Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 156


Chapter 156 III

Chapter 155 III

Back to Immortal Court , Li Qingshan communicated with Xiao Jiu and told her that Xia Wuji is all right, don’t worry.

Afterwards, Li Qingshan entered the Emperor Space alone and planted all the divide medicine he had obtained, and planted a plant of divide medicine at intervals.

When all the dive medicines were planted, Li Qingshan was surprised to find that the origin of the Emperor Space gradually became stronger and returned to the Peak moment.

Li Qingshan, who saw this scene, fell into contemplation.

“Emperor Space was once shattered, and the source has passed too much. After the Immortal Court Emperor got it, it took hundreds of years to restore it to the eight-level source, but the remaining two-level source, I couldn’t make it up, I thought there was no hope, but now, it has been made up by this group of dive medicines.” Li Qingshan was very surprised.

He observed carefully and found that after the group of dive medicines were planted, they took root immediately, like a fish back in water, quickly penetrated into the core of the Emperor Space, and then contributed their own origin, the two sides merged, the Emperor Space The source of it was repaired in this way.

Li Qingshan looked at it with amazement and said happily: “didn’t expect to make up the origin of Emperor Space by mistake, so that I can continue to comprehend Rule, and in the future, Emperor Space, also It’s my trump card for Immortal Court.”

The restored Emperor Space has become fuller and can accommodate many people to break through together, which is a good help for the current Immortal World, At least, there are more people breaking through the Emperor, instead of learning from other forces and engaging in false Emperor.

“I can live my second life now, and I don’t have much time.” Li Qingshan pondered, the death energy in his body became more and more intense, and it had spread to his chest, and the lifeline had reached Finally, we must hurry now.

Li Qingshan plucked all the fruits of the major dive medicine capitals, then returned to his bamboo house and began to slowly take medicine cultivation.

People live forever, grass and trees fall.

Life has a beginning and an end. In this Immortal World, there has never been a long-lasting immortality.

Even Emperor has a lifespan end.

There is a risk of Celestial Five Wanings even living out a few lifetimes.

A life has a predestined growth ring from the very beginning. Li Qingshan has understood the fate of Grand Dao, and naturally knows the benefits and benefits.

Mortal cultivation is struggle against the Heavens.

Ordinary people have been working hard and going through countless hardships before they landed in the Immortal World and realized the difference in life. They thought they had escaped the shackles and gained a long life, but they were not.

Like a fish jumping from a creek to a river, and from the river to the sea.

This fish can adapt to creeks, rivers, and seas, but it can’t escape the shackles of water.

This is destiny.

Fate is invisible and formless, it binds every living being, produces corresponding Rules, and controls everything in the dark, even if you temporarily break the route set by fate for you, But then, you will still enter the trajectory that fate has set for you.

Unless you can escape this world.

This Immortal World.

In ancient times, people looked up to the starry sky. After cultivation to the Emperor, they would leave the Immortal World and enter the vast universe.

Entering the vast universe is a short break from the shackles of Immortal World. The road ahead is to adapt to the Universe Rule.

But as the civilization behind the mound blocked this road, the Emperor of Immortal World never took a new path.

Even if Li Qingshan comprehended Three Thousand Rules, in this Immortal World, after lifespan arrives, he still has to die.

Therefore, according to this Rule, someone has penetrated the Profound Truth of short-lived life, and can live a second life on the original basis.

There was once a Peak powerhouse that lived out seven lives.

The first life is more difficult than the first. Even in the land of Westland, where the Buddhist rhythm is strong, the Buddhist monk has only lived a few lives with the help of Amitabha’s heritage and the treasure left behind, and he knows that It is impossible for him to live another life, so his goals and hopes are also on Supreme Road.

In the bamboo house, Li Qingshan was lying on a rocking chair, his breath was faintly discernable, very dim, and the strong death energy in his body could no longer be suppressed. Except for the neck and above, the rest of the body was no different from the corpse.

Life comes to an end, people are like corpses, walking corpse.

However, Li Qingshan was not in a hurry, his face was calm, facing all this, the five hundred kinds of Rules he had comprehended in this brief moment turned into five hundred Order Chains, which bound his Primordial Spirit.

The road lock Primordial Spirit.

Death cannot enter.

Then Li Qingshan closed his eyes, one after another comprehend of the dozens of Emperor Scriptures of the Veteran Emperor that he had comprehended.

These Emperor Scriptures are all learned by an Emperor throughout his life and recorded on them. Although most of them are useless to Li Qingshan, as long as one Emperor Scripture is useful, dozens of Emperor Scriptures are useful. Scripture down, can still help him superimpose a lot of insights.

After comprehending the Emperor Scripture, Li Qingshan started taking dive medicine.

The first one to take is Longevity Fruit.

Longevity Fruit can last Li Qingshan’s lifespan for ten thousand years, and this ten thousand years is the greatest confidence for him to break through himself and live out his second life.

Longevity Fruit is transparent and round, like a red crystal, exuding a rich Life Aura.

Li Qingshan put it in his mouth, without chewing, Longevity Fruit automatically turned into a pool of red liquid, entered Li Qingshan’s esophagus, flowed into his stomach, and then began to emit infinite vitality, dispelling the already in his body. Extremely strong death.

The Qi of Life is slowly recovering.

Li Qingshan has been granted a lifespan of 10,000 years.

He began to stretch the time, ten thousand to one.

During the extended period of time, Li Qingshan prepared a coffin for himself. He lay in it quietly, put his hands on his lower abdomen, and closed his eyes. He was really like a corpse, silent.

“It is not easy to live a second life on the basis of the original. The original corpse can be buried here, and a new life can emerge from the ruins of death. This in itself is not easy.” Li Qingshan’s whole body is only conscious. Primordial Spirit was conceived, he made a cocoon for himself, wrapped Primordial Spirit in it, and then slowly fell silent.

He is giving birth to a new self.

May the time go by and the return is still a teenager.

Li Qingshan started the road of self-transformation in a prolonged period of time.

The dozens of dive medicines he obtained provided him with energy one after another, and as a carrier for nurturing new life, with the help of five hundred kinds of Grand Dao, it began to be born slowly.

Time goes by and the horses pass by.

Thousands of years were condensed into one day, and when the extended time was over, Li Qingshan’s life came to an end.

From when he came to Human World, from when he started cultivation on Thinking Cliff, from when he became invincible in Human World, from when he struggled in Dimensional Battlefield, from when he entered Immortal World, from when he became famous…

There are long memories in a short life. At the moment before death, Li Qingshan had no cultivation, but seriously realized that this was a rare opportunity.

The past events are like watching a lantern, appearing in his mind, many people he has forgotten, left in the deepest memory, but now one after another flashed by.

The things he cared about, the people he cared about, and the things he cared about, at the moment of death, many are not important.

Li Qingshan saw Small Fox, Xiao Jiu, Awei, Five Ghosts, Hua Xiangrong…

In the end, one second before the end of life, In the dark, Li Qingshan saw a peerless woman.

Different from the previous memories, this woman is real.

Above the distant galaxy, a huge flower bloomed, occupying more than half of Heaven and Earth. In the center of the flower, there was a girl, beautiful like Heavenly Immortal, who seemed to sense something, the complexion slightly changed, looking into the distance. starry sky, and Li Qingshan’s eyes met.

β€œHua Yun…”

At the end of life a single thought, Li Qingshan thought of Hua Yun, who he didn’t expect, the person he saw at the last second , turned out to be Hua Yun who had been looking for.

This time, he saw Hua Yun’s appearance, which was incomparably beautiful.

Then the picture came to an abrupt end.

In its place was endless darkness.

In the darkness, you can’t reach the sky or the ground.

Li Qingshan can’t hear the wind, the rain, or anyone’s voice.

He couldn’t even hear his own voice.

“This is probably the state after death.” Li Qingshan thought silently in his heart.

He’s trying to break the shackles.

Reaching out and smashing the darkness, Li Qingshan’s Primordial Spirit carries five hundred kinds of Rules and keeps pounding the darkness.

In the end, he broke the darkness and walked out.

The brand-new Primordial Spirit comes to this world with the old five hundred kinds of Rules.

The energies of Heaven and Earth slowly converged, surging frantically in this brief moment, forming a brand new body.

Li Qingshan lived a second life.

He is like a born baby, his life is refreshed again, and he is born with the power of Emperor.

After a short period of adaptation, Li Qingshan looked at the pure white as jade skin and circulated the energy in the body. Every ray of energy was clearly visible. The potential of this new body has been maximized. Li Qingshan can It is clearly felt that his lifespan will be raised to three million years.

“Others live a second life, and life is getting shorter and shorter. I live a second life with hundreds of thousands more years of lifespan. It’s unbelievable.” Li Qingshan said happily.

Looking at the coffin on the side, Li Qingshan buried it beside the bamboo house and set up a tombstone.

On the tombstone, it was empty, Li Qingshan didn’t write anything, and his whole life was buried there.

After doing all this, Li Qingshan was relieved, watching the sunset with a ten thousand zhang mood.

“To live a second life, with three million years of lifespan, is enough for me to understand Rule.” Li Qingshan is in a good mood. Three million years has given him full confidence.

“But I saw Hua Yun the second before the death of the first life.” Li Qingshan was slightly ecstatic, recalling that memory, and clearly remembering Hua Yun’s appearance in his mind.

The reincarnated Hua Yun is more and more beautiful and alluring, more beautiful than Fairy Maiden Hua.

This time Hua Yun is in a huge flower, Li Qingshan still has no doubt that Hua Yun is the reincarnation of Fairy Maiden Hua.

“She is not in Immortal World, she is in starry sky, she is absorbing everything from Fairy Maiden Hua.” Li Qingshan’s heart was clear comprehension.

No wonder he couldn’t find Hua Yun in Immortal World, he was already in starry sky.

“I am assured that Hua Yun’s life is not in danger.” Li Qingshan’s heart that he raised until now can finally be put down.

He was not in a hurry to find Hua Yun, so he let her absorb all Fairy Maiden Hua’s memories, and he also needed to comprehend Three Thousand Rules.


After living out his second life, he continued to comprehend Rule in the Emperor Space without going out.

It’s still the same, a thousand years of Tian Yi.

During a long period of time, Li Qingshan started his own long years of cultivation.

Three Thousand Rules, he has controlled five hundred, and there are two thousand five hundred left.

Each Rule is refined and divided into six sections. It will take a long time for Li Qingshan to comprehend it.

Since ancient times, no one has done it, including Three Thousand Rules in one.

Li Qingshan is doing it.

“I don’t know what the future will be like. The arrival of Supreme Road will be a good thing or a bad thing.” Li Qingshan is still very worried. Supreme Road is definitely not a place facing Immortal World, but All Heavens and Myriad Realms, in the vast Star River, in the vast universe, wantonly slaughter, fighting to the death for those opportunities.

A careless, the probability of death is very high.

Therefore, Li Qingshan has always been worried. The reason why he wants to understand the Three Thousand Rules is to arm himself with his teeth. In the Immortal World, the origin has passed away and he cannot break through the Supreme. In the Emperor Realm, the existence of the Supreme was killed.

Xia Wuji said that Kunlun Immortal killed Supreme when he attacked the civilization behind mound. Since Kunlun Immortal can do it, then Li Qingshan can also.

“Comprehend Three Thousand Rules and go step by step is the kingly way!” Li Qingshan said solemnly.

He closed his eyes and began to realize the long years.

In Immortal World now, everything has nothing to do with Li Qingshan, and no one dares to come to Immortal Court to trouble, Immortal Court sticks to its own territory, everyone minds their own business, and everything is safe.

Time flies, always without people noticing.

One day in the outside world, in an extended period of time, 10,000 years have passed.

Li Qingshan has been comprehending Rule in his second life.

Three hundred days passed quietly.

Li Qingshan has spent three million years in the long years.

This is his second life. Compared to his first life, Li Qingshan is so powerful that he can beat the Immortal World with nothing difficult.

But he still hasn’t comprehended Three Thousand Rules.

Before comprehended 500 kinds of Rules, this time 3 million years, actually only comprehended 500 kinds, let Li Qingshan wake up, slightly frowned.

“It seems that the more I comprehend the rules, the more difficult it becomes. The vast will of Immortal World is preventing me from comprehending all the Three Thousand Rules.” Li Qingshan pondered.

The formation of a world is led by Rule and Grand Dao, and other substances are combined together to form a huge world in the vast universe.

Li Qingshan has already comprehended three thousand Grand Dao, and after comprehending Three Thousand Rules, he alone is equal to the whole of Immortal World.

So the vast will of Immortal World is preventing Li Qingshan. In three million years, Li Qingshan forcibly comprehended five hundred kinds with max-level comprehension.

“The further you go, the more difficult it should be. I want to collect Three Thousand Rules, it’s really not easy.” Li Qingshan figured this out, sighed.

“But it doesn’t matter, I can’t live in one life. I use ten lives. I can go anywhere in the Immortal World now, and live a few more lives to fight against the vast will of the Immortal World.” After a second thought, Li Qingshan was not discouraged, stepped out and left the Emperor Space.

He first went to Monster Realm to see Small Fox, who was trying to learn to control bloodline and stabilize his form.

The one who promised Small Fox would come to see her as soon as he had time. Li Qingshan took the time to visit before preparing to live out his third life.

Small Fox is the Supreme in Fox Race. Madam Hu treats her meticulously and treats her more than anyone else. He really dare not offend Li Qingshan, and personally supervises and guides Small Fox’s transformation.

The results of the blood draw were also very good.

After Li Qingshan came here, he saw the happy Small Fox, and also saw the Fox Maiden who was promoted from the Eight-tailed Monster Fox to the Nine Tailed Monster Fox.

She is more and more beautiful and alluring, more and more sultry, although there is no inherited memories, the bloodline concentration is not as high as that of the first red fox, but it also reaches the standard of Nine Tailed Monster Fox.

Fox Maiden and Small Fox are very happy after meeting Li Qingshan.

Small Fox’s happiness, exhibit one’s feelings in one’s speech, she directly hugged Li Qingshan’s arm, wrapped around Li Qingshan, and wanted to hang on Li Qingshan’s body.

Fox Maiden’s happiness is restrained, she smiles sweetly, looks at Li Qingshan, her eyes are like water, although she is a demon fox, but facing Li Qingshan, she is not too coquettish, but behaves elegantly Such as chrysanthemum, such as the spring breeze, refreshing.

Li Qingshan accompanied Small Fox for a day, and also had a conversation with Fox Maiden, and left Monster Realm without staying too long.

There are two foxes left, reluctant to give up.


Li Qingshan left Monster Realm and went directly to a forbidden zone.

In Immortal World, there are many forbidden zones like Divine Forbidden Mountain.

These forbidden zones are marked as inaccessible unless there is a compelling reason to enter.

The world knows that there are a lot of treasures in the forbidden zone, but those treasures must be taken with life.

However, these restrictions are less than Li Qingshan.

He swaggered into the forbidden zone, all kinds of dangers felt a thread of aura from Li Qingshan, kept quiet out of fear and dared not move.

Even the Veteran Emperor, who had sealed himself, felt the breath of Li Qingshan, and was shocked inside. This is too afraid right? The imposing manner of the new Emperor is like a scorching sun, the oppression come down , making it difficult to look directly.

In this forbidden zone, there are a lot of dive medicines, all of which have matured. Li Qingshan put them away one after another, left them with roots, and then left.

The sleeping Emperors witnessed this scene and dared not speak out. Li Qingshan too terrifying, for the sake of dividing medicine, broke the seal, and it was not worth it at all.

In this way, Li Qingshan returned to Emperor Space in Immortal Court with dozens of different medicines.

As before, he planted the dive medicine to stabilize the Emperor Space, so that the origin of the Emperor Space would not pass away.

Li Qingshan is collecting fruit and preparing to live out the third life.

After living the second life, Li Qingshan has experience, and he is very sure of living the third life this time.

According to the custom, Li Qingshan made a coffin for himself, and then lay in it, began to stretch for a long time, devoured the divine medicine, and lived a third life.

Time flies by, in a place unknown to the world, Li Qingshan quietly lived another life.

In the third world, he buried the second life next to the first.

Li Qingshan once again gained a lifespan of three million years.

But Li Qingshan wasn’t much happy, he was even a little melancholy.

“According to this progress, how many more lives do I have to live?”

Li Qingshan asked himself inwardly, and after thinking about it, he had no answer.

Because the further back, the harder it is to comprehend the Rules. Immortal World will hide Three Thousand Rules, which is very difficult. Li Qingshan can look for loopholes everywhere.

But as Li Qingshan comprehends more and more, the rules hidden in Immortal World will become less and less, and it will become more and more difficult to find.

“Let’s take a step by step, it’s really not good, there are several forbidden zones in Immortal World.” Li Qingshan comforted himself, in those forbidden zones, there are still many dive medicines waiting for him. .

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