Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 151


Chapter 151 World Truth (Subscribe)

“What is Supreme Road?” Li Qingshan asked, looking at Monk Foyin.

The monk in front of him has lived for four generations, a total of millions of years, and should know many secrets. Li Qingshan humbly asks for advice.

“In this Immortal World, the cultivation Peak is the Immortal Emperor. When the breakthrough Immortal King enters the Emperor Realm, you will find that the road ahead is broken, no matter how hard you work, no matter how talented you are. It’s like being trapped in the Emperor Realm, unable to break through.” said the monk Foyin. Li Qingshantal

Noble King, this Immortal World is now facing such a situation, it is very difficult for cultivators to break through Immortal, enter Emperor, and even more impossibly jump out from Emperor Realm.

“The Supreme is behind the Emperor Realm?” Li Qingshan questioned.

“Yes, Heaven and Earth Supreme, surpassing Emperor, when Amitabha attained the Tao, he broke through from Emperor to Supreme, thus creating Buddhaism, perfecting the doctrine of Buddhaism, and turning this Westland into a place of Buddhism. The land.” Monk Foyin nodded, telling a story.

“When Amitabha attained Tao, was he in Immortal World?” Li Qingshan asked in confusion.

“Yes, but Heaven and Earth were very tolerant at that time, and they could accommodate Supreme. Emperors could still enlighten to the Immortal World and spy on the Supreme Realm.” Buddhist monk nodded said.

β€œWhy can’t it be done now?” Li Qingshan sat opposite Monk Foyin and asked humbly.

“The world rule has changed, the Immortal World has lost a lot in the past few million years, and its origin has been passing away. There used to be a lot of Immortal Emperors, but now, Immortal Emperors are difficult to break through. Not to mention Supreme.” Monk Foyin sighed and felt sorry for Immortal World.

“Senior, what is the origin of this Supreme Road?” Li Qingshan asked with a frown.

“Supreme Road, this is a special ‘road’. It is rumored that it leads to chaos. After walking through Supreme Road, you can go deep into chaos, understand the origin, and break through the Emperor.” Monk Foyin said.

“Is there such a way?” Li Qingshan asked with a strange expression.

“Supreme Road, which appears every few million years, last time, Amitabha was still there. At that time, he personally went to Supreme Road, and so did Fairy Maiden Hua.” Foyin The monk recalled the past and said.

“And then what?” Li Qingshan asked curiously.

“Amitabha didn’t come back, just turned on the great magic power, sent back a wisp of Fairy Maiden Hua’s remnant soul, told me to guard Fairy Maiden Hua, said she was hope, and then I guarded her. Millions of years.” Monk Foyin said softly, with a trace of nostalgia on his old face. In these millions of years, he has not gone anywhere, just living in Westland, living quietly, comprehending the Rules, and ignoring the disputes outside.

“Fairy Maiden Hua is hope…” Li Qingshan murmured, what is this hope?

Also, Sister Hua Yun, is it really the reincarnation of Sister Fairy Maiden Hua?

Or is it the rebirth of a remnant soul?

Li Qingshan’s mind was full of question marks. He looked towards the monk Foyin and asked earnestly, “Senior, please tell me the truth of this world.”

“You Want to know the truth?” Monk Foyin asked.

Li Qingshan was nodded seriously, he said: “The Immortal World now is like a fog, without the slightest hope, like a pool of stagnant water, lifeless. The people inside will slow down. Slowly getting weaker, according to this degree of degradation, I am afraid that in a few million years, the Emperor will all be gone, and even the Immortal King will not be able to break through, this is the most terrifying.”

The origin of Immortal World is in The passage, at an irreversible speed, continues to dissipate.

In Immortal World now, not many people are aware of it, or aware of it, but there is no way to maintain it.

This is very terrifying.

The monk Foyin looked at Li Qingshan, suddenly stretched out his hand a little, and touched Li Qingshan’s eyebrows again.


Li Qingshan’s Emperor Primordial Spirit was beaten out again.

He fell into a constellation of stars, looked towards all around, and found the Buddhist monk who was also in the state of Primordial Spirit.

“Have you seen the huge planet in front of you?” Monk Foyin asked with a finger.

Li Qingshans nod.

He saw that it was a very huge planet, around the planet, surrounded by many maller Thousand Worlds, Intermediate Thousand Worlds, Great Thousand Worlds, and attached to that planet.

“This is Immortal World,” said the monk Foyin.

Li Qingshan looked at it in surprise. It was the first time he saw the whole Immortal World. Before entering the starry sky and fighting people, he only spy on a corner of Immortal World.

“In this way, the Immortal World is huge.” Li Qingshan said with emotion.

“Is it big?” Monk Foyin asked, suddenly he stretched out his hand, the universe suddenly expanded, countless planets suddenly shrank, the Immortal World in Li Qingshan’s mouth also became fist sized.

In front of this Immortal World, Li Qingshan saw a mound, there is an infinite starry sky, surrounding the Immortal World.

“That’s the mound…” Li Qingshan pupils shrank, he has seen many times that this mound, the groups behind the mound, or the forces, have great control over the Immortal World.

The Longevity Great Emperor is under their control.

Li Qingshan was very puzzled before, where is such a huge mound stored?

In Immortal World, there is no trace of mound at all.

On seeing this mound now, Li Qingshan realizes that it originally exists in the boundless universe, far away from the Immortal World, so it’s no wonder that ordinary people can’t find it.

“I’m watching Immortal World now, isn’t it big?” Monk Foyin asked.

Li Qingshan> nod, zoom in to include the universe, Immortal World is really not big.

“What’s the situation at that mound?” Li Qingshan asked, expressing his doubts. He had seen this mound many times, but he had never been able to figure it out.

The monk Foyin looked towards the mound, and said melancholy: “That’s the other ethnic groups in the universe. A few million years ago, the relationship with Immortal World was okay, but after they got into trouble, they built it. The mound blocked our way. Since then, the experts in Immortal World can no longer explore the vast universe, can no longer comprehend the situation in the universe, and can only be trapped in Immortal World, becoming more and more short-sighted, Looking up at the stars, but not daring to imagine, and gradually forgetting these things, this is the Immortal World’s First Level card.”

“so that’s how it is…” Li Qingshan suddenly realized, Immortal World is insignificant in the universe, but after being blocked, the people of Immortal World lost the ability to look up to the starry sky, gradually, they regard Immortal World as the center of the universe, and think that dominating Immortal World is the only thing.

“So now we are trapped by that mound, unable to see the wonderful universe?” Li Qingshan said with a serious face.

“Yes, the key is that the current Immortal World’s strength is far behind the group behind the mound, it is already incomparable, we can’t break free from each other’s blockade, the only way is Supreme Road! ‘ Monk Fayin said solemnly.

“Supreme Road!” Li Qingshan realized that, after going around, he was still stuck on this Supreme Road.

“Supreme Road can bypass the mound’s blockade?” Li Qingshan asked.

“Yes, Supreme Road extends into Primal Chaos World. The forces behind mound are also very eager to enter Chaos. They can’t stop Supreme Road. They can only kill the Emperor of Immortal World on Supreme Road. , which is why, when Amitabha and Fairy Maiden Hua entered Supreme Road, they encountered a great crisis, and I always suspected that they were the ones who did it.” Monk Foyin coldly said.

“In those years, there have been no top experts in Immortal World, so they forced a breakthrough?” Li Qingshan looked at the changing universe in front of him with a heavy heart.

“Yes, Immortal World has a Defying Heaven Family. In order to break through the blockade, they used the power of their family to break through the mound. They fought at the end of the mound, but they failed in the end. The people of the Defying Heaven Family, dead and injured. It’s so bad, since then, Immortal World’s Peak expert has set his sights on Supreme Road,” said Monk Foyin.

“Defying Heaven Family…” Li Qingshan immediately thought of Qingqing, this is Qingqing’s family, her father, her mother, her grandfather, all died in the mound, or Barbarian Race expert to bring back Qingqing mother’s body.

Li Qingshan didn’t know why the Defying Heaven Family suddenly fell. Now, after listening to the monk Foyin’s remarks, Li Qingshan realized that they were going to break through the block.

“Wait, you said Immortal World still has expert?” Li Qingshan looked at Monk Foyin suspiciously.

“Of course!” Monk Foyin nodded.

“But in the current Immortal World, those experts are just jokes. I broke through the Emperor, they can’t do anything, how can they be considered experts?” Li Qingshan said directly, to the group of Immortal World now. expert , he dismissed it, and didn’t take it seriously at all.

“Who said they were experts?” Monk Foyin said calmly, shaking his head: “Now the group of Emperors in Immortal World are all parallel imports, and few of them rely on themselves to break through the Emperor. For example, the Monster Realm Emperor, they say there are several, but there is only one real Emperor. The other Emperors all absorbed the Emperor Dao Fruit and controlled other people’s Emperor Rule. With the real Emperor, the gap is not a little bit, you can call them False Emperor!”

“Absorb Emperor Dao Fruit, the False Emperor of breakthrough!” Li Qingshan suddenly realized, he realized that his previous feeling was not wrong , that group of Emperor too weak is not a normal Emperor at all.

Now that the monk Foyin explained it a little, Li Qingshan understood.

If the Emperor dies, or falls, they can choose body dies and Dao disappears, like the North Star Great Emperor, completely dissipated between Heaven and Earth.

There are also Emperors who choose to keep the dao fruit that he has comprehended in his life, put the Rule that he has comprehended in it, and leave it to the destined person.

The descendants, once the attributes are compatible, can absorb dao fruit, and then through their own “struggle”, they become Immortal King and enter the ranks of Emperor.

This is inheritance.

But this kind of Emperor, bullying the Immortal King is okay, but against the genius who really relies on himself to break through the Immortal King and enter the Emperor, he will be blasted.

This also solved the doubts of until now in Li Qingshan’s heart.

Why did he just break through the Emperor, even if he had two Rules in hand and defeated the Divine Race Ancestral Saint King, that wouldn’t be enough to scare away so many Emperors, right?

It was only now that he realized that a considerable part of this group of Emperors were all parallel imports.

“But most of these Emperors are False Emperors, so is there still a true expert in Immortal World?” Li Qingshan asked in confusion.

“Yes, there are many forbidden places in Immortal World. These forbidden places are difficult for ordinary people to enter, and they are very dangerous, but as long as you don’t go in, there will be no danger for thousands of years or 10,000 years. It is because of those true experts. Self-appointed in these forbidden areas, waiting for the Supreme Road to appear,” said monk Foyin.

“so that’s how it is.” Li Qingshan then remembered that Immortal World still has forbidden places, he has never touched it, that is, when he was in Divine Realm, he touched forbidden places, and he is still forbidden. Find Defying Heaven Family in , got Enlightenment Tea Tree.

“The time of Supreme Road’s appearance is not fixed, but at worst it will be millions of years apart. For an Emperor, it is too long. If you want to wait for Supreme Road, you must seal yourself and keep quiet. Waiting for the time, waiting for that day to come, so the major forbidden zones came into being, those Peak experts are hiding in the forbidden zone, and they don’t care about Immortal World at all.” said monk Foyin.

“It turns out to be the case. I would say why the huge Immortal World and so few experts are waiting for Supreme Road.” Li Qingshan had a lot of doubts in his heart and solved them one after another. , no longer limited to Immortal World, but looked towards the universe.

“When will Supreme Road come?” Li Qingshan asked a key question.

“I don’t know.” Monk Foyin shook his head.

“I don’t know?” Li Qingshan looked at Monk Foyin in surprise.

“I just know that Supreme Road will appear, but I don’t know the exact time, it may be 100,000 years, or a million years, and more likely two million years later. In this area.” Monk Foyin said in a general way.

“If it is delayed to 2 million years, the predecessors can still live a fifth life.” Li Qingshan said.

“No, living the fourth life is already with the help of the light of Amitabha, relying on myself, it is difficult to live the second life, the fifth life is hopeless, so I also hope that Supreme Road will be in the hundredth life. Ten thousand years or so come, then I can still fight to the death.” Monk Foyin stretched out his hand, the world, universe, and planet in front of him disappeared without a trace, Li Qingshan’s Primordial Spirit returned to his body, looking at the temple, stone bench , the old monk.

“Senior, why did you tell me all this?” Li Qingshan asked strangely.

“Hua Yun, the reincarnation of Fairy Maiden Hua, has a close relationship with you, you are naturally worthy of my trust, I have guarded Fairy Maiden Hua for millions of years, and I just hope to make Fairy Maiden Hua come back to life, you If you do find Hua Yun, please bring it for me to check.” Monk Foyin pleaded.

In his heart, Hua Yun and Fairy Maiden Hua were already regarded as one person.

After hearing that Li Qingshan was looking for Hua Yun, the monk Foyin was still very excited. After so many years, his protection finally came to fruition.

“Okay.” Li Qingshan agreed directly.

“It’s just that I can’t find her now. I thought I would gain something when I came to Westland this time, but now it seems that there is no hope. The biggest gain is that I met my senior and solved it. Inner doubts.” Li Qingshan said with a bitter smile.

“Everything happens, Hua Yun is the reincarnation of Fairy Maiden Hua. If she awakens her memory, she must be regaining her strength now. It’s normal if you can’t find it. The worst thing is to wait for Supreme Road to appear. She will definitely go to Supreme Road, you will meet.” Monk Foyin persuaded Li Qingshan.

“Senior, how can I improve my strength?” Li Qingshan asked.

“Continue to walk your way, you are now the Legendary of Immortal World, your way, no one can interfere, stick to your own way, you are much more genius than me, I am just an idiot How old are you, I can’t tell you.” Monk Foyin shook his head, refusing to tell Li Qingshan.

“But we can talk about Taoism. The old monk will have a debate with you about the Rule that he has understood.” The monk Foyin changed his words and said laughed.

“I can’t ask for it!” Li Qingshan’s eyes lit up, knowing that it was monk Foyin’s instructions in disguise, and he told Li Qingshan the Rule he understood.

Li Qingshan discussed Taoism with monk Foyin as a student.

(End of this chapter)

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