Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 141


Chapter 141 After the crisis (please subscribe)

The Ancestral Saint King was completely destroyed, Li Qingshan stood in the starry sky with cold eyes , looked towards Immortal World.

Wherever the eyes go, no one force dares to fight against it.

The Ancestral Saint King, who has deterred the Immortal World for 100,000 years, has fallen like this, which is frightening.

Li Qingshan, who has just become the Emperor, is so terrifying?

Divine Realm.

The self-sealed Divine King wakes up, frowning at the scene in the starry sky, coldly said: “It seems that this time cannot destroy Immortal Court.”

Other people from Divine Realm Seeing this scene, everyone was shocked and terrified. The founder, Saint King Prestige, was well-known. Everyone thought that he and Li Qingshan would win.

But in the next second, in the starry sky, the energy boils, and the Emperor Rule bursts out, connecting all the flesh and blood of Ancestral Saint King together, blooming infinite rays of light in the starry sky.

bang bang bang! !

The Ancestral Saint King is resurrecting.

The Emperor is not that easy to kill.

Although Ancestral Saint King was blown up by Li Qingshan, he was still very terrifying. At this moment, he recovered from death. The powerful Emperor Rule directly destroyed the stars and made the galaxy tremble. , This huge area first turned into a black hole, and then became a chaotic place, the flow of terrifying breath, the rules all over, very strong.

“I am immortal, I will come back.”

The roar of the Ancestral Saint King resounded in the universe, and at this moment his flesh and bones were all blooming with billions of brilliance, making the universe all over the place. Packed with a huge rumbling sound, he came out of death intact, still holding his Grand Dao Weapon in his hand.

It’s just that this Grand Dao Weapon is covered with cracks, which was hit by Li Qingshan just now.

Immortal World everyone saw Ancestral Saint King resurrected from death, reorganized flesh and blood, and descended into the starry sky again, their eyes lit up, thinking that Ancestral Saint King would fight against Li Qingshan again.

The people at Divine Realm are also looking forward to it. They really thought that Ancestral Saint King was killed by Li Qingshan just now, their hearts collapsed and they couldn’t believe it.

Now that they saw the resurrection of Ancestral Saint King, they were expecting that Ancestral Saint King would be able to kill Li Qingshan this time.

However, some people have been paying attention to Li Qingshan. They saw that in the process of Ancestral Saint King’s resurrection, Li Qingshan always hands behind ones back, doing nothing and letting Ancestral Saint King resurrect.

The discovery made their hearts sink.

Li Qingshan does not prevent the resurrection of the Ancestral Saint King, which means that he is sure to deal with the resurrected Ancestral Saint King.

This is a bad start.

I saw Ancestral Saint King standing in the starry sky after being resurrected, looking at the giant axe full of cracks, a trace of complexity flashed in his eyes, and finally put the giant axe away and looked towards Li Qingshan again , there is no previous arrogant imposing manner.

“Why didn’t you stop me from resurrecting?” Ancestral Saint King solemnly asked.

This question is also something others want to know.

After finally blowing up Ancestral Saint King and watching him resurrect, what is this operation?

If Li Qingshan had just shot to prevent the resurrection of Ancestral Saint King, he would never have been so easy.

Li Qingshan looked at the Ancestral Saint King, his face was calm, and he said, “I can kill you once, I can kill you ten times, what’s the point of resurrecting you more?”

Li Qingshan said these words very calmly, but loudly.

It fell in the hearts of the world, like the loudest voice between Heaven and Earth, and it fell to the ground, making their hearts tremble.

What a confidence this is.

How arrogant this is.

I can kill you once, without fear of your resurrection.

Li Qingshan’s remarks shocked everyone in Immortal World.

The Ancestral Saint King looked at Li Qingshan in a complicated way. If it was before, he would have reprimanded Li Qingshan for being arrogant and ignored him.

But now, he knew that Li Qingshan was telling the truth.

“I will ask you one last time now, will the Divine Realm retreat?” Li Qingshan asked the Ancestral Saint King, with a hint of indifference in his calm eyes.

Everything can be done twice, but not again.

Li Qingshan has asked twice, and will not ask a third time.

The Ancestral Saint King agrees and that’s all. If he doesn’t agree, the Immortal World will surely fall to an Emperor today.

Li Qingshan really wants to kill Emperor Liwei, but he has just broken through. Once he builds up too many enemies and attracts everyone to besiege, Li Qingshan is not sure.

So now he has conquered the Ancestral Saint King, the Divine Realm has retreated, resolved the Immortal Court crisis, and rebuilt the Immortal Court. He is continuing his cultivation. With his innate talent and max-level comprehension, he continues to comprehend other Rules. It won’t be long before Li Qingshan is not afraid of Immortal World, the Emperor of each Great Influence.

So this is the last time Li Qingshan stepped down the steps for Ancestral Saint King. He looked at Ancestral Saint King with no emotion in his eyes. As long as he dared to refuse, his attack would fall instantly.

Ancestral Saint King fell silent in the face of Li Qingshan’s questioning.

His silence also silenced this world.

Divine Realm executives are watching, their goal until now is to get out of Divine Realm, enter Immortal World, overthrow Immortal Court, and restore glory.

The goal of the eye is about to be reached, which is equal to 3,000 Grand Dao, 2,990 steps have been taken, and there is only one step left to reach the top.

But who knows that there is a Li Qingshan standing on this step, blocking the pace of Divine Realm.

Divine Realm executives are also very tangled.

If the Ancestral Saint King agrees, their plan will fail, but if they don’t agree, everyone knows what the consequences will be.

The silence of the Ancestral Saint King also made the Great Influences of Immortal World silent.

Thinking in their own shoes, they will remain silent in the face of Li Qingshan’s questioning.

In the starry sky, Li Qingshan did not persecute Ancestral Saint King, he hands behind ones back, looked at Immortal World, and waited for Ancestral Saint King’s reply.

The Ancestral Saint King was silent for 3 minutes.

These 3 minutes were extremely tormenting for him.

For today, Divine Realm has been planning for a long time, and spent a lot of manpower, energy and material resources, just to overthrow the Immortal Court and become the slaughter of the Immortal World Lord.

He promises now, and that is to put the past efforts to the flames.

But if he doesn’t agree, Ancestral Saint King believes that Li Qingshan will kill him.

Although he can be resurrected, Li Qingshan didn’t stop him just now. If he stopped, Ancestral Saint King couldn’t be easily resurrected.

After making a difficult decision, Ancestral Saint King saw Li Qingshan’s back, and felt a feeling of billowing waves washing the sand in his heart.

He didn’t take Li Qingshan seriously before, and only noticed Li Qingshan during the Changsheng family battle. Who would have thought that he would succumb to Li Qingshan soon after.

“The Divine Realm retreats!” said the Ancestral Saint King through gritted teeth.

As soon as these remarks came out, many experts in Divine Realm sighed one after another. They did not resent Ancestral Saint King, but felt that the situation was over.

After all, Ancestral Saint King can’t beat Li Qingshan, so it’s useless to continue resisting.

As Ancestral Saint King said these words, many forces in Immortal World fell silent.

Monster Realm is banned, Divine Realm retreats, what should the other world do?

Should I retreat like the Divine Realm, or continue to attack the Immortal Court?

They are in a dilemma.

Li Qingshan took a fancy to Ancestral Saint King, nodded said: “a wise man submits to circumstances, take the people of Divine Realm away.”

Ancestral Saint King looked deeply Looking at Li Qingshan and remembering Li Qingshan’s outline in his mind, since he broke through Emperor, he has never been so aggrieved. Then he waved his sleeves and ordered to recall all the Divine Race soldiers from Immortal World.

Li Qingshan ignored the Ancestral Saint King and descended directly from the starry sky to the ruins of Immortal Court.

He had a lot to deal with, and with such a devastated Immortal Court re-established, there was no time to spend with the Ancestral Saint King.


Li Qingshan turned into a streak of divine light, descended from the starry sky to the ruins of Immortal Court, stood firm, looked towards all around.

Monster Realm’s soldiers have retreated.

Divine Realm soldiers are evacuating.

The warriors of other forces are swaying, neither go nor stay.

Li Qingshan didn’t care about them, but looked towards Demon Realm, Buddha Realm, Hell…

“Take your soldiers away and go back to Immortal Court’s territory, no Allow them to come.” Li Qingshan said unceremoniously, one person warned the Great Influence.

Sutra was the first in the world to give a reaction.

They had no intention of competing with Li Qingshan, so they evacuated all the Buddha Realm soldiers.

Among the Great Worlds, the Buddha Realm is the most understated.

They have been indifferent to the world, living their lives behind closed doors.

This time, if it wasn’t for Divine Realm, the Great Influences united to form a world-beating scene, and Buddha Realm wouldn’t get involved.

Now Li Qingshan is making a strong debut. He first sealed the Monster Realm, and then defeated the Ancestral Saint King in the starry sky, showing his formidable strength. After some discussion with the Emperor of Buddha Realm, they decided to quit the game.

field battle.

The Buddha Realm retreated silently, leaving the Demon Realm and Hell in a dilemma.

The two of them are naturally unwilling to retreat. They admit that Li Qingshan is very strong, but if they really fight, if two or three Emperors entangle Li Qingshan, the Immortal Court will definitely be destroyed.

But the question is who will entangle Li Qingshan?

See how Ancestral Saint King was blasted in the starry sky. Although he was resurrected, he did not dare to continue to be arrogant. He obediently returned with the Divine Realm soldiers.

Tangling Li Qingshan is equivalent to being blown away by Li Qingshan.

This is a very dangerous thing.

The Emperor of Two Great Influences is silent, and no one wants to.

After a stalemate for a while, the Demon World Lord retreated, not because he was afraid of Li Qingshan, but because all the Great Influences retreated. If Demon Realm had a conflict with Li Qingshan and tried his best to suppress and kill Li Qingshan, then They will also suffer heavy losses. All the Great Influences will stare at Demon Realm, a piece of fat, and they will swarm up and divide up the corpse.

The Demon Realm will be powerless to resist.

So the retreat at the moment is not because of fear of Li Qingshan, but because of the strength and store up energy.

The Demon Realm retreated, leaving only one of the Greatest Influences, Hell.

Hell is far away from Immortal Court and Human World, growing independently, but integrating with Immortal World everywhere. Like Divine Realm, they have always wanted to enter Immortal World.

This time is the world’s most immortal, and the initiators behind the scenes are Divine Realm and Hell.

Now that the Divine Realm is gone, Hell is in a dilemma.

All the Great Influences retreated one after another, leaving only Hell to support. Li Qingshan looked up and saw a world below Immortal World. That world was like the reflection of Immortal World. Huge and beautiful.

But this beauty reveals a hint of evil. Hell’s appearance is not inferior to Immortal World, but inside, dangerous and abnormal, the environment is harsh, all the beauty of the world is concentrated in the Immortal World, and all the evil in the world is concentrated. in Hell.

The demons in Hell, the birth environment Innate is not as good as Immortal World, they naturally have been working hard and want to enter Immortal World.

The only place Hell and Immortal World border on is at the Emperor Pass.

So that’s where they’ve been trying to punch through.

But last time after Li Qingshan defeated an army of millions, Hell was silent.

No one knows, they are secretly, together with Divine Realm, inviting all parties to come to the world to kill immortals.

This time the world has succeeded in conquering immortals, and the biggest credit is Divine Realm and Hell.

Divine Realm and Hell have agreed, two Immortal Court.

But who knows, a Li Qingshan emerged, broke through the shackles of eternity, broke through Red Dust Immortal, entered the Emperor, and was born once, shocking everyone.

He sealed the Monster Realm, he defeated the Divine Realm, he drank the Demon Realm, the Buddha Realm, and stood in the ruins of the Immortal Court, guarding the last glory of the Immortal Court.

Hell is a dilemma.

In the end, under everyone’s attention, Hell didn’t speak, just left quietly.

At this point, the Immortal Court crisis is all over.

Everyone’s eyes widened and it was incredible that the Immortal Court, which was thought to be destroyed by the world, actually survived?

Even the Zhang Family patriarch, looking at Li Qingshan’s back, is neither tall nor majestic, even a little thin.

This is the shoulder of a young man.

No matter how long the retreat is, no matter how many years pass, a teenager is still a teenager.

Young people’s shoulders can afford the beauty of the sun and the moon.

Now, the ancient organization of Immortal Court has fallen on the shoulders of Li Qingshan, and the young man has assumed this responsibility in front of all the forces of Immortal World.

Li Qingshan also sighed in relief as the army of several million slowly retreated.

“Emperor of each Great Influence does not work with a common purpose. If not, it would be me who fell today, and Immortal Court would not survive.” Li Qingshan murmured inwardly.

He was not proud or complacent.

Anyone with discerning eyes can see that although Li Qingshan is very strong, he defeated the Divine Realm Ancestral Saint King and sealed the Monster Realm, but it is obvious that the Great Influences do not want to join forces to deal with him.

Although they are all over the world, there is also a rift between them. This is Li Qingshan’s opportunity and Immortal Court’s opportunity.

[You saved Immortal Court, inspired max-level comprehension, and realized Eternal Art. ]

In front of Li Qingshan’s eyes, a long-lost line of words appeared.

max-level comprehension is activated again.

With Li Qingshan continuing to retreat continuously, the max-level comprehension has been silent for a long time.

didn’t expect this time to activate unexpectedly.

β€œWhat is Eternal Art?” Li Qingshan was curious, and silently accepted Eternal Art.

A memory flows into Li Qingshan’s Sea of Consciousness.

This is a memory about longevity.

This is a personal memory.

This is a memory in a long river of dusty history.

In ancient times, there was a Peak powerhouse who did not seek great power, but only eternal life.

A powerhouse is like the Qin Ling Great Emperor, and the lifespan is only a million years. Even if you live out a second life and continue your life for another million years, there will be a moment of death.

Therefore, there are predecessors who sacrificed their lives and forgot their own death, pursued eternity, not for invincibility in the world, but for longevity with Heaven and Earth, and with the sun and the moon.

Eternal Art was born.

Li Qingshan saw a memory in Sea of Consciousness. This piece of Eternal Art can prolong one’s lifespan. According to the ideal state, he can live and die with this world and share Nirvana.

Unfortunately, that predecessor did not reach this level. After he created Eternal Art, it fell due to the turmoil of Heaven and Earth, and Eternal Art disappeared.

Now realized by Li Qingshan, appearing in Human World.

“So this is an Eternal Art book that has not been verified, but only has theory.” Li Qingshan understood, this Eternal Art is wonderful, but there may be problems.

He didn’t rush into cultivation, but put away the Eternal Art and waited for the reconstruction of Immortal Court.

After collecting the Eternal Art, Li Qingshan looked at the devastated Immortal Court and thought silently about how to rebuild the Immortal Court.

Just as he was thinking, Zhang Family patriarch knelt down directly behind him and shouted to Li Qingshan: “Meet the Immortal Emperor.”

Li Qingshan turned his head and looked at Zhang Family patriarch, Said: “Immortal Court crisis is over, how many descendants of Imperial Clan are left?”

Zhang Family patriarch said calmly, “I’m the only one left.”

Li Qingshan is satisfied The nodded, this time the world’s immortals, although the Immortal Court was shattered and majestic, it also wiped out the descendants of the Imperial Clan who had been clinging to the Immortal Court to suck blood.

Immortal Court descendants of several Emperors, only one Zhang Family patriarch remains, and the rest are all extinct.

“This time the world is killing immortals, why did the Central Jade Emperor and the Crape Myrtle Great Emperor not appear once?” Li Qingshan asked the Zhang Family patriarch.

Zhang Family patriarch said bitterly: “The Crape Myrtle Great Emperor has fallen into an eternal slumber, just like the North Star Great Emperor at the last moment, we have tried when he is not awake, but we cannot wake him up. .”

“Where’s the Central Jade Emperor?” Li Qingshan asked indifferently.

“Jade Emperor can’t be contacted by us either. Earlier he said that Immortal Court could contact him in times of crisis, but during this time we were in contact every day and we didn’t get a single reply.” Zhang Family patriarch was powerless. said.

If the Crape Myrtle Great Emperor and the Central Jade Emperor were still around, the Immortal Court would never have failed miserably.

“It’s a good thing not to be in touch. The new Immortal Court will have nothing to do with these veteran Emperors. Only by completely abandoning the past can we reshape the future.” Li Qingshan said indifferently.

On the contrary, he felt that he should be thankful.

Without the constraints of these Veteran Emperors, the new Immortal Court will be more open and tolerant.

“Immortal Emperor Li, Immortal Court is now losing staff and the site is vacant. How should it be rebuilt?” Zhang Family patriarch asked Li Qingshan with a low attitude.

“The loss of personnel is not terrifying. Immortal Court Academy has been cultivating talents for Immortal Court. It has also reserved a lot over the years, and it should come in handy. From now on, pass my order to let Immortal Court. Mu Ran, the dean of the Academy, brought the graduates into the Immortal Court, and re-formulated a system that is in line with the times and can be continuously optimized, eliminating the old and bloated and useless systems, and the revived Immortal Court will have a new look.” Li Qingshan said .

β€œAs you bid.” Zhang Family patriarch surrendered.

“As for you, after building the new Immortal Court skeleton, let’s start breaking through the Emperor.” Li Qingshan said while looking at the Zhang Family patriarch.

The Zhang Family was shocked, staring at Li Qingshan with excitement in their eyes.

“Can I also break through the Emperor? The Divine Spiritual Will of the Jade Emperor?” Zhang Family patriarch said excitedly.

“I’m broken!” Li Qingshan said loudly.

Zhang Family patriarch was so excited that he knelt down directly to Li Qingshan, and peng~ peng~ peng~ kowtowed three times. For him, breaking Jade Emperor’s Spiritual God is equivalent to breaking him Barriers between Red Dust Immortal and Emperor.

Zhang Family patriarch is evaluated as Number One Person under Emperor by the outside world, not because of praise, but because of strength.

He tried the breakthrough a long time ago. If it wasn’t for the warning from the Divine Spiritual Will of the Jade Emperor, he would have already successfully entered the Emperor.

Now that Li Qingshan has let him break through, this is like the grace of rebuilding, how can Zhang Family patriarch not be excited?

β€œBuilding a new Immortal Court well, correcting all the unreasonable things in the past, and completing self-optimization under the new system, doing these things well is my greatest gratitude.” Li Qingshan stretched out a hand patted Zhang Family patriarch’s shoulder and said softly.

“I will do my best to complete the new Immortal Court structure, and then come to the breakthrough Emperor.” Zhang Family patriarch solemnly nodded, suppressing his inner excitement, and swore to Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan looked at the devastated Immortal Court, the 9th layer world has lost its soul now, but it can still accommodate hundreds of millions of people.

Only now, Immortal Court looks empty.

β€œWhat is left of Immortal Court?” Li Qingshan asked Zhang Family patriarch.

Zhang Family patriarch stood up, followed Li Qingshan respectfully, walked along the ruins of Immortal Court, and said, “There are still many treasure resources left in Immortal Court. That group of Imperial Clan descendants wanted to use these resources to replace the Monster Realm, but I stopped them, and then sent all these huge resources to the Immortal Court Academy. They originally planned to help Immortal Emperor Li, but didn’t expect it to be useless. Go on.”

Li Qingshan heard this nod and said, “Well, let’s use this resource to shape a new Immortal Court, cultivate new talents, continue the concept of Immortal Court, and protect the world’s poor people. Huanyan, also accomplish the ideal that you and Daoist Long have always wanted to accomplish.”

Zhang Family patriarch nods and said with emotion: “didn’t expect Daoist Long and I have struggled for tens of thousands of years, and we have never achieved the ideal. The dream was actually accomplished under Immortal Emperor Li.”

Li Qingshan’s face was calm, he stopped in place, looked towards the forces retreating from the major ancient cities, and said, “Except for the distant time and space. Besides those treasures, what else is there in Immortal Court?”

Zhang Family patriarch thought about it seriously and said, “Apart from those treasures, I’m afraid it’s the Emperor Space of mysterious.”

“Emperor Space?” Li Qingshan raised his eyebrows, which sounded like a good place.

“Ancient Era has an Ancient Immortal Court. I once heard that during the peak period of the Ancient Immortal Court, there were thousands of Emperors, and even had a powerhouse that surpassed the Emperor, so there was a space dedicated to the Emperor at that time. Until the fall of the Ancient Immortal Court and the establishment of the new Immortal Court, this Emperor Space has been circulated by people, but several Emperors of the Immortal Court have not acknowledged it, so this legend is gradually not mentioned.” Zhang Family patriarch explained.

“Then is this a legend or a true story?” Li Qingshan asked Zhang Family patriarch.

“As far as I know, it’s true.” Zhang Family patriarch said firmly after pondering for a moment.

“Tell me about your basis.” Li Qingshan asked curiously.

“After the North Star Great Emperor fell asleep, there was no trace of him in the Immortal Court. He didn’t appear until not long ago, and then a whale fell to let the world know that he has reached the end. The Crape Myrtle Great Emperor disappeared at the same time as the North Star Great Emperor fell.” Zhang Family patriarch analyzed it to Li Qingshan with bright eyes.

Li Qingshan stood with his hands behind his back, looked thoughtful listening to Zhang Family patriarch’s analysis.

“You mean the Crape Myrtle Great Emperor entered the Emperor Space?” Li Qingshan asked.

“Yes, the Crape Myrtle Great Emperor is very likely to enter the Emperor Space and fall into a deep sleep.” The Zhang Family patriarch nods.

“What about the Central Jade Emperor?” Li Qingshan asked.

Zhang Family patriarch hesitated for a moment and said, “It seems to be in the Emperor Space.”

“The only two Emperors left in the Immortal Court are hidden in the Emperor Space?” Li Qingshan frown.

“If we’re not in the Emperor Space, then we call him, and we should know. Although the Central Jade Emperor is old-fashioned and conservative, he still has an obsession with the Immortal Court. He It shouldn’t be watching. After the Immortal Court was destroyed and his descendants died, I deduced that he might be in the Emperor Space.” Zhang Family patriarch explained.

“Where is this Emperor Space?” Li Qingshan asked.

“I don’t know, Emperor Space mysterious and secretive is not something that Immortal King Level can’t get in touch with. Only Emperor can enter, so Immortal Emperor Li needs to check it out himself.” Zhang Family patriarch shook his head.

“Okay, I will check the Emperor Space myself, you go to Immortal Court Academy now, convey my order, let Dean Mu Ran come with the backbone of Immortal Court Academy, we will reshape the third Immortal.” Li Qingshantal said in a nod to Court.

The Ancient Immortal Court, the new Immortal Court and the Immortal Court that Li Qingshan wants to shape now.

Immortal Court inheritance has not been destroyed for three eras, and it can be regarded as a good story now.

The Zhang Family patriarch left the Immortal Court ruins and headed to the Immortal Court Academy, leaving only Li Qingshan alone, pacing slowly in a mood full of ruins.

He was thinking about his own business.

“Breaking through the Emperor, solving the Immortal Court crisis, and rebuilding the Immortal Court, if Daoist Long is still there, it should be very gratifying to see this scene.” Li Qingshan was full of regrets.

Li Qingshan is still unwilling to sacrifice Daoist Long. The reason why he worked so hard to break through Emperor is to find the legendary Spring of Life and resurrect Daoist Long.

On the other hand, Li Qingshan also thought of Hua Yun.

The woman who had an appointment with him in Human World seemed to disappear after entering Immortal World.

“It stands to reason that I am one after another in Immortal World, and Li Qingshan’s name spread throughout Immortal World, few people don’t know about it, especially this time, after the breakthrough Emperor, the prestige spread throughout Immortal World, it stands to reason that Hua Yun should know.” Li Qingshan couldn’t figure out where Hua Yun could go.

He even found Hua Xiangrong, but Hua Yun still has no clue.

“When I turn the big search technique into a Search Rule, it shouldn’t be difficult to find Hua Yun.” Li Qingshan muttered in his heart.

After the breakthrough Emperor, save Immortal Court, the next step is to reshape Immortal Court, then try to improve yourself, find Spring of Life, resurrect Daoist Long, and find Hua Yun to solve Qingqing’s problem.

Just a few things Li Qingshan needs to do right now.

After completing these things, Li Qingshan will have no regrets, and he can move towards a higher cultivation realm to climb.

Hua Yun and Qingqing are the only two women Li Qingshan is tempted by in this world.

Gently was more like a glimpse of first love, inadvertently touched Li Qingshan’s heart, left a tender kiss, and then disappeared.

Hua Yun is the woman Li Qingshan chose by herself. She made a 20-year appointment. For these 20 years, Li Qingshan worked hard to cultivate and arrived at the Immortal King Realm, but Hua Yun was not found in the end.

These two women have left traces on Li Qingshan’s heart, which will be unforgettable for a long time.

In contrast, Daoist Long was Li Qingshan’s best friend after he entered the Immortal World. In order to save Li Qingshan, he sacrificed himself to the best of his ability. After the battle with the Emperor, he disappeared into the depths of the universe. .

Zhang Family patriarch told Li Qingshan that Daoist Long can be resurrected by finding Spring of Life.

Although there is little hope, Li Qingshan is still willing to try. He will travel all over the green mountains to find Spring of Life.

Standing on the ruins of Immortal Court, Li Qingshan thought silently.

In a short while, the departing Zhang Family patriarch came with Immortal Court Institute Head Mu Ran.

“Lord Li Qingshan.” Mu Ran shouted with a cup one fist in the other hand, looking at Li Qingshan excitedly, didn’t expect Immortal Court’s crisis to be so easy, Li Qingshan resolve.

What he didn’t expect was that Li Qingshan broke through Emperor in such a short time after he left Immortal Court Academy.

Li Qingshan looked at Mu Ran, smiled nodded, and said: “You came just in time, Immortal Court is now in ruins and devastated, you and Zhang Family patriarch have worked together to formulate a new set of rules, with appropriate rewards and punishments. , distinguish between good and evil, and will review itself, correct inappropriate mistakes, and then arrange excellent students who graduated from Immortal Court Academy, perfectly implement the concept of Immortal Court, and build Immortal Court as soon as possible.”

“Respect the order of Lord Li Qingshan.” Mu Ran cup one fist in the other hand and bowed in agreement.

“You must learn from the mistakes made by the Immortal Court hands in the past, keep in mind your Master’s wishes, and create a soil that can shelter the bottom cultivator of the Immortal World.” Li Qingshan warned repeatedly.

Dean Mu Ran is seriously nodded. As for the ideal of his master Daoist Long, as a discipline, he naturally knows that the Immortal Court was controlled by the descendants of Imperial Clan in the past. implement this concept.

Now that I have the opportunity to implement this idea into all the forces under the Immortal Court, Dean Mu Ran doesn’t know how happy he is.

“Zhang Family patriarch, you assisted Dean Mu Ran throughout the whole process. I hope you will all remember your original aspirations when you arrive at the dream Othershore.” Li Qingshan said in a tranquil voice.

“Lord Li Qingshan, what are you going to do next?” Dean suddenly asked.

“I will sit in Immortal Court Nine Heavenly Layers, and I will be your strongest backing, don’t be afraid of any forces, especially those who have defected from Immortal Court, when you reform Immortal Court The system is sent to me to watch, and we will strictly implement it after ensuring that it is correct.” Li Qingshan said.

Now he is the Emperor, it is impossible to return to Immortal Court Academy again, that place is not suitable for the current Li Qingshan.

“Immortal Emperor Li, the Nine Heavenly Layers world is completely empty now, I’m going to summon some maid servants for you.” Zhang Family patriarch said.

“No, your immediate priority is to rebui

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