Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 153


Chapter 153 Can you count for me?

Xia Wuji, since Human World parted, more than 20 years later, there is no news at all.

Li Qingshan knew that he was going to accept the inheritance of Kunlun Immortal. Li Qingshan and him witnessed the inheritance of Kunlun Immortal.

It has only been twenty years since he accepted an inheritance, which is very normal, so Li Qingshan is not worried about the safety of Xia Wuji and Heavenly Emperor at all.

But didn’t expect, and now Xia Wuji actually wrote a letter to ask for help, which surprised Li Qingshan.

Dean Mu Ran said immediately: “That person is above Nine Heavenly Layers.”

“Take me to see.” Li Qingshan said immediately.

Director Mu Ran immediately took Li Qingshan, Tearing Space, and left Nine Heavenly Layers.

Xiao Jiu was also worried about Xia Wuji’s safety and followed Li Qingshan.

Above the Nine Heavenly Layers, there are many suspended islands, the largest one is the core management of Immortal Court, and also the office of Dean Mu Ran and Zhang Family patriarch.

Here, there is another Red Dust Immortal, who is seriously injured and dying, his soul is like a candle in the wind, swaying, flickering, and his body is obviously black, which is a phenomenon of poisoning.

People are not very awake, the situation is very serious.

Li Qingshan quickly used Emperor True Qi to protect his Primordial Spirit, which was like a candle in the wind, and then slowly detoxified him.

“What’s the matter? Your poison is obviously arranged by the Emperor expert.” Li Qingshan asked calmly.

Li Qingshan can tell at a glance whether it is the poison arranged by the Emperor expert.

The rescued Red Dust Immortal, eyes slowly opened, looked at Li Qingshan, let out a long sigh, and asked, “Is it the Li Qingshan Great Emperor?”

“Is it me? .” Li Qingshan nodded, although she was anxious, she said calmly.

“I’m a friend of Xia Wuji, he asked me for help, and he’s in danger right now,” the Red Dust Immortal said excitedly.

“Don’t get excited, stabilize your emotions, and make the whole sequence of events clear.” Li Qingshan calmed down his agitated emotions and used Emperor True Qi to help him sort out the muscles and veins in his body and remove poisonous substances. Slowly force him out to calm him down.

“What’s your name?” Li Qingshan asked.

β€œKun Shan!” said the Red Dust Immortal.

“Xia Wuji and I have not known each other for a long time. We met in the forbidden zone. We can be considered friends in adversity. We help each other and improve ourselves in the forbidden zone.” Kun Shan dragged The weak body slowly stood up and said.

“Forbidden zone?” Li Qingshan raised his brows before he figured out why the forbidden zone came, and met Xia Wuji in the forbidden zone.

“There are a lot of Immortal World forbidden zones, where are you?” Dean Mu Ran asked.

β€œDivine Forbidden Mountain!” Kun Shan coughed, clutching his chest.

“Divine Forbidden Mountain is located in a three-needle area in the Immortal World, so it is said that it is an ancient mountain that has been handed down from ancient times and has not changed much. I don’t know why, but it became The forbidden area is full of Divine Forbidden. Ordinary people go in, step into it, step on the Divine Forbidden, and they will be transported a million li away, or die on the spot.” Director Mu Ran immediately explained to Li Qingshan, he knew Li Qingshan Don’t know much about Immortal World.

β€œWhy do you guys go to Divine Forbidden Mountain, it is very dangerous there.” Dean Mu Ran then asked.

“I am looking for the hope of the breakthrough Emperor, and Xia Wuji is looking for the inheritance that I have obtained.” Kun Shan said.

“Get inheritance?” Li Qingshan asked in surprise, didn’t expect Xia Wuji’s Kunlun Immortal inheritance to need to go to such a dangerous place?

“Yes, he told me that the inheritance that I got is in the forbidden zone. And my deadline is approaching, and I also want to fight once. If I can break through the Emperor, I will follow him and enter the Divine Forbidden. Shan, just didn’t expect, this time in, we encountered great difficulties.” Kun Shan sighed.

“What kind of difficulty?” Li Qingshan asked calmly. Although he was worried about Xia Wuji, he also calmly figured out the whole sequence of events.

“In the Divine Forbidden mountain, there is an Emperor expert, who occupied Xia Wuji’s inheritance, and also wanted to kill him, and beat us to defeat, like a cat playing with a mouse, and finally slowly tortured Kill us.” Kun Shan said in horror, he never wanted to feel this constant torture.

“Then how did you escape?” Li Qingshan asked, you know, it’s not simple to escape from an Emperor, it’s basically impossible.

“It’s Xia Wuji, he performed the secret technique of Kunlun Immortal, plus the speciality of Divine Forbidden Mountain, I was accidentally teleported, Xia Wuji wrote me a letter before, asking me to come Immortal Court went to Immortal Emperor Li, he said you are brothers and will definitely save him, Xia Wuji is in danger now, Immortal Emperor Li must save him.” Kun Shan pleaded.

β€œDon’t worry, tell me how Xia Wuji is doing now?” Li Qingshan asked.

“He’s in very bad condition. He was seriously injured and couldn’t escape. He had to let me deliver a letter. After I came out, I rushed over immediately, just because I didn’t want to miss the best opportunity.” Kun Shan immediately said.

“Okay, I got it, you have a good rest, recover your body, I’ll go to Divine Forbidden Mountain!” Li Qingshan patted his shoulders to show his gratitude, and without the slightest hesitation, Tearing Space, descended on Divine Forbidden Hills.

For Li Qingshan, who has reached the limit of Emperor, the Immortal World is really everywhere.

Although he has only been in the Emperor Realm for less than a year, he has spent more than two million years in the extended period. During these long years, Li Qingshan has long been shedding body and exchanging bones. , after knowing that Xia Wuji is very dangerous, he immediately descended to Divine Forbidden Mountain.

Divine Forbidden Mountain, this is a forbidden area of Human World, from a high altitude, it looks like a huge Azure Dragon hovering over the earth, which is very shocking.

Divine Forbidden Mountain is all around a hundred miles away, Liao is uninhabited, and only a hundred miles away, there are people with cooking smoke, which is very perfect. Under the afterglow of the sunset, a few candles illuminate the way home.

As long as these people do not enter the Divine Forbidden Mountains, they are in no danger, and will not be in danger throughout their lives.

Of course, the premise is that the Emperor who chose to seal himself in the Divine Forbidden Mountains is not damaged and does not need to come out to supplement the source.

However, this kind of thing cannot happen together in millions of years, so for ordinary immortals, the surrounding of Divine Forbidden Mountain is actually a good place to hide.

Li Qingshan ignored them. He looked at the Divine Forbidden Mountain, which was indeed imposing. Between the mountains, there were Emperor textures, Formation, and naturally formed Dao Mark. Layer after layer of Divine Forbidden.

So this majestic mountain range is also called Divine Forbidden Mountain by Immortal World people.

These Divine Forbiddens are different, some specialize in killing, some specialize in teleportation, some are deep in the mud, some are violent…

For example, Kun who came to ask for help Shan, he was poisoned by Divine Forbidden, Red Dust Immortal couldn’t resist, and thanks to Li Qingshan for saving him, otherwise he would die in pain.

All of these, superimposed, created the terrifying rumors of Divine Forbidden Mountain.

But to Li Qingshan, Divine Forbidden Mountain is no different from the mountains in the world.

He directly entered the Divine Forbidden Mountain, which was feared by the world, and stepped on the terrifying Divine Forbidden.

Buzz!Buzz!Buzz! !

The Divine Forbidden was stepped on, which immediately stimulated energy and resonated. The Divine Forbidden on this mountain lit up, and then frantically attacked Li Qingshan.

This attack, when Red Dust Immortal saw it, made me cry, very terrifying.

But Li Qingshan just raised his hand lightly, and then turned between his palms, pressing down the Divine Forbidden in all directions with a bang.

“Hold me back!” Li Qingshan said coldly.

He does what he says.

These bursting Divine Forbidden slammed back directly, as if going back in time and returning to the original appearance.

Li Qingshan is here, strolling in the courtyard.

Nerve Mountain, to him, is not dangerous at all.

“Where is Xia Wuji?” Li Qingshan looked all around, Emperor Primordial Spirit spread, and instantly enveloped the entire Divine Forbidden Mountain, trying to find Xia Wuji.

The Emperor Primordial Spirit grandiose, undisguised, directly enveloped the Divine Forbidden Mountain. The next second, it alerted the sleeping Emperor. They had a vague recovery limit, but Li Qingshan’s Emperor Primordial Spirit suppressed it like a A dark cloud hangs over Heaven and Earth.

“Continue to sleep, now is not the time for you to wake up.” Li Qingshan insisted that he would not let them wake up, and directly suppressed them. These people are waiting for the Supreme Road to appear, and now they wake up, they will fall short.

Under Li Qingshan’s suppression, this group of emperors who started to stir and wanted to recover slowly stopped.

At this time, Li Qingshan looked towards the Divine Forbidden Mountain, on a mountain peak.

This mountain is not very tall, there are peaks even taller than it all around, but there is a palace on the top of it, which is very atmospheric and majestic, but many of them are beginning to be worn out because of the age. , dusty and covered with spider web.

Li Qingshan looked towards here because there was a person hanging in front of this palace.

A naked man.

He was bare buttocks, under the scorching sun, his hands were bound, his breath was low, his back was covered with scars, very miserable.

He is Xia Wuji.

Li Qingshan found him, fortunately, he was facing the great hall, there, there was a bone skeleton, in the skull, flashing soul flames, staring at Li Qingshan who entered the Divine Forbidden Mountain .

Li Qingshan recklessly used the Emperor Primordial Spirit to scan the Divine Forbidden Mountain. The other party naturally noticed him, but he did not act rashly.

Li Qingshan found Xia Wuji, stepped out, came to this dilapidated palace, and stood in front of Xia Wuji.

The dying Xia Wuji opened her eyes and saw Li Qingshan, suddenly grinned and said weakly, “Brother, long time no see.”

“Look at you. Now, it’s a miserable life.” Li Qingshan hands behind ones back, calmly said.

Seeing that Xia Wuji is still alive, Li Qingshan’s heart is also put down. As for Xia Wuji’s skin is rough, flesh is thick body, it takes ten minutes to rest, can be restored.

His Fighter Bloodline, but he can heal the wounds quickly, otherwise Xia Wuji would have been unable to bear it and would have died if he was continuously tortured by an Emperor.

“Brother, put me down first, it’s so uncomfortable.” Xia Wuji smiled bitterly, now naked, Li Qingshan looked at him, even if he was thick-skinned, he felt sorry.

“The new Emperor, I advise you not to let him go.” At this time, the skeleton in the palace made a sound like a blade rubbing, very hoarse, and walked out slowly, staring at him. Li Qingshan, in that sunken skull, the soul flame is burning.

“Why?” Li Qingshan asked calmly instead of rushing to let go.

“Because, you will offend a Veteran Emperor, for such a waste, it is not worth it.” Skeleton Emperor hehe laughed, the laughter was like the sound of a midnight vulture.

“so that’s how it is.” Li Qingshan suddenly nodded, then stretched out his hand and pulled, the void split open, directly cutting off Xia Wuji’s rope, with a bang, Xia Wuji’s one hundred and eighty weight , fell directly to the ground, splashing dust.

“Now, I offended you, but what can you do with me?” Li Qingshan looked at the Skeleton Emperor calmly and said nonchalantly.

The Skeleton Emperor’s movements, and even the soul flame in his skull, stopped, staring straight at Li Qingshan.

“Exactly, this guy is stubborn and refuses to say how to open the Kunlun Immortal inheritance, then I will devour you, the new Emperor, and live out a lifetime to pursue your dreams.” Skeleton Emperor The next second of Soul Fire, with a direct bang, burned the entire head, and the flames turned blue, making a cold and severe sound.

“Do you think so too?” Li Qingshan was not angry, but said in surprise.

“What do you mean?” Skeleton Emperor looked at Li Qingshan in confusion.

“Because I also think so, after killing you, I will live a second life.” Li Qingshan said.

“Didn’t you just break through the Emperor? Why did the lifespan disappear so quickly?” The Skeleton Emperor looked at Li Qingshan in confusion. When Li Qingshan broke through the Emperor, the Heaven and Earth natural phenomenon was caused, even if he was hiding. The Skeleton Emperor in the forbidden zone also sensed it.

That’s why he wondered, Li Qingshan hasn’t completed his breakthrough for a year, and he is about to live a second life?

The Emperor’s minimum lifespan is more than one million years old, right?

How did Li Qingshan make this long period of time hustle?

“I just broke through the Emperor, and I want to live a second life, which is not at all in conflict.” Li Qingshan explained seriously.

“hmph, dressed up as God, playing the Devil.” The Skeleton Emperor dismissed Li Qingshan, he said: “You know what? The Emperor of Immortal World, in my opinion, is all A bunch of trash, you and that Divine Race Emperor starry sky fight, in my eyes, it is like a child playing a house, holding a Power of Rule, waving it there, you can laugh to death.”

Li Qingshan didn’t get angry after listening to these sarcastic words, but agreed: “You’re right, an Emperor with a Rule or two is like a doll holding a whip and waving it everywhere.”

The Skeleton Emperor looked at Li Qingshan and was amazed, didn’t expect what he said, Li Qingshan was not angry, but agreed with him, which made him laugh: “You are still different from that group of trash, you are a fresh Emperor, it is rare for you to be able to escape in the shadow of the Power of Rule now, breaking through the Emperor, I will take good care of your body, your energy, your life, and your poor two Power of Rule.”

In the eyes of the Skeleton Emperor, Li Qingshan was already meat on a plate, and he let him handle it.

But who knows, Li Qingshan shook his head and said: “Correct you a little, my Power of Rule is not two.”

“You are comprehended three, four, in front of me , still to no avail.” Skeleton Emperor dismissed.

He is the Veteran Emperor, with hundreds of Power of Rule comprehended, and many of them are still fused with Rule.

Is the strength still not crushing Li Qingshan?

“I forgot how many Rules, how about you count them?” Li Qingshan smiled calmly and spread his palms.


In the next second, thousands of Rules rushed out from Li Qingshan’s palm, hiding the sky and covering the earth. At this moment, they surrounded the entire mountain.

Here, in the ocean of Rule.

On the opposite side, the Skeleton Emperor stared blankly, the soul flame was sluggish again.

this time is sluggish, a long time… a long time…

(end of this chapter)

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