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Li Qingshan’s eyes, a line of words slowly dissipated, he stared at the dissipated words, and then calmed down.

In his Sea of Consciousness, a Destiny Rule floated in it, exuding a mysterious breath, approached the Gate of Destiny, and then opened the Gate of Destiny with a bang, floating up and down inside .

Li Qingshan instantly and clearly understood this Destiny Rule.

Gift of Destiny!

In a person’s long life, there are countless moments, high, low, unlucky, dull…

These different moments represent different encounters and fates. All living beings cannot be equal, and there are always some people who will get Gift of Destiny and have the ability beyond others.

Under the gift of fate, it will strengthen the luck, increase the perception, enhance the strength…

It will be strengthened in all aspects, very powerful.

Generally, Gift of Destiny can be obtained once in a lifetime. It is already extremely lucky, but now Li Qingshan is in control of this Rule.

Now, he is the one who gave the gift of destiny to all beings.

“Sure enough, my destiny is worthy of being the No. 1 Grand Dao in the three thousand Grand Dao. This is really powerful. I have mastered the Gift of Destiny. Then my cultivation speed will really go a thousand miles and reproduce a million years ago.” Li Qingshan Huan joyfully said.

But after a short period of joy, Li Qingshan calmed down, looked towards the book in his hand, and turned to the first page.

Fox Race Heavenly Maiden!

This first page has four big characters.

Introduces the name of this Nine Tailed Monster Fox.

“Heavenly Maiden, this title is not simple, but she is worthy of it. After all, since ancient times, there are very few people who understand fate,” Li Qingshan said.

Li Qingshan read it seriously, he just scanned it with Divine Soul and already knew the content, but he still prefers to read the book in person, which is a different feeling.

Li Qingshan felt very comfortable while holding the paper book, flipping page by page, smelling the fragrance of ink, and looking at the scattered words.

Nine Tailed Heavenly Maiden was born in the alternating phase of the new and old Immortal Court. At that time, the chaotic war had just ended. Several Emperor Monarchs of Immortal Court were at Peak, suppressing the world, all ethnic groups acknowledged allegiance, and opened a period of peace. period.

Nine Tailed Heavenly Maiden rose in times of peace. She was born with inherited memories. Before she was five hundred years old, she was already Red Dust Immortal and became the support of Fox Race.

Fox Race regards her as hope, Monster Race regards her as the future, but she is not interested in this. At the age of five hundred and five, the breakthrough Emperor caused the Immortal World to shake, and the True Martial Great Emperor personally Reception, congratulations, Heavenly Maiden chatted with the True Martial Great Emperor for three days, and then began to roam the heavens alone.

The book says that after Heavenly Maiden broke through Emperor, she roamed all the way and became more and more silent. Originally, she loved to laugh and was very lively, but later, her smile disappeared.

The story of Nine Tailed Heavenly Maiden is not well documented, because when she was alive, she seldom lived inside Fox Race, especially after becoming an emperor, even less, and only a few times, she came back to settle down Fox Race.

The last record says that Heavenly Maiden went to Westland, so far there is no news.

“Westland, that was the site of the previous Buddhaism. Before the Buddha Realm was established, Westland was the Holy Land of Buddhaism. Countless Buddhist temples were built in Westland. Nine Tailed Heavenly Maiden went to Westland. Now that there is no news, should I go to Buddha Realm to check the news?” Li Qingshan frowned, put down the book, and was confused.

“Let’s go with the flow, do your own thing first, and then look for the answer behind the ancient story.” Li Qingshan pondered, and had the answer in his heart.

He looked all around, millions of years ago, and asked the Great Time Clock and Space Girl: “Do you want to continue to observe?”

The Great Time Clock shook his head, Said: “No, it’s pointless.”

“It’s really meaningless.” Space Girl started to pose again, hiding in the depths of Li Qingshan’s consciousness, playing with the three thousand Grand Dao, very boring.

“Okay, back to reality.” Li Qingshan held a big hand, time was like water, flowing slowly on his fingertips, on the Great Time Clock.

Time begins to look back, rewind, from a million years ago, back to the present time.

The books that were originally restored in this room have all become incomplete at this moment, and the time has returned to the normal track. Li Qingshan opened the door and walked out directly without taking any souvenirs.

Among the Fox Race’s Nine Tailed Monster Fox, only one Heavenly Maiden made Li Qingshan interested. No matter how powerful the other Nine Tailed Monster Fox were, Li Qingshan couldn’t be interested.

He is not interested in things or people that he comprehends the Rule and improves himself without help.

Exiting the side hall, Li Qingshan didn’t stay, just left the secret technique space and came to Fox Race territory.

His Divine Sense swept away and saw Small Fox and Madam Hu learning how to control his bloodline.

Li Qingshan watched across several mountains without disturbing him. His Emperor Primordial Spirit was not discovered. Seeing that Small Fox is safe now, Li Qingshan felt relieved and left her behind. After a mark, Li Qingshan will know that when he encounters a life-and-death crisis, he will come here in a flash, Tearing Space.

“Small Fox, study hard, I’ll leave first.” Li Qingshan sound transmission told Small Fox that he stepped out of Monster Realm one step at a time.

Small Fox, who was studying, suddenly fell down.

Madam Hu asked with concern: “little girl, what’s the matter with you?”

“He’s gone.” Small Fox sighed boringly.

“Immortal Emperor Li is a busy person. Let’s transform into a peerless beauty and give him a surprise in the future.” Madam Hu said with a smile.

Small Fox firmly nodded and said, “Okay!”

She will work hard quietly to overwhelm other women and become the most beautiful flower around Li Qingshan.

After leaving Monster Realm, Li Qingshan returned to Immortal Court.

The Immortal Court is now in full swing.

President Mu Ran and Zhang Family patriarch are the two persons in charge of Immortal Court, Li Qingshan fully delegated authority, and let them build a new Immortal Court according to their own ideas.

With the Immortal Court coming back to life and a new Immortal Emperor coming out to overwhelm the crowd, those who fled the Immortal Court before have to come back and rebuild the Immortal Court. To regain the high position, to regain the position that he once was.

These people were ruthlessly rejected by Zhang Family patriarch, who only said one sentence.

β€œThe Immortal Court built on the ruins does not need the previous worms!”

Zhang Family patriarch knows the situation of the Immortal Court well, he knows that in the past Immortal Court , which people are capable and have ideals to persist, keep these people and start over, and drive out all the others, and don’t need one.

This also caused a turbulent crowd. They wanted to attack the Nine Heavenly Layers of Immortal Court, and they were directly suppressed by the Zhang Family patriarch. They killed all the leading Great Families on the spot, in front of hundreds of thousands of people, Grim proclamation, the new Immortal Court doesn’t need their vampires.

This time, the old Great Influences in Immortal Court were dumbfounded. They were helpless and could only beg to return to Immortal Court and control their rights.

But Zhang Family patriarch is all alone now, with no worries, acting very ruthless, showing no mercy, and rejecting all of them.

In the first half of his life, he walked near the abyss for his ideals, walking on thin ice, and his wife, children, and children were all mutilated.

In the second half of his life, he had nothing to worry about, and sacrificed everything for his ideals. Whoever dares to harm the new Immortal Court should be damned!

These ruthless behaviors make people afraid, and can suppress this group of demons and monsters.

Unlike Zhang Family patriarch, the people managed by Dean Mu Ran are all from Immortal Court Academy. They are responsible for different directions and manage Immortal Court in an orderly manner.

The Emperor Li Qingshan Primordial Spirit swept away and found that Dean Mu Ran and the Zhang Family patriarch were having a heated discussion about the situation in the Immortal Court.

β€œI think rights must be caged and then restrained in order to achieve the maximum limit.” Zhang Family patriarch said.

“Agree, rights must be restricted, but in the same way, rights must also go up and down, not become a game of several parties, make the administration bloated, and let rights fight between the top and the bottom.” Mu Ran Dean nodded.

“This is a good idea. Then we have to think of a way. The separation of powers doesn’t seem safe. We need to think of a way to make the Immortal Court self-reflect and continuously clean.” Zhang Family patriarch said.

“Any political group says it is ruled by law, but in the final analysis, it is ruled by man. As long as it is ruled by man, there will definitely be various problems. There are no exceptions in ancient and modern China and abroad. This is not an independent phenomenon. Because human beings are born with various shortcomings,” said Dean Mu Ran.

“You mean, we need to separate the rule of man, rule of law, and separation?” Zhang Family patriarch asked with a frown.

β€œWe need to introduce something other than the rule of man,” said Dean Mu Ran.

“Like?” Zhang Family patriarch looked at Dean Mu Ran suspiciously.

“Have you heard that in Ancient Era, there is a special era?” Dean Mu Ran asked.

“Special Era?” Zhang Family patriarch frowned and shook his head. He didn’t know, he was concerned about the internal reform of Immortal Court until now, and didn’t do much research on these.

Even Li Qingshan, who was listening to the discussion between the two, was stunned.

The Special Era of Ancient Era?

He was curious.

“I don’t know what Special Era.” Zhang Family patriarch shook his head.

“It was the era before the Ancient Immortal Court, which was a deformed era. People did not pursue personal cultivation bases as their way of longevity, but instead placed foreign objects and transcended their bodies, thinking that Primordial Spirit was just a mystery. After analyzing the fluctuations, they gain insight into the power of Primordial Spirit and obtain extraordinary possibilities. They believe in machinery, in something called technology, in machines, they put together countless iron things, what is called Central Smartbrain… …” said Dean Mu Ran.

“There is still such an era?” Zhang Family patriarch was surprised, he had never heard of it.

“Yes, we Immortal Court Academy, in addition to teaching students, will also do this type of research, excavating various ancient relics, exploring the characteristics of their era, so we found this hidden era,” said Dean Mu Ran.

“Why is it hidden?” Li Qingshan approached and asked directly, with curiosity.

He didn’t intend to show up, so he just sat there to see how they negotiated and managed the Immortal Court. Who knew that he suddenly heard about machinery, technology, and machines, which surprised Li Qingshan.

He didn’t expect to be in a world full of cultivators. Hearing these words, at first Li Qingshan thought he heard it wrong.

didn’t expect Dean Mu Ran said more and more truth, Li Qingshan came out and wanted to ask carefully.

“I have seen Immortal Emperor Li.” Zhang Family patriarch and Dean Mu Ran looked at Li Qingshan in surprise and quickly said hello.

Li Qingshan waved his hands to let them be casual, and asked, “Why doesn’t anyone know about the era you just mentioned?”

“Because that era is incompatible with the rest of the era, It is quite different. After the establishment of the Ancient Immortal Court, all the information about that era was buried and sealed, and it was not passed down. After the Ancient Immortal Court and the new Immortal Court, it is also an accidental archaeological discovery, and the original history is known. There is also such an era,” explained Dean Mu Ran.

β€œWhat did you discover from your archaeological excavations?” Li Qingshan asked.

β€œCentral Smartbrain!” Dean Mu Ran said solemnly.

“What is Central Smartbrain?” Zhang Family patriarch asked ignorantly, this knowledge has surpassed his cognition, he has never heard of this kind of knowledge before.

“According to our archaeological discoveries for a long time, the era before the Ancient Immortal Court was very strong. People in that era did not pursue a single physical breakthrough, they pursued mecha. Emperor weapons, cosmic spaceship, two-way foil, they have embarked on a completely different path from cultivation, and they have carried it forward, and it is the Central Smartbrain who controls these.” Dean Mu Ran explained the investigation of the Immortal Court Academy over the years. narrate.

Everyone in the Immortal World has forgotten that period of history, and only the Immortal Court Academy is behind the silent archaeology, constantly discovering weapons, materials, and Central Smartbrain that belong to that era.

Li Qingshan was greatly amazed after listening to it. In the world of cultivator Up Into the Heavens, Down into the Earth, a group of people who took the technology route was born, and they also Sovereign an era. , even though the Immortal World doesn’t have their legends now, it’s still a very remarkable achievement.

β€œAre these weapons very difficult to deal with you said?” Zhang Family patriarch asked Dean Mu Ran.

“Very difficult to deal with, such as mecha, there is a mecha dedicated to the Emperor, a slightly trained ordinary person, put on the Emperor mecha, after activation, it can be compared to the Emperor, tearing the sky with bare hands, Not to mention things like meteor cannons, a single shot can smash an Immortal Emperor, and spaceship can travel through time, which is an era when technology has developed to the limit and is dazzling and dazzling.” Dean Mu Ran introduced excitedly.

“Why did such a powerful era fall away quietly, and there is no follow-up information?” Li Qingshan asked.

“It’s not clear. No one knows why this era fell. We just discovered it through archaeology.” Dean Mu Ran shook his head, the time was too far apart, and it was extremely Part of the data has been blocked and destroyed by the Ancient Immortal Court, and there is no answer until now.

β€œSo there is only one Central Smartbrain left from that era?” Li Qingshan asked.

β€œYes.” Dean Mu Ran nodded.

“Can this so-called Central Smartbrain work?” Zhang Family asked.

“It can be used, although most of the functions are damaged, but part of the Central Smartbrain, artificial intelligence, can still be used.” Dean Mu Ran nodded.

β€œHow intelligent is this artificial intelligence?” Li Qingshan asked.

“This is a program, the rules of the new Immortal Court are entered into it, and then activated, it can supervise the Immortal Court insiders, is it corrupt? Is it against the rules, and gives a warning.” Dean Mu Ran said.

“Is that all there is to it?” Li Qingshan asked in disappointment.

If the Central Smartbrain is just that, there’s nothing to expect.

“Because that era is too far away from us, most of the things have been damaged and disappeared in the long river of history, it is very incredible that the Central Smartbrain can be preserved and some functions can still work. We can’t ask for too much.” Dean Mu Ran gave a wry smile.

“You can bring this Central Smartbrain and do an experiment to see if it helps Immortal Court. If it is positive, you can add Central Smartbrain to the Immortal Court management level.” Zhang Family patriarch said after a moment of hesitation.

Although I have never heard of these things, such as Central Smartbrain, mecha, Meteor Cannon, etc., but both Director Mu Ran and Li Qingshan attach great importance to it, and Zhang Family patriarch is also willing to contact new ones. thing.

Dean Li Qingshan patted Mu Ran’s shoulders, encouraging: “Continue to explore the news of that era, if you find the mecha meteor cannon that you are talking about, let me know immediately.”

Dean Mu Ran nodded.

“Then you continue to discuss, I will leave first.” Li Qingshan turned around and left, entering the Emperor Space.

This time I went to Monster Realm to gain a lot, I solved the problem that Small Fox bloodline could not change shape, and comprehended a Destiny Rule. When I came back, I unexpectedly learned about a special era. Li Qingshan found out, don’t look now Immortal World isn’t great, but it used to be wonderful.

“Why is Immortal World getting more and more drawn now?” Li Qingshan was a little puzzled.

In Emperor Space.

He chose a place with beautiful mountains and clear waters, built a bamboo house, and lived in seclusion here.

He has gained a lot during this period of time and needs to be well settled.

The Star Domain, Ten Thousand Monsters Chart, Primal Chaos Body, and three Slaughter Rules learned from the tombs of several Emperors have not yet been carefully integrated, and a Destiny Rule has been comprehended in the Monster Realm.

After careful calculation, Li Qingshan already has six Rules.

One each for Time and Space.

Three Slaughter Rules.

A Destiny Rule.

After Full Mastery, Li Qingshan dared to say that he is the most powerhouse in Immortal World.

Now that the Rule is becoming more and more difficult to comprehend, and in this era when Heaven and Earth Grand Dao are beginning to disappear, the breakthrough Emperor has become a difficult thing, let alone comprehending the Rule.

An Emperor can comprehend a Rule, which is considered a powerhouse in this era, such as Ancestral Saint King of Divine Realm.

Li Qingshan now has six Rules in hand, enough to blow everything up.

“It’s no fun to be the king in the chicken pen, but to be the hegemon in the phoenix group can reflect the value.” Li Qingshan reached out and tapped the bamboo lightly, saying in a tranquil voice.

The Immortal World was incomparably tall in his eyes, but when he actually climbed to Peak and overlooked the Immortal World, he realized that it was already dilapidated, as if an era had come to an end, Immortal Qi was turbid. , the Grand Dao does not appear, and the Rule does not appear.

“Where was the world in the past?” Li Qingshan sometimes thinks about this question.

After thinking about it, there is no answer.

“In the final analysis, my strength is too weak. Although the six Rules are enough to dominate the Immortal World today, it is far from exploring the real Immortal World since ancient times.” Li Qingshan advised softly. Own.

He is Not slow, Not fast. He has only been in the Immortal World for 20 years, and he has just broken through the Immortal Emperor. The days ahead are very long. What are you worried about?

Li Qingshan, who relaxed his mind, lived in seclusion among the bamboo forests, and carefully reviewed what he had learned.

Whether it is the Star Domain or the Primal Chaos Body, Li Qingshan has integrated them into his body.

The Crape Myrtle Great Emperor relied on the star domain to take care of the stars of the past dynasties, and the Jade Emperor relied on the Primal Chaos Body to devour the breakthrough all the way. Entering old age is unknown.

Li Qingshan is now absorbing their innate talent into the body to enhance their own heritage.

He is not like Crape Myrtle Great Emperor and Jade Emperor, so he is not worried about backlash.

After integrating the star domain and Primal Chaos Body into her body, Li Qingshan clearly felt that her own innate talent was enhanced again.

Then, he opened three Slaughter Rules and one Destiny Rule and watched them carefully.

This Emperor Space has undergone millions of years of recuperation, and some of the energy inside has been recovered, and it is much simpler to comprehend the Rule than the outside world.

Li Qingshan’s cultivation here is more relaxed than the outside world.

After carefully controlling the four Rules, Li Qingshan began to slowly comprehend other things.

Search Rules.

Deviation Rule.

In Three Thousand Rules, Li Qingshan first realized these two.

He’s going to find Hua Yun.

He didn’t want to delay any longer.

No matter how it ends, must find someone.

For Li Qingshan, Hua Yun’s whereabouts are far more important than anything else.

He used all his perceptions to comprehend these two kinds of Rules, and in the Emperor Space, a person silently retreated.

Let the blue sea turn into mulberry fields change outside, as long as it doesn’t touch the new Immortal Court, Li Qingshan will ignore it.

He stretches time, is at the center of time, and stands still as the surrounding time passes.

For a prolonged period of time, the ratio with the outside world keeps forming a force difference.

A thousand years of Tian Yi!

During this time, Li Qingshan comprehended Search Rule and Deviation Rule silently.

Baiyun Canggou, time travels and never returns.

Time flies, a year has passed.

Li Qingshan spent 365,000 years in an extended period of time.

These 365,000 years, Li Qingshan will search and predict, completely comprehended.

He also officially knows that a complete Rule Grand Dao has six small Rules.

For example, time, Li Qingshan now only comprehended one Rule. In front of the complete Grand Dao of Time, a Rule is only one-sixth. Only after comprehending six rules can the complete Time Rule Grand Dao be captured. hand.

In order to find Hua Yun, Li Qingshan also made a lot of money.

An Emperor, the long lifespan also has an end.

Immortal Court The longest-lived Emperor is Jade Emperor, and his lifespan is more than two million years.

Li Qingshan’s life is less than 3 million years, but he has taken 360,000 years to comprehend search and prophecy.

Controlling two complete Rule Grand Dao, Li Qingshan opened his eyes, as if from a lifetime.

He opened his hands, and between them, Grand Dao emerged.

“Hua Yun, where are you?” Li Qingshan whispered.

bang! !

Between the palms, the two complete Grand Dao Rule burst out, search and prophecy, shuttle between Heaven and Earth, search in the ocean of Grand Dao, in the range shrouded in Immortal World, search about A message from Hua Yun.

The complete Grand Dao Rule formidable power is infinite, bring Li Qingshan news after 3 minutes.


Li Qingshan looked at the two words slowly emerging between his palms, browses tightly frowns.

“Hua Yun is in Westland!” Mister Li’s eyes pierced through the Emperor Space and looked towards the west of Immortal World.

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