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Chapter 142 Emperor Space (Subscription)

Chapter 141 Emperor Space (Subscription)

Li Qingshan sits in Immortal Court Nine Heavenly Layers, and asks Dean Mu Ran and Zhang Family patriarch to rebuild Immortal Court.

After the big break, the big stand is, for the Immortal Court, a deboning and healing.

After healing, the presence of Mu Ran and Zhang Family patriarch can reshape the backbone of Immortal Court.

For Li Qingshan, he only needs to provide deterrence, and let the two of them do other things.

One is Daoist Long’s Disciple, who has followed Daoist Long for tens of thousands of years and knows Daoist Long’s thoughts and ideas.

One is for the ideal, willing to enter the abyss, groping in the dark for tens of thousands of years, and still insisting on the original intention. They know more about the situation of Immortal Court than Li Qingshan, so now let them in Immortal On the ruins of the Court, let go of their hands and feet, according to their own ideals, to play politics, and reshape the Immortal Court’s interior, Li Qingshan believes that they will do their best.

So Li Qingshan can stay in the Nine Heavenly Layers with peace of mind, silently cultivate, and understand the Power of Rule.

The highest level of Nine Heavenly Layers, where the scenery is pleasant, the warm wind blows, blowing willows and wrinkling the lake, Li Qingshan lives in a hut by the lake, the lake is endless, like a sea, Covers Heaven and Earth.

Li Qingshan sat calmly, his eyes twinkled with rays of light, and those rays of light were the fate of Grand Dao.

After the Divine Spiritual Will of the Jade Emperor split the Gate of Destiny and released the Grand Dao of Destiny, after Li Qingshan broke through the Emperor, he did not have a good comprehend of the Grand Dao of Destiny.

Three thousand Grand Dao, destiny comes first, because everything in the world cannot escape destiny.

As soon as most people are born, their fate is set. They spend their whole lives trying to change, but in the end they find that their fate cannot be changed.

Few people can break free from the fate set at birth.

Fate Grand Dao is so powerful.

In an era, it is very good that some people can change their destiny. If someone controls their own destiny, it is the Child of Destiny of an era. If someone can jump out of destiny and control destiny, they can play Fate, this is the son of an epoch.

Li Qingshan extends the hand, fate flows, he sees the fate of the original body.

In Human World, if Li Qingshan hadn’t come and merged into his original body, he would have already died and couldn’t turn over at all. Ascension Gate, Xiao Jiu, Wu Shaobai, Small Fox, the fate of these people will follow the original the road continues.

The ascension gate will be swallowed up by the Heavenly Dao Sect, and the Human World Heavenly Dao Sect is the only family.

Xiao Jiu will be married to a nobleman of the Great Yan Dynasty and become the Mistress of the family, living a life of husband and son, after a few years, will wash his face with tears, complaining that his husband is not at home all day long, Depressed to die.

Small Fox’s mother couldn’t hold on in Refining Monster Tower, she took her last breath and gave birth to Small Fox, in Refining Monster Tower she would become manic, ferocious, and bloodthirsty, With the Nine Tailed Monster Fox bloodline, she will be the final queen who ends Heavenly Dao Sect, bring a Monster Race catastrophe to the Human World, loss of life, and she will also ascend to Immortal World and enter Monster Race…

Seeing this, the fate Grand Dao trembled, seemed unable to hold on, and collapsed. After all, it was a past fate, and now it has been changed by Li Qingshan, and it can no longer be sustained.

Li Qingshan stretched out his hand to quench this fateful Grand Dao, and then looked towards the others.

Wu Shaobai can no longer cut that sword, and the fate of Awei and Five Ghosts will change.

Even Five Ghosts will not appear, they are born because of Li Qingshan, if there is no Li Qingshan, there will be no Five Ghosts in this world.

“My appearance broke the fate of many people, and even after I came, I have been breaking the fate.”

“Me and fate have been dating all the time.”

Li Qingshan whispered softly, using dating to describe the entanglement between himself and his destiny.

Li Qingshan never understood fate before, thinking that fate is difficult, but now I realize that fate is all around, every thing, every action, every word can be related to fate relation.

Fate Grand Dao, everywhere.

“I am in control of my destiny now. When I encounter an enemy, I can modify his past destiny. In the dark, there will be doomsday. The fate of Grand Dao is so domineering.” Li Qingshan looked thoughtful, in his hands The fate of Grand Dao is boiling, acting like a spoiled child, and entwining Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan’s gentle strokes calmed down the Grand Dao of destiny, and then let them flow into the Sea of Consciousness and into the Gate of Destiny.

Gate of Destiny is still in Li Qingshan’s Sea of Consciousness.

This Gate of Destiny, after being attacked by Jade Emperor’s Divine Spiritual Will, not only did not break, but the imposing manner became more profound, suppressed in the Sea of Consciousness, and made Li Qingshan’s Sea of Consciousness one more place. guarantee.

It’s just that Li Qingshan can’t activate the Gate of Destiny now.

It was as cold as the previous giant sword and ignored Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan doesn’t mind. He has met several. How much was Small Fox wary of him back then? Now? I can’t wait to be in Li Qingshan’s arms for twelve hours a day, and I can’t bear to be separated.

How cool was the giant sword back then, the Grand Dao Weapon, forged by the Qingqing family, didn’t like Li Qingshan at all, now what? In dantian, waiting for Li Qingshan to save it.

So Gate of Destiny is cold, and Li Qingshan doesn’t mind at all.

This Gate of Destiny is the ancestor from Small Fox, a nine tails fox, she must have been very powerful at the beginning, so she will understand the fate of Grand Dao, and also control the Gate of Destiny.

The ancestor didn’t know whether it was down, or for the descendant Nine Tailed Monster Fox, but he even put the fate Grand Dao in inherited memories, and then got it by Small Fox.

Only one Nine Tailed Monster Fox in an era can get inheritance, Small Fox was lucky and got inherited memories, and then she couldn’t comprehend it, so Li Qingshan was cheap.

Watching the Grand Dao of Destiny entrenched in the Gate of Destiny, Li Qingshan said silently: “If I comprehend the Grand Dao of Destiny as the Destiny Rule, this Power of Rule erupts, I don’t know if it can be activated. Gate of Destiny.”

“It is unlikely.” The voice of giant sword sounded.

Li Qingshan’s expression remained unchanged, standing under the Yang Willow Tree by the lake, blowing the melodious evening wind, and asked, “Why is it impossible?”

“Among Qingqing’s elders, Some people have comprehended the Grand Dao of Destiny and turned the Grand Dao of Destiny into a Destiny Rule, but I have never seen him cast Gate of Destiny.” Giant Sword said.

“Senior of Qingqing, someone comprehended the Destiny Rule?” Li Qingshan raised his eyebrows and said in surprise.

“Well, Qingqing’s father, the comprehended Destiny Rule, is the hope in this Defying Heaven Family.” Giant Sword said softly, with regret in his tone.

“Where did Qingqing’s father go?” Li Qingshan asked curiously.

Li Qingshan saw World in Monument in the forbidden area before, Qingqing’s mother fell behind the mound, Barbarian Race expert brought her back, Qingqing’s father disappeared.

Where did he go?

giant sword regretted: “I don’t know either, after I cast it, the father of Qingqing has disappeared, I just heard others say, the father of Qingqing, understands the Destiny Rule, but He doesn’t have a Gate of Destiny.”

“Comprehended Destiny Rule, but no Gate of Destiny…” Li Qingshan murmured, doesn’t this mean that the Gate of Destiny is unique to the ancestor of Small Fox?

“It seems that I need to go to Monster Realm once, check the history of Fox Race, see how many Nine Tailed Monster Fox they have produced, and if they match, check Small Fox bloodline by the way. Problem.” Li Qingshan’s mind turned and he set a goal.

“Since you don’t know, let’s not talk about this matter. How much of your current injury, the source, have you recovered?” Li Qingshan asked.

“Very few, lacking the energy of the Emperor, the origin of the Emperor.” Giant Sword sighed.

“I’ll deliver it to you.” Li Qingshan said.

“You just broke through, there are very few Emperor Sources, don’t give it to me, just give me some Emperor energy, and I will slowly repair the rest.” Giant Sword said.

Li Qingshan smiled lightly and said, “I don’t have anything else, Emperor Source, I’m afraid some Veteran Emperors can’t compare to me.”

Li Qingshan has surpassed seven Great Emperors. The experience of the author, the accumulated background, in the comprehended two Rules, stepped into the Emperor, the moment the Emperor Source broke through, it reached the point of a big river.

bang! !

Li Qingshan’s Emperor Source boiled, like a great mound flood, directly instilling it into the body of giant sword, making giant sword speechless in shock.

After a long time, Giant Sword said: “You are really refreshing other people’s cognitive bottom line every moment.”

“Recover well, I want to understand something else. The cultivation technique is over.” Li Qingshan said calmly, after inputting the origin to giant sword, he no longer paid attention to and focused on Eternal Art.

The Eternal Art that I just realized is specifically aimed at the Emperor. Most people can’t cultivate and can only continue the Emperor lifespan. For Li Qingshan, it’s just right.

But this Eternal Art has not been verified, or even just a set of theories, and it has not spread. The people who created Eternal Art have not had time to cultivate, and died.

Therefore, Li Qingshan needs to verify carefully before cultivation.

He sat down leisurely by the lake, in front of the thatched hut, lying on the green grass, the river wind blew, raising Li Qingshan’s black hair, revealing his skin like jade.

Li Qingshan closed his eyes and checked the Eternal Art in his mind.

The Eternal Art complete volume had already appeared in Li Qingshan’s mind, and he read it carefully.


His consciousness suddenly entered a Primal Chaos Space, all directions energy surged and surrounded Li Qingshan’s Primordial Spirit consciousness, and then he saw that in this In Primal Chaos Space, there is an old man practicing boxing.

Li Qingshan, surrounded by Primal Chaos Energy, looked at the old man without blinking.

The old man was very puzzled while punching: “Ancient Saint Sage, can live with Heaven and Earth, and shine with the sun and the moon, Eternal Inextinguishable, Ancient Era, all the heavens and stars have their own lifespan, the world is vast. , there is not only one Immortal World, why is there only one Immortal World left?”

This question made Li Qingshan’s eyes light up, because he also wanted to know.

He is sometimes confused.

It is true that the Immortal World is huge, but there is only one Immortal World in the huge Heaven and Earth, and the other worlds are all attached to the Immortal World and are not independent individuals, which is not normal.

In the Human World, there are countless worlds, each world can give birth to its own genius, and finally ascend together, enter the Dimensional Battlefield, and then come to the Immortal World, seemingly ascending, entering a higher The world, but in essence, is the upward channel, which is gradually cut off.

Above the Immortal World, where to go?

Above the Emperor, what realms are there?

Li Qingshan looked at the boxing old man seriously, without blinking, wondering, what the hell is going on?

The old man was hiding in the chaos, his face was faintly discernible, Li Qingshan didn’t see it too clearly, but at a distance, he couldn’t hear what the old man said clearly.

“This world, everything is born from chaos. The end of the world is chaos, but Immortal World is not. The road to chaos has been cut off,” the old man said.

Li Qingshan hearing this, refreshed, this is useful knowledge, the road to chaos has been cut off.

“Immortal World is difficult to live forever!”

“The Emperor’s road is broken!”

“I want to continue my longevity, I want to walk the emperor’s road again!”

“I want to imitate the ancients, build Eternal Art, and walk out of my own way!”

In a world full of chaos, the old man is madly practicing boxing, sometimes crazy, sometimes crazy Stupid, sometimes confused, sometimes dead, suspended for a period of time.

An Emperor, tormented himself very embarrassingly, and finally obtained a complete Eternal Art.

The old man was laughed heartily, contented, believing that he would be able to reproduce the way of the ancients.

Li Qingshan was very sighed when he saw this scene. The old man must not know it. Just when he realized the Eternal Art of Ancient Era, the outside world was already in chaos. Drag into it, and eventually fall.

At this point, the Eternal Art that I just realized has not been passed on, and it has been buried in the long river of history.

bang! !

Li Qingshan’s consciousness was enveloped by chaos, so he left the Eternal Art center and returned to the real world.


Li Qingshan woke up immediately, suddenly opened his eyes, sat up, and looked at the starry sky at sunset, he muttered: “Immortal World is hard to live long, Emperor Road is broken. .”

The Emperor can live for a million years, Li Qingshan thought that was enough, but now it seems that it is far from enough.

Compared to ancient times, the current Emperor seems to be castrated.

“This Eternal Art, there is no one to cultivate, then I will come to cultivate. If my lifespan is made the same as the Emperor in ancient times, then I don’t know what will happen?” Li Qingshan murmured.

“At that time, my Three Thousand Rules will probably be easier to comprehend. With enough lifespan support, I will be sure to comprehend more Rules.”

“Also , the Emperor’s road is broken, is this saying that after the breakthrough Emperor, the road ahead is cut off, and there is no way to break through?” Li Qingshan frowned, this is about his future road and must be taken seriously.

“It seems to make sense, because in Immortal World, the Emperors of the Great Influences have survived for hundreds of thousands of years, but they are still no match for my two Rules, which is a problem in itself.” Li Qingshan recalled the battle not long ago.

The Ancestral Saint King of Divine Realm, he is War God, holding giant axe, slaying all obstacles for Divine Realm, comprehended Slaughter Rule, but against Li Qingshan, he still lost in Li Qingshan’s hands.

Although Li Qingshan has two Rules, in essence, he has just broken through.

Ancestral Saint King of Divine Realm, but Emperor who lived hundreds of thousands.

Logically, he shouldn’t have lost that fast.

Li Qingshan had no doubts before because he thought he was very difficult to deal with.

But now, the two words said by the unfamiliar old man solved Li Qingshan’s doubts, and he realized that this was not the case.

The Emperor of Immortal World is not very strong overall.

This also explains why the Great Influences didn’t dare to provoke Li Qingshan after he killed the Ancestral Saint King.

Because they were all worried, Li Qingshan would give up everything and pull them to perish together.

“so that’s how it is, so that’s how it is.” Li Qingshan suddenly realized, and understood why, this Immortal World itself has problems.

The end of the world is Chaos, but Immortal World is not. Immortal World’s road to Chaos has been cut off, and the road behind Immortal Court Emperor has also been cut off.

“But don’t listen to the words of the family. I still need to continue to investigate and prove it with more evidence.” Li Qingshan pondered. Although he is willing to believe the old man’s words, there are still many problems in it, and more needs to be done. information to prove.

“The Emperor Space mentioned by the Zhang Family patriarch should be able to tell me some answers.” Li Qingshan thought of this place.

Zhang Family patriarch said that Emperor Space is very mysterious in Immortal Court. Only Emperor can enter, so the outside world does not know. Zhang Family patriarch also relies on its own investigation and speculation, combined with various evidences , in order to prove that the Emperor Space exists.

But he doesn’t know where the Emperor Space is.

Zhang Family patriarch only has Red Dust Immortal realm, even if it is rated as Number One Person under Emperor, it is not Emperor, he can’t find Emperor Space.

Li Qingshan may be different.

Li Qingshan is the Emperor.

It still has two Rule’s Emperor.

He closed his eyes, Soul Power spread, Emperor Primordial Spirit grandiose, rolled out the Immortal Court range.

No one knows.

Li Qingshan saw the heated discussion between Zhang Family patriarch and Dean Mu Ran on how to formulate the new Rule for Immortal Court.

Li Qingshan saw Immortal Court Academy students start to manage Immortal Court with great enthusiasm.

Li Qingshan saw Xiao Jiu and Small Fox move from Immortal Court Academy to Nine Heavenly Layers in Immortal Court.

Li Qingshan saw the sun rise.

Li Qingshan saw the grass break through the soil, spread its buds and revive.

Li Qingshan saw Grand Dao cheering.


The world seen by his Emperor Primordial Spirit is completely different from the world seen by naked eye.

See through the vanity of things, see through the essence of the world.

Li Qingshan swept over these without paying attention. He scanned around the Immortal Court, wanting to see where the Emperor Space was?

From the Ancient Immortal Court to the current Emperor Space, it must have its special ability.

Li Qingshan’s Emperor Primordial Spirit, looking back and forth in Immortal World.

Finally on the Immortal World Nine Heavenly Layers, looking at the top of the starry sky, Li Qingshan found a shadow of a world under a crescent moon.

“Emperor Space is hidden in the shadow of the moon, no wonder it is not discovered.” Li Qingshan said in surprise.

When people look at the moon, most people only look at the beautiful moonlight and the full moon like a white jade plate. No one will pay attention to the shadow under the moon.

Discovering the Emperor Space, Li Qingshan stood up decisively and stepped out. His body crossed the boundaries of space and time and came under the moon.

The entrance to this world is right in front of Li Qingshan, as long as he stretches out his hand and pushes it away, he can enter.

Li Qingshan reached out decisively and pushed open the portal of Emperor Space.

bang bang bang!

The portal pushed open, very heavy, with a thunderous sound that echoed in the shadows.

“This portal doesn’t have the strength of the Emperor, so it can’t be pushed open at all. No wonder other people can’t find it. Even if they do, he can’t get in.” Li Qingshan muttered inwardly.

He did not hesitate and entered the Emperor Space decisively.

This space is filled with Primal Chaos Energy, tumbling in it, stirring up Immortal Qi, which permeates the interior.

The Emperor Space is not big, but it is just a continent suspended between Heaven and Earth, all around is chaos, surging constantly, it seems to devour this continent.

These chaos kept surging, squeezed out Immortal Qi and poured into this continent, making Immortal Qi in this continent richer than any other place in Immortal World.

Li Qingshan stood behind the world, watching this scene, quite surprised: “I just said that the end of the world is chaos, didn’t expect to encounter such a big chaos now.”


The entire Emperor Space, about 2/3/2022, is completely occupied by Primal Chaos Energy.

And these Primal Chaos Energy are still surging, it seems that there is a probability that continues to devour this continent.

Li Qingshan discovered that in this continent surrounded by chaos, there are several tombs.

Li Qingshan squeezed through the chaos and descended to this continent, and upon a closer look, he saw a large tomb.

β€œThe tomb of the Nine Heavens Sweeping Demon Great Emperor!” Li Qingshan read the words on the tombstone gently, and was very surprised.

This turned out to be the tomb of the Nine Heavens Sweeping Demon Great Emperor!

“Could it be that all the Emperors who died in Immortal Court are buried here?” Li Qingshan frowned and looked around, seeing that there were still several tombs in the distance, and immediately approached.

“The tomb of the East Extreme True Martial Great Emperor!”

Li Qingshan looked at in surprise. The two fallen Emperors of Immortal Court were buried here too?

“Nine Heavens Sweeping Demon Great Emperor, East Extreme True Martial Great Emperor, whose tombs belong to?” Li Qingshan thought in surprise.

Can be buried in Emperor Space, Li Qingshan believes that there is absolutely no South Extreme Longevity Great Emperor.

After all, the South Extreme Longevity Great Emperor was the first to fall. Li Qingshan was firm about his death before, but now he has a question mark.

The only certainty is that the South Extreme Longevity Great Emperor is definitely not the Celestial Five Wanings, and died by himself.

He is a chess piece arranged by the mound’s secret mastermind. Li Qingshan believes that even if he didn’t find it at first, the Immortal Court Emperor must have discovered something wrong with the Longevity Great Emperor later.

Li Qingshan continued to look forward with doubts in his heart.

β€œThe Tomb of the North Star Great Emperor!”

β€œThe Tomb of the Crape Myrtle Great Emperor!”

β€œThe Tomb of the Jade Emperor!”

Li Qingshan was numb when he saw that at the end, Immortal Court on the surface had six Great Emperors, each of which was a peerless genius at the time, and was the main battle strength to suppress some demons and monsters in Immortal World.

“Although your lifespan is limited, you shouldn’t be buried in such ruins, right?” Li Qingshan asked in a puzzled tone, looking at the tomb in front of him.

At the end, the six Emperors of Immortal Court have also reached the age of burial.

Among the six Emperors, the Longevity Great Emperor was blessed by the strongman behind the mound, forcibly broke through and infiltrated the Immortal Court team.

So there is no tomb of him here.

Li Qingshan looked at these tombs, touched the chin and said, “Can it be said that the Longevity Great Emperor was discovered, so he didn’t build a large tomb here?”

He is now more and more suspicious that the death of the Longevity Great Emperor is very tricky.

Especially after the death of the Longevity Great Emperor, his Imperial Clan descendants declined rapidly, dropped a thousand zhang in one fall.

It definitely matters.

“If you want to figure this out, you don’t need to think about it. There are five Emperor’s tombs here, and there are five tombstones. If you wipe the tombstones, you can stimulate the max-level comprehension. Maybe you can get some inside information.” Li Qingshan Looking at the tombstones one by one, I was shocked.

In the end, he went the old way.

Wipe the stone tablet!

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