring coldly at Zhang Family patriarch .

“Surrender, the situation is set, the Ancient Immortal Court and the new Immortal Court that have ruled the Immortal World for millions of years have come to an end, it’s time to end.” Divine Realm said indifferently.

“Zhang Family patriarch, you are very powerful, but you can’t save this Immortal Court, nor the descendants of Imperial Clan, why don’t you join my Monster Realm, my Monster Realm is inclusive of myriad forms, all rivers are inclusive, no matter what ethnicity , we only look at the strength, not the background.” A Red Dust Immortal of Monster Realm was very optimistic about the Zhang Family patriarch and sent an invitation.

“Zhang Family patriarch, a wise man submits to circumstances, the descendants of Imperial Clan said they would hand over the treasure to us in exchange for a life, what about the treasure?” Demon Realm’s powerhouse coldly snorted, asked.

The Zhang Family patriarch, who is alone in all directions, said to the enemy’s Zhang Family patriarch, Not slow, Not fast, calm and collected: “The decline of the Immortal Court has so far made countless experts detached, and the descendants of Imperial Clan have contributed greatly. Today, They will be buried in the dust of history along with Immortal Court, without treasure.”

As soon as these words came out, everyone in Demon Realm frowned.

The accumulation of Immortal Court for so many years, most of it has flowed into the hands of the descendants of Imperial Clan, a very large number, even Red Dust Immortal, even Emperor, are all excited about it.

Originally, the Demon Realm expert had already negotiated with the other Imperial Clan descendants to hand over the treasure they had acquired over the years in exchange for a life.

Who knew that a Zhang Family patriarch would be killed, and by means of thunder, all the treasures were sent to the Immortal Court Academy, cutting off the retreat of the descendants of the Imperial Clan at this time.

Other Imperial Clan descendants beat their chests, wanting to step up to explain and accuse Zhang Family patriarch of crimes.

But the Zhang Family patriarch just exuded a breath and imprisoned them in the center of the island, unable to say anything.

The Zhang Family patriarch is alone, facing this overwhelming pressure.

“If you can’t hand over the treasure, no one in the Immortal Court can get out alive today.” Demon Realm expert coldly snorted said with a bad expression.

The treasure that they thought they had obtained is now gone. They locked their eyes on Zhang Family patriarch and were very angry.

“You think you can kill me? Then come forward, I will accept anyone’s challenge today, and I will tell you how terrifying the Number One Person under the Emperor has.” Zhang The family patriarch stared, and the terrifying Primordial Spirit Power directly locked the Demon Realm powerhouse, imposing unparalleled manner, roaring like a tiger, pressing the opponent to look pale.

Both are Red Dust Immortal, but with just one look, a Primordial Spirit Power overwhelms each other and feels heart palpitations.

“hmph, you are only one person, all directions are your enemies, let’s go together, do you think you are the Emperor? Can you resist us?” The Demon Realm powerhouse came back to his senses, he roared inwardly.

Zhang Family patriarch just stared at him coldly and said, “From now on, if you say one more word, I will kill you.”

“You…” this Demon Realm powerhouse was extremely angry and wanted to incite other experts to deal with Zhang Family patriarch together, but as soon as the words came out, they met Zhang Family patriarch’s eyes of killing intent without any emotion, and a chill came out from the inside out, covering it. I can’t say anything after myself.

He is the Red Dust Immortal realm, he knows that the Zhang Family patriarch is really determined to kill him, regardless of the consequences, he is very dangerous today.

Some Demon Realm experts looked at the friend who was too scared to speak by Zhang Family patriarch, frowned, and said: “It’s not a good ability to scare others, Zhang Family patriarch, we respect you, the entire descendant of Imperial Clan , even if you are a person, the others are just a group of mediocre idiots, and the people from Monster Realm just said that as long as you are willing to leave the Immortal Court, leave the descendants of the Imperial Clan, and join any of us, you can leave calmly.”

None of the other Great Influences objected.

And the imprisoned descendants of Imperial Clan, when they heard this, complexion greatly changed.

They are jealous, they resent, they are angry…

There is nothing they can do.

“You guys can tolerate me going out alive?” Zhang Family patriarch said surprisedly, he killed several Red Dust Immortals.

“It’s too sad to have a small Red Dust Immortal in the huge Immortal World, Zhang Family patriarch, Monster Realm welcomes you.” Red Dust Immortal of Monster Realm said sincerely.

Of course, this is also because Zhang Family patriarch killed several Red Dust Immortals who did not have Monster Realm, so they could invite Zhang Family patriarch to enter Monster Realm.

In this Immortal World, what is the most important item?

Red Dust Immortal!

Zhang Family patriarch looked at the Demon Realm expert with a calm face, no joy, said in a tranquil voice: “I am a person of Immortal Court, I am also a descendant of Imperial Clan, I am responsible for Immortal Court, Although you have destroyed the Immortal Court today, please remember that the Immortal Court disintegrated itself from within. It was us descendants of the Imperial Clan who brought down the Immortal Court. Therefore, the descendants of the Imperial Clan, including me, must give Immortal Court will be buried with you.”

As soon as these remarks came out, I don’t know how many experts were impressed by Zhang Family patriarch.

Even though he could survive, he still chose to advance and retreat with Immortal Court.

This is a man with ideals.

The descendants of Imperial Clan who were trapped by the Zhang Family patriarch, not only did not feel happy when they heard this, but were filled with resentment.

“You want to bury the Immortal Court yourself, why do you want to drag us?”

“Immortal Court is a money-making thing, if you don’t have it, you can create another one. There’s really nothing left.”

“Immortal Court was founded by our grandparents, can’t we, the younger generation, enjoy the happiness?”

“You are amazing, you are lofty, and you delay With us?”

All kinds of hateful words came pouring out.

But Zhang Family patriarch turned a deaf ear to this group of descendants of Imperial Clan who had enjoyed half their lives, and were originally his target of liquidation.

It’s just the frequent accidents that make him lose control of the situation, but no matter what, this group of people must die.

“Zhang Family patriarch, since you love Immortal Court so much, why do you want to be buried here for it?” A Divine Race Red Dust Immortal, coldly said.

“I am the last warrior in Immortal Court, only to die in battle, not to be buried.” Zhang Family patriarch said solemnly.

“This time we can go together. No matter how strong he is alone, can he stop a dozen Red Dust Immortals?” Red Dust Immortal of Divine Race loudly shouted, imposing manner having ups and downs, meandering. Wandering up, really angry.

“Then let Immortal Court be the last warrior, and send Immortal Court to the road with your own hands.” Monster Realm’s Red Dust Immortal sighed, shook his head, and then shot without the slightest hesitation.

The next moment, Demon Realm, Hell, Buddha Realm, and Red Dust Immortal from Assassin Organization and other forces all attacked Zhang Family patriarch together.

bang! !

The imposing manner of the absolute top shook the sky, endless dive glow erupted, billowing energy, agitated the surrounding fields, the breath of Red Dust Immortal hiding the sky and covering the earth, undisguised, strikes directly out .

At this moment, this side World collapsed.

Under a dozen Red Dust Immortal imposing manner strikes, Zhang Family patriarch also made all-out shots, rushing in with the determination to die.

bang! ! ! !

As soon as the two came into contact, all the defenses around Zhang Family patriarch were blasted away, making it impossible to resist.

He was instantly smashed into the Floating Island, directly smashing the island, in a flash, the descendants of Imperial Clan were destroyed.

Zhang Family patriarch himself is very embarrassed.

However, the dozen or so Red Dust Immortals on the opposite side were not feeling well either. Seven or eight of the slightly weaker Red Dust Immortals vomited blood on the spot. The others were also surging with blood and their faces were flushed, looking at the embarrassed Zhang. Family patriarch, with amazement in his eyes.

“If this era didn’t limit you, you should be the Emperor now.” The Red Dust Immortal of Monster Realm, who has always been optimistic about the Zhang Family, said regretfully.

Zhang Family patriarch stood up from the rubble full of rubble and shook the dust off his body. Although he was embarrassed, his eyes were still bright and bright.

“Come again!” Zhang Family patriarch said solemnly.

With a bang, he directly moved towards a dozen Red Dust Immortals and shot together, covering the sky with one hand, his whole body shining brightly, he was fearless, aggressive, if you didn’t look carefully, you would think he was One person surrounded a dozen Red Dust Immortals.

The dozen or so Red Dust Immortals looked at each other and instantly understood that they joined forces to fight the enemy, Zhang Family patriarch was stronger than expected, and they had to join forces to defeat each other.

bang! ! !

At this moment, millions of troops are watching, on the Nine Heavenly Layers of Immortal Court, a dozen Red Dust Immortal battles, fighting intent swaying, energy surging, immortal light shining, bursting billions of rays of light , shining on the countless soils of Immortal World.

At this moment, the Zhang Family patriarch erupted, and he roared, radiating most of the Immortal World, shaking countless people.

He rushed into the Red Dust Immortal, trading life for life and injury for injury.

In his mind, he recalled back then, if he didn’t know Daoist Long, if he didn’t get infected by Daoist Long, if he didn’t set up a dream, if he didn’t realize it…

He I’m afraid it can’t be so gorgeous, right?

“I could have endured the darkness, if I hadn’t seen the light.” Zhang Family patriarch said a word in his heart at this moment.

The aftermath of the battle has caught the attention of countless people.

In the Great Zhou Dynasty, the Great Zhou Emperor watched this scene and murmured calmly: “It’s a pity, if it weren’t for this era, you would have become an emperor.”

Divine Realm … …

Demon Realm …

Monster Realm …

Buddha Realm …

Hell …

In these places, Emperors are paying attention to this scene, and they are impressed by Zhang Family patriarch. Basically, they all think that Zhang Family patriarch will definitely become emperor if it is not in this era.

The aftermath of the battle passed into Nine Heavenly Layers.

Li Qingshan of First Heavenly Layer opened his eyes and looked up at the Zhang Family patriarch outside the endless space, fighting bloody battles.

In the process of breaking through just now, he also felt the changes in the outside world, and separated a ray of Divine Soul to explore everything.

He knew the cause and effect.

He knew about the Immortal Court crisis.

He knew the insistence of Zhang Family patriarch.

He knew, too, that the Imperial Clan descendants had been wiped out.

Li Qingshan knew that the time had come.

Immortal Court is in ruins, except for a gatehouse, which is guarded by the Zhang Family patriarch.

The reconstruction of Immortal Court starts from this moment.

“But you’d better give it a shot first, I’ll break through, and I’ll come right away.” Li Qingshan looked at the Zhang Family patriarch, closed his eyes and concentrated, he was going to break through the Emperor.

Time Rule and Space Rule, echo each other and enhance Li Qingshan’s Primordial Spirit Power.

Origin of Time, Eternity of Space.

Together, they pushed Li Qingshan’s cultivation base and started climbing.

He came to Red Dust Immortal Peak.

He took one step and leaped into the air, breaking through Red Dust Immortal.

He approached the Emperor.

It seems that in the next second, with the help of two Power of Rule, he can cross the Red Dust Immortal and break through the Emperor.

But only in this brief moment.

In the dark, a bright sword intent burst out, emerged from nothingness, moved towards Li Qingshan’s Primordial Spirit beheaded.

Behind this bright sword intent, there is a shadow, holding the long sword in his hand, shaking it a little, thousands of strands of silver flowers pour out, the sword qi floats up and down, sweeps over, rolls up After the Power of Rule, attack and kill.

This sword qi burst out with a wisp of murderous aura, far surpassing Immortal King Realm, far surpassing Red Dust Immortal.

This is the power of the Emperor.

This is the Divine Spiritual Will of the Central Jade Emperor to stop the Li Qingshan breakthrough Emperor.

Li Qingshan didn’t panic, didn’t panic.

He stared indifferently, not saying a word.

The Immortal Court suffered a great disaster, and the Central Jade Emperor disappeared. Instead, he wanted to break through the Emperor. The Divine Spiritual Will came on time, and it was like killing one’s parents. At this moment, Li Qingshan and the Central Jade Emperor had never When they met, they had deep grievances.

Divine Spiritual Will armed with a long sword, came beheading, aggressive, no one outside noticed, Li Qingshan’s Primordial Spirit was crushed by the Emperor’s power.


Emperor’s power is churning, crushing Li Qingshan’s Sea of Consciousness and directly causing Li Qingshan’s Sea of Consciousness to collapse, which is not a level at all.

Then, the long sword fell, swinging the sword like rain, shedding a piece of Emperor rays of light.

This is the full strength attack o

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