Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 144


Chapter 144 Jade Emperor Status

Chapter 143 Jade Emperor Status

Because of the North Star Great After the Emperor’s words, the Jade Emperor left behind his most important Primal Chaos Body.

What did the other three Emperors leave behind?

Li Qingshan wants to know more.

He looked towards the tomb of the Nine Heavens Sweeping Demon Great Emperor.

He and Jade Emperor disagreed and argued endlessly. From the World in Monument just now, we can see the clue.

Li Qingshan wiped the tombstones carefully without any distractions.

[You wipe carefully, activate max-level comprehension, and understand the three Slaughter Rules! 】

Li Qingshan’s eyes shined, this Nine Heavens Sweeping Demon Great Emperor actually comprehended three Slaughter Rules, incredible.

The Divine Realm Ancestral Saint King who played against Li Qingshan before, he is also a comprehended Slaughter Rule, but he is only a comprehended one.

This is already a Divine Realm War God, but compared to Nine Heavens Sweeping Demon Great Emperor, the gap is not a little bit.

It’s no wonder that Immortal World is getting more and more difficult to become an emperor, and it doesn’t comprehend much Rule.

Li Qingshan doesn’t know much about Rules, but he also knows that there are not only one kind of rules, but several kinds.

For example, space, the eternal space he comprehends, does not represent all the rules, but only a rule under the space.

The same is true for time. Origin of Time is a single Rule, not all Time Rule. If you comprehended several other Time Rules, you can be considered as mastering a series of Rules.

What Li Qingshan didn’t expect was that the Nine Heavens Sweeping Demon Great Emperor comprehended three Slaughter Rules as early as the Immortal Court was first established.

Although Li Qingshan doesn’t know how many Rules there are in a series of Rules, he thinks there are not many, no more than ten, maybe even less.

This is Emperor’s intuition, and Li Qingshan’s intuition after comprehended three thousand Grand Dao.

So in those days, the Sweeping Demon Great Emperor, who understood the three Slaughter Rules, had the confidence to find the glorious ancient times.

“Even if the concepts are different, the Nine Heavens Sweeping Demon Great Emperor and the Central Jade Emperor also left behind their most precious things, which makes people sigh.” Li Qingshan put away the three Slaughter Rules and left them to comprehend later. , got up and went to the tomb of the True Martial Great Emperor.

Li Qingshan carefully wiped the tomb of the True Martial Great Emperor.

What is the most precious thing to the True Martial Great Emperor?

Li Qingshan is still curious.

[You wipe carefully, activate max-level comprehension, and get Ten Thousand Monsters Chart. ]

Li Qingshan looked at the line in front of him in surprise.

What is the Ten Thousand Monsters Chart?

He knew that the True Martial Great Emperor was born in the Monster Race and was the most powerful Great Emperor in the Monster Race. Because of the True Martial Great Emperor, the Monster Race acknowledged allegiance before the Immortal Court, but later After the fall of the True Martial Great Emperor, the Monster Race broke away from the Immortal Court and became a world of its own, and several Emperors were born later.

[Ten Thousand Monsters Chart, which contains the souls of 10,000 Emperors from Monster Realm. Once activated, the formidable power is infinite. 】

Li Qingshan saw such a line in front of his eyes, and in his hand, there was also an extra volume of pictures, on which was engraved the monster beast of all kinds of strange things, without exception , both are Emperor.

It’s just that they are all under seal now. Li Qingshan input Emperor energy and activated the first Emperor great monster on the Ten Thousand Monsters Chart.


The Emperor great monster roared, woke up, and ran back and forth on the Ten Thousand Monsters Chart, very excited.

“After millions of years, someone has finally activated the Ten Thousand Monsters Chart.”

“A kid Emperor, don’t hurry to kneel down for your dog-headed grandpa, your dog-headed grandpa It will definitely reward you with a lot of things, and help you on the road of cultivation, and it will be smooth and worry-free.”

This is a great monster with a dog-headed person, very excited, and his words are full of arrogance.

He saw Li Qingshan in the Ten Thousand Monsters Chart and made a direct remark.

Li Qingshan’s face darkened, without the slightest hesitation, he drew out the power of Emperor.

“Don’t…” The dog-headed great monster hurriedly shouted, and then he recovered, Li Qingshan drained the energy, wouldn’t that mean he would fall into a permanent sleep again?

“Call Grandpa!” Li Qingshan said indifferently, and stopped after half of his energy was drained.

“You…” The dog-headed great monster flustered and exasperated, glared at Li Qingshan, and then became discouraged after a while, said: “Brother, I was a little louder just now, don’t take it seriously.”


Li Qingshan’s expression eased, he continued to input Emperor energy, looked towards the great monster with a dog head, and asked, “What’s your name, where do you come from, and what is the effect of this Ten Thousand Monsters Chart?”

“My name is Oasis Living Buddha, from Monster Realm, but I am proficient in Monster Realm and the Profound Truth of Buddhaism.”

“As for the Ten Thousand Monsters Chart, this is what Monster Realm until now together The peerless treasure of sacrifice has surpassed the so-called Grand Dao Weapon in terms of grade, and it is a world of its own. The only flaw is this world, and there is no independent energy source.” Oasis Living Buddha said.

β€œHow much energy is needed to activate the Ten Thousand Monsters Chart?” Li Qingshan asked.

Oasis Living Buddha glanced at Li Qingshan and said disdainfully: “Don’t think about it, you have just broken through the Emperor, and you need at least 100,000 to activate the Ten Thousand Monsters Chart. It can only activate me.”

Li Qingshan’s face was calm, not stimulated, he did not tell the Oasis Living Buddha that the Emperor energy he input was only 1%.

“By the way, this Ten Thousand Monsters Chart used to be in the hands of a True Martial. He was disappeared behind him, is he dead?” asked the Oasis Living Buddha.

It is a pity that Li Qingshan nominated the Buddha: “The True Martial Great Emperor has fallen.”

Oasis Living sighed: Oh, he is actually a good seedling, but born in the wrong era , there is no hope in this era.”

“What do you know?” Li Qingshan asked curiously.

“Want to know?” Oasis Living Buddha squinted at Li Qingshan and said, “Come on, put all your energy into it, I’ll tell you with reluctance.”

“I’m afraid that Your remnant soul is crushed.” Li Qingshan said blankly, looking at the expression of the Oasis Living Buddha, his hands were itchy unconsciously, and he wanted to slap him.

“Come, come, let me see, how much energy can you have as a little Emperor?” The Oasis Living Buddha said disdainfully and looked down on Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan didn’t refute, he just put all the Emperor energy into it.


This energy is like the Great Sea Waves, rolling up a thousand waves and slapping them.

The sound was huge, like a tsunami, rumbling in the world of the Ten Thousand Monsters Chart, making waves, rolling up the Oasis Living Buddha, and drifting with the waves inside.

“How is that possible!”

“How can your energy be so powerful?”

“This is not normal, you are just a kid who is just entering the Emperor Ah.”

The screams of the Oasis Living Buddha echoed in the Ten Thousand Monsters Chart, he really didn’t expect that Li Qingshan’s energy was so terrifying and powerful.


terrifying energy impacts in the Ten Thousand Monsters Chart, where many remnants of the Emperor great monster have awakened, one by one Roar towards the sky, excited, they recovered after a million years, and they couldn’t hold back.

But after they roar towards the sky, watching the Oasis Living Buddha get rolled up, thrown down, smashed into the ground fiercely, and so on, laughed heartily.

“motherfucker! You are laughing, it wasn’t me who provoked that kid, you still can’t recover.” Oasis Living Buddha said angrily.

As soon as these words came out, the other great monsters laughed even harder, and a few of them laughed and bent over.

At this time, Li Qingshan finished inputting the Emperor energy.

The Oasis Living Buddha was lying on the ground, gasping for breath, looking at the ninety-nine great monsters around him, gnashing teeth said: “It’s okay if you don’t save me, and you laugh at me, it’s simply inhuman. “

“We are demons, not humans.” said a tyrannical bull in a low, muffled voice.

β€œYou…” Oasis Living Buddha was so angry that he stood up and wanted to hit someone.

“Okay, don’t make any more trouble, who is the one who will resuscitate us this time?” At this time, a peacock spoke up, stopping the farce.

As soon as the peacock opened his mouth, everyone stopped. Even the Oasis Living Buddha was very obedient in the face of the peacock.

Li Qingshan can see that this peacock should be very prestigious, and in this group of Emperor great monsters, its strength should be quite powerful.

“Human, I’m Peacock King, what’s your name?” Peacock King asked, transformed into a middle age person, refined in manner.

“Li Qingshan!” Li Qingshan said, he was watching Ten Thousand Monsters Chart from outside, and the people in Ten Thousand Monsters Chart were watching him.

“How did you get the Ten Thousand Monsters Chart, this should be my Monster Realm Supreme’s treasure, you are human and shouldn’t get it.” Peacock King asked.

“I got it from the tomb of the True Martial Great Emperor.” Li Qingshan told the truth.

“True Martial is dead?” Peacock King froze, startled.

“It’s been a million years, and if True Martial is still alive, it wouldn’t have been inactive for Ten Thousand Monsters Chart.” Li Qingshan said.

“A million years, the blue sea turned into mulberry fields.” Peacock King sighed.

The other Emperor great monsters all looked sad. Obviously, the True Martial Great Emperor of that year was unanimously approved by them, and they felt that they could place hope.

“The martial student is in the wrong era.” Peacock King shook his head and sighed, feeling down.

β€œLi Qingshan, what do you want to do with the Ten Thousand Monsters Chart now?” But Peacock King quickly collected his emotions and asked a key question.

“I don’t know.” Li Qingshan answered truthfully.

“Don’t know?” Peacock King was stunned.

Other Emperor great monsters were also stunned.

Is it possible to know this?

To get such a peerless treasure, I am afraid that the ordinary Emperor should immediately think about how to use it.

“I really don’t know, and you don’t have to worry about what I’m using you to do to harm the world and the law.” Li Qingshan comforted them, after all, it was the peerless magical treasure that was sacrificed by the Monster Realm until now. In the hands of a human, they will naturally be worried and uneasy.

Li Qingshan’s words made the group of Emperor great monsters silent and looked at each other.

“Take away the Ten Thousand Monsters Chart now, my Emperor energy will not be taken away.” Li Qingshan said calmly, then put away the Ten Thousand Monsters Chart and let them discuss it by themselves. Li Qingshan himself looked towards the last tomb.

The tomb of the Crape Myrtle Great Emperor!

This Great Emperor, who has been taking care of the stars of all dynasties since he was young, has the same conservative character as the Jade Emperor.

Li Qingshan is very curious, what is the treasure he left in this tomb?

The tombstone of Crape Myrtle Great Emperor is different from ordinary tombstones. His tombstone is full of stars.

At first glance, it seems like a vast universe.

In fact, the Crape Myrtle Great Emperor really engraved a piece of stars on it, so there is such a strange picture.

Li Qingshan found this clue and couldn’t help but sigh, Crape Myrtle Great Emperor is indeed the person who is the most obsessed with stars, he should be called the Great Emperor of Stars.

Li Qingshan began to clean the star tombstone.

The last Great Emperor, no matter what they are now, for the new Immortal Court, the five of them are the core.

No one can deny the change and wonder that these five people have brought.

So when wiping the tombstone, Li Qingshan was very attentive and wiped the tombstone very clean.

A line of words appeared in front of him.

[You wipe carefully, activate max-level comprehension, and comprehend the star domain! ]

“Xingchen domain, what is this?” Li Qingshan raised his eyebrows. He remembered that when he was in Human World, he had a Grandmaster domain.

Of course, the so-called domain is actually the cultivator’s control of the inner Qi field for several kilometers around itself, which can’t be considered at all.

In the eyes of Li Qingshan now, it was extremely naive, but to the Grandmaster expert at that time, it was very powerful.

Now Li Qingshan has encountered another domain, so he remembered what happened a long time ago, but he shook his head slightly, the star domain and the Grandmaster domain are not the same thing at all.

[The star domain is an extremely rare physique vision that captures people who have left their imprints on the stars through the ages. ]

Li Qingshan was suddenly enlightened when he saw this explanation, and then he understood why the Crape Myrtle Great Emperor kept saying that he had been taking care of the stars of all dynasties since he was a boy.

He has the domain of stars, he can capture the people who have left traces in the stars in all dynasties, he learns from these people and starts cultivation, he rises in the end, but he can become the Emperor, the domain of stars is the biggest hero .

The North Star Great Emperor suggested that he left the most precious things, and he left the seeds of the star domain.

He did not perfunctory the North Star Great Emperor.

After reading it, Li Qingshan put away the Xingchen domain and sighed with emotion: “Everyone used to be good brothers, but later, they became the most familiar strangers.”

It’s like a pair of siblings, they were a family when they were young, but when they grew up, they became two families.

Time pushes people to grow up and change too much.

Not even the Emperor can escape this change.

This time Li Qingshan gained a lot, but he wasn’t very happy, because the greater the gain, the deeper the relationship between the Great Emperors of those years.

“Unfortunately, three of the five Great Emperors have already left, and the remaining two are also sleeping quietly in this Emperor Space.” Li Qingshan sighed, looked towards the distance, and saw two Emperors.

Crape Myrtle Great Emperor and Jade Emperor.

Here they sleep.

Li Qingshan also found that they couldn’t hide because of their deep sleep and diffused breath, so they were easy to find.

To Li Qingshan, they are like firefly in the dark night, which cannot be hidden.

Li Qingshan bids farewell to the five tombs. In the eyes of others, maybe there is nothing buried in these five tombs, but in Li Qingshan’s eyes, among the five tombs, several young Emperors are buried. Friendship of the time.

They will never find this friendship again.

Crossing mountains, rivers, and sun and moon, Li Qingshan came to the place where the Crape Myrtle Great Emperor slept.

The place where Crape Myrtle Great Emperor slept was a void surrounded by stars. He seemed to be the lord of the stars, surrounded by stars, starlight sprinkled on him, his body was transparent, and the Primordial Spirit was clearly visible.

It was this clearly visible part that allowed Li Qingshan to see the damage in his Primordial Spirit.

One after another, it is a very rare Grand Dao scar. The ordinary Emperor suffered a knife, and the Primordial Spirit exploded directly, but the Crape Myrtle Great Emperor could endure so many wounds and persisted for so many years until old age. , fell into a deep sleep.

It can be seen that the terrifying of the Immortal Court Emperor.

It’s no wonder that the Immortal World’s Great Influence, so many Emperors, are still afraid of the two dying Emperors in the Immortal Court. Even if they know they are asleep, they still run out of fuel and dry up, but what if ?

So at this time, the world-beaters, the Emperors of the Great Influence, did not immediately take action, giving Li Qingshan a chance to grow.

“Many of these wounds have already healed. It was a long time ago, but why did the Crape Myrtle Great Emperor suffer so many wounds?” Li Qingshan wondered.

He carefully inspected the sleeping body of the Crape Myrtle Great Emperor and found that there was no damage in other parts of him.

Li Qingshan looked carefully and found clues that this Primordial Spirit’s injury was left over by Crape Myrtle Great Emperor’s own war with Primordial Spirit.

“Even the Emperor, the enemy of life and death, will not directly fight the Primordial Spirit. This is a very dangerous thing. If you are not careful, the Primordial Spirit Nirvana will perish together.” Li Qingshan was surprised.

“Unless it is…” Li Qingshan immediately remembered what he had just realized with max-level comprehension, the star domain!

The Crape Myrtle Great Emperor has taken care of the stars of all dynasties by himself since he was a boy.

Everything about him comes from the stars. Those powerhouses who once left their names under the stars have all fought with the Crape Myrtle Great Emperor. Some Crape Myrtle Great Emperor has fought, and some he has not fought, so I stay. Take Primordial Spirit damage.

Thinking about it like this, it makes sense. After all, it is understandable to have a Primordial Spirit battle every once in a while, but it doesn’t make sense if it is a Primordial Spirit battle every time.

“Is there any words near here?” Li Qingshan suddenly glanced at him and saw a piece of paper floating along with the Crape Myrtle Great Emperor near where the Crape Myrtle Great Emperor was sleeping.

Li Qingshan reached out and took the piece of paper. On the paper, he saw a few lines of words.

[Under the stars of all dynasties, countless experts have fallen, Sweeping Demon and True Martial insist on being the next one, is it really necessary? ]

[Since I was a teenager, I have personally witnessed the fall of countless Peak experts, none of them succeeded, and there is no need to make sacrifices. ]

[Unfortunately, they don’t listen to me…]

There are three lines in total, Crape Myrtle Great Emperor wrote regrets, Li Qingshan understood Crape Myrtle Great after reading it Why did the Emperor oppose the Sweeping Demon Great Emperor and the True Martial Great Emperor.

The Crape Myrtle Great Emperor with the star domain has witnessed the shocking and stunning top experts who fell under the starry sky since childhood. Countless ideal people have fallen into the sand one after another. , Crape Myrtle Great Emperor has seen many times, and the seeds of fear have been planted in his heart, and he dare not think about these things later, just want to live quietly in Immortal World and live a peaceful Emperor life.

“Unfortunately, it’s a matter of disagreement.” Li Qingshan sighed.

He looked at Crape Myrtle Great Emperor’s sleeping body, did not disturb the other party, and quietly retreated.

This Emperor doesn’t have much time left, so let him stay here and spend it quietly.

The most ideal result is that, like the North Star Great Emperor, it will recover at the last moment, wake up, and make a perfect curtain call.

Li Qingshan turned around and went to the sleeping place of the Jade Emperor.

“Logically speaking, Jade Emperor It shouldn’t be sleeping, he didn’t show such an obvious decline, and he didn’t have the serious Primordial Spirit injury as Crape Myrtle Great Emperor, why would he fall asleep? What?” Li Qingshan was puzzled, he wanted to see for himself what was the reason that made this old-fashioned and conservative Emperor fall into a deep sleep.

The place where the Jade Emperor slept was different from the Crape Myrtle Great Emperor, and it was also far away.

He is also not in the void, but in the place where the great Earth Dragon veins gather, where ten thousand Dragon Vein gathers, guards the Emperor’s body, and uses the Emperor’s body to suppress ten thousand Dragon Vein.

This Dragon Vein is not an ordinary Dragon Vein. This is the Dragon Vein in the Emperor Space. After millions of years of recuperation, the origin of the Emperor Space has recovered 70% to 80%. It is extremely powerful. Jade Emperor would really enjoy it if Dragon Vein came to defend himself.

“No!” Li Qingshan realized that he was wrong when he got closer.

The Ten Thousand Dragon Vein is there. From a distance, the Ten Thousand Dragon Vein seems to be guarding the body of the Jade Emperor, but when you look closer, it is clearly the Ten Thousand Dragon Vein suppressing Jade. Emperor’s body.

“What’s going on?” Li Qingshan said to himself in surprise.

He didn’t expect that it would turn out like this.

The Ten Thousand Dragon Vein is not a guard, but a suppression.

So, who is tying all the Dragon Vein here?

So, who forced the Jade Emperor to suppress here?

Li Qingshan thought of these immediately in his mind.

“If Jade Emperor doesn’t want to be suppressed, no one in this Immortal World can suppress him, right?” Li Qingshan said slowly, looking at Jade Emperor’s calm face.

The current Immortal World is getting weaker and weaker, and the Rule is getting harder and harder to comprehend. Compared with the Emperor of a million years ago, the strength of the Emperor has no comparability at all.

Therefore, the deterrent power of the Veteran Emperor is enormous, and the Jade Emperor is a well-known figure among the Veteran Emperors, so how can he be easily suppressed.

It wasn’t someone else…it was Jade Emperor himself…

An idea came to Li Qingshan’s mind.

The Jade Emperor drove away and imprisoned the ten thousand Dragon Vein by himself, then set up a great formation, and then lied down and suppressed himself.

But…is it possible?

Li Qingshan approached slowly with doubts, not wanting to destroy the Dragon Vein formation.

He approached to observe the Jade Emperor.

He had a majestic face. Although he closed his eyes, put his hands on his abdomen, and took a slight breath, he was suppressed by Dragon Vein, but the Emperor’s power he inadvertently exuded was still very terrifying.

Li Qingshan is also stunned. If Jade Emperor is released, he really can’t beat him.

I can’t beat it now anyway.

But after careful observation, Li Qingshan really found the clue.

In the aura of the Primordial Spirit of the Jade Emperor, there are multiple thoughts, extremely chaotic, very unstable, frantically trying to break free from the shackles of ten thousand Dragon Vein.

Li Qingshan was shocked, and immediately held his breath, calmed his mind, and checked it carefully.

Listen attentively, in this Primordial Spirit, there is a lot of noise.

“Jade Emperor, do you think you can suppress us for the rest of your life?”

“When you devoured us at first, you were so proud that you thought you could control us, and now you are backlashed by us. Start suppressing us, stop dreaming.”

“You care about brotherhood, we’ll destroy your brotherhood, you care about the Immortal Court, we’ll let your Immortal Court be destroyed, or you Emperor In the hands of your descendants.”

“Jade Emperor, we have all controlled your body for a while, you know? I used your body to create a Divine Spiritual Will, a silent blow Red Dust Immortal from Immortal World, hahaha, those idiots, they still don’t know it’s me, they all think it’s you.”

“No, no, you are him, I am him, we are all He, but he is not himself.”


This group of noisy voices made Li Qingshan crash.

He immediately thought of why.

Primal Chaos Body!

In his early years, when Jade Emperor dealt with the Ancient Immortal Court, he devoured the enemy and absorbed all the energy for his own use. At that time, he felt that there was no problem.

But in his later years, the backlash came, and the Jade Emperor became the most volatile one among the Immortal Court Emperors.

The major consciousnesses take turns to call the shots, and I am afraid that Jade Emperor’s own consciousness will not wake up many days.

“No wonder you have to seal yourself.” Li Qingshan said with emotion.

The Emperors of Immortal Court are all stories.

Today I had a CT scan, blood drawn, a urine test, a foot film, and a water drop.

I don’t know when.


Record when I will be discharged from the hospital, the second day of hospitalization.

(End of this chapter)

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