Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Forty Years of Pregnancy

The successful breakthrough of Fishleap realm was no surprise to Li Qingshan.

It’s like eating, drinking, and relaxing.

This night, Thinking Cliff’s Spiritual Qi was swept away by him. Fortunately, there was no one else on Thinking Cliff, and Li Qingshan could act wilfully.

After breaking through Fishleap realm, Li Qingshan’s life is still the same as usual, eating and drinking, rubbing monuments, drinking tea and enjoying flowers, watching the clouds rolling and spreading.

All disputes in the outside world have nothing to do with Li Qingshan.

So, a month has passed quickly.

Li Qingshan has been stabilizing the cultivation base and moisturizing the root bone this month. As the root bone grows, Li Qingshan automatically breaks through and reaches the Fishleap Peak.

The roots are like a forest, that’s how terrifying it is.

Thinking Cliff was very calm this month, but Li Qingshan estimated that the outside world was not calm.

That all changed when Wu Shaobai stunned the world with a blow from Saint.

Even a month later, the outside world continues to debate this matter.

Heavenly Dao Sect will not let the ascension door go, but according to Li Qingshan’s feeling, the interior of the ascension door is still very stable, indicating that Heavenly Dao Sect does not focus on the ascension door now.

Of course, this is all speculation by Li Qingshan.

But soon, his little intelligence agent came.

Xiao Jiu came here happily, once a month to see his big brother, Xiao Jiu counted the days.

Tian Yi said goodbye to Master early this morning and came quickly.

“Big brother, haven’t seen you for a month, do you miss me?”

Xiao Jiu asked coquettishly, hugging Li Qingshan’s arm as soon as he came up.

“Did you bring me wine?” Li Qingshan asked.

“If I ask if you want me, you will know if I bring wine.” Xiao Jiu pouted, dissatisfied.

“I’ll miss you when I bring wine, but I don’t miss you very much when I don’t bring wine.” Li Qingshan laughed and pinched Xiao Jiu’s nose, this girl followed the cultivation base breakthrough Grandmaster, comprehensive Growing up, she looks like a big girl.

He was taller, about 1.7 meters tall, all reaching Li Qingshan’s chest.

It is also even more beautiful, as beautiful as Heavenly Immortal, I don’t know how many teenagers will be the white moonlight in the hearts of the future.

“Aiya, I brought wine.” Xiao Jiu broke free from Li Qingshan’s hand, rubbed his nose dissatisfied, then took the storage bag and brought out a few jars of fine wine.

Last time Li Qingshan said that everything is good here at Thinking Cliff, except that there is no good wine, and the life is dull. Let Xiao Jiu come next time and bring a few jars of fine wine.

Xiao Jiu remembered what the big brother said, and she showed off a few jars of fine wine.

“These are the treasures of the Master, I secretly took them out.” Xiao Jiu whispered.

Li Qingshan raised his eyebrows, picked up a few jars of fine wine, and said in a low voice: “Well, I’ll hide it secretly, only our siblings know about this.”

Xiao Jiu gΔ“ gΔ“ gΔ“ laughed, watching the big brother cautiously hide the wine, it made him laugh.

“Big brother, next time I’ll steal some more for you. I remember that the Master said that the wine from Grand Master is the top grade in the world.” Xiao Jiu blinked and said.

Li Qingshan remembered that her Grand Master was the Headmaster of the previous generation of Ascension, and after passing the throne to the current Headmaster, she hid behind the scenes and didn’t show up much.

“If this is caught, you will be beaten.” Li Qingshan frightened her.

Xiao Jiu raised his snow-white neck and proudly said: “I am now the baby of the ascension door, the Master has decided that I will be the Eldest Senior Sister in the new generation of Disciple, give me top treatment, let me Good cultivation, how could you hit me.”

Xiao Jiu didn’t believe Li Qingshan’s words at all, besides, when she took the wine, she didn’t believe that the Master didn’t know it, she just turned a blind eye, and treated it as a I didn’t see it.

After arguing with the big brother, the siblings sat together and looked at the flowers in the yard and the bamboo forest outside the flowers. They felt relieved and very comfortable.

“Big brother, it’s better for you to stay here.” Xiao Jiu leaned on Li Qingshan’s shoulder, admiring the beautiful scenery, muttered.

Li Qingshan’s broad shoulders stood up and asked, “Are you tired?”

“I’m okay, there is a secret technique given by my big brother, my root bone is happening. With the changes of Heaven and Earth turning upside down, cultivation is very easy for me now, so I am cultivation every day, and it is easy to live.”

“But now the life of the ascension door is not easy. “

Xiao Jiu sighed.

“What’s wrong?” Li Qingshan asked with a raised eyebrow.

β€œrighteous path number one Great Sect Heavenly Dao Sect has united more than a dozen Great Sects to sanction our ascension doors and terminate many of the activities that we need. They also block the medicine ingredients and equipment we need. , the pressure from all sides is simply bad.” Xiao Jiu said angrily.

Li Qingshan mentally said “really so” so.

He knew that, with Heavenly Dao Sect’s seeking revenge for the slightest grievance, how could he not take revenge for being in so much trouble by Disciple Wu Shaobai of the Ascension Gate?

I thought Heavenly Dao Sect would flee from the demon and the enemy because of the Refining Monster Tower, and was so exhausted that he had no energy to deal with the ascension door.

It seems that Li Qingshan still underestimated them.

Heavenly Dao Sect did not do anything, but actually formed gangs, isolated the ascension door, and blocked the ascension door. Although there was no substantive action, it made the ascension door feel uncomfortable, and all kinds of resources were lacking. My heart was stunned, as if I had eaten a dead mouse.

Xiao Jiu feels this way.

β€œBig brother, do you know Wu Shaobai?” Xiao Jiu asked.

“I know.” Li Qingshan nodded.

Not only know, but also meet, be regarded as friends.

“Then you must know, Wu Shaobai’s wife is a Monster Race woman who was suppressed by Heavenly Dao Sect in Refining Monster Tower. Just a month ago, Wu Shaobai came back to life and beheaded Saint With one sword, the Refining Monster Tower was smashed to pieces, to save his wife, and he completely offended Heavenly Dao Sect.” Xiao Jiu said in Li Qingshan’s ear like a lark.

Li Qingshan looked at her in amazement and asked, “How do you know so clearly?”

Wu Shaobai saved his wife, Li Qingshan was sure that he had nothing to do with it. People say.

Why is it being spread outside?

“This is what Heavenly Dao Sect found out by himself. They determined that Wu Shaobai is dead, but the sword qi that remains, has been poised to go, accumulating strength, and it has not erupted until now, just for the sake of Save his pregnant wife,” Xiao Jiu said.

“Wait…you said Wu Shaobai’s wife is pregnant?” Li Qingshan interrupted Xiao Jiu suddenly.

“Yeah, this is also admitted by Heavenly Dao Sect, they are now wanting Wu Shaobai’s wife all over the world to capture her for revenge.” Xiao Jiu added.

“The sword was cut by Wu Shaobai. Heavenly Dao Sect can’t find Wu Shaobai now, so it will be a disaster for his wife and children?” Li Qingshan frowned.

It was you who broke up husbands and wives, killed one, and suppressed one pregnancy.

Forty years have passed, people have smashed the Refining Monster Tower and saved their wives. You still want them all over the world. How can Heavenly Dao Sect’s behavior be even more demonic path than demonic path?

“However, Wu Shaobai’s wife has been in Refining Monster Tower for so long, has been pregnant for 40 years, and has not given birth to a child?” Li Qingshan suddenly thought that after being separated for 40 years, this child has not yet been born. born?

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