Max-Level Comprehension – Face The Wall For 80 Years Chapter 157


Chapter 157 Ninth Generation (please subscribe)

Li Qingshan is not too excited to live out the third generation. In the Emperor Space, People from the outside world have passed a year, and Li Qingshan has passed a lifetime here, but there are still 2,000 kinds of rules that need to be understood. Li Qingshan must seize every moment.

For Li Qingshan, he is still under a lot of pressure.

Fortunately, now he dares to say that he is invincible in the Immortal World, even if he is a Buddhist monk in Westland who has lived for several generations, he is not Li Qingshan’s opponent.

There are only a few things in front of Li Qingshan now.

Upgrade yourself, understand Rule, wait for Supreme Road to appear, then on Supreme Road, see if you can meet Hua Yun?

His third life was extremely simple.

Like second life, in a prolonged period of time, continue to comprehend the Power of Rule.

Even if he has his own perception, with max-level comprehension, this life has passed three million years, and Li Qingshan has only comprehended four hundred kinds of rules.

Including the previous thousand kinds of Rules, there are only one thousand four hundred kinds, less than half of the Three Thousand Rules.

At the end of the third world, Li Qingshan opened his eyes, and there was a flash of vicissitudes inside. After careful calculation, he has lived for more than eight million years, which is incredible.

After a long time, Li Qingshan has really touched the Supreme Indifference realm, which is an invincible realm. If you give up everything, there is nothing left in this world, so it is better to integrate into Heavenly Dao and into the Rule. Comprehension of Three Thousand Rules?

This will of a side world is confusing Li Qingshan, wanting to assimilate Li Qingshan, and not wanting Li Qingshan to fully understand the Three Thousand Rules.

Heaven and Earth will, without emotion, follow a logic that maintains the world.

Therefore, Heaven and Earth are not benevolent and regard all things as dogs, and Saint is not benevolent, and regard the common people as dogs.

Heaven and Earth have no kindness. They have no kindness. They treat everything like a dog, and let everything come and go. Saint also has no benevolence, and treats the people like a puppy, leaving them to do their own thing.

The will of Heaven and Earth only needs to maintain the integrity of the world. As for the rebirth and extinction of life within the world, it is not within its Rule.

Since ancient times, countless eras, countless species have flourished, died out, and reproduced again.

As long as the world is still there, and the world is fine, there will always be new creatures that thrive on this land.

When Li Qingshan wanted to understand the Three Thousand Rules, he touched the root of the will of the world. They believed that Li Qingshan was fighting for the control of the world and wanted to interfere with the operation of the world, so they rejected Li Qingshan very much.

This is also what Li Qingshan constantly realizes, the same time, the same perception, but different results.

“Every time I comprehend the Rule becomes less and more difficult. This is a test of how many lives I can live?” Li Qingshan thought calmly.

He was well-versed this time, left the Emperor Space and walked out of the Immortal Court range.

His three worlds, more than eight million years of lifespan, in the outside world, the Immortal World is still the same Immortal World, but Li Qingshan is not that Li Qingshan anymore.

He walked through the wilderness, landed in the forbidden area, looked at the dive medicine everywhere, and reached out to pick it up.

“New Emperor, don’t go too far!” In the forbidden zone in the Great Wilderness, there was an Emperor who was very angry and warned Li Qingshan.

But Li Qingshan just gave him a faint look, and with a bang, he directly pushed the other party’s heavy sleeping Primordial Spirit, shaking suddenly, terrified, and almost recovered.

“Those who are sleeping, don’t speak.” Li Qingshan said calmly, without destroying the sleep of the other party. With one look, a Veteran Emperor was overwhelmed, and the Emperors in this forbidden zone were completely plunged into eternity. of silence.

Li Qingshan took away the divide medicine, but fortunately he left the roots.

After walking through the forbidden zone, Li Qingshan went to the next forbidden zone. To live out the fourth world, the things he needed were too huge, and the dive medicine of a forbidden zone could no longer be used.

As Li Qingshan continues to comprehend continuously, his strength becomes more and more terrifying, and the requirements of living out the next life become more and more terrifying.

There are more than a dozen Immortal World forbidden zone, scattered all over the place, Li Qingshan went to the next forbidden zone, and directly overflowed with a wisp of Emperor’s breath, pressing the entire forbidden zone to keep quiet out of fear, no one dared to move , successfully removed the dive medicine.

Then, he returned to the Emperor Space, prepared a coffin for himself, lay in it, stretched his body, and closed his eyes quietly.

The third generation of him is dead!

In the darkness, there is a familiar road that leads Li Qingshan to the road of resurrection.

After a long winter, in the warm sun, I opened my eyes and looked towards this familiar and unfamiliar world.

Li Qingshan’s fourth life is finally a success.

After living out the fourth life, Li Qingshan’s first thing was to bury the third life.

Then, he continued to comprehend the Rule.

This has long been a life cycle for Li Qingshan.

He can sacrifice everything for Three Thousand Rules.

In the fourth generation, Li Qingshan’s three million years, he Confinement Within A Circle Drawn On The Ground, trapped himself, and trapped Rule.

He tried his best to comprehended three hundred kinds of Rules.

Added together, he comprehended 1,700 kinds of Rules.

When Li Qingshan opened his eyes, he sighed: “If it wasn’t for Immortal World being blocked, I would have been Supreme.”

Li Qingshan is now standing there. Emperor Peak Realm.

Even the Peak in the Peak.

But he also has little lifespan.

For this reason, Li Qingshan continues to go deep into the forbidden zone. In the eyes of the world, the forbidden zone is extremely dangerous. Li Qingshan enters whenever he wants, and Li Qingshan lets Li Qingshan pick the cherished diving medicine.

Over the long years, Li Qingshan repeated his boring life.

The fifth generation, who lived three million years, comprehended three hundred kinds of Rules.

The sixth generation, who lived three million years, comprehended three hundred kinds of Rules.

The seventh, who lived three million years, comprehended two hundred and eighty Rules.

In the eighth world, he lived three million years and comprehended two hundred and twenty kinds of Rules.

After the eighth generation, Li Qingshan used tens of millions of years of lifespan to comprehended 2,800 kinds of Rules.

He tried his best, and in the next few lifetimes, he was enduring max-level comprehension, forcibly comprehending it from the will of the heavily guarded world.

In this way, it is still two hundred years away from Three Thousand Rules.

And Li Qingshan also lived to the end of the eighth life, and his time is running out.

He had to live out the ninth life.

But now Immortal World, all forbidden zones, Li Qingshan has gone.

Li Qingshan has collected all the dive medicines in it, and now the forbidden zone can no longer help Li Qingshan.

The eighth emperor of Li Qingshan was supported by a large forbidden zone, and the major Veteran Emperors dared not speak out.

Li Qingshan ate the divine medicine recorded in Immortal World.

Li Qingshan also ate the divine medicine that was not recorded in Immortal World.

His body has developed resistance to divide medicine, because Li Qingshan has seen all kinds of big supplements in divide medicine.

Therefore, his ninth generation can no longer rely on these.

He wants to live out the ninth life by himself.

Li Qingshan was not in a hurry. After waking up from the extended period of time, walking in the Emperor Space nine years later, he was filled with emotion.

In nine years outside, Li Qingshan lived eighth.

The long years are also torture for Li Qingshan.

Think about it in tens of millions of years, and let you face one thing and comprehend Rule.

Most of the time, there was nothing and nothing, Li Qingshan could only bear it silently.

After these long years, Li Qingshan also understands why some people are fooled into Supreme Indifference by the will of the world.

At the later stage, when you look up, there is no one who cares about you. In the new world, you exude an ancient atmosphere, out of place, and you don’t have much mood to contact the new world. , new people, new languages.

The world has nothing to care about. The only pursuit is to constantly surpass itself. The will of this world extends an olive branch and invites you to join the Three Thousand Rules.

Many would agree.

The former Li Qingshan thought that they were all people with weak will and weak minds, but after putting himself in the shoes, he realized that it was too simple to stand outside the matter.

“Fortunately, I have my own perseverance, people I care about, and lofty goals.” Li Qingshan walked out of the bamboo house, looked at the scorching sun outside, and smiled.

The gentle sun shines on the body, dispelling the exhaustion from retreating for a long time, and giving Li Qingshan hope for life.

If you are trapped in a corner, your thoughts will be extreme, so you should always look at the world and the sun.

The sun represents hope.

Li Qingshan faced the morning sun, walked out of the Emperor Space, came to the Immortal Court range, and saw the flourishing Immortal Court.

After nine years, Immortal Court has completely recovered, swept away the previous decline, became stronger, cleaned up its own shortcomings, and became clean, so the entire sphere of influence appears to be vigorous.

Nine Heavenly Layers, which was once empty, has become bustling, lively, and overcrowded.

Seeing this scene, Li Qingshan smiled with satisfaction.

“President Mu Ran and Zhang Family patriarch have done a good job. Immortal Court is handed over to them. Don’t worry about the future.” Li Qingshan said with satisfaction.

He never thought about a faction, Eternal Existence, which is unrealistic. Every force has its own life cycle.

Like a person, from birth to death, is a cycle.

A power, too.

Although in the eyes of the world, the Immortal Court has existed for millions of years since the Ancient Immortal Court, but it is known to everyone that the Immortal Court has been reborn twice.

One day in the future, the new Immortal Court built by Li Qingshan will also degenerate, decay, and even perish.

But so what?

In the long history, this is just a normal ups and downs, at least for now, this Immortal Court is sheltering the cultivators at the bottom, providing them with an upward path, which is enough.

Li Qingshan entered Nine Heavenly Layers, he went to see Xiao Jiu and the others.

Xiao Jiu is in retreat, although she is now the Emperor younger sister and has a high status, but she still refuses to slack off, because the speed of big brother cultivation is too fast, if she does not work hard, she may not see it in the future Shadow of big brother.

Although the current gap is quite large.

But for Xiao Jiu, she wants to follow the big brother, even from a distance, watching the big brother shine in the starry sky universe, she feels proud, that’s enough.

Hua Xiangrong is also in retreat.

Li Qingshan didn’t bother her. Although he knew the origins of the sisters Hua Xiangrong and Hua Yun, he didn’t tell Hua Xiangrong that the other party’s memory in the past life was not awakened.

Perhaps one day in the future, Hua Xiangrong will remember her past life, and it will not be too late to tell her at that time.

Awei and Five Ghosts are all working hard on cultivation, everyone can feel the huge gap between themselves and Li Qingshan, and they are all trying to catch up.

Li Qingshan glanced at them. This glance was filled with infinite affection after millions of years. These people are his bonds in this world.

But Li Qingshan didn’t bother them, let them have a quiet cultivation, turned around and left Nine Heavenly Layers for Westland.

In this Immortal World, there is nothing else that can help him live out the ninth life.

Divine medicine Li Qingshan has eaten all the time, it is the best thing for Emperor, but it is not good now, so he thinks of Buddhist monk.

Now the entire Immortal World is a Buddhist monk. Like Li Qingshan, he has lived for several lifetimes. Although there is a huge gap in strength, his experience can help Li Qingshan.

After all, the way two people live their second life is completely different.

Li Qingshan lived out eight lives with the help of divide medicine and his own insights, and the first life is more terrifying than the first.

Monk Foyin lived four lives only by relying on the things left by Amitabha.

He can’t live a fifth life on his own, so he’s also waiting for Supreme Road.

It was the second time to come to Westland. Li Qingshan looked at the beautiful scenery and felt much more at ease. Westland was a little bit bitter, but the beauty of Westland could not be described in words.

On the road, the heart is in heaven.

The land of Westland has nurtured people with the most faith.

This is the private land of the Buddha Land, and no religion can penetrate it. Mount Meru is in Westland and has a high status.

Admiring the beautiful scenery and moving forward, Li Qingshan came to Mount Meru.

He avoided the mainstream peaks and went straight to where the Buddhist monk was.

The autumn leaves fell, and the trees were golden. The Buddhist monk, as usual, cleaned the fallen leaves and looked at Li Qingshan in surprise.

“Li Qingshan, benefactor, I haven’t seen you for nine years. I’m watching you now. It’s like watching a cloud, watching a rain, watching a spring, watching a winter…” Monk Foyin said strangely, He found that he couldn’t see through Li Qingshan at all.

Nine years ago, Li Qingshan, he could quietly tap Li Qingshan’s eyebrows and enter his Primordial Spirit into another world.

Although Li Qingshan was already invincible at that time, the Buddhist monk who had lived for four generations could still deal with Li Qingshan.

But now, he can’t see through Li Qingshan at all.

“For seniors, it’s nine years, for me, it’s equivalent to nine million years…” Li Qingshan sighed, hands behind ones back, looking at everything around, deep mountains, trails , dead leaves, cold autumn, cold wind, old monk…

All these made him feel a sense of tranquility.

The world is peaceful.

“Nine million years, it seems that during this period of time, Li Qingshan’s benefactor has been very wonderful.” The monk Foyin raised his eyebrows and looked at Li Qingshan in surprise. He didn’t expect that Li Qingshan would save his life. Over nine million years.

“Nine million years, how many lifetimes did the donor live?” Monk Foyin asked curiously.

β€œEighth!” Li Qingshan said softly.

Monk Foyin sucked in a breath of cold air, he has only lived for four lives, or with the help of the means left by Amitabha, Li Qingshan actually lived eight lives in the past nine years, It’s twice as big as him, which is incredible.

“Li Qingshan, you are indeed the Child of Destiny of this era.” The monk Foyin said from his heart.

Li Qingshan smiled and said: “I’m here, senior won’t you invite me for a cup of tea?”

The monk Foyin said gently: “Here is only the old monk who picked it himself. Bitter rural tea, don’t mind Li Qingshan’s benefactor.”

“Drinking tea is about your state of mind, and who you drink with is more important than what tea you drink.” Li Qingshan said calmly.

The monk Foyin did not speak, turned around to make tea, and soon brought a pot of tea and invited Li Qingshan to sit down on Mount Meru, under a banyan tree, in the warm wind Inside, the monk Foyin made a cup of tea for Li Qingshan.

“Donor Li Qingshan, what are you doing with the old monk?” Monk Foyin asked curiously.

“I came here to know, how did the senior live out the fourth generation?” Li Qingshan asked bluntly, then took the tea, took a sip, and looked at the monk Foyin with clear eyes.

“Back then, before Amitabha went to Supreme Road, he left behind a dharma body. In the dharma body, there was his life-long insight, saying that it was a hole card left to Mount Meru, and it would be dangerous in the future, so let me use it.” Monk Foyin recalls the past.

“In my first life, I didn’t touch this dharma body until the end was approaching. I guarded Westland and found that no force had set its sights here. In Immortal World, Westland’s sense of existence The poor are poor, and the people of Westland have no idea of external expansion. Therefore, after a million years, there has not been a single danger in Westland, and Amitabha’s dharma body has not been used once.”

“So I I went to open the dharma body, comprehended Amitabha’s life-long insights, and then lived out a second life.”

“I comprehended three times over and over again, and fully comprehended everything in this dharma body. The fourth life, but there is nothing to comprehended for me, so I can’t live the fifth life.” Monk Foyin said truthfully, his third life can be said to be given by Amitabha.

“Can I take a look at this Dharma body?” Li Qingshan pondered for a moment, then asked immediately, without beating around the bush.

“Of course you can.” Monk Foyin said generously, he did not have any opinion, he also chose Li Qingshan before, thinking that Li Qingshan is the savior of this Immortal World, and he still thinks so until now.

β€œThanks Senior.” Li Qingshan thanked.

“Do you want to live the ninth life when you watch Amitabha’s Dharma body?” Monk Foyin asked hesitantly.

“Yes!” Li Qingshan nodded and said: “My eighth life, time is limited, I have thought about Immortal World, only here can help me.”

“The ninth generation…” Monk Foyin looked at Li Qingshan, as if looking at a monster, his eyes full of horror.

“I’ve never seen, even in the most fantastic legends, heard of, who lived for nine generations, why are you doing this, Tian Yi ten thousand years?” The monk Foyin asked in shock.

“Hold the Immortal World in your hand, welcome the coming of the Supreme Road, break the mound blockade, and open up a new road for all beings in the world!” Li Qingshan said with bright eyes and a firm tone.

Once comprehended Three Thousand Rules, he holds Immortal World in his hand, facing Supreme Road, he is full of confidence and has nothing to be afraid of.

(End of this chapter)

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