Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 152


Chapter 152 Letter from an old friend (please subscribe)

Li Qingshan sits and talks with monk Foyin, but most of the time it is monk Foyin Say, Li Qingshan is listening.

The monk Foyin told the Rule, the Grand Dao, the nature of the world, and explained all kinds of things he had realized. For Li Qingshan, it was exactly what he needed now.

Li Qingshan only broke through the Emperor. Although his battle strength is good, he is still too immature compared to the Ancient One who has lived for millions of years. He needs more time to enrich himself. .

And this time, the monk Foyin showed everything he had learned in the past, no matter how small, to Li Qingshan, and let him choose to comprehend.

Li Qingshan entered the sea like a fish and saw the vast Heaven and Earth.

Talking with the monk Foyin, Li Qingshan seemed to have entered the legendary Great Thunder Sound Temple, and saw a Buddha Ancestor, a golden lotus, a lotus on the tongue, a spring falling from the sky, and the flower of the Grand Dao falling. , shrouded all around.

Li Qingshan as if drunk and stupefied, intoxicated and unable to extricate himself.

Time in this brief moment is stretched infinitely.

The time between Li Qingshan and Monk Foyin is not on the same level. Monk Foyin calmly told Li Qingshan that it was very difficult to understand, so it took a long time.

Time is like running water, Li Qingshan’s perseverance in comprehension has finally paid off hugely.

Monk Foyin has been comprehended for millions of years, and it took Li Qingshan a thousand years to comprehend one after another.

When Li Qingshan dispersed for a long time, the Great Thunder Sound Temple, the Golden Lotus from the ground, and the springs from the sky were all disappeared.

What appeared in front of me was the ancient Buddhist temple, the stone table with ashes, the dead leaves scattered all over the place, and an old monk who was sweeping the floor.

“You’re awake.” Monk Foyin looked at Li Qingshan with a smile.

“Senior, how long have I been in retreat?” Li Qingshan asked in confusion.

“Not much, you have stretched the time, only three days have passed.” Monk Foyin calmly said.

Li Qingshan> nod.

Li Qingshan, this time is not so limited. Three days and a thousand years have passed, and there are many more Rules under his control.

“Thanks Senior for your guidance.” Li Qingshan folded his hands together and said gratefully.

“I also hope that Immortal World will have another peerless genius, break through mound blockade, and shine on Supreme Road. I thought this era was hopeless, but you turned out, let me see When hope comes, I can help you, but it is no effort at all, why not do it?” Monk Foyin smiled lightly, took a broom, and swept the fallen leaves.

Li Qingshan looked at Mount Meru, which is a land of Buddha. After many years, it has been filled with various Buddhist rhymes, which is different from other areas.

“Senior, do you still know something about Fairy Maiden Hua?” Li Qingshan asked, he still wanted to find Hua Yun.

“When Fairy Maiden Hua entered Supreme Road, I was just born. I don’t know much about her. You can only rely on your efforts to find the reincarnation of Fairy Maiden Hua. “The monk Foyin shook his head and said.

Li Qingshan walked under a huge banyan tree and sighed melancholy: “I have been looking for her for more than 20 years since I entered Immortal World.”

Hua Yun’s news has always been There are, but have never been found.

I thought I had comprehended Rule, with the help of Heaven and Earth Grand Dao, I would be able to find Hua Yun, but when I came to Westland, I found that Hua Yun’s origins were extraordinary, and it was empty again.

Maybe it was Fairy Maiden Hua that World Grand Dao realized and brought Li Qingshan here.

“Everything happens in the world, and now may not be a good day for you to meet.” Buddhist monk persuaded.

“Senior, you have lived for so many years, do you know Spring of Life?” Li Qingshan asked curiously.

This is for Daoist Long. If he finds Spring of Life, Daoist Long will have hope of resurrection. Seeing the current situation of Immortal Court, he should be able to realize his dream.

“Spring of Life, on Supreme Road, many people are looking for Spring of Life, and everyone has regrets, so they all want to find Spring of Life to make up for their regrets.” Monk Foyin said .

“It’s Supreme Road again!” Li Qingshan murmured, thinking about it, it was indeed possible.

After all, in ancient times, a long time ago, Spring of Life appeared briefly, but no matter how many people looked for it later, there was no news, and the world was very puzzled.

Now that it is on Supreme Road, it is understandable, after all, Supreme Road does not appear often.

“Senior, I’m going back to Immortal Court. In the days to come, I’ll have a good understanding of Rule, cultivation, and wait for the Supreme Road to come.” Li Qingshan said seriously.

“Okay, see you on Supreme Road.” Monk Foyin nodded.

Li Qingshan stretched out his hand, the space split open, and the other end was Immortal Court. Li Qingshan turned around, stepped out, left Westland, and came to Immortal Court.

When the monk Foyin saw Li Qingshan leave, he lowered his eyes and swept the floor gently, regardless of his age or past.


Immortal Court.

Li Qingshan came back again after a few days.

When he came back at this time, he found that the Immortal Court was more framed than before. The SmartBrain, which was respected by Dean Mu Ran, also played a role in the Immortal Court and played a supervisory role. .

This SmartBrain, with a halo flowing throughout the body, like a huge eyeball, is placed on the Immortal Court Nine Heavenly Layers, overlooking the entire Immortal Court.

Li Qingshan Divine Sense swept away, this SmartBrain is full of all kinds of machinery, all kinds of technological products, and it is incompatible with the cultivation world.

Li Qingshan didn’t understand why there was such an era in the history of Immortal Court.

But this time, the trip to Westland relieved him a lot of doubts. Li Qingshan understood why SmartBrain this thing appeared in Immortal World, where the culture wind is so strong.

“Before the Ancient Immortal Court, Immortal World and the universe were connected. At that time, people in Immortal World could raise their heads and look towards the vast universe.”

“The universe It is colorful and has different civilizations. These civilizations have had a great impact on the Immortal World, so that a glorious era has been created, mecha, battleship, rail guns, these have all been researched.”

“But later, Immortal World clashed with the civilization behind mound, that era was destroyed, and mound was born. That civilization wanted to block Immortal World, so the technological civilization behind did not continue, but became Cultivation civilization, and the Ancient Immortal Court was born.”

Li Qingshan looked at SmartBrain and drew the timeline in his mind.

Ancient Immortal Court is a pure culture style, with personal strength, tearing the starry sky and mastering the stars, it is very powerful.

The Ancient Immortal Court can successfully create thousands of Emperors under the blockade of the mound, relying on the Emperor Space.

But the upper limit of the Emperor Space is also there, unable to break through Supreme, so at that time, the Ancient Immortal Court drained the Immortal World, gathered all the power, and fought against the forces behind the mound, fighting very fiercely, with heavy casualties .

After that time, the Ancient Immortal Court was divided into two factions. One faction did not want to fight, but wanted to maintain the status of Immortal World. , thousands of ethnic groups, and even want to go to Primal Chaos World.

The battle suffered heavy casualties, Immortal World resources were drained, ordinary immortal complained, and the Ancient Immortal Court had reached its end.

Then, the North Star Great Emperor came into being. After the defeat of the Ancient Immortal Court, they overthrew their until now high-pressure policy and swept the Ancient Immortal Court into the garbage.

Subsequently, the new Immortal Court was established, and the civilization behind the mound also placed a chess piece inside the new Immortal Court, the Longevity Great Emperor.

However, after the accidental fall of the Longevity Great Emperor, the Emperor inside the Immortal Court disagreed and gradually fell apart.

During this period, many top experts chose to seal themselves in the forbidden zone, freeze Time, and wait for the appearance of Supreme Road.

The Ancient Immortal Court did everything to exhaust the potential of the Immortal World, without overthrowing the mound, they could only pin their hopes on the Supreme Road.

So many ancient, powerful and potential Emperors are gradually disappearing and looking for traces.

The top experts of Immortal World are getting fewer and fewer, and the origin of Immortal World is slowly passing away. Those hidden Emperors all know it, but they can’t do anything about it.

Supreme Road!

This is the way out that everyone is looking forward to.

This expectation, until now, many top Emperors are waiting.

Li Qingshan looked at SmartBrain and sorted out the past history of Immortal World, feeling very melancholy: “Can you really find hope on Supreme Road and save the current Immortal World?”

Li Qingshan is not sure, everyone regards Supreme Road as hope, but on Supreme Road, danger lurks on every side is not so easy to go.

“Whether it’s a thousand years, ten thousand years, or a million years, I have to hurry up and comprehend the Three Thousand Rules, when the time comes to enter the Supreme Road, I also have the confidence, now I am the Lord of Immortal Court, Naturally, it should be the Immortal Court, and even the Immortal World, to find a way out.” Li Qingshan’s eyes were firm, he was not looking at SmartBrain, turned around and entered the Emperor Space, and began to comprehend the Rule.

No matter how the future changes, only by strengthening yourself can you stand firm in the face of wind and rain.

In Emperor Space, it is better than Immortal World, and it is easier to comprehend Rules. For Li Qingshan, he lives in seclusion here, swims in Grand Dao world, comprehends Rules quietly, and activates max- level comprehension, very comfortable.

The trip to Westland at this time failed to find Hua Yun, which made Li Qingshan give up the idea of continuing to search.

Hua Yun is the reincarnation of Fairy Maiden Hua, if there is a fate, they will meet, at some point in the future.

Li Qingshan continued to comprehend the Rule, the 3000 Grand Dao Rule, a Rule, which contains six subdivided Rules, which is a huge project when comprehended.

It takes countless time, Li Qingshan simply stretched the time, one to ten thousand, with the help of Emperor Space, crazy understanding.

One day has passed in the outside world, and 10,000 years have passed on Li Qingshan’s side. The years of Emperor are long, and Li Qingshan is a new Emperor. The essence of life is long, but it cannot withstand such consumption.

“My current lifespan has more than two million years, plus the previous comprehension consumed hundreds of thousands of years, and now there are only two million years left. At this rate, within a year, I will It’s time to start learning how to live a second life.” Li Qingshan couldn’t help but smile when he thought about it sometimes.

He is invincible in Immortal World, and his biggest enemy is time.

The time is too long. For Li Qingshan, even Emperor lifespan can’t stand his consumption.

The Three Thousand Rules that he wants to understand is really too huge, but once he comprehended, holding the Three Thousand Rules and entering the Supreme Road, Li Qingshan is full of confidence.

“The top experts in Immortal World are all waiting for the Supreme Road. When the Supreme Road opens, not only the groups behind the mound, but also the top geniuses from the universe, if I don’t know what to do. Holding 3000 Grand Dao, I can’t compete with them at all, I have max-level comprehension, as long as I have enough lifespan, I will definitely be able to completely control the 3000 Grand Dao before Supreme Road appears.” Li Qingshan thought firmly in his heart.

In any case, this Three Thousand Rules, he must comprehend.

Tian Yi ten thousand years, Li Qingshan continued to comprehend the Rule step by step, and fortunately there is a max-level comprehension, every time half of the comprehension, the max-level comprehension will appear, help Li Qingshan to complete .

In this way, two hundred days have passed, two million years have passed, and in an extended period of time, Li Qingshan comprehended five hundred kinds of Power of Rule.

His Emperor lifespan has also come to an end.

When the time passed, Li Qingshan looked at the desolate Emperor Space, his eyes were very unfamiliar, and it took him a long time to recover.

“In less than a year of breaking through Emperor, I have reached the end of Emperor…” Li Qingshan looked at the wheel of life in his body and smiled wryly. This may also create a history and save Immortal Court’s life. Lord of the Immortal Court, at the end of the Emperor’s life.

In his body, the wheel of life has been exhausted, exuding death energy, and it will soon spread throughout the body, but his Three Thousand Rules have only comprehended five hundred.

“I’m ready to live a second life.” Li Qingshan looked up at the sky with twilight in his eyes. This was a sign of the nearness of life essence, but he was not worried at all. In the same way, you can borrow another life from God.

“But at this rate of comprehension, I’m afraid I won’t be enough.” Li Qingshan laughed bitterly. Others comprehend one kind of Rule and comprehend one kind of Rule to the extreme, that’s fine, but he wants 3,000 kinds of Rules, which is too ambitious.

Li Qingshan got up, walked out of the bamboo house, looked towards the vast land, the sun and the moon were boundless, the mountains and rivers were boundless, and everything was incomparably beautiful.

The afterglow of the setting sun falls on Li Qingshan’s face. His skin is young and he has always remained young, but the old age exuding in the bones declares that he has reached his old age.

After more than 200 days of seclusion, Li Qingshan did not immediately borrow another life from heaven, but left the Emperor Space and came to the outside world.

The previous Nine Heavenly Layers was empty, the Immortal Court was defeated, and the people in the Nine Heavenly Layers world fled one after another, looking very deserted.

But now, Nine Heavenly Layers is very lively. After almost a year of hard work, the new Immortal Court has eliminated the drawbacks and gradually restored the prosperity of Immortal Court.

The beauty of Immortal Court has once again become splendid. The new leadership of Immortal Court is youngster and innovation-oriented. The sphere of influence has been regained.

The Immortal Court now has a re-prosperous capital.

Li Qingshan appeared, no one noticed, he walked around Immortal Court, hands behind ones back, and walked around.

This year, he basically did not intervene in the affairs of Immortal Court, everything was in the hands of Dean Mu Ran and Zhang Family patriarch, and he was a hermit with peace of mind.

The glory of Immortal Court gradually fades away from Li Qingshan and never promotes Li Qingshan, as if there is no Li Qingshan.

This is also what Li Qingshan asked himself. He still likes to keep a low profile. Even if people remember him now, few people will know him after a hundred years, a thousand years, and ten thousand years.

Hidden merit and fame.

This is what Li Qingshan has been doing all the time.

Seeing how time flies, everything in Immortal Court is thriving, Li Qingshan is satisfied, and feels that he is worthy of the care of Daoist Long, and that he has fulfilled his dream for him, so he stopped watching.

He came to Nine Heavenly Layers and saw Hua Xiangrong, Xiao Jiu, Awei, Five Ghosts and them.

Everyone is working hard on cultivation.

Li Qingshan looked at Hua Xiangrong, she and Hua Yun this life are sisters and have a blood relationship. As long as she takes care of Hua Xiangrong, Hua Yun will always appear.

“big brother…” Xiao Jiu was retreating, but suddenly his eyelids trembled, he opened his eyes, saw Li Qingshan, shouted happily, and rushed out to hug Li Qingshan’s arm.

“Big brother, you’re out of the border, how’s Rule’s understanding?” Xiao Jiu asked with concern.

“Everything is fine, how about you?” Li Qingshan said gently.

“I’m fine too, there’s no problem, I just can’t compare with my big brother, I’m stupid, and I can’t have cultivation innate talent.” Xiao Jiu smiled sorry, she thought she was in Human World What a peerless genius, she was complacent about it, but when she came to the Immortal World, she realized that there are so many geniuses in this world, and she is just a drop in the ocean, not worth mentioning.

“Don’t undervalue oneself, you’re not a peerless genius, you can also gain the Tao by your own efforts, but the times are not very friendly, but it’s okay, you just have to cultivate well, the big brother will break this era for you. Shackles.” Li Qingshan said firmly.

As long as he comprehended Three Thousand Rules, enters Supreme Road, and sweeps all the way, Xiao Jiu and the others will profit.

Li Qingshan doesn’t want Xiao Jiu and them to have any accident. These are his closest people in this world. If something happens to them, Li Qingshan will be alone for a long time. Enter a Supreme Indifference realm.

So creating a quiet and comfortable environment for Xiao Jiu and them, letting them accompany him, walking all the way, until he enters chaos and realizes eternal life, is what he wants to do.

“Big brother, did you find my sister-in-law last time you went out?” Xiao Jiu asked curiously.

“No, you sister-in-law is too naughty, playing hide and seek with me all the time.” Li Qingshan said with a slight smile.

“I still want to see what sister-in-law looks like.” Xiao Jiu regretted.

“Don’t worry, there will be a chance.” Li Qingshan smiled peacefully, walking with Xiao Jiu in the sunset, feeling the rare tranquility.

However, this tranquility did not last long, and soon someone came to break it.

It was Director Mu Ran, he came to Li Qingshan and handed him a letter.

“Immortal Emperor Li, this was just sent to Immortal Court. It was sent by a Red Dust Immortal who said he was an old friend and asked him to give it to you.” Dean Mu Ran said .

Li Qingshan took the letter and wondered: “Old friend, did you say who it is?”

“It seems to be called, Xia Wuji!” Dean Mu Ran thought for a while and said .

Li Qingshan’s face became serious, and he quickly opened the letter in his hand.

Xiao Jiu on the side also looked at her in surprise. Xia Wuji is also her friend. After flying up in Human World, she never saw him again. What was written in his letter?

Li Qingshan took out the letter and saw two words written on it.


These two words were written crookedly, and it was obvious that Xia Wuji was not in good health at that time.

These two words also reveal that the blood-reeking qi is rich, as if soaked from blood.

Xiao Jiu looked at it in surprise and said worriedly: “This is Xia Wuji asking us for help.”

Li Qingshan complexion sank, looking towards Dean Mu Ran, asked: “Where is the person who sent the letter?”

Five thousand words, get back your status, and continue to work hard.

(End of this chapter)

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