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Chapter 146 Madam Hu (subscription)

Chapter 145 Madam Hu (subscription)

Fox Maiden looked at Small Fox in shock, completely didn’t expect, the Nine Tailed Monster Fox that Fox Race was thinking of, wanted her to combine with another eight tails, that is, nine tails to give birth, has already been born.

And the cultivation base has reached the Divine Immortal realm.

“Why nine tails were born, we didn’t sense it?” Fox Maiden looked towards Li Qingshan immediately after being shocked, and said incredulously.

“Nine Tailed Monster Fox is born, will you feel it?” Li Qingshan asked curiously.

“Of course, each of the nine generations has a deep relationship with my Fox Race. Some were born from our own ethnic group, and a few were awakened outside by themselves, discovered by us, brought back, and cultivated carefully. , so every generation of nine tails will add bloodline to Fox Race Holy Land, and over time, the bloodline will be rich, and we can definitely feel every Nine Tailed Monster Fox is born.” Fox Maiden explained carefully, looking at Small Fox, very curious .

Small Fox is very cold, not say a word, in Li Qingshan’s arms, does not want to talk to bad women.

“She came from the Human World and was born in the Human World, just like me, so you shouldn’t have sensed it,” Li Qingshan said.

“Human World…No wonder, we are sensing Immortal World, because no Nine Tailed Monster Fox was born in Human World before, she is breaking the precedent.” Fox Maiden looked surprised. by Small Fox.

“What’s her name?” Fox Maiden asked.

Li Qingshan was taken aback.

This question…is a good one.

Since Small Fox was born, until now, Li Qingshan has not given her a name.

Because her father and mother didn’t tell Li Qingshan Small Fox’s name at the last moment.

“My name is Wu Baibai.” Small Fox said in a clear voice, and then rolled his eyes at Li Qingshan. He never asked, so he didn’t say it himself.

β€œDid Senior Shaobai take it?” Li Qingshan asked.

“Yes.” Small Fox nodded.

“Baibai, why don’t you change your shape?” Fox Maiden asked curiously, watching Small Fox keep his fox state all the time, leaning in Li Qingshan’s arms.

Small Fox looked embarrassed, sighed then said depressed, tired and didn’t want to talk.

Li Qingshan said: “It’s not that she doesn’t want to change shape, but she can’t change shape.”

“Can’t change shape?” Fox Maiden was confused, his three views were impacted, Divine Immortal realm’s Nine Tailed Monster Fox, can’t change shape?

Since ancient times, any monster beast of Divine Immortal realm can change shape, right?

“That’s why I came to Monster Realm.” Li Qingshan said helplessly, telling Fox Maiden about Small Fox’s situation.

Fox Maiden covered his mouth with his hands in surprise and looked at Small Fox in disbelief. The Nine Tailed Monster Fox of this generation turned out to be a half-breed, and because it is a half-breed, Nine Tailed Monster Fox bloodline It is too rich and has been suppressing the Human Race bloodline, so it cannot change shape.


This is unprecedented, unheard of.

“Since ancient times, there has never been a combination of human and Fox Race, and the Nine Tailed Monster Fox has been born. You are the first of splitting heaven and earth apart.” Fox Maiden looked at Small Fox, as if looking at a unique piece Treasure treasure, love in the eyes, exhibit one’s feelings in one’s speech, see Small Fox’s heart fluttering.

She was all too familiar with this look.

When she looked at Li Qingshan before, her eyes were so fiery, warm and loving.

This eight tails don’t have any other thoughts about her, do they?

Small Fox shrank involuntarily into Li Qingshan’s arms when he thought of this.

Fox Maiden asked kindly: “Wu Baibai, since you are Nine Tailed Monster Fox, have you awakened inherited memories?”

Small Fox gently nods.

Fox Maiden looked happy and said, “Sure enough, the first Nine Tailed Monster Fox of each era will awaken inherited memories, and later will awaken several Nine Tailed Monster Fox, only with bloodline, Without inherited memories, I don’t know how to solve your problem, but I can ask the Master, you wait here, I’ll call the Master.”

“Okay!” Li Qingshan nodded in agreement.

Fox Maiden went out of the great hall immediately, and the speed was very fast. Obviously, this incident also shocked her and made her feel incredible. She must inform herself that the Master is here. She has a lot of knowledge and should know a lot.

In the great hall, only Li Qingshan and Small Fox were left.

“Wu Baibai…” Li Qingshan looked at Small Fox with a smile, put her down and said softly, “Why didn’t you say your name was Wu Baibai before?”

Small Fox shyly gave Li Qingshan a shy look: “You didn’t ask me, this is my father’s name, I’ve been useless, I couldn’t change shape before, and my thoughts were all despairing, so I didn’t want to mention this name.”

Li Qingshan blushed with shame, this is indeed his problem. I have known Small Fox for so long, and I have never asked about it.

“Okay, one of the two Red Dust Immortals from Fox Race is coming soon. I’m sure I can take care of your problem.” Li Qingshan comforted.

“Hmmmm.” Small Fox nodded his head with great anticipation.

It didn’t take a while for Li Qingshan to see Fox Maiden coming with a silver-haired old lady. The Old Lady was walking like flying, her breath was strong, her face was still beautiful, but she couldn’t hide her old-fashioned style. This is Fox Maiden’s Master, one of two Red Dust Immortals at Fox Race.

“Big Brother Li, this is my Master, Madam Hu.”

“Master, this is the new Emperor Monarch of Immortal Court, Li Qingshan!”

Fox Maiden Happy introduction.

“I have seen Lord Emperor Monarch before.” Madam Hu bowed, respectful, and was very cautious of the Emperor, especially this Emperor was not simple. Just after breaking through, he sealed the Monster Realm and defeated Ancestral. Saint King, who defeated the world’s immortal situation and turned the situation in one fell swoop, couldn’t help her being careless. If there was a little mistake, it would be a disaster for Fox Race.

The Emperor was furious, and with a wisp of Emperor might, he could crush Fox Race.

So when she heard Li Qingshan was coming, she immediately panicked.

Even if Fox Maiden guarantees that they know each other, Li Qingshan is a good person, and Madam Hu does not dare to be careless or impudent.

“No need to be polite, I came today to ask for help.” Li Qingshan said calmly, and asked Fox Maiden to help Madam Hu up.

Madam Hu was a little relieved. It seems that this young Emperor who has sealed Monster Realm for a hundred years has a good attitude now.

She first looked at Li Qingshan, who was indeed a young talent, and no one in the Immortal World could match her.

But in the next second, her eyes were attracted by Small Fox, as if she saw a unique treasure, her cloudy eyes suddenly shot out bright rays of light, the Nine Tailed she had been looking for. Monster Fox, right in front of him at the moment, Madam Hu’s body was shaking slightly, feeling incredible.

“This… This Nine Tailed Monster Fox was born, how could we Fox Race not know?” Madam Hu said tremblingly.

Fox Maiden immediately told Madam Hu what Li Qingshan had just explained.

“The birth of Human World, the combination of human and monster, Nine Tailed Monster Fox, unable to transform…” Madam Hu became more and more surprised. When she got to the back, she didn’t care about Li Qingshan, who was close to Small Fox. Reach out and stroke Small Fox, and sometimes explore Small Fox’s Primordial Spirit, Sea of Consciousness.

Although Small Fox was reluctant, he endured it and meditated in his heart: “Everything is for transformation, everything is for transformation…”

In this way, although the body is tense, She resisted the motionless and let Madam Hu touch her.

Madam Hu stroked Small Fox with a look of joy on his face, excitedly said: “This is the root bone of Nine Tailed Monster Fox, and it’s the kind of throwback, not a continuation of bloodline, but bloodline It’s unbelievable.”

At this moment, Madam Hu looked at Small Fox with fiery eyes, and saw that Small Fox was covered in hair. That look seemed to melt her.

“Little girl, have you awakened inherited memories?” Madam Hu asked.

<> Small Fox involuntarilyp nod, a little scared of this Madam Hu.

She doesn’t eat foxes, does she?

“Peerless genius, bloodline throwback, awakened inherited memories, together, your inherited memories are more terrifying than other Nine Tailed Monster Fox.” Madam Hu said excitedly.

β€œWhy are the inherited memories terrifying compared to other Nine Tailed Monster Fox?” Li Qingshan asked inexplicably, the same Nine Tailed Monster Fox, is there such a big gap in a throwback?

Small Fox and Fox Maiden also watched curiously, not quite understanding.

Madam Hu smiled like peach blossoms and explained happily: “The continuation of bloodline is not static, since ancient times, I don’t know how many bloodlines have disappeared in the long river of history in the process of continuation. , everyone knows this, but I wonder if Immortal Emperor Li has thought about it, why did it disappear?”

Li Qingshan thought about it and said, “It is the bloodline of each generation of inheritance, which will be diluted.”

Madam Hu nodded and said: “Yes, dilution, each generation of inheritance, there will be a part of foreign bloodline, the combination of men and women, impossible is a series of bloodline, there must be foreign, diluting the original concentration , then for our large groups, we need to strictly control the inheritance of each generation of bloodline.”

“For example, the Nine Tailed Monster Fox of my Fox Race, in the past, every Nine Tailed Monster Fox’s marriage and childbirth are not a matter of one person, but a matter of the entire ethnic group. The ancestors should select the bloodline that has the least impact on Nine Tailed Monster Fox from various bloodlines for Nine Tailed Monster Fox to inherit.”

“But even so, the bloodline handed down by Nine Tailed Monster Fox from ancient times has been diluted and cleaned up after millions of years, and until now, there has not been a Nine Tailed Monster Fox for thousands of years. , that’s why the atavistic bloodline is so precious.”

“Because she raised the diluted bloodline to the level of the past, which is equivalent to starting everything from scratch. This is the atavistic bloodline. The greatest meaning.” Madam Hu said excitedly, watching Small Fox, the more I like it, the more I want to get started, but unfortunately Small Fox hid behind Li Qingshan, hugging Li Qingshan’s calf, watching her vigilantly.

“That’s the same Nine Tailed Monster Fox, the bloodline is different, and the inherited memories are also reduced?” Li Qingshan asked.

“Of course, although they are all Nine Tailed Monster Fox, but you are a throwback bloodline with great potential. The inherited memories she got are the original ones, starting from the first generation of Nine Tailed Monster Fox. , until the previous generation, it was very clear.”

“But if now our Fox Race gives birth to a Nine Tailed Monster Fox, she also awakens inherited memories, her inherited memories, her bloodline concentration, all Can’t compare to this little girl.”

“The bloodline has been severely diluted because of the Nine Tailed Monster Fox on our side, and as much as we would like to save it, the dilution of the bloodline won’t follow your orders, just follow your orders. With the dilution of bloodline, inherited memories will also weaken, and the ancient parts will become blurred.”

“little girl, let me ask you, are your inherited memories very clear, from the first generation Do you have the memory of Nine Tailed Monster Fox to the previous generation of Nine Tailed Monster Fox?” Madam Hu asked Small Fox kindly.

Small Fox nods, her inherited memories are indeed clear.

Li Qingshan remembered, Small Fox took him to see it, the big tree of inherited memories is very clear, even the Grand Dao, Gate of Destiny, are all in this inherited memories.

“I’m right, atavistic bloodline is so terrifying, her innate talent is comparable to that of Ancient Era’s Fox Race predecessors.”

“But why? Your cultivation base is only Divine Immortal realm, and Divine Immortal realm, or have you just entered?” Madam Hu asked with a strange expression.

Small Fox blushed and climbed into Li Qingshan’s arms, burying his face in shame.

Li Qingshan didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, said: “She is more playful…”

To put it bluntly, she is lazy.

Small Fox will not cultivate as long as she is with Li Qingshan. She used to work very hard. She wants to catch up with Li Qingshan, and she wants to be transformed into power.

But since she watched Li Qingshan’s cultivation base getting higher and higher, she saw that she couldn’t change shape, the two big hopes were shattered, and gradually began to rot, and the cultivation became more casual.

For Small Fox, she has no pressure. For her, cultivation is just worthy of Li Qingshan.

What she wants most is to change shape.

But now that Madam Hu pointed it out, Small Fox was still very sorry, and immediately wanted to hide and disappeared.

Madam Hu saw Small Fox’s performance and understood something, smiled and said, “little girl is a little playful, it’s normal, don’t be shy.”

Small Fox still refused to leave Li Qingshan’s arms, urging Li Qingshan to quickly ask the question of how to transform.

Li Qingshan hugged Small Fox and asked: “Madam Hu, I want to know how she can change shape, starting from Human World, I watched her born, watched her grow, But no matter what, I can’t change shape, it’s always been like this. I came to Fox Race this time, thinking that this is the Fox Race base camp, there should be a way.”

“There is a way.” Madam Hu was neatly nodded.

Small Fox stopped burying his head in Li Qingshan’s arms and looked at Madam Hu in surprise.

Li Qingshan is also surprised to see that this problem that has been plaguing him has finally been solved.

Fox Maiden watched happily, not because Small Fox could change shape, but because Li Qingshan came to her to solve the problem, she helped Li Qingshan solve it, looking at Li Qingshan’s surprised expression , Fox Maiden smiled unconsciously and looked at Li Qingshan tenderly.

“Sit down, Fox Maiden, you go to the tea.” Madam Hu shouted, inviting Li Qingshan to sit down, then glared at Fox Maiden, motioning her to restrain herself.

Fox Maiden pretty face blushed, looking down and seeing his feet, turned to serve tea.

Li Qingshan sat down, put Small Fox on his lap, looked at Madam Hu, and asked, “Is there any way to help her transform?”

“It’s very simple , When I checked her body just now, I found out that the reason why she couldn’t transform is because the bloodline of atavism was too strong.” Madam Hu faced Li Qingshan at this moment and relaxed himself, knowing that Li Qingshan’s attitude was very strong. Well, I don’t have the problems she was worried about, so I said calmly.

“Just because of this?” Li Qingshan was stunned, he thought there were other problems, such as Small Fox is a combination of shemales, so there will be some hidden problems, and for example, she has been in the mother’s belly for several decades, and she is still in the Refining Monster Tower…

didn’t expect These are all right, Li Qingshan thought too much.

It’s just a bloodline throwback, too rich.

“Then she’s already a Divine Immortal realm, can’t solve the problem of rich bloodline?” Li Qingshan asked strangely.

“She is a bloodline throwback, she went directly to Ancient Era, the people of that period, and the people of Immortal World now, incomparable, according to our Fox Race records, Ancient Era, even if it is Human World Ordinary people, without cultivation, can live to be 800 years old, one can imagine how powerful a cultivator is.” Madam Hu said with emotion.

“Ancient Era, what’s the difference between it and now, how can there be such a gap?” Li Qingshan asked with a frown.

“I don’t know about this old man. I’m getting older. When I was young, I liked to travel. When I was old, I settled down. I have checked a lot of ancient books. I have seen it all. In the early years, the True Martial Great Emperor did not fall, and the Monster Realm returned to the Immortal Court. I have also been to the Immortal Court to check, and only then did I know something about the Ancient Era.” Madam Hu said.

“How did the True Martial Great Emperor fall?” Li Qingshan expression changed, curiously asked.

He knew that the Sweeping Demon Great Emperor and the True Martial Great Emperor were dead, but he didn’t know how the two Great Emperors died.

“No one can tell the fall of the True Martial Great Emperor. He was suddenly sublimated to the extreme one night, which shocked the Immortal World, causing countless people to watch and wonder what happened. , On the second day, the Immortal Court heard the fall of the True Martial Great Emperor, and the whole world was in an uproar.” Madam Hu faintly sighed, missing that heroic fearless True Martial Great Emperor.

At this time, Fox Maiden came over with tea, put the tea in front of Li Qingshan, and then stood obediently behind Madam Hu.

“Let’s not talk about the True Martial Great Emperor first, let’s talk about how to transform.” Small Fox patted his paws on the table and said solemnly, very cute.

She finally saw the dawn, and she is still talking about the fall of the True Martial Great Emperor.

Huh, it’s impossible!

People want to change shape!

Small Fox glared at Li Qingshan, which attracted Li Qingshan’s gentle smile, reached out and stroked her forehead, making Small Fox’s anger go out.

β€œMadam Hu, Small Fox wants to change shape, what should I do?” Li Qingshan asked.

Small Fox immediately pricked up his ears and listened intently.

“It’s very simple, let this little girl live in our Fox Race for ten years!” Madam Hu said.

Small Fox without the slightest hesitation said: “I don’t want to.”

Let her leave Li Qingshan for ten years before she quits.

Li Qingshan did not refuse, and asked calmly: “Does it make any difference to live for ten years?”

“The bloodline in her body is too strong, and as her cultivation base grows more and more High, the stronger the bloodline concentration, according to her own efforts, if she wants to transform, only the Breakthrough Emperor, who controls the bloodline herself, can do it.” Madam Hu replied calmly.

Small Fox trembled, Emperor…

Li Qingshan also frowned and said, “Is there a way to stay here with you?”

” Fox Race secret technique, you can extract a part of the rich bloodline, let the little girl adapt slowly, her bloodline has the ability to regenerate, so don’t worry about extracting this bloodline, it will affect her health and future.”

“As for the bloodline drawn out, I will use it as a reward for this time and use it on the children of Fox Race. You must know that the bloodline of the ancestors, even a little bit, is very precious to us who have been diluted. It’s enough to create a Nine Tailed Monster Fox.” Madam Hu said bluntly, she was also selfish and wanted to use Small Fox to bring a Nine Tailed Monster Fox to Fox Race.

Li Qingshan thought about it and said, “Are you sure it has no effect on Small Fox?”

“It’s just a little bloodline, just like this tea, what damage can it do? She rests. After half a year, it was all made up, we just took advantage of half a year to slowly transform, and then repeat it once a year, about ten times later, she can control the bloodline by herself.” Madam Hu said.

Li Qingshan looked towards Small Fox and asked, “Do you agree with this plan?”

Small Fox is very tangled. Agreeing means he will be separated from Li Qingshan for ten years, but he disagrees , she has to go to the Emperor Realm to change shape.

After a difficult decision, Small Fox’s weak nodded is very sad and wants to separate again.

β€œYou have to remember to visit me often.” Small Fox said pitifully to Li Qingshan.

“Don’t worry, I will come to see you.” Li Qingshan smiled gently, confirmed.

Madam Hu saw this scene, smiled with relief, and said: “Don’t worry, I will definitely take good care of this little girl, although not my fox patriarch, but it is our same kind, throwback bloodline is so powerful , you must pay attention to it.”

Li Qingshan looked at Madam Hu and said solemnly: “I will hand Small Fox to you, the ugly words are up front, if something happens to her, the entire Fox Race will be buried with you without any consultation. You should know my strength.”

Madam Hu was shocked, nodded solemnly: β€œI know.”

β€œSecond, you just said to use Small Fox’s bloodline will create a Nine Tailed Monster Fox, that is Fox Maiden behind you, except for her, you are not allowed to pass Small Fox’s bloodline to others, this is the bottom line.” Li Qingshan pointed at Fox Maiden, grimly. said.

Madam Hu glanced at Fox Maiden and found that Fox Maiden looked at Li Qingshan with admiration, sighed inwardly, and nodded agreed: “Okay, I promise you.”

” Finally, you are not allowed to spread the origin of Small Fox, let her transform quietly, and besides, I’m going to check your Fox Race books.” Li Qingshan made the last request.

“I promise.” Madam Hu agreed unequivocally. She did it to give Fox Race an extra Nine Tailed Monster Fox, even if there were no inherited memories, it would be fine.

As for the original candidate of Nine Tailed Monster Fox, she is the recipe Fox Maiden.

Or else she’s going to great lengths to help Small Fox control the bloodline, and then it’s cheap for outsiders?

“Immortal Emperor Li, please rest assured, I guarantee that everything will be done according to your requirements and there will be no problems.” Madam Hu said sincerely.

“Okay, then I’ll leave with Small Fox first. Let’s start tomorrow.” Li Qingshan turned and left the great hall without looking back.

Fox Maiden’s eyes followed Li Qingshan.


Madam Hu slapped Fox Maiden’s ass angrily, making a crisp sound, the waves trembled, making Fox Maiden blush, cover his hands, and look at him puzzled. Master.

“Everyone is gone, don’t put your eyes on it.” Madam Hu said ill-humoredly.

“How can…” Fox Maiden muttered dutifully.

“There is a huge gap between you and others.” Madam Hu sighed.

Fox Maiden did not answer, but said seriously: “Master, I’m not getting married.”

Madam Hu looked at Fox Maiden and said casually: “Whatever you want. , I won’t force your business, it was originally for Nine Tailed Monster Fox, and now there is hope, it won’t end if you don’t get married.”

“But ah girl, you want to catch up People, it’s difficult.” Madam Hu said.

“I don’t need to chase, just watch from a distance.” Fox Maiden said firmly.

“Ai, why are you so similar to me?” Madam Hu shook his head, disappointed and relieved.

“Master, did you look at the True Martial Great Emperor from such a distance back then?” Fox Maiden asked.


Madam Hu got another slap on Fox Maiden’s ass, coldly snorted, and walked out of the great hall.

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Continue to be hospitalized, typing in a hanging bottle.

Please forgive me.

I kowtow to you, sorry for the update during this time.

(End of this chapter)

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