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Aware of the seriousness of the Jade Emperor, Li Qingshan suddenly understood why some of the Jade Emperor’s behavior, in his opinion, was very abnormal.

For example, it is conservative and wants to maintain the Immortal Court, but watch the descendants corrupt the Immortal Court, but ignore it.

There is also Divine Spiritual Will. In this era, Immortal World cultivation is already very difficult. There are very few breakthrough Emperors, and there are even fewer people who comprehend Rule after breakthrough.

Under such an environment, a Divine Spiritual Will was even created, so that the Immortal World could be broken through for 10,000 years.

It’s not crazy.

Li Qingshan also resented Jade Emperor for this before, feeling that he was just as intolerant as the White Dragon King.

Now he understands that Jade Emperor is also very difficult.

“I’m afraid for a long time ago, Jade Emperor was controlled by other consciousnesses, and I couldn’t escape, and I was trapped all the time. Later, I seized the opportunity, turned around and jumped, suppressing other wills, and then arranged this ten thousand Let Dragon Vein, suppress yourself and stop harming Immortal Court.” Li Qingshan said to himself.

Speaking of which, Jade Emperor can be considered self-inflicted. When he was young, he relied on innate talent, good health, and strong will. He believed that he could suppress all absorbed energy and will, and he was unscrupulous.

However, with the absorption of more, countless incomplete wills mixed together, fused into a terrifying, unable to get rid of, such as the tyrannical will of the rotten bone maggot.

By the time the Jade Emperor found out, it was too late. It was not one or two wills, but an explosion from all sides. Many wills were mixed together and began to snatch the control of Jade Emperor’s body.

In this way, in the eyes of the world, the Jade Emperor began to look wrong.

No one knows about this change.

Li Qingshan sighed, not knowing what to say.

He couldn’t help Crape Myrtle Great Emperor and Jade Emperor.

These two Great Emperors can only ask for their own blessings now, and Li Qingshan has not damaged their environment. Such a quiet sleep is also a good thing for Immortal Court.

It just didn’t fall.

At least for publicity, it can be said that the reconstructed Immortal Court has three Emperors.

Even if the other two Emperors don’t show up, it’s a deterrent to others.

Knowing the status quo of the Crape Myrtle Great Emperor and the Jade Emperor, and having determined that they were sleeping, Li Qingshan felt at ease.

Although now I find that Crape Myrtle Great Emperor and Jade Emperor have no bad intentions, they are just a little conservative, want to calm down, and are unwilling to take risks.

But Li Qingshan can’t guarantee what will happen if they wake up.

So the current situation, for Li Qingshan, couldn’t be better.

“The Rule in the Emperor Space is indeed better understood than the outside world. It seems that I will also settle down here.” Li Qingshan observed all around and said with emotion.

Originally planned to live in Nine Heavenly Layers, but now it seems that he is still suitable for living in Emperor Space.

“This Emperor Space can also cultivate many Emperors for the Immortal Court in the future, and strengthen the Immortal Court.”

“But before I move in, I still have a lot of things to solve.”

“The first thing, take Small Fox to Monster Realm to see what’s wrong with her transformation?”

Li Qingshan felt that this matter could not be delayed any longer .

Meeting Small Fox for the first time, Li Qingshan has just stepped into the road of cultivation.

And now, he’s the Emperor Realm.

Small Fox is still Small Fox.

She is obviously a combination of Human Race and Monster Race bloodline, but now she is purer than the pure blood Monster Race.

Also, the news of Hua Yun, which really puzzled Li Qingshan.

Immortal World If you say big, it is quite big.

But to the Emperor, Immortal World is not a big deal.

Especially now that Li Qingshan has a high position and has become the new Leader of the Immortal Court, he is famous all over the world and can be said to be known to everyone, known to everyone.

After all, the battle with the Emperor of Ancestral Saint King, even if you die in retreat, you can feel it. After being awakened, you will definitely go to see and understand the whole story.

“Could it be that Hua Yun has never seen me from beginning to end, so even if he knows that Li Qingshan is the new Immortal Court head, he is considered to be having the same given name and family name?” Li Qingshan said in Guess.

It is possible.

After all, the 20-year appointment has just arrived, and Li Qingshan has jumped from the top expert of Human World to the top expert of Immortal World. Normal people will not believe it.

“Then do I want to make a statement?” Li Qingshan frowned and thought about it carefully.

He worried that once the statement was issued, Hua Yun would become the target of all the people who hated Li Qingshan, and those who hated Li Qingshan would definitely target Hua Yun.

Hua Yun is not strong, and now the intelligence system of Immortal Court is completely out of order. Once an accident happens, Li Qingshan is unacceptable.

“Forget it, let’s talk about it after we go out. This Emperor Space has also been discovered. I will solve the problem of Small Fox first. If it doesn’t work in the end, I will try my best to understand the Search Rule, measure the Rule, and find Hua Yun.” Li Qingshan Shaking his head, he turned out of Emperor Space and returned to Nine Heavenly Layers.

As soon as he returned to Nine Heavenly Layers, Li Qingshan met Xiao Jiu, Small Fox, and Hua Xiangrong.

In the place where Li Qingshan retreated, Xiao Jiu and Hua Xiangrong strolled hand in hand, Small Fox was jumping back and forth, laughing and playing.

After Li Qingshan came, Xiao Jiu screamed immediately, then rushed into Li Qingshan’s arms, hugged Li Qingshan’s neck, and was about to ride on Li Qingshan’s body.

“Big brother, you are so amazing, my Emperor big brother, goose goose goose goose…” Xiao Jiu let out a big goose-like laugh, very arrogant and bubbling with joy.

Li Qingshan hugged Xiao Jiu dotingly and said softly: “What’s the matter, Emperor younger sister.”

“Goose goose goose goose goose, Emperor younger sister, this is my name I like it.” Xiao Jiu laughed happily again, the old goose laughed, very heroic.

But she couldn’t care less, she was so excited that her big brother became the Emperor, it was incredible.

Li Qingshan patted Xiao Jiu’s shoulders and said softly, “I’m laughing, the big goose doesn’t agree.”

Xiao Jiu blushed and patted Li angrily. Qingshan’s shoulders: “I hate it.”

But she still restrained herself and got off Li Qingshan, still beaming.

Xiao Jiu came down, Small Fox immediately rushed up, wrapped around Li Qingshan’s neck affectionately, her big tail was used as a scarf, and she pressed Li Qingshan’s cheek.

“Brother-in-law, you are really amazing. You broke through the Emperor so quickly. The Immortal World record is probably broken by you.” Hua Xiangrong’s voice of exclamation sounded, and his beautiful eyes stared at Li Qingshan without blinking. , very excited.

Hua Xiangrong in this brief moment really wanted to smash the head of his elder sister.

Where the hell are you hiding, my brother-in-law is so good, you don’t take good care of it, but you keep playing disappearing, there is no news, when the time comes to let other foxes take advantage, isn’t it bad luck?

Who is the fox?

Whoever is present can speak.

Hua Xiangrong is very clear, and Small Fox’s performance almost swallowed Li Qingshan.

“I know you guys are very excited, but you can’t keep surrounding me.” Li Qingshan first pulled Small Fox down, but she was still reluctant to part and looked at Li Qingshan very resentfully.

Li Qingshan put Small Fox down, looked towards Hua Xiangrong, thought about it, and asked, “If I push you out and become a representative of the Immortal Court, would you like it?”

“Brother-in-law, what do you mean?” Hua Xiangrong was stunned and asked in confusion.

Well, why are you pushing her out?

“I think, if your elder sister is somewhere in Immortal World, maybe you know that the current Lord of Immortal Court is me, but she only knows my name, not my face, so I don’t believe in being alone, so I won’t show up, so I need you to stand up, when your elder sister sees not only Li Qingshan in Immortal Court, but also her younger sister Hua Xiangrong, she will definitely come out.” Li Qingshan put his own Ideas speak out.

Hua Xiangrong was initially reluctant, but when he heard it, he wanted to find the elder sister, so he immediately changed his mind and said decisively: “I agree, push me out and publicize it, the elder sister and I grew up together, She knows me well, she will definitely come to me when she sees me.”

Li Qingshan nodded and said: “I think so too, it’s best if you agree.”

“I must agree, after all, it is for my brother-in-law to find the elder sister.” Hua Xiangrong smiled happily.

Small Fox twitched his lips, secretly anxious, she wanted to fight head-on, but the problem is that she is not even qualified to fight head-on.

You keep Lady Bai the Great Python, and the Tale of the White Snake story is gone.

Just when Small Fox was complaining alone, he heard Li Qingshan say: “It happens that you are here too, I will take you to Monster Realm once to find out about Fox Race, what is your problem? Resolved?”


β€œMonster Realm?”


Small Fox Listen, full All I can think about is that I want Human Transformation, I want to become a peerless beauty, I want to marry Li Qingshan, I want to give birth to their two children, I want to marry the child…

She Shyly nodded, then couldn’t help giggling.

The other three looked at her curiously, what’s the point of giggling?

Small Fox reacted, and immediately held back his smile, looking at Li Qingshan, eagerly.

“Okay, I’ll take Small Fox to Monster Realm, you guys have a good cultivation here.” Li Qingshan said.

“Big brother, isn’t Monster Realm sealed?” Xiao Jiu asked curiously.

“I sealed it, no one else can get in, how can I not get in?” Li Qingshan smiled slightly, stretched out his hand and flicked Xiao Jiu’s forehead, ka beng, making Xiao Jiu whimper softly, Turning around, Li Qingshan had disappeared from the silhouette, and disappeared with Small Fox.

Hua Xiangrong was the only one left, smiling slightly.

Xiao Jiu rubbed his forehead angrily, turning slightly red.


Monster Realm, which was once a large trade area, especially rare medicine ingredients, ancient trees, ores, spirit veins, and various supplies. It can be sold, and business travelers gather, which is very lively.

During the peak period, Monster Realm welcomed more than 100 million business travelers a day, which brought huge benefits to Monster Realm.

Although it has gradually slipped, there are also tens of millions of business travelers.

For business travelers, as long as there is interest, they dare to go to dangerous places.

However, in today’s Monster Realm, cold Qingqing, major ports, and major trading markets have been shut down one after another.

As Li Qingshan sealed the Monster Realm with a Rule that combines time and space, the Monster Realm was bleak.

Several Great Emperors joined forces, but they couldn’t beat Li Qingshan, who had just entered the Emperor Realm. How could this be good?

Monster Realm was also sealed, and they couldn’t go out for a hundred years, which made Monster Realm feel desperate.

But after a few days, the Monster Realm sentient beings didn’t notice Li Qingshan’s attack. It seemed that the seal was just a seal, so they gradually felt relieved and lived their own lives.

A hundred years is a hundred years. For a cultivator, it is just a retreat.

It’s just a huge loss of trade and serious economic losses, but they can also be self-sufficient internally. If some items are missing, it’s not impossible to survive.

Coupled with the Emperor’s reassurance and suppression of impetuous people, Monster Realm gradually calmed down.

When Li Qingshan brought Small Fox and Tearing Space to the Monster Realm, crossed the seal, and set foot on the Monster Realm silently, what he saw was not chaos, not that people were alarmed, but It is a peaceful life. The most emotion is that the Emperor of Immortal Court is too talented to continue the life of Immortal Court.

Li Qingshan took Small Fox and passed by a Small Ancient City, and saw two old men at the door, one with a pig face and one with a deer face, discussing this matter.

The strength of these two old men is not immortal and cannot be completely transformed. They are too old and have little hope in this life, so I sighed Li Qingshan of Immortal Court here.

“This world is still the world of geniuses after all. Anything wonderful is related to geniuses, not to us people,” said the old man with a pig face.

“That’s right, it’s true.” The old man with a deer face nodded.

“So now Fox Race is starting to cultivate new nine tails foxes, and the eight-tailed Fox Maiden will marry an eight-tailed man from Fox Race, and the two will be combined to give birth to a nine tails and revitalize Monster Realm. “The old man with a pig face said curiously.

“I also heard that it just happened in the past few days, that eight-tailed Fox Maiden is really more beautiful.” The old man with a deer face shook his head and said regretfully.

“This is also something that can’t be helped, this world still needs genius after all.” Finally, the old man with a pig face shook his head and said.


Li Qingshan didn’t expect that after he arrived, he just passed by a small town and heard the news about Fox Maiden.

I met Fox Maiden at Divine Realm before. She is absolutely beautiful and devastatingly beautiful. Although her innate talent is not as good as nine tails, she must be an Immortal King expert in the future.

Even with a little effort, Immortal World will become a little better, and it is not impossible to spy on the Emperor.

Such a woman can’t even control her own destiny. She was assigned who to marry. It can only be said that Monster Realm really needs a genius.

“Can the combination of two eight tails really give birth to a Nine Tailed Monster Fox?” Small Fox curiously asked.

“I don’t know.” Li Qingshan shook his head, who knows, Small Fox’s mother is just an ordinary Human World demon fox, not very powerful, her father is even more human, and it stands to reason that her bloodline is very good Miscellaneous, there will be conflicts.

But who knows, she blends the two bloodlines very well, and there is no rejection at all. On the contrary, her Nine Tailed Monster Fox bloodline suppresses the human bloodline.

“Let’s go and have a look at Fox Race.” Li Qingshan took Small Fox and walked through the Small Ancient City without disturbing anyone.

Where is Fox Race?

After Li Qingshan entered the Monster Realm, the Primordial Spirit spread, covering the four fields of Heaven and Earth, and seeing his current Primordial Spirit, as long as he doesn’t blatantly probe those Emperors, he will definitely All is well.

Li Qingshan’s strength is very strong, he is fighting against the Emperor of Monster Realm, his Primordial Spirit is also stronger than this group of Emperors, but still in the same level, the only difference is Li Qingshan’s Primordial Spirit, Too thick, the Emperor’s breath is too strong.

But for the other Emperors, there was no crushing situation, so he did not alert the Emperor and chose to come quietly.

Not afraid of the Monster Realm Emperor, does not mean not afraid of trouble.

Li Qingshan just wanted to help Small Fox find a solution to the transformation, and had no other ideas for Monster Realm.

So more is worse than less.

The area where Fox Race is located is a large forest of lush and green, with rolling hills, like a giant dragon, stretching for thousands of miles. This large area is the territory of Fox Race.

This is called Qingqiu!

Fox Race has been thriving here. From ancient times to the present, the inheritance of Fox Race has not been cut off. Various documents and records of various predecessors should still be there.

Li Qingshan took Small Fox, crossed the mountains and rivers, walked through the sun and the moon, and came here.

Walking into Qingqiu, there are beaming vibes along the way, all kinds of foxes, some without changing shape, get together, learn with the teacher, and recite the knowledge of Monster Realm.

The teacher is a transformed fox, just outdoors, under the Willow Tree, teaching dozens of Small Foxes, and the foxes around to-and-fro, they will deliberately avoid them when they pass by, take light steps, and don’t. Make a sound, don’t disturb the children’s reading.

There are old fox leisurely chatting and walking, and there are also young people who plant medicine ingredients, which are full of harvest, and bring a lot of mature medicine ingredients, which attracts countless people to salivate.

When I first entered Qingqiu, I saw a peaceful scene, which was a bit unexpected to Li Qingshan. He thought that the Monster Realm should be a little more aggressive, didn’t expect it to be in Qingqiu. , There is also the tranquility of the world, the fireworks of Human World.

“Is this the Fox Race base camp?” Small Fox looked around in Li Qingshan’s arms, very curious, she had never seen so many foxes since she was born.

Although most of them are foxes with one to three tails, the bloodline is very common in Fox Race, but it is enough to arouse Small Fox’s curiosity.

Looking from left to right, after a long period of careful observation, Small Fox’s curiosity was satisfied, and he asked Li Qingshan: “Where shall we go next?”

“Go find an old man. Friends.” Li Qingshan slowly said.

β€œDo you still have friends at Monster Realm Fox Race?” Small Fox looked at Li Qingshan in surprise.

“There is one.” Li Qingshan nods, he regards Fox Maiden as a friend, and the other party should also regard him as a friend.

β€œWhere is your friend then?” Small Fox asked.

“It should be in the central area of Qingqiu Mountain.” Li Qingshan looked into the distance and looked towards the core part of Qingxiu Mountain’s rolling mountain range, Qingqiu Holy Land.

There is the central area of Qingqiu Mountain, you must reach more than six tails to enter.

Li Qingshan didn’t talk nonsense, took Small Fox, crossed thousands of miles of hills, and came to this central area.

It’s a joyous place here.

The lights are on here.

Happy laughter and cheerful voices here.

Stepping here, even if you go deep into the crowd, others will not see Li Qingshan, the gap between Emperor Realm and others is too big. Although they stand in the same area, the dimensions of their relationship are completely different. Li Qingshan walked swaggeringly, not at all worried about being discovered.

Walking through this Qingqiu Holy Land along the way, I felt the atmosphere of marriage. People kept talking about the combination of the two eight tails and placed high hopes on them, thinking that in this era, a Nine would be born. Tailed Monster Fox.

This is the most important thing about this Fox Race right now.

It can be said that all the people, young and old, are looking forward to it.

In their opinion, the two are a perfect match. They are both eight-tailed demon foxes. There is no difference between Heaven and Earth in terms of identity. Although there may be a bit of distance in appearance, thick willow dustpan and thin willow fight, who in the world dislikes them? Ugly men.

“It feels so festive.” Small Fox looked at the festive atmosphere all around and couldn’t help but bring it into it, imagining this magnificent wedding where the protagonists became himself and Li Qingshan, then the How nice.

But she was forcibly taken away by Li Qingshan before she could imagine.

In the center of Qingqiu Holy Land, Li Qingshan discovered Fox Maiden.

Fox Race’s Qingqiu Holy Land has no Emperor, the highest is Red Dust Immortal, only two, very old, are Fox Race’s decision makers.

So Li Qingshan’s Emperor Primordial Spirit, which scanned the entire Qingqiu Holy Land at a glance, was not found.

The gap is too huge and the strength is too great.

Li Qingshan didn’t have too many twists and turns, found the location of Fox Maiden, and went straight to it.

The place where the fox is located is heavily guarded, with several Immortal King experts on guard, alert all around, for fear that someone will confuse Fox Maiden at this moment and take her away.

Under the layers of guards, is Fox Maiden’s residence.

The palace of gold and jade in glorious splendor, the beautiful servant girl is serving Fox Maiden, dressing up, the fox looks indifferently at herself in the mirror, even if she has such an expression, she is still beautiful and alluring moving.

There are many kinds of beauty.

At this moment, Fox Maiden is aloof and indifferent to everything. There is a queen aloof and remote, overlooking the Human World.

She didn’t have much joy when she was about to get married. This was not the wedding she expected, and the married person was not the person she expected.

But no way.

This marriage was decided by her teacher. Even if she was dissatisfied, Fox Maiden would not easily resist the Master’s order.

She also knows that she is an eight-tailed demon fox and cannot control her destiny.

It may be her best fate to marry her kin who is also an eight-tailed monster fox. Her only task in the future is to give birth to Nine Tailed Monster Fox.

In Fox Maiden’s view, this is the cooperation between the two parties to cultivate Nine Tailed Monster Fox, but it is just a layer of marriage to cover up.

“It’s a pity…” The fox sighed with a lonely look on his face.

“Miss, what’s the pity?” the servant girl on the side asked cautiously.

“Nothing.” The fox said indifferently, so scared that the servant girl behind him didn’t dare to speak.

She is just a pity that she met the wonderful and beautiful him, but she couldn’t grasp it. After returning to Monster Realm, she was thinking about it, and she could never forget it, but when she heard about him again, the other party was already aloof and The remote Emperor directly overwhelmed the other Emperors of the Monster Realm, and sealed the Monster Realm with his backhand. The military achievement was illustrious.

This left Fox Maiden stunned and heartbroken.

Missing at Divine Realm may be a lifetime miss. When they meet again, the status and identities of the two are too different. Fox Maiden knows that there is no hope in this life.

So when the Master suggested that the combination of the two eight-tailed monster foxes would have a high probability of giving birth to the Nine Tailed Monster Fox, Fox Maiden couldn’t agree more. Looking at the aged Master, nodded agreed.

“Probably will not meet again in this life…” Fox Maiden sighed in his heart.

She knew that her unrequited love would end there.

The days to come will have to accept the arrangement of fate.

But when Fox Maiden confessed his fate, the heavily guarded palace walked into a shadow of Dao Body, facing the sun, with a slight smile, said: “long time no see.”


The fox jade flicked her hand, and the hairpin in her hand fell to the ground, breaking into two pieces, but she didn’t care, but looked at it in disbelief, suspecting that something was wrong with her vision, that she was too Missed it?

“Miss, the hairpin is broken, the servant girl will go get another one.” The little servant girl immediately picked up the broken hairpin and hurried out, like a gust of wind, passing through Li Qingshan’s body.

Fox Maiden stared blankly at Li Qingshan, unable to believe it was true.

“As soon as Divine Realm says goodbye, it seems that Lord Fox Maiden has forgotten me.” Li Qingshan couldn’t help sighing as he watched the fox remain silent for a long time.

“I didn’t forget.” Fox Maiden said eagerly, not caring whether Li Qingshan was true or false.

The other servant girls who helped Fox Maiden dress up looked suspiciously, there was no one around here.

“Miss, are you talking to us?” a servant girl asked softly.

β€œLet them all go out,” Li Qingshan told Fox Maiden.

The fox’s eyes are bright, and the bright and intelligent big eyes suddenly burst out with infinite rays of light, that is joy, that is excitement, that is joy…

What she saw about Li Qingshan was true.

Fox Maiden suppressed the excitement in his heart and said indifferently: “You all step back, I don’t want to dress up now.”

Several servant girls glanced at each other, and finally Back off slowly.

There are only Li Qingshan and Fox Maiden in the whole great hall, plus a small Fox with a serious look.

She knew it.

This friend of Li Qingshan must be a beautiful woman.

Sure enough.

She is really a beauty.

Small Fox was so angry that she must transform into Gong this time.

She doesn’t want to be a fox anymore.

But fortunately, Small Fox’s only psychological advantage is that the opponent is an eight-tailed demon fox, which is not as good as himself.

Li Qingshan and Fox Maiden didn’t care about the intense activity in Small Fox’s heart.

After drinking away the servant girl, Fox Maiden immediately stood up excitedly, looked at Li Qingshan, smiling like a flower, swept away the indifference to the mirror makeup just now, and said gently, “Why are you here?”

The voice, the tone, made Small Fox frown.

Why does this look like a conversation between a couple?

She looked at Li Qingshan suspiciously, wanting to see how Li Qingshan would react.

“I heard that you are about to get married, so come here and send a congratulatory gift.” Li Qingshan said with a slight smile.

“No, this wedding was arranged by the Master and I don’t want it.” Fox Maiden was anxious, for fear of Li Qingshan’s misunderstanding, he took off the hairpin and red flowers on his head, nervous. looking at Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan watched Fox Maiden’s actions, his heart skipped a beat, knowing that it was broken, he accidentally provoked another girl.

“Don’t get excited, I’m joking, this time is here for her.” Li Qingshan said immediately, no longer joking, the girl’s heart is not easy to flirt, and it is easy to get into trouble.

He can’t even handle Hua Yun now.

Besides, he doesn’t remember flirting with Fox Maiden?

Fox Maiden looked towards Small Fox in Li Qingshan’s arms, brows slightly wrinkle, and said, “How do I feel, when I face her, there is a feeling of being suppressed?”

Fox Maiden was suddenly startled, guessed the answer, looked towards Li Qingshan, and said in surprise, “She is…Nine Tailed Monster Fox?”

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