Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 147


Chapter 147 A Million Years Ago (Subscribe)

Li Qingshan took Small Fox and left the great hall, not far away, Just above a hill in Fox Race Holy Land, stop.

Above this mountain, towering to the sky, snow-capped, covered all year round, completely different from the half-mountain and the foot of the mountain.

Li Qingshan has something to say to Small Fox, after all, it takes ten years to separate.

For Li Qingshan, the long-term retreat, which lasts for a hundred, thousand, or ten thousand years, has no effect in this short ten-year period.

But Small Fox is different.

She has been separated from Li Qingshan for the longest time since she was born, that is, the time when Dimensional Battlefield ascended to Immortal World, more than ten years.

After that separation, Li Qingshan could clearly feel that Small Fox was more dependent on him.

When Small Fox was born, the first person she saw was Li Qingshan, she never even met her own mother.

So I am very attached to Li Qingshan.

This time in a strange environment, Li Qingshan naturally wanted to comfort her.

The green hills are still there, and the sunset is red several times.

In the distance, a large haze shrouded Heaven and Earth. The sunset looks like the shy face of a girl, dyed with a layer of blush, very beautiful, slowly spreading, dyeing half of the sky red, Yu Xia Scattered into Qi.

The pure white snow piled up under the feet to become wrapped in silver and white, one person and one fox left a string of footprints on the snow, and there were tiny snowflakes floating in the sky, against the sunset, the scenery was infinitely beautiful.

Small Fox suddenly hugged Li Qingshan’s neck tightly without saying a word, very dependent.

Li Qingshan accompanies Small Fox to enjoy this sunset view, and suddenly said with emotion: “Ten years later, you should be holding my arm, chirp chirp twitter twitter and tell me about the beauty of the sunset. .”

Small Fox’s expression moved slightly, looking at the sunset, she just felt extremely beautiful, she pouted and said, “How many times can you come to see me in ten years?”

” If it’s okay, it will come once a year, and if something is delayed, I won’t know.” Li Qingshan said gently.

“That’s over, you must have something to delay.” Small Fox sighed.

“It’s okay, even if there is really a delay, I will call Xiao Jiu and the others to come and see you.” Li Qingshan said with a smile.

โ€œโ•ญ(โ•ฏ^โ•ฐ)โ•ฎhum.โ€ Small Fox hummed.

The two enjoyed the sunset and enjoyed a moment of tranquility. When the sunset faded, the starlight fell, and the moon appeared, Li Qingshan lit a bonfire and roasted a rabbit.

Small Fox watched.

The bonfire dyed his face red, even after watching it for a hundred years, Small Fox still didn’t feel bored, but was deeply obsessed.

Li Qingshan is the only one in her life.

From birth to now, no matter what happens, her first reaction is to think of Li Qingshan.

Small Fox was moved to see Li Qingshan taking the initiative to accompany her to watch the sunset and roast rabbits for her in order to ease her emotions.

“This time must transform.” Small Fox said firmly.

Li Qingshan didn’t know the inner workings of Small Fox, so he baked the rabbit, tore off half of it and handed it to Small Fox.

“Eat, you will work hard to transform from tomorrow.” Li Qingshan said.

Small Fox took a bite, chewed it a few times, and after swallowing it, commented: “It’s just so-so, not as good as Xia Wuji’s baked one.”

Li Qingshan wasn’t angry either. , smiled slightly, and said: “That’s true, Xia Wuji is a good player in this field, I’m naturally not as good as him.”

Small Fox curiously asked: “You have all been to Immortal World for twenty years, Didn’t we meet?”

Li Qingshan shook his head, with a trace of memory, thinking of what happened in Dimensional Battlefield.

For Small Fox, that was twenty years ago.

For Li Qingshan, that was hundreds of thousands of years ago.

He has spent such a long time in the extended time, so that when he recalls Dimensional Battlefield now, the real time has only passed 20 years, but Li Qingshan feels that it has been a long time.

In Dimensional Battlefield, Xia Wuji, Heavenly Emperor, Immortal Bei Chen, and Li Qingshan became friends, helped each other, communicated, and were very happy.

But with entering Immortal World, Xia Wuji, Heavenly Emperor, Immortal Bei Chen will no longer have any news.

Li Qingshan knew that Xia Wuji got inheritance from Kunlun Immortal.

The Heavenly Emperor has obtained the gate to the Profound Valley.

Immortal Bei Chen is immortal reincarnation himself.

After they entered the Immortal World, they did not join the Immortal Court, but looked for their own opportunities.

In the blink of an eye, twenty years as time goes by, Li Qingshan has made a big name in Immortal World and has become the new owner of Immortal Court, Xia Wuji and the others still have no news, and Just like Hua Yun, she seemed to have disappeared into the vast sea.

“I don’t know where they are now?” Small Fox said fondly. Back then in Dimensional Battlefield, everyone ate meat, drank, chatted and played together. It was a happy time for Small Fox. time.

Especially Heavenly Emperor, Small Fox likes her very much.

“They should be working hard on their own cultivation, and there will be news in the years to come. You are working hard to change shape now, and when we meet next time, give them a surprise.” Li Qingshan touched Small Fox’s forehead.

“Hmmmm.” Small Fox firmly nodded.

This night, the evening breeze is warm, the moonlight is sultry, and the starlight is dazzling, stretching Li Qingshan’s silhouette.

Sometimes, a silver fox can be seen around Li Qingshan’s silhouette, jumping up and down, happy and carefree.

The snow-white Small Fox turned into silver after being stroked by the moonlight. In this brief moment, the full moon, the snow, the silver fox, and the boy formed a landscape painting scroll of lithe and graceful.

ย โ€ฆ

second day.

Small Fox was sent to Madam Hu by Li Qingshan, so that she could be obedient and learn how to transform.

Small Fox is cute and nodded. After the romance last night, she was also satisfied. It was the first time Li Qingshan took her for romance, and now she is obedient and obedient.

“Immortal Emperor Li, the little girl is with me, please rest assured.” Madam Hu assured.

“Well, I’ll stay here for a few days to see your Fox Race collection, by the way, did you know that Fox Race had a comprehended fate Grand Dao Nine Tailed Monster Fox before? ?” Li Qingshan asked curiously.

In Small Fox’s inherited memories, there is a big tree, the tree is full of fruits, in each fruit, there is a Nine Tailed Monster Fox’s inherited memories, Li Qingshan saw it The one that got the Grand Dao of Destiny, and the Gate of Destiny.

So he wanted to ask, who is this comprehended Grand Dao of Destiny, and who is the Nine Tailed Monster Fox who controls the Gate of Destiny?

Madam Hu recalled earnestly, then shook his head and said, “There is no record of this in my old memory. The oldest record of Fox Race can be traced back to millions of years ago, more than a million years. Inheritance becomes incomplete.”

“Isn’t that the inheritance of Fox Race has never been broken?” Li Qingshan asked curiously.

Madam Hu said with a bitter smile: “Any Great Influence, when promoting itself, does it mean that inheritance has been broken?”

“Our Fox Race can be traced back to a million Years, it has always been there, it is not easy. Millions of years ago, there was a turmoil in Fox Race, and many inheritances at that time were lost, burned, and cannot be traced back. In the secret technique space, Immortal Emperor Li can go to see if he is interested, but there is nothing to analyze for the incomplete books.โ€ Madam Hu said.

“Okay, I’ll go take a look.” Li Qingshan nodded, said goodbye to Small Fox, turned around and stepped out, the space collapsed, and he opened the passage of another world, so he went straight in.

After Li Qingshan walked in, the space was immediately repaired, as if nothing had happened.

Madam Hu saw this scene and said with emotion: “This is the Emperor, we are heavily guarded and the secret technique space sealed by Formation, in front of him, without defense, enter as soon as you want, that is, Immortal Emperor Li is polite, otherwise he went in and we wouldn’t know.”

“Emperor is amazing.” Fox Maiden said with emotion.


The secret technique space, here is the core of Fox Race.

Since Fox Race inheritance happened millions of years ago, they have opened up this world specially to store these secret techniques and inheritance to ensure the longevity of their race.

This space is deeply hidden, surrounded by Formation, range upon range of mountains, which is not easy to be found.

That is, Li Qingshan, as an Emperor, reduced his dimensionality, ignored these things, and came here.

Secret technique In the space, it was empty and there was no one. Li Qingshan walked in it alone and saw between Heaven and Earth. There are countless secret techniques, placed in different places, different ethnic groups, different monster beasts, Different ancestors are clearly divided.

Li Qingshan is not interested in other races, he wants to see the Nine Tailed Monster Fox from the comprehended fate Grand Dao of Fox Race.

“Being able to comprehend the Grand Dao of Destiny and evolve the Gate of Destiny, her strength must not be underestimated, and she must have left a wonderful story in the past. If her story is still there, she will definitely be It is helpful for me to understand the Destiny Rule.” Li Qingshan thought silently in his heart.

He descended on Fox Race’s secret technique.

Fox Race’s secret technique is also in a majestic mountain. There are countless palaces, corridors, attics, carved beams, and oriental buildings. It is very beautiful.

In these buildings, Li Qingshan found a group of lovely creatures.

A group of elves.

They are small, but Li Qingshan palm-size, transparent, some have wings, some are plants, and they run around with long legs, very cute.

This group of elves are responsible for cleaning here. They are also part of the Monster Realm, but their natural IQ is not high. They are only three or four years old. They like peace, but donโ€™t like cultivation. Everyday all is happy, very A peaceful creature.

So after the secret technique space was established, the elves were moved in. From then on, here, there is no worries, the only thing to do is to clean up the secret technique that you are responsible for, apart from this , what you want to do, no problem.

These elves were not afraid at all when they saw Li Qingshan. They circled around Li Qingshan and were very curious. They were like ignorant children and didn’t understand why Li Qingshan came here.

Li Qingshan didn’t hurt them either. Instead, he squatted down and asked gently, “Do you know where the book that recorded the Nine Tailed Monster Fox millions of years ago is?”

Yes An elf with wings was ignorant, thought for a moment, waved to Li Qingshan, flapped his wings, and led the way for him.

Li Qingshan smiled happily, followed the elf to a side hall, the elf pointed to it, then waved to Li Qingshan and left with a smile.

Li Qingshan watched it leave, then pushed open the door and saw a large group of mutilated books.

Some books were torn to a few pages, some were burnt to a little, and some were smashed into countless pieces and were recklessly assembled, missing a lot of words. It looks very incoherent, even guessing.

This is the record of Nine Tailed Monster Fox millions of years ago, which was placed in the side hall and nobody cares about it.

Li Qingshan walked in the side hall and found that there are quite a lot of books here, but each one is incomplete, and the original content cannot be read, so it will be left idle here.

He picked up a fairly complete book, read it carefully, and browsed tightly frowns.

Looking at a paragraph, a few words are missing, very incoherent, and he has to guess what it means.

Not to mention that after reading this page, I opened it, the next page is gone, the next page is also gone, and the next page is gone…

The stories are not coherent, so what?

Li Qingshan reluctantly put down the book and shook his head. According to this, he cannot probe the Nine Tailed Monster Fox who controls the fate of Grand Dao.

“father, did you forget something?” Suddenly, the Great Time Clock said in Li Qingshan’s body.

Li Qingshan startled, his eyes lit up immediately, he shook his head and said, “I really didn’t expect, the authorities are crazy.”

These books are broken now, but millions of years ago , are all intact, then he deduced the time to millions of years ago, can he see the complete record?

Li Qingshan extended the hand, Emperor energy slowly emerged, and evolved the Great Time Clock.

This time Great Time Clock is not particularly big, but very small. It floats slowly in front of Li Qingshan’s palm.

“father, let’s go a million years ago.” Great Time Clock was very excited and joined forces with Li Qingshan to advance time.

“Okay!” Li Qingshan nodded, and his palm began to wave the Great Time Clock, counterclockwise.


In this room, the energy spreads everywhere, and then attaches to each book.

Time to reflow.

Ten years ago, 100 years ago, 10,000 years ago…

Li Qingshan and the Great Time Clock remained motionless together, and let the time flow on them. , take everything away.

At that time, after a million years, those broken books were repaired in an instant, and they were intact as before, without any trace of damage.

Li Qingshan smiled and fixed the time. The years of millions of years ago were presented in front of his eyes.

“father, the era of millions of years ago seems to have a special feeling.” Great Time Clock said thoughtfully.

โ€œYou still feel time?โ€ Li Qingshan raised his eyebrows, not believing this.

Time has no sense!

“It’s not about time, it’s about the times,” said the Great Time Clock.

“What’s wrong with this era?” Li Qingshan asked. It’s only a million years ago that you can feel the problems of this era?

He didn’t even notice.

“The Great Time Clock is right, it is indeed a problem of this era.” Lazily, a space girl who has been rotten all the time, said.

Li Qingshan’s expression became serious. When his son said there was a problem, it was not necessarily a problem, but when his daughter said there was a problem, it was definitely a problem.

“What did you guys find, why didn’t I find it?” Li Qingshan asked. He was also observing the time in this side hall, but he didn’t find anything.

“We are part of the Embodiment Form Magical Treasure, part of the origin of the Grand Dao, and part of the Rule. We sense that these are stronger than the Emperor, because they have the same origin.” Great Time Clock explained.

“So we came to this era, we should resonate with this era, but obviously, this era doesn’t resonate with us. This is what surprised Great Time Clock just now.” Time and Space Girl said.

โ€œYou are all fused with me, can you still resonate with the times?โ€ Li Qingshan asked curiously.

“I don’t know why, but we are able to retain this part of the ability, perhaps because our consciousness is well preserved. Generally speaking, we are relatives of Rule.” Space Girl explained road.

“Then am I not the father of Rule’s relatives? Rule’s elder?” Li Qingshan touched his chin and said suddenly.

Great Time Clock:…

Space Girl:…

Li Qingshan saw that the two of them didn’t speak, coughed dryly, and said, “Okay, I understand what you said, isn’t it that the Rule of this era did not accept you, maybe the era is different, what’s the big problem?”

“It’s a big problem!” Great Time Clock and Space Girl said together.

Li Qingshan’s face gradually became serious, and the two children said together that there was really a problem.

โ€œWhat kind of problem is there?โ€ Li Qingshan asked.

“The Rule of this era is not the same as the Rule of ours.” Space Girl said this time, quite serious.

When it comes to this aspect, she is still very serious, because Embodiment Form Magical Treasure was born from Rule. Rule is a huge hotbed, and they still cherish it and don’t want to be destroyed.

“What do you mean? Rules are different, are they different in part, or are most different?” Li Qingshan asked seriously.

“I don’t know, but I’m sure, the Rule millions of years ago is different from the Rule now. Although it looks like both Rules, it’s like a relationship between a son and a father and a grandfather. The gap.” Great Time Clock thought carefully and explained it to Li Qingshan.

“didn’t expect this time to have such a big harvest.” Li Qingshan muttered, originally just pushed the time back to a million years ago, check the complete volume of these dilapidated books, didn’t Expect also has unexpected harvest, knowing that a million years ago and now, the Rule is different, and changes have taken place that people don’t know about.

“After a million years, cultivation has gradually become more difficult, and the world can’t find the reason. Maybe it has something to do with the changing Rule.” Li Qingshan said seriously, didn’t expect accidentally, and found a big one. secret.

“Father, I have the opportunity to check it out. I feel that the Rules from millions of years ago were many, very powerful, and well understood. They are much better than the current Rules.” Great Time Clock said.

“I see, let’s read the book first. It takes a lot of time to maintain a million years ago.” Li Qingshan kept this matter in his heart, and then Divine Sense moved, every book The books flew up, suspended in the air, and flipped through the pages automatically. Li Qingshan closed his eyes and scanned all the contents at once.

“Sure enough, there is the Nine Tailed Monster Fox of the comprehended fate Grand Dao.” Li Qingshan opened his eyes suddenly, said in surprise, went straight to a book, reached for it, and opened it.

But in this brief moment, a line of words appeared before his eyes.

[You watch carefully, stimulate the max-level comprehension, and comprehend a Destiny Rule]

Li Qingshan watched dully.

What is the origin of this Nine Tailed Monster Fox?

He just picked up the book that recorded the other party, and he stimulated the max-level comprehension and comprehended a Destiny Rule?

This is too powerful, isn’t it?

Today, I found that I am a little more relaxed and feel a little better. The doctor said that the situation has improved, and there is hope for discharge from the hospital in the next week.

Thank you for your support. After returning home, I will try my best to update and give back to everyone.

(End of this chapter)

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