Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 143


Chapter 143 The Story of the Emperor

Until now, Li Qingshan has not forgotten his original intention. He first started to rise because of wiping the Monument Forest. , even if the max-level comprehension can be inspired by other things later, but he has not forgotten his old line.

Li Qingshan has a natural affection for inscriptions. The five Emperor tombstones here are the most comprehensible and powerful tombstones he has ever seen.

Li Qingshan believes that he will gain something.

Li Qingshan was the first to stand in front of the tombstone of the North Star Great Emperor.

Li Qingshan personally witnessed the death of the North Star Great Emperor, so Li Qingshan was very curious about what was in this tomb.

He started wiping in earnest.

Li Qingshan still respects the North Star Great Emperor. He chose the whale at the last moment to feed the world. It is enough to see that the North Star Great Emperor, Crape Myrtle Great Emperor, Jade Emperor Different.

Therefore, Li Qingshan carefully and carefully wiped the tombstone of the North Star Great Emperor.

He believed that since several Emperors left their graves in this mysterious Emperor Space, it must be justified.

Li Qingshan wiped it carefully, concentrated attention completely, and soon, a line of words appeared in front of him.

[You wipe carefully, stimulate max-level comprehension, and comprehend World in Monument. ]

Li Qingshan was overjoyed. He hadn’t understood World in Monument for a long time, and it was the North Star Great Emperor’s World in Monument. It must be very exciting.

He wanted to know, what was the North Star Great Emperor doing when this tombstone was erected?

In front of Li Qingshan, a world appeared.

This world was originally just a mustard seed, hidden in the void and undiscovered. Now, with Li Qingshan’s max-level comprehension, this artificial space has rapidly expanded in front of his eyes, covering Li Qingshan’s eyeballs.

When his Primordial Spirit moved, he jumped out and entered a mysterious and mysterious world. In this world, he saw countless time changes.

the blue sea turned into mulberry fields

This world was originally desolate, or desolate after the war, and there was no one inhabited until one day, five youngsters came to this world.

The five youngster imposing manners are extraordinary, with bright rays of light in their eyes, overlooking this desolate world, full of emotion.

“didn’t expect, the Emperor Space of the Ancient Immortal Court, turned out to be like this?”

“Yes, the Emperor Space of the Ancient Celestial Court could originally accommodate an Immortal World The person who is a good person can also make people feel the Rule, didn’t expect, a big battle, the Ancient Immortal Court all split up and in pieces.”

“We didn’t overthrow the Ancient Immortal Court, it was them. We made a mistake internally and consumed too much strength, which made people sigh, and we picked up a peach.”

“It is rumored that the Emperor Space of the Ancient Immortal Court is the seed of a real world, I don’t know the truth. or false?”

“You’ve all said rumors, even if it’s the seed of a real world, it won’t help, we are just a little Emperor, how can we hatch a real world?”


Each of the five youngsters spoke and spoke their own words, which was watched by Li Qingshan.

“These are the five Great Emperors of the new Immortal Court. Sure enough, they came to the Emperor Space and abandoned the Longevity Great Emperor because they discovered that the Longevity Great Emperor was a puppet.” Li Qingshan felt inwardly.

The five Great Emperors at this moment are still close brothers, they have a common ideal, and they have realized it, and their relationship is very good.

This is not the latter part of them.

The North Star Great Emperor recorded this moment, probably to miss his former brother.

“There are many secrets in this world, only the Breakthrough Emperor will know. We must strive to improve ourselves and comprehend more Rules in order to reproduce the glory of the ancient times.” Sweeping Demon Great Emperor, Heavenly Dao .

“It’s good to have ideals, but there is still a big gap between ideals and reality. During the Ancient Immortal Court Peak, thousands of Emperors were so powerful that they were frightening. If they hadn’t insisted on attacking the mound. , countless Emperors have fallen, and we will not seize the opportunity. Next, we will manage this new Immortal Court properly, which is the kingly way.” Jade Emperor shook his head and refuted the Sweeping Demon Great Emperor.

“Could it be that you will spend your whole life hiding in this false Immortal World and be a happy rice bug?” said the True Martial Great Emperor with a frown.

“You all say that you are a happy rice bug, so why not?” Jade Emperor spread his hands.

“This thing is not right at all. What we have to do is to surpass the Ancient Immortal Court, not become the Ancient Immortal Court. If we want to become the Ancient Immortal Court, why should we overthrow him? Suffered untold hardships, in the end just become others, not surpass.” The North Star Great Emperor also opened the mouth and said.

“But you must know that in the Ancient Immortal Court, thousands of Emperors have never succeeded. We are only five, plus the puppet outside, there are only six Great Emperors, this world, the breakthrough Emperor. The difficulty is getting bigger and bigger, and if you can become an Emperor, you must cherish it.” Crape Myrtle Great Emperor said.

“Just because of an Emperor, you have restricted your thinking?” The Sweeping Demon Great Emperor said angrily, his temper was the most explosive and the most vicious.

“Before you do anything, you have to think carefully about whether you can do it. Now, in this Immortal World, can you break through the Emperor and enter the next realm?” Crape Myrtle Great Emperor face turned cold, also show no signs of weakness, shouted.

“Even if I know that I will die, I will do it without the slightest hesitation. If I don’t do anything, there is no hope.” The True Martial Great Emperor coldly said.

The situation suddenly rises with swords drawn and bows bent, Jade Emperor and Crape Myrtle Great Emperor are on one side, Sweeping Demon Great Emperor and True Martial Great Emperor are on one side, only the North Star Great Emperor is left. Difficult.

Both sides are his good brothers, even as siblings, he really doesn’t want to stand in line, he just wants to go on like this, the brotherhood is deep.

But his idea, like a fairy tale, cannot withstand a single blow.

In reality, the Sweeping Demon Great Emperor and the True Martial Great Emperor are people who gave their lives for their ideals, while the Crape Myrtle Great Emperor and the Jade Emperor are another face.

They all felt they were right and stuck to their ideas.

“Okay, stop arguing, come to the Emperor Space, let’s think about how to build this place.” The North Star Great Emperor came out to be a peacemaker.

“There is no need to construct, this Emperor Space has been destroyed, and it will take a long time to cultivate, let’s say a few million years, before it can be restored to its original appearance, so we can’t learn from the Ancient Immortal Court. This Emperor Space is regarded as a place to cultivate Immortal Emperor.” Jade Emperor shook his head and said a reality.

The other four Emperors were silent, looking at the devastated Emperor Space, knowing that what Jade Emperor said was reality.

“I don’t know if we will see the Emperor Space return to its original state in our lifetime.” Sweeping Demon Great Emperor sighed with emotion.

“If that’s the case, why don’t we leave our own tomb here, put down our most precious things in it, and come and see it later?” The North Star Great Emperor happily suggested.

The other four Emperors were silent, looking at the North Star Great Emperor, suddenly smiled, and said in unison: “Okay, it’s my brother’s suggestion, then we will leave our tomb.”

“After all, it is inevitable for people to die, and the Emperor is no exception. If he can be buried with his brothers after he dies, it will be very good.” Jade Emperor said with emotion.

“Yeah, I’m a brother in life, and a brother in death.” Sweeping Demon Great Emperor laughed, looked towards Jade Emperor, and let go of the fight just now.

Now they do not have ideas above everything else. After quarreling, they can let go.

But the North Star Great Emperor on the side looked at it, but his heart was infinitely dim.

I’m afraid this is the last brotherhood.

After the five brothers’ tombstones were erected, they each left their most precious things inside.

Then the picture came to an abrupt end.

Li Qingshan opened his eyes, the Primordial Spirit returned to the body, in a trance, looked towards the tombstone of the North Star Great Emperor.

He left a memory in this tombstone, a beautiful memory of the last moments of the five brothers.

For him, this memory is the most precious thing.

“I don’t know what is the most precious thing for the other four Emperors?” Li Qingshan sighed. Although the Immortal Court Emperor is now torn apart, dead dead, sleepy sleep, but the original They are absolutely sincere.

Li Qingshan got up, left the tombstone of the North Star Great Emperor, and came to the tombstone of the Jade Emperor.

Zhang Family patriarch said that Jade Emperor was a single thought old man in the later period, he stopped the reform of Immortal Court, he opened the model of Imperial Clan descendants to manage Immortal Court, it can be said that he opened Immortal Court with one hand The end of the Court.

But just watched the young Jade Emperor, not like that.

Could it be that once a person gets old, his temperament will change drastically, as if he was possessed by a body and changed his soul?

Li Qingshan was puzzled and began to wipe Jade Emperor’s stone tablet.

Wipe down very carefully.

[You wipe carefully, stimulate max-level comprehension, and comprehend Primal Chaos Body! ]

Li Qingshan saw a line of words in front of him, his eyes widened in surprise, he couldn’t believe it.

“Primal Chaos Body, Jade Emperor put his physique in this tomb, which is very hurtful.” Li Qingshan said in surprise.

The physique of Jade Emperor is Primal Chaos Body, which Li Qingshan guessed before.

The biggest effect of Primal Chaos Body is to absorb the energy of others, Primordial Spirit, and Grand Dao…

Chaos can accommodate all energy, which is the reason for the rapid rise of Jade Emperor.

Leaving a Primal Chaos Body, the damage to the Jade Emperor is absolutely huge.

But because of the words of the North Star Great Emperor, he left the most precious thing, and he has no hesitation.

This made Li Qingshan sigh.

As the old and young North Star Great Emperor, several big brothers love him very much, and the last gentleness is also very good.

Unfortunately, the North Star Great Emperor probably didn’t know that the Jade Emperor left behind such a precious Primal Chaos Body in the tomb, and now it’s cheaper than Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan silently collected the Primal Chaos Body of Jade Emperor, but did not absorb it immediately, but stored it in the Sea of Consciousness.

He looked towards the other three large tombs.

Sweeping Demon Great Emperor!

True Martial Great Emperor!

The Crape Myrtle Great Emperor!

What will they leave behind because of the words of the North Star Great Emperor?

Li Qingshan is very curious.

I wrote this chapter from my hospital bed.

I’m not trying to sell miserably.

I just want to tell you that yesterday afternoon, my right foot was swollen, hot and painful. I was hovered between life and death in pain, and finally I didn’t update it yesterday.

Tian Yi came to the hospital early this morning. After a series of examinations, he was finally admitted to the hospital at 4:30 pm.

Then, I was hanging water. At eight o’clock, my body was very painful, but I still wanted to write 3,000 words.

The doctor said that I have to have an examination tomorrow, and I have to hang water, but there should be plenty of time tomorrow, so the number of words must be more than today.

And then, sorry everyone, I feel cup one fist in the other hand and keep you waiting.

Please forgive me.

(End of this chapter)

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