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Chapter 140 The Trend Has Been Done (Subscribe)

Chapter 139 The Trend Has Been Done (Subscribe)

The ferocious three-headed Silver Wolf is a breed from Hell. It is very ferocious. Because of its rich bloodline, its cultivation is relatively simple. It is more powerful in its infancy. After entering the mature stage, it is comparable to Passing Era Immortal.

However, cultivation to Red Dust Immortal realm is also rare in the world.

This three-headed Silver Wolf is the leader of the Hell Silver Wolf Race group, this time came to fight on behalf of Hell, pushed all the way, and killed a lot of people.

The three-headed Silver Wolf is not used to people boasting about the strength of Zhang Family patriarch. The so-called Number One Person under the Emperor, in its view, is nothing but the Red Dust Immortal killed by Zhang Family patriarch. Too much waste.

The person who met Monster Realm before wanted to recruit Zhang Family patriarch, and the three-headed Silver Wolf started to stir. Now that he saw the injured Zhang Family patriarch, it rushed directly to kill the opponent.

But in an instant, a pure white as jade hand touched its head, and the palm was warm, but the three Silver Wolf felt a chill from its spine, instantly freezing its body.

It turned its head hard, three pairs of eyes looked towards Li Qingshan together.

Clothes whiter than snow, slender and straight, with a calm and indifferent face, his eyes are not looking at it, but looking all around.

This scene is as if the three-headed Silver Wolf is Li Qingshan’s pet, and he is gently petting him without looking at it.

But even so, the three-headed Silver Wolf also felt great pressure. Its three heads represent different abilities, which can see through the false, touch the truth, and examine the soul.

It sees Li Qingshan’s Primordial Spirit, shining brightly, surrounded by three thousand Grand Dao, especially in the most central area, the fate Grand Dao imposing manner is unparalleled.

It saw Li Qingshan’s Primordial Spirit, which burst out golden blood energy, comparable to Divinity and Demon, sharp eyes, and every action seemed to be the ultimate way, possessing unparalleled Divine Power.

It sees through the falsehood, touches the true core of Li Qingshan, sees his immortal eternity, perpetuates the world, breaks the World Threshold, and advances from the Red Dust Immortal to the Emperor.

The three-headed Silver Wolf was completely cowardly. Under the caress of Li Qingshan, he fell down obediently and regarded himself as a domestic pet dog.

“Wang Wang…” The three-headed Silver Wolf also moved towards the millions of troops outside and called out twice.

The rapid change of attitude and the ingenious change of attitude made others stunned.

You are the Red Dust Immortal.

You are still a three-headed Silver Wolf, the leader of all three Silver Wolfs in Hell.

That’s how you’re a leader?

Li Qingshan only looked down at the three-headed Silver Wolf when he heard the dog barking, smiled lightly, looked at the three-headed Silver Wolf who was very well-behaved, wagging his tail and begging, and said calmly: “After the reconstruction of Immortal Court, Without a gatekeeper for three thousand years, you will be the gatekeeper of Immortal Court for three thousand years, and I will set you free.”

The three-headed Silver Wolf was extremely angry, he was a Hell nobleman, not a gatekeeper. , the domestic dog.

And it’s still three thousand years.

This spread, and he lost all face of the three-headed Silver Wolf.

Before he could refute his words, he met Li Qingshan’s unfeeling eyes, the three-headed Silver Wolf hit a shivered, and immediately said: “Is three thousand years enough? Not enough anymore. Add a thousand years.”

As soon as these words came out, all the Red Dust Immortals around covered their faces in unison, especially the other Red Dust Immortals from Hell, the corners of their mouths twitched, completely unexpected The unruly three-headed Silver Wolf is so flattering.

Li Qingshan smiled and said, “Okay, that’s four thousand years.”

You all made requests, Li Qingshan is so considerate, how could he not agree ?

At this moment, the three-headed Silver Wolf wanted to give himself a few mouths. This was too cheap. Three thousand years was not enough, and he took the initiative to add another one thousand years.

But on second thought, my life was saved.

“This person has just broken through the Emperor, just when he needs to stand up. If I don’t obey him, my life will not be guaranteed. Four thousand years is four thousand years. Anyway, my lifespan is extremely long. It’s nothing more than shame, but I’m a wolf, not a human being, and I don’t have that much self-esteem. If the Hell Emperor kills him later, I will instantly turn against the tide, and both sides will be the king.” The three-headed Silver Wolf persuaded himself frantically in his heart, a wise man submits to circumstances, Red Dust Immortal cannot stand against Emperor.

“Go away.” Li Qingshan kicked the three-headed Silver Wolf in the abdomen with a random kick, and immediately asked him to obediently step aside, thanking himself that he had survived under the Emperor.

Li Qingshan looked at Zhang Family patriarch.

Zhang Family patriarch was also looking at Li Qingshan, he smiled with relief, and stood up with all his might, drenched with blood.

He took a serious attitude, and stood his body while shaking, moved towards Li Qingshan paid respect: “Meet the new Emperor.”

Li Qingshan nods, and said softly: ” After the big break, Da Li, Immortal Court will not be destroyed if you are here, leave the next thing to me.”

Zhang Family patriarch smiled happily, and paid respect to Li Qingshan again: “Be respectful. The Emperor’s order.”

Li Qingshan nodded his eyes gently, and said nothing, turned to look at the soldiers in the sky, many Immortal Kings, a dozen Red Dust Imtals, under his gaze, one by one retreated, no Dare to look at each other.

How dare a mortal meet the Emperor?

In the presence of the Emperor, Red Dust Immortal is mortal.

Li Qingshan looked at them and said slowly: “This farce should be over, you retreat, this thing has never happened.”

Behind these forces, all With the Emperor, Li Qingshan couldn’t fight and kill as soon as he came up.

And this can be considered to lend their hands to sweep away the Imperial Clan descendants of Immortal Court, and now the Li Qingshan breakthrough Emperor is here to clean up the mess.

No one dared to answer Li Qingshan’s words.

A group of Red Dust Immortal, you look at me and I look at you, looked at each other in blank dismay, but dared not answer.

Immortal Court has been destroyed to such an extent that only one gatehouse is left with a plaque on it. Take this plaque off and Immortal Court will be completely destroyed.

Now let them let go and retreat, everyone is unwilling.

In the face of breakthrough Red Dust Immortal and Li Qingshan who entered the Emperor, they were timid again.

The gap between the Emperor and the Red Dust Immortal is like the worlds apart and cannot be resisted at all. Even if everyone goes together, it is not the Emperor’s opponent.

This is not a dimension at all.

Li Qingshan looked at them not saying a word, looked hesitant, hesitant, and knew what they were thinking.

“I shouldn’t look for you, I should look for the Emperor behind you.” Li Qingshan looked across the horizon, ignoring the millions of troops besieging Immortal Court.

He stood in the space above the Nine Heavenly Layers, looked towards the direction of Monster Realm, his eyes spanned most of the Immortal World, and looked directly at several Emperors in Monster Realm.

“Monster Realm please retreat.” Li Qingshan said politely.

At this moment, millions of people are staring at Li Qingshan, absolutely silence, everyone knows that the new Emperor of Immortal Court is communicating with the Emperor of Monster Realm.

The outcome of the communication will determine the outcome of this war.

Monster Realm.

Several Monster Realm Emperors are communicating.

“Li Qingshan told us to retreat, what do you think?” a Veteran Emperor solemnly asked.

“The Emperor who broke the shackles of eternity must have his own ability and deserve respect, but just relying on one sentence, let us retreat, and want to suppress our few Emperors, it is simply wishful thinking.”

“That’s right, Immortal Court has been on top of our heads for so many years, and now has a chance to destroy it, he actually wants to use the strength of oneself to turn the situation around, delusional.”

“this Time is killing immortals all over the world, not just our family. If we retreat at this moment, wouldn’t it make other ethnic groups laugh to death?”

“Resolutely can’t retreat!”

A few As soon as the Emperor discussed it, it was quickly determined that they could not retreat.

The Veteran Emperor is the Monster Sovereign Great Emperor, hearing this with bright eyes, looking at Li Qingshan across the endless space, said solemnly: “Monster Realm…will not retreat.”

As soon as I said this, the world heard it.

Monster Realm everyone is in high spirits, looking towards Li Qingshan, although you are the Emperor, but there is also the Emperor behind us.

The Emperor does not agree to retreat, and there is nothing we can do.

Li Qingshan heard this, his expression was calm, and there was no anger. Under everyone’s attention, he opened his mouth and said: “Monster Realm will not retreat, it will seal itself for a hundred years!”

Voice When he landed, Li Qingshan raised his hand. At this moment, there were thousands of lights and shadows, reflecting the universe. Infinite rays of light fell, bursting out with endless laws. Divine Power was boundless, like a sea of stars falling.

This star-like terrifying energy impact smashed down, causing a large piece of the sky to collapse and landed on the Monster Realm. The terrifying energy impact formed a perfect Formation that would seal the Monster Realm for a hundred years.

This imposing manner makes Red Dust Immortal timid, looking at it in horror, with a look of horror in its eyes, this is too afraid right? If Monster Realm does not agree, you will seal Monster Realm for a hundred years?

More Monster Realm folks snort disdainfully about this.

You, a new emperor, want to seal the Monster Realm with several emperors, which is just wishful thinking.

The Emperor in Monster Realm thinks so too.

The ruler of the Monster Realm on the surface is the Monster Sovereign Great Emperor, who has the Grand Dao Weapon Monster Sovereign Mirror, and he coldly snorted: “The new Emperor, I don’t know the superiority and inferiority, and it is too impudent. Can the strength of oneself suppress this Immortal World?”

The Monster Sovereign Mirror also took off, staying above the Monster Realm, bursting out infinite rays of light, bursting out eternal starlight, illuminating the energy sprinkled by Li Qingshan superior.

bang! !

The two collided, inspiring a mighty energy, and in an instant, chaos surged, Heaven and Earth were shattered, and the stars collapsed, as if opening up a universe, and all tangibles were destroyed.

The violent collision caused the Emperor Mirror to burst out infinite rays of light, which directly irradiated the Immortal World, allowing countless people to see the terrifying of the Grand Dao Weapon.

But before they were surprised, Li Qingshan’s strong energy burst into three thousand paths in an instant, burst into entanglements, bound the Monster Realm, and directly bound the Monster Sovereign Mirror, the fate of the Grand Dao Bear the brunt of it, enter the Monster Sovereign Mirror, and devour the controlling soul in the Monster Sovereign Mirror with unshakable power.

The Grand Dao Weapon Monster Sovereign Mirror stays in the void, motionless, even if the Monster Sovereign tries his best, it doesn’t matter.

The three thousand Grand Dao is now cast by Emperor, and cast incomparable by Red Dust Immortal.

Three thousand Grand Dao’s bound Monster Realm, blessing Formation, directly blocked all exits of Monster Realm, under the eyes of the world, Li Qingshan imprisoned the Grand Dao Weapon, sealed Monster Realm, shocked all.

“Impudent!!” Monster Sovereign was furious, his Grand Dao Weapon was imprisoned by Li Qingshan, erased the Primordial Spirit Power in it, and then Monster Realm was sealed, all kinds of performance made him furious .

“Later Jin Emperor, you are too impudent, I, Monster Realm, can’t be sealed if you want, and today you have to pay for it.” Monster Sovereign’s tone was cold, loudly roared, imposing manner He rushed out of the Monster Realm and directly broke a gap in the area sealed by Li Qingshan. The whole person turned into a torrent of energy, rushing up, coming to Immortal World and killing Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan, who was in the ruins of Immortal Court, had no expression on his face, and slapped him directly with his backhand.

bang! ! !

This slap was photographed, directly arousing the void, the energy billowing, a kind of rune was engraved between Heaven and Earth, with a bang, a huge “time and space” appeared, shattering Heaven and Earth. Earth, there is a long river of time and space rushing forward, and the mighty descends, directly pressing on the Monster Realm.

In the vicinity of this energy, time is chaotic, Heaven and Earth are blurred, and everything seems to have ceased to exist.

The long river of time and space was punched out by Li Qingshan, directly pressing on the sky above the Monster Realm, pressing on the surging energy of the Monster Sovereign.

This pressure caused the universe to collapse, the starry sky scrambled, the space collapsed, and the Monster Sovereign was also dizzy. Li Qingshan pushed the whole person back to the Monster Realm, filling the Formation’s gap.

This scene made the world stunned.

It doesn’t matter if the Monster Realm is sealed, even the Monster Sovereign is forcibly squeezed back and can’t come out. Is this a new Emperor?

At this moment, Li Qingshan is standing on the ruins of Immortal Court, imposing manner is unparalleled, diving might be unparalleled, unmatched.

His body is nothing compared to Heaven and Earth, but his tall and straight body and his mighty imposing manner suppressed this Immortal World, which attracted countless people’s attention at this moment.

There are several Emperors in the Monster Realm, and there is even a long-standing horror like the Monster Sovereign, but in front of Li Qingshan, they have fallen behind.

“If you dare to come out again, you will surely perish.” Li Qingshan said indifferently with his thick black hair scattered and his eyes like cold electricity.


Monster Sovereign was pushed down and vomited blood, surging with the power of the Emperor, and the mighty Rule burst out, trying to forcibly break through the long river of time and space of Li Qingshan.

This is a kind of extraordinary shame and humiliation. Once upon a time, he sweeps away the whole world. The whole Immortal World has almost no opponents, and he is not weaker than the older generation of Disciple, but now he is swept away by a younger generation. It is unimaginable that the crushed and sealed Monster Realm will not be able to go out within a hundred years.

This is more uncomfortable than killing him, not only the physical pain, the humiliation of the soul, but also makes him mad, roared towards the sky, blood dripping all over his body, straight to the sky.

“You are humiliating my Monster Realm.” Monster Sovereign roared up to the sky and resisted fiercely. Under Li Qingshan’s Time Eternal River, even if his flesh and blood were torn apart and his bones were exposed, he would still Shake Li Qingshan’s time and space.

bang bang bang bang! ! !

This time is not just the Monster Sovereign alone, other Monster Realm Emperors are also furious and take action against Li Qingshan.

In an instant, several Emperors glowed all over, igniting anger, terrifying energy soared into the sky, and the mighty strikes directly hit the Time Eternal River, bursting with infinite rays of light.

The power of the Emperor exploded on the Time Eternal River. It was as gorgeous and colorful as fireworks, so that the entire Immortal World could see an exquisite Emperor battle. Something that never happened.

The last Emperor battle dates back to a long, long time ago. The most recent Emperor battle was only when Qin Ling Great Emperor crossed time and space and briefly fought against the current Emperors.

But that time it was just a point and there was no bloody war at all.

Now it’s different. As a new Emperor, Li Qingshan directly shot to seal the entire Monster Realm, which attracted the resistance of the Monster Realm Emperors. He fought against the entire Monster Realm by the strength of oneself. His imposing manner was unparalleled and violent. Unstoppable.

He is so proud and independent, standing on the ruins of Immortal Court, the terrifying energy he exudes makes this piece of Heaven and Earth tremble wildly.

The power of the Emperor is indescribable, and he stares at the Immortal World, shocking the world, making people trembling with fear, and their hearts will throb.

The power of the Emperor burst out from the Monster Realm, grandiose, like Heaven Supporting Pillar, impacted in the Time Eternal River, shattering Li Qingshan’s seal Formation.

Li Qingshan just looked down indifferently. The three thousand Grand Dao in his body, as well as Time Rule and Space Rule, were surging, and when he shot it out, all the resistance of Monster Realm was shattered, and Monster Realm was beaten. Trembling violently, Li Qingshan suppressed a few Emperor’s power, causing their blood to surge, and they watched in horror.

“How can it be so powerful?”

“The new Emperor, who understands the Rule, is only a scattered Rule, and can’t form a complete Rule, how can he make a complete one when he shoots Time Grand Dao?” The Monster Realm Emperor looked up at the Grandiose Time Eternal River above and said in shock.

“He not only comprehended a Time Rule, he can also control the Time Eternal River, how can he be so powerful?”

“What should I do? Could he really seal us for a hundred years? ?”

“I thought that the Immortal Court Emperors were getting old and their successors were weak. We can finally exert our strength and didn’t expect another evildoer to appear.”

“How many people in the Immortal Court? The Emperor has overwhelmed us for an era, and when they finally grow old, the Emperor of this New Generation will overwhelm us for another era?”

“Monster Sovereign, what should we do?”

Several other Emperors looked towards the Monster Sovereign Great Emperor.

Monster Sovereign’s face was cold and angry, and he said directly: “Let’s attack together, how strong can a kid who just broke through the Emperor? If he really seals the Monster Realm for a hundred years, Everyone’s face is lost.”

As soon as this statement came out, several other Emperors agreed.

The Emperor of Monster Realm is not as powerful as the Emperors of Immortal Court, but they are also arrogant.

At this moment, a True Dragon flew out of the Monster Realm, baring fangs and brandishing claws, roaring in anger, full of grief and unwillingness, and then a Vermilion Bird, a White Tiger, and a flying snake , all kinds of Immortal Beast auspicious birds appeared, several Great Emperors directly revealed their Life Source Primordial Spirit, raised blood light in the sky, in the blood light, wild beasts and raptors took off, as if entering the mythical world, any one Going out will shock Immortal World.

All the Primordial Spirits rushed out of the Monster Realm in an instant, collided with Li Qingshan’s long river of time, stirred up infinite ripples, burst out terrifying energy, and swept over the Immortal World, making the world look sideways, horrified, It’s incredible.

The Emperor of the New Generation fought several Veteran Emperors.

The Emperor of the other world is also watching closely. Li Qingshan, who has broken the shackles of eternity, is trying to turn the tides and deal with the Monster Realm when Immortal Court is on the verge of desperation. Can he succeed?

At this moment, there are several Emperors in Monster Realm, all kinds of secret techniques are used, every inch of the body is releasing energy, every cell is a treasure, and the power of the Emperor is surging.

Together, these energies can tear apart the universe and shatter the Star River.

The grandiose, which has been impacted by the long rivers of time, is a little difficult, trying its best to suppress the Monster Realm, but the strength of the Monster Realm Emperor terrifying is also resisting in anger.

Li Qingshan standing on the ruins of Immortal World, under the gaze of millions of people, his face is indifferent, and he flicks his fingers.

A complete Space Rule burst out, crossed the Star River, passed through the endless space, and fell directly into the long river of time.

bang! !

In this brief moment, the long river seems to have taken a big tonic, and once again tried its best to suppress it, shattering all the attacks of several Emperors of the Monster Realm, making the void tremble, like a picture scroll, frozen in There.

The years, combined with the Space Rule, directly solidified Monster Realm.

Under the watchful eyes of the world, Li Qingshan shocked everyone with his first shot after becoming the Emperor from a long distance.

He sealed the Monster Realm.

There are several Emperors in Monster Realm.

Although their strength is not as strong as the ancient Emperors in Immortal Court, Li Qingshan has just entered the Emperor Realm.

How is this possible?

In this brief moment, the world trembled, the ten directions were turbulent, and the whole world was shocked.

This is an unprecedented major event that shakes the world and shakes the world, but every cultivator knows what it means?

I thought Immortal Court was dying and exhausted, and even at the end, there was only one gate tower and only one warrior, and the Emperor of Immortal Court did not appear.

But who would have thought.

Li Qingshan, who had only entered the Immortal World not long ago, has already achieved a general trend, breaking the shackles of eternity and entering the Emperor Realm. There are few people in the world who can match.

More importantly, after becoming the Emperor, Li Qingshan sealed the Monster Realm first.

Under the watchful eyes of the public, he shot from the air and strongly suppressed Monster Realm.

This makes many people sucked in a breath of cold air.

Immortal Court, Great Zhou Dynasty.

The Great Zhou Emperor saw this scene, and he sucked in a breath of cold air. Although he was also the Emperor, he didn’t dare to offend the Monster Realm like this.

Li Qingshan dared to be so strong once he broke through the Emperor, which really shocked him.

“I’ve broken through for ten thousand years, but I still can’t compare to you. Until now, I’ve only been able to master a Rule, several Emperors of Monster Realm, although there are true and false, but they are equally good in battle strength.

It seems that this is Immortal Court.” The Great Zhou Emperor whispered softly, without the slightest hesitation, he immediately ordered the soldiers of the Great Zhou Dynasty to return and not participate in the Immortal Court battle.

The appearance of Li Qingshan shows that Immortal Court is not exhausted.

No matter what, the Great Zhou Dynasty should not get involved.

Other people have a big business, but the Zhou Dynasty can’t afford a small business.

And in the other world, the Great Emperors also shook.

Li Qingshan is too strong.

In front of the world, taking a powerful shot to suppress Monster Realm is not something ordinary people can do.

Especially for an Emperor who just broke through.

“The pursuit of him back then was still light. If I knew it was so terrifying now, I shouldn’t have let her live.” In Demon Realm, an Emperor sighed, regretting that he hadn’t really ignored it. All to hunt down Li Qingshan.

“This time should be at the stage of his breakthrough Red Dust Immortal. Daoist Long saved him that time. It’s a pity that he didn’t really break into the Immortal Court range.” said Emperor. .

“The past cannot be recalled. Who would have thought that he would break through the Emperor so quickly, and the fastest person in history has never had such a speed. As far as I know, he should have broken the Immortal World Breakthrough Emperor fastest. speed.” said the Emperor calmly.

“What should we do? He suppressed Monster Realm, what are we going to do with him?” Emperor asked suspiciously.

Originally, Li Qingshan’s breakthrough emperor, although they were very surprised, did not worry much.

In the Great World, who still has no Emperor?

Especially the new breakthrough Emperor, whose strength is not strong at all, can’t try to turn the tides.

At first, they didn’t take Li Qingshan seriously at all.

If Li Qingshan dares to stand up, he will be attacked by most of the Emperor in Immortal World.

But who would have thought that Li Qingshan would be so violent, and sealed the Monster Realm directly after breaking through the Emperor. The speed was incredible and everyone was caught off guard.

Looking at Li Qingshan now, most of the Emperors are afraid to take action.

They don’t claim to have the power to seal the Monster Realm.

And quite a few Emperors, facing Li Qingshan, began to feel guilty.

Among the Emperors, some are true and some are false.

This sentence was said by the Great Zhou Emperor, which means something.

“Look at the Divine Realm, they have always wanted to occupy the position of the Immortal World Lord, and their Emperors are very powerful and will definitely not give in.” Demon Realm Emperor said.

Not just Demon Realm, Divine Realm comes to mind.

Li Qingshan also thought about it.

After suppressing and sealing the Monster Realm, Li Qingshan turned his head and looked towards Divine Realm.

The world is killing immortals, and the main connection is the people of Divine Realm.

The Divine Realm wants to return to the Immortal World, to dominate the Immortal World, and to restore its glory. This goal is well known.

Li Qingshan’s calm gaze fell on the Divine Realm, he said, “Are you going to retreat?”

After finishing the Divine Realm, Li Qingshan of other forces will not worry.

Demon Realm Demon Realm and Hell have Emperor, but Li Qingshan can feel that their strength is equivalent to Monster Realm.

“I played against the Monster Realm Emperor just now, and several of them clearly felt that their strength was not a rank, and they were stronger than Red Dust Immortal. Even if I didn’t have two Rules in my hand, I could still defeat them. Such a person is also an Emperor, what’s going on?” Li Qingshan was full of doubts and noticed this phenomenon.

If all the Emperors in the Monster Realm are the same as the Monster Sovereign Great Emperor, then Li Qingshan can’t suppress the Monster Realm.

That’s why he wondered, the difference between the realm is so big for both Emperors.

“It’s also impossible, I just broke through. Logically speaking, I should be at the bottom of the Emperor Realm, that is, holding two Rules in my hand, or Time and Space, which greatly improved my strength. How did those weak and capable Emperors do it?”

“After the Immortal Court crisis is resolved and the Immortal Court is rebuilt, we must investigate this matter carefully.” Li Qingshan muttered in his heart.

He watched the Divine Realm calmly, but he was thinking of other things.

In Divine Realm, someone responded to Li Qingshan.

“You just broke through, thinking that you have suppressed the Monster Realm, and you are qualified to negotiate terms with my Divine Realm?” This overbearing voice, like a rolling thunder, emerged, blasting above Immortal World, all Everyone heard it.

“That voice is a little familiar. It’s the Ancestral Saint King of the Divine Realm.”

“Yes, that’s him, the War God of the Divine Realm.”

“Divine Realm on the surface, only Divine King and Ancestral Saint King, Divine King does not appear, Ancestral Saint King speaks, what will Li Qingshan do?”

“Then it must be fought, the real Emperor The War General is going to be turned on.”

“Don’t take pleasure in other people’s misfortune, giant dragon fights, ants are the unlucky ones, Emperor fights, exudes power, a wisp can cut through mountains and rivers, when the Time comes when Immortal World is broken, and we are the unlucky ones.”

“Yes, Immortal World may seem huge, but it is quite fragile in front of the Emperor. Li Qingshan sealed the Monster Realm and is very powerful. , definitely not the level of a new Emperor, breaking through the Emperor at this juncture shows that the Immortal Court is not exhausted.”

The world is talking about it, some are worried, some are taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune, some are a matter Of no concern to oneself, some are worried…

Li Qingshan is still standing on the ruins of Immortal Court, under the gaze of millions of people, his face is calm, Ancestral Saint King’s words did not make him angry.

β€œI heard that the Divine Realm Ancestral Saint King is very strong, Li Qingshan asked for advice.” Li Qingshan said.

This remark made many people excited.

The real Emperor War is about to begin.

In the Divine Realm, the domineering voice sounded again: “Come to starry sky, let me teach you to be low-key, the Immortal Court must be destroyed, and I, the Divine Realm, will enter the Immortal World.”

Li Qingshan dismissed these words, stepped forward, and came directly to the starry sky.

bang! !

Just after he landed in the starry sky, a huge axe slashed out from the Divine Realm, blocking all his escape routes in an instant, and the ultimate move was invincible.

This is the Ancestral Saint King’s Grand Dao Weapon, very terrifying, with extreme killing.

The divine axe slashed over and slashed Li Qingshan between the eyebrows in a flash, dividing Li Qingshan into two.

But at this moment, Li Qingshan’s rays of light between his eyebrows rose, and the Primordial Spirit sent out immortal immortal light, turning into a waterfall, covering his body and blocking the axe of Ancestral Saint King.

The axe that appeared suddenly did not split Li Qingshan into two sections, but split the starry sky into a huge crack that is thousands of miles away.

“You dare sneak attack me?” Li Qingshan face turned cold, he thought Ancestral Saint King was upright, if it wasn’t for his physical strength, Primordial Spirit was terrifying, and he was already injured at this moment.

“life and death battle, do you think the arena is due to fight?” Ancestral Saint King descended to the starry sky, dressed in red battle clothes, holding a giant axe, imposing manner unparalleled, staring at Li Qingshan coldly, said dismissively.

“Yes, this is a life and death battle, then use your life to deter the Immortal World’s Great Influence.” Li Qingshan nodded his head, and stepped out step by step in the next second, the eyebrows were glowing, the three thousand Grand Dao in the body were surging, the space in the left hand, the time in the right hand, and directly went out.

Li Qingshan has

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